Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on December 26, 1957 · Page 33
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 33

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 26, 1957
Page 33
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Logansport, Indiana, Pharos-Tribune Josephine Lowmon Little Things Add Up in Happiness or Frustration is gay and kind and tolerant has a special charm and warmth which draws others to her. She also has beauty which is much more potenl than mere regularity of feature. Tomorrow: "If Your Elbows are Dark, Try Lemon Juice Bleach." Certainly the woman who is kind and gay has a special charm •nd warmth. It is the seemingly unimportant littie things in daily life, a word here, 'an action there, which add up to such a big total in happiness or frustration and fatigue. When real tragedy strikes, people either rise above it and live vibrantly in spite of their pain, or they become neurotic with self pity. However, small, petty disappointments and irritants, and rude- r.esses and thoughtlessness we run into have a way of slipping up on us and changing our personality' before we realize it. I think folks most often become or rudeness, the cross word spok-! f r5 wlth flve or more acres Ol en by someone we love, lack ofj' arm ' • • . , appreciation or understanding, an. : Gus W. Thias, county agricul- unexpected criticism, a pessimistic | tural agent, said 3^ million seed- viewpoint-all paint the back-;-ings will be distributed through ground against wHich we live. ' the division's Pittman-Robertson It is amazing how hard people \ wildlife habitat restoration pro- make life for other people! Howjject. •wonderful it could be if we were; The seedlings can be used for always kind in our association with j living fences, erosion control or as others. Folks make life difficult i food plantings for wildlife. When even for those they love. Yet we mature, the bushes are about eight Free Rose Seedlings Available Sew-Easy Overall! Only 1V4 yds. of 35-inch material is required for the largest size! Convenient snapper closing on each leg of this sew-easy overall, makes for quick changes and easy ironing. The cute puppy faces are protective knee pads. Pattern No. 5!M!i contains tissue- sizes 6 to 18 months inclusive; material requirements; sewing, appli- que and embroidery directions. Send 25c in COINS, your name address and the PATTERN NUMBER to ANNE CABOT, Pharos- Tribune, 372 W. Qincy Street, Chicago 6, Illinois. Have you a copy of our 1957 Needlework ALBUM? It contains fifty-six colorful pages showing many pretty designs; plus directions for making 3 crochet items and a quilt. Only 25c a copyl Ann Landers Bottle Man's Best Friend— Until He Landed in Hospital Dear Ann: I'm a 14-year-old girl who wants to say a few words the man who thinks he has nothing to worry about because he never drinks until 4:00 P.M. and he can make a fifth of whiskey last two days. He's in for a surprise. My father had the same idea. Right now he doesn't have much of an idea about anything because he's in the-hospital with a liver' have^ a sickness and he is unconscious. I just came from visiting him. I have to go again in the morning at 7:00 A.M. to relieve my 19- daughter and I'm afraid she may lose respect for me. Should I get married just to satisfy the busy-bodies? Frankly, I've got everything just the way I want it for the first time in my life. Remarriage would mean the end of 'the alimony and I would get only child support. until she is 21. Please advise.—MRS. G. If your daughter is 18 she must fair idea of what's on. The choice you must make is simply this: Either pass up the attractive He won't take the gas-pipe. It's kinder to give him the axe once and. for all than to permit him to cherish false hopes. * 4 * CONFIDENTIALLY: T R 0 U BLED: Date others and tell him to do the same. Roping and hogtying is no way to keep a romance alive. , * »» * ONE YEAR YOUNGER THAN BENNY: Dear 38: Tell her to decide yes or no and NOW. * " * B.: If he loves you he can prove it by joining A.A. Thursday Evening, December 26, 1937. GIs Played Santa for Thousands in Europe FRANKFURT, Germany (UP) —The .American Soldier, thousands of miles from his own hearthside, has recaptured the Christmas spirit of home by playing Saint Nicholas to some 75,000 Europeans in "Operation good Cheer." Military men throughout the U. S. Army in Europe contributed time, talent and money to a voluntary campaign to aid or entertain needy orphans, refugees and ' inmates of old age homes and patients in hospitals. St. Nick in Combat Boots Thousands of soldiers participated in hundreds of parties residents, and will aid 1,255 impoverished families. "Operation. Good Ch^cr" The commandwide project, labeled "Operation Good Cheer" includes turkey dinners, presents, movies, parties, and other entertainment, plus more substantial but less glamorous gifts. It is command policy of General H. I. Hodes, commander-in-chief of the U. S. Army, Europe, to "encourage visits and gatherings with European neighbors", including Yuletide parties and exchange of visits in homes. The policy demands that "these activities (Ann Landers will be glad to help you with your problems. Send bhenv to her in care of this newspaper and enclose a stamped seK- JIIILIIKI Mciaa utJ uic ai,u. ov.oi vc , . - . . alimony (plus the satisfaction you | aadressed envelope.) . He stays lights seem'.to be getting out of break- j Copyright 1*7 Field Enterprises, it pr J *«'* •"""•" nv_l-MI oUoM^'r- K>inlr^n«^l I TIP «• it pr J with Dad because we can't aflord a private nurse. Dad can't- eat anything and can drink only ice-water and milk. He doesn't recognize any of the family and he imagines he's chased by animals. being I would like to tell Mr. A.B.C. that he'd better leave liquor alone before it gets the best of him. My rather thought the bottle was his host friend. Right now we don't know whether he'll live or die. Sincerely yours.—LINDA. * * * Dear Ann: Three years ago my husband divorced me to marry a woman he'd been chasing a- rouiid with for years. I decided in exchange for his freedom and the suffering tie had caused me, I would tie him up financially for the rest of hio life, which is exactly what I did. A few months after the divorce I met a swell fellow. We have a lot in common and enjoy each oth- ing your ex-husband's back) and enjoy your daughter's respect as well as the happiness that comes with leading a moral life. Or, continue to eat high on the hog and let your daughter see that her mother's morals aren't really any better-than her father's. * « * Bear Ann: I'm a girl 15 with a problem that I can't solve. I used to go with a boy who was nice, iut I just don't care for him any more. I've told him as much, but he keeps pestering me for dates. passing out the gifts is shod in uons ' gleaming U. S. Army combat boots. The round of Christmas parties began Dec. 6 and continued through Christmas Day. No accurate tabulation of the number of parties appears possible,' but a partial commandwide total compiled by United Press indicates that among Army guests in Germany will be 51,000 needy children and orphans, nearly 7,000 old age home residents, 4,000 hos- pitalied people, some 1,600 needy Report Two More Polio Coses in State INDIANAPOLIS .(UP) — Two . . . . more polio cases last week boosted j families and belween 3,000-4,000 Indiana's 1957 total to 160, the In diana State Board of Health reported today. One new case each was reported from Lake and Marion counties. The latter leads with 19 cases so far this year, one more than Allen County and three more than Lake. ] n . Fra , nce . American troops entertained more than 4,000 NOW THEY BELIEVE SYRACUSE, N. Y. - Detectives Manuel Leone and Harold Flavin were frankly skeptical when Robert Lyman, 4, told them he was responsible for the shotgun blast that ripped a hole in his family'* apartment ceiling. They asked to be shown. So young Robert picked up the shotgun, climbed atop a dresser to gel a shell, loaded and cocked the fun, aimed and . . . The officers quickly grabbed' the shotgun. Women of the Lotuka tribe in southern Sudan smoke pipes. The orphans and 700 old age home'men rarely smoke. He's a perfectly nice fellow, but vigo County has rep0 rted 14 cases I have no interest in him. How do you say NO to a boy without hurting his feelings? — PESTERED Ycu say NO to a boy the same way you say NO to a girl, only jnore often, mabe, and with more conviction. TJie trouble with NO is that when some people say tihe word, it sounds like "maybe". Don't er's company: My 18 -year". oid worry -about the bgy's feeling. daughter calls him "Papa" and she's crazy about him. We've talked about getting married, but this thus far. Eight deaths and 160 cases compared with 1-8 fatalities and 410 cases in the'corresponding loriod last year, the health .board said. Average age of bridegrooms in the United States is 22.7 years; it was 26.1 years two generations ago. all know how. the heart -lifts and the day brightens when we encounter a gracious thought or action or a humorous attitude. Responsibility We have a tremendous responsibility not to stand in the light of others, not to dim the mood of their day with lack of enthusiasm, not to add to an atmosphere of tension and irritability.- We may go to church every Sunday, we may give to the poor, we may have moral standards, but if we habitually depress others with feet high and six to seven feet wide. If planted at one-foot intervals the seedlings will make a strong, compact fence within three to five years, Thias said. The bushes produce a white and pink bloom in May and a crop of rose hips in the fall, upon which birds and small animals feed. Thias said the bushes do not sap the soil. Application blanks can be ob- 'tained at the county extension office in the courthouse. Seedlings Handy Candy Canes NEW XOR-K — Feed the family and trim the Christmas tree with this new type of candy cane, madej with puffed rice and peppermints.] Heat 6 cups puffed rice in a shal low pan in a moderate oven (350 degrees) 10 minutes. Pour into greased bowl and add % cup crushed peppermint candy. Melt % Ib. (about 32) fresh marshroal- lows and % cup butter or margar. ine over low heat, stirring until smooth. Use a double • boiler or sauce pan. Pour the marshmallow I mixture over the puffed rice and I stir until evenly coated. With greased hands, shape into small canes about 4 inches high.' When cool, decorate with stripes of rec confectioners' sugar frosting. fool to give it up. My boy friend comes over twice a week and spendr weekends with .••ne. Sometimes we go out, and sometimes we stay at home. Now the nosey neighbors are beginning to talk. They are jealous because I have a nice home, a new car, a handsome boy friend and plenty of money to spend. - The gossip has reached my. our negative moods, I think it is for Cass county will be stocked at downright sinful. j ae JaspertPulaski nursery. Why can't we all be happy and ~~ helpful? 1 Certainly the woman who! Read the Classified Ads Betty's Beauty Shop Open Days and Evenings 1 Mile East of Twelve Mile Phone 2589 BETTY HELM, Operator ' OrtVV Now—2 Features KUAT Fun At Night SPECIAl HOLIDAY PROGRAM t vornovnt pr* COHHtL WILDE JfAH WALLACE? PLUS "White Feather" with Robert Wogn«r V* WHITE FAMOUS BRAND PEPPERELL SHEETS BUY NATIONALLY KNOWN BRAND SHEETS- THEY COST NO MORE! SALE 72x108-TWIN FITTED Beautiful first quality snow white soft, smooth -texture 132- Jhread count- sheets. 81 x 108 PEPPBRELL SHEETS '. 1.88 FULL FITTED 1,88 Groat-Great Grandmother never got a bargain like this! Famous 'Heirloom' BED SPREADS 5.66 Double Size 90x108 Twin Size,82x108 "* Old-World beaut/ at a down-to* •arth price. Reproduction of Colonial patterns in white. Completely reversible. Washes beau- Hfully in your machine. BAB DOWNSTAIRS STORE Perfect Quality! Fleecy COTTON SHEET BLANKETS Our regular 1.39 60x74. plaid sheet blankets.— Ideal as sheets or light 99c NYLON FILLED MATTRESS PADS Won't Slip, Won't Slide Elastic anchor bands hold In place. Flat nylon filled pads with anchor bands. Easy washing and fast drying. Sanforized. f Flat Full Size ..3.66 They're New: They're Sensational! "CANNON" JUMBO BATH TOWELS • 24x46 • Special purchase • Extra quality • Extra heavy • A< remarkable value • 6 beautiful colors Hand Towels 3/$l—Wash Cloths 6/$l B & B Downstairs Store NOW SHOWING MATINEE DAILY Join and see a world of entertainment I A tour of amour with three "live-it-up show girls who kiss and tell and tell! M-G-M present! A sot c SUCEL PRODUCTION w COLE PORTER'S •tarring GENE KELLY-MITZI GAYNOR KAY KENDALL-TAINA ELG «MUrmi JACQUES BERGERAC • Stmi, PI W b» JOHN PATKICB turr by Vn Ci*<i7 • Mu»t Mid^ric. by COLE PORTER In CintmiScop. ind MCTROCOLOR AmiiU Fnduttr SAUL CHAPLIN • Dincud fey GEORGE CUKOR'. •H| NOW jj thru Sat. OPEN 1P.M. Big Christmas Entertainment! WAYNE AT His MIGHTIEST! ADVENTURE AT ITS BEST! John Wayne Sophia Loren Romano Brazzi in "Legend of the Lost" This is Wayne as you like him! In Technicolor! Extra! Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer Cartoon For Holiday Entertaining Get delicious AT YOUR FAVORITE FOOD STORE WURSDAY-fRlDAY-SAmDAY KRESGE'S Wff^^ ^** ^ "1 mm 3 DAY] ONLY i Save /Si Ib! Keg. 39* Ib! Surprise the Family with SUGAR WAFERS 7his Salt Onfy Other Specials: Sandwich Cookits, 26</& Fig Bora Delicious snack or bedtime treats the whole family will enjoy! Vanilla, chocolate,' strawberry or rainbow wafers, other favorites. Just received and crispy-fresh. 3 Days Only-H*rryI MANAGER'S SUPER SPECIALS Now CLOSE OUT LADIES RINGS Values to $1.00 37c Each MEN'S TEE SHIRTS &68.2for$1.78 NOW LADIES BLOUSES Roll-up Sleeves Reg. $1.98 Now- $1.57 •, . OR 2 FOR $3 NEW YEARS PARTY ITEMS • Napkin* • Party Favor* • Hatt-Horni • Gfasiwar*

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