Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on March 8, 1895 · Page 1
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 1

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, March 8, 1895
Page 1
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VOL. XX LOGANSPORT, INDIANA- FRIDAY MORNING, MARCH 8. 1S95. NO. 58. LADIES! Silk Waists! Skirts!! DEAD CHINAMEN. Nineteen Hundred Left on Battlefield at New Chwang. Five Hundred Prisoners Taken—Fuller Advices of a Recent Engage- .ment in the Orient, DISCREDITED AT WASHINGTON. Laundried SWrt Waists!!! Immensity of assortment and ilike proclaim us headquarters. low prices A perfect Not jtock, the best quality, the latest design, in old waist shown. 52 50 $2,00, $150, $1,00 60 Cents. •ilk Waists. 1 kinds of a celebrated make, fancy strlpep, black and blue Tho latest styles; $0, $5 ... Colored Taffetas and Tartan Plaids from every clan, elegantly made, perfect flt, immense sleeves, pouch front, pleated back The .finest and best fitting waist made Ikirts, ick, Brown and [Navy made skirts Cropons and Serges, full sweep, well Slack Crepon and Boucle effents, the thing with which to please the fancy of tt queen. Godet plwated, fall percalice lined, very elegant, $17, $14-, $10 and $4.50 $7.00 $3.50 $7.00 HIROSHIMA, March 7,—A dispatch received here from Gen. Nod/.u, -dated Mai Ching, ]Uureh 4, says that two divisions of the first Japanese army as- i-aulted New Chwang proper at 10 o'clock on" the morning of that day, and entered the city at noon. ,- - . llllX Sluuglitcr ot diimimun. A portion of the enemy's' forces at once fled to Yicn Kow, the New Chwang scttleniuiit. The remaining Chinese troops made a stubborn resistance, occupying the houses of the city.. Sonio desperate street fighting followed and the Chinese -were completely routed at 11 o'clock at night, leaving • 1,900 killed upon the fluid. Tlie Japanese captured 500 prisoners and sixteen guns, together with a quantity of munitions of war and colors. The Japanese loss was L'OO killed and wounded. Ten TlioUKitml l'"t to Flight. A later dispatch from the front says that at 3 o'clock on the morning of March -1 a force of 10,000 Chinese under Gen. Lung advanced upon Taping Shang, but were repulsed by the fire of the Japanese artillery. The Chinese retreated before noon. The Japanese sustained no loss. Cmi't Cot Alnntf Without Chung. LONDON, March 7.—A special dispatch to the Times from Tien-Tsin says: "The emperor of China has completely vindicated Li Hung Chang from the charges that were, brought against him. His majesty confesses that after trying others he has found that Li Bung Chang alone is trustworthy. "Therefore he grants Li Hung Chang the fullest powers to treat with Japan for the restoration of pence. The central government publicly assumes the entire responsibility for the. conditio" (if the national defense which is t!u> 'result of blindness on t.io part of the Chinese to the progress of other nations,' This action of the emperor places all future reforms in the hands of Li Uung Chang." SHOT HIS SISTER. The belt and ties are here. This is the .adies of taste's costume for this summer, Jome where stocks are most complete, where mly new goods are shown. One price. Your ley back if you want it. usy 409-411 Broadway, Hive, 306 Fourth St. lee The Specialists Chronic and Private Diseases and . Deformities. Diseases of Women treated by the new electrical method that has given wonderful results. Don't forgot thftt their vapor treatment for all Chronic Lung Troubles Rets the remedies to the diseased spots and cures "when everything else fails. Call ard investigate anyway. It costs you nothing for consultation. Drs. Christopher & Longenecker, AtlThe Medical ana Surglcalilnsiitute. [7 Market St, - - Logansport. Ind. Tatui Kiulinc of u Ouarri'l Over Property l.^TL by the Mother. SEV.MOUH, Ind., March 7.—Thursday morning Edgar-Holmes, while quarreling over property left him by their mother, shot and fatally wounded 1 His' sister. Florence Holmes, keeper of a disreputable house in this city. The woman 1 was;inned with :i revolver and 'fired 1 twice, at. her brother, who. • while at. tempting to prevent her from firing the' third shot, accidentally discharged fiis own weapon, the ball taking e'ffect immediately behind herleftcar, killing her almost instantly. ' " "' Fie Prating. You will find the Journal Job Rooms unsurpassed. tETTERoHBflDS INVITATIONS NOTE.HEflDS, PROGRAMS, STATEMENTS, CflRDS, ENVELOPES fV SPECIALTY. You get our figures ah'djwe'H do the work. Do not fail tojcall on the JOURNAL for Job Printing. <_;ot only tho Girl. jS~BW Yomc, March 7. — George J. Gould epoke warmly regarding some of.; the- statements made in tin; newspapers re-, .yarding- the marriage of his sister/to Count de Oastelhuio. He said: -. "Tho various stoi-ics of c:nrr!iii,'o ssHtleinonts find others or puy:nents of (lulHs am! ail lliut arc untrue. Count, ue Castellane u.skcd noth- i-.g in \\ money way. nncl uoihlng vas offered. Tho question of money <1IJ not enter into tho miittor in nil, and it never bus cntci-ed into it, reports to che contnir.v notwiohstnncl-' ing. I did not sec the necessity for spetilc- iiiK or this before, but it is as well to sottla the matter for ull time." >'o l-onirer "rrinci) of Pjiuoer*."' DAYTON. 0., March 7.—William Kinney, 70 years of age, and for the past thirty years an inmate of the,Montgomery county iniirruary, committed suicide by eutting-an artery of the left wrist. Kinney had been in the institution longer than any other inmate, and was known as the "prince of paupers." His reputation was state wide. Woolworkors Cio Out on Strike. , TUESTOX, N. J., March 7.—Six .hundred of the 7,"iO employes of S. Jv. ; Felton's wool milL have g-one out on strike for the restoration of the second 10 per cent, reduction made in their \vages last summer. They claim it •was promised this season and tha,t., it would be made January 1, but that.the promise has been violated. , '•• . Slate'* Witness Is Found Dentl. • WIXSTOX >f. C., March 7.—The trial of Perry Coft'ey for the murder of -his brother in Wilkes county last fall was to have come up in the Wilkes county court this week, but Joseph Roberts, a man having- a wife and six' children and the most important witness fo'ivtie •state, was found dead Tuesday. FouJ play is suspected. . •, . • , '.Fortune Teller Hnld Dp. DULUTII, Minn., March 7.—A fortune teller with a gypsy band at West Duluth says that her companions have robbed her of $500. Shc-saj-s that, she had SI,000 sewed up in various parts of her clothing-, and an -examinalion by tho police brought out SCiUO. She said also that she had'over §7,000 buried in various places. , , Demand For Recall of Consul Genornl ut Huvunu Considered Improbable. WASHINGTON', March 7.—Statements that the captain general of Cuba had formally demanded the recall of the United States consul general at Havana, and the Spanish government had acceded to the demand, lack confirmation here and are received with incredulity.. Consul General Ramon 0. Williams has long- been considered one of the ablest men in tlie United States consular service, his tenure of office exceeding- in leng-th .that of any officer of the corps, The .position of Consul General Williams has always been of a semi-diplomatic nature, on account of the ease with wlxjch revolutionary move- movements in the.island are supported from neighboring points in the United States, and his heretofore cordial relations with the Spanish officials at Havana .indicate sufficiently his attitude towards tlie authorities. During the prescutrevohitionary crisis iuCuba, under instructions from the state department, lie made representations to the captain general in tiie case of Jose Marhi Aquirre, an American citizen who was captured with other revolutionists, asking- for hi.s trial by civil tribunal as provided for by the protocol of the treaty of ]S77. .This request was promptly granted by s the authorities. '• • . THAT FATAL BOILER. KxploilcK Actiin nt.-'i'wo 1'laces with the UxunL KvHultH. AKUO>-, 0.. March 7.—A boiler at the .B. F. Goodrieh company exploded at ]0:;!u Thursday morning, killing John Vance and 'Severely wounding John Somerville. • The explosion took place in the shoddy department. Tlli.l.SDALE, Mich., March 7.—The boiler in Kinney's sawmill, located 0 miles east of this city in Adams township, exploded Thursday morning, badly demolishing- the mill and instantly killing- Al Kinney, the proprietor. ,. PIEDMO.NT. S. D., March 7.—A boiler in Runkel, Rowley & Co.'s sawmill at Runkel's station, near here, exploded Wednesday morning-, instantly killing Andy Dillhay and William E. Warren. The injured ure-Thomas Col Hers, shoul- .der dislocated, and Robert K Reposs and James Wright, slightly. The mill is a total wreck. Loss estimated at S5.000. ' SITUATION IN CUBA. Affair* In Interior S:il(l to Vn Growing Wori*J—Government Sap]*riMiwlu(r News. HSKW YOKK, March' 7.—Tlie Herald's special cable from Matauxas, Cuba, says: Affairs seem to be growing 1 worse in the interior. Important news it- suppressed by tho government, which has 1 entire control of the wires and holds back everything 1 calculated to throw light on the : situation. Whcu the- rebels arc known to have a 'big foruc the government asserts; that they were secured by .enforced draft from the villages. Advices from Santa. Clara Tuesday night ore to the efl'eot it was the Spanish troops who retreated and .not thc.rebels. After the engagement Matagns moved toward Colon, POLITICAL STIR. Manifesto of Bimetallists Sole Topic of Talk at Washington, Interview with Joseph Sibley, the New Party's Candidate for President— Plan of Campaign. WASHINGTON, March 7.—The prompt throwing of their gauntlet in the field by the new organization, the "bimetallic party, 1 ' arrested all show of any political stagnation at the capital that might ' have followed the adjournment of congress and the departure of the president on his recreating tour. The address, or manifesto, launched upon the country Tuesday together w-jth the .mention of a candidate for president in the person nf ex-Congressman Joseph S. Sibley. of Pennsylvania., lias been an animated topic of discussion. Mr. Slht.'.v Talks. Personally, .Mr. Sibley "lias declared that he did not wish to be honored with the presidential nomination. He »'ould rather sec. Senator Cameron, whose silver views nre acceptable to him, or^ Senator Teller, or Mr. island, or some other devotee to the cause. selected as its standard bearer, but he asserts that he will give every assistance possible to the new movement, and is very enthusiastic in his predictions of success for it. Kuferring to it, he said: riunn of thn New 1'urty. "The purpose of tbls movement Is to secure un immediate organization of tlie silver men, :uid to Dei;in the campaign HI onco. There is no pride of party name, and we do not care how the organization is llnul- ly accomplished, The only purpose is that there slmll be a silver purty in tho next campaign advocating tho free coinafie of silver ut ID to I as tho slnuio creut issue. The campaign for silver will het'ln at once, nnrt we will have sixteen months the startof those opposed to silver, whether they tie in one or both tho old p;irtle.s." ,\ \\gnrnag Cnnipnltn. The only thing the new party desires, said Mr. Sibley, is a thorough organization and a vigorous aggressive campaign for silver. The party will support a free .coinage man on a free coinage platform by whatever party nominated, and he says there will not be two silver candidates for the presidency. In a further expression of his views Mr, Sibley says: ; "Wo propose to hive the organization now, to make the canvass and to be ready to elect a president who Is a free coinage man. Wo are indifferent as to whether he be a re publican or u clomocr.il, or populist, and he may be the nominee of one of the old parties or of a new party." AILSA IS CHAMPION. HOOSIER HAPPENINGS. News Briefly Told from Various Towns In Indiana. A Broken Itoll. Si'BNCKR. Ind., March 7.—Two coaches, attached to the mommy paa- senprer train on the Indianapolis <*k Vincenncs railway, were ditched between Marco and Sanborn Wednesday morning'. A broken-"rail was the cause. Both coaches wens "badly broken, and the rfir e"-ieh ! was afterward consumed by liro. There | were no ladies on the train. Among] the passengers was I. S. llaltou, of Eminence. Wis., who suffered a broken thiyh. He was taken, to Worth ing-toa for medical attention. Four other pas- honjrers were injured. Indiana's <!overnor Throuteneit, TxniAXAi'ous, Ind., March 7.—Gov. Matthews made public to-day an anonymous letter which threatened his life if hi-doesnot stop his tiffin, on the Koby race track. The letter suys that the Coin- interests will bo alive lon<* after ihe governor is dead. Tlie coinmunica- lion suites that a relative of the g-over- nor aeocpted a. bribe to influence him. The letter also states that Gov. Matthews, in his future political career, will need th?. influence of tho Koby race track people. Dr. llirkmuii't* Startling Proposal. TKKIM-: HAUTE, Ind., March 7.—The Torre Haute Literary club lias been startled by a paper from Kev. Dr. lliek- man, pastor of the First Methodist church, which presented a long- array of arguments in favor of solving tho ne^ro problem in the south by amalgamation of the two races, the abrogation of laws prohibiting miscegenation, and the intermarriage of the two races. Or. Hicltman said that he presented the argument for what it was worth. rimrcvn IlroHch of Promiic. HAMMOND. Ind.. March 7.—In the Lake circuit court suit was filed by . Rosette Haselbuch against Frank Hess, city clerk. The complainant charg-el breach of promise and asks SI2,000 damages. The complainaut alleges that on February 17, JS'J4, or five days after the death of his wife, Hess promised to marry the plaintiff, and upon the same date accomplished her ruin. That he has now refused to marry her and intends to marry a Miss Cars tens, of Tolleston. tin; Contest at Cannes— May Kucc for America'* 'Cup. xF.s. March 7. — It is now nrident the A ilsa will be the British candidate in the great ra.ee for "the America/s ' cup. In- Thursday's contest that S»y» lie Killed a Man. Ind., March 7.—Officers hero have received a letter from the sheriff at r Sherman, Tex., which announces that a young- man. who calls himself Charles Hanson confined in jail there told a fellow, prisoner that his home was in Indianapolis and that he killed a man in Miincie three years ago while robbing- a residence here. _.;, Seely. Shoe u.nd years' mlx'7/.lor S<M*ly Promoted. YORK. March 7. — Samuel C. the former bookkeeper of the <fc Leather, bank of this city, who is serving ;m eight- seiiteiice' in the Kings county Diamond Thief Caueht. FOKT DODGE. la., M.arch 7.—Leo Hutchinson, who stole S300 worth of,, diamonds and ?1BO in cash from a Sioux City woman Monday, was arrested in this city by Marshal London.' The diamonds and cash, -were recovered. . penitentiary for stealing $324,000, was set at work sorting curled hair in the penitentiary a day or two after his arrival. He was recently promoted,- and is now acting us one of the bookkeepers in tlie prison building. Cluims He AVaft Hypnotffced. GRANT) RAPIDS, Mich., March 7.— Peter Blanksma, 1 of Walter. Thursday morning setup a unique defense in po- ' liec court where he was arraigned on a charge of nousnpport. Blanjcsma married a pretty Wyoming town shin girl last January, and after two days of married life he }eft her. lie now declares that he was hypnotized by the girl and will try to have the marriage annulled on that ground. I'aqulu on » Rampage. ORES,' State of Sonora, Mexico, March 7.—A co-urier has just arrived here bringing news of another outbreak by the Ysvqui Indians. A band of about fifty hostile braves left their rendezvous in the mountains and utruck the Yaqui river-valley. They attacked a number of ranches and killed seven persons, among the victims being two women. Large quantities of grain, were also burned; S.orDUSKY, O., March 7.—The farmers north of town aremuch concerned over the appearance 1 on tie McCary farm, along the Tymochtee creek, of live grasshoppers nearly^ full-grown and as frisky as though'it were summer. Such an early appearance, especially after such severe weather, is unprecedented. Mlnrri* Strike. ''.' BRAZIL. Ind., March 7.—The -'00 miners employed in the Bray.il Block she defeated all othw.yachts aad in a! Coal company's mines at Coatesville went out on a strike Wednesday. The grievance is over the. amount of slate sulphur and blackjack which the op- graceful manner at that. W. Fife, Jr., the designer of the Ailsa, and Ratxey. the famous English sail- maker, were on board the new cutter, which, b^' the way, allowed, the Britannia only 1 minute lif seconds, instead of 2. minutes, as announced Wednesday. ._ MILNES NOMINATED. Tli<! Lieutenant Governor Win* the Contest on tho 11 Uli Hal lot. KALA.MAZOO. Mich., March 7.—Lieut Gov. Alfred Milnes, of Cold water, has been nominated as the republican, candidate for congress in .the Third 'dis- ,trict. During the recess a deal was fixecl up whereby Gardner's strength was swung to Milnes. The*lHth ballot resulted: M.ilnes, ..3.1; Smith, Si. The platform was then adopted. A new election to fill the vacancy caused by the nomination of Lieut. (<ov. Milnes as congressman in the Third district will not be necessary. The statutes provide that the president pro tempore of the senate, shall succeed to that position, and Senator J. K. McLaughlin will fill the vacancy. erators claim the out in their cars. miners are sending Co in mi tied .Suicide. - TEKKE HAUTE, Ind.. March 7.— Thomas Wiggins, who csme here some months ago with his family from Vermillion, 111., where he had prospered as a farmer, and who had been unable to get employment in the city, committed suicide. Jlust 1'uy S10.00O. WAHASH. Ind.. March 7.—In tho suit of Mrs. Norman Tucker against Albert Tucker, the wealthy farmer and stock dealer of Men tone, for alienating the affections of her husband, a verdict \vas given the plaintiff for §10,000. Ha» n Monopoly ofOlcl Thine*. WEST NEWTON, I'a.. March 7.— Rev.' Dr. S. W,? % .lvefield, "the oldest Jiving mason in tlie world and the oldest, minister of the Gospel in point of service," celebrated the 00th anniversary of his birth at his home here- There were no formal exercises.. A dinner was given by one of his daughters. There were present his seven sons and two daughters, with many of their children and, grandchildren. Excitement Over » Bank Failure. BERLIN, Mjjrch 7.—The greatest excitement hrjgltieen created in Parchim bv the fa of the Mecklenberg •'ccun .i'rep:»rta for sitatcnooa. SAX.T LAKE, Utah.'March 7,—The constitutional convention adopted the following resolution: , ' Kesolved. Iliac we, the delegates to ihe con- 'Rtituticjnarconventioa for anil in bebalf of the people of proposed state pi ULab. do hereby declare that, we adopt the ; .consuiution of Uie United Suites. •'-,.., ' Uajarii Dln*d with the Queen. LOXDO>", March-'".—Boo. Thomas P. Bayard, Dnited States ambassador, and Mrs. Bayard went to Windsor Thursday to vis'if the queen. They dined in the evening and passed the night there. ..... credit back at that place. Hundreds of depositors have been, ruined, and the People's savings bank, a small concern, and two large commercial houses have failed in eonsequ-enee of the col- lanse of the credit bank. .Found Houte* in tae K^ncrvolr. SEATTLE, Wash.. March 7. — Seattle has been agog with excitement for the past few days over the finding of the dead bodies of two infants and a Chinaman in the main water reservoir in the irost aristocratic portion of the city. , ' March 7.— Duke" de Noailles is dead, aged GO years. His younger brother. Marquis de Noailles, is the famous French diplomat and littjera- t«ur. The Chicago river is one of the immortals: it lias a, personality. Some people claim it is wet. A flock of ducks plunged into it and, to their great astonishment, slid across. A man who fell from the Clark street bridge broke his leg on the surface. He sued the civy for damages. The bricks of which Chicago is built are ma£e of the river cut in sections and baked. There arc wild animals in this stream. A restaurant-keeper swears that he can't make a stev,- of this water; the animals eat the oysters. These animals themselves complain that there is not enough liquid in the river to keep them clean. Chicago .signs tell you to boil the water, but add: "If it won't boil, fry it." The od.or of this stream has been admiringly compared to Samson and Sandow: not however, when cither was present The Chicago people are fond of the odor on that account. It adds strength to the city. Some sa}- the Chicago river Hows up hill. As there is no hill in Chicago this proposition is a poser. The United States coasr. survey detailed an engineer to test; this peculiarity. The engineer planted his apparatus in the river, but never saw it again. This was his report: "The Chicago river does not flow; it stands still. It lias no banks, except the First national and others. It has no bed like other streams; its bottom is always on u>p. The merchant marine traverses it on roller skates. In sumtner the city is filled with dust. I asked a civilian whence it came. 'Why,' said he. 'you must be a stranger in these parts. That dust blows from the Chicago river.'"—Judge.

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