El Paso Herald from El Paso, Texas on June 10, 1919 · Page 14
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El Paso Herald from El Paso, Texas · Page 14

El Paso, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 10, 1919
Page 14
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14 Tuesday, June 10, 1919. EL PASO HERALD GOOD ILLS IN Good Prospects For Oil Flows In New Mexico Eastern Section of State to SUSPECT FIELD. V!Ä* Operators Watching With • Sink Many Deep Wells, interest the Living- J r stone Well. Geologist Says. Dallas, Texas, June 10.—Dorsey Hager, well known geologist of Dallas, brings news here of the oil developing interest in the eastern third of New Mexico. Hager has just returned from a trip made to the Roswell office of his firm. He brings to Texas word that there will be more than 12 deep tests drilled in eastern New Mexico during the summer months. Hager, as a geologist, has been making 1000 barrels of oil :^reatl-v interested in the geological ‘surveys of eastern New Mexico and has traveled over the greater part of the territory east of Las Vegas and on to the southward. Hager believes there is a great opportunity for bringing in oil wells in many parts of the eastern third of New Mexico and has mapped a number of very fine structures in that region. He says that he is expecting the developments to increase in that part of the state. **It is my belief there is "now about 10,000,000 acres of land under lease in Tulso, Okla.. June 10.—Oil operators are now watching with interest development in the Livingston Oil corporation’s well, in section 35-15-11. which is expected daily to come in. This test is an offset to the original well of the Turman Oil company in the same section. The Turman Oil company is in the sand with its No. 6 in section 35-15-11, Beggs district, Okmulgee county. This well is daily at a depth of 2748 feet. Henry Hornaker and others on the Porter land in section 21-17-14. Leonard district, Tulsa county, have a well doing; 20 barrels at 2000 feet. One of the most interesting tests in the Chelsea district in Rogers county is that drilled by Mallory and other« in the southwest quarter of section 2:2-24-17, west of the town of Chelsea- ft got the pay at 450 feet and isj making 150 barrels per day. After being connected with a storage tank the well flowed 91 barrels of oil into theithe eastern third of New Mexico,” said tank the first five hours. Woman Thinks She Can’t Talk Enough “I had gall stones for 14 years atid suffered severely from gas, colic and indigestion. Doctors wanted me to go to the hospital, but I took Mayr’s Wonderful Remedy instead, and am now feeling fine and better than I ever did. I can't talk enough about this remedy.” It is a simple, harmless preparation that removes the catarrhal mucus from the Intestinal tract and allays the inflammation which causes practically all stomach, liver and intestinal ailments, including; annendl- citia. One dose will convince cr money refunded. For sale by all druggists.—Ad**. Hager," and the value of leases has advanced from 10 cents to 20 cents an acre until they are now selling as high as $5 or more in some sections. The vicinity of Tucumcari has one test under way and two others are locations with good prospects of being drilled. A deep test is going down in the vicinity of Santa Rosa and sev eral are drilling in the vicinity of Deming, on the Pecos river." A DEEP TEST FOR BROWN; BIG GASSER IS BROUGHT IN Brown Wood, \ Texas, June 10.—A deep test will be sunk at an early date by the Big Four Oil Co. in the northwestern part of Brown county, four miles north and one mile west of the Oil States Petroleum company test. , The Jewel Oil company brought in a 1,000.000 foot grasser at 860 feet on the A. D. Neil survey. Location Made on Land Eight Milec North of The City. Gatesville, Tex., June 10.—McKees* port Texas Oil company has a location eight miles north of Gatesville on the C. P. Liljeblad farm in the S. W. Wybrants survey. Three carloads of casing are on the ground. Work will be started on this test as soon as the derrick, which has been ordered, arrives and is erected. « Buckeye Mid Texas Oil company on the G. A. Strickland ranch in the John Winn survey about 17 miles southwest of Gatesville. has its rig up, but work is delayed pendinsr the arrival of machinery and tools. Keystone Texas Oil company. 11 miles west of Gatesville, on the J. S. Clark farm, in the G. W. Carlyle survey, is drilling- at 730 feet. Columbia Texas Oil company has derrick ordered and they have two carloads of casing on the location This well is 17 miles south of Gatesville in the William Cornwall survey. The above four wells are being drilled in Coryell county by Benedum & Tree*, with other Pittsburgh parties. FRANK PICKRE l TPLANNING TO DRILL A LOT OF WELLS San Angelo. June 10.—Frank T. Piekrell a few days ago was in San Angelo for the purpose of securing sites for the four wells that his company will drill on the university land^ in I’pton, Crockett, Reagan and Irion counties. Piekrell represents the Texon Oil and Land company, which has filed on 431.360 acres under the Texas mineral rights law of Texas. He says that It Is the Intention of his company to retain 200,000 acres of this lease,and on this acreage it will drill four 'wells, not 1S4 wells, as has been reported over ail the countrv. The drilling on one of the tests will be started within the near future, he stated. ¡¡.r,,o;M> CAPITAL, TWO TRACT!*, TOTAL *5 I’ROV E.\ ACRES, 10c A SHARE We are Drilling Today at 760 Feet Just Across th« Road From the Famous Sunshine Hill Property Which is Reported Has Already Paid Back to Thei- Investors $60.00 for Each Dollar Invested. This well is being drilled on oar we}l-known twenty-acre tract which is located on the elope of famous Sunshine HilL the most prominent property in the entire Electra field. Funds are already in our hands to complete this, well. All We need is a small amount to complete the drilling fund to develop our wonderful five-acre lease which hs located right In the heart of the big GUSHERS at BURKBURNETT. Our drilling site is within a mile of the world’s wonder well, the great Burk-Waggoner, which has already created probably the greatest sensation that the Twentieth Century has yet experienced. A glance at the map shows quite plainly that we are completely surrounded by either big producing wells or wells now drilling through advices from some of the most prominent geologists in the entire Mid-Continent field. And It would be well for us to state that it has been reported to us this morning that a five-acre iract approximately 1200 feet from this l**ase was sold for $6500 per acre and the developers of this lease will receive only one-half of the oil. This means that the five-acre tract was sold for $32,600. Isn't our acreage worth the same amount? Bear in mind that this five acr^s is only one-fifth of our entire acreage and with our capitalization of $45,000, and with our 25 proven acres. We ask you this one question, can we lose? Is it possible? As experienced oil men we say that every indication bears us out in our statement when we asserted that our acreage was practically proven property. This Company Is Not a Prospect—Onr Derrick For Well Number Two I* Completed—the Boilers, Machinery and Fuel Is Already on the Ground—the Con* tractor Already Has Funds and Is Today Buying Caning. We are not drilling a wildcat. A second glance at the map shows that we are surrounded by the following gushers: The M. * P. Burk, Just recently in. is reported to be making 3,500 barrels flush production. This well is about 1,500 steps directly north of our property. To the east of us is the Golden Cycle, Burk-Waggoner, Thrift, Texas Chief. King 8, Golconda, Humble wells and dozens of other» All of these wells came In with production estimated at better than two thousand barrels. The Texas Chief, to the north, is reported making better than five thousand barrels. A well like this pays for itself In from two to four days. United, just north of us, breaks the record, Burk- Waggoncr came in running fifty barrels every fifteen minutes, and Just recently paid back to its stockholders $3,1.00 for every one dollar invested. The Humble Company sells a half Interest for twenty million dollars. Marine pays everybody back seventeen and a half to one, while the Floydada announces a 40® percent dividend to be paid In twenty-one days. In view of these few facts, and we could recite aozens of others, we ask you point blank, is it fair to yourself to pass up such an investment as we are offering you today? The King S Oil Company, who have a small capital like ourselves, have just brought in a wonderful «usner to the east of our five-acre tract and we are Informed that they are tonight being offered $800,000 for their holdings. Can you beat this for quick returns? Were you ever offered such an opportunity before in your life-time? Don’t forget for one minuts about the Fowler Oil stock which paid tback one hundred fifty dollars for each dollar invested to its stockholders. From the proceeds from their oil and acreage at Burkburnett, Te*ap. When you invest with us you are placing your funds In the hands of oil operators who will use your money In developing only proven acreage, only proven territory, where the riBk has been practically removed. We absolutely do no wildcat drilling. Two Dene Wells to Be Drilled—Your Money Shares In Profits From All Oil Wells, All Acreage, and Onr Proposed Refinery. Remember, $45,000 capital is very small. We could have made it many times larger. 4>ut we realized that by giving our stockholders a square deal, giving them quick Action on their money, that we will be able, after oil is encountered, to continue acting as their financial advisors. Oil Is worth two dollars and forty cents per barrel. It has been estimated by men who claim to know that profits of one dollar a barrel are made through refining. We do not believe that we. would be taking care of our investors' money if we were to allow this additional profit to go to someone else, and for that reason we are contemplating the erection of a two still refinery (five hundred barrels each) so that we may be able to refine and market our own nroduction when oil is encountered. In view of immense production on our leases we have already been in conference with the Aiken Interest of Dallas, who have intimated that $18,000 would be sufficient to construct a sk+mming plant of this nature. This refinery is one using the late 20th Century process. None of the funds from the sale of these securities will be used in building this plant. We shall build same only when production warrants it and from a small portion of the profits derived from the sale of our own oil. If one dollar a barrel is a fair profit from refining, then we ask you this question: How many days would it take to build this plant on just the amotmt of money we will savu by refining our own oil? Aside from the oil production this refinery should net us a splendid revenue every thirty days. Man to Msn, Open and Above Board. We are Offering You a Square Deal. REMEMBER A THREE THOUSAND BARBEL WELL NET to we stockholders with our low capital of $45,000 (at par) means an estimated income of $7,200 per day less the small operating «xpenses or one hundred per cent every seven days. One hundred per cent every thirty days is an immense dividend, isn’t it? Yet the aboveJs facts and figures and bear in mind that the Floy- flada people announce Fo^r Hundred per cent Dividend to be paid in Twenty- One days. We are drilling two deep, heavy PRODUCTION wells. Not shallow wells, but right in next to the big stuff. Back your Judgment with your dollars, like we are today doing. Hundreds like us, have Invested in Burkburnett in the past ninety days and have already won big. This looks like the opportunity of your lifetime. BUY TODAY. PUTTING THIS OFF MAY COST YOU A THOUSAND. SIGN THE BLANK. ATTACH YOUR CHECK AND SEND IT BY SPECIAL DELIVERY TO THIS OFFICE RIGHT NOW—THIS MINUTE. Big Southern Investment Company, Finance Dept. E. P. H. 801 % South Main Street, Second Floor, Fort Worth. Texas. GENTLEMEN; I am buying these shares with the understanding that they are fully paid and non-assessable and that I assume no liability whatsoever and that I ^111 not be assessed at any time later on, and I am to be given my share of the dividends coming from tne oil wells at the next dividend paying date, also my share of the profits made f'om buying and selling leases and all other properties, holdings, materials, etc., the companies may hereafter acquire or sell, and that when the companies’ oil refinery (according to our advertised plans) has been completed and is running I shall also be given my share of the profit* In the form of dividends from that, in addition to the earnings from t'ne oil wells. Certificates showing the number of shares purchased by me to be sent to my address as soon as money is received. Herewith, enclosed please find my check for $.........................I hereby subscribe for,................................... ..................................................shares in The Square Deal Oil & Refining Company, Capital $45,000, at 10c per share. Name .................................................................................................................................. Address ..................................................................................................................... References: Any bank or business house in Mineral Wells, Texas. Texas State Bank of Fort Worth, Texas, and ten other Fort Worth business houses. TO DRILL NEAR THE CEMETERY AT DESDEMONA Desdemona, Texas, June 10.—Near the cemetery four acres of land for about the tenth time chansred hands this week, going last at $20,000 an acre. A well will be sunk on one of the acres as soon as a standard rig can be placed on the ground. Midlothian Petroleum company wil" drill four wells as soon as equipment arrives on the Maddinsr 10 acre tract. The J. H. Mowell well has come in a ¡e-ood producers. The well is just a little distance south of the De Moss survey in Comanche county. It opened up the territory for a mile south of j the Southland well. OSAGE INDIANS GET RICHER FROM SALE OF OIL LEASES The sum of $5,195,500 was added to the bank roll of the Osage Indians from the sale of oil leases at Pawhuska, Okla,, on June 6. It is said ; that all sales records were smashed as the total was greater than was ever , bid before. The highest price was ; $430,000, paid by the Guffey-Gillespie j Oil company for the southwest quar- j ter of section 34, township 22, range 10. The northwest quarter sold for $430,000 to the same company. NEW COMPANY WILL DRILL FOR OIL IN BOSQUE COUNTY The Hico Ranger Oil and Refining company, capitalization $500,000, largely compoed of El Paso men, is one of the latest to enter the^Korth Central Texas field. Holdings consist of 1000 acres in Bosque county. A drilling outfit has been ordered and C. A. Kinne, secretary-treasurer, expects to begin operation in 30 days. Dr. G. B. Calnan is president, and Ur. J. D. Stevens, T. W. White and Dr. F. S. Ellis are the trustees. GOOD SHOWING MADE FOR F.LDORA WELL C. O. Vernon and W. A. Pritchard, of Wichita Falls, Texas, president and vice president of the Eldora Oil company, who have been in El Faso several days, bring good reports of the f company’s well on 80 acres in the Electra-Burkburnett field. Wichita county, Texas. A wire to Mr. Vernon says that a depth of 1600 feet has been made. We sincerely recommend BILLIE BURK At fl a Shar* and urge our clients to buy to the limit. This st^ck should be »filing for f^om two to five for one within the next two or tnree weeks. McINTOSH & COMPANY P. J. McINTOSH, Manager. 306 Mesa Av*. El Paso, Tex, ^tiiuin!!i!mmnimi!ii!iii!iii!inuuuini!i!i!i;iiH>niii!iHiUiiiittiH]fHui!^ If You Have Tuberculosis COMB TO SILVER CITY, NEW S MEXICO, FOR AN IDEAL SUMMER CLIMATE. Cool uays and nighis. No dust 53 storms, no mosquitoes. Nine miles 52 from the $2,600,000 U. S. Army s yanatorium at Fort Bayard. Won- =§ derful mountain scenery; good == roads.1 Excellent camping ana =j trout fishing In Gila National For- =~ *’8t. H THE NEW MEXICO COTTAGE I Hg SANATORIUM | S WAYNE MACVEAGH WILSON, 1 Manager, g§ For all classes of tuberculosis. §3 §5 Established 1905. Separate cot- == §§ tages. Resident physicians. Hates g§ H moderate. No extras for ambu- == 5 = lant patients. Write for free illus- 2g ~ trated booklet. THE WHITE CROSS SANATORIUM =E A home-like Institution for a == limited number of patients Mar- ~ =g garet Waelly, R. N. Superin- §§ S tendent. m GRANT COUNTY CHAMBER OF H COMMERCE, S Silver City, N. M. sirf!!iiililffiniinilBII!!!Illllilllltllllllli8llll*l,”""iilllillllilllIllliHIIIIIIIIIIlP We have Investigated and Recommend Merchants & Travelers* Oil & Gas Co. Stock at $10.00 Par Send us your orders. Johnston & Co. \ Licensed Hroker* Trust llld*.. El i"n*o, Texa«. Is Abandoned El Pasoans Fail To Get Oil In Well That Was Once Very Promising. M. Moye. secretary of the Osaple JBurk Oil company, returned Monday from the Burkburnett oil fields, where he investigated his company’s well on the Hardin Marine tract, northwest of Burkburnett in Wichita county. He said a depth of 1703 feet had been attained and Salt water had come in and caving had hampered work. “I do not know what we shall do,” said Mr. Moye. “We are just 302 feet irom the Adams well and we went deeper than the ‘pay’ in that. We shall probably call a meeting of stockholder» to decide what is to be done. We have only one and a quarter acres and it looks to me as if we were just on the edge of the pay and luck was against us, "We have some oil and we struck that at 1679 feet just a month after the day of starting to drill, March 25. Our prospects were good. W. M. Priddy, a prominent man of that section, and from whom we bought the property, and who is interested with us, suggested a plan to determine where the oil comes in exactly and then fill up to this point, and take the oil from the sand.” Thomas M. Mayfield, president of the company, said: “We have practically a dry hole and we have abandoned it. A dry, hole was drilled between us and the Adams well and one west of us. so it shows our acre and a quarter about valueless. We are getting out a circular letter to the stockholders and a meeting will be called when full and complete reports, financial and otherwise, will be made. We are on the edge of the sand, evidently.” Osaple Burk fcas very promising a few w^eks ago and the stock sol« as high as $20. Its original value was * $10 par. ------- 0 D1LL1NG IN ARCHER COUNTY. The Texas Producers’ and Refining company have bought a half interest in the Zack Scott ranch in Archer county, Texas, and is drilling on it. Holdings consist of 10,000 acres. GOOD PRODUCTION IN A LOUISIANA FIELD; NEW WELLS Shreveport, La., June 10.—With enthusiasm and interest oil operators are watching the Gulf Refining company’s will as its production daily increases. The well is now making 170 barrels a day and has a gas pressure of 10,000,000 cubic feet, which is gradually decreasing. This well is located on the Chatham lease in Claiborne parish. The Rowe il company’s No. 2 Shaw is the fourth well this company brought in On the salne lease in Claiborne parish. The Shaw No. 2 has a good production, not yet estimated. The sand was struck at 1400 feet. It has been connected with the Standard Pipe line for piping to the loading racks. TO LOCATE OFFICE HERE FOR GORMAN REFINERY W. A. Hickey, general superintendent of the Gorman Home Refinerv at Gorman, Texas, is in El Paso. He expects to establish a permanent office EL PASOANS AND LAS CRUCES MEN ORGANIZE OIL COMPANY Santa Fe, N. M., June 10.—Stock is held equally by El Paso and Las Cruces citlxens in the Cruce 3 Oil company, which has filed Its articles of incorporation with he state corporation commission. The principal office of the company is Las Cruces and the statutory agent is George W. Frenger. The capital stock is $300,0*0 shares of the par value of $10. Business will be commenced witn paid in capital, divided equally between Alfred Tinally, W P. Brady and W. W. Bridgers of El Paso; Frank M. Hayner, George W. Frenger and Robert P. Porter of Las truces. LONG PIPE LINE. Waters, Okla., June 10.—A pipe line will be built soon from the Burkburnett field to Waters by capitalists of Oklahoma. Surveys are now being made. The pipe line later will be fix- tended to Oklahoma City, making it here by November, for the distribution one of the largest and most important of the refinery’s products. in the Texas-Oklahoma oil fields. EMPIRE GAS AND FUEL CO. HAS VAST MEXICO HOLDINGS The Empire G^s. and Fuel company owns more than 2000 gas wells and 3000 oil wells on '>6,555 acres of land in Oklahoma, Kansas, Texas and else where. The company’s total production for 1918 was 17,0^2,693 barrels of oil and an average daily production of 94.920.000 cubic feet of gas. The company owns and has leased 4.432.000 acres of land in 13 states and Mexico, and is working 58 strings of with a combined daily capacity of 31,000 barrels. CHARTER GRANTED COMPANY; I ?.re-„8„50Kmllef witl?,• dal'y capacity ot CAPITALIZATION 3300,000 ’ h S6ve” The Cruces Oil company, capitalization $300,000 and composed of El Paso and Las Cruces, N, M., men. has been granted incorporation papers under the laws of New Mexico. The company holdings are in the Tularosa Basin. The incorporators are: Alfred Tinally, W P. Brady and W. W. Bridgers, all of El Paso; George M. Frenger, Robert Porter and Frank M. Hayner, all of Las Cruces. Pretty, Wavy, Curling Hair Without Hot Iron Let me tell you of a Eimpla method which is a favorite of the belles of a certain exclusive social set. I’m sure you would like to know of it, because It will give your hair such a pretty curliness and lustre and permit you to do away with the* ruinous waving iron forever Just get from any druggist a few ounces of ordinary liquid slimerine, and at night apply a little with a clean tooth brush, drawing this down the full seugth of tho hair. In the morning you will bave a real surprise, the fascinating, fluffy, wavy effect will appear so natural, and there wilt be no greasy, gummy, streaky or other unpleasant trace of this harmless liquid. You will a;so find this a splendid dressing for; the hair.—Mona Morrow In Tho Reductions in Price Only The prices on Ajax Tires have come down to conform to the new industrial order of things. At the reduced price you buy the same high grade Tire, the same 5000 unquestioned, fully guaranteed mileage and the most satisfaction that you can possibly buy in Auto Tires. We repeat— "An Ajax Tire on one wheel soon means Ajax Tires on all four wheels.** y FULL STOCK OF SIZES ON HAND. Special Attention to Mail Orders. Shelton-Pay ne ARMS COMPANY HEADQUARTERS FOR SPORTING GOODS. 317 Texas St. El Paso, Texas. MILLION FOOT GASSKR. = A million foot gasser at 3706 feet iff with good prospects is the report of is the Magnolia Petroleum company’s s Ward No. 1 well, located seven miles Is ~ southwest of Rreckenridge, Texas tools in these states. Its pipe Unas Clubwoman.—Adv. Wichita Falls Wire Service Fort Worth Special Hourly W-ire Service Connecting With These Two Great Oil Markets Dunbar & Company LICENSED BROKERS * (Basement) Security Bank Building Mesa and Mills Streets. EL PASO, TEXAS Telephones: 1391-512 MEMBERS * EL PASO STOCK EXCHANGE. WESTBROOK OIL EXCHANGE, Ft. WorUu SETTLE OIL EXCHANGE, Wichita. LAS CRUCES STOCK EXCHANGE. OUR BOARDROOM—The most completely equipped in El Paso—b Open from 9 a. m, to 8 p. m. All Are Welcome. ALL ACTIVE STOCKS QUOTED IF I COULD EXPRESS MY FEELINGS If I had a vocabulary and was master of the English language like Irvin S. Cobb, I would paint a word picture of the possibilities and certainties of the MERCHANTS & TRAVELERS OIL AND GAS CO. that would oversubscribe this first offering of 5000 shares stock in one mail. I WOULD TELL YOU OF THE WIDOW I sold in Deming, N. Mex., one single $30.00 share of Merchants & Travelers. I would tell you what a scoundrel—coward—cur—I think a man is who will deliberately take one penny from a woman in her circumstances unless HE KNEW POSITIVELY that she would not lose. I think a man who would take this woman’s money and lose it for her should be hung. i i£NOW this is the only company operating in the Southwest offering the public an opportunity to get rich on a small investment, and at the same time an assurance that you won’t lose what you do p it in. How DO I KNOW THIS? Merchants So Travelers own oil leases on over 16,000 acres of oil land in oil countries— TEXAS AND OKLAHOMA. The two wonder oil states of the world. And 1 know this acreage is worth more than twice what the public is investing in our company WITHOUT AN OIL WELL. But if there is anything to GEOLOGY—TO LOCATION—TO STRUCTURE—TO SURFACE INDICATIONS—we will get oil in our No. 1 well, now drilling in Greer county, near the Turner well, which came in last month with a thousand barrel gusher. # Invest a week’s salai-y and buy that little home for the wife and kiddies you’ve always hoped to own. “Join in with the Merchants & Travelers in producing oil on their 16,000 acres of oil land in the following oil producing counties: Comanche, Stephens, Cotton, Hardman and Greer. We are GOING TO WIN* MALCOLM & ROSS, Western Representatives Hotel Fisher. El Paso, Texas. MERCHANTS* & TRAVELERS* OIL <fe GAS CO., Hotrl Fisher, El Pawo, Texas. .Reserve for me .............. .shares of stock at $10.00 par, for which enclosed find check for........................ Name .......................................................... Address ........................................................ Herald 6-9-19 lili • t, 1 : V. V ■.. '-Í í S' v ". i r* ?' • O, V ■ ' . rrm Ywt '<%£%£** ’S*.4* * > Í s., ' ./ ' *v ***** fy»vc‘* r/Z" m iV'- '* vi A V A- - \ ¿ v’v" * ' t - >! V. -W-: ; - .-ir-#-:*“ .'¿‘j - ■; V > * i -l-' . ^ » - * ' ’ > S ‘iy-j ^ . «X ■ * ; ■ >■ ff fi",,'-' ¿wf •■«*, • y o. *; - - , t • '■***. **. ’****'¿■■'4 VV-- ‘ ~ *>* " _ . ' m-f-' , ï ’i' r* r.y.Varr; ■■ • s . •Stir-a- • See One of the Following Agents Today and Buy Billie Burk at Par: The following brokers and agents recommend and are authorized to sell Billie Burk: ' -.■y* ’’A* i -"ri CARL "WHITE, Amadaville, Arlz. OVERLOjCK & CO., Bisbee, Ariz.; also Coilins & Bretherton. Box 1129, Bisbee, Ariz. A. B. SMITH, A.jo, Arizona. WITHERS & BROCHIERE, Gadsen Hotel, Douglas, Ariz. FAIR & DUVALL, Lobby Dominion Hotel, Globe, Ariz. •T. A. WILSON, Globe, Ariz. A. O. PELSUE, Deputy Assessor, Florence, Ariz. REID BROKERAGE CO., Miami, Ariz. C. T. JONES, Nosales, Ariz. W. C. PAYNE, care Moctezuma Hotel, Nogales, Ariz. BLACK BROTHERS, Oatman Ar!z. A. H. RHODES, Patagonia, Ariz. C. R. HAGLER, 2017 W. Washington St., Phoenix, Ariz. GEORGE EHRHARDT. Deputy Treasurer. Phoenix, Ariz. O. M. WOLD, Prescott, Ariz. J. R. O’DONNELL. Ray. Ariz. GEORGE CRAYNE. Sonoita. Ariz. McPH/IL BROKERAGE CO.. Superior, Ariz. TUCSON OIL EXCHANGE, care Congress Hotel. Tucson, Ariz. T. F*. MESCALL, 616 S. Stone Ave., Tucson, Ariz. C. F. MOORE, 340 N. Congress St., Tucson, An*. I* F. HOLMES, 240 E. Congress St.. Tucson, Ariz. WM. BERRY, 425 6th Street, Yuma, Ariz. JIMMIE DOUGLAS. WInkelman, Ariz. E. M. CARROLL, Jerome, Ariz. McINTOSH & CO.. 303 Mesa Ave., El Paso, Texas. ARIZONA CORPORATION COMMISSION PERMIT NO, 1465, Study the Map Take another good look at Billie Burk’s holdings. Notice all the big producers and all the drilling wells jam-up to Billie Burk. Did you ever hear of a proposition like this before? Stock in a company with TWO tracts in BURKBURNETT—right in the center of the world’s greatest oil pool? You didn’t, of course, and you’ll probably never have an opportunity like this again. • But that’s neither here nor there. The idea is to get some of this Billie Burk stock at $1 a share. Investors are rushing in with their sabscription and Billie Burk is nearly oversubscribed. If you want to share in the wonderful dividends Billie Burk will earn—BUY TODAY—and buy to your limit. BILLIE-BURK OIL CO. CAPITAL $80,000 SHARE $1, PAR 106 Main St. EL PASO, TEX. W. E. ARNOLD, Trustee. Vice t*rft«!<tcnt% Border Mat*!. Bank.

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