The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 8, 1931 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 8, 1931
Page 6
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PAOL'SIX .K. fAKK) COUKIFK NKWS FRIDAY, MAY 3, 193, Memories of OHicv Racers j Come Back to Clnirch'llj' . Downs Erauchsr Wriles BY WILLIAM HKAUUIF.K NKA E'ervfeo Spurts IMitur LOUISVILLE, Kv.. Mav 8...-Thc bi^ rrd hcs.s—G.iliant Fox - has come and go:i^, iiM. ns t'r.e IHi'i? red hcss — ArLs'.idcs — and • wen the first Kcniucky Derby and •weiit on his wr.y £3 gallop'.ns years ago. Ancther bass king for a day \vi!l iu!c here Saturday. Miy 10. wl'-n one of Ihe fhr.rt fields that r-ver f-.ced the Derby barrier struggles for 550,000 a:id immortality. 1 From Hire dim .".quiiie V.Uhalla.j perhaps tlic ghods of those i:lii?sj cf other days uill look down upon; tt'c'r sleek and shiny sons and: cffrr a challenge to brave deeds, j Maybe llvs little red ho 1 ;,, Ar:s-1 •tiJcs himself. will whisper words; . .ol hope mid advicj to the pranc-; in^ of (he turf as they parade to • (he post. Something like this: "I won the first dciby. buys, in) | 1175. Wr 1 rnti a mile and a halff j then, ami 1 wasn't supposed lo I win. I svas supposed to set a fast * pace, and In the stretch I was supposed lo curl up and die and let .my stablemstc, Chesapsake. ccir.e on In and take the pri«; But old ; Che: jpeake never yot up, so I had to co on and win myself." 5 - • > < f Then the, great O'.;l Rosebud. | ' thus: I. '.'They never have beat my Derby S time, boys. With a ros:l Hack this year, I understand that the winner may better the record of 2:03 "-a that I set in 19H. You. Emii- . pclse, and Twenty Grand, an:l In- ..sco nnd Mate and Pittsburghcr, I ' dare you lo beat that. Remember, the record has stood for 17 yeari!" Then the comely filly. Resict, thus: "You know I was the only Girl • ever to win a Kentucky Derby. I won in 1915. and while the lime . .wasn't so hot—2:05 3-5—it hasn't hr.-n beaten very often. I just -. "thought I would say n few words ' lo the Girls In this race, like me, who are (rs'lng to take the honors away from the men IhLs year. Kc.'p up hope, girls." Th™, "Old Poison," Extcrinlna- -tor. himself, speaks thus: - . "They didn't think T; could win .'. I went to the post n sleeper, al '. the juicy price- of SG1.20 for n 62 investment. But 1 fooled 'em. All • you long-priced hor-vs in this race might learn something irom my story—the odds don't miik? the horse, folks." And so on, with words of wicdom from mighty Morvich. the sy>:.?dliis 'Zcv, Black Gold and Bubbling ' -Over, and the rest of thc boys, as :• IV-i? baud of 1031 bluebloods par,ate to Ihe post for the test that Ii3j become an American tradition. But Ihe hosses entered in Ihe Kentucky Derby of 1931 iniplil be , just a bit impatient of their an- i ccstors' counsel. There are fouic mighty fine horrcs in the crowd this year. Not In years has tV.rrc . been such a heap of good ones to i ' harass the handicappers. I Cqy.ipoise. the eventful, Ihe gal- 1'uit- ccmer-from-behind will be ; . there ready lo accept thc chal- j !en?E that a favorite always finds i With Equipoise fro:n the east will j CCIHC Twenty Grand, proud of his J Otciiion over Equipoise last yea\ and ready to try to make thc fciv- | ' oiite eat dirt again. From th E sains sector Mr.te. goes to the bar: rirr ready to "win or bust." 5 . The middle wst has a fine can 4 di,1nt: in Griffin Wntkins' flou •! Insoo. The far west will wail fo I tidings of Siskin. The hardboci i of old Kaintuck will be bacfein : . Vr."derpcol. who already Isolds on ' technical decision over * Equipoise : Kentucky likns the Brook Farm' big bay Pittsbur£jier, who ha: •; s. v .own fine condition this year Knnnel Bradley's B'ar Hunter an I Barometer. and Kncbclkamp' '• Spanish Play, winner of tlie Louis j iais. Derby. '( Then there arc the "dark liors ; cs" who will draw no more sill j fz:i than Exterminator when h ! flashed out of Ihe pack lo a lo» i Eh-t, victory In 1913 Among the? ] there may be one who can Ico i B;> to Old Rcscbud the rac ] he-s been run and gasp: I "Well, nosey, o'.d fellow, the '- C^es your old record." UP SPORTS «ui j Ti"?rs I nrn While Sox; Macks, Nats and Yank- coo Are Among Idle. - *_itlV7 *•"("' • ' J* 1 \V -LS y - ^^feMgafedfe^tei V- I Dllt YOU KNOW THAT— Chicago is.olleriny a b:ir.ja!n v. ~it(:i\ Oie intern xtioiril Golden Cilovcs l»uls are held at Soldier's I-'l'ild ... 30 cauls will buy the s.ime seats that cor ?^0 w.?en Tuiiney and Dompsey fu'.i^hi there . . . Buzz Arlctl/ re big right fielder of Liu 1'hlls, played 13 years in 111, minors before being demote:! Ic tMllaclelphia ... lie stnrl'j'.l his career a; a pitcher . . . anl is listed as one of tlie Oakland pitchers allowed l~> us^ thr spitball ... he him his pltcr.- In^ arm in u basketball game. . . . he Is a turn-hitter . . . Al Simmons says that Mars Al Klmmooiis says that Marv Porrcll, one of UK- famo'.is b'.cthers. is goiny to b2 just as g^oi a pitcher as Wc.s . . . Marv was se»i. to Milwaukee this year by the Brownies. HOW THEY STAND ar,hvll!e ... iltle iio:k . tbnta 'c'.v Organs Louis . -.v York BoUou W I, . ir, s . 13 it) . 11 10 . 10 10 . 11 11 . 10 U 10 13 .. 1 H W I, . 13 3 .. 12 C . 11 6 . n a Bambino In Role of {nfiddcr T:e St. I.uiiis Carihials kept up! their wiiiniiii; habit «lii:-ii lusk^pt jliie Na' icrt.iue I-IUMHK ;it i:? j [ head of the ciR 1 ;::! tlii.-i ?c.T.;on L; i ! takina thc Iliis-s yeif.'Hl iv. T h ; ' | Cli-.i'iand Indiaiii are Mill s':aw-i In-.; their h?L'ls lo iht Ani'.'ri.M! 1 . ICOT flfspile thc 3o>s of a! 1 and seri.'S yssU'rday i~> Ih.' !)r>.vni;:;. j 'I:i- !iid llirils poim:le;l cut 15 j hils off llfee Pirate hurlers while I the riusbmijli crew was limited to | seven off Halms' fas', bail. Mail : | ol Ih* Cards ):it a h',:::? run i-i l:n niiiili Inning. He get iv.::- hits 0:1; of live tri]).-; to tile plat?. Tik' Cincinnati Re:3s lire. 1 .! lit CubN lo ext-nJ Ihemii'lves, b.K I- 1 , ay usin! v.-iib the Ki-uiiri '.vi-.v.iin in tlir eleventh stain 1 .. A to 4. In- ' U'innin-j rim '.\i:s .'core;! by HacV. j Wilson on a 1'jr.:; fly by Paich:.::- I tcr Grace. Jakie May was t'.-o win- j nlnj liurler over Ills forni'.T uniej Itonisby made tiiree errors in t'a.- eame. Tpe J3r'jiinies lo?k a Ke'-'i^s fron the Indians with a triumph in r.v thlri and deciding game jv.ile.'- day. 10 to 4. niieliolder vas t-.c winning hurlcr while Drown lui.-l cd eowl ball for Cl3v.>hn:l iint. the fifth inning. Jablowskie VMS th losing hurler. Ustroit's Tigers gaiiud r,n n i dis|j'.ite;l fcurth pisscssbn in the American race by beatin.; the Chi- cato Wliito Sox G to 1 nt Drtroi! Sorrvll i-urlel for the Ueujals on Thomas was Ci: icshr,' jjUjii^r Tiger shortstop, hit a li-:m er and Tale of (lie S->x g^t th:'c hiU f~&OM_lW DIAMOND* (HVEN^ vT 'O <8 pea, mV / ISSUED A i - ' "±~ /, 'f ... /""" \)>Lp /iixwoER. uirisr ^^--f THE Tic^eT ^S-' !s£9—V MosiLE? 1 ? ^-t \ HOMEU& i INMIN6— ONE KEiTHCoTs HIT HOttER- CuVLER. ea3us!DEc> our— UHL'SoM AND GClMM HiT ['.QMERS- BELL FLIED coy— HiUrnerr I-AWP euT IHe CATCHER STRIK, A LIFE — eaK HIT E/xRL /V1OORE ' OF GLEUglJ^O/ PlTCHrJO A Aio-Hir6A/ A&MNiT THE UWfTP 56' HE BLEW IW THE •|ENl v a uxr 9 cor OP TflElR. RRST PITCHERS 1H6 ^BAf?^ SooTHRAWS OUTOFTftE Pfff. IN ' p .aliS .521 j .500 .500 .•no .•13 S .333 .813 .667 .617 .579 That tliort foul fly svas almost out of rrach of a guy with a bum leg. But l)abe Rutl:—Icmperarily at first base for the New York Yankees —made Ihe hcaitlouj ulmwc shown i» this unusual photo and s:ia-;- ted the ball just us it was nbcut to drop In the grass. The. spectacular play occurred during a game with Washington's Senators at Yankee Stadium, New York. The Bambino \\as shtfte:! from the outfield t> [ the infield while cne Ic on I'i:Mki!y SlufT Oh. for the life of a sports wi-i'cr—you meet so many iu- teivs:iii3 people and rec-'ive such lillarinns copy from (he publicity' \\riiei.s. WL- arc about lo quote from a injure.! in p'.ay Mvcnil weeks iv;o, still was ] rc<^:itly received cpistie. out,,,„ .,,-.,,1 liniiij the majuillcent ^i-.ilities of thc ln - lul - !M:.K Baer. The ardent pnbli- i:y man takes lyprwriler in hand, and punches out som? of the fol- :<; gems: "P.acr loves h!s workouts and in 'iltsburgh Oil .430 'hilndclpliln "Jrroklyn rioveirnd ... ew York ... Philadelphia til roll Chicago Boston I.ouis 7 10 ... G 12 ... 2 15 W. 1,. .. 12 7 .. 11 8 .. 9 7 .. 11 10 .. 19 19 ... 9 10 ... G 11 .... 0 11 .•111! .333 .113 OutLoard Molor Boals lo R . M r* 1 1 C 1 ' I >l ' ls :>c " in llli; ' 11 o' Slauhy acc al Bariicid bnnday;Kctchei t, .1,^ s,^in g K ,c M: .' cues and fochr.g away with the [Dialler cn(s to acquire s;:e:d— Plans \vere completed at a meet- • in the Memphis vicinity lasl year thai with the 100-yard dashes on Ing of motor boat cnthmlasU here ; *"' be use:!. I Ihe road makes him mov,> around . . , n '" addition to the high power h!:c a hjhtwcight. lasl night for five orcnti In the p nlft . ors fmm M21:lp! ,| Sj j o!llu ,i c | . . . v;atcr regatta to bs stased. weath- j Mr-crs has rirnml'.-d ID force E:lc! IVl'.i! a Man! er pcrmitthiK. nt Barfield on the Bollard's "Baby Bootlegger," so fnrl ''Max has been handled right Mississippi river Sunday. ' The regatta o'clccl; with a race for small boats'"^jj" 0 ,Vtioard"iiiol'Jr" to'at" to race Blylheville Golf Team fo Jtmosboro: For Tounit'v Sunday! -J15^= >''?.$ V/lth renc'.ved ronfidmra as a; BY ISKAEI. KLEIN •'•••I of rhe.r i!t-\:.m victory over; Science Editor, XEA Service the Jcnesboro coif Ic-am here last: 3'^day, iremhcr.s of the Blythe- ; Porliaps t*.? most, important vilic country club. 25 or 30 strong, pert concerned hi the proper op- wi'I invade J-ines'iorn Sunday to ir "" t i^n of the adtcmobile is the •e!t:rn the visit of the Craighead cliitch. •-•o; : nly niblick artists. . kept tight asainst the rtriinio t« |lcns. The hand brake is intended en: 1 ,for emergencies or for parki. g. However, even in parkin; it is •>•!- Ivisable not to pall the hand bra!;.- Xltny drmrs have the habit of! • lue MJLCd a~c of the flock, to bet- j and trains like the old timrrs, bccln at 2'30 tcr spcccl tlul " ''- to '' 0 to bcat hls i for rvcr >' 'norning he Jumps in ue b m ai •!-JU._, | , u . y . p,,,,.,,, „.,-,, nlso ,,.. s „ hlshlhis bi-j Ro;!:: Roycc and drives on; anyone wllli n small flbhins the re boat and moler U eligible to par- , Starting buoys have been :«nr- varied 'o the park, then out airl players can turn in here.. ttliv staitin-r. stoppin' Hos'.e'.'i.: tlie Cratshcad county j c7 Ca rs :am consisted cf only 10 men hero. ° . . 'nrl Susiday and the local mashie shrjir, l:o]ic to present a formida- Se-> Level Carr.I Ursed PHILADELPHIA. Peiln., (UP) Hichard J. Beamish, secretary the Commonwealth, recently c lined a proposed sea level r- nf Junes'.-oro solfcrs even at Jones- icro. Of cour.w it L- unnecessary to warn the driver asainst letthiT a'ld ordinary a tlmu has, tester. N. J., to a point nor^h"of Ocean City on tlie Atlantic GAMES TODAY C32 tielpatc. 515 Stvernl pilots will be here from .56:1 I Mcniv-his for t!v races and will 521' br::ig with them the -t-GO outboard .SCO motor which is said to be the fasl- .474 est type oulbcnrd motor In the .353 world. It will be used on local M3 hulls. Anclher racing motor which r..;cpt all op[>csition aside in rac,:s hits the road for a seven-mile rim I lEK)-yard dasher, and . SouthiTii I.c.irnr Memphis at New Orleans. Nr-.:.hville at Atlanta. Clir,Llano:ga at Birmingham Lilt',} nock at Mobile. "cw York at Chicago. Philadelphia a; SI. Louis. Wellington at Detroit. Boston at Cleveland. sue mm i DIET I cd. officials for the races selected i aft<r his ii;bdcwn he lakes a imp I pud members of the locil motor ' r.t the hotel where he is qmr- ' boat racing group promise tlM.tcrcd. (Editor's Mote: No. no. the fans picnty of thrills. They ask i man dcern't mean drawn thai motorists conform with traf-j qimrtcre:!.) fie markers at. the river from so. "L'acr ecu knock out any man (lie loadway will not be jammed. |, 0 hits, he st;r:ly can take it an 1 ! preventing a free Ian.? for tra:tie ] 0 ves to get In there and stand to the river front. I ;;.o-to-tce with an opponent, for ! you can rest assured he will IID: : b?.ck up. if you knock him d.wu I he i-;e's up cfT the noor fl/jliim-- OLT r'rivirj; become that many of v? fail to notice this fundamental i fault. The clutching operation should be st-~adv r.n:l slow, although not 'ni rlov: c^pe'jiniiv in second and ''• h ^^r*-. ^r l h ^ diffn-T.ce be'.we~n "•« -:r^oti rr ii-c ir.otcr and the . coast, which would plaee I'hiiad 1- phia in direct competition with 'h- part of New York and save a d:iy and a half in reaching thc per' of Philadelphia. i-- r^'c of <-rrnt ni to hi car will h*"ome cauw a sii ht re- j (ardi'i? iolt when th:> clutch doe? into the driving plate. : Airplane Reservations I l»ade by Telegraph Co.j^ f' I'f.i- cnr l:cep good bal- .•.:icc in flu- jjolf s«:n»? • * • An rft-ncRlectcd, but vrry im- •j"-Trtnt, item in thc golf swinj is balance. Many times yasi perhaps have s:en golfers rise to their r.t (he Impact of club willi bnll. This is impossible to do BLYTIfEVILLE SPECIAL SCI;Cr;L For DISTRICT NO. 5 the school year - KANSAS CITY. M}. (OPl--S<r- Tvallci'.s for airplane travel LV. :i, ii.ijoi- Lines starred throu^:! i'o.-.ta; ! c , , n . i ! Tlie Transcontinental anJ Wfs:- j On'hrrn LeagUC t llChCVS ern Air. Inc., Eastern Air Tnr.r- T £" „ r >-^ TUm-c/-l'i\f 1WU| °l v -' rl " ln S between New York In I-me roim Ihuisday, A , liinu „,.„ Ml;imi . tllc A!1)[1 .. i ll; Pebs and Chicks Lose Krocklyn at Philadelphia. St. I/MI!S at Pitlsbmih. cCnly pomes scheduled.) Airways, Inc.. in the eastern s'..i; the Western Air Express i:i west and tlie Mid-Continental K<presi belivcpn Uallss and ii ^orthcrn league hurlers had the 1-a-ue's heavy hitters on a d:et ver are th; companies. :''-sterday poppin 1 ! out to the Ini fi-'-i sind knocking wcnk little German Poultry Shows Incease Since War WASHINGTON. (UP1 — IKSpiSc the usual destruction of farm crop? £nl farm, animals brought absul by a great war, Germany now hsi n'.ore poultry—chickens, duci:s anr? geese—than it had before t'~.e s'.irl of the World War. according to f census conducted last December ani made public by the Commerce Department. Steady increases arc shown sine: 1D25, reiulting, at thc end of-list yoar, in 6.230,400 g;es?. 3,833,4n duclts and 87.037.3Ctl chickens. These figures represent a substantial gain over those obtained for 1913. when there were 5.850.800 geese, 2.035.330 ducks, and 63,970.300 chickens. Imports of eggs Into Germany increased materially unit". 1928. when a decline, began, thc Commerce Department announced. The 1930 imports were 219508,830 dozen. •>l*mt 20,000,000 down less than in ro'lers with all four sames devel-.- crJni: into battles between opp^s- hiR pitchers. The Barons. EV1I- C:*PS. Vols a:id Mar:r~3 wore win- Courier News Want Ads p.u r TPE RATE A u>r OF PECFV.G ARE oOirJG OANS, IftEV 5COM vu!L\. lending Iilnnliiqliam l^c-upc won n 5 to 4 derision from the Chattanooga Lookout.'!. The "T?i P\« SPtr-T- C5 Rui i ""inn'iiK blow wai Abcrna'.hv'.- t. 11- tML'W^ ^ c o-t^iL |i, omcr , vitll onc on ln the roventh. Hasty limited the Lciolioiit.'; to eicht hits while the Barons get brl eisht off Ellis and Davis. Tne Pelican'; and Chirkas.uvs tied up in a game at New Or' '-ins that wns a real mound duel. Thr i Birds won, 2 to 1. The Birds scored j lone runs in the first and second | bnint; to cop. Johnson e.ivc th? ( Chicks but six hits and the Pels j ?ot but seven off Walter !!ork | Incidentally 11 was Ueck's first !o<.; In *Ke panics. Red McColl gave the Pebbles Inn j six hits at Li«> Kock and ih? i Marines made their sew/i oil I Ncwsoaic count for a onc run ' margin. 2 to 1. Daring base run- I nhiB aided the Marines in lunitni: In ll'dr victorj'. 2i:mbro allowed . the Crackers but six hits and the Nashvlll? Vols won 3 lo 2. Errors played an important part In the contest, lleain was the losing hurlor. .ire born and net made, and Max Paer looks every inrh a na'.u:al| t.-rn fiphter v.-ho has cne air.b;- tlon ai:d (hat is to be as grcr.t ns' •lack De:np$ey was when hs ruled' *!'.e rcost, a spct Bacr is ncv: aft:r. Dcnipsey a Piker ; . "This youncstor looks mii-h j 1 totter Minn J.-'ck Uem^scy did a'. Harrison. N. J.. v.-hen he flalte:n'.i Fred Fulton, bul c-t course he losr.'t I li-.e ballyhoo of a Jack Kearn-i L-Miind him. nevertheless he In.:!:-, i i'ke n much b.^'.ter prospect than Iiempscy \\as al Hiat time, hav.n;. :he punch, the appearance, th' 1 personality, and teif-cc-nridcnre and : '.erythim that goes to make a: :reat. great figh'rr. j "Baer resembles ti:f]2 Grcr oj Tivlgne. in his bDxin<_-. and evcr.. 1 ! body knows what a great litCe' :i--hter ho was in hi-; hev-day. This :.:^fc<l Cslifciiiia Adonis yoim?-' '.rr cin box when the occasion re-: .Hires but he doesn't go in for! '! al kfnd of r.'.ulT. He prefers the; irsh-cm slii5-e:u tvp? of hiring '. n. Finarhin^ awe.y with a iwo-' .. nOed attack that is bound to cet 'us man." : Millicns of school teachers have •vastcd their lives. OOMcS SEftLES WELL BAv O,M HIS l.EELS AT AODRESS. Whil- 'he ra- is moving alcn--, the clutch should not be dlsen- ••a-ed nnv lonfer than fs «svn'ial It shon'ri he kcTt l-i n"H Ih- mot<ir -"i«lo-cd as brake, while the cr.r !<; ^'.n" s'o«--<] d""7i. until the n-ccd of the car h loo slow to l:e-p tho meter runnlni. Then the r!ut-h m->v b» thrown out quickly ?~ri ^n.<-.:[jvrlv. Whiln the c.iutch is out. put thc -S i n neulra), and tak" voiir foot ivip c!i:tch pedal. Just before j nre rc^dy to <tart. depress th-? . -. the folio-.nrig money will be :re.i ,'] for schccl purples: Genera! :'o-- trol. $4.712.00: Instruction. =-;T- 170.25; Op2:aticu of the Piar! S.'181. BO: Maintenance of the P' n' S400.00; Fixed Chargis. £ ' o-' Capital Onllay. $250.00; neb 1 .' T- vice. $21.543.76. Total S85.D71.' I. If the alwve money is s.-c--:-.;J en 13 mill tax must "be vote-' CECIL SHA:— ;. Prc id nt, C. S. LEMOt S'.. Srcr i-y. -ff "h'trh . set into low cear and •tiri. n^; nsinl. This will save a rr n ^t rf 'n! of f'rain on the clulch. jnd will )TP"" Iho clutch plates in alance. It causes cne P""->!n-' of thc clutch, or ovcr- "•crklnq 't. may c^i'=e the] niat"s to '-entve clrssv and ?rrc ti>cir nbilit" o !"-:d tiehtlv. This will also rc- "M in a sqirakitv; noise. Kext in fi^ rt rlutr)i in inipor'^n^n or <! Ihe srrvlce brakes. These •hnuld alwavs b" kept evenlv ba'- -"cod for all four wheats and ~hcu'd he tl^ht enough to stop th n cer v.-ithin a reasonably short dts- lanre. Brnk^s should nnt be used too nirrh in ftto^ln?. Yet thev shoulrl "<M \v eo'vli'd •sud'len'iv and at the la- 1 nimn'iil. When stopnlnz. the CHANCERY COURT, CHIC ' \- SAWBA DISTRICT, MIS' : S- IPP1 COUNTY, ARKANSAG John K. Trail. Plaintiff. vs. No. 41)47 I.udelia M. Trail, Defendant Thc defendant, Ludelia M. "..MI, wai'iie.1 to appear within ;h. ty days in ih e court named i. caption liercof nnd answer fe complaint of the plaintiff Jo' u P. Trail. Dated April 23, :031. H. L. GAINES, ClerJ- By Elizabeth Blythe, i) C. Fl. lj. ^niliing 1 . Ally Ad Lltcm ' his shot, nci-cisitatinj motor may be f-»nt in cear. 10 Wctl-s (liirlir. CnH S1.7S / Ml.'KHRr. Missarh-.isetls. 'UP) It ccs:s $1.73 ti raise a chick n " a.:> rf 10 weeks, and $2.78 lo :e of 13 v.cekv on thc avfr: . acccrdin-; to rest studies by « dep.irltnctit ol poultry liir.- Tdry at Mnssr.:hi;s: Its S'.atc Co!- A process for codtins; pip.v money witli an extremely thin llhn •*'. nictal to make li. nnre durable a step fcrward with the rijht foil | >'our foot o fr the Ihro'tlc. thus so.-n ?!;-r til" ball is hit. ! ~ r ''n!n- the car In cr.nlrol while it W liter KrT-eu. O'ic- «aid that ; r '-""'i do™. •i/.y o:ie heel should leave thei T)-cn. Jus! before Ih- sto-^. •>-- rriiind at a t ;:ttling well back on ihe nd(!r:.<s you will find you self line in 'the swinj. By ! "Hitch shonid be let cu! and th" back on the Irels In Irakes a™l!ed <radua|ty yet flrmlv. .... ..„..,.,., you will find you self : T h"" shnnM Pcvt .. be doolied t:-:\. :n a i"o-o co'iifnrta'jlc position ; *n!v. for this puts a severe strain ! both for 'tl:c Incksttln? rnJ the | on jhe cnr'^ moving parts. Ihe j promotes " J Itihen r ; n-s and th The b'akes .should not, 1>^ u^cd I muotroUcns of star''-' rciv-i thc car's speed po : ni j fie left h-el Is firm ' •*<"•.•;> hill. The motor Is the prcper the moment, cf rrinrdlnp f"-rr-" for this. In csse of; lieltcr still notice this'" strep or lone hill, Hi' motor! wh'rir'vo-i •-cc a .slar txrfovincr in: should be put Inlj low cear an'l, aclio"' " i licl(i tllcro a " " lc vvav da*n. • • • If the brnkes have fo be anplled Idown hill, they should be depressed TOMORROW — Why k"P the | nnd released rather than held down dr.wniwlnj. This N - o;i.-c in ?-"if.r- ho'.v i-n the s'ound at been dcvrUijxx) by a Swiss'club low and close lo the ground | for any length of time. The brakes list. |.il Uic slart uf Uic Ijarks'vint? lininES will burn out If they are Wont CLASSIFIED

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