Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on June 28, 1957 · Page 12
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 12

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, June 28, 1957
Page 12
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twelve Logansport, Indiana, Pharos-Tribune Josephine Lowmon Impossible to Lose Weight By Standing After Meals Try this exercise to ulira hips and thighs. Q. "One of my friends tells me that she has absolutely losl 10 pounds by standing for 15 minutes a/ter each meal. Is this possible? I would much rather do this than diet." A. Sorry to disappoint you but this is not so. Perhaps your friend had ,the atlilude of reducing and therefore cut her food intake without realizing it. Thigh, Hip Spread Q. "I arn a secretary and I sit a great deal of the time. I arn S feet 2 inches tall. I am not overweight but 1 can see that 1 arn getting a thigh and hip spread from silting so much of tne time. Some of the clothes I have do not look well on me any more. Can you help me?" A. In the first place, change your position when .sitting. Part of Ihe day sil on the edge of your chair. This is quite comfortable if you keep your back straight, Part of the time Kit far back in your chair with your hips touching the back o[ the chair, back slraight. This does nol exert nearly so much pressure on the thighs and hip« as it would if you slump down in your chair. Aluo do these Iv/o exercises. J. Lie on Itic floor tin your back. Make lar^'e circles wilh your lefl leg. After a while make large cir-.. cles with your right leg. Make the j Ua, Kan., w«3 killed 71iur«day circles as complete and an big atijwhen ho was buried alive in Iho side to side, going as far in each direction as possible. See Specialist Q. "Please give me an exercise for nearsightedness." A. I only give exercises for resting the eyes. There are some eye defects which can be improved or corrected with exercises of a special type. You would have to see a specialist in this line. Q. "I had very light hair but I can see that it is getting darker all the time. What can I do about this?" A. All hair turns darker as the years pass. A general health routine with adequate nutrition and scalp massage and cleanliness will keep the hair healthy. Lemon rinses are supposed to be an aid and, of course, you can have vegetable rinses. Tomorrow: "In this Fashion Era Your Figure Must Measure Up." Released by The Register and Tribune Syndicate, 11)57) Boy on Visit Buried Alive OAKY (UP) — A 14-year-old youth, on a visit here from Wleli- possible. 2. Lie on the floor on your back. Your arms extend straight out [ram your shoulders and rw;t on the floor, palms tt.'V/'ard the floor. Keep the hlpn an the Hour and your legs .straight an you roll from irresistible! cave-in of a sandhill as he played near hit) trailer court homo. The body of Patrick Carter wan discovered by two other lwyn who .saw hid feet protruding from a pll<; of »and an tboy wcru on their way U> a pond nuar the .scene, The boy, .'ton of Mr. and Mm. William Tooley, arrived here _with hlx parents Wednesday night. Dill Hodge, an c.inployo ul Uie trailer camp, told authorities ho noticed i':ilrlck digging in u jjumlhlll ulmul Ifi fi!«i. high noar Uio camp. He salif H us Ixiy had dug u largo hole and luid hl/i licu/d down in It whilu lie dug with !I!K lmndn. Hodge pulUul him from tliu 1iol« iiml warned him alwml the of a <: you Hi th(- holo. Authorities Raid Patrick apparently b'.-f/nu dlgi/ing again ThuriV diiy and l.he weokwiwl ;mnd col- sod, burying him iillvt:. They .•ial'l ho hud btscin dead about two hour/; v/liwi Hio body wnn recovered. District Postmasters To Meet at Delphi DELPHI—Local Postmaster R. L. Seiber will be host to an annual district meeting of the National Association of Postmasters to be held at the Delphi Country Club Sunday at 1 p.m. Postmasters from over one-hundred cities will gather for dinner. Ross Tiptpn, city suerintenderit of schools will ba principal speaker. Additional entertainment will be furnished by a. unit from the high school, under the direction of Wesley Humphrey, Election o£ officers will be held. For Fun Out of Doors Have o fun In Ihu nun In Ihcsc gay young play clolhe.s, Palturn includes Ihe beloved huHcr pedal piuihurH, knee whorl. 1 ), and short No. ltl(M Is In nl'/.O.H 0 II, 12, 13, H, Hi, 1.8. Size 11, ail bunt, hnllnr, 1. yard of llfi-lnch; short nhorl/i 1'A yards. J''ur Uil/i pattern, muitl .'tr>c In COINS, your naino, iuldrnnn, nl/,e (liiiilred, and the PATTUIIN NUM- tlio HKIt to Hue Ilurnntl, l'h«r<i«-Trlli- uho-vel and I/old him lo fill ,une, 372 W. Qulney Street, Chicago Ann Landers Aging Lochinvar Proves He Can Pitch in Son's League Dear Ann: I've read about affairs like this in novels and have seen them in movies, but I never dreamed it would happen to me. I'm writing lo yo\i because your viewpolnl is modern' and you'll give me sound advice, not stuffy platiludes. I'm 20, attractive and was always popular. Last year I daled a senior who Iransferred from Cornell. We fell in love". At Christmas he brought me home lo meet his parents and gave me a ring as a surprise. When I met his dad I was stunned. He was the handsomest man j shall I speak up and maybe lose I'd ever laid eyes on. When hejher friendship?—SLIGHTLY DE- klssed me I had a strange feeling ; PLETED. Sing out in loud pear-shaped sums of money from me and- never pays me back. It's usually a quarter or' 5/Oc—rarely, more than $1.00. Several time she's asked me to chip in for office collections and says she'll settle later. But she never does. In the last three months she's nailed me for about $20. . The $20 won't break me, Ann, but I don't want to be a sucker. At the same time I don't want to appear crumby about a few measly bucks. This girl is good company and a swell date. Shall I be,big and noble and forget the dough or it wasn't a "fatherly" gesture. After six days in their home I realirxid the horrible Irubh. My fiance's father and I had fallen in love. He wants to divorce his wife and marry me nexl year. He's been phoning and writing me daily and I am crazy with indecision. My folks have no idea what is going on, This man's wil'e Is a semi- invalid and I'm afraid the shock Sarkes Tarzian Sues To Recover $70,000 INDIANAPOLIS (tXP) — Two certified publk accountants were the first witnesses Thursday as Sarkes Tarzian Inc., of Bloomington opened its Federal Court civil suit to recover $70,000 in income taxes "erroneously" paid in 1950. Tarzian contended a transfer of two television tuner patent applications from the partnership o! Sarfces and Mary Tarzian to the corporation constituted a bona fide sale. Tlie government branded the "sale" as a "distribution of earnings" to avoid taxes. Tarzian filed the suit in October, 19M, wJien the internal revenue department refused to allow him a tax deduction on the patent in question. The suit Is being heard in the court of Judge Cale J. Holder. tones. If you lose this girl's account—I mean friendship—it won't be a calamity. People who borrow money repeatedly and make no effort to repay it don't have much integrity, This kind of a character defect is bound lo show up in other ways. The next time she tries lo gel on the cuff for even .so much as a nickel tell her the small loan com- might kill her. But I am so in' Ppny folded. If she falls to take Ihe love I can'l .sleep. Please, Ann, I hint, and doesn't begin to pay hack some of that glue—slop laking her out. * * * Dear Ann: I am a hoy 13 years old atid have never asked a girl for it dale. I am planning to take this irnporln.nl step soon and need help me.—SI.GNBT. Tf you can't sleep NOW, how will you rest if you permit Ihi.s aging Lochinvnr to dilch hi.s wife ant walk off wilh his son's sweetheart? This mnn muwl have rocks In his head—and you've gol a few sizable boulders yourself. Thorc'.'' an entire generation between you, not to mention a marriage. Dat Is flattered thai he can still pitch In his .son's league and you are taken In by the attentions of an older .sophisticated mnle. If you are foolish enough l.o marry this mnn In a few year. 1 you'll find yourself chained lo n tired old gnat. Then you'll atari lo look around for aomeono his .lon'.s age . . . and the good pixis- pocl.i will have been long gone Wake up. T)«ar Ann: I'm a fellow who works In a large office. I've been clnling a cerlidn file clerk who Is a real good-looking doll. Hut .she knopH borrowing .linn (I, III. Include an cc'iito more with your pullern oriUsr for llui Spring & .Huiiiinur T>7 IHIIUI: of our jintLorn linok lilinlc KASMION, II. ciiilLulnii ilo'/Ktiii of umarl nnw ;il.yl(!« for nil pnltarn 1 printer! limldu liook, COLOR STAMP-ONS Tho 'younii laily' will lov<i Ihln iirii.-ilnUMc: frock-'Wlfli nr wlllumt H:( cri.ip white collar trimmed with jir<;tly henrl isliurip-Aiui. It with liov/n »l HH: jilinuldiirn milking U , u ,o casjy Lo v,c\ Into. j';iLlurn Nu. y.W'i conliiliui llrmiio — ai/iyi 3, 4, fl, Incl; nitwing illroc- tlonn; color triuuiFcr for liuarl ino- t.'fn. Sinid T'ic In COINS, yuur niiinii, ndilrwin anil Lh>i I'A'ITI'IHN NIIM- DKIt to ANNK CAIiOT. I'luiroK- Trlhuna, .172 W. Qulncy Ktnuit, Clil- C«KO (I, Illlnoln. ll'n ready; Thn IIK7 Nnndliiwork Al.l'.HM—flfly-wlx ciilnrfiil pngcn olifiwliig rniiny jiniUy ilnnlgnii; plu:i (lln-cliniiK for mnkliiK :i Uiiinn mill ii i|illlt. Only Z5(: n Wipyl LOGANSPORT'S COMP1ETS AW^NG CENTER • Carwai • Flbar Glatu • Aluminum FREE ESTIMATES THE GRAY-MI* 1 CO. l>01 I. Bdwy. Phon* 22)8 TODAY & SAT. Opwt 1 p.m.-O*t Til « 3 F*otur»v— Coniecjy OOOL-JOOOL-COOL TMC RAILROAD THMTIMNKD IMC Milt Klntl of Cornlvul — Suniluy — Quty Cooper «jn(J Mimdotpli Stotf NOW 2 HITS SOc Til t Op.n 1 I'M BBAT THE HEAT SH A STATE SEAT AUDEE MURPHY THC PETTICOAT IKIMIW* SATURDAY MIDNIGHT SUN.-MN.-TUES. HEY KIDS FRK TICKETS Tin. flr»l 25 kldi hrliifrlno Hvn butterfly* to rh« STATE THBATHE Sunday Aftnrnoon will )>• aclmlltnd frnn lo «oo "JOE BUTTBRPLY" plui an ex»ra prli« for th« butforfly. AUDIE MURPHY* GEORGE NADER- .BURGESS MEREDITH Shaw Stnrti At Duilf GaMi Op.n Hulf Hour CurlUr SA7UIICAY "VBftA CRUZ" (color) Oui-y Coop.r - Hurt ltmcriil«r SIJNDA//.MONDAY "KETTLES ON OLD ' MaDONAIjD'S PAIRM" Iflr.l Run) Mflr|orU Mfiln - l k url<np p.nnally TODAY & SATURDAY 2—flnl Run P«aluro5-2 Pluf Bu'(ji Bunny FIRST RUN Ditttroyor of Worlds Atlacki Ecirlh. MORROW UMMA«A LAWRENCE torn EMERY BLANCHARD JACK KELLY ' DCKKCR AND SATURIDAY Bonut Foaluro at no »xtra co*t to you. m SUNDAY "Drafjtlrlp Olrl" and "Koch All Ntpht." Plan now to *a* our giant Fir* Work* Dltplay — Spon- torad by . . . COfPOCK'S SHELL SBRVICB 219EaitMark*t ttomo advice. This certain girt I like fa a member of our church leuKue. We are having a picnic. Severn] of the kld« say she wnnl.s lx> K" w me so I don'l think I'll linvo nny trouble (here. Bui my quuiUon In, how shall 1 KO nhoul InvllInK her? Shnll I Invite the girl face lo TacoV Shnll f ask my mother to ask her mother? Or would it be best lo ask my father to ask her father? Please advise me. 1 don't wanl lo do it wrong.—VIC, Do you wan!: to take this girl to the church picnic or do you wanl YOUH molhcr lo go U) wilh HER molhor? Or—do you wnnt your father to lake her father? For heaven's sake, Vic, doa't make life so complicated. Ask the girl "face lo face"—and loLsa luck! * * * CONCTDBNTIlAibLY: OUIUTY: Slop Inrlurhii? yourself. This wasu'l your fault. Muny women full during pregnancy. Try again nexl ycur. (Ann Landers will be happy to help you with your problem.?. Send Ihum lo her In care (if Ihls newspaper, ami enclose n alampcd solf- addre.ssud envelope.) Copyright. 10.77 Field JSnlBi'prlses Inc. hiu covcrinK 43(1 ,7I>!) 50B tree tmrns Frdiay Evening, June 28, 19ST Plan Pulaski School for Handicapped Present Plans Designed for Permanent School Says Superintendent G. W. Ger- icks WINAMAC — Pulaski county's handicapped children will have a new and "hoped for" permanent school next fall, according to County Superintendent G. W. Gericks. This coming fall they will be taught at the vacated Ripley school. Mrs. Florence Earp is the present teacher and Gericks said another one will^be hired before school begins. The two instructors will teach at least 18 handicapped children and;libraries; to Use of Auditorium Is Denied to Civil Liberties Members INDIANAPOLIS (UP) _ The Indianapolis School Board has refused the Indiana Civil Liberties Union access to a public library auditorium to discuss political issues, it was dLselosed today The board voted 4 to 3 against ICLU use of the hall for a panel discussion ,fuly n on civil liberties legislation now pending in Congress. It. was the second time in recent years Lhat the xroup was refused a public building here. An organizational meeting in 1953, originally scheduled at the Indiana War Memorial, wound up in a church social hall when the American Legion protested the ICLU was a "front for Communists." Nevin Raber, assistant director of libraries, said school board rules prohibit use of schools or probably 28 children, Gericks esti mated. Teachers are required lo either iiave special training or else take a special training course during the summer, prior to school opening. Handicapped children of Cnrroll county have a special public school for the past 1V4 years. The school was started by private sponsors and the public school system then took over its support and supervision. Gericks said the special has aided "tremendously" the education of (liose children, by enaliling each studunl to get more individual attention. Other teaching positions available yet in Pulaski counly include two school principalsliips, one at Frnncesville and one at Pulaski. Former principal ut Francesville is Clarence Carlson who inughl there two years foul has taken a position at llnggcrslown. Former principal at Pulaski u'as John Sharp who has transferred to the princlpalship nl Goodlami, ercd "partisan, political, commercial or religious." Board members Morten Hansen, Mrs. Eleanor Koorcher, Ralph W. misled and Donald U Edison opposed use of the hall by the ICLU. President Leo M. Gardner and William H. Bowman and Grant W. Hawkins approved it. Hawkins said ho considered outcome of the vote "a prolt.v low blow at free speech." "All they were going to use it (the hall) for was a pnwl discus- rojec- PIIENI) NAMED SKCRKTAKY FRANKFORT (UP) — Harold Pho.ml, Monllcullo businessman, was elected by Ihe Ixmrd of lru.sUH.Yi of the proposed MtMhodisl Home for Iho Aged here us full- time executive secretary for Ihe Mrs. Zoercbor defended lion of the request. "I felt we should adhere to Iho policy of not lolling Iho lull be used for controversial subjects," she said. "The nature of Uie meeting they planned eoulii become controversial, and that isn't uooil." Merle Miller, attorney ami ch.'iirman of the ICl.li, -,•;»<! lie- had not. yet been informed of the. board's move. "I (rus! we shall be able to find » meeting place," he said, "where we can discuss the present civil rights bill . . . and debate whether any «f its provisions violate th« civil rigliLs of miyoflo .. ." Miller added he 'hoped Uio 1CUU will "some day rvostmlilish in this dly Ihe Ainericnn Inxlitkm of (lie right of free assembly fur Un- people to discuss issues of tin Inlroduolnfl Oompf*** MM* of 1»OT Horn* It WMC POOT QtttTOM NMMNL AUTOMATIC MT MFftON «C IB. mOZIN 1-000 CAPAMPV DMP DOOR SHHVM k«U gallon container* BUTTIR flONDITIONM « BIMOVABU K>« KA«*f TIP-OUT miW MM if AUTOMATIC CONTROLS ORIAIHHI 9RID-AU if THIRMOITATIC "CAN'T tWM" WNff »AR-k.KIWM MIAT OVtN if MIAT rHOM-TlMM OOOKIN* S RADIANT HiAT BROHMK HUOI, FUU WIDTH UTfNML MAWCK ( Sav« uplofrlOO rut At LIJTLI At with your old 32 PNt WEHC BARNEHS BARGAIN BARN

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