Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on June 28, 1957 · Page 11
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 11

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, June 28, 1957
Page 11
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Friday Evening, June 28, 1957. Logansport, Indiana. Pharos-Tribune Eleveg Hoosiers Seek Revenge On Kentucky Saturday Favor Blue Grass Five After 20-Point Victory Grass Creek Delegation Will Be at Butler Fieldhouse to Back Phil Wills, No. 6 Ail-Star. STARTING LINEUPS In <Iiana Pos. Kentucky John Coalmon (6-4) F John Turner (<j-4) Howard Dardeen (6-4) F Bobby Jones (fi-3) Bob Perigo (6-5) C Jim Craig (6-5) Albert Maxey (6-:!) G P,illy Lickert (fi-3) Herbie Lee (6-0) G Bob Carpenter (li-2) RESERVES Phil Wills (C-5) F ...Charles Osborne (G-5'A) Kojjer Kaiser (0-2) Ted Luckcnbill ((i-6) . Jesse Blackwell (6-3) Bob Orrill (fi-1) .. .. Konnie Horn (C-C'A) . Dave Gie.sler (5-Jl 1 ^) GAME TIME—8:3 . .G Howard Stacey (li-3) . .C John Doningcr (6-4'/a) . .F Bobby Slushcr (6-5) .. G David Eakins (5-10) ..C Warren Fiscr (6-2) . . G foe Stark (fi-7) 30 p.m. at Butler Fieldhouse. OI£i- cials—Clayton Nichols (Speedway), Bob Crouch (Indianapolis) and David Longnecker (Louisville). INDIANA ALL-STARS POISED FOR RETURN MATCH For the first time in the history of the colorful Indiana-Kentucky All-Star basketball rivalry, the Hoosiers will enter Saturday's clash a decided underdo;;. J're-c.amc ceremonies indudinj.; the introduction ..of players will start at 8:15 p.m. with tip-off time al liuller fieldhonse scheduled at K:?,l> p.m., central daylight time. Coach AnKus Nicoson is bound by tradition to start the firnt five elected All-Stars for Indiana. However, be can .substitute soon after the name starts if be desires. A dclcKation of several hundred fan» from (In: Crass C'rcck ami I.oijansport f.-omrnuriities vi>}\ be in watch their favorite Wills, weurinj; No. more than (i.OflO blind and sight- afflicted Hoosiers. Almost H.OOO witnessed the game in Louisville sponsored by the Louisville Lions club with proceeds directed toward ai(Jin« the blind »f Kentucky and southern Indiana. Probably, the Krealcsl team of guards in All-Star KJUIIC history will lead the Blue Grass stars. Kentucky "Mr. Basketball" ujlly Kay Lickert and Robert Carpenter, hot-shootintf, last-breaking, ac- Ilerc's the I!l. r i7 Jndinna All-Star basketball teum who will meet Kentucky's finest Saturday in Duller Fieldhouse. Seeking revenge for last Saturday's 1)1-71 loss In Louisville arc (left ti> Hunt, seated) John Coulmim of South Hem! Central, Howard Dnnlccn of Tern; lluutc Gcrslnicyor, Alhcrt Mnxey of Indianapolis Crispus Attucks, Herb Lee of Soutli T5en 1 Central, J)ol> ]>crl«» nf Lafiiyullc, Phil Wills of Grass Crenk and Kotfer Kaiser of Dale. Jn back row (left to right) are Trnincr Jim Morris, Ted Liickcnhlll of Ellihurl, .Jensi: Dlaekwell of Sniithporl. Hob Orrill of Madison, Konnlc Hor n of Mlsslsslncwa, lAivld (Jleslcr of Jasper, and Condi AIIKUS Nleoson. Major League Standings St. Louis Milwaukee Cincinnati Philadelphia Brooklyn New York Pittsburgh Chicago National League W. L. Pet. 37 27 .578 38 29 .567 38 36 35 32 25 21 GB .559 .554 .520 .478 .373 .350 I'A 3 6% Friday's ProlmWc Pltcl'crs Brooklyn at Chicago — Maglie Rivals Quit Laughing At Amazing Giants Bill Rigney Has New Yorkers Only 6Vi Games Behind Leaders With 12 Wins in Last 16 Games. Bill Rigney believes his reved- up Giants can win the pennant, and while h« might have been laughed off only a niontii ago, all the other National League con- lenders don't consider it such a feat. four . Buhl hits held the Dodgers to in winning his fifth straight while (ho -Braves collected only five off loser Don Drysdale. Jim Pendleton's inth-inniii!: tri- 14 big joke today. pie scored Frank Thomas from Truth of the matter is that Hrci first bas <-' !cn ' Pittsburgh's win- Giants, who beat the Cincinnati ni "K run. Lanky Nellie Kins w.-w (2-1) vs Rush (1-0). "iRedlegs. 7-2, Thursday night. are! tne winner and Turk Low n the Philadelphia al Cincinnati lhe hottest club in the majors ati losar after tho Cubs had lied the :he moment. Their record shows: i s ?" rc wi;1 ' ;I three-run rally in tho Twelve victories in the last iG :c 'Sh'"Raines for a bListeriiiR ,750 per-j First Shutout Of Yanks contage; seven out of 10 victories Wynn limited the Yankees to on i.'ic road and five consecutive,four hits in handing thorn tJwir series won: only 3* Ramos be-1first shutout of the season Somli- | spectators today in fimils of the NCAA attendance to All-Star, I'hil (i j'.Tsey. Wilb WM used only nparincly in i All-Slur. In two ^HIIUJB last June last weck'.i !H to 71 IrouncInK hyi Oscar ncored 7f. points— 34 In In- Kentucky, aince the fJraKS {.'reekjdifinapolis and 41 in l.imisville. star v/a« rmniiw: a pulled fnu;«-ln. I Mckcrl won -Muni Vulii:itih'. I'luy- Last Saturday in Loui.'iville'.'i ' «r hononi in the recent HnnUWe'iil Freedom Hall, Kentucky R»t re-' All-Star name in llutchin.'ion, KUIIS, vengc; for il.'< pitiful 2-won, l7.|rist;'/':'K bound for record anaitmt the llooiiier stars Kenlucky. tliK University of by atlrnini.sterin;; a sound no-point liekintf. The rnarj.;iri, larK«!it in bi.'itory for Kenhicky. wa« repeated many timen !<y f ,'wic)i A.'i;;ii« Nli:n- :mi\ in private ne.'^ion to his team. Door Kiiol> Symbol Aj nn added reminder of the IJ every All- Star a door knob, symbol of the intense rivalry with Kentucky and ll.i "(Jiiotable" Coach Ralph (Jarlinlc:. f.';irli«lft made a tiUitoiiionl prior to tho liUiilHvilli! name thai, if Ken- liifl<y didn't beat Indiana he'd eat tin! door knob off hi/I hotel rnorn door. A full houiii! in anticipated at. liutler and all net receipt 'i willjii :iixlh be lined In special work for the, live ll Carpenter scored 22 points in the first half as Kerilncky ran up a 4:i-:in iia.in.jiiH! ii.jiri ;in( | u,,,,, passod-off to J,i(.-ki;rt mi many .'leorinn furays. He'll atl.(!iid the University nf Iowa in September, Ketilucky's HI polnls wi!i-e an idl- tiiiiB record lor Ihi; l!!i.ic. (IraHK .'ilars. and the team hit mi Incomparable !i4 percent from the field. HiKli man for lhe Hoosiers, named most valuable Indiana AII-.SI.ani wan Hob Orrill of Madhion with M poinlit. Ni-.w w|/ ( .j/ B mli:n will .'iorvi:d InrliidhiK 12-l'oot I'roo throw i|U;«rtur- tournu- COLORADO SPKINaS, Colo. (UP)—The lloo.siers, including for- curale-pa.s,sin«^liib'Vcorai'';r2' a"nd me^ champion Joe Campbell, were 211 points respectively aguinsl the Hoosiers Innl Saturday. Wdfurl. compared by the Kentucky j)ri:.S!i as ct|ual to or boiler than l.hc ijrcul l»5i! Indiana All- Star, Oscar Kobcrl.son, has the ail. tin"- 1 Hcoriiu; record for a Kentucky Campbell and Pat O'Connor Redding Lose Hears Monza Mark at 170 Campbell, winner two years and Ten Champ upset, in the from Purdue, third round Thursday hy Yale's Peter Nis.sel- SHJI, 2 and 1, after disposing of John C-arrett of Rico, :i and J, in ! miirninK, Two er Purdue Kolfern lost in tlie third round. Hill Ilcdding of ut San Jose Slate, :i and 2, while Hurley Drake of Plymouth was misled by co-incddll.'it linger Ku- bendall of Wisconsin, 'J. and I. Notre Dume's Joe Clruec was u o::ond - round loser to Tom Walroiui of Delroit, 4 and II Campbell, recently tunned to Ihci U.S. Walker Cup team, fired par K»\I 1ml threc-pu!tcd l.hnje and \/as two dnwii un.er holes. He cuiiKhl up on 12 MONZA, Itnly (IjiPJ—Pni O'Connor, a veteran speed demon from Month Vermin, Ind., Is i«pcclicd to wind when up wll.li the pole position Amerioa.n mid Kuroponn drlvitrs niur off Siiturduy in lhe Monx.a 500 iiul/o race. O'Connor turned in Uie best Linn; durinK 'jhc first day of Lhe official (|iiullf!enl!/Mi l.esls T.hurn- tlay, drlvliiK Ma car nroiind !.he 2.114-mlhi lilKlKs-pw.-d course In 55.7 om.'OiMls HI, im iivurnKii spood of I70.BIIII mllciH pur liour. O'Connor's clocitlntt was only one-tenth of a second slower lihan Major League Leaders Notional Player Si Club Konrly, Pfjh. Muslal, Sl.L. HodKes, Bkn. Robinson, Cln. Aol'Oll, Mil. G. AH R. II. Pet. 511 22!> 27 HO ,35!l (H 2S(i W «2 23B Itlt 52 BS Wl 271 (Hi 2117 «t .355 III .340 !)l .:i:ill Wl .1134 American Mantle, N.V. Williams, Uos. Hoy<l, Hnl. Fox, Clii. Skowron, N.Y. M 222 (it 211 III! 20H IK) 257 111 2117 73 .:IS5 71 .:MH n-i .SOT 77 .1(25 Niillnnal l,i-»|.;iie—Aaron Urnve.s (night) — Cardwell (3-4) vs Acker (S-3). Pittsburgh al Milwaukee (night) —Friend (4-8) vs Spahn (7-5). New York al St. Louis (night)— Barclay (3-5) vs Jackson (D-3). Saturday's Gn-'"es Brooklyn at Chicago Philadelphia al Cincinnati Pittsburgh at Milwaukee Now York at SI. Louis American Leairuc 1W. L. Pet. GB Chicago 40 25 .BIS ... New York -1025 .BIS ... Cleveland 31! 20 .554 4 Delroit 35 ;;,2 .522 (i Boslon 35 33 .5:5 liVi Baltimore 31 34 .477 9 Kansas Cily 2.) 40 .;«I5 15 Washington 2;j 47 .329 1li'/j Krlday'd Probable IMlchcrs Chicago ul Washington (night) —Dnnovnn (7-2) vs Kcmmerer Cleveland nl Bnllimore (nighU —(inrein CI-4) vs Moore Ci-.i). Kansas Cily at Now York (nlghl)— Trucks (li-1) vs 'Purley (3-2). Detroit, al Boston (night)—Maas (7-5) v.s lirower («-(!). Delroll nl. Boslon Kansas Oily al. .New York Cleveland at lia.|(!mor<> Chicago al Washington hind Brooklyn and G'.i out of first 20; Mtmial, Curds Moon, Cards; Snldrr Hunks, the l.ra.rk word which he sirt. Cub.H, and 'Mnlhows, llravo.t. all M,ay (1 Mrlilic driving Only n nuinj.li uijo, LI ID pole pimltlon I'o a tost cjw. l.hc Inilljm- free tlirow b.) foul eoiils Expect Robinson to Sign for Basilio Bout NKW YORK (IJI')-.Siil'.ur liny Hubin'son was expected to :fign today lor bin million - dollar de- the IddliwvdHbl. crown «>[ atfamM weltcrwoitfh!. t'ltit, <:armen I! a :i I I i » al. the Cnmndn, probably Sept. VI, "i think I'll be jialistied with;""" "'"' l tlm tci-in;i," nairl .'Hi-year old Sutf-1 Allhea ar Hay, who had been wriumlliili wl| ii In bitterly ov«r money wllh promot- Four Americans Seek Quarter-Final Berths In Wimbledon Meet WlMI'.tMlrtlN, I'.'iiillainJ ((/!') (•'our nl tluj MIX AiMi'i'lcan iiur biil NifiHf.'l«o;i food Iho I4t!i and Illl/li wllh pars vvlillo Cumpbcll mul'fed a three-fool pull on !4, /«! ob-.NI.'i.'ii.'l.'iou cloned out tin; malch with n 20-fool. pull, on 17. Hubonilall fired u lAvo-nndor-par .'15 tor a 2-np lead afire 1 nine holes in his victory over Di'ako. (InorKe v.'.'itf three uiidr-r rr^"lat!on . r lj.;o:'e!i after nine liolcn an;ilnnl HuddlnH and four-up. nun :ihn| aflcr maxlmuin of ich team. vivorn In tli vliiinn hoped \» clinch final iH'illui l.odny In |.l woniiMi'ii ninnies dj- er Jim Norrin more fiinn ;i inorilh. N'wriii ,wln»liile(l :i final "yt'-x- or- nn" ciinfiiruiirir wll.li Koliin.'ion fur today »'. thn Inleninllonal lluxhiH Club »ffl«:e;i. 'riilrly-ye-ur-ulil Carmen, Ihn H7- rxiiii"! nilur. ,iiHii(«l early two aiio to rlialleiige lor H'tb- IWi piiimd chimiplum.hlp. LIB, Pony, Colt- Games Rained Out Halo cuiiii- up with a KM. for Ibo lorn) b/iniiball proKCiini on all local friiuln Tburiiiluy itvenliiK, lorchin puiitponemcnt of two Little l,i'iif/u<! iiuitc.lti-H, n I'ony Lea^Ktf and a Colt Lfnf>ni! nhow. All will be iTiichodulwl for acLloii In Itm nniir fuliirn, It wai ruiiorliid, Lll.lln LenKiiiM' malchnt rubied f)Ut were Hie Peiinny Keyidonon VM, Wolf Cub.i nl. Tower Park; David Orlnleii vii. l''armirni and Mnirliniiln Jlnnk <;ianla »t Criiln Held. '1'lin Pony loop game delayer! wan Ihnt of the Kniii Motor Doilc/ti'M mid Hie (ininenmeycr ( J ontl»c Indbifirt whlh; I IHI (lolt IdliHIin KIIIIIO pool polled Involved the KLK Koltn and tliu A and W Plralo.,1. Unit year Clbiion of New York, favored lo become Urn Ncj/ro champion In Lint IK), hliilory ol' tin. LiMirniriiiitiil., faced fjivn llnnliiiiK of /iritiiln, while loiir-LliiM! chaniplon l.nnljie HroiiKli ol I'.iivirrly Illlbi, Calif,, met. Jlnalher lirnwur nf HiMimiila. Two other fourth-round miMdiim pilti'/l Klniiiiir I'.ii'l Kiiml II'IIHWHII nl Miami, Ma,, anniil'it HIWIII Mil- rln Itirye.'i of Mexico and Dark-mi Hard of Monldbello Kddii Itndlaii nl (ii-rm Dorothy IJivid Kinal, HHbi. N.Y., and Hetty Trait ol Koiilli OraujJe aiKill.'i HHI-ini'le cla.sslc. However ho nun IMLO niiTiiiKiiwi: trouble during thu nieu and flnl.shwl i of (I'wivil l(tt.".cnijneiil, , N..I., anil Tlpton v». Wnvcrly Coucli llarlan Hon/iell, tinii»mi'!<ui| that bin Tl|il.on Tp, Tlgnni IIIIHI!- ijall l.cam npjioiie Now Wnverly In n county mniimer II-IIKUII cionliiiil. al I'nlrvlisw park Sunday uftKriiniin at I;.'!() o'i:lijck. A jnnloi 1 hljjh KJime between tint two Holionlii will follow tho high school match, 'Minne.'iol.a hun in,OI)ll,(XX) nerwi of land In c.oimimrclal forest. Jnnmlca, II.W.I., nrn not neh(!d- iilod In /'lay Wiolr fourlli • rmmil miH.(;he« urilll Salunlay. In HID men'.ii nliiKli-n, flvis Yimlctt wore bounced out nf [lin third ."oiind 'rinirniliiy, I is a v I n i> Vie Snlxaii of l'hllailc||)hlii, Herb Mum of llnverly Illlln, Calif,, Mlkn (Iri'.en of Miami Ili-nch, li'bi., and Uudxo I'.'i.'.ty »l LIWI AiiHi'l''.'( (iml Paris an the luirvlvnrn of nil original Ill-mnn II,S, duliwrllon. WhifeSox Defcah Phils in Minor Loop /''mir-lilt iiilchliiH by Hill Kcriiik- lln and bin tbrei' nul'el.l''>i coupled wllh u double and triple by Learn- Minim Kiilmrt York, enabled Ibe Whiln Kux lu trim the Phllll™ II r, in a Minor l.eajjiin niimmer recroa- ll'ia baneball gninc id. .li'llnnm alrri-t field Tbiiraday allerniion. Tb« (nurnbig (j'li'i'' "' TnWnr purl: ln-I'MTU tin'. Cnrdti and Hud ,Snx wan postponed due lo wcl. Mi'iiiiiiiln and will tin ri'iiet fur ni'Xl. week. Jim Piirnrh got. Iwo ;ilngleri to li'iiil Urn riilllliiN In yenli'i'diiy'H loiM! game. H II M While. Sox II II I j'hllllen r, 4 I I!. I'Vudklln and Cllne; n. Miller, J. liiirklinri mill PiirnHi, Murphy, DE MOLAY CAR WASH Saturday, June 29th 8 a. m.-S p. m. DOUG'S STANDARD STATION Cor. Burllnolon Avo. and Mtiln Slraot Support Do Malay Guaranteed Quality! MUFFLERS • TAILPIPES IIOAIII1MAN VH. IIUHMO I'.DSTON (III-) _ ViMinu l.nrry Tdmnlniaii ini««ln rlub I I i>. h I. « r Johnny IHinao or Nnw York In M iinl:iiniilly.|.i<liivlni!il Hl-rriiinili'r at. Miii'liiiHlcn lllilhlbiK iJinly.hl Unit <'ould ijaln tin' Mnrlboro, (.'iiiin,, <'onli«ndi;r a nliot at tlio Il|/||t- Utlu. • Htpl»e« your link; mutlltr »nd Ullplpt *l bit >aylfl£> 1 Prtmluw it»tl •ullnttt «rlfln»l lit o*r T.ur 1. M>il«l Ch«y, 49-62 N. r t Ford 1940-64 Plymouth 1949-64 .. D«d(t 1949-62 Dulek '40' 81-53 PentUc 1949-C4 M.llUr $6,29 $6,35 $7.80 $7,80 $7.95 $6.35 T n »,l f . $2.90 $2,90 $3.35 $3,98 $3,45 $3.20 WESTERN TIRE AUTO STORES Corner of Third and Marknt 'I'he hc(X)iid be.sl i|nall.fylni/, Ijiue 'rimnidny wiifi Inrncil In hy Andy l.lndcn of liullaiiiapiJIs. Ito wan cloekocl in Si m-contlii I'lat. at an tivoniKi: spe,ed of Iftll.TOll m]>h. The olliur lop clocking!) by AnicJ'li.vin ili'lviTU went Jhmn'y Ili-ynn of I'hoi-nlx, Ariz., 117.5 «ec- (Hiibi; Troy KulUimn of l.ymtwood, Ciillf., 511.7; Kay Crawford of ra.'iinleini, (Jullf,, iW.4, mid ,lohn- nLn I'ai'MHW of lyoii Aiii:eie:i, ill. Only two I'liiroiwan drlve.rn al- lumiM.nil lo ijiuillfy Thih'.'iday and iiiMn'ir wore ftblo l*i m:ih:lt Mio " wleiiuni, .INI.II Itwlu-a o| I'Vimni, drJvrnij a Mivic.i'n.1.1, wan timed In n:i.2 HuixMidn nnil .luck Wucnum of Briilain, driving a .laKunr, wim AiniTlc'in Keaniii- — M a n 11 e, Yanks 21; WHIIiim.s, I'l^'il Sox ID; Kleve.r.s. Senators 15; /ernlnl. Atli- !ul.lc.s I'fl; Maxwell, TiHilM 14, Knnti KaUcif In M.illiiMiil l,i)a«iii^—Aaron, Mrnws 511; Mnsinl, Curds .17; lloak, Kcil- l(!K.i 'HI; Mny.1, filaiil.s 411; Moryn, Cn'bs 12, Amc'i'lciiM l.i'iiKue—vSlevcr.i, Sen- alurs 53; ManlJe, Yaiiku 111; Hluiw- roo, Yanks BO; WurU, Indians oil; •;, Itol Sox <I4, Shanlj;, YnnltH ll-l; Schmldl, Cards ll-l; Tnipkn. Allili-lle.s «•!• Until 0-2. llntvua > Smilord, CIII'MCRS TO J'l.AV CIVIWH (,'rmilc Iniliicji will «,., l.he Kowaima Niitlbnll Inam in a tvn- tiirn Hamn nl, Jllvorjddo park to- :ii(,:iil. at II: It; o'clock, It. hi announced by irmimifiM 1 Merle; Wad- dup.'i of (JraHs Cntek, Wichita Mhincnpolis SI. I'aul On'inlia Clmrle.ston l.oui.svllle n W. L. •III 2)1 .51111 :itl III .557 Ml 32 .5211 .4511 .4211 Kilay'K HeHiills Clinrlesloii 3 10 Denver 2 (Is!., DiMivor 10 Mliiniiiipolls 'i Cind) Oiiiiilin •! St. I'inil I) (Isl, 7 InnliiKK) St. I'mil jit Omahji. 2nd KJIIIIC, p|n!, rain Wichita :i IinllannpollH 2 (1st, InnhiKH. mini Indianapolis nl. Wichita, 2nd HIIII ppd, nil:t Toilny'N CIVIIII-H Denver a.l. St. I'nul Ixwilovllli) Jil liiillannpiill.i MliiiiiMipoll.H nl Omalia Clmrleiilon nl. Wichita the Classified Ads TRUCK TIRE BARGAINS come and get 'em! . First in quality at bargain prices RIB HI- GOOD ILER EAR with stronger 3-T Cord Body! FilH Small Truckn on 16-inc n |ir» inln u! lo ttt«p yuu y, xtjiiNvi* - nn <j» lh<* \,\<j \\t- iB —(o ulv» you lona H»rvtu<* diul iimio rau l now . . „ and u HI-MILER COMMERCIAL TERMS AS LOW AS 'I-** A WEEK 11,7(1 > IS hdio-lyi'jo (I! |)ly nlilna) lltn tiiLtny rMOniit ^]odnl mnull Iruriku on l!i-lnoli wllo»l» . . . RIB HI-MILER n.lil) « 10 lii]i»-ly).» (II ulr rnllnci) popuUii' lor hnnv/ duly on mnall >r. IN* l*ci»|>|inliU 1)14 Mora tons oro houl»d on Goodyoar Truck Tiro* than on any oth*r kindl GOOD/VEAR SERVICE STOR'E Opnn All Day W»dn«mlciy Brootlwoy at 6(l» l>lion« 4269 TIRE SERVICE CO. 711 Burlington ' Qarlh Sw|y»rt Phon* 2849 N*mo Kob.l The Giants received another shot in tne arm Thursday nishl when southpaw Jolinny Anlonolli pitched his first complete Rame since A;>ril 30 and checked 'ire iiard-Jiiltinu Hedlegs on six hiis. Rain halted I he game twice. Willie Mays hit liis 13tli homer with one on off loser Don dross in Hie first inning, and WJuley Lorkman nnmered off reliever Ilershe':! Frwman in the sixth. Tfic dcfwil dixipjied Cincinnnlj in- Lo third place. (.'arils Hold I .em! SI. Louis .held its grip on first plac.e with a (i-4 victory over Philadelphia, while Milwiiakee defeated Hi-iioklyn, 2-1', and I'Mtshurgli pushed lhe Cubs into the cellar by boalinj,' liiem, 5-1, iii JO innin;,'.s. lOarly Wynn of Cleveland tamed l.he Yankees, 2-0, hul even so the Yanks nwved into a lie for the American League lead with Chi- CJIKII when l«ie lied Sox Innk a dnuhle-lieader from lhe While Snx, 11-3 and !l-2. Wa.shinn:on brnke a five-i;ame liwinn s'.rnak wilh a 1-'!. dwislon over Dciixiil. llaltimort' and ICiviiiiHiis Cily were not scheduled. HwkU' bonus pitcher Von Mr- Daii.|rl of the Cards reiiislered his paw Tommy Byrne, who save up only five hits, yielded Clcvelands' first run in the first innins wilh- iiiil fiivins up a hit ,n:d tlion vv.-u nicked for another run in the seventh on Dick Williams' single and Hohby Av.la's triple. 'I'he lied Sox col to tlioir old nemesis. Jack lfti.rslim.in. for four runs in Uie fir.st innini; of [hi? opener and !hcn hopped on Billy Piei'ce for another four-run duster in the first inninK of tlio nifin.eap. TI .1 Lepeio dix^'e in l.hreo runs in the first i«im<' as Krank Sullivan ptwted his sixl.li viclory. l-'rank Malboncs' twn-nin homer liiKhliKhU-d Hie first inninR iiprisinu .:i.;aiiisl 1'icive in llm tlm While Sox !o seven hits in Uio finale. Jim I/eJiion's hiuiiiK and Truman Clevciwr's fine relief pitchinj: featured VVdvliin^lon's tri- ump!i over Delroit. Lemon sin- i;led home l.he Sejiatovs' fv,v\ run »ff loser J'aiil Koyuiek and cluiil- ed his U'.lh homer in lhe eighth. Cleveiiner pitched 3 I ;i hilless in- nini'.s lo save the vietmry foj- sUirt- er C.'imilo 1'n.ieiial. 1'I.AY SATl'UDAY ls of Cohimbus softhnll rd »lraii:l'.l victory iiilhuuch re- li'imi «'ill elasli with the I'AW i|utrlnn relief from lloyt Wllhelm in Ihi! eii;hl,'i. SI.HII Musinl and Hen Moyer eaeh hit Iwo-nni hom- WK off loser .lack Siinfivrd. Sinn I/i>p«l.ji boniornd for |.ln> riiilllra. Iliiink Anron's l.wii-ruii Irlple In Mil.- I'lKhlJi limlnn .foUowIni! fhnr- ley Ninil'.s erixir on n double play ball pnwereil Huh Hiihl lo his ninth vliMory, his Illh iinnin.it 1,'ni l)nd>:- er.s .in. two yearn, !iKnin.sl om> <le- of I.o|.::in.sport in a special j;amc nl Kivi'rsiiln park Saturday niljlit al II: IS o'clock. Hill llaiicr is expected lo do the hurliiii; Inr Ihi' Kni/ihis while Hill W:il.sini lilie- ly will be on lhe mound Inr UAW. w Snliird.iy i- Sox Ill-Ill White Sns praelii'f at at Tower I'ark. f bUlli) II II.IH. 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