Harrisburg Telegraph from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania on January 20, 1928 · Page 20
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Harrisburg Telegraph from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania · Page 20

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, January 20, 1928
Page 20
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harriSburg TELEGRAPH' 20 FRIDAY EVENING JANUARY 20, 1923 V 4 MARKET QUOTATIONS NEW YORKS STOCK EXCHANGE New York stock quotations, furnished by Parrish and Company, members of. the New York Slock Exchange, Telegraph Building. - Cpen. 2 P.M. Adams Express ., 228 240 Ajax Rubber ; 12?i 12; Allied Chem .' ;155',i 155 Allls Chalmers 117 117 Am Agr Chem 19 19 .Am Can'..'..... 72 72 M Am Car Fdy 106 '4 108 Am Exnress .. 172 176 Vj Am For Paw 24 Am Intl Corp 83 Ta Am Linseed 6 Am Loco Uli Am Smelt "5i Am Steel Fdy 66 Am Tel and Tel ........ 179 U 25 83 60 Villi 175 67 J.79 168 53V4 7' Am Tob 1663 Amer Water Works 581 Ameri Zinc - 7 Anaconda 55 Armour A 13 Atchison 191 Rtl Coast Line .. 184 Atl Gulf arid W I 41 Balto and Ohio '. Beechnut - ..' 74T4 Beth Steel 58 Bklyn Man TSans ...... 55 Briggs Mg Co 23 Brunswick Ballae Col ... . 32T4 Calif Pete 26 55l,i 13 192 6 184 41 M 114 75 i 58',i 55 23 32 26 'A Canadian Pac 207'4 207 Cfirro de Pasco j 66 65 Ches and Ohio 199V4 Chicago Gt West 12V4 Chicago Gt West pfd .... 27 Chi M and S P 17 Chi M and St P Pfd ... 33 Chicago and N 84 Chi R I and Pac .......110 Chilfr Copper ..J 40 Chrysler ...... J. ..... 58 Coca - Cola ......135 Colo Fuel .....J 78 Columbia Gas 91 Controleum ! 27 199 12 4 28 15 33 84V4 110 40 58 1344 78 91 V 26 Consol Gas ..... 122 123V: rnnt.l Can . . . . .L 82 Vj 82 Contl Motors 10 Corn Products . 67 Crucible Steel 89 Cuba Cane Sugar 6 '4 Cuba Cane Sugar Pfd .. 3014 Cuban - Am Sugar 22 navison Chem 42 11 68 88 6 31 22:4 43 Del Lac and West .....134 135 Dodge Bros "A" 19 19 nodee Bros Pfd .. 69 70 DuPont 314 Elec Storge 71 Endicott ; 79 Erie ' 62 Famous Players 112 Fisk Rubber ..... 16 Fleischmann ...y 69 Foundation Co. :. 46 Genl Asphalt ... 89 Genl Electric 132 Genl Motors 133 Gimbel Bros 39 Clidden Co. 21 Goodrich 90 Gto Nr Ore 23 Gt Nor Ufd 96 Gulf Mobile & N 55 Hudson &Manh 55 Hudson Motors 80 Illinois Cen 133 Independent Oil 27 Inspiration 18 International Tel 146 Intl Bus Mach 118 Intl Comb Eng .. 51 Intl Harvester 239 I - tl Mer Mar Pfd 43 Intl Nickel 92 Intl Paper 69 Jordan Motors 10 Kansas City So 60 Kelly Springfield 23 Kennecott Copper 81 Kresge Dpt Stores 68 Lehigh Valley 94 Lima Loco 59 Loews Inc 58 Ludlum Steel 29 - Mack Trucks 101 JMarland Oil 37 - Mex Seaboard 5 Miami Copper 18 315 71 79 61 113 16 69 46 89 132 133 39 21 90 23 96 55 55 80 133 27 19 147 120 52 239 43 94 71 10 60 23 E2 C8 94 59 58 30 102 36 4 18 28 38 107 1 Mo Kan and Tex 38 - Mo Kan and Tex fd ...107 Start 1928 Right We Will Loan You Up ' to $300.00 Wipe out those troublesome little debts which have besn a constant source of worry. It is easier to pay one than a dozen and we are willing that you should owe us, in order to meet your other obligations. Come" in and talk this over, our rates are the lowest in Har risburg and our repayment plan rower. UNIVERSAL On the Square 202 Yoffee Bldg. P. - & R. STARTS PROBE OF FATAL TRASH HARRISBURG Drowns in Swimming BRITISH PLANEL HOPS cHa8 Advertisement wOlBeReodin Moretnan 3,000 Central Pennsylvania HOMES - STrr. J 1 f - fib ofhirbBtotplathigtaqhtt m "3 !fJ3S?J utDDtcmmr.ictTPicr.nAPR tZrEti. A. ' B3 Mo Pac Pfd. ...112 111 Montg Ward ...120 120 Moon Motors 64 64 Manh Elec 51 51 Nash Motors ..... 90 90 Natl Biscuit .165 168 NNatl Cash Register ... 47 47 Natl Dairy Prodts 70 71 Nev Cons Cop 17 17 N Y Air Brake 45 45 N Y Central 161 161 N YN Hand II 61 61 N Y O and W 29 29 Norfolk and West ....185 186 North American 61 60 Nor Pac 95 95 Otis Steel . 11 11 Owens Bottle ........... 77 ',4 77V Packard Motors 58 57 Pan - Am Pete . 42 42 Pen - Am Pete 'B" 42 43 Penna R R 65 65 Phila & Rdg Coal ...... 37 37 Philips Pete " 42 42 Pierce Ar 12 13 Postum Cereal .........125 125 Producers & Ref 24 24 Pullman 82 62, Punta Alegre Sugar .... 33 33 Pure Oil 26 26 Radio Corp 99 98 Reading ..101 101 Remington Type. 23 24 Republic I & S ........ 64 64 Reynolds Tob B .157 157 Royal Dutch .44 44 St L & S F ....114 114 Savage Arms 63 63 Schulte ..... 53 52 Sears Roebuck ....... . . . 83 84 Sherr Union 25 25 Simms Pete 22 23 Sinclair Cons 20 20 SkellyOil : . 27 27 Southern Pacific 120 121' Southern Railway ......144 144 Etand Gas and Elec ..... 59 59 Stand Oil of Cal ........ 55 55 Stand Oil of N J ........ 39 39 Studebaker 58 58 Submarine Boat .. 3 3 Elec Boat ...'14 14 Tex Company '. . . 54 54 Tex Gulf Sulphur ........ 76 76 Timken R B ...129 130 Tobacco Prods 108 109 Underwood Typewriter . 69 70 Un Oil of Cal 44'4 44 Un Cigar Stores 32 33 Union Pacific '. 189 190 U. S. Cast I. P 218 21D U. S. Distributing 19 'A 19 U. S. Ind. Ale 104 105 'A U. S. Rubber 59 60 U. S. Smelt 41 41 U. S. Steel ..147 147 Universal Pipe 24V 25 Utah Copper 140 140 Wabash 64 64 Westg. Electric 93 94 West. Md 46 46 West. Union 169 170 White Motors ........... 37 U 38 Willys - Overland 18 18 Woolworth 184 185 Wright Areo ;.. 81 82 Yellow Cab Mfg 33 34 Am Stores 64 6414 Un Gas Imp 115 H5 11 A M 437,100 12 A M 758,400 1 p M 1,023.400 Money 4 3 Chicago Livestock Chicaro. Jan 20.IAP) Hogs Receipts: 39,000; desirable hogs 110 to 210 pounds strong to 10c higher; light lights and pigs. 15 to 25c up; spots more weight 210 pounds down active at advance; shipper riAmnnH hrn.ri' h.nvv hut.chprs leu active than light hogs; fully steady: big pack ers holding out on eany iraae; md vj.ow; strictly choice 180 to 200 pounds averages held higher; bulk good and choice 170 to 210 pounds, $2.35S$8.t0: 140 to 160 pounds. $8.00fi$8.40; butchers 2 pounds un, C30 $8.40; few, 325 to 350 pound butchers. $8.208$8.3O; packing sows mostly. S7.253 $7.50; best kinds up to $7.65 or better; bulk pigs. $7.25$7.75; light weight downward to s.6.75. I Cattle Receints: 2.500: no dependable market for fat steers, especially better grades; supply scarce; shipper demand negligible; several loads of ood steers, some with considerable weight without bids, other classes steady; cutter cows, t5.50fi $6.25: sausage bulls, $7.50$ $8.50; vealers,.. $13.00$15.00; . shipper kinds, $14. 50fi $15.00. Sheep Receipts: 6,000; fat lambs fairly active, 15 to 25c higher than Thursday; good to choice 82 to 92 pound lambs largely, $13.25f$13.75; choice kinds held higher; bulk 94 to 100 pound lambs eligible, $12.65 ffi$13.25; few 105 to 115 pound averages, $11.75$12.25; sheep firm; bulk good fat ewes, $7.00Q$7.25; feeding lambs strong; bulk better grades, H2.25igS13.00. makes it very easy for the bor SYSTEM OF HBG., INC. TELEGRAPH C&Z Pool at Carlisle Barracks OrTFQR NEW YORK STMT a IT wsum , V ABM UNIQUE SERMON SERIES AT U.B TO OPEN JAN. 29 Religious Fervor of the Congregation to Be Thermometered The Rev, C. W. Hendrlckson, pastor of Centenary United Brethren Church, .Steelton, will conduct a series of sermons at . his church, Sunday nights', starting January 29. Sermons will continue up to and including March 11. Subject of sermons will be the "Church Thermometer." The Rev. Mr. Hen - drickson will discuss the various stages of the thermometer from zero up. These, according to the pastor, are preparatory sermons for the evangelistic services to be conducted three weeks lator at the church. A feature of the series will be a painting of a large thermometer, installed in the rear of the pulpit. After each sermon a red line will mark the end of every stage of the series. Special music by the choir, in charge of George W. Cover, will be included. On Sunday morning, the Rev. Mr. Hendrickson ' . will preach his eleventh sermon on Revelation. The subject is "The Redeemed." His sermon Sunday night will be "What Sin Does to Men." STATE MARKET BUREAU REPORT Philadelphia, Jan. 20. (Pennsylvania mushrooms were slightly stronger in Philadelphia to - day and 3 - pound baskets sold at 75ct$1.15 with a few extra fancy up to $1.25. Penna. wired celery was firm at 10c 20c and extra fancy sold from 22 25c per bunch. Penna. hothouse rhubarb met a good demand at $1.00 1.25 per 5 - pound box for fancy and 75c per box for small or choice grades. Root crops continued dull with beets ranging from 35 65c per basket; carrots 25 65c; parsnips, 35 75c; white turnips, 25 50c and red skin potatoes, 45 60c per basket. Nearby savoy cabbage sold at 50c $1.00 per bushel, with poorer as low as 30c. Trading on clot market was light for potatoes to - day and Penna. 120 - pound sacks of round whites ranged from $2.25 2.60 per sack. Apples were slow on truck receipts and nearby bushels Stayman ranged from $2.0002.50. while Romes sold at $2.25ff2.50 and Yorks brought $1.502.15. Lancaster Grain and Feed Reported by U. S. Department of Agriculture, co - operating with the Pennsylvania Bureau of Markets. Prices Paid to Farmers Wheat, $1.25 bushel; hay, (baled), timothy, $12.00 16.Q0 ton; straw, $10.00 12.00 ton. Selling Price of Feeds Ton Bran, $44,00(845.00; shorts, $43.00 44.00; hominy, $48.00 49.00; middlings, $47.00 48.00; linseed, $58.00 59.00; gluten, $47.00 48.00; ground oats, $48.0049.00; alfalfa, (regular), $40.00 41 .00. Cash at Warehouse Ton Cottonseed, 41 per cent., $58.00 59.00; dairy feed, 15 per cent., $42.OO43.00; dairy feed, 18 per cent., $45.00 46.00; dairy feed, 20 per cent., $50.0051.00; dairy feed, 24 per cent., $54.0055.00; dairy feed, 25 per cent., $56.5057.50; horse feed, .85 per cent., $48.0049.00; alfalfa, (regrbund), $44.00 45.00. SKIPPY GOOFY MOVIES QOOFEV MOVIES DQBSBKTT Z SIZZLING ICE . Part tmcee. I'M FREEZING TO DEATH - ) f - e7 ,s" "' - J v: ' CHAMBERSBURG'S PASTOR RESIGNS FOR CAPITOL JOB Rev. W. L. Mudge to Con tinue Church Work at Harrisburg Chambersburg, Jan. 20. At a meeting of the session of the Falling Spring Presbyterian Church, the Rev. W. L. Mudge, pastor, presented his resignation. He hopes to be relieved of his pastoral work March 1 so that he may move to Harrisburg and take up full time duties as executive secretary of the Pennsylvania branch of the Council of Churches of America. The Rev. Mr. Mudge has been acting as State secretary of this Interdenominational organization for several years. The work has grown In scope and at a recent meeting of the State council It was decided that the executive secretariat should be a full time position. At the same meeting the State headquarters were removed from Philadelphia to Harrisburg. Under the pastorate of the Rev. Mr, Mudge the Falling Spring Church and Sunday School have grown. In addition to his work as a minister the Rev. Mr. Mudge had charge of an active Boy Scout Troup. Class Has Meeting Marysvllle, Jan. 20. The Zwingli Bible Class of Trinity Reformed Church met in the chapel of the church Tuesday night. Present were: J. O. Albright, J. H. Sweeney, E. S. Smith, A. B. Donahue, C. W. Corl, Walter Roberts, J. H. Kass, W. L. Roberts, R. H. Cunningham, . G. W. Hain, J. B, Allen, the Rev. C. R. Hartman, F. W. - Roberts, Dickinson Coil, W. D. Corl, A. T. Bradbury, Lee Wagner and Harry Wagner. Lancaster Livestock Reported by U. S. Departn.'enf, of Agricul'.ure, co - operating with Pennsylvania Bureau of Markets. Market: Inactive early. Beef steers and all other slaughter classes showing steady tendency. Stackers and feeders, no early action. Calvs steady to weak, top vealers, $17.00. Hogs: Slow, about steady. Receipts: Cattle, 8 cars; 5 Chicago; 1 St. Louis; 1 Virginia; 1 Iowa, containing 243 head, 70 head trucked in from nearby, total cattle 313 head, 111 calves, 242 hogs, 26 sheep. Range of Prices Steers Choice, 1300 - 1500 pounds, $14.5015.25; good, 1300 - 1500 pounds, $13.2514.50; good 1100 - 1300 pounds, $13.2514.50; good, 950 - 1100 pounds, $12.75' 14.25; medium, 950 pourds up, $11.0013.25; common, 950 pounds up, $C.005i 11.00. Heifers Choice, 850 pounds up, $10.50 11.50; good, 850 pounds up, $9 J0 10.50; medium, 850 pounds up, $8.009.50; common, 850 pounds up, $6.75 8.00. Cows Choice, $8.25 9.50; good, $7.00 8.25; common and medium, $4.757.00; low, cutter and cuiter, $3.00 4.75. .', Bulls Good and choice (beef), $8.50 10.00; cutter, common and medium, $5.75 8.50. Feeder and Stocker CatUs Good and choice, 800 pounds up, $9.0011.25; common and medium, 800 pounds up, $6.50 9.00; good and choice, 800 pounds down, $8.75 11.00; common and medium, 800 pounds down, $6.258.75. Vealers Good and choice, $15.00 17.00; medium, $12.50 15.00; cull and common, $6.00 12.50. Hogs Heavyweights, 250 - 350 pounds, $9.50 10.00 ; medium - weights, 200 - 250 pounds, $9.25 10.00; lightweights, 160 - 200 pounds, $9.0009.75; rough stock, $7.50 9.00. 1 Z7eRRV ujhoozis took a, kjap - ujhen he tried . to opskj wis eves he POONJD THEM STOCK - IT PEUT VER.V COLD - AftOONJD HIMPOOR E.fiftY doesj't knjouu we is PROZEN INJTO A CAKE Op ICE BUT REHEARINGS IN 8 PLEAS FOR PARDONS Rehearings on eight applications for pardons were granted by thb State Board of Pardons ct Its meet ing here Wednesday, Francis H. Hoy, Jr., secretary, announced. Nineteen applications were refused and two were continued. Among the applications granted was that of Charles F. Toomcy, Philadelphia, under a minimum sentence of ten years for misappropriation of more than $300,000 from the Sinctt estate. Toomey was tm officer in the trust company which handled the estate. Other applications granted were: Steve Fnytol, Allegheny, murder in the second do gree; David H. Thomas, Greene, robbery; Peter Christean, Lawrence, murder in the fiist degree iccui - muted) ; John E. Hartman, Lebanon, forgery; Harold Nissen, Philadelphia, robbery; Joseph Diangelo, Philadelphia, fraudulent making of two written instruments and James Horvarth, Westmoreland murder in the second degree. funeral today for mrs. Mcdonald Emporium, Jan. 20. Mrs. Angus M. McDonald, 78, died at her home, on East Fifth street, early Tuesday morning, of pneumonia, as an after result of fractured ribs received by a fall on December 21, last. She had been a resident of Emporium for nearly sixty years. She is survived by her husband, one daughter, Mrs. Margaret Branson, and two grandchildren, Helen and Donald , Heck. Funeral services were held this morning at St. Mark's Church, the Rev. W. E, O'Hern officiating. NATIVE OF PERRY COUNTY DIES IN WEST Duncannon, Jan. 20. A telegram was received here yesterday telling of the death of Edwin S. Bartruff, at his home In Ferndale, Wash. He is survived by his widow, who was Miss Sallie Lower, cf Duncannon, and four sons, Raymond, Paul and Harry Bartruff, in California; John Bartruff, of North Dakota and Violet Bartruff, at home. A orother, Judge John Randolph Bartruff, of Wheatfield townsihp, Mrs. Ida B. Snyder, of this, place, and Mrs. C. E. Zeigler, Dellville, are surviving brother and sisters. Deceased was a native of Perry county, but had been a resident of Washington for thirty years. Hershey Personals Hershey, Jan. 200. A force of workmen are engaged on Granada avenue in excavating for the laying of sewer pipes. Mrs. Phillip Harlam, of Lebanon, was the guest of Mr. and Mrs. E. B. Cassldy, on Derry Road. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Fasnacht and son, Henry, Jr., were the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Clinton Hoffer, at Harrisburg. Mr. and Mrs. George K. Brenner, of Millersville, and Mr. and Mrs. Walter Harkman, of Conestoga Center, visited Mr, and Mrs. Aaron Bleacher, at this place. Mrs. P. J. Dorr, who has been a patient at the Lancaster General Hospital several weeks, returned to her home at this place. Mrs. Dorr is the wife of Captain P. J. Dorr, of the State Highway Patrol. Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Murie spent several days In New York City. Mrs. A. Brown, of Newark, Ohio, is spending some time at this place, the guest of her daughter, Miss Virginia Brown, the art Instructor at the Hershey schools. . Miss Pearl D. Fiore, of New York, Is visiting at the home of Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Simmons, on Areba avenue. , Miss Beulah NefT, of Lancaster, was the guest of Mr. and Mrs. Milton Deitrich. - Miss Irene Sowers, of Millersville, spent some time with her parents Mr. and Mrs. D. S. Sowers, at this place. WJAIT V R U.S. NUMBERS FOR STATE HIGHWAYS New Designations Are Announced; Principal Changes Told Pennsylvania tourists next summer will find the old State highway route number succeeded by United States highway numbers. Gone also will be the old familiar names by which the State's principal roads were known. The change was announced some time ago by Samuel Eckels, chief engineer of the Department of Highways, which have made public a description of the principal State roads which will be marked United States highways. The mark ers will be enameled United States shields with black borders, letters and figures on. a background of white. The designation of these highways and the use of this standard marker is in accordance with the recom mendation of a committee repre senting the American Association of State Highway Officials in co - operation with the Federal Bureau of Roads, Mr. Eckels said. State routes, which are not United States highways, .will be identified as traffic routes, and wHl be marked by keystone signs, black borders, letters and numerals on a white background. A description of the principal changes follows: Route No. 1, now the Lincoln Highway will become U. S. Route No. 30, from the Ohio state line to Philadelphia, from Philadelphia . to Morrisville it will be U. S. No. 1. Route No. 2, the Lackawanna Trail, will be U. S. Route No. 611, from Philadelphia to Scranton, and U. S, Route No. 11, from Scranton to the New York state line. Route No. 3, the William Penn Highway, will be U. S. Route, No. 22, except between Harrisburg and Amity Hall, where it will be U. S. Route, No. 11. The Susquehanna Trail, Route No. 4, will be U. S. Route, No. Ill, from Shrewsbury to Harrisburg; U. S. Route No. 11, from Harrisburg to Sunbury and from Sunbury - north through Williamsport to the New York state line, U. S. Route No. 111. The Lakes ot Sea Highway, Route No. 5, will be U. S. Route, No. 5 from Waterford to Cambridge Springs; U. S. Route, No. 19 from Cambridge Springs to Meadville; U. S. Route No. 322 from Meadville to Tyrone and from Tyrone to Water Street, State traffic route No. 55. It then will follow the William Penn Highway to Newport where it will be State traffic route, No. 5, through New Bloomfield, Duncannon, Harrisburg, Downington, West Chester and Philadelphia. The Old Monument Trail, Route No. 6, will be U. S. Route 219. The Roosevelt Trail, Route No. 7, beginning at the New York state line and extending to Erie, will be U. S. Route No. 6. The William Penn Highway, Route No. 8, will be State Traffic Route No. 8, from Erie to Pittsburgh and U. S. Route ' No. 19, from Pittsburgh to the West Virginia state line. The Buffalo - Pittsburgh Highway, Route No. 10, will be U. S. Route No. 119 from its intersection with the William Penn Highway, east of Blairsville but from DuBois north to the New York state line, it will be U. S. Route No. 219. The Benjamin Franklin Highway, Route No. 17, will be U. S. Route No. 422 to the intersection of the William Penn Highway west of Mun - day's Corners where It will parallel the William Penn Highway to Reading and again become U. S. Route No. 422 to Philadelphia. The Buchanan Trail, Route No. 44, from the Maryland line through McConnellsburg, will be State Traffic route No. 16. 8 UT LOOK UJMAT SPIES' ip x cakj ooig&ub oMe eve OPEWJ ( AM SEE WMEfte X AM UOCATEO - llUJ S BE. SATISFIED - BBBRO - 4s - MARYSVILLE CHEST DRIVE PROPOSED "Marysvllle, Jan. 20. At a recent meeting at the home of Dr. O. W. Gant plans were laid for the community chest fund in connection with local Red Cross, auxiliary, to Harrisburg Chapter. The following officers were elected; President, C. W. Corl; vice - president, J. L. Hain; secretary, Mrs. C". R. Coy le;. assistant secretary, W. R. Davis; treasurers, F. W. Gelb and E. S. Smith; directors, George Hippie, J. L. Hain, Sr., C. W. Corl, E. S. Smith, W. R. Davis, Mrs. G. W. Gault, Dr. C. R. Snyder, W. S. For', - I enbaugh, F. W. Gelb, Mrs. C. R Coyle and Mrs. G. W. Gault. An open meeting will be held In the Methodist Church Thursday, January 26. Timely Return Saves Carroll Township Home Duncannon, Jan. 20. The farmhouse of John L. Sternberger, Carroll township, occupied by N Earl Rinehart and family, caught fire last night while the family was ab sent and only by their lamely ar - ' rival nome was tne house saved. The fire originated from a defective flue and had eaten its way from the kitchen to living room and caused considerable damage before it was placed under control. Debate at Duncannon Duncannon, Jan. 20. Th3 Ne.v Bloomfield debating club will debate an interesting subject in the hall of the Shermanata Grange Tuesday evening, January 24. A musical program has been prepared for the occasion. A OFFICES FOR RENT Daylight office rooms in the new Commenwealth Building, 212 - 214 North Third street, facing Capitol Park. Superior ventilation, low rent, and excellent janitor service. CrIAS. LAUBHEIM C. ft I,. JEWELRY CO., 129 MARKET STREET Bell 8291 Dauphin County Bonds The undersigned solicits proposals tor the sale to It, at not exceeding par rnd Interest, ot Dauphin County Bonds of the respective Issues named below. In sufficient amount to permit the Investment, for the benefit of the sinking funds established for said Issues, of the num named In each case. Issue of January 1, 1901: , Amount for Investment, $7,291.80. Issue of December 1, 1932: Amount for investment, $1,318.86. Proposals, pursuant to this notice, should be sealed and plainly marked "Proposals for the sale of Dauphin County Bonds," with the date ot Issue of the bonds offered, and should be received by the undersigned not later than 3 o'clock, P. M., January S3, 1923. The right Is reserved to reject any md aU bids In whole or In part. Commonwealth Trust Company Trustee Harrisburg, Pa. If You Need $100.00 Why owe money to people when you can have the use of $100.00 for 50 weeks at an average cost of 20c per week? With such a service at your disposal, bills can tie paid promptly. Community Discount is ready to serve you. Community 224 North By ttwmH Utt. Ptrey U Cutty, V "." , Students Play Jan. 26 Duncannon, Jan, 20. The facult) of the borough high school will pre sent a three - act play entitled, "Rosl of the Southland," in the higl school auditorium Thursday eve nlng, January 26. Proceeds will b), for the benefit of the high school general fund. TYPEWRITERS RrntrJ or ovrrhaoled by Tlllntunn, 20 Locutt street, opposite State Theatrr, will do splendid and serf krable WORK fall Bell 5.37fl' or C. V. 4S(W for (uaruntced typewriter service. WELL I Save Your Discount By paying your light bills before the discount period expires. Discount Period Expires Tomorrow, Jan. 21 FOR THE I'OLLOWLNG DISTKICTS llonte No. 9 Derry from 2900; Park 1 Placet Urlsbnn. Bonte No. Id Heckton; Dnnuhln. ' i Route No. 11 front! Second; Thirds Green; Catherine; Edward; Lewis; Vaughn. Koute No. 12 Fourth; Fifth; Sixth; Jefferson 3216; Esthcrton. Route So. 13 Greenhlll; Coxestown; Lucknow; Riverside Drive; Rockrille; Fort Hunter. Koute No. 14 Dock; Ann; tlanna; Race; Showers; Nngle; Tnsca - rora; Conoy; Indian; Hojer; Paxton; Tlnet Mary; Washington; Mol - berry. Route No. 15 Cherry; Zeigler; Black berry; Chestnut; Market House. Route No. 16 Conden; Fifth (Market to Walnut); Aberdeen; Grace; Dewberry; Court; River. Watch Daily Announcements for warning date of expiration in your district. Illumination is one of the best forms of Burglar Insurance. Burn a light each night keep the burglars away. Harrisburg Light and Power Co. rlll HOMfe Of MODFJIX POWER . Discount Co. Second St. PERCY CROSBY Cotnl fre. Awn, 1m. ByNEHER "Good T FOfcTUNJE STPlkSS jECt& WlSCAkE OF CE FLOATS I WTO A UUACM Gulp stream AWO STAQ.TS MELTnM&T" UJE MUST. SAVE siEBCV .SOME i tOAV HOUU CAM UJE A DO It .Onjlv A PEWJ MOQE LEFT - GET A PlCTUGE OP YOUQ FAVORITE QCOFEEV MOVIE STAC BY MAIUW6 A TUJO CENT STAMP TO CaOOFEY MOVIES "THIS . PAPEO.

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