Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on November 17, 1957 · Page 2
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 2

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, November 17, 1957
Page 2
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PAGE TWO THE PHAROS-TRIBUNE and LOGANSPORT PRESS, LOGANSPORT, INDIANA SUNDAY. NOVEMBER n, 1SSI Points For School Building rought Out At National Parley Dr. William 0. Wilson, director of business services in the Logansport city school system, and a ties which are adequate at the most reasonable cost. The National Council on Schoolhouse Con- member of the National Council obstruction is interested in emphasizing two things: one, how to provide Schoolhouse construction, attended the annual National Council fali meeting in Milwaukee where the "Thirteen Principles of Economy in School Plant Design and Construction" was discussed. The conference pointed out the "true economy of schoolhouse construction" based on the 13 points set forth in the National Council publication. Here is a report on the conference with a summary of each of the 13 points prepared by Dr. Wil- a safe, healthful, and attractive school building which is adequate in terms or the community's educational needs; and, two, how to construct this building at the most reasonable cost. It is the long range cost .that structural design and eliminating or miriimizing excessive ornamentation; making entrances, foyers, and stairways simple 'and well proportioned; eliminating paraphets wherever possible; and keeping the heating and. ventilating systems as simple as possible. Principle No. 8 Economies in school plant design and construction can be effected by making,a ings in materials and savings in labor. • Principle No. 11 • Economies in school plant design and construction can be effected through a building design be more than offset by abnormal cost for maintenance, replacement, and insurance. The following 13 principles in schoolhouse construction should be kept in mind not only in planning a The per-pupil cost of providing, building but planning for building.. public school facilities ' has not Principle No. 1 increased as rapidly as the cost of labor and material. Research shows that labor and material costs have increased more than 200% during the past 20 years while the increase of the cost per classroom and related facilities has been 150%. While effecting this economy, school officials and architects have materially improved the functional design of school facilities. Initial cost is not a measure of true economy. Cheap construction resulting in high maintenance and .3. short life is a wasteful type of school construction. The measure of a Rood investment in a. school'. Principle No. 3 is determined by how well it serves' Economies in school plant de- the educational purposes of the. s jg n and construction can be ef- community. A school building is fecfed by tailoring 'the school Economies in school plant design and construction can be effected through careful selection of an education consultant, an architect, the school site, and the plan of requesting bids. Principle No. 2 Economies in school plant design, and construction can be effected through careful educational planning, considering the school facilities, the community background, the total program, educational needs, and the aims and objectives of each department or di- ing all waste space, lowering the ceilings, and by economical arrangements of spaces so as to eliminate all outside wall construction possible. Principle No. 9 Economies in school, plant design • and construction can be effected through planning certain areas or rooms for 'multiple use, both during school hours and after school hours for. community use. Principle No. 10 Economies in school plant design and construction can be effected by designing the building an education tool; if it does not serve this purpose well, it is not an economical investment no matter how low the initial cost. The economics in school construction generally achieved by School Boards throughout _the nation is a tribute to the ability and sincerity of board members. Continuance of already achieved economies and the relationship «f others depend upon continued use ty school Boards, competent school officials and' creative architects, arge plant to facilitate the functioning of the educational program by providing adequate space for the desired activities to be housed, the efficient use of this space and the proper intra-relationship of the different areas to be constructed. Principle No. 4 Economies in school plant design and construction can" be effected through careful planning of the . building so that internally would be easily adaptable to changing educational conditions by pro- enrollments and construction costs make it imperative to get the most value for its school plant dollar expended. Economy as applied to schoolhouse construction implies a wise and carefully managed expenditure of school funds and providing facili- jviding light weight partitions and high portable room equipment and . confidential ..-..• CASH LOANS Open Wednesday Afternoon 226 S. Third St., Logansport 2855 furniture. Principle No. 5 Economies in school plant design and construction can be effected through careful planning so that the building may be enlarged or extended at a reasonable cost both as far as structural design is concerned, the location and outlay of the heating, plumbing and electrical systems. Principle No. 6 Economies in school plant design and construction can be effected through the preparation of the use of recurring structural units which may or may not be modular sized and repetitive installation procedures with a mini- mam use of different kinds of materials. . Principle No. 12 Economies in school plans design and construction can be effected through the .use of tested and proved materials- that minimize future .maintenance and replacement costs while' extending the potential life of the-building while using the type of materials best suited for the particular area to be housed. Principle No. 13 Economies in school plant design and construction can be ef- fested through the pre-fabrication of certain standardized parts of the builidng at the factory, by re- according to a system of modular, ducing the on-the-site building and dimensioning which provide sav-| labor time. Psychiatrist and Patient Are Newest Joke. Team NEW YORK (UP)—It'may be a true symbol of our shaky - tense age,' a tune when every man seems bent on mooning around in exploration of the outer spaces of his own mind, that a new comedy team has established itself in the everyday world of the common joke. The team consists of the psychiatrist and his patient, plus the standard props of psychiatrist's couch and notebook. The combo sometimes varies, 1 — patient and patient; or doctor and doctor — but the basic idea is the same. Simple, If Not Pure opens the conversation: "Hello. You're fine; hovv'm I?" Slopped Into Goldwynism The thing has, logically enough, slopped over into the field of the simple Goldwynism. Sam Goldwyn is alleged to have said: "Anybody who would go to a psychiatrist ought to have his head examined." ••• AN OLD PHOTOGRAPH ol the Center school in' Deer Creek township may bring back memories io some of Cass county's senior citizens. The picture was brounght to the Logansport Newspapers by Clifford Cree, of Galveston, who found it among his mother's possessions. Cree estimates that the picture was taken about 55 years ago at the annual basket dinner on the last day of school. The, old one-room school house still stands, on a country road about two miles south o{ Deacon. Cree, who is now 67 years old, is the boy in the second row, behind and just to the right of th e girl in the light colored dress in the front row. ' Women Hold Pursestring, Men's Bank Balance Tops 'NEW YORK, Nov. 17 (UP) — Ladies, your much-reported control of the nation's wealth does not show in savings accounts, according to a number of people- including women — in.the banking industry. made by the Union Dime Savings Bank, the Bowery Savings Bank, and the East River Savings Bank, all of New York. As more and more women have joined the labor force and stayed in it after marriage, more a'nd "Although at least half of the m ore women open savings ac- savings accounts in this country; C0 unts in their own names. belong td women, it's the men who have the impressive balances," said Hilda Hoffman, assistnat secretary and statistician for the And then, there is the young la-;Bowery Savings Bank of New dy whose family urged her to go'York. to a psychiatrist .because she; She added, "In our bank, a liked pancakes. She plopped onto;man's average balance hovers I near th« $3,000 mark whereas "Now tell me!many a working gal has just I enough to keep a bank balance the couch Psychiatrist: That great old workhorse joke about yourself." team, Pat and Mike, whose do- Girl: "My folks say I should see' alive -' ings and savings were simple, if,you because I like pancakes." not always too pure, has just! p s y chia t r i s t : "Because you like about ended its orbiting. mother-in-law and son - in- law, ,,.,,,,, „ .. , , , team, a hardy fact of life, seems i J^ rl » ** a bit worn in its routine. The traveling salseman, in person, has been disappearing from' Psychiatrist: "Look, my dear., That's perfectly natural. Almost the American scene during the Sometimes the theme goes into last generation-and so, naturally,. 1 a proud-parent routine. One lady' have the jokes about him and thei me ets another: "I must tall you farmer's • daughter. what a wonderful son I have! But the psychiatrist is having a Twice a week he goes to this heyday-from the simple exchange head-doctor, and he pays $50 an of greetings to the long and wind- complete, exact, and accuratejing story. drawings and specifications so de- everybody likes pancakes. I like veloped that any changes will be kept to a minimum after the awarding of the bids and so designed as to prevent the necessity for costly changes when equipment is installed. Principle No. 7 Economies in school plant design and construction 'can-be effected through the simplicity of 12-diamond bridal duo in a superb fishtail mounting. Both Easy credit terms arranged Distmctivo diamond Diamond cocktail Man'i onyx signet ring. $56.00 ring. $225 ring. $35 Shop our store for complete selections of Rings and Jewelry—If it's Jewelry We Have Itana 1 Your Credit is Good at Fern ban. Jewelry Store 416 E. Broadway them very much myself." Girl: "Well!! You must come to my house. I've got 500 trunks full." The simple exchange may be patient-to-patient.' Two psychiatrj- cally aware gents, friends, pass each other on the street. first patient: "Hello." second patient musing: "Now, what did he mean by that?" Or it may be doctor-to-doctor. Two psychiatrists meet, and one nour . and he iiss there on a cour.h —and all he doeii is talk about me." CRASH VICTIM DIES SOOTH BEND (OP>)^C!yde F. Kile, 64", South Bend, died in Memorial Hospital today shor.tly after Handle, Not Own S,ave To Spend More and more people are saving with the idea of spending. .Once they have accumulated the amount of money they want, they draw it out and start saving all over again.. (Miss Hilda Hoffman ot the Bowery Savings Bank estimates Charge Religion Is 'Bootlegged" Into Few State-Aided Colleges WASHINGTON «PI—A Lutheran editor said here that some state supported colleges are "bootlegging" religion courses in response to demand by students. By law or by public opinion, such courses are effectively barred from most tax - financed colleges and- in America. universities the campus scene," Norden said in an article in Christianity Today a fortnightly magazine of evangelical policy. Take Bids On Cars For Use On Toll Road INDIANAPOLIS IS) — The Toll Road Commission announced today that Transportation Lease Division of Evansville has submitted the lew bid of $137,700 for the rental of 83 vehicles to the commission next year. The firm is now supplying th« commission's vehicles but will receive about $*5,000 more in rentals and mileage fees this year than its bid for next year. The commission put next year's contract up for bidding in the expectation of effecting substantial savings. Six other bids were received. The second lowest was $164,542 by Northside Leasing Corp. of Fort Wayne. The commission also announced a five-point program to guarantee all-weather, maintenance on the toll road. It includes a stockpile of abrasives, heavy 'duty equipment, a 100-man maintenance force, regular weather reports and roadway defrosters at the 12 toll plazas. Germans Shocked At Racial Trouble WASHINGTON UPI — Ervin C. Otte, 22, Et. 4, Seymour, Ind., who spent the summer on a foreign farm, said some Germans were shocked by the Little Rock, Ark., integration situation. Otte said he told them that integration problems would be ironed out in 10 years. He said most German farmers live a tighter family life than do farmers in this country, but on one farm on th? outskirts, of Ber- Rudolph Norden, editor of the j lin he found social habits similar Lutheran Campus Pastor, a pub-1 to those in America, lication of the Lutheran Missouri; Otte, a Purdue University grad- Synod, said that while some state colleges are "bootlegging religion credit courses into the curriculum via philosophy departments" others are openly establishing chairs of religion. uate, took part last summer in the international farm youth exchange project. one quarter of her bank's total "The quickening spiritual pulse accounts usually are in turnover). Women make less use of Sank services. Is sensed by many observers of "Women shouldnt be fooled by (Miss Campbell of the East all the current talk about their | Wver Savi Bank said womeQ controlling the economy. In spite | ditors in . her bank b fewer of the fact that more and more ;m orders and travelers women are handling money it of. "banking V mail", 't own it. Just because a woman: own 11. ousi Because a woman: »M<-ert riiv'dend (fpnosit serv- carries her husband's shoes to the;? r ,, a :t, c ' : dlv - aena de P° slt serv : j,,,,..,u n—,„„,ices ' than men.) s repairman doesn't mean they're Women tend to make more use purpose and Savings Bank. The .American woman, the most analyzed, woman in 'the world as a spender now is being analyzed as a saver by some of the nation's ! banks, and found weak in that de-' jpartment by some of them. Habits Change No comprehensive report pro- automobile and another earjduced by the banking industry is collided at a city street intersec- - -- - - tion as Kile drove home from work at an industrial plant. Allen R. Edgil, 22, South Bend, driver of the other car, was injured. n women's savings habits, though generally spokesmen for the industry agree they have changed, and for the better. The following are more of .the findings in studies on the subject their money. There also is a growing tendency for married couples to open joint accounts. • The Union Dime Savings Bank reports mairy young people now open joint accounts while they are, still engaged. The East River Savings Bank reports more and more men and women jointly saye in the bank's new college club set up by 'this bank to help young parents provide for their children's educations. Almost 1,800 generals in World War lil had more roops under their command than were ever under the banners of Napoleon. Read the Classified Ads III REASONS FOR BUYING A iastesM No other heater can heat water as fast as an automatic gas water heater .Tests prove this fact! cheapest-! The gas water heater is designed to operate at the lowest possible cost. You '11 have all the hot water you want ... for every household need ... at a cost of only a few pennies a day. most dependable! A gas water heater is completely automatic ... it operates without the least bit of attention. And, it will stay on the job every day "in spite of severe weather conditions. the quickest and cheapest way to heat water it with an automatic NORTHERN INDIANA P U • LI C S E R VIC E COMPANY FRED A. HAUSS, District Manager HEAVY -DUTY 4 BUCKLE ARCTICS T00> WATERTIGHT FIRST QUALITY! SC.99 5 BUCKLE ARCTICS | KEEPS FEET DRY! RUOOtD ARC IKS STrtB, LONG WEARING NOM-SMft RUBMR SOUS. MM* StZfS * TO 12. 93 MfN-S SHES K> fl KITS SIZES TO * VOVW SBBS IO 2 RML ntoncnoN SNOW. SttJSM, SUft. SHOES lor ww •nnrc AMERICA'S GREATEST SHOE VALUES BIG SHOE STORE

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