El Paso Herald from El Paso, Texas on April 4, 1923 · Page 3
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El Paso Herald from El Paso, Texas · Page 3

El Paso, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 4, 1923
Page 3
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EL PASO HERALD Wednesday, April 4. 1923, 3- FLAT DWELLER SOURLY VIEWS . BUILDING BOOM By RODNEY F. DUTCHER. Chicago, 111., April 4 (UN).—Nationwide prosperity has brought with it a building boom, but to the flatdweller who is constantly seeking lower rents or better quarters for the same price, this boom doesn't mean anything. This condition, an investigation reveals, prevails in Chicago and to a varying extent throughout the United States. The prediction that rents would be down substantially in May and that there would be an unprecedented number of apartments appear to be borne out as fully as a similar prediction made concerning the first of October, 1922, which was not at all. Hent signs are blooming like spring buds, but according to real estate men here, they have nothing to do with the case. In many instances they are merely a strategic move of landlords in their annual bout with tenants who don't really want to move, but are hoping against hope for a reduction. Meanwhile the building boom here is gaining momentum. March plans call for 3838 new homes, of which 0250 will be apartments and 588 residences. The total for tlie preceding two months was 3890. Turk A ssassins Body Hangs By Leg To Warn All Against Evil Doing Constantinople, Turkey, April 4 <UN).—The bullet-riddled body of Osman Agha will dangle by the log outside the building1 of the Turkish national assembly at Angora as a warning to all evildoers. Kemalist gendarmes shot and killed Osman and 12 of his followers after surrounding them in a house in which they had hidden. In addition to the 13 who were killed, 12 others were wounded and captured. The Osman gang was implicated in the assassination of deputy Ali Sukri Bey. Says Jacobs Asked Her To Arrange For Operation On Dancer San Diego, Calif., April 4 (UN). —Miss Wilma Minor testified that Dr. Louis L. Jacobs asked1 her to lake Fritzi Mann to a doctor in Los Angeles for the purpose of having an illegal operation early in January. Her testimony was introduced as tending to place the responsibility for the delicate condition of Fritzi Mann. 20-year-old oriental dancer, on Dr. Jacobs, who is accused of the dancer's murder by the state. Texas Knights Templars Continue Their Program Dallas. Texas. -April 4 (AP).— Knights Templar« from all over the stale, today continued their active program, which began Tuesday with competitive drills. The San Antonio team repeated its performance of one year ago at Fort Worth and will return home today with the grand commandery loving cup. the trophy awarded the best drilled team in the state. The Dallas cup comes with three successive yenrs' victories. The decision was awarded on points, the winning team registering 891 out of 1000; Dallas, 875; Fort Worth, 868; Hancred (Oak Cliff, Dallas), 830; Waco, 811. Four Knights Templars, one an army colonel, acted as judges. These were Col. Fred a . Logan, Dallas, on officers’ work; Fred L. Booth, Waco, on cadence: M. .T. Dowlin, Fort Worth, on second division knights, and Ralph Cameron. San Antonio, on first division knights. Visits to Hella Temple Children’s hospital were on today's program and a formal reception will be held this evening. 'n—\ Ç- \ • jiff îMm ‘r, I * ‘M/fa' \ ■yjj’T.r April Sale of CORSETS Discontinued Models F OR immediate clearance we have assembled all discontinued models in high grade corsets from our regular lines into one assortment. These are of different materials in back and front lace styles. Franco, Mme. Lyra and Nemo brands are represented in the group. Extra special, Each, $3.95 —Corset Section —4th Floor I N addition to the timely items noted below, do not overlook the special prices we are offering on four groups of spring dresses in the Fifth Floor Ready-to- Wear Section. 21ST YEAR, WEDNESDAY, APRIL 4, 1923. TEXAS’ MOST PROGRESSIVE DEPT. STORE. C USTOMERS can pass their time pleasantly and profitably by joining the Dennison classes, the art embroidery classes or the dressmaking classes under the direction of Mme. Day. tems Sport Skirts at $ 1 5.00 50 Shirts in This Special Selling Will Find Ready Favor i *ROM our regular stock we have assembled fifty stylish sport skirts and marked them at a reduced price for Thurs' day’s selling. These are developed of camels* hair, plaid velours, flannels, silk and wool eponge, prunella and other novelty skirtings. Different shades of tan and grey in plaids, solid colors and pleasing combinations are shown. Plain tailored and wrap around models are included. Many are trimmed with neat stitching and buttons. When worn with a jacquette, sweater or blouse, one of these skirts will complete a pleasing costume for sport, school, street or business wear. The window display will give you further interesting information of these skirts, but to fully appreciate the values, you must see the entire grorp. Each, $ 1 5.00 —Ready-to-Wear Section—5th Floor. Slip-Over Sweaters Smart slipover sweaters of liglit weight wool yarn* are offered. These have round and V neckline« and full length sleeves. Solid colors and pleasing combinations including sand, orchid, Harding, cardinal, grey, emerald, camel, brown and white. These are in fancy weaves with sash and buckle belt trimming, Thursday special, O /IQ each.................................... ..................... —Blouse Shop—Street Floor. After Easter Sale of Capes <SL Coats In the Girls* Own Shop For Girls and Little Tots E ASTER selling resulted in broken assortments of sizes and styles in coats and capes for girls of all ages. Theie are about two hundred wraps in all and they have been grouped at one price which gives you the best values of the season. MATERIALS ARE *** Camel polo, shadow plaid polaire, granite tweed, velour and French serge. COLORS ARE Light tan, reindeer, navy, copen, rose and STYLES ARE Sport coats in three-quarter lengths, also throw and tie capes in full flaring effects. SIZES ARE For little tots of ! to 6 years, also girls of 7 to 14 years. The Price $8.95 —Girls’ Own Shop—4th Floor. Hand Made Teddies J^AINTY, imported envelope chemise hand made of fine quality nainsook in bodice and built-up styles are a Thursday special. These are attractively embroidered—some show handkerchief embroidered designs in colors. Extra special, Each, $2.00 —Underwear Section—Street Floor. Timely Items In Bedding And Linen STURDY SHEETS Heavy, sturdy quality sheets, size 81x90, are offered, limit six to a customer, rf* *| QA each ............................... ,ip X PILLOW CASES Pillow cases, size 42x36, made of good quality 42-inch tubing are an extra special, limit six to a customer, each .......................f G BATH TOWELS Extra heavy bath towels, size 22x45, which will prove very serviceable, are a mid-week special, limit six A Q to a customer, each ...............fxOC —Linen Section—3rd Floor. Timely Items From The Piece Goods Section LONGCLOTH AND NAINSOOK pINE nainsook and longcloth, desirable materials for dainty lingerie, aprons and infants* wear, are featured in bolts of 10 yards. Special prices for Thursday are less than present wholesale cost. Limit one bolt of each to a customer. LONGCLOTH Xo. 300—Good (¡uality, fine weave d* 1 OQ longcloth with soft finish, special, bolt*P X »Ot/ No. 500—Soft longcloth with chamois tf* 1 *7 C finish, 36 inches wide, special, bolt... A • / I No. 1360—High grade longcloth with (J* "t Q g soft finish, special, bolt...................... NAINSOOK Xo. 17—Fine nainsook of a firm, durable wea%e. 36 inches wide, special, 1 C* O bolt ........................................................... .Di# Xo. 19—Soft finished, fine weave OQ nainsook, 36 inches wide, special, bolt —Piece Goods Section—3rd Floor. STORE Women’s Porch Dresses 300 attractive porch dresses of fine materials, moderately priced for the mid Week selling . T HE dresses in this Thursday feature are not ordinary house dresses, but are in smart styles for porch or neighborhood wear. They are made of fine ginghams, chambray and tissue gingham in attractive designs and colors. Many are attractively trimmed with F’eter Pan collars and cuffs, inserts of lace, novelty stitching, braid and pearl buttons. Sizes are 16 to 50. These porch dresses are from a nationally known manutac- turer and are unusual values. Each, $2.95 —Downstairs Store. Hrou^Hout the Store New Arrivals Beige Spring Footwear WE. have just received seven new styles in beige slippers for women. This is a favored shade for spring and in the following groups you will find styles for every occasion: GROUP XO. 1—In this group are in eluded the cleverest styles of the season in one-strap slippers of beige suede. The straps have cut out designs which are very effective when worn with light colored hose. These are trimmed with tan calf. Priced, per pair, $15.00. GROUP XO. 2—Beige suede one-strap, low cut slippers made with beige ribbon sewed in vamp and quarter, are in this assortment. These have French toe and junior Spanish heel. Per pair, $14.50. GROUP XO. 3—For street wear we especially recommend two-strap beige suede slippers. The straps are ornamented with narrow strips of Russian calf. The heels are covered with beige suede. These have welt solos. Per pair, $10.00. GROUP XO. 4—Beige suede slippers with brovv n kid strap and saddle are shown with Cuban heel, hand turned sole and short vamp. We also have this same slipper with French heel. Choice of either, per pair, $10.00. GROUP XO. 5—Sport slippers of beige suede, trimmed with Russian caTf band around vamp, are in this group. ThebC have low heel, welt sole and Russian calf trimmings on tips and strap. Per pair, $7.50. GROUP XO. 6—Included are several styles in suede one-strap slippers trimmed with tan calf. These have Cuban heel. Per pair, $7.00. X-RAY SHOE FITTING MACHINE W HILE the X-Ray shoe fitting machine was originally devised to fit children's shoes correctly, it is just as useful for the grownups. You can see exactly how the bones of your feet appear in the shoe. This X-Ray shoe titling machine eliminates all guesswork in shoe fitting. —Women’s Shoe Section—2d Hoor. Made in America—Guaranteed. Not a toy—7 inches tall, 6 inches wide. Will It Rain Tomorrow? Consult This Weather Prophet And Know For Certain. JT IS surprisingly reliable on local weather conditions. Made on strictly scientific principles. We have secured a special price on a quantity and as long as they last will sell them for exactly what it costs us to retail them just to further advertise our housewares department. When the weather is to be fine the two children will be out, when the stormy weather is approaching the witch wiil come out for 8 to 24 hours ahead of rain or sandstorms. The house is made of hardwood, in Swiss cottage style, and is decorated as in the picture, with thermometer, elk’s head, bird’s nest and birds, and is 7 inches tall and 6 inches wide. It has four windows and two doors. Our price for a limited time, 69c Every house in El Paso and the Southwest should have one. Come and get yours at once or mail your order. Mail orders 8c extra. An excellent gift for all occasions. Xow on display and sale in the Houseware Dept.—2d Floor. Smart Dress Hats fust One Hundred In This Timely Offering I N this offer you will find 100 smart dress hats which we purchased esp^ cially for Easter shoppers but have jusi arrived in time for Thursday’s selling. Beautiful models of canton crepe combined with milan crowTns as well as hand made visca braid and timbo straw hats, especially desirable for dress wear, are included. Orchid, light grey, black, sand, purple and other favored shades are shown. Many of the models are flower trimmed. Exceptional values, Each, $7.95 —Millinery Section—5th Floor. HOMECRAFT WEEK CONTINUES HOMECRAFT Week ends Saturday but there is yet ample time and ample stocks for you to select your spring curtains, draperies and rugs. Prices are attractively low during Homecraft Week. TERRY CLOTH Among the recent arrivals for Homecraft Week are 600 yards of heavy first quality, reversible Terry cloth in many pleasing designs and beautiful colors. Every yard of this material is perfect and represents the best quality obtain- QQ able. Extra special, per yard .................. 0*7C —Drapery Dept.—6th Floor. f Stamped Gowns pOR Thursday’s selling we offer women's gowns neatly made of good quality longcloth and nainsook at a very moderate price. These are stamped in many new and attractive designs. All sizes. Extra special. Each, 69c —Art Dept.—3rd Floor. Housewares Specials UJ-JO v/Ii 1^*5* $1.95 BATHROOM STOOLS Sturdily constructed bathroom stools, white enamel finished, with heavy rubber tips on legs to prevent scratching, Thursday special, each . .. MOP HOLDING STICKS Spring top, copper riveted mop holding sticks, sturdily made, Thursday .“I A special, each ...........................................* * V* Take Advantage of Our Big Free Offer, This Week, On Spring Skirts . JHIS week, we will introduce a novel and attractive idea for El Paso women who like to sew. We place at your disposal, without cost, the services of an expert woman s tailor to cut and fit the skirt. Mme. Day will also take pleasure in assisting you to select the material. Light weight woolen skirtings of all kinds are offered at attractivelvr low prices for this special event. Silk Special CANTON AND FLAT CREPE AT $1.98 The Thursday feature in the Silk Section is an assortment of 500 yards of beautiful canton an t flat crepe of a fine quality. These all silk materials are in a variety of new spring colors. Limit ten yards to a customer. ................ $1.98 —Silk Section—3rd Floor. 69c O’CEDAR MOPS O’Cedar polish mops are an extra special, limit one to a customer, Thursday, each ........................................ * LEONARD REFRIGERATORS Warm weather will soon be at hand. If the refrigerator you now have is worn out, replace it with a new Leonard—special prices arc in effect. —Housewares Dept.—2nd Floor. Special, per yard Timely Items on Street Floor CHAMOISETTE GAUNTLETS W OMEN’S gauntlet gloves of imported chamoi- sette, a fabric which has much the appearance of real kid, yet is of more durable quality and may be washed, are offered. These are in smart strap wrist gauntlet styles with embroidered back?. All the wanted colors are d* 1 1 Q shown. Per pair.......................................* • A ^ STATIONERY Linen finished writing paper—J8 sheets in four different tints with envelopes to match enclosed iu neat box—is also offered. This stationery has perfect writing surface and is in an A Q attractive stvle. Box-. ............................ TrJJC NIGHT WATER SETS Attractive night water sets including crystal clear water bottle with tumbler to match in pretty floral hand cut designs are moderately priced. These are not only attractive, but are serviceable for bed room, guest or sick room. 69c. Each All Silk Hose $1.95 A quality which is much better than you would ordinarily expect to buy at this price. E VERY woman is now supplying her spring needs in hose and we feel sure the majority who see these pure silk hose at this price will buy several pairs. These come in a desirable spring weight and are pure silk from garter top to toe. They are perfect as to fit, fabric and finish. Black, two shades of grey, beige, cadinal, and Havana brown are shown. These are in full fashioned styles with a double garter welt of silk, Exceptional values, Per Pair, $1.95 —Street Floor. UNION SUITS Men's athletic union suits of pajama check dimity and plaid nainsook, with elastic webbing in back, sizes 36 to 46, Thursday feature, $ 1 . 00 . A NEW STRAW HAT Make your selection here because we have assembled the season’s newest colors, shapes and styles in straw hats from the foremost manufacturers. You are offered choice of panama, bankok, leghorn and many novelty straws which are entirely new this season. Prices range $2.50 to $¿5. Boy’s Spring Suits With 2 Pairs of Knickers B OYS are hard on clothes, yet they must have fun. Buy your boy one of these two-knicker suits for double duty and long hard service. Then, too, every suit is in a good looking style which will please the boys. These suits are made of all wool fabrics including tweeds and fancy cassimeres. There are different patterns and colors. Sizes range 7 to 18. Every suit has two pairs of knickerbockers. Choice at $8.75 —Boys’ Dept—4th Floor. Timely Items For The Men MADRAS SHIRTS Men’s shirts cut full and well made of fine quality woven madras in neat fast colored patterns—all sizes, Thursday, each, $1.50. MEN’S PAJAMAS Pajamas made of cambric and percale in solid white, pink, blue and tan, finished with contrasting colored piping—all sizes, special for Thursday, $1.50. —Men’s Furnishing Section—Street Floor.

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