The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on July 11, 1944 · Page 13
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 13

Bakersfield, California
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Tuesday, July 11, 1944
Page 13
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NEW YORK STOCK CLOSE NKW YORK. July 11. </P>— Stink— Close Air Reduction 42 Alaska .lunoau 7 Allegheny Corporation ii s i Allied f'hemical and Dye Allied Stores Allls Chalmers Mfg.: Amerii.-an ('an American r'ar and Foundry American and Foreign Power American L,omomotlve American Power and Light American Had. and Steel S American Rolling Mill American Smelter and Hef American Steel Foundries American Tel. and Tel : t American Tobacco B American "Water Works American Zinc, Lead and Silver.... Anaconda Armour It Co Alchlson, .Topeka * Santa Fe • Atlantic Refinery Aviation Corporation Hnldwin Locomotive Baltimore & Ohio Ttarnsdall Oil Heridix Aviation Bethlehem Steel Roelnu Airplane Boi-den Company noi-g-Warner HI-IRKS Manufacturing Budd Manufacturing rsudd WheelV r'alumet ft Hecla Canadian Pacific fane Company Celanese Corporation f Chesapeake ft Ohio Chrysler Corporation Colgate-Pa Imollve-Peet Columbia Ons & Electric Commercial Investment Trust Commercial Rolvenls Common wenIth & Southern Consolidated Edison Container Corporation Continental Oil Del .Corn Products , Crown Zellerbarh Corn-Coin rnrllss-WriKht T>lst. Corp.-Seagram's nanKlHs Aircraft Dn Pont de Nemours F.nstman Kodak Klsclrlc Auto Light Electric Power and Light Erie Railroad Oeneritl Electric c,eneral Foods Tlenera] Motor* . Oondrlch C;oudyear Tire and Rubber rirent Northern pfd Greyhound , Houston Oil Hudson Motors Illinois Central Inspiration Copper Intel-lake Iron Internal ionnl Hnrvester 7S s i International Hydro-Eloc. A 3's International Nickel Cnn 31 "i .14!) ! ns'J . 92U . an", . 4'.!l . 19 U . '2% . \'l . 17". r, 7* 27"i 7(1 at 41% fid ir, u M'u 41 U 37 '» 1 1 «1 I (I'll . • 4 • 1 ..49 ' 1 24 ' .1 n « 1S 144 IdK 45 13'i ail 1 ', fir. '-i is 12 " in International Paper ... International Tel. and Tel. .lohns-Mlinvi Kennecoli Copper Kroger C.rocery Loew's, Inc Mack Trucks Marine Midland Marshall Field MId-Cont inent Pete MinneapoliM-.Mnnne Montgomery Ward • Murray Corporation Nash-Kelvinalor National RiM-uit National Cash lii-Ktsler National Dairy I'rodui-ts Nniionnl Distillery National Power and Light National Supply Newport Industries New York Central North American Aviation North Amrelcnn Company Northern Pacific Ohio Oil Packard Motor Paramount Pictures Pnrk I'lull Cons. Mininsi Pennsylvania Railroad Phelps Dodge Public Service of New Jersey.. Pullman Pure Oil Hadio Corpora lion of Amerlc Uadlo-Kelth-Orpheum KeminKton-Rand Republic steel Reynolds Tobacco B Schenley Distillery Sears, Roebuck Shell fnlon Oil Simmons Company Socony-Vacuum Southern Pacific Southern Railway Sparks Wllhlnginn Sperry Corporation Standard Brands Standard Oil of California Standard Oil of fndinna Standard Oil of New Jersey.... Slt'Warl-VV'a rner Stone * \Veblier Studeboker Corporation Texas Corporation Tide Water Associated Oil Titnken-Detroit Axle Timken Roller Bearing Trans.'tmerlr-a Twentieth Century-Fox Union Carbide 1'nion Oil of California t'nion Pacific Tniled Air Linen t'nilpd Aircraft t'niled Corporation 1'niied rjas Imp I'nitpd States Rubber t'nited Stales Steel WH Iworth . AVarner Rros. Pictures . .... Western Knlon Telegraph A.... West in-house While .Motor Wnnlworlh . Youngflloxvn Sheet and Tube IS 1.4 - us 44'1 SI, 17 r >» 47', 1.1'ii 1 f, '; 36 I 1 ,'* 17"; L' 1 r '« 31 24 IS 5 0 ' i 17': M'i UP, 19'j L'O'i 35 .14', !I7<! 8 27 31! 14 U Sll'i 57*4 17'.. 10'i .. S I LMI ' ..II CM . :n >' .. r,L"j ..104'a .. 2S-% .. r, i '* .. 42-% Poultry and Eggs LOS ANGELES. July 11. (IT.RI—Eggs: Wholesale prices consumer grade: Large, grade A 43<EM4r. grade B 33(9 !Hc; medium grade A 35®38c; small .grade A 22W23c. Retail prices to consumer: Large, grade AA 53t)'65c. grade A 48®51c. grade B 39ig40c. medium, grade AA 42W4(ic. grade A 40<&'44c; small, grade A 29 O Sir. Candled graded eggs to retailers (cases): Larger grade AA 47^M9c, ffrade A 43© 4Sc, grade B ,1,1 (if- 3Hc: medium, grade A 37W3Sc: small, grade A 2Sfrf27c. Poultry: Leghorn broilers under 1 •% ll>s. L'SlflSOc. Leghorns 174-4V4 His. 30® 32c. Leghorns L"i-3 Ibs. 298>31f, fryers 3 to 4 Ibs. 29@31c. roasters, all welghis, 2(H631c, Leghorn fowl 4 Ibs. and over. 22* 2«c. Leghorn fowl 3 to 4 Ibs. 17<B>20r. colored fowl, alt weights, 1M @ 26c. ducks 2flf/.'23f. domestic rabbils. under r> Ibs. White (ranch) 24c. colored (ranch) 22c. Los Angolos Livestock LOS ANUELES, July 11. (A?) —Cattle 900: steady to 2uc lower: common to medium steers $12(&'H.2fi; common to medium heifers $10(^12.50: common to medium cows $9.2-5Qiill.60; cutter to common J7.25®9. Calves 2011: steady: medium to good calves and vealers $13(8 16.25. Hogs 7fiO: steady to 25c higher: good to choice 190-240 Ibe. 1156'Hi.25. top • 15.35. Sheep 2"iO: good to choice spring lambs quoted $14.50®iri. Legal Notices MJTICK INVITING SEALED I'KOl'OSAI.S FOK A QUANTITY OF 30-INCH KK- INFOKCED CONCKETK PIPE TO UK USED IN CONNECTION WITH THE CONSTRUCTION OF A STORM PKAIN IN B NTKEET FOR THE CITY Of IIAKKRSFIEI.U, CALIFORNIA. PURSUANT to order of the Council of the City of Bakersfield, NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN: That bids will be received at the office nt the City Clerk until 5 o'clock P. SI.. Monday. July 17. 1944. the same to be opened at the regular meeting of the Council at 8 o'clock P. M., of »»ld day, for the following: Approximately 000 lineal feet of 36-Inch reinforced concrete pipe delivered F. O. B. tit B»k«i-Bfleld. California, said pipe to be used in connection with the construction ot a storm drain in B Street. All Dlpe *hall conform to the requirement* of the Standard Specifications for Reinforced Concrete Sewer Pjpe. Designation: C7R-35 (and subsequent amendments) o( the American Society for Testing Materials. Said pipe ahall be delivered to (he Street Department of the City of Bakersfield. after 28 day"' curing, not later than September I. 1944. All bids mu«t bu accompanied by a certified check In the sum of teji per cent of the contract price. The Council reserves the right to reject any and all bids. Dated:' July 5, 1944.^ ^ ^^ City Clerk and Ex-Officlo Clerk of the Council of the City of Bnkersfield. July 7-12. Inc.!. NOTICE OF OIL PROTECTION CHARGES DUE NOTICE IS HEREBY GI\'EN THAT I have received from the Department ol Natural Resources the record of asseM- ments »nd charges for Petroleum and Gas In. the current year. • The charges therein assessed and levied are due and payable on the first Monday In July and one-half thereof will be delinquent on the sixth Monday after the first Monday In July at six o'clock. P. M.. August 14, 1944. and unleax paid to the State Treasurer at the Capitol prior thereto, fifteen per cent wll! be added to the amount thereof, and unless paid prior to the first Monday In February next thereafter at six o'clock P. M February 5. 1946. an additional Jive per cent will he added to the amount thereof; and the remaining one-half of ' said charges will become delinquent on the flrat Monday in February next succeeding the day upon which they become due and payable, at six o'clock P. M. February 6. 1945, and If not paid to the State Treasurer at the Capitol prior thereto, five per cent will be added to the amount thereof. HARRY B. RILEY. Controller, By: BERT FOSTER. Deputy. Dated at Sacramento, California, this 3rd day of July, 1944. July 11-16 incl. Erratic Trend in Los Angeles Stock LOS ANGELES, July 11. (JP>— An erratic trend prevailed in the early stock market today but trading was mostly strong with 18,900 shares selling. Nine issues were up with Emsco Derrick gaining U to 11%, Lane- Wells U ot 14. Sontag Drug 'i to fl's, and Soulhern California Edison common ','» to 24 %. Bandini Peiroleum lost ',» to 5 U, Sinclair Oil >,'» to 14% and ' s to 10%, among the 11 issues to decline. Fifteen issues remained unchanged with Lockheed Aircraft at 17%. Republic Petroleum at 5% and Menasco Manufacturing at 1.10. Slock — Last TCandinl Petroleum .............. S's Hlue Diamond C'nrpornlion .......... 2.^"i Hnlsa Chli-a Oil A. ......................... 1.9.1 F.macn Derrick .................................. 1 Hi l.nne-Wells .......................................... 14 Lockheed Aircraft .......................... 1 7 *a Menanco Manufacturing .................. 1.10 Republic I'etroleum ............................ fi "i Ryun Aeronautical ............................ 3 \ Sinclair Oil ............................... 1 4 '•B Southern Calif. Kdison com .......... . 24^ Soulhern Pacific ...... ...................... 3i!Ti Transamerica ....................... 1 0 \i Union Oil of California ...................... 20 Los Angeles Produce LOS ANfiELES. July 11. (.£>>— Tradliie in fruits and vegetables was slow today. Corn and apples were weaker; cherries wild tomatoes firm; peaches, plums, apricots and enntealoupes. and watermelons were .dull to pliuhtly weaker; potatoes were steady to firm. Corn: Golden Cross, local lugs. r.-Pi'z dozen. SOcfi'tl; No. 2s. iri@:tOc; San ,loa- <iuin valley crates. 4-5 'dozen. $1.50(ft2. Apples: I'er ewt.. San .lonquin valley While Afltrachans. SfiiS 1 ?: Grevensteins, Sonoma county, $10@12 : ; Tulare county. $8(H> y; early Pippins, Sonoma countq. $!Hl' 10. Peaches: .San Joaqtiin valley, early Rlherlas and Kim lilbertas. 60s and larger. TfeSc 1)).; July :Elbertas, 60s and lai-Ker. (HfUlc In. (.'berries: Beaumont nnd Tucaipa Lamberts. 21I&24C lb.; Royal Amies. 12<&)ir>c Ib. : bines. 18(5' 21c lb. ; Monterey county binKs. 23i? Ib, Tomatoes: San .loaquin valley. IUKS 4x4s. J2.T5@3; local 4x5s to 6x6s. $3 fa' .1. 60. Plums: Santa Rosas. Sim .toaauin valley and local beat. SfilOc Ib. : Trugedys. San .loaquin valley, 7<$9c lb. ; Formosas, (i(ff 7c Ib. Apricots: Royals. Santa Clara county, fi*5>7e. lb. ; Blenheims. Snn .loaquln valley. 5'Wfic Ih.; Tlltona. San Jon (I "in valley, 5(?/>6c lb. Cantaloupes: Imperial valley, crates. Jutnho :i(in-4us $2.">()(5 1 3.i;i'i; Shafter jumbo '.IBfMr.s kl'ii: Delano jumbo S6s-4fis $3.50 (8)3.75; -honeyhalU, Imperial valley, jumbo 36s-4oB I2.uO<I|}.1; caaauas, Imperial valley, standard SR-12s $2; C'renshaws, Yuma. Jumbo 5s-8s $3@.1.50; Peraiani), Yuma. 4(i Ib. Watermelons: Klondikes. ton lots. Imperial valley J30fi>40. Trucks lots. Imperial valk -. $20®25 per ton. Beans: Local and Sun DICBO county Ken- luckys.' RlfflOc lb. ; yellow wax SfilOc lb. ; Limas, San Dietfo county. 1 fm Ih. Po'uuom: Street sales. JOO-lh. sacks. local Lous Whites. U. S. 1-A $3 r* .1. IS : Kern coun -y Long Whiles, L'. S 1-A $3.10 ©3.1.1. Squash: White summer, local and San Diego county, IUBS $1(61.50: yellow crookneck. local and San Diepo county, hiss $1 @1.3»: Table Queen. San Jnaouln valley. lugs $2 ; cream,, local, luga Stocks Down After 7-Year High Creaks DOW-.IOXES AVERAGES Preliminary Dow-Jones closing stock averages: Industrial 150.18, off 0.32: mil 42.28. off O.LM; utility 24.23, off 0.13; (ia stocks 5:t.65, off 0.1X. Sales totaled 1,34 7,5S7 shares compared with 1,8315,890. yesterday. Curb transactions aggregated 4(i5,- 410 shares against 524,C70 the previous session. XEW YORK. July 11. <UP>— Stocks turned lower today on profit-taking prompted by the recent extended advance that carried the main list to a new high for almost seven years. Steels scored losses ranging to more than a point In Jones & Laughlin B shares. Bethlehem touched a new high for the year at 66 s s. up %. but reacted to 65^. I". S. Steel lost \t point. Motors were down fractionally. Similar losses were noted in tire shares. Chemicals had major fractional declines, t.'nion Pacific was down nearly a point. Building equipment shares had losses of as much as a point in Johns-Manville. A special offering of 8177 shares of stock of Florshetm Shoe and another of 10,000 shares of McGraw Hill were speedily completed on the New York Stock Exchange. The Florsheim special was made nt 30',^ and the stock later touched 31. a new high. The publishing company shares sold at 18 7 «. Soft drinks again advanced, scoring gains ranging to 2 >,i points in Pepsi-Cola, which made a new 1944 high. Airline shares were irregular. San Francisco Mart Prices Unsettled SAX FRA.\CTSCO. July 11. (./FIJI any bids receded in the stock market today, but other western stocks went ahead to new tops for a half doxpn years. Trading of around 18.00(1 shares of aircraft accessories put that stock up U to 5'i for a new high before it receded. Other new tops included United Aircraft, Crown Xellerbach pf., Riverside Cement. Alatson, Emsco, General Paint, Western Department Stores pf.. Alaska .Tuneau, Bishop Oil and Pacific Telephone pf., which rose 2 to 158. jUagnin lost 1, Cal- aniba '«, and a number sealed fractionally. Slock— Ail-crafl Accessories Alaska .funeou Alias Diesel HiKhop Oil , Cnlambn .Sugar California Packing ' "en. Kureka Consolidated Chemical A Crown Xellerbach Crown 7.ollerba<'h pt'd Kmporiiiin-Capweil pfd Kmsco Derrick General Molors . (ieneral Paint Hunt Brothels com l.ihby McNeill Lockheed Air Cliwe . 5 "i , .. 101% ... 48 »i ... 12'4 '.'.'. ill'.4 MaKnin A Compan>- Miirchant Culculniine Naiumas Company Xorlh American Oil Pacific (las & Eleclric Pacific & Eleclric pfd Pacific Tel. & Tel. pfd ] Phlllippine I.OIIK Distance Shell Oil Company Soulhern Pacific KinnriHi-d Oil of California ".'. 'rrnnsamerica Yosemile Portland Cement pfd UnliNtril American Hadialor Blair & Company 3. General Eleulric MalHon Navigation Montgomery Ward Nnsh-KH Vina tor Riverside Cement Southern Calif. Edison 5'a'., pfu 1 '. t'nilcd Air Wesiates P.. pfd s 17'i 7!i 17 I 1 4 11 11 1 10'., «',» on s»'« 47 '.s 1fi-% 1 3 •% 3I\'i Los Angeles Cash Grain LOS ANC5KLES. July 11. OP>— drain quotations from the Federal-Stale Market News Service. Prices quoted are cwt.. field run, in carlots only. California barley. eradlriR 48 Ibs. $2.ri2',-! 0i' 2 . 5 7 Vi . No. 2 yellow milo. sacked $2.84 <5'2.8ft nominal. California wheat, sacked No. 2 hard or soft white $2 85 ia>2.90. No. 2 yellow corn. bulk, no offerings. No. 2 oats. 35 !bs. , $2® 2. 75. OBITUARY NOTICES 1IKAIV, CLARK J.—Funeral scrvkea Cor Clark J. Dealy, .14, who died July 10 nt the Greelcy oil leaao, will be conducted July 11! at 2 p. m. nt Fllrklneer- Dlglcr Chappl, the Reverend B. C. Barrett offlciattne Interment will bo In Greenlawn ^Memorial Park. Pallbearers will be Kobert Martin, Charles Kelly, Klwuod Feieuson. Dell Chare, Art Bisons r,nd Everett BieBer. Organist will be Mrs. A. R. Hnlsinelon and soloist will he the .rteverend Sam KleinstiHser. Mr. Dealy, who waa a member ot the Fraternal Order of Eagle*, Aerie No. 93, Is survived by his widow, Florence Dealy, of Fresno; hlH father. Jerry M. 'Dealy, * Hoden. Mo.; two brothers, Georse Dealy of Bakersfield and Robert Ucaly of Avenal, and a sister, Thelma C. Smeltz of Lcmoore, EI.FT.MAN, WILLIAM—Funeral «ervlres „ for William Elftman. "6. who died July 9 at a local hospital, will be held July II at 2:30 p. m. .at Qreenlawn Chnpel. the Reverend C. W. Opie officiating. Interment will be In Greenlawn Memorial Park. Mr. Klftman. a realdent of Bakersfield for 20 years, ia survived by three sisters. Mrs. Minnie Lawrence, Clyde, Kan.: Mrs. I,aura Brunn and Mrs. Susie Axley. boih of Toledo. Ohio; three nephews, R. A. Elftman and D. IS. Klftman, Baker«fleld; and Glenn Klft- man. United Stales Army; and a niece, Ruth Klftman. Los Angeles. MCDONALD. ROSIE BKLL—Funeral nrv- Ices for Roaie Bell McDonald. 3.1, who died July 9 at a local hospital, are pending the arrival of her husband, Willie McDonald, United States Army. Payne £ Son Chapel Is In charge of arrange- ments. Surviving Mrs. McDonald, besides her luisbnml, are two sons. J. B. Gulden and Lnuia McDonald; a daughter. Clora McDonald; a father, J. n. Hardaway; a stepmother. Alma Hardaway; and a cousin, Henry Hardawuy, all of Bakersfield. MOKENO, SHIKLKV—Graveside services for Ihe Infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. X. Moreno. Route 2. Box UOO. who died nt a local hospital July 9. will be held July 10 at 2 p. m. al Union Cemetery. Pa>;ne A Son ChappJ has charge of an-anc'emenls. The infant is survived by her parents, a brother, Jlmmle Moreno; and a sister. Norma Jean Moreno, both of Bakera- field. SHL'WOY. THOMAS JEFFERSON— Funeral services for Thomas Jefferson Shuwoy. 68. who died July 4 at a local hospital, will be held July 11 al 10:30 a. m. at Greenlawn Chapel, the Rev- ereiid M. Levine officiating;. Tntermenl will be in Greenlawn Memorial Park. Mr. Shuwoy IB survived by two sons. ?!arvel J Shuwoy and Francis Moiaii Shuwoy. both of the United States Army, and two daughters, Lillle Mae Cooler, Bakersfield. and Margaret Shuwoy, Texas. IN APPRECIATION T wish lo express my npp reel at ion for the kindnepa and sympathy of my friend* nnd for their beautiful floral ofOringfl durinsr my recent bereiivement. (Signed) Pat Brady. UNION CEMETERY Furniihei MONUMENTS FLOWER CONTAINERS GRAVE MARKERS AT LOWEST PRICES Office Within the Grounds Monument Display at Cemetery Entrance Phone 7-7185 Flickinger-Digier CHAPEL Distinctive Funeral Service at Moderate Cost Phon« 7-7M1 Chttttr Av«nu« it Thirtttnth J. 0, Flltkliwr Frwk DAY and NIGHT AMRULANCE SERVICE Cotton Futures NEW YORK. July 11. (£>)— Covering in .Inly, prior (o expiration of trading in that month next Friday, rallied the cotton ma.rket today with some positions moving Into new seasonal highs. Mill huylng; and New Orleans demand In the distant positions aided tlic advance, which met only scale-up liquidation and hedge selling. Late afternoon prices were 40 to 70 cents a bale higher. July 22.35, October 31.Si, and December 21.64. Los Angeles Hay LOS ANGELES. July 11. OS 3 }—Certificated hay was nominal today with too few sales reported to quote since practically all arrivals being sold on an un- graded basis. Ungraded hay and grain liny were unchanged In price.. Carlo! arrivals: 44 wheat. 32 barley. 4 onts. 2 mllo. 23 flax, 12 flour. 1 bran. 110 hay. Weather Forecast Given for Valley The weather forecast for farmers of the southern San Joaquin valley as prepared by the United States weather bureau in co-operation with the Kern county farm adviser's office of Ihe agricultural extension service is reported to be: Continued fair and slightly rising temperature today and Wednesday with maximum reaching 100 and 103, Further rise in temperature last part of week. Humidity range 13 to 40 per cent, becoming slightly lower Thursday. High yesterday 94. With continued high temperature and low humidity, stockmen with permanent or temporary pastures should watch irrigation requirements. Permanent pastures on most soils require irrigation every seven or eight days. Pump House Fire Causes $1500 Loss County firemen were called at 3:38 a. m. today to put out a flPe In the pumphouse of Joe AHringer, Route 1, Box 221, Wasco, when a carelessly tossed cigarette caused a blaze which did $1500 worth of damage. Small children smoking in a shicken house Monday afternoon at 1912 Sunshine street started a fire, destroying a chicken house, feed and 125 chickens belonging to C. K. Johnson and John Major, of Rosedale, fire officials stated. An unoccupied one-room cabin, owned by Shafter Farms Company, 2 miles north of M inter Field on Highway 99, went up in smoke Monday at 3 p. in. Defective wiring caused the blaze, it was reported. AVIATION CADETS Aviation Cadet James R. Mclntire has been. transferred from San Antonio Aviation' Cadet Center in Texas to Yale University, New Haven, CofiTi. Aviation Cadet Clinton *C. Douglas. Jr., has completed his basic flying training at Gardner Field and has been sent to an advanced flying school to finish,.his pilot training. His parents, Mr. and Mr*. C. C. Douglas, reside at 615 Washington street, Oildale. NO BED OF ROSES—No summer field brilliant with flowers is this scene, but a battleground at Treverep. France, pocked with foxholes and slit treneliPH used by Vnitert .Stales soldiers. Local Soldier Describes Attack Continued From Page Seven oil contributed a lot to this. It also kept the sharks away. "The explosion hit in number two hatch and the boys there got the worst of it. On deck some were wrapped around poles and when the hatches caved in. some boys who were sleeping on them, went in with them. Spot Liberty Ship "About noon, we spotted a Liberty Ship on the horizon and our hopes jumped sky high. She stayed a long time around the San Juan talking to men, then she started towards us. Several times, she turned away and we thought she was going away and our hearts slopped. But she always came back. There were several bombers flying around and also a flying boat. Finally the flying boat landed and started picking up injured men. They also threw off life rafts. Nine Cups of Coffee "We had wounded men in the lifeboat and they weren't having any fun. When the Llberly Ship came close enough, we started rowing toward her. We were all in and couldn't co-ordinate our efforts so we were rowing backward as well as forward. Finally, we reached her and one man got off every time the sea raised. When we got on hoard, a doctor put drops in our eyes. I went back on deck and helped pull men in. Some had to spend Ihe night in the water, because they couldn't make that last few feet to our heave line. You should have seen their faces when the ship pulled away. We had to get the hell out of there as it was getting dark and we were afraid the sub would return. I went into the galley and got something to eat and drank nine cups of coffee and smoked a full pack of cigarettes. They sure tasted good. 1-2-3 Splash! "The cabins were packed with colored guys, most of whom had gone just about as far as they could. They plastered the males and captains' cabins all over with oil. They were lying right on the nice clean while sheets. Everything was covered with oil from one end of the ship to the other. I spent the night on deck in a G. I. truck with another boy. About 12 o'clock, four men came down a board walk. They had strung over equipment and started looking for a few guys that died after they got on board. They yelled, 'Where are those stiffs. Oh, over here. Wait, get his dog-tug.' Then it was 1-2-3 splash! Red Cross Girls "They took us to an island off New Caledonia and pulled right up and docked at the capital, New Mea. "They had some G. I. trucks and ambulances, a band that didn't help much and a few Red Cross girls handing out cigarettes and that helped a lot more. We went to a replacement center about 20 miles away. Later the rest of the company came over from Fiji. We reorganized and went to Australia. A little more news—one of the guys out of our company who is now in Australia is up for the soldiers' medal for swimming out and pulling in 15 or more men to Ihe rescue ship who were too exhausted to make it. "Now you know., why I had so many APOs all at once. If* I'd stopped to pick up some of the money that was down the holds I'd had enough to retire for life. But I was just satisfied to have my neck and all other limbs. I guess that's all the news for this time, except my ne\v APO Is 322. Your loving son, "DAVE." The letter was written to his father, D. II. Hammond of 3905 K street. Officer Held Neglectful in Decapitation LIEUTENANT TO FACE TRIAL FOR MURDER IN LOW-FLYING PLANE CASE WILLIAMS FIELD, Ariz., July 11. (JP) —Second Lieutenant Dean C. Fundingsland. 23, Grand Forks, N. I)., passenger in a low-flying army plane which decapitated a civilian automobile driver June 22, was found guilty yesterday by a courtmarlial board of permitting willful neglect and damage to government property and violation of flying regulations. Second Lieulenant Howard E. Slittsworth. 21, Wakefield, Kan., charged with murder as the plane's pilot, will face, another military tribunal tomorrow at Marana Field, near Tucson. The prosecution Contended Fund- ingslund outranked Stitlsworlh by five months in his coinmlslson as second lieutenant and. therefore, should have taken over the controls when he witnessed his junior officer's alleged nonobservance of the rule against dipping over populated areas. With the court's recommenda- .Uon of dismissal from the service, Fundingsland's case was sent for review to the Western Flying Training Command, Sanla Ana, Calif. If the decision is upheld, the findings will be passed upon by the war department and President Roosevelt. Meanwhile, the. officer was ordered grounded,although still on active duty and retaining his rank. • The plane swooped over Tligh- way S9, ils wing scything through the car windshield, killing Earl W. Nepple of Los Angeles, Frank F. Hornkohl Promoted to Lt.-Col. KniPrintr nctivo duty MS :i r;i|>t:tin In April. ISM::, promoted tn major In Ansiist. r.Mrt. and now rnisrd to tlif important rank of lipiitennnt-rolonol. that's the rapid rise in rank of IJpn- tcnnnl-folonol Frank f'". Hornkohl. hnshand of Mrs. Klsio A. Hornkohl. of l'4."i !•'.! Corrilo Drive. A rrsorve ofl'icer since I'.iliri. Pol- miPl Hornkohl served first at Fort .Mason In the metllrnl corps. From Ihere IIP was transferred to Wrieht Field in Dayton, Ohio, ns director of the petroleum laboratories. More transfers brought Colonel Tlornkohl to the Oklahoma City Airport as engineer officer and to sub-depots at Enid and Fairmont as cornmandinR officer. Arriving at the Herineton Army Air Field in January. 104-1. he has since served as executive officer and hns been greatly responsible for the field's present high efficiency rating. In civilian life, f'oionel llornkohl owned and operated the Frank llorn- kohl laboratories, a chemical research .institute in Bakersfield. Airs. Hornkohl lives with her daughter. Carolyn, in Bakersfield. She is chief nurse nt the Old People's Home and heads the convalescent section of the General Hospital. G. 0. P. Governors to Meet at ^t. Louis IS.v CII.VRLKS II. I'U.MISK ALBANY, X. V., July 11. (JF>— Governor Thomas K. Dewey, Republican nominee for president, will join with LTi other G. O. 1'. governors at St. Louis, August '_' and ,'i. in a conference he said today would deal with the "area of responsibility and obligation as between the states and lire federal government and how these obligations to the people can best be performed." Dewey said at a press conference "every single Republican governor has indicated his great pleasure In coming and says he expects to be there." Leatrice Joy Gilbert, Army Private Marry HOLLYWOOD. July 11. (UP) — Leatrice Joy Gilbert, daughter of one-time Film Actress Leatrice Joy and the late matinee idol John Gilbert, was honeymooning today with Private George Arthur Hoover, following their marriiigc In Brentwood. Miss Gilbert was formerly married to Michael Caney whom she met while both were students at Stanford University. She obtained a divorce in Juarez, .Mexico, last April. Hoover is attached to the photographic division of the army signal corps in Hollywood. fcfje $aher0fuU> Californian Tuesday, July 11, 1944 | Chief Powers Gets ! Enforcement Job ! Governor Warren Places ' Kern Man on State Committee Chief of Police Robert B. Powers has been appointed hv Governor : Kail Warren to the state committee Jon law enforcement, advisory com- mittec to the California State War i Council, it was announced today. Chief Powers, and nine other members will advise the state director of civilian defense and the state director of civilian war services, Governor Warren staled. Chief of Co| lice Charles 10. Dullen of San Francisco will act as chairman and Kher- 1 iff Jesse L. Elliott of Orange county, vice-chairman. Governor Wnrrcn lias authorized n I meeting of the law enforcement committee for Wednesday, July -Ml. at j either Sacramento or Los Angeles. ; Other members of the committee, ; who. together with Chief Powers. I will serve without compensation, rep- I resent llumholdt. Xapa, Alamcda, Cutter and Kings counties. Parents of Sex Trial Witnesses Arraigned LOS ANGELES, July 11. CP)— Parents of three night club dancing girls, called as witnesses in the courtmartial of Captain -Morrison J. Wilkinson, Jr., on sex charges, were arraigned today on charges of contributing to their delinquency by permitting 1 their employment there. They were Mrs. Dorothy Capron, mother of Caprice Capron, a dancer at Earl Carroll's restaurant theater, and Mr. and Mrs. Harry G. Sttill, parents of Jean and Dean Stull, employed at the Florentine Gardens. Their preliminary hearing was set for Thursday morning. Both the night clubs and their officers are charged with violating stain labor laws in employment of j onng girls. Loser Leads Mule Through iTaft Streets ! AUCTION AT END ; OF PARADE BRINGS I IN $1475 BOND TOTAL j TAFT, June 11.—Promptly at ! "..'In o'clock Monday afternoon, Fred Mitchell, superintendent of • the maintenance department of I (ho Kern Mutual Telephone Com- puny. fulfilled his part of the bargain, in his war bond wager ; with Sina Dunne, manager of the • calV called "The Mug." Sina. drepsed in blue denim over' alls, whito blouse and a big straw I hat. mounted a mule, and with Fred Mitchell holding- the lead rope, and preceded by a drummer and fife player, members of the I'lnrriner Field band, paraded from the company office to : The Mug, where a group of youngsters carrying vegetables and a. chicken joined the parade to the Victory House. A sack of potatoes donated by William B. Camp of Rakersfield was auctioned off along with the vegetables given by local merchants and a red rooster given by Albert Winget of Winget'a Poultry Market. Sina sold a total of $163,475 worth of bonds in the drive, the auction at the end of the parade bringing in $1475. The mule, which was decorated with large bows of red, white and blue ribbon alongside his ears and on his tail, and wearing a straw hat, through which his ears had been poked, was brought to Taft from Cuyama valley in a. trailer, by Fred Owen, president of the Oikiale and Taft Kern County Banks. Kred Mitchell, who weighs 255 pounds, led the mule, with Sina. who weighs approximately a hundred pounds, riding the animal. Wine, Grape Men Protest Ceilings FRI-;SXO. July U. UP)—Almost 200 members of the grape and wine Industry in the San .loaquin and Sacramento valleys yesterday petitioned government agencies for reassurance that no ceilings will be imposed on growers' grapes in 104-1. The group also proposed that if the War Food Administration and the Office of Price Administration are considering a ceiling, hearings on the subject should be held in California before action is taken. Rudy Vallee Contests Wife's Divorce Suit " HOLLYWOOD, July 11, CUE)— Starlet Bettlejane Greer may want :i divorce but her caost guardsman husband, Lieutenant Rudy Vallee, doesn't, he said today in asking the Superior Court to refuse, his wife "a, decree. Vallee. who once rushed from his coast guard station to effect a reconciliation when Miss Greer moved out of their house, denied ho had inflicted any "grievous mental suffering" upon her. Repeating his oft-made vow that he still loved her, Vallee filed an answer to Miss Oreer's suit for divorce.- Democrat Delegates to Leave for Parley SAN FRANCISCO, July 11. <UR> — California's 56-member delegation will entrain here and at Los Angeles Saturday for the Democratic national convention at Chicago, Attorney- General Robert \\'. Kenny, leader of the delegation said toduy. Northern and southern California groups will Join the Utah delegation at Ogden Sunday and arrive in Chicago Tuesday, Kenny added. The delegation's 62 votes are pledged to President Franklin D. Roosevelt. Vichy Claims Turkey, Germany Make Deal LONDON, ,Tuly,H. <UE>—A A'ichy broadcast said today that Turkey had concluded two commercial treaties with Germany and Rumania. The German treaty, it was reported, will provide for an exchange of goods to the value of 110-4,160,000 and the Rumanian agreement for delivery of gasoline to Turkey. Ancient Sub Lost; Sixty Men Perish AVARTIIXGTOX, July 11. <UR)—The 21-year-old 800-ton submarine S-2S was accidentally lost in the Pacific recently while engaged in training exercises with a complement estimated at about. 60 men, the navy announced today. The skipper was Lieutenant-Commander .lack Gordon Campbell, Chicago, who would have been 29 on August 10. "The depth of water makes il im- possililu to salvage the submarine and hope has been abandoned for the recovery of Ihe missing personnel." Ihe navy said. There were no survivors. The navy added that an investigation is now in progress into the ac- ctdenl, nature of which was not disclosed. There was no indication where in the Pacific the accident occurred. The K-28 was Ihe twenty-fifth t'nited Stales submarine lost front all causes in this war ami was the second to lie lost during training exercises. The 11-12 previously was lost in June, li)4.'i, in training exercises off the I'nited Slales east coast. Cadets File Suit Against Truckman i-os A.XC;EJ,KS, July n. <^)—A • $420.000 suit against. LOiiUilio De La Iliva, truck driver, and others was filed yesterday by four Santa Ana Air Base cadets, alleging that a traffic accident interrupted their training and prevented them from obtaining army air forces commissions. They contend that the car in which they were riding: was in a collision last May 23, with De I.a Riva'B truck; FINAL DAYS LOWELL'S 1516 Nineteenth Street, Bakersfield AFTER 40 YEARS THIS FINE MEN'S STORE QUITS BUSINESS OUR LANDLORD GAVE US NOTICE AND WE LOST OUR LEASE ENTIRE STOCK 25 50 01 /OOFF • Stetson Hats • Manhattan Shirts • Hart Schaffner & Marx Clothes • Fawns Gloves • Thero Sweaters • Interwoven Hose • Manhattan Underwear and Many Other Nationally Advertised Brando Slain Woman's Body Found, Unidentified ANfJELES, July 11. (^>)--The i body of a blonde young woman about ; 23, clad only in a black dress and ; with her head beaten In, was found in a'ditch beside El' lOegundo Boulevard early, today. Her wrlslvvatch had stopped at 12:20. ; There were no marks of identlfi- i cation on her person and a search ' of the surrounding area failed to j disclose any clue to her slayer, slier- j iff's officers said. SILENCE GREETS RESCl KKS BELLA1RE, Ohio, July .11. UP)— Rescue crews tried to contact 66 men entombed since last Wednesday at nearby Powhatan mine through a new shaft today, but only an eerie silence greeted their shouts into the pit and'they virtually abandoned all hope the coal miners still were alive. THIS IS YOUR OPPORTUNITY TO SAVE . . . BUY NOW FOR LATER AS WE MUST QUIT! LOWELL'S 1516 NINETEENTH STREET

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