El Paso Herald from El Paso, Texas on August 25, 1917 · Page 8
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El Paso Herald from El Paso, Texas · Page 8

El Paso, Texas
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 25, 1917
Page 8
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8 Week-End Edition, August 25-26, 1917. I I. PASO HEKALU JOINT «NI SERIE Sill CHURCHES HQiMlVI Rev. Dwight J. Bradley to Preach and Rev. Fuller Swift to Preside at Union Open Air Service in Cleveland Square Sunday Evening; El Paso Churches to Honor Members in Nation’s Service. B I B L E PICTURE QUERY—19 What Is the Bible Remedy for Boils? T WO El Taso churches will be in in charge of the open air union service in Cleveland Square Sunday nijht. Rev. Dwight J. Bradley, pastor of the First Congregational church, will deliver the sermon, and Tiev. Fuller Swift, rector of the Church of St. Clement, will preside over the meeting. Members of the choir of both churches will assist In the music and the congregations of both churches will be responsible for the service. On a previous Sunday evening the rain interfered with the service which was to have been conducted by Rev. Fuller Swift, and as the service on Sunday night will be the last of the regular series, a Joint service was arranged. On Sunday evening, Aug. 2, the customary Labor Day open air service will be held in Cleveland Square with the pastors of the several churches that have taken part in the services during- August, taking part in the Labor service. The churches participating have been the First Presbyterian, First Christian, First Methodist, First Congregational, Church of St. Clement and Westminster Presbyterian. Cliurch of St. Clement. The subject of the sermon by Rev. Fuller Swift, the rector, at the Church of St. Clement Sunday morning will be: "The Jungles of the Jordan.” Services Sunday will be: Holy Communion 7:30 a. m., and morning prayer and sermon at 11 a. m. The order of service for morning prayer follows: Processional hymn No. 395, Dykes: Venite, Chant; Te Deum, Woodward: Jubilate, Chant: hymn before sermon No. 342, Bullinger; Offertory, “Intermezzo,” Rogers; Recessional hymn No. 3 4 9, Walch. Herbert G. Bastow is organist and choirmaster. First ConsrPffallonal. At the First Congregational church Sunday morning at 11, Rev. Dwight Jaques Bradley, the pastor, has for the subject of his address “The Hidden Face of Destiny.” The address will deal with the destiny of the Allied countries in fighting for a great ideal—a world set free. Austin Pnrk Christian. There will be services at thp Austin Park Christian church. Rev. J. H. Allen, pastor,, Sunday as follows: Bible school at 9:45 a. m.. Communion at 10:45 and preaching by the pastor immediately following. There will b<* special music by the chorus. Rhea Wells will lead the Endeavor at fi:45 im., subject: “Thou Shalt Love Thy Neighbor as Thyself." There will be no preaching service in the evening. Fir*a Methodist EpfsropnI. Rev. John M. Jackson will preach at the First Methodist Episcopal church, ‘‘The Church With The Revolving Cross,” at 11 a. m.. Sunday. Special music for the occasion will be a soprano solo by Mrs. Ethel B. Wilson, “I Sought the Lord.” (Stevenson) and “In that shall this song be sung.” (Hosmer), quartet, Mrs. E. B. Wilson, soprano. Miss Elizabeth Fry, contralto. H. F. Burkee. tenor, and E. E. Nold, bass. The evening services of the church will be held in conjunction with the Summer Sunday night union meetings in Cleveland sqtiare. Next Sunday nitrht the evening services of the First T WO El Paso churches, the First Christian and the Calvary- Houston Square Baptist, have arranged special services for Sunday morning' in honor of their members who have entered the service of the nation in war, in some of the several branches of the army or navy. From the First Christian church 20 have joined the colors to fight for world freedom. From the Calvary-Houston Square Baptist 59 have answered the call of the nation. Patriotic Service at First t’liristlnn. At the First Christian church the service Sunday morning will be in the nature of a recognition of the men of the church and congregation who have entered some department of the army and navy. The 20 members who have taken up patriotic service from this church are: Homer Dale, mechanic, Quartermaster's Reserve corps, Ft. Bliss; Dr. H. O. Darnall, lieutenant, Third Field Hospital corps, Ft. Bliss; Cecil Davis, Co. T, Texas National Guards; Carrol Farmer Co. A, Texas National Guards; G. L. Fincham, Navy; Ray Geddes, Co., K. Texas National Guards, San Benito, Texas; Ralph Homan, commissioned 2nd., lieutenant Officers’ Reserve corps; Will Homan, Co. B, Texas National Guards; Thornton Hardie, selective army; A. L. Keener, Co. A, Texas National Guards: Lalff Langford, U. S. Navy electrical school. San Francisco, Cal; Harlie B. Lewis, Goodyear Dirigible school, Akron, Ohio: John L. McGrady, Aviation school Austin, Texas; Elgie Means, Officers’ Reserve corps, Leon Springs, Texas; H. B. Parsons, Quartermaster’s department. El Paso; Roy H. Penniwell, selective army; Dr. Herbert E. Stevenson, lieutenant colonel. First Texas Infantry, Ft. Worth, Texas: F. S. Vaughn, Third Field Hospital corps. Ft. Bliss; E. E. Witte. Quartermaster’s department, El Paso; The late Paul McQueen, San Benito, Tex., Co. K, Fourth Texas infantry: Hugh Sawyer? supply company, First Texas cavalry, Camp Bowie. The Christian Endenvor Society will meet as usual at (>:30. The evening service will be held in connection with the union open air service in Cleveland Square. Cnlvnry-Honsion Sonnre Service. At th^ Calva ry-Houston Snuare Baptist church. Rev. O. J. Wade. D. P., the pastor, w'ill preach a special and appropriate sermon and the church will be profusely decorated with National colors in honor of the 57 men tvho have g^ne from that church to give patriotic service to their country. The morning service will be given over to honoring the men who are in the army or navy and special music, including patriotic songs, will be a feature. At the evening service there also will be special music and the ordinance of Baptism will be administered at the close. The three unions will meet at 7 p. m. Parents are asked to allow children to remain after th*1 Sunday school hour for the morning patriotic service. Methodist church will be resumed. There will he a re-npening celebration with a sermon-lecture on “German Nationalism and Protestantism,” and special music by a chorus choir under the direction of Mathew Lemon. The sermon is the second of a series of five discourses on “The German Religion of Hurrah and Hallelujah.” Curious and Unusual Bible Questions Lock at the picture above, then turn to your Bible and find the answer to the question. The picture illustrates the verse in which the answer will be found. Each week we will publish an illustrated question from the Bible and the following week publish the answer. See if you can find the answer before we publish itl Make a family pastime of this interesting feature —it will amuse and instruct you. Last Week’s Question and the Answer Last week’s query: “What is the Bible’s only reference to a Ferry Boat?” is answered in IL Samuel, Chapter 19, Verse 18: "And there rrrnf tn'er a ferry bont to carry over the King’s household, and to do what he thought good.” COPYRldMT 1917 ev eOOKLOVKa*--*Ai.»S CO 1*1 * V Distinguished Negro Who Was Here 48 V ears Ago , to Preach Sunday Dr. W. B. Ball, the founder of Guadalupe college at Seguin, Texas, will preach Sunday at the Second Baptist, (Negro) church, corner Second and Virginia streets, Dr. Ball is president emeritus of Guadalupe college and is the only negro in the world holding such title. He was a member of the 24th. and 28th. infantry and served three years in the Indian wars. He was a soldier Tiere m El Paso more than 48 years ago, and is here in tne interest of Guadalupe college. .« « ... V» ♦ ♦ » < ♦> SC RIPT I hi :. *> * v ❖ ♦!* •> v *> *> <♦ *!♦ ♦> v PnalitiH 9:1-10. I w’ill praise thee, O Lord, with my whole heart; I will shew forth all thy marvelous works. T will be glad and rejoice in thee: I will sing praise to thy name, O thou most high. When mine enemies are turned back, they shall fall and perish at thy presence. For thou hast maintained my right, and my cause; thou safest in the throne judging right. Thou hast rebuked the heathen, j thou hast destroyed the wicked, thou | hast put out their name for ever and | ever. O thou enemy, destructions are ! come to a perpetual end: and thou hast destroyed cities; their memorial is perished with them. But the Lord shall endure for ever: he hath prepared his throne for judgment. And he shall judge the world in righteousness, he shall minister judgment to the people in uprightness. The Lord also will be a refuge for the oppressed, a refuge in times of trouble. And they that know thy name will put trust in thee: for thou, Lord, hast not forsaken them that seek thee. SETS 35 LIQUOR CASES FOR TRIAL, COUNTY COURT The first week of the forthcoming term of the county court at law, which convenes Sept. 3, will be taken up with liquor cases. County attorney W. H. Fryer has set 35 of these for trial the first day of court and they will be called until judge W. P. Brady has heard them all. Tnere are in all about 50 liquor cases on the docket, most of them the result of recent raids on clubs by special deputy Henry Blum and other officers. Brighten the home with Sole Proof Colored Varnishes. Lander Limber Co. —Adv. Red Star” COOKING SCHOOL MOVES TO CLINT, TEXAS A FTER a successful week in demonstrating “Red Star” Mill Flour Miss Hewey will hold a demonstration next Tuesday and Wednesday at The Clint Mercantile Co. Clint, Texas. A cordial invitation is extended to Housekeepers of Clint and adjacent towns and neighborhoods to attend these demonstrations. You will be sure to learn cooking ideas of real economic value. “Rea Star” Mill Flour Is for Sale at Your Grocer’s The first of the series was delivered last Sunday night in Cleveland Square. The remaining four will be delivered on Sunday nights through the month of September in the First Methodist church. As bury Methodist. The pastor, Rev. C. K. Campbell, will preach at both services Sunday at Asbuiy Methodist church. The subject for the morning sermon will be: “The Great Revival at Sychar.” Special music for the morning service will be a solo, "Onward Pilgrim,” by Miss Josephine Turrentine, of Ruston, La., ai.d a chorus, “Better Each Day.” The subject for the evening sermon will be: “A new Era and Our Attitude Toward It.” The young people’s chorus will sing: "Master, the Tempest is Raging.” Highland Park Methodist. At the Highland Park Methodist Episcopal c hurch, South, Sunday morning, Rev. H. P. Bond, the pasior. will preach on: “The Presence of God With His people.” At the evening service his sermon subject will be; “The Barren Fig Tree.” Vslcta Method int. The Sunday morning service at the Ysleta Methodist church will be conducted by L. L. Copey, a layman of Trinity Methodist church in El Paso. In the evening at S, Rev. A. B. Weaver, the pastor, will preach. Orchard Park Methodist. At the Orchard Park Methodist church Sunday morning thf* pastor, Rev. N. H. Huffman, will have for his sermon subject: “Indirect Benefits of Christianity.*' Trinity Methodlnt. Rev. T. L. Lallar.ce. who a few years ago was presiding elder of the El Paso district and now pastor of the Methodist church in Las Cruces, will occupy the pulpit at both morning and evening services at Trinity Methodist church Sunday. His many El Paso friends are expected to take advantage of the opportunity to hear him again. Special music for the morning service at Trinity will be an anthem, “Not Unto Fs, O Lord,” (Smith). The special music for the evening hour will be an anthem, “The God of Abraham Praise,” (Dudley Buck) and a solo by J, Frank Ckeek, “Alone With Thee,” (E. H. Bailey). Fast FI Paso Methodist. At the East El Paso Methodist church Sunday, Rev. Frank C. Collins. the pastor, will preach at 11 a. m,, on: “The Work of the Holy Spirit.” He also will preach at 8 p. m. Sunday school is at 10 a. m. First Presbyterian. At the First Presbyterian church Sunday the services will be: Morning worship and sermon by the pastor. Rev. Charles L. Overstreet at 10:45 a. m. Charles J. Andrews will h ive charge of the musical selections for the day. A big “drive” will begin the first of September for the Sunday School picnic and Rally day which will be held Saturday and Sunday, the latter part of the month. Special classes for younger and older men are attractive features Just now of the Sunday school. Another one of those big Sunday evening meeting conducted by the voung people, will be held Sunday night at R:30. Following: the program there will be a “friendly hour” at which time a light lunch will be served. Informal singing and visitlntr will follow. Mr. and Mrs. .7. E. Neff. Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Hunter and others will be chaperones for the evening. Fast F.l Paso Presbyterian. At the East El Paso Presbyterian church Sunday morning. Rev. Asher A. Davis, the pastor, will have for his sermon subject: “Trying to Walk Alone." His evening sermon subject will be: “The Exceeding Sinfulness of Sin.” ITfsrhlnnd Park Baptist. At the Highland Park Baptist church, the pastor, Rev. I. N. Langston will have for his sermon subject Sunday morning, “Growth." Rev. C. H. Lane will preach at the evening hour. Sunday school is at P’4.r. a. m. Both Unions will meet at 7 n. m., Sunday. The L. A. S. meets Tuesday afternoon at 3 o’clock, T*ray- ermeeting will be conducted Wednesday evening by J. W. Outlaw, firand View Baptist. At the Grand View Baptist chapel the Sunday school at 3 p. m., will be in charge of the superintendent. R. M. Denman. Mr. Ashton will lead the singing, assisted by a choir of boys and girls. Th^ Woman’s auxiliary nu-ets Wednesday at 3 p. m , Mrs. J. W. Earle will be the loader. Midweek prayer service is on Tuesday at 8 p. m. East PU Paso Baptist. At the East El Paso Baptist church Sunday services both morning- and evening by the pastor. Rev. Ed. L. Milllcan. Sunday school is at f%ir> a. m., and prayer meeting Is on Wt?.l- nesday evening at 7:4G. Paite Publicity Tlnrean—Advertising in all its branches. 226-8 Herald Bldg. —Adv. Sentence Sermons By El Paso Ministers N O MAN is fit to hold any position of trust and responsibility in civil or religious life whose motives and methods in the conduct of his private affairs are bad.—Rev. L N. Langston, of the Highland Park Baptist church. It is not enough that we should pray for forgiveness, we need to be kept from falling into the pit from which we have been digged.—Rev. Perry J. Rice, of the First Christian church. A comet draws more attention than the steady star; but it is better to be the star than the comet, following out the sphere and orbit of quiet usefulness in which God places us.—Rev. Asher A. Davis, of the (East El Paso Presbyterian church. It i9 fitting that the churches of the land should express to their own Soldiers that appreciation which is due to those who put their own lives in peril for the sake of those who now live and who shall live aflter them. We should match a little more than the mere dollar against their lives.—Rev. 0. J. Wade, of Calvary-Houston Square Baptist church. In the midst of all the doubt, dread and disheartenment of today, the failure of Christianity should be the least of our worries: “God is not overthrown by His own order.”—Rev. Charles L. Overstreet, of the First Presbyterian church. God’s love to us is manifested in the fact that he not only provides us the bare necessities of life, but adds unto them many things that make for our happiness. Among these are the songs of birds, the beauty of flowers and the glory of the sunsets. A personal acquaintance with the author of these things increases our appreciation ofl them.—Rev. N. H. Huffman, of the Orchard Park Methodist church. God's guiding, protecting, sustaining and abiding presence is with his people to give grace in this life and glory in the world to come.—Rev. H. P. Bond, of the Highland Park Methodist Episcopal church, South. It is to be pitied that the gospel message has been so painfully distorted by some of its heralds, making it a proclamation of impending doom, thundering forth the terrors of the law, depicting the dire penalties of sin in letters that flame with fire and brimstone, while the gospel is essentially and primarily good news, the story of God’s forgiving grace and pardoning love.—Rev. C. K. Campbell, of Asbury Methodist church. All history, both secular and divine, attest that ruin will ultimately overtake the man or the woman, the state or the nation that deliberately chooses the wrong in preference to the right.—Rev. J. H. Allen, of Austin Park Christian church. DEMAND A GUARANTEED TITLE A small fee pays all the expenses of a guaranteed title. A Guaranteed Title means our abstractors have carefully searched the record, that our title lawyers have carefully examined and approved the title. IF YOUR PROPERTY BECOMES INVOLVED IN LITIGATION, WE DEFEND THE SUIT FREE, pay all costs and expenses; if the property is lost, the Guaranty Comoany pays the full amount of such loss. CAN YOU AFFORD TO BE WITHOUT THIS PROTECTION? STEWART TITLE GUARANTY CO CAPITAL $300,000.00 Office: Fourth Floor Two Republics Bldg. EL PASO, GALVESTON, HOUSTON, DALLAS, SAN ANTONIO Unconquered I j Model Eighty-Five Four 095 /. O. b. Toi cd 9 Subject to chan/4 vUhout notice Year after year for many years the thirty-five horsepower Overland has outsold, by a wide margin, all cars of such comfortable size. An unequalled combination of power, comfort and economy, it has naturally been an unmatched success, The thirty-five horsepower motor is not only unusually powerful—It is unusually economical. The wheelbase is 112 inches— unusually long—permitting unusual roominess. Thirty five horsepower!—112 inch wheelbase!!—$895!!! Also unusual at the price— cantilever rear springs that ease the car over the rough spots—permit speed with comfort on poor roads. No car of such comfortable size has ever approached its success, because none has ever combined such power, comfort and economy. God never conscripts any man into His service. But when a man volunteers he is expected to be loyal to his vows and to God’s laws. Mutineers and lawbreakers (backsliders we call them) are first reprimanded. This failing to bring them back, they are then courtmartialed and turned out, but there is nearly always a royal welcome waiting for them who will repent and return _ Rev. Frank C. Collins, of the East El Paso Methodist church. EL PASO OVERLAND CO., Distributors PHONE 170 BOULEVARD AND KANSAS

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