Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on March 7, 1895 · Page 8
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 8

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 7, 1895
Page 8
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THE FINEST LINE OF SPRING SUITINGS To be Found in the City at W. D. CRAIG'S, 428 BROADWAY. Third Floor, Justice Block. S. C. FORD, E.P, LORD, R. S. JANKE, E. A. STRANG. -OFFICE OF- ADAMS & FORD, ^MflNUFrtCTURE,RS OF— ^^ BOOTS AND SHOES. IHCTATJEJU BY K. A. 8 CLEVELAND, OHIO, March i, 1895. OTTO A. KRAUS, Esq., Logansport, Ind. Dear Sir:—Yours of the 2 3 d at hand, and in reply would say that by some oversight on our part we overlooked this matter of yours a few days, but we have sent you today five cases ot Sample Shoes at prices which we think will please you. We have left of the womens cloth top shoe, which we send you at 9 oc, one case and a few pairs; if you can use the rest we should be pleased to foward them to you. , . , , ^ , . ,, The Women's Common Sense Dongola Button which we send, is a shoe that w. used to seU for £1.85 net, but we are cleaning them out at £1.00 and have taken the liberty to send these to von, and we think you will like them. „„„:„ Hoping the rest of the goods will please you, and to receive your/^ £avor !? * e remam Yours very truly AlJAivia <x r urxLy $3.50 at retail. The above lot of shoea will be on sale Monday and Tuesday OTTO KRf\US. FOOLESONO BROS. Undertakers and Embalmer And Retail Dealers in FURNITURE Of all Kinds and UPHOLSTERING. 424 BROftDWflY, Calls Promptly Attended to Day or Nyht. Phone No 90. For Men's Shoes SEE OUR Spring Goods! Prices are advancing but we hold them down. WfVLKER & RflUGH 420 Broadwav. Charged WUh Amnnltlng; HI* father Larry Dooley of Royal Center, was yesterday charged with assault and battery upon his old father, and an affidavit for his arrest was Issued late last evening from the office of 'Squire M. KUller of that place. It la a fact that nearly all reliable proprietary medicines were tirat used and thoroughly tested in practice by physicians of more than usual ability, and yet some physicians snfor at such medicines. ' The reason ia plainly seen by taking Branx'a Balsam lor illustration, known everywhere aa reliable and sure to cure «very sort of lung and throat trouble, except last stages of consumption. Why Is it not juat as good for your ca»e aa a physician's prescription, which might coat three or four times as much, though no surer to cure. Large 25 and 50 c«nt bottles at Ben Fisher's drug store. Silk at the price of cotton, Japanese •ilka for waists 22 cents at the ~°~~ Hire; others for 37 cents. The Key Found In knowing how to be successful IB to give the customer the value for bis money. Jacob Horz, whose reputation for selecting tasty and nobby styles and making them up In first-class style la well known In this com- munlty, bega leave to announce that he has secured the nicest 'ot of spring goods ever brought here, and at prices to suit the times. You are invited to call. Yours, JACOB REKZ. Life-Long Be&uUt. Maoy a girl, by using Ze-a-Fhora at the opening period of womanhood, might be saved from life-long suffering and expense. Sold by B. F. Kees» ling and Coulsoa & Co. A »mall Hoy's Work. A small bay threw a stone through one of the front window of Pryor's drug store yesterday morning. He made good his escape. See beautiful line of silks and laun- I dried waists at the Trade Palace. DAILY JOURNAL THURSDAY MORNING, MARCH 7 Drink McLin's Kolatona. McKeen'ssteamlaundry—good work For men's shoos, see Walker & Rauch's advertisement. To Mr. and Mrs. William Gibbs of the North Side—a son. > For Rant—Dwelling on Linden ave» nue. Inquire of Edith Matt. The Honesty Club met last *iight with Mr. and Mrs, W. H. Rlobeson. A long distance telephone is being put In the Pottawatomie club rooms, A son of Mr. and Mrs. J, B. Shultz is seriously ill with membraneous croup. Our styles of taffetas, all kin£s of Scotch plaids, all kinds of crepons only at the Bee Hive. James O'Brien, charged with being drunk, was the only Mayor's court case yesterday. He was released. D. R. Lucas of Indianapolis will hold a series of revival services at the Christian church beginning neit Tuesday. The Harrison Telephone company, it ia said, will begin, with good weather, the putting in of their plant in Logansport. On account of so many customer! not getting served.yesterday at our muslin sale, we will continue same today—Trade Palace. The ladles say one and two day sales are too short, therefore, Otto's fl.9S choice of any shoe in the store continues all week. Another bargain by the originators of low prices. A beautiful Japanese eiifc for 22 cents, another for 87 cents. —The Busy Bee Hive. To be Continued—The best thing ever offered the ladies of Logansport. Choice of Otto Kraus 1 finest shoea for fl.98, worth $3 to $5. PatCormady may lose » hand as a result of being Etruck on the member with a heavy sledge hammer yesterday at the Kenneth quarries. Don't fall to call for one of those photograph cameras that _will take a life-like picture, Saturday. 'They are free—Boston Sample Shoe Co., 322 Fourth street, east side, •' TOUR SAME Ei PKINT. Items or a Personal Character Concerning ios«u,»porter» and Their Friouas. In the city yesterday: Fred Situs of Peru. C. S. Barr ol Wabasb. A. L. Ssager ot Muncie. H. H. Wade of Lafayette. A. S. Whalen o! Anderson. L. L. Leavell of Frankton. J. W. Coleman of Warsaw. J. G. Leonard of Plymouth. Peter L'.chtecfels of Richmond. Freeman Cooper, C. C. Shirley, E. H, Homer, Rodney Jeger and G. B. Leak o! Kokomo. John Boerger returned from a visit at Chicago yesterday. The Misses Sweet will leave today fur a visit In Chicago. Mrs. A. J. Shaffer is the gueet ol her mother at Galveston. Prof. P. J. Pitzlin will leave Logansport today for Peoria, 111, A C. Barnett will return the last of the week from Hot Springs, Ark. Mrs. J. H. Allen is entertaining Mies Isabel Gibson of Ottawa, Canada. Mrs. A. R. Clark Of Indianapolis, is visiting the family of Capt Dan Mull. Will Poole of Paxton, 111., is vialt- Ing S. I. Hutchinson of North Sixth street. • Ed MefisingoraDd little eon wore here yesterday from Delphi, visiting relatives. Miss Susan Tabor of Plymouth, is the guest ol the family of J. H. Blas- singbam. Mrs. Will Carow was called to Dayton, Ohio, by the serious Illness of her slater. Dr. Peflley of Indianapolis was yesterday the guest of Wm. Shanahan and family. D. A. Elder attended gthe called meeting of the Loganaport Presbytery at Mlshawaka Tuesday. Mrs. H. M. May and son Harold of Richmond are being entertained by Mr. and Mrs. Ed Emerlck. Mrs, W, D. Clary of High street, has returned from Delphi, where she visited relatives for ten days. The Misses Anna and Gertrude Kiat- ler wore at Plymouth yesterday to attend the funeral of a relative. . Mrs. W. W. Watti of Chicago, wife of.the Pin Handle engineer, Is the gueetof her flater, Mrs. W. E. Foikett cf>No, U15 North street. Mrs. Virginia Cunningham of Wayne, Neb., ia a gueat of the family of D A. Elder, having been called here by the sickness of her mother, Mrs. Christy, TO RECOVER A bAW MILL The Snlt of .Rodney Jeeor Jolm Bridge. W*» A. re no tl Last Judge MoConnell and a jury were occupied yesterday and last night with the caeo of Rodney Jeger against John H. Bridge, in whloa Jeger was trying to undo a transaction by which a saw mill was "swapped" for some land. He aeked that he be given his sawmill, ana that Bridge, the defendant, be allowed to retain the Arkansas real estate. The complainant alleges that the land Briggs traded to him for the saw-mill, then located at Kokomo, was not as it had been represented. Attorney Shirley of Kokomo, and Nelson & Myers were lor the plaintiff. while the defense was conducted by Freeman Cooper of Kokomo, and Me- Connell & Jenkinee. The jury wai sent out about 9:30 lait night. llnrphr and. VauHeld Tonight. Tim Murphy and Eugene Canfield will appear at the opera house tonight In "Alimony," by Herbert Hall Winslow. The play, a laughable, satirical comedy, Is said to be the best of that author's work. Of Murphy and Canfield as joint stars It is scarcely necessary to speak. The former la the coming actor of the American stage, while the latter ia its drollest comedian. Written on distinct lines, the comedy has been dressed up only to give them greater opportunities. But In its Infancy, and having not yet ended its first season, the most surprising hangea have been made. Changes, too, which the public will appreciate. Baldwin VM. Harvey. A special verdict has been returned for the defendants in the case of D. P. Baldwin vs. the M. T. Harvey est\te, with the provision that, if the court finds the law to be with the plaintiff, he will be allowed ,$801.84, principal of a note with twenty years' interest. A ruling has not yet been made. Ellis Again In Court. Riley Ellis was taken into Open court yesterday morning, but sentence was not pronounced upon him, and he was returned to jalL 1895 SPRING 1895 We take Pleasure in Announcing the Arrival ot % Our Spring Suitings! And we feel just'.y proud ii the success of our untiring efforts which enable us to >how you this season the Latest, Most Stylish, Most Attractive and Exclusive Line of woolens in the city. Carl W. Keller, Tailor & Draper. 311 Market St. A New Hack Line. I have started a Hack and Parcel Delivery and in "the future I "can be found at the corner of 4th street and Broad way. \vherel will be prepared from 9 o'clock in the morning- to 9 in the evening to deliver parcels or uarry passengers to and from any part of.tho^city- My Charges Will Be Reasonable. I will endeavor to give.tlie best services possible for the money. If 70u have a parcel to deliver or a passenger to deliver, or any light work that can be done with a street hack, I will be glad to do it. "What could you do tkat a customers would appreciate more than calling the hack for him? Special rates will be given you. Leave orders at 13th street Livery Stable or Geo. Harmon's 617Bro«d w&v. Yours Truly. Wm Lynas. ALL THE LATEST STYLES IN Summer Suitings AT 4i8 Market St. Mr. B. F. Keesling desires us to publish the following extract from a letter of Charles M. Gutfeld, of Reed- lay, Fresno Co., Cal., as he handles the remedy referred to and wants his customers to know what ft splendid medicine itie: "It ia with pleasure I tell you that by one day's use of Chamberlain's Cough remedy I was relieved of a very severe oold. My head was completely stopped up and I oould not sleep at night. I-can recommend this reme dy." A cold nearly always starts in the head and afterwards extends to the throat and lungs. By using this remedy freely as BOOH as the cold has been contracted it will cure the cold at once and prevent it from extending to the lungs. Mrs. A G Jeokines very gracefully entertained a small company of ladies at tea yesterday evening-. COSTRIBCTIOS SO- —. Submitted Darin; Our Keconl Adver tlMlnit ConlCMC. ir yon want pretty foo; soar Ot every kind and stjle. The durable and elegant. The kind that makes you smile The kind which never hnns your ffct: But makes yon feel all right lio to Pilling «n Broadway And he'll He you "out of sight." Ills prices a'wayi suit the times And hi* room Is warm and neat, His seats are lumry Itsell, To the weary one a treat And Yoco with bis pranks and nllee Will make jou imile a smole i.1 PUUnKtalls TOD all abont H)s yard-wide, all-wool soul. New don't forget the place mine (rent For that's the place W go Hlx shoes will keep out water And they never let In snow But are good In rain and luushlne And are Just the thing you need Go nowhere els», batftslt Line For in low prltes he takes tie lead- His clerks and other monkeys Are covered op wltk smiles, They never charge Tot shoe strlrgs For they have them In great plles- Now don't mistake the place,'mine Irent Ank yonr corns will never pain. Yoar bunion* wlU soon disappear All this Is what you'll gain. Now even on« both black and white. Who want w f ave your soais, This yon can do and do It right, And also save your rolls Bj baying shoes at Filling's store For he can suit beta rich and poor. And all who enter at his door Will come again when they want more. —ls«z. The authoress of the above is not known. For (Loe shoes come to Lure W. Capee, oapee, at the Trade Palace. |1.98 is a low price for Otto's really finest shoes. To be continued all week. Choice of any ladies' shoe in Otto's store. Black and white chock in every kind of material at the Bee Hive. Chas. M. Hyman and Katie F. Sprinkle have been licensed to wed. Last night it was reported that the child ol Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Shultz was improving. Strangers who have never bought shoes of Otto Kraus are advised to in* vestigate this offer. The high achool cadets will meet at Dolan & Mcllale's hall tonight to complete an organization. Bert Cory, the printer, through his attorney. &eorge Walters, has aaked for a illvorce from Tillle Cory. The silk sale at the Trade Palace is booming; get your silks for waists, we have them In endless variety. Fashion's most favorite dresi material crepon, to be found only at fashions' headquarters—The Bee Hive. Ladles accustomed to trade with Otto Kraue know what choice of bis stock ol shoea and slippers at $1.98 means. I expect a lasting benefit from ex. traordlnary bargans I am giving the citizens of this cityjln my shoe department—Otto Kraue. We've got tome of those savings banks for the children. Call for 'em Saturday—Boston Sample Shoe Co., 322 Fourth etreet, east side. Acting through the bloiod, Hood'i S areaparilla not only curei scrofula salt rheum, etc,, but fives health and vigor to the whole body. Mils Helen Van Horn entertained a cumber of friends at her home on the West Side last evening. Dancing and refreshments were in order. Talk about getting value received for your money; will give you 200 cents worth for a dollar—Boston Sampie Shoe Co., 322 Fourth street east tide. Saloon keepers are hereby warned to not Bell or give any intoxicating liquors to my husband, W. C. Keep. Any violations will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law —Melissa Keep. I! you buy a pair of shoes or slippers of u» and you find that they aw. not cheaper than you can buy them elsewhere, bring them back and get your money—Boeton Sample Shoe Co., 322 Fourth street, east side.

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