Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on November 15, 1957 · Page 9
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 9

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, November 15, 1957
Page 9
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Friday Evening, November 15, 1957. Ann Landers Girl, 17, Must Admit Past To Herself, Then Forget It Dear Ann: My Mom tried to warn me about being to intimate with my boy friends. I always said J knew what I was doing and that she shouldn't worry. I'm 17 and went steady with a boy I'll call Tom for 11 months. At first everything was fine. Then he began to make excuses about coming over. He always seemed put of money so we went for rides in his car. One night he threatened to take his ring back if I wouldn't prove my love. I tried to talk him out of it but nothing would do but the limit. j I'm ashamed to say he had his way. After two months he told me he was seeing someone else and was planning on being engaged. He said he wanted a "pure" girl for his wife and I didn't qualify. He knew he was my only boy friend but that didn't seem to matter. age. Make sure she sees it, and good luck, Mother. Dear Ann: I'm getting pretty fed up with you knocking Mquor. After all, anything in excess is bad. Moderation in all things is best. The way you sound, you'c like to enter all the saloons with a hatchet .and 'break up every hot tie of liquor in sight. You are a Carrie Nation re-incarnate. You kt;ep bringing up the point that liquor is bad for the liver, bad for the stomach and bud for the brain. You quote medical men as your authorities. May I point out, Annie Old Girl, there are more old drunks around than old doctors? What do you say to that? —BOTOFT Dear Butch: Those "old drunks" are probably a lot younger than think. It's the booze that aged '•am.. — ANNIE (Ann Landers will . be glad to help you with your problems. Send them to her in care of this newspaper and enclose a stamped self- addressed envelope.) Now I feel cheap and humilated. -Ke has many friends and I keep wondering if they know, about me. 1 feel that no one will want me and my life is ruined. Please help me. I could just die. D.M. Dear D.M.: I hope every teen-;» ___| p,, rf l llp «:* I1( 4 orll . age girl who reads your letter will! 'r O . r u r f li 6 ^™ a e n f clip it out and paste it on her dressing room mirror. This tells more forcibly than all the lectures in the world what is wrong with uncontrolled teenage emotions. First, accept the fact that there's no way to undo the past, so stop •punishing yourself. It's history now—"nor all your piety nor wit can lure it back to cancel half a line—not all your tears wash out a word of it." You were foolish. Admit it, then forget it. Don't make another mistake by feeling you are ruined and no one will want you. Make up your mind you're going to be "pure" from now on and the chances are excellent that you'll attract a fine young man who will respect your high standards. You can turn this liability into an asset. Good luck. Receives ROTC Honor LAFAYETTE, Ind.—Robert A. Carson, route 2, Logansport, a senior at Purdue University, is one of 45 senior ROTC cadets at Purdue to be designated as a Distinguished Military Student. The designation, which was accompanied by a letter of congratulations from Lt. Gen. WiUiam H. Cass County Ministers to Meet Monday Lutheran Church To Be Discussed By Three Speakers The Cass County Ministerial Association will meet Monday morn ing in St. Luke's Lutheran church at 10:30 a.m. The devotions for the morning will be given by Rev. Tom Weigand, pastor of the Wheatland Avenue Methodist Church. The program for She' meeting will be 'Our Varied Backgrounds — The Lutheran Church". Started last year the program iving information concerning the various Protestant denominations, ivias begun to bring more knowledge concerning the churches in .he community and served by pas- ors in the association. The Episcopal church program was presented ast year and to follow this year .vill be that of the Evangelical United Brethren Church. The program will be divided in- o three divisions presenting the listory, the Worship Service, and the Doctrine of the Lutheran Josephine Lowmon Waist Clincher Unpleasant, Try Exercise Exercise is much better than wearing a tight, unpleasant walat clincher. Arnold, Commanding General of! Church. Two local -pastors will; the Fifth Army, affords the cadets -take part in the presentation. Rev. the opportunity [o apply for regular army commissions. Cadets Paul Baer, pastor of Grace theran Church will present the are selected for the honor on the I Worship Service of the Church j bases of military leadership high I while Rev. Walter Davis,-pastor moral 'character, definite altitude "' Rf T -" w ' c T.nthAran r.hiircVi Dear Ann: I've been a faithful reader for a long time and now I need help desperately. My 17-year- old daughter has kept steady company for two years (and I DO mean steady) with a 19-year-old boy. Every night they take off and behave as if they were married. I have proof of this. I'm not guessing. I've had several confidential discussions with my daughter ' and have pleaded with her to change her ways. I've explained that loose morals are harmful physically AND spiritually but she pays no attention. She just screams "Get off my back, Mother—I intend to be married to him someday!" Is it useless in this day and age of "going steady" to try to break up a situation like this? My heart is heavy, Ann. I grieve constantly. Shall I keep trying to steer her in the right direction or just sit back and let her take the conse- q u e n c e s? DISTRAUGHT MOTHER Your daughter knows your speeches by heart but she's tuned you out long ago. There's nothing you can do but let her learn the hard way and be there to help her pick up the pieces when the world comes crashing down on her head. The first letter in today's column may be of interest to her since it was written not by a cou- for military service and (listing- uished school record both academically and through campus leadership. Two-Needle Mittens! 5620 FAMIILY TWO-FINGER MI¥ENS Shoo away chilly breezes with „!„ p , . T, ouuu avvajf unmy LMCCAC& wiiil pte of anment rums .ike you or; thesa novel two . finger mittens! me—but a girl exactly her own v_..m *,_., «, „„ I.:-,. ,_ ,..,* lingerie Treasure Designed expressly for the half size figure is this dainty feminine nightgown and jacket combination. Nice gift idea for a special friend. No. 8L59 with PATT.O-RAMA is in sizes 12V4, 14'/i, 16&, 18%, 20'/4, 22%, 24V5. Size 14%, 35 bust, gown, 4% yards of 35-inch; jacket, 2 yards. For this pattern, send 35c in COINS, your name, address, size desired, and the PATTERN NUMBER to Sue Burnett, Pharos-Tribune, 372 W. Quin'cy Street, .Chicago 6, 111. The Fall & Winter '57 edition oi cur pattern book Basic FASHION is filled with smart, new styles for all sizes; special features. It's colorful, ^stimulating and so useful. 25 cents. You'll find them so quick to knit on two needles, that you'll want to make a pair for each member of the family. Pattern No. 5620 contains knitting directions and stitch illustrations for mittens—sizes: child's .4, 6 & 8; women's and men's small, medium and large. Send 25c in- COINS, your name, address and the PATTERN NUMBER to ANNE CABOT (Pharos- Tribune) 372 W. Quincy Street, Chicago 6, Illinois. Have you a copy of our 1957 Needlework ALBUM? It contains fifty-six colorful pages showing many pretty designs; plus directions for making 3 crochet items and a quilt. Only 25c a copy! of St. Luke's Lutheran Church! will (The Friday Question Box) Q. "I haw started doing exercises for my w<aist but have given them up becaus-e I am tired of them, and would not have time as I am going to school. If I wore a waist clincher for a year or more would it take my waistline down four inches?" A. Even if you had it tight e- ;h to pinch you badly, I do believe the result would be a wish. This would be un- of ex- to me Ohurch. For the presentation of the Doctrine of the Lutheran Church, Rev. Robert Heine, Pastor of Faith Lutheran Church, Fort Wayne, will speak. Rev. Heine is a graduate of Wittenberg College and Ham-ma Divinity School of Springfield, Ohio. Since his graduation in 1941 he has served continually as a Pastor in the Indiana Synod and been active in the work of the Synod. At present he serves on the Executive Board of the Synod, serves on the Board of Directors of Wittenberg College, and is Chairman of the Synodical Committee on Social Missions - Evangelism. Rev. •Heine also serves as Vice-President of the Synod, an office he has held for three years. The meeting Monday will begin promptly at 10:30 a.m. and all ministers of the county are invited to attend. Between the presentations a coffee-break for fellowship is being planned. The program meetings presenting "Our as I a chance.. •"* Q. "I just wondered if you could help me. I am 60 and in good to reinforce your diet with more vitamins. The green, leafy vegetables are an important part of your diet because of their vitamin and mineral content. Health and. nutrition are reflected in all of the tissues of the body and therefore do affect our complexions. Be careful about this. Ask your doctor about vitamins and keep on with the creams and oils. Q. "Is it dangerous to tiweeze hairs from the chin? I find that depilatories burn and chafe." A. I cannot imagine why you thought it might be dangerous. Perhaps you were thinking that it might make the hair grow in thicker. There is no evidence that this health but overweight. At night I is so. use the best hormone creams andj 'Q. "I woul^l like a thicker brow- oils, yet my face has gotten so!line but the hairs that have been creepy it wearies me. Do I need vitamins or green vegetables?" A. Everyone needs vitamins and green vegetables. The first thing is to eat a well-balanced vitamin- high diet. Then it might be wise United Press Chief Speaks On "50 Years" MIAMI (UP)—American newspapers have achieved unprecedented "maturity and respectability" over the 'past 50 years, Frank H. Bartholomew, president of the 'United Press, said today. Bartholomew said that tweezed come in stiCf, and sometimes white, although I do not have grey hair. Can. I soften them?" A. I have recently mentioned in 'this ooiumn that you can some- times hold the wild hairs in line by applying a touch of petroleum jelly. You also can widen the effect of your brows by using an eyebrow brush cleverly. Q. "I am 5 feet 6 inches tall and weigh 1'42 pounds. My bust measures 35 inches, waist 27V4 and hips 41V4 inches. People tell me that I look wonderful, perhaps because I have lost 46 pounds since my second child was born. I think I could lose another 10 pounds. Do you think I'm right, and arc my measurements really of£?" A. Congratulations on your loss. I know how much better you must look and fee). Do not Jose another 10 pounds. That would make you underweight. You might lose another five if-it would make you happier. Your hipline is too large. Take hip-slimming exercises. Tomorrow: "Observe These Rules and Reduce Kids' Winter Colds." (•Released by The Register and Tribune Syndicate, 1957) the United Press was responsible for many practices now accepted as commonplace in journalism, such as the putting of bylines on press association copy and the sending of copy by • wireless. "Of even more significance than these," Bartholomew said, "is the fact that we were the first press association to write about things as they were. Fifty years aga, and even less, most journalists were not very specific about a great years ago, American newspaper- many things, many I He • recalled that the United Varied Backgrounds" is held- in :men " W ere inclined to underesti- the member -churches of the city :rnate the capacities of the reader to acquaint the members more to .absorb detail, to hit the high thoroughly with the worship and •teaching of the Churches and to bring a greater feeling of Christian fellowship with one another. Former United Press Chief Operator Dies PARK RilDGE, 111. ('UP)-IRos- coe H. Johnson,-72, former Central Division chief operator of United Press Associations, died at his home here shortly before midnight Wednesday after several months' illness. Johnson, whose career with the United Press covered a period of growth which saw the change from. Morse telegraph wires to teletype and teletypesetter communications, also was president of the Commercial Telegraphers Union. He was a Signal -Corps officer overseas in World War I,, leaving the Army with the rank of captain, and in World Wai 1 II was a major in the Air Corps of the Illinois state militia. spots and spare 'dear reader,' which was then a popular term, the specifics." The United Press official addressed a lunch given by the Greater Miami Chapter of the American Public Relations Assn. in honor of the 50th anniversary of the United Press. The lunch was attended by" a large group of civic leaders. Bartholomew pointed out that Press in 1912 and 1913 "set the there are still some public relations men capable of manufacturing a news event in order to get their clients' names in the newspapers, but he said these practices are on the way out. Now, he said, "we are finding that many of the concerns of men in public relations are with explaining the truths which it -might be to their advantage not to have known." "I think the period is approaching...when we can consider the public relations man as an extension of the city room, who pro- Ivides stories and information in said. country on its ear by reporting a| spedal fields be cause of h j s spe . textile stake in Lawrence, Mass., iciai knowledge," Bartholomew and a mine strike in Ludlow, Colo., in terms of people rather than abstractions." "And this we have always tried to do—to tell the story in terms of sight, smell, hearing, touch and taste," Bartholomew said. . He said that along with the journalistic profession, the public relations profession has .grown to maturity, "traveling the same road to .urbanity." Bartholomew said It was true REPORT POPULATION WASHINGTON (UP)—The Census Bureau said today the nation's population has increased 14 per cent since 1950 to about 172 mil- Hon. 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Provide! host conniction for hot wiler tnd IIOM drain for uwd wittr in unit, Plugs into ordinary tlKtric outltt. MORE FLU VICTIMS WASHING-TON (t?P)—The Public Health Service reported today that another 1,100,000 persons in 38 states were stricken with various types of influenza last week. Logansport, Indiana, Pharos-Tribune Nice Will of James Reed Filed for Probate The will of the late James H. •Reed, who died Nov. 8, was filed tor probate Thursday in the Cass circuit court. Dated Nov. 15, 1951, it leaves all of his real estate to his daughter, Florence Ward, who is named executrix. A son, Wilbur Reed, is to receive a jig saw; a son, Walter, is to USAF Fires Navhao Type Of Missile CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. (UP). —One of the last Xavliao low alti-' tilde intercontinental missiles in the Air Force-stock pile was fired- receive a band saw and turning:Wednesday from the test center lathe; and another son, Doylejhere. Reed, is to receive a. six - inch The Defense Department in.' planer; while a son-in-law, Wai- Washington confirmed that the ter Spaldlng, is to receive a drill pro jectile which roared up from press, and another son-in-law, Paul| its launching pad shortly after Ward, a circle saw machine; A-U| noon was a Navaho, but said" of the reminder of the estate, cx-i not h ing a b ou t its performance. To cept a $1 bequest to another son, Russell, is to be divided equally among Doyle, Walter and Wilbur Reed. Robert S. Justice is the attorney for the estate. Oldest Vet Of Civil War 115 Years Old HOUSTON, Tex., (UP)—"Colonel" Walter Williams, oldest surviving veteran of the Civil War, greeted Ms U16th year Thulrsday with the chucking remark he was going "to hang around some more." "I'm gonna keep on a-goin' just to see what happens," he said. Williams, who was a forager in Gen. Hood's brigade, spruced up for the occasion in his Confederate uniform to receive gifts and well- wishes at the home of a daughter, Mrs. Willie Mae Bowles. Williams, nearly blind, could hardly see a birthday cake with MS candles, but he puffed mightily at the candles. A half-dozen of his 11 surviving children—there were 18 of them—helped him blow out the candles. Williams wife of 50 years- Ella Mae—died Nov.. 2 at the age of 84. The aged veteran was not told about it. He believes she's in hospital for a rest. Only one other confederate veteran survives. He is John Sailing, Slant, Va., who is three years younger than Williams. observers on beaches, however, the firing was a success. .The Navaho is capable of flying about three times the speed of sound, but at a lower altitude than ballistic missiles such as the. Atlas- and Jupiter. The Air Force contract with- North American Aviation, Inc., which manufactured the Navaho. was cancelled last July and Wednesday's projectile apparently was one of the "left-overs." VICTIM OF CRASH PAXTON T , 111. (UP) - Jean Ann Myers, 24, Windsor, was killed and two school teacher colleagues were seriously injured Wednesday night when Miss Myers' automobile crashed into the rear of a semi- trailer truck near here. STARTS SUNDAY Fret-Thanksgiving SALE Coats-Suits Dresses Juniors, Misses, Petites, Women's SAVE ON .FASHION COATS Our stock is overflowing with new styles—fine fabrics — lavish fur-1rimsl All priced ot dollars less than you'd expect! GROUP I Were $49.95 $69.95 Now $37.88 $51.88 GROUP 2 Were $75.00 $99.50 Now $55.88 $71.88 GROUP 3 Were $105.00 $150.00 Now $78.00 $112.00 Croup of Wool Dresses RegularTall & Winter. Wool* • SPEOAUY PMCH) KMt CLEAKANCE Up tO 1/3 Off dress shop 326 East Broadway Have You Tried the . . . . 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