Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on June 28, 1957 · Page 2
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 2

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, June 28, 1957
Page 2
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Jftvo logansport, Indiana, Pharos-Tribune KREUZBERGER'S JEWELRY STORE • DIAMONDS • WATCHES • SILVERWARE 526 Broadway togansport, Ind. JAMES B. LYNAS Fire, Automobile, liability and Plate Glass Insurance Bonds. 1519 High St. Dial 2695 CHAS. LOWE ROOFING CO. Roofing—Siding insulation. Featuring All New lok-Tab Roof Shingles Road 17 North Dial 3666 J. I. SHAFER Hardwood Co. THE NATIONAL BANK OF LOGANSPORT "We Would Like To Be Your Bank" Member of F. D.!. C. FOX'S logansporfs New Store • DINNERWARE • GLASSWARE • GIFTS 510 East Broadway Phone 2647 GUST Service Center The finest in gas and oil Complete Battery Service HARRY GUST, Prop. N. E. Corner 6th & High Phone 4904 RAY'S CREAMERY -Grade "A" Dairy ProdiKts. Largest Dairy In Cass County. 131 Burlington Ave. Dial 3722 Catholic Churches St. Vincent's Catholic Church Mae J»tm p. Schall. Panor llev. Edward S. Mr-tuszak, AjMt. Pastor Schedule or Services: Sunday Masses: 7:30—9:00—10f!0 Weekdays: 6:30-8:00. First Friday & Saturday of Month 6:00-8:00. Holy Days of Oblleatlon: I a. ro —9 a m.—8 p, m. Confessions: Saturday Afternoon- J:00—6:00. Evening 7:00—8:00. St. Joseph Hospital Chapel •Rov. D'nther John Mela. C. PP. S. chaplain. Masses dally at 6:50 a. m. . St. Joseph's Church Second and Market SU. MsRr Maurice D. Foley. JPaator Rev. Donald Vernon, A*s't Pastor, Schedule or Services: Sunday Masses, 6. I, 10. Week Day Masses 6:30 and 8:00. Holy Day» 7 a. m.—9 a, m— 7:35 D m. Confessions Saturday afternoon 3-5. Evening 1-3:30. Masses First Friday 6:00 and 8:00. St. Bridget's Church Fr. Francis J Meehan, Pa»tor Schedule of services: Sunday Masses 8:00-10:00 a. m. Week days: 8 a~ m. Holy Days: 8 a. m. and 6:30 p.m. Holy Communion daily tit 6:30 a. m Confessions Saturdays and vigils of Holy Days 3-5 and 7-S p. ra. Sorrowful Mother Novena, Fridays at 7:30 p. m. St. Ann's Catholic Church, Kewanna Father James M. Fitzgerald, Pastor Sunclny Masses: 8:00-10:00. Weekday Masses: 7:30. Confessions Saturday Evening 7:00. Before Mass. Baptisms: By appointment. Instruction: Grade jind Hlgrli Schjol as announced. Sick calls answered at any time Kowanna Ph. 115. St. Elizabeth's Catholic Church, Lucerne Father Maurice K. Miller, Pastor Sunday Mass; 8:15. Weekday Mass: 7:00. Confessions: Saturday Evening 7:30; everyday before Mass. Baptisms: By appointment. Instructions: AS announced. Sick Calls answered from the rectory at any time. OLIVE BRANCH AND PRAIRIE- GROVE EVANGELICAL UNITED .Hov. L,. W. Qvormyor, Factor Orrln St. Glair, O. B. Supt. Harlan Showley, P. G. Supt. OLIVE BUANCH— Sunday School and worship service 10:UO. Prayer service Wednesday 8:00 Clarence Kcod, class leader. Sunday evening worship aervlci and yuuth fellowship aa to circui schedule 7:00. PRAIRia GROVE— Sunday school and worship cor vice 10:UO. Prayer service Thursday, 8:00. Vachel Walters, class leader, Sunday evening worship sorvic aa to circuit schedule. St. Bridget Church Fr. Franclij J. Meehan, Pawtor Schedule oC services: Sunday Masses 7:00— 11:00 i Wetjlc Days: 7 a.m. Holy .Days: 8 a.m. and 5:30 p.m Holy Communion daily at 6:3 a.m. Confessions Saturdays and vipil of Holy Days 3-r, und 7-8 p.m. HorrtjwL'ul Mother Novena, Fri days at 7:30 p.m. Gospel Chapel S. S. Supt. St-aitloy Gainer Kpuaker, Hub Ciiilllngcr Sunday School 0:311 a.m. Worship MoetliiK l.0:4ii a.m. Mvanfc-ellsllc MeetlnK 7:30 p.m. Text.—Kov. 20-15.—and \vliono over was not found written In til Book oC bifo was cast into th Jjiijto fit Flro. Special music ar.d sln^lnK. 1'rayer mcctlnK 7:30 p.m. Wed. Yonns People's Blijle study G:l p.m. Sunday. Sharon Baptist Church Tlov. I'lilllp G. VanZuridt, PAH to Sunday School D:30 a.m. Ho bur Mc.iJjiln, .Sun:, No church servicoy this fcundaj fifth Sunday. Dunn anil Rlvo Totld will li meeting Wotl. evening July 3rd. Twelve Mile E. U. B. C. II. Abbott, D. D, TWEL.VK MILE S. S. 10:00 a.m. Kvenln^ AVorshlp 7:30 p.m. 12 .VIUo Korvlcox at KllB 7:3 p.m. Hunt pastor Is the speaker. NKVV WAVKlU.y S. S. 10:00 a.m. Morning Wor.shin 11:06 a.m. Installation of officers of churc and Sunday School at 10:00 ii.rr July 7 (Judlon Speaker in oac church at 11:00 a.m. Ninth Street Christian Kov. Kenneth Brady. Pastor 9:30 a.m. Church School; Khar Ut Simpson, Suiit. J.0:30 a.m. \Vorshin: Oommunlo Service. Kermni: by PAH tor 7:30 p.m. Hand In Hand Clan Party with Mr. and Mrs. Jac Hnod, iio ^V'est Columbia Htreet. Monday, 7;30 p.m. Official Boar Tuesday, 7 p.m. Boy Scout Troo No. fi fit church Tuesday, 8 p.m. Chancel Clio: rehcarnal WertiHiflday, 12:30 (noon) DIv. Picnic at Dykeman Park. 12:30 (noon) Dlv. 4 Picnic a Mrs, Qraco WlclcorHham'H, R. K. Paint Creek Primitive Baptist l\tKtor JJIdor Verne Jackson MceLinp: tliird Sunday of oac rn'inth. Kurvlce starts at 10:30 in morn taro WOODS mv Samuel Francis Smith was a student at Andover Theological Seminary when he wrote "My country, 'tis of thee." That was in 1832, two years before he was ordained a minister. "America" never became our- national anthem—probably because it is sung to the tune of the British anthem, "God Save the King." But it has remained one of our greatest hymns, its words familiar to almost every American. In a simple, moving way it seems to express boththespirit of our nation and the faith of our churches; And in its stirring climax, addressed to the Author of Liberty, these become one. Samuel Francis Smith, with other great Americans, taught us to seek our national welfare in constant religious devotion. He saw no denial of America's freedom—but rather its fulfilment—in the humble ac» knowledgment: GREAT GOD, OUR KING I IHE CHUHCH FOB AU. *** FOB THE CHTJRCH mm Mason, wh"!"" /our ">"nd Sunday p°± Cha| *« Indian Creek Christian Kollln Hil, Piiaiur Harold "Wilson, S. a. Supt. U:30 a.m. Sunday School 10:30 a.m. Worship & Commun- 7 - :00 p.m. Cornblnud G. B. TuoaUii-y, July anil; 1:SO p.m. C. W. F at homo oC Mra John Seventh Day Acfvenfisf 13, W. Snow, rua Lor Sabbath School, buturday Morning' «•'- y;I5. UorniuK WorKhlp at 10:40 id-week Prayur Service "Wod. KVQ. at 8:00 o'clock. Market Street Methodist Church Harry li. H an h burner. Minister Morning Worshlii, U:aO a.m. KlndcryartyiL Oraduuilon Ser•Ico Sermon: "TJio Price of Freedom" Ku.sponBOB by tho In tor mod late Choir ariaclal Music by Wins EUauay Noblo "GIvo Mo ThiH Du.y". tjunday School Classen for all -fciti 10:40 .Richard Flory. Superintendent KfnUei'K'arten and N' u r H o r y uomH upon during both wufvluoa. No choir practice July 4th. Calvary Presbyterian Harold J. Kins, MlnlHter Nancy JackHun, Ortfanlal KLchard Howes, Choir Director !J:46 a.m. Junior, Junior HlKh, Senior and Adult. Blblu Claafios. 10 AS a.m. Nursery, Jie^lnnerH, and Primary lilhlu Cia.HHc.s. 10:4u a,m. Cradle Hoom care while parent H worship 1(1:45 a.m. Summer Service of Holy Communion. Bap tin m. of. AdulU and Jjlttle children Meditation: "This Service Q£ fcndH me" Hov. H. J. Kins Monday thru Saturday; Anytime—Dial 38DU for "Minute or Inspiration" Monday: 7:00 p.m. Calvary Boy Scouts, Troop S Monday thru Friday, July 8-12 11:00 a.m. Ilov. King will load the Hatlio, VVSAL, "Worda to Live By" Pro^'ram Wesleyan Methodist Church Floytl J. Morris, Pa.stor. Gerald Hanna. Super! n tend tint. y;30 a.m. Sunday School Tor tUl a^nn. 10:30 a.m. Murnlngf "WorHhin. 7;00 p.m. WoHlEjyan Youth 7.-30 p.m. MvuninK Service TnoBday NlR'ht 7:30 p.m. Adult Bible Clana meotlns *U tho parlc. Thursday Niwht 7:30 p.m. Prayer Meeting Martin M. Post Memorial Parish NOUTI-IEUN CHURCHES ; Itev. Harry W, Campbell, pastor Hndgera, Supt. Sunday Ht-hool at 10 a.m. Sunday morning worHhtp service at 11 a.m. Sermon; "God's Hand in American HfHCory." CONCOilD Herbert Hann, Supt. Sunday Rohool at 11 a.m. Sunday morning worship service at 10 a.m. LUCKRNT3 "William Fruahour, Sup-t. iSunday school Q.L 10 a.m. Sunday morning 1 worship service SOU-JiHEH-N CHURCHES Itev. L,. Cordon Leech, Pastor CJ2NTJ311 John Graham, Supt, Church School 10:00 a.m. Morning; 'Worn-hip 11:00 a.m, Rev. Paul tirdol, mlHHionary to Ecuador, will lie tho j*pti alter. Foliownhip Dinner 12:00 noon. Afternoon Service 1:30 o.m. Jlov. j3rdr.il will speak and nhow plc- uiroH oC his work In Ecuador. PI SO AH Harry Glffin, Supt. Church School 10:00 a.m. Evening 1 Service 7:30 ».m. Rev, Paul Krdol, mlHslonary to Ecuador, will ho tho tfiio.st Hpealcer. Thla H^rvico Is spor.HDrcd by the "Women's MlawJonary Society. A social hour will follow- tho tjurvlce. UNION Kenneth Miller, Supt, Church School 3:45 .a.m. Morning "Wornhlp 10:4R a.m. The Sacrament of tho Lord's Supper will be observed. There will he a Parish Hymn Slug at the Concord Church Sunday evcnlr.ff, July 7. St. Luke's Evangelical Lutheran Ilov. "Waiter C. Davis, Jr., Pastor MlHB Nancy Van All on. Orpanist R. L. Etnlro, C'holr Director Sunday School at i/:30 A.M., Donovan Spun trier, Supt. Church Service at 10:30 A.M., aormon topic, "Love and LI Co", Choir practice Thursday evening- at 7:30 KM. Church Council meets Monday ovunlntv at 8:00 P.M. Siii-vlco of Holy Communion on July 14th. Trinity Episcopal Church Tho Rev. Gerald L. Claudius, Hoc Lor SUNDAY:— 7:ItO Holy Communion. D:40 Morning Pray or. 10:00 Holy communion with Coffee Hour following the Hervlce, ConfnsHlons will he heard this Saturday evening-. Juno 2i»th,, from 7:30 to 8:00 p.m. Wheatland Avenue Methodist Itov. Tom "Weltf-and. Church School fl:30 Morning Worship 10:00 Tho sormon for Sunday morning will lie entitled "Moving Moun- Lainn." Youth who are i^olnf? to Son!nr Institute will leave from the Church at 12:30 for Lako Wub- Htur, There will ho an Important official Board Meetinpr Mor.dny evening at tho Church at 7:30 p.m. Columbia St. Church of Christ Frank Guyer, Minister !):;!0 a.m. Bible clasnuH. 10:30 a.m. Preaching and communion, 1:30 p.m. Herald of. Truth WL8, 7:80 p.m. Preaching Thur. 7:30 p.m. Elb'.o study. Church of the Brethren H;i]ph "VV. Hoffm-an, Pnntor Blbln Hour: 9:30 o'clock Victor Kitchol, Superintendent 'Kvelyn 'Ncher, Children's Supor- Inltnidunk Unified •Worship: 10:30 o'clock "VVot'Hhlp In charpro nf. tho mints- terlal committee. Vocal duet by J;inot and Larry Nolnon. McHHaffe: "Are Christians Christian?" John Hoffman will bo the guest speaker. Third Street Evangelical United Brethren J. B. Campbell, Pastor W timer Burns. Sunday School Supt. Mr«, Richard Rico, Choir dt- r&ctreus. M|HH Fern Gufflo. Or^anlat it:30 a.in. Unified Worship Service, Surmrm by the puaLor ^ Choir Anthern "Lord, Teach tTfj to Pray" 10:30 a.m. Ths Siindny School hour. ClaHKcs for all apron. fi:30 p;m. Youth Fellowship. nir:hard ilice, director. 7:30 p.m. G'of*poJ Fellowship hour A service of MvanR'oliHm. BurneHsville Baptist Rovcrond W. E. Clarice, Paator Ethel McVay, Cn?anlnt JfuneH Nelson, Chorister Darrell Brou^hton, C h u r c h School Superintendent. 10;00 :i,m, Morning "Worship. Sermon, "Coir.o And See" 11:00 a.m. Church School. 6:30 p.m. V. Y. F. Meeting 7:1S p.m. Junior J3. Y. P. 8:00 p.m. TOvfjnlnK Worship. Sor- mon. "FuraakliiB Christ". Bible study hour Wednesday, 8:00 p.m. logansport Methodist Parish Glenn H. Campton,, Minister A.NO1CA— Hay mo nd Keener, Supt. Church School D:30 a.m. BETHJSLr— Kverctt Cook, Supt, Church School 10 a.m, Worship 11 a.m. Broadway Alliance Paul M. Winder, Pastor Mr. AVm. Ruah, Supt. oi' Sunda School. Sunday School at 9:30 a.m. Worship at 10:30, the Panto e&klnK on tho Uoolc of th Month, tho Book oC Exodus. "Th Kiivelatton oC God" YbuLh fellowship at 6:30, Jun lora, Pre-TeeiiH and Seniors. Jflvuntfd Hour at 7:30. an en tlitiflinHlIc Service with n, nib] Centered Meimage. Pastor Hpoakin, on D ft n 1 e t. The Bible In tho News, WSAI lOilfj p.m. THIS WJ2KIC Hour of Power Wednesday 7:30 Annual Sunday School Picnic o Thursday at Dykoman Parlc Young America Baptist Harry R. ROIL, Pastor "Robert Wilson, Supt. Morning 'Worrtliln 10:00 a.m. Sunday School 3U:So a.m. Rev. U M. KUzmlllcr of Flor will bo tho Kuest speaker at th morning woi-Hhip hour. Church of Nazarene Rev. Chester Morpun. P;tKtor Cecil Wallace, S. S. Supt. Sunday School 9:30 a.m. Morning Worship 10:-i5 a.m. N, Y, P. S. ?;l»0 p.m. DuJorJs Rombold Pres. Evening Evanffcllttttc Servico :30 p.m. MJa-week Prayer Service Wednesday '7:30 p.m. Frdiay Evening, June 28, 1KTT Miami Baptist Raymond Bkelton, 1'aator Adam Gingrich, aupt. Sunday School 10:0u Morning: Worship 11:00 The Missionary committee will e in charge of the morning 1 wor- hlp period. Mrs. Raymond Hobblns will apeak on their recent vi«ft to he Navaho Indian mission field. Youth Fellowship 7:30 Evening Worship 7:30 Baptist Temple M. L. Robinson. Minister 9:30 Church School. 10:30 Morning Worship. Sermon >y the minister; "The Price of "rlvlletfe". Guest soloist: Mr», Donald Free- lafer. , 4:00 to 8:00 Church officer* nannlng conferenc<j at Dykeman ?ark, 8,'SO Youth Fe;iow«lilp. Subject: Green L*ake Rei>ort. Rock Creek Lutheran Parish Robert Oborkehr, Piiwtor MT. P1SGAK Morning 1 WorHhip 9-30 Sunday School 10:30 Sunday School 30:00 Mr. Robert Herr, Supt. Morning Worship 10:4G NOTICE— Change of time for Services beginning 1 the fjrst Sunday in -July: MT. -PISGAH Morning Worship 8:30 Sundav School 9:30 MT. OLtVE Sunday School 9:,'10 Morninff AVorshlp 10:30 Bethel Tabernacle Rev, Wendell Nance. Minister L. J.'Ellison. Supt. Morning* Worship !):30 a.m. Sunday School H'Mfi a.m. Junior cJnirc): 9;,')0 a.m. Evening Evangeliwtlc rally 7:30 "Kill. Special Bible tttudtcK at the Walton Conwervation Club building* Tuesday 8:00 p.m. Bible study and pray or service Wednesday 8:00 p.m. • Annual church picnic will be tiold at the lower pavilion of tin; Dykcman Park TliurnOny at 10:00 a.m. There will bn a special film shown at tho pavilion In late afternoon. Broadway Evangelical United Brethren Wilbur C. Wilson, Minister Divine WorHliip. »;30 a.m. Sor- mon, "Power to WIlm^B". ]nsial- ia t inn of officers and lc.u:ln*r»*. Church School, following jjjvjne Worship. Huymond ^lartln, Supur- tendiMH'. Children's Choir, following Church .School. Peru Group Youth Fellowship, 2:30 p.m. in JllllMdale Chapel Church. livening Worship, 7:30 p.m. Sermon, "In f.iod Jusi?" \Ved:i«hrtay, 1 :UU ii.m. Women's jclnty of World Survive. ThurHdity, 7:30 p.m. Mid-Wcok Scrvlco. Calvary Pentecostal Church Wayne J lorn beck, 1'iiKior Wado Brown, Supcrlntiinden-t S.'SO ii.m, .SiJinJay .Si'luiol 1D:SO a.m. Morning Worship 7:00 p.m. Yo'in**; j'eojjlc.'s Mooting. 7:3(1 p.m. T-yVfingpHHtlt* Service 7:.If) p.m. Wpdiu'f-'iii.y —- Prayer Meeting & Blblt- Klutly Grace Evangelical Lutheran Paul W. JJa<T, Pustor fiuisllen Fil''.K» i riil(3. organist Sunday Church School 'i-an a.m. Morn hit? Wornhip 10:30 a.m. Sermon: ".An Jn vital Ion 1*' r o m ChrJ«i" Tlie Ordlnatinn and InKtnll.'itlon Rorvlcc nf tbe .I'.'LMnr will tnk« place tills Sunday »:veiling, Juno .13, n,l fi:0(J p.m. Mi-inlirTH and frip.iKlH rjf the (•omtiiMiilly arc! cur- dlnlly luvlti'il. A UciTojMinn follows imrncdjjitrtly ni'ti;r the sorvlco In the f'hurcb i'jirlnrs. Th« Church Couii'-ll has Itn rog- \i] t\ r m c e 11 n g o 11 M o n <1 a y <• v « n I n K at 7:00 p.m. First Church of Christ Scientist Sunday Sc?5ooj fit 10:4.1 «. in. Sunday lesson ."nrmon M• 1 O'^TI a.m. Sub j net "Cltr!«t!un Sole not. 1 ." Wcdnnsday ovcnlnc mceilnB at 7:45 p. in. Broadway Methodist Raymond P. Eohols, Minister Mrs. Wilmer Flory, Organist Mr. Mclvln Rilc:y, Church Schoo Supt. U:3n—10:15, Church School class es fur all 'LKUH. 10:^0 — 11:20, Morning Worship Service Or^it-n Prelude by Dubois Vocal .Duet—"Whun I Survey Tbe Wondrous Cross", Ira n. Wilson. Mrs. A, C. Woods and Mr. 3>a- vld Dunwcody. Sormon "Gllmpsos of Olory", R«v. JQcholw. Organ OfPertoiT "Cantilona", Annabel WfLllace. Senior IllRli Institute for Kokomo District .Tune 30 throuj-;h July G, at I'Opworth ForeH-t. I-iuymon's It c treat Juno 21) u.nd 30 Kpworth PoreHt. Wosf Broadway Presbyfonan JliiV. JUHtiiH Siiiihviiechtcr, PitH- tor Mr. Donnld K, Murjiby, clerk of neNnldii Mr. G«orKt! liubb, Church School Supt. f>:3') ti.ni. Snugly ChurcJi ,S''bool ]0::iO n.in. Servk-i* nC Wiii*!*lilp Mr». Jumps ICof-nf.-r, orKunlKt. Communion niodltFLtion by the pastor. S.-ic-rnniftiii ol 1 the Tord 1 * Supper. Hoi-enilon nt new mi*nibc*rs. G:0(! p.m. Fun* wnll - ri-(H']ition for tli« Snn Iwnpchlcr family. ' WedneHdtiy 8:<J(! ]>.:n. Womvn'« Scrvlco (julld picnic Spring Creek Christian Church Roll In Hill, Pastor Chester Bassler, S, S. Supt. 10 a.m. SundH-y School tl a.m. Communion St. James Ev. Lutheran Rov. .Alfred C. (ji:rnl, I'aslor !) iu.m. .Sunday Si-.hool and Pible ClUHKIfH 10 sum. Ulviiui WonOilii. "Whitt MuNt J.Ju Undur»i=jO'l ot Jtitf'iloous- noHHV" Monday, 7:30 p.ir.. Church Council Ffldtiy, 3:3(1-7:30 p.m. Announce- in (tilLa for Holy C«nnm'.:nton, Sac- rl»ty 7:30 p.m. Choir HoheiirBal linden Ave. Prig rim Holiness KrnnHt Carroll, Vtistor Sunday H<:hool y:;iO Murvln MinkH and CJernwa Mar.Miinian, :<uptn. Morning W^r^Jilp 30:3(J Youth Hcrvlecj 6:-iC Keith Poler», prmildunt. Kvtinj<i:1lnt.!R nervlcc 7:30 3IJd-iv«ick pr.'fycr and pr«!«e scr- vlco 7:3(1 Wt;dn<;Hd:iy. D lull* let Youth iMinvenllun bc- Kiim Tbursilay evontiiK; und contin- U<JH throUKh .Sunday. Want Out of Debt? Lot us arrange to get you out of debt on payments you can afford, regardless of how much you owe. No security or endorsement needed. One and only one place to pay. Credit Counselors of Logansport Open Daily 9 to 5, Except W*d. 401 Barnes Bldg. Ph. 2750 VIOLA'S For Exclusive, Leading Nationally Advertised Ladies Apparel 326 Broadway Ph. 3915 For Your Everyday Needs in Toiletries Packaged Drug* Sundries. Stop At SMITH'S SOO West Market St. Phone 3930 Everyone Can Afford Good Furniture on EASY TERMS Foster's Furniture Co. 412-414 E. Market St. T. H. YOUNG D-X PRODUCTS ?UEL OILS 1520 Woodlawn Av«. Phone 4619 LEHNUS BROS. —Farm Implements— Allii-Chalmers Sales & Service G.M.C. Trucks South edge of Logansport on Road 29 -Dial 4691- B. R.WILHELMCO. Timken Oil and Gas Heating Equipment. Shellane Bottled Gas Auto Radiator Repair 206 Fifth Street Phone 3929 J. L (Jack) HAWKINS livestock Buyers Hogs All Weights Veal Every Day -Dial 4434- Logansporr, Ind. LOGANSPORT ILEVATOR CO. Coal & Fencing Grain - Seed* - Feeds Full line Purina Chows 402 E. Miami Dial 3441 So. 18th St. Ph. 3350 Acetylene C Arc Welding Corrugated Metal Pipe Beams Angles, Bars Sheet Metal of All Kind* Basement Adjusting Post* Special Built Tanks Galvanized Corrugated Roofing Logansport Metal Culvert Co. 220 Hanna Phone 5157 Aluminum 1 STORM DOORS AND WINDOWS AwniitQB • PaHo Cov«» Fibtr Glass or Aluminum Wrought Ton (tailing and Columns Houi* Mork«n • W*am*r Vanas fr«mfum Coals MARTIN COAL CO. 1036 Vlrt. St. rhon> 3741 W. M. Jachion - I, I. Cummingt CASS CO. FARM BUREAU CO-OP Petroleum, Paint*, Feeds Fencing, Coal & Farm Tools 108 E.Ottawa Dial 3141 . SMITH'S MARKET CHOICE MEATS We make our own salads. American Express Money Orders at All Times OPEN UNTIL 10 P.M. SUNDAYS AND WEEK DAYS 17th * George St. Ph. 3378 HAMMOND ORGANS Free Demonstration Ramseyer Piano Co. 320 W. Taylor Kokomo, Ind. ' Write for Literature Who Is Your Tuner? Piano service of proven ability. Over 35 years experience. Registered member of National Association of Piano Tuners. Free Estimate: Claude H. Conrad Dial 2811 DALE L. ISAACS Electrical Contractor Licensed • Bonded • Insured 3259 231 W. Ottawa Logan sport, Ind. CASSCOUNTY STONE CO. STUDEBAKER Construction Co. Paving Contractors R. R. 6 Ph. 5-6358 logansport, Ind. MOTOR-STOKER Anthracite Burning Equipment QUALiTY COALS AND FUEL OIL SCHMIDT COAL CO. 923 W. Broadway Phone 4402 logantport THE FARMERS AND MERCHANTS STATE BANK Serving This Community Since 1902 Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation HIATT'S "Everything for Your Office" 310 E. Broadway Dial 3842 HOPE-LUXEM CO., Inc. FORD SALES AND SERVICE 718 S. Burlington Phone 3178 CULLIGAN SOFT WATER SERVICE Cass and Miami Counties. Phone Logan 2570 or 3092 Phone Peru 555 330 Water St., Logansport FLOWERS For All Occasions Corsages Floral Decorations Funeral Designs PLEASANT HILL GREENHOUSE 1016 Pleasant Hill Dial 5144 BOB'S ROOFING CO. Roofing, Siding, Buildup, Eave Troughs. BOB SCHODROF 921 GARFMELD AVE. PHONE 9755

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