El Paso Herald from El Paso, Texas on July 12, 1917 · Page 5
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El Paso Herald from El Paso, Texas · Page 5

El Paso, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 12, 1917
Page 5
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EL PASO HERALD l’hursday, July 12, 1917. SUM[fi M LIIU Six Weeks’ Term Success- County Educational System ful; College of City Will Continue It. After a most successful term, the VA I’aso summer normal school, which has been held in the El Paso high school building, will close its classes this afternoon. Final examinations have been held durln" the last few days, and it is stated by instructors that 98 percent of the students passed the examinations, indicating- a high standard of scholarship in the institution. The in I’aso summer normal will bo absorbed within a short time by The College of the City of K1 Paso, according to a statement made Thursday morning by li. M. C^olvin, chan- l elor of the college, and until recently chairman of the publicity committee of the summer normal. The normal will be conducted throughout the year instead of in the summer, and will be known as the teachers' college of the College of the Cjty of Jll Paso. A special summer course for teachers w’ill be given by the college. lind ICK» In Altendaiice. During its six week course, the K1 Paso summer normal had an attendance of more than 100. A special feature of the institution was the fled Cross in.'struclion. (Jraduatea of this course of iiistrurtion will be issued government certificates. “Much of the credit for the success Extended By Modern Buildings. Five new school houses will be erected in El Paso county during the summer months. The buildings are all expected to be completed by lato this fall in time for the winter term. They will be built at the smelter, Clint, Tornillo, Cuadrilla and on the Island. The school house at the smelter is under construction and will be completed at a cost of approximately $25,000. It will contain eight rooms. Heretofore the children in the smelter district have had to walk more than a mile to school, many of them attending school in the city and paying for their tuition. When the $15.000 bonds for the (''lint school are sold work will be started on the new' building. The bond issue has been approved but the bond.s have not yet been disposed of. A two room school house is being erected on the Island for the children whose parents are farmers in that district. This building will cost ?30O0. At Tornillo and Cuadrilla. one room school houses are being built at a cost of 11000 each. \\ heii these buildings are completed El T’aso county will have a well i'S- tablished ehain of school houses. Thi' srhools arc under the .supervision of Miss Myra AVinkler. county superin- The Biggest Shot of the Year! mmtxmmBmmmsaamiMmm mtmmmmmmmmmmammmmmmmmmmmmmmwmmmmm mmtmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmit wmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmmmmm """mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm The Boston Store’s Annual July Clearance Sale Starts Saturday 7 housands and thousands of dollars of fine merchandise is being rapidly brought to the front to withstand onrush of eager buyers. Friday's Herald will carry the graphic story of the most stupendous Price Cutting El Paso has ever seen. ROM'NEN NG MASONS HERE of the summer normal is due to the i leiident and her assistant. Mrs. Eileen efforts of R. iiandolph Jones, con- i Eindsey. ductor of the institution.” said Mr. | - - ----------------Colvin Thursday morning. '*• ' M A UF A MiMIQTITI? QPTAkTQ .lones has had many years’ experience or in educational work, and no better | AT PREACHERS’ INSTITUTE person could have been chosen for ; conductor of the normal. The teach- ^ Rev. Eldward C. Morgan, of .Marf;^ ing staff numbered some of the best Texas, addressed the preachers' insti- instructors in the entire west.” j tute of the New México Methodis; ----------------------—------------ I conference in Trinity church Thurs- TWO HOMES IN ALTURA PARK niornlng on the subject of -The ^__ i Originality <'f the Plan of Jesus, p> BURNED; LOSS ABOUT $50001 I^egard to His Kingdom." Dr. C. M. }-'ire loss esnmal \V*‘dnesday after when the home ........................ , hninilton stri^et, a brick bnni^alow i ^loore spoke on his cxper- and the home of Mrs. R. Dean, 29<*6 i^nces in Korea, while a missionary Hamilton, were destroved. The cause i of the fire is not known, it started! Tonight there will be an address by in the home of Mr. Atler. who was: l^f- Bishop entitled “The Student away at the time. The high wind'^^'l Bible.” I'he institute is quickly carried the flames to the home good attendance and in- of Mrs, Dean, i^ome of the furniture i t*?nse interest in the subjects pro- in the home of Mrs. Dean was saved, i f=<?nted. I’umper company number two an-i - - ------------------n"*'-Th " ai'i?rUrx"o?' HIGHWAY COMMISSION Iled3t?5000 occurred '^'^hop. of the Southwestern univer- •noon at 4:30 oclock t->eorgetown, lexas. talked on of John Atler, 2!tl i ^ Preacher Among the I'oets. " The firemen saved the entire block, as the hioli wind would quickly have carried burning shingles and sparks. The two houses were six blocks outside of the city limits. The people living in the homes surrounding the fire kept their garden hose playing on their roofs. The Did Age Sign Double Crossed PLANS DIMMER TESTS Austin, Texa.s, July 12.—With a view of detemining the kind of dimmers und lens required to conform with the recent act of the legislatuvi' regarding lights on automobiles in Texas, the state highway commission ha sarranged for a demonstration to 'be made by manufacturers to be held jhere on July IS. I Notwithstanding the efforts of th- highway commission to obtain a shi]'- ' ment of automobile number plates. Jt : has not been as vet successful. Don’t let gray I. air make you look y^’arg i older than you are, for it is now an ' matter to tint gray, faded or bleached hair j Ip a harmless way. The new preparation. I "B!ownatone.” Is proving so popular that i thou5and>? of people of refinement and i niiny lea-lincr hsir-drps.«ers are now using j this wonderful product exfiusiveiy. ; “Brownatonc” meets every demand .Tnd fulfills every test required of it, and is !»o Fimple to u.«e that no previous e.tper- lenco is necessary. Comes ready for use— no n ixing and is entirely free from lead, 8u'pfcur, .silver, zinc, mercury, aniline, coal- tar products or their derivatives. There no oanger of irritation or a poisoned Boalp %vh..‘n you use ‘'Brov.natone,” because It is guaranteed harmless. Produces the most beautiful shades from light golden to the deepest brown or black. ENROLING BOYS IN COUNTY FOR AIDS IN WAR LABOR Ho\s between the ages of ] <5 and Cl a:-e being culled upon to enlist in tlie I'nited v'-^tare.s l»o.vs' working rpserv. to inect any shortage of labor tlia' n'inhr arise from the I'urnpf-an w;i ■ . Mi.ss Myra Wi;;kler, county ."Upcr; ti-ndent of schools, has !-fe;’i a.-^kcd b,-. the bureau of labor .statistics at Aus- ' tin to assist in enroling recruits. She is having the teaclicrs of the various school districts of tlie county to aid i her in the enrolment. EL PAS(> rOMPV.W FILKS ame .\ dme :\ t to chartf . r Austin, Tex., July 12.—An amend- detected. Most all leading druggists everywhere now sell “Brownatone” in two sizes. 25c and 51.00, and in two colors- one to produce ‘'golden or medium brown,” the other “dark brown or black.** Get a 25c bottle from your dealer today, or if you prefer, a sample bottle with interesting book will be mailed on receipt of 10c. to help pay postage and packing charges, if sent to the manufacturers. The Kenton Pharmacal Co., 554 Coppin Bldg., Co'dngton. Ky. Sold and guaranteed !n El Paso by Warner Drug Co., and other leading dealer s.— .\(Iv. **When you pay more than Ftsk. price$ you pay for something that does not exist I 11 Vr im fe. Start Now—Make Your Tire Equipment FISK G O into this tire question thoroughly—you can waste a lot of money if you don't make a careful analysis of the value you get—the first price— the cost per mile—the non-skid qualities—the name back of the tire. TKe man who has made this analysis knows that Fisk Non-Skids are the greatest dollar-for-dollar value on the market. Buy NOW to know real tire satisfaction—put a Fisk on your spare rim—Renew old equipment with Fisk. partment by the Sheers-Lazenby company, of El Paso, decreasing it.s capital stock from $50,000 to $36.000. T jt »» to ÍU-tM» mrna ni*» T he F isk R ubber C ompany of N. Y. General Office*; Chicopee Falls, Ma««. EL PASO BRANCH S09-S11 Mesa Avenue Service Station» throughout California and Arizona The mott extensive and complete Service System on the Coast I>IRA\ APPK.MS CASE. J. M. Duran, convicted in the county court of allowing music in his saloon '/-DCTIAIU and fined $75, made a motion through uKt-vlAW, his attorneys for a new trial which was refused by jU'Tge W. P. Brady. Motion for an appeal w’as then made and the defendant released on $200 bond. —I’hoto by K1 Papo Photo To., C o I m bids. Five prominent visiting Masons, now in El Paso exemplifying the work of the order. Those in the group are: Sitting, F, M, Adams, London, Texas; W. S. Tate, Hamilton; D. H. Hamilton, Leonard; Standing, T. A. Doxey, San Antonio; J. M. Booth, Mart. FLAME Or YUKON” AND PERSHING IN FRANCE CLOUDCROFT INVITES YOU TO COME Positively more beautiful this season than ever. Plenty of Amusement. No place like it for health and recreation. THE LODGE Again under the management of Mr. M. B. Hutchins, is modem in every respect. Eates very reasonable. GOLF COURSE IN SPLENDID CONDITION $3.50—ROUND TRIP—$3.50 On Sale Saturday and Sunday. Good to Return Today positively the last day you will have the opportunity to .‘ie* the greatest double bill ever offered in El I'aso. Today the Clrecian presents, for the la.iit time Dorothy l>alton in "The I'lame of the Yukon” and the first authentic pictures showing Gen. i’er* shing and staff in I-'ranei'. ‘The F'lame of the Yukon" has created more talk In El Fa.‘;o than any picture that has been shown herr in many months. As evidence of tlie wonderful imr»res.'<ion this picture h;i inHde on those who have seen it, it is not amiss to state that the attendant e at the (Irecian has increased from day to flay, proving beyond a doubt that those who saw it liked it and told their friends to see it. Every day this picture has been shown it has played to capacity business— every night large crowd.s have had to wait to get in—and every day tlu- crowds have been growing bigger. And the pictures of Pershing In France are being talked about, too. As an extra added attraction these pictures come in for their full share of praise and well they might. These show particularly fine views of fJen. Pershing upon his arrival in P.nulngne and the reception given him in Paris. It should be remembered thax t^dav is positively the last day to see this great double bill, and thosp who have not yet seen it should make it a point to visit the Grecian today—Adv. ( Ti -w the bewitfhed {tajamas nearl.v ' v. rrrk a score of r'lmaiic« forn'.- on of the mnist absorbing narrativer^ ever told in pictures.—Adv. EXPLOSIVE IN TIN CANS GRANDVIEW OWNERS SEND $25 DUG UP AT ALAMOGORDO TO FIREMEN FOR GOOD WORK r“ U IGWAM—f.LAI>\ S HI I^KTTi: Gladys Hulette, the dainty star of inony screen euccesses. will be i^een at the Wigwam today and tom->rrow i’l ■ I'hc «'igaretie Girl." It is a clever Several old tin cans containiisg ex- plo. ives W‘ re unearthed in the railroad yards of t|ie El Paso & South* wtstern <*on’;pany at .Xlamogordo, N. M., Wednesday bj* a section gang doing excavating and grading, accord- T’roperty owners of (Grandview addition sent a chcck for to fire chief John Wray Wednesdpy afternoon. as a mark of appreciation of the work done by fire companies h and 7 on the night of July C. wher- I they answered a call at the corner of presentation of New York’s night I'fa superintendent Ì ^nd Fort Boulevard and i^rnt with its dazzling splendor and »^nip- ; ^eeth of xhe f Î ably saved half of that neighborhood tations. The author is Phil:p Ba rtho- ^t^cunn an, N. an<i transmitted to • - -• — lomae, the noted plavrisiht and author the offic-e of g»neral manager George who wrote “Little M‘is.'=«‘Eirown," ‘ Over HawKS in El I’aso. The section Night." “When Dreams Com.- True," M^^^Pitian reported that the cans had ;>i’d the tremendous hit," Very (iood ; »evidently been buried at the spot for p;d(]if^." ' •* long time. If imy of them were "The <’igarette Girl" is the ptory of exploded in handling them, it was no: a young woman who sold cig-.rettes mentioned In the report, on the great white way. She became ; Another report r» ceived liere said the "wife In name only" of a young there were of the tin can bomb^, I from fire. The sun? will be turned into the firen\en’s relief fund. Assistant chief John T. Sullivan wati in charge c>f the fire fighters, who did the t:ood work. Th»' names of 1‘. li). Black, William P. Taylor, U. .M. Metcalfe and J. E. Quaid accompanied the remittance. Special Rates to Pacific Coast swell who was in the toils of a vampire. Throtigh her efforts he escaj)es ai’d she saves his fortune and gets him out of all kinds of trouble. It's a (’andy picture and Miss Ilulette will add to her long list of admirers by her poitrayr.l of the "good little girl who is in very bad surroundings."—Adv', filled with dynamite and missiles. I,<et U9 fin your coal order now; full weight guaranteed, prompt service. with fuses attached, all contained in i Swastika Steam and «^errillos White a hemp sack buried in the earth In . A.-h Domestic i'oal, famous for the yards. Federal authorities are qualitv. carrying on an investigation. Miss Julia A. McGowan Tiaa been appointed as court stenographer in New York city. Nouthwe-Rtem Fuel A Feed Co.t Phone 8300.—Adv. Los Angeles and return San Diego and return San Francisco and return Sunday Night or Monday. GARNETT KING Gen. Pass. Agt, El Paso, Tex. BANKING BY MAIL COMPOUND ,INTEREST A request for our new free booklet, “Banking by Mail,” carries with it no obligation to open an account, all we ask is an opportunity to explain clearly why your savings should earn 4 percent and why your money will be absolutely .«afe if sent by mail to this institution. You may have occasion to thank us for this suggestion. Write today and ask about our New Booklet. EL PASO BANK & TRUST COMPANY A f.nnranty Fund liank K1 Paso. To.\«s Established April, 18ÍH. INTEKEST PAID r. R. MOREHEAD, President. .fOSKPH MAGOFFIN, Vier. Pre«. STATE NATIONAL BANK Capital, Sarplan and Profit«, «200,000. ON «.AVI.V<;s ATCOFNTS. i . N. HASSETT, Vice President, GEO. D. FIX)RY, Cafebier. F. J. GII-CI1KI8 T, Asst. Cashier. AFIIAMnilA, “THE GOFDFX I>OTLS** Regina Badet, the vampire of France, keeps her audience enthralled in "The Golden Lotus.” The picture was directed by Louis Mercanton, who directe<l Sarah F^ernhardfs famous ‘‘Mothers of France.” True art is shown in the stage settings anfl in the photography. The .«tory; Ramsey, a young author, meets and loves a mysterious and beautiful woman. To hitn she is all that is pure and good. Leah, the woman, is a notorious character and the mistress of a gamblinii house in reality. However, lovinti Ramsey, she regrets her past life, and resolves to become a good woman. Mer associates at the gambling house interfere and tell Ramsey of her flou- hle life. Ramsey finds out for himself that It is true. After a number of years, I.,eah and Ramsey meet again, under thf' most thrilling and dramatic circumstances. The picture will be shown at the Alhambra today onlv. The prices are 10c, ir.c and 2.".c. Thè .Mhambra is delightfully cool. Tomorrow Sessue Jlayakawa nnd Vivian Martin will be shown in "Forbidden I’aths."--Adv. <‘F\T'rY’V\HnFCKFK AT TIIK ni.lOF “A Rough House” slapstick comedy « ith Arbuckle as the chief acrobat, assisted by Al. St. John and Buster: Keaton, will be shown today for the ‘ last time at the Bijou. I'atty Ar- j buckle's latest comedy is well named. I It is seldom that the strenuous ef-j forts of acrobat comedians pver bring j forth such knock-about results, ‘‘The! Rough Ilouse” starts off well. In; fact, the opening scenes are basicallv i funny, though for the rest the fast and furious pace of “soak and get soaked" policy so well done by the plnyers will amuse the picture fans, A new Fox comedy, entitleri "Bing Bang" will be shown also tod,tv. It is the bo.st comedy bill every shown in El Paso —one hour of continuous Liughtrr. )>member today is the last s h o w i n g.—A d v. iO\lI\G, “\\ITH!\ TIIF I-AU*» Alice Joyce and Harry Morey will be seen to a<lvantage in the «r'reen version of the fiunous Broadway success, "Within the Jjaw," It will be shown for fovir day.s at the Alhambra, commencing next Tuesday. It i.=» an ext raordinarv attraction nnd prices v.'ill be 25c, .'iTjc and GOc.—.\dv. If pays to paint with Patton’.s Sun Proof Paints. I>ander I^umber Co.—.\dv. $ 40.50 $ 40.50 $ 50.50 Sept. ."iOtli ■with ••THE ii.vi \'rr;i> r\J\M\s." I siai E "The Haunted Pajamas,” nn un- unusual photoplay of love and my:'- tery. v.'ith Harold Lockwood in Gif' leading role, is the fe.Tture ntraction offered at the Fnique today and through Sunday. 1'he story is an amusing eombinatlon of comedy action and mystery, having to do with a ren.arkable pair of pajamas m:ide of silk from the loom of an aneieiit desi-. CHAVEZ MUST TELL GRAND JURY OF CARRASCO SHOOTING i'harged w'ith murder in conneetlon with the death of .lesus <'arrasco, R. I’. Chavez, a merchant of 'loia :\ian- /can;i street, was on Thursday morning held to the grand jury by justice .1. .M. Deaver and released on his personal recognizance. ; (.'havej? testified that the dceased and another Me.xican named I-'i'ancisco Castillo had approached his wife sever;! 1 days previous to the shooting and asked her to bu.v tw<; tirsgs oi j beans. He .«aid his -nife was suspicious of their movements and tliat; was stolen that day from his riiinese princess. They are bewit<'hed, wlioever donning them beitirr in- stanth.' transformed into another person. The star receives them from a friend in China, and, putting them on, turns into a Chinaman, formation only endiirts i)n July 2 he said .Fuatt «'I uivct : told Irm the same twn men were in a rj alley near his store aTid wh*n he asked tbeni to w-;\it until he lep.- . ph<me(J they started shooting. l>e- The 1 rans-j ff'ndant said he returned the fire, while tl'.e shooting' five tim«'?. and that <>ne ot pajamas are v/orn. Later he is visited by a y'Ming b<ty, u ho, drmning fiio pajamas, turn.s info his host's sweet- heai't- a beautiful girl of a di.'^tin- gui.-hed family. The embarrassing •-ituation is accentimted b>' the fn>-f that whoever has iniflergoire the j transformation is unconscious of it the nit ri fell and he took his gun. The other mar, Castillo, was < ap*ured by .luan <’liave;i and other men and taken to jail. Carrasco v>as found about ‘JO bloeks from the ^■hootillg a. few hoiir.s later, v.’ounded in four pl.aces. He flie-l Wednesday at the eounty hospital. Don’t Throw Your Old Shoes Away Send Them To Us; We Will Make Them Look like New. Remember We Save You 35% On tlio Dolliir on voiir Sliop \\'«»rk. Walk on Rubber Heels’ iC ff Tliev i*GSt you i lie sauK^ pnro as loatlioi' lu‘(‘i<. ( Nuno S(‘o ÌLS anti we will coiiviiire you that we <-aii sa\e Von ?uone^^ Enterprise Electric Shoe Shop ,316 Mesa Avenue. Tii'kots .solliiic: flailv to limit for return Oct. 31st. Stopovor.s jicrniittcd at all points en route. 1'ako the CALIFORXIAX from El Paso (>:^5 A. .M. aiid arrive Lo.“? Ansreles Td.i A. M. and iiiako closo conucctions at Los Aiiirplos for the beaelies. While in California visit the YOSEMITE \'ALLKV and the BIO TREES. Don't fail to iiielude the APACHE TRAIIi ill yoiir itinerary. For fnll inforiiiation on all points of interest in California call at onr office and talk it over with one who has been there. Southern Pacific City Ticket Office No. 206 No. Oregon. Phone 3400 Branch 11. Candy Sate On Our Delicious Pink and White Cocoanut Cream Bar 20c the Lb. SATURDAY ONLY :.rwarj J Quality nnd I'nricrllrd. Try Herald Want Ads The mud oti yonr car will ; (|uiekly and easily disap- I [tear when you use a SANITAX AUTO BRUSH, $3.00 , Just attach it to the hose. Tutlle Paint & Glass Co.

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