El Paso Herald from El Paso, Texas on July 9, 1917 · Page 4
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El Paso Herald from El Paso, Texas · Page 4

El Paso, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, July 9, 1917
Page 4
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4 Mondar Julv 9 . ini 7 . EL PASO HERALD JUL! 15, EXCEPT AS LICENSED IN GLOBE nELO President Issues Embargo Proclamation, Including Prevent Agitators Holding Munitions, Foodstuffs and Fertilizers; Method of Ob- Meeting in City To taining Export Licenses Explained By Secretary Discuss Strike. Redfield; First Duty To Safeguard Supplies. Washington, D. C. July 9.—Ship- I On the contrary it wishes and intends u,a ment of many important commodities i b>' a’1 iair equitable means, to tii^ , . T. ^ . . coooperate with them in their difficult out of the Lruted States, except under j task by adding: from onr available surpluses to their own domestic supply and of meeting their pressing necessities or deficits. In considering these deficits of food supplies, the ¡government means only to fulfill its federal license, -will be barred on and after July 15 by president Wilson’s proclamation putting into operation the recent act of congress authorizing government control of exports. The | obvious obligation to nsure Itself that list includes all munitions, foodstuffs and fertilizers. America’s needs will be given first consideration, the allies’ next and then neutral nations, according to a statement issued by the president announcing the new policy. Every effort will be made to prevent supplies from leaching the central powers. Embargo for Days. The fact that foodstuffs are included in the proclamation is believed here to amount to a partial substantiation of reports that a complete embargo for 60 days on all food shipments is under consideration. The Proclamation. The president’s proclamation, after quoting the law empowering the government to take control of exports, says: “I hereby proclaim to all whom it may concern that, except at such time or times and under such regulations and orders and subject to such limitations and exceptions as the president shall prescribe, until otherwise ordered by the president or by the congress, the following articles, namely, coal, coke, fuel, oils, kerosene and gasoline, including; bunkers; food grains, flour and meal therefrom, fodder and feeds, meats and fats; pig iron, steel billets, ship plates and structural shapes, scrap iron and scrap steel; ferro Manganese, fertilizers. arm&, ammunition and explosives shall not, on an*l after the 15th DELEGATES NAMED TO day of July, 1917, be ferried out of or* exported from the United States or its territorial possessions to Abyssinia, Afghanistan, Albania, Argen- o u n Austria-Hungary, Belgium, her!nas designated F io. b. L. i-choll. neutrals are husbanding their own resources and that our supplies will not become available, either directly or indirectly, to feed the enemy.” How to Get Licenses. The method of procedure in obtaining licenses for export was outlined by secretary Redfield. who will administer the act as follows: “First, applications for licenses may be made to the bureau of foreign and domestic commerce, division of export licenses, 1435 K. street, Washington, D. C., or to any of the branches of ______ the bureau of foreign and domestic I commerce—New Fork, Boston. Chi- BISBEE STRIKE DWINDLES; cago, St. Louis, New Orleans, ban Francisco and Seattle. Good Only For <»0 Day«. , . _ , “Second, in applying for a license j kisht/e, Ariz., . u > fet> to export any of the commodities j men reported for war ok m the mines covered by the president’s proclama- j of this district today, and while < Continued Front Page One.* management is said to have concluded st that no man of the picket force below its smelter ever again shall draw Old Dominion money. This is not as far stretching as it seems, for most of the pickets are from Miami. A large proportion of the O. D. miners are Americans, men who would be glad to resume their well paid jobs and who do not hesitate to say so on the streets of Globe. The mine has had several similar experiences in the past. At one time, superintendent Pa mail was captured and threateed with violence if he did not sign a new scale. Fie signed and then shut the mine down for many months. The statement that the Iron cap and Superior Boston mines had agreed to the federation scale is in error. Both companies will go with the larger companies in any settlement. MORE MEN AT WORK A riz.. more tion applicants should give the following information in triplicate form: “(A) Quantity; (B) Description of goods: (<') Name and address of consignee; <D) Name and address of consignor. “Third, the license will be good for only 60 days and at the expiration of that time must be renewed and if not shipped within that time a new application must be made. “Fourth, the various branches of the foreign and domestic commerce bureau have been given full instructions as to the disposition of all applications for licenses." BOLL WORM CONFERENCE Austin, Tex., July 9.—Gov. Ferguson strike leaders expressed utmost confidence, indications we re that the strike is slowly losing strength. The first violence reported in this district occurred yesterday when a Copper | j Queen employe was set upon by five j men and severely beaten. More than i 500 I. W. W. strickers, mostly Mexi- j cans, marched in a funeral procession | yesterday for one of their members i who had died. i The Shattuck-Arizona mine here I closed since the beginning of the strike of the Metal Mine Workers’ Industrial union, two weeks ago. reopened today. The mine was said by operators to be working at nearly half its* normal production rate. I W. W. ORGANIZERS ARE TOLD TO LEAVE KINGMAN 11 n a , colonies, possessions or protectorates, Bolivia, Brazil, Bulgaria. China, Chile, Colombia. Costa Rica, Cuba, Denmark, her colonies, possessions or protectorates, Dominican republic. Ecuador, Egypt, France, her colonies, posses- Ari/... July 9.—Several >r the Industrial Work- of the World have been ordered state entomologist, and Ed L. Ayers, 1 Kingman, chief nursery inspector of the state organizers f< department of agriculture, to repre- | ers sent the state at a conference to be ' by the authorities to leave Golcomia held at Washington, D. C., with the and Chlorido, near Kingman, accord- federal horticultural board and secre-iing to advices received here today, sio'n's or protectorates; Germany, herjtary of agriculture Houston, relative No reports have been made of dis- colonies, possessions or protectorates, j to the plan of the federal government j orders at any of the mines in the dis-j Great Britain, her colonies, posses- I to establish zones in the southwestern ; trict. portion of the state, especially along --------£he border counties, in order to pre- fAI mNHA M5NF T! vent an invasion info Texas from mine, Mexico of the pink boll worm. They BY I. W. W. ACTIVITIES will leave Thursday ro< "Washington. At a meeting to be held Wednesday I Phoenix, A riz., July 9.—A special sions or protectorates; Greece, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, Italy, her colonies, possessions or protectorates; Ja.'pan, Liberia, Eeichtenstein, Luxemburg, Mexico, Monaco, Montenegro. Morocco, Napal, Nicaragua, The Netherlands. her colonien, possessions or j at Harlingen, of farmers and others of dispatch to the Arizona Gazette from protectorates: Norway, Oman, Pan- !Cameron and HidaTgo counties. A Kingman, Ariz., states tÄat the Gol- ama, Paraguay, Persia, Peru, Portu-: delegation will be named to represent ; eondia mine there been closed gal, her colonies, possessionas or prolectorates: Rumania., Russia, Salvador, San Marino, Servia, Siam, Spain, her colonies possessions or protectorates; Sweden, Switzerland, Uruguay, Venezuela or Turkey. Will Issue Licenses. “The orders and regulations from time to time prescribed will be admin is th whom licenses, in conformity with the ro-jthe interests of these counties through activities of the T. W. W. two hundred miners are said to be out. Announcement To the Public By the House of Zeiger. Tn order to comply with the antiei- CLERICAL PARTY GERMANS SUPPORT RADICAL PROGRAM which have arisen or are likely to arise in our country before new crops are harvested. Not only is the conservation of our prime food and fod- domestic avtivities. We shall, therefore, similarly safeguard all our fundamental supplies. To Consider Allies Next. “It is obviously the duty of the United States in liberating any surplus products over and above our own domestic needs to consider first the necessities of all the nations engaged in war against the central empires Copenhagen, July 9.—A Berlin dis- ! patch to the Fremdenblatt of Ham- j tired by and under the authority of i '.‘‘¿T Law "of^Fnod burK •»*« that th- entire clerical e secretary of commerce. from ,* m - k party in the reichstag:. with the excep- v, horn licenses, in conformity with the ] ’ ,. establish- tion 0f three members, voted Saturday said orders and regulations will issue. ; 1 announces to our friends, pat- ¡night to support the stand taken by 1 Must Safeguard Supplies. rons and the public m general that ,Mathias Erzberger, who made a sen- “In controling by license the export p'[fnw curtail the variety of food we sational speech in the secret session of certain indispensable commodities j serve at one time. Where we of the main committee, attacking the from the United States, the govern- |have heretofore offered five or six j admiralty and pan-Germans as the ment has first and chiefly in view the j different kinds of meat, we will offer creat obstacles to peace and advocat- amelioration of the food conditions ; only one half of the same variety at ling peace without annexations or in- one time and all other foods in the demnities and the introduction of a same proportion with the exception j parliamentary form of government, of fish. The bill-of-fare will be! This action was taken, the dispatch changed every day, the quality of says, under the presumption that der supplies a matter which vitally j food will be the same high standar • ehancelor von Bethmann-Hollwe concerns our own people, but the re-¡that the house of Zeiger has alway tention of an adequate supply of raw i maintained. The prices will not be materials is essential to our program ¡materially changed because of the fact of military and naval construction j that the curtailing of the variety of the reichstag. Hitherto it has worked and the continuance of our necessary foods offered will give us a chance with the conservatives in giving the to economize in waste reduce the £°vernm^rit. a majority. Any such cost, at the same time 'enable us to ! ?£!?*** ’f \he fo_r55°,ini; I serve our patrons same price, conten smaller margin of profit with the are sery,in* ¡all indications failed a momentous up- Sivw . a + better Purpose than : heaval was at hand, making a blatant noise. 1 __________________________ The above will take effect at as til ry ai ajsaaiio v t nc vw** v* -w «.*•« ** i , - . . , , „ As to neutral nations, however, we early ® ,^e.as P2:sslbJe- Come and also recognize our duty. The govern- ^ Zeiger ar Ration Plate, ment does not wish to hamper them. io ’c- Adv. would retire. The clerical party the largest in time enable n <5 fn!1,luve inuicaieu uy vne ioregoing at nnctiMiiv'the i dispatch would amount to a political it ourselves with t overturn of the first magnitude. This j r i dispatch bears out advices cabled from Berlin on Saturday that unless Eyes Examined Properly. Geo. D. Kendall. 228 Mesa Avenue, Ma’-es Glasses Right.—Adv. Get it at McMickle’s IMPORTANT NOTICE! We kave just purchased 1000 cases of slightly damaged canned goods of all kinds an d otli er household necessities Rememh fir absol utclv ^*Li3ir*3rf\trcc^ci to 1)6 satisfactory m every way. NOW Wc will place tins entire stock of goods on sale. STARTING WEDNESDAY. JULY 11th. Watch Tuesday’s Herald For full particulars, list of goods and prices. SAVE MONEY Get your list together and be on hand early Wednesday morning. As these prices we will offer will astound you and save you big money, we suggest laying in a big supply, as these goods will keep and never again be repeated. Krazy Kat right, 1317. Internationa? ""»mi>9* ------ CD & <3> m tue vjoiu' him UíJTH ì’ME'llOW'S' AI LA l\T. V. ORIGINATORS —not— IMITATORS McMICKLE’S 600-2-4-6 E. San Antonio St.—East of Court House. ARGUMENTS ARE CLOSED IN HIGHWAY INJUNCTION CASE Austin, Tex., July 9.—Argument was concluded today before judge George Calhoun, of the 53d district court, in the injunction case of Atkins vs. Curtis Hancock and other members of the State Highway commission which case involves the constitutionality of the law creating the state highway commission. The injunction desired is to restrain the collection of the automobile registration fees. The court took the matter under advisement. J Tuning and Re-pairing Work Guaranteed. Jenkins Piano Company THE BIG PIANO HOCSR, Phone 2958. 211-2IS Texai Street. OUR JULY CLEARANCE SALE NOW ON Prices Are Reduced on Our Entire Stock of Women s Fancy Colored Shoes including Whites. Also Every Pump and Strap Slipper. Nothing Reserved Womens Section Tf Misses’ and Children's Section All *12 and $10 price .............. All $9.00 values, All $8.00 values. All $7.00 values. All $6.00 values, All $5 and $5.50 price.............. All $4.00 values. All $3.50 values, All $3.00 values, All $2.50 values. values, Sale Sale price. . Scile price.. Sale price. . Sale price. . values. Sale Sale price. . Sale price. . Sale price. . Sale price. . . $ 8.95 $7.85 .36.95 ,85.95 $4.95 $3.95 $3.45 $2.95 $2.65 $2.15 Extra Special All short lines of Pumps, including Patents, Kid, Gun Metal and Kussia Tan. Regular $3.50, $4.00 and $5.00 values .............. $ 2.85 $5.00, $6,00 and $7.00 values, broken lines, at. $ 3.45 AH Misses’ aad Children’s Pumps, Strap Slippers and Barefoot Sandals at Big Reductions Men’s Section All Men’s Oxfords Included in This Sale Whites, Canvas, Russia Tans, Patents, Vici Kid and Gun Metal Calf Every Pair Goes In This Sale AIL J. & Al. $9.00 val. Sale price . $ 7.85 Ail $7. .50 va lues. Sale price.... $ 6.45 All $ i.00 values. Sale price.... . $ 6.45 Ail $6. .00 va lues. Sale price.... $ 5.45 All $5. ,00 va lues. Sale price.... .$ 4.15 All .00 va lues. Saleprice.... $ 3.45 All 50 va lues, Sale price...., .$ 2.95 All*-1.00 values... $3.45 All $3.50 . $2.95 All$3.00 values.. . . $2.45 All *2.00 values.. . .81.95 All *2.00 values.. . .$1.65 Boys’ Section All Boys’ Oxfords Including Patents, Tans, Vici Kids and Gun Metal. They come in both lace and button. All $3.50 grades, Sale price.*, .. .$2.45 All >*:>.0u grades. Sale price ........$1.95 All $2,50 grades, Sale price ........$1.65 We Give S. & H. Trading Stamps JACOB WEIMER IN A BIG SUIT Jacoo Weimer, former pitcher for the Chicago Cubs and Cincinnati, through his lawyer, Michael F. Ryan, * yesterday filed suit in Chicago for S10.000 damages against the Union , Stockyards and Transit company. 1 Weimer Tvas injured about a year a£o ! by a pair of scales at the yards and, j according to his lawyer, is still lame as a result. FORMER HARVARD MAN A MARINE TRIAL OF A. LIMANTIA, OF BORDERLAND INN, IS BEGUN r-harged with selling Intoxicating ' liquors A. Limantia, proprietor of the I Borderland inn, on the county road j 'northwest of El Paso, was placed on; i trial before judge Will P. Brady in the county court at law, Mondav ! morning. Testimony in the case will 1 >e completed this afternoon. It is i-harged that Limantia also ran a disorderly houee at the inn. During the .morning county attorney W H. Fryer examined a number of em­ ployes of the inn. They all testified ihat no intoxicating liquors were sold after 9;30 oclock at night. CHINESE EMPEROR HAS ABDICATED, IS REPORT London, Eng., July i*.—According to a Reuter dispatch from Pekin, the boy emperor, Hsuan Tung, has abdicated. This is his second abdication of the throne of China, He first became emperor December 2, 1908. under the regency of his father. princ< Chun. On December b, 1911, prince Chun abdicated the regency and on February 1". 1912, the emperor abdicated. From then until last Sunday when he was restored to the throne by Gen. Chang Tfsun, he has been a virtual prisoner of presidents Yuan Shi Kai and Li Tuan Hung. IMPERIALISTS ARE PREPARING TO DEFEND “FORBIDDEN CITY” Pekin. China, July 9.—Gen. Chang Hsun, head of the imperialist forces is provisioning the “forbidden city” and strengthening its defences. This indicates that if his troops are defeated at Fang Taai, near Pekin, the last stand tu II be made there. SHOOTS WOMAN) KILLS SELF. Gallup, N. M., July 9.—A man named Norton, formerly a mechanic in a local garage, shot and killed Doris Miller, then shot hibself through the j head, dying instantly. The Miller woman is said to be sur- I vived by two children in San Francisco. \T ELKS’ CONVENTION Past president Roy D. Barnum, Max Miller, J. B. Paden and Tom Couzens, representing El Paso Elks’ lodge 1ST are in Boston at the opening of the grand lodge of Elks. Barnum and Couzens left, here last week. The others were already in the east. LUL^ i . iiüiüh ^ ïïïïw “|^F O one should desire war but terrible as it is it brings things to a focus, destroys sham and otten opens the way to progress. ^3P ^7 YOUR CHECKING ACCOUNT is invited by T he F irst N ational D ank EL PASO,TEXAS ^3Bat3ai¡aaHhflkiiiiaM(fe.a.u,nB8tgiwi^ ______________ AI <;i STA IS Oi l'. The Augusta team has surrendered its franchise in the South Atlantic (league, leaving only three clubs. WAHAX- ttsjryr** ev/» E DDIE MAHAN*, the former Harvard athlete, who lias followed the lead ni any of the former famous Harvard athletes and joined the marines. He will start south for the training camp at once (liattanuoga, Term., and Return, $58.10. Nashville, IVnn., and Return, $57.‘U K l\no.\vil!r, Ten»., «md Return, $61.80. Memphis, Tenn., and Return, $48.10. Atlanta, (ieor^ia, and Return, $60.25. Superior Service To Those Points, via SUNSHINE SPECIAL Consult Us. Plioue Ko. 7. BANKING lyiGfcJ COMPOUND BY MAIL 711 INTEREST A request foi our new free booklet, “Banking by Mall,” carries with it no obligation to open an account, all we ask is an opportunity to explain clearly why your savings should earn 4 percent and why your money will be absolutely pate if sent by mall to this institution. You mav have occasion to thank us for this suggestion. Write today and ask about our New Booklet. EL PASO BANK & TRUST COMPANY A »«tiarnn<> I’und Hunk I'l l’n*o, levii* Use Herald Want Ads

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