Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on June 27, 1957 · Page 19
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 19

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 27, 1957
Page 19
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Thursday Evening, June 27, 1957. Ann Landers Woman Deserved Something But Lucky She Didn't Get It 'Dear Ann: Two years ago I did something I'm ashamed of. I stepped out on my husband. It's the old story. I got pregnant and had a little girl. I told my husband everything and he forgave me. We have two older children and he treats all the kids alike. He never brings up the past. Here U my problem. The father of this little girl has never offered to pay support money. He doesn't even ask how she's getting along. When I see him on the street he tips his hat and acts like I'm a distant friend. Of course our love a/fair is over but he was as much to blame as I. If he was a halfway gentleman wouldn't he have offered to pay the hospital bill? He's married and has three kids of his own, but don't you think 1 deserve something?—A.S.D. You deserve "something" all right—and you're plenty lucky you didn't get it. This man has no obligation to you or the child in the eyes of the !aiv. You are both married—but not to each other. Legally your husband is the baby's father. Thank your lucky stars that he's a kind, forgiving soul and is willing to accept another man's child and "treat her as his own." If he's good enough to forget your past, the least you can do is the same. He could have bounced you out on your head and taken your two older children. Count your blessings. 440 Dear Ann: This letter is beingj Complete It Quickly written by a mother and father of three teenage children. We are steady church goers and have a strong moral sense. We would like your opinion on this controversy. The church auxiliary had ' a Young People's Gatherw\ll last night. A dancing contest was announced in advance and two professional dance instructors were asked to judge. The competition was very spirited and the prize was a silver cup. The judges didn't know the contestants, or so they said. The worst possible thing happened. The minister's daughter won first place with her rhumba. As if this wasn't bad enough, her partner was a young man who is digging ditches this summer. We think this is a disgrace to the church. The minister should not have permitted his daughter to enter the contest. The clergy should reflect dignity at all times and this goes for his entire family. What is your opinion? — DISGUSTED CHURCH-GOERS. What are you so exercised about? Did you have some kids in the contest? If dancing isn't against your religion, and I can only assume it isn't since the church auxiliary sponsored the contest, what is your complaint? The minister's children have just as much right to dance as anyone else. As for your implication that the •minister's daughter is keeping company with an undesirable young man, merely because he's digging ditches this summer, may I say if more kids would dig this kind of digging there'd be fewer teenagers in trouble. * * * Dear Ann: My brother who is 24, is going with a woman who admits to 39. She is the small dainty type who looks younger than her years, but you can't kid the old calendar, Ann, and we keep telling him lhat she'll fall apart on him one day when he least expects it. They've rented a place and have set a wedding dale. My sister and I have pleaded with him to cail WITH THt NEW 'PATT-0-RAMA Mainstay of your summer ward' robe—and for the cooler months, !oo. A smartly styled skirt that can be completed in practically no time. No. 8102 with PATT-0-HAMA included is in waist siv.es 24, 25, 2li, 28, 30, 32. Size 25, 1% yards of 45- Inch. For this pattern, s COINS, your name, address, size Logansport, Indiana, Pharos-Tribuna Nineteen Josephine Lowmon It's Fun in Sun But Don't Overdo It K. :<<&'••' •:,_ This is the time of year when thousands of girls and women are busy baking themselves rather than three layer cdkes. In fact some of them cook themselves three layers deep. Every one of us has some of the Sun Worshiper in us. We love to bask in the sun's warmth. It relaxes and soothes.- Undoubtedly the habit of taking sunbaths' or spending hours in the sunny outdoors, builds health. But like every other good thing, too much of it can damage beauty and health. Extreme and ,unintelligent sun bathing even can endanger If you arc determined to get a beautiful, deep brown Inn, go slowly. this thing off but he tells us to!life. mind our own business. Please,] From the standpoint of good can you say something to his kid?(health you should acquire your woman who year after year, in- quest for leaflet No. 22. Address dulges in too much suntanning •forfeits her Tight to expect a youthful skin at 50 or 60. While sunlight is a beauty aid in that it improves health, nevertheless U dries out the skin's natural oils. These diminish with age anyway. The very' young woman may got away with a deep brown each summer but the woman past 35 should be more temperate. In Early Morning You can enjoy outdoor life with- 'out loo great a penalty in looks Josephine Lowman in care of this newspaper. Tomorrow: "10 j Pound Loss by Standing After Meals? Impossible!" , Released by The Eegister and .Tribune Syndicate, 1957 Two Logansport g| Alleys Vacated Judge Clifford 0. Wild entered judgment for the petitioners vacating two platted alleys in Logansport Wednesday in the Cass circuit court. The alleys, which never had been used as such since they were platted, included, an east-west dead-end platted alley between Twenty-second street and fte Highland Park addition, and a north- south platted alley between George and Smead street, all in Watson's subdivision. The owners of the adjoining lots, who, had petitioned for the vacation, are Roy and Blanche Kleckner; Donald and Leila Kleckner, Wada and Jean Ann Quisenberry, James and Phyllis Farrer, H. Keith and K.osalie Rinehart. and Orville and Helen Long, O'Neill and O'Neill were the attorneys for the petitioners. HOT MONEY SOMERS, Conn.—An employe of the Thompsonville Trust Co. had to wait so long for a time lock vault to open that he forgot about $5,000 he had in a wastebasket. The money was covered with trash and burned in an incinerator. FATHEB AND SON SCHENECTWiDY, N.Y. - Chris McCann, 88, who retired from the General Electric Co. 24 years ago, recently attended a GE --retirement dinner for his son, James, 05 ?he elder McCann retired before iis son> started with the company. Rural Youth Plans Activity July 11 noon rather than at mid-day. You can wear a big hat at the beach and an eyeshsde which somewhat —VERY UNHAPPY RELATIVES, suntan gradually. Certainly this protects your face when on the Sure, I can say something, but he'd tell me to mind my owjj business, too and be justified. This "kid" has been of age for three years. It's his life to make a mess of- if he wants to, and if he marries a woman'who is almost old enough to be his mother he'll probably do just that. 4 * # CONFIDENTIALLY: JIM'S WIFE: Any man who puts nway a fifth in a day has a real problem. A. A. can help him but he'll have to ask for it. true also if you wish to avoid|g°U course or tennis court. You (Ann Landers will be happy tn help you with your problems. Send them to her in care of this newspaper and enclose a slampod self- addressed envelope.) Copyright 1957 Field Enterprises, Inc. extreme discomfort. For good looks, ditto. If you brown too rapidly you will blister and peel and look moro like a zebra than a bronzed mermaid. 'If you arc one who is determined to get a beautiful, deep brown go slowly. You should only sun 10 minutes to a side to begin with. You can also use one of the screening lotions when you go to the beach, and wear a shirt over your bathing suit after a while in the sun. For the sake of your appearance do this. Otherwise you will never achieve the smooth, rich brown you long for. Of course I believe that the HOT LUMBER SYRACUSE, N.Y.—A witness also can use one of the screening lotions or an oily make-up base. When you lake your sun baths at home you can lie so lhat your body Is exposed to the direct rays and your head and .shoulders are protected. Then :E your brown legs are too great a contrast to your lighter face, you can use a sunlan make-up during the summer months. If you would like to have my leaflet -which loaches you how to swim and how to improve your strokes, send a stamped, self-addressed envelope with your re- desired, and the PATTKUN HER to Sue Burnett, Pharos-Tribune, 372 W. Quincy Street, Chicago C, 111. Include 25 cents more with your pattern order for the Spring & Summer '57 issue of our pattern book liasic FASHION, ft contains dozens of smart new styles for all ages; gift pattern printed Inside the book. ROXY Now—2 Feature* 35c Til 6 Fun At Nighf Open 1 p.m. 'Tho Rainmaker" with (CATHERINE HEPBURN HURT LANCASTER told police he laughed when a 27- year-old drinking companion asked him for a book of matches "to burn down a lumber yard." He said he .stopped laughing when he saw a no;irby lumber yard burn down an hour later In a $250,000 fire. Show Starti At Duife Qattt Op«n Half Hour Earf[*r FRIDAY "THE RIVER'S EDGE" (color—flnf run) Ray MIHand - Anthony Qulnn SATURDAY "VERA CRUZ" (color) Gary Caopor - Bur* lancml«r TODAY, FRI. & SAT. 2 First Run Features 2 "Conqueror of the Universe" AND FEMAlE MONSTER PLUS BUGS BUNNY Open stock in the following patterns:-— AMERICAN-COtONY-CHINTZ- CENTURY-CYNTHIA-HEATHER- HOLIY.UDO Also tho Beautiful IMPERIAL CANDLEWICK Available at HfttVBAUGH'S Your Diamond Store. hunt at l:,10 p.m. Round . and square dancing will 'ollow the fry and hunt. Janice 3'Donnell,, chairman, has named ;hc following committees: Refreshments, Mary Lynn Wheat- oil, Marion Hopkins, Dolores Klein and Ed Baumann; entertainment, lanice O'Donnell, Janice Allen, hianita Smith, Mac Overmeyer and Joe Spil/.nogle; advertisement, Beverly Vore, Linda Farrer and Wilda Button. Anyone interested in Rural Youth is. invited to attend. DON'T MISS VACATION SPECIALS Pure Silk Prints. Fashionable travelers thaf know no seasons . . . packable, practical and oh so prettyl Right .for every occasion. REDUCED 50% VIOLA'S DRESS SHOP 326 Cast Broadway Thur., Fri./ OPEN 1 P. M. Sat. . 2 F6ATURES - SOc 'TR 6 - COOL - COOL IT WILL BE REMEMBERED $p?sv LIKE A iMilw fof MFvlvol nw fwilifcf •pla can M|»oM Kittrrt Imt • ftp Iuwnw Jrt «•••«» JM«lt<IMM-l«MMcCI«r-(ntillMlM» TECHNICOtOD* • A COLUMBIA PICTURE row *"'"* gMKNUE -PATTERSON What a beauty! What a deal! See your You can own one of these 3-years-ahead Plymouth beauties—and save big money in the bargain-if you see your Plymouth dealer on the double. His booming sales put him in a spot to give you a honey of a money-saving deal on any of 17 exciting new Plymouth models. So... See yourlPLYMOUTHOEALER-OUICK! Three Estates Are Opened Three estates were opened Wednesday morning in the Cass circuit court. The estate of John T. Sullivan, who died June 15, was estimated at $5,000 in personal property. The widow, Minnie, the son, Lloyd, and Jail Gary Youths For Stealing Auto And Cabin Cruiser MICHIGAN CITY (UP)—Four Gary youths were arrested today for stealing an automobile and a cabin cruiser. Authorities said Aaron Lee Burney and Ronald Franklin, DeBoe, both 18, were arrested shortly after midnight in Washington Park the daughter, E. Ann, all of Twelve;by an off-duty policemen for reek- Mile, were listed as heirs, andpess driving. Burney also was the son was named administrator. Hillis and Hillis are the attorneys for tho estate, The estate of Mrs. Geneva Patterson, 57, ,who died June 16, was estimated at $10,500 in real estate.' The husband, Paul, of Elmhurst, 111., was named sole heir and executor of the will dated Dec. 6, 1952, Myers and Molique are the attorneys for th estate. The estate of Mrs. Rosa Myers, 75, who died June 17, was'estimat.- ed at $1,000 in personal property. Her will, dated May 17, this eyar, leaves her estate to eight children, Walter, Herman, Glen and Paul Myers, Edith Margason, Gladys Pernar, Pauline Coe and Maxine McDowell. Mrs. McDowell was named executrix of the will. O'Neill and O'Neill are the attorneys for tho estate. booked for driving with a suspended license. Police said their car was stolen in Kaalamazoo, Mich., last Saturday. . The tivo youths told officers (hey were to meet two friends, who planned to steal a boat. A short lime later, police received a report that a cabin cruiser was out of control in the Burns Ditch area of Lake Michigan in Porter County. A Coast Guard vessel gavs chase but lost the cruiser iji the darkness. An all-night slake-on: at Burns Ditch ended IJie search when the cabin cruiser ran aground on a sand bar a short distance frorii shore. Stale policeman Tim McCarthy waded out and arrested the two youths aboard, Clifford Mitchell Stringer. 18, and Chuck Robbins, WORCESTER, Mass.—William' 20 ' B. Collins, 72, John J. Gregory, 71, i On<: « al sho . re . il '•«<* four n ' fl - THE SEVENTIES and Fred !/. Bracy, 70, Slave operated buses and trolley cars for the Worcester Bus Co. for a lotal of 150 years. POWER OF SUGGESTION INDIAiNiAP'OLrtS >- Walter L. Davis started sneering when he saw some flowers on a table in his home. His wife knew lie was allergic to pollen—but the flowers were .artificial. cers to restrain the youths. Police said Robbins made another al- tempt to escape in front of the Michigan City Police station. He was caught by McCarthy. Authorities learned all except Robbins have previous police records. The boat, stolen here,, belong* to Leslie Sena offer, Chicago. Read the Classified Ads COFFEE SALE! Now rich, mellow Instant Manor House Coffee's on sale in this money-saving 5 oz. jar. It's pure coffee. Good tasting. Satisfying. You'll love the flavor and the price.

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