El Paso Herald from El Paso, Texas on September 16, 1911 · Page 7
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El Paso Herald from El Paso, Texas · Page 7

El Paso, Texas
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 16, 1911
Page 7
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EL PASO HERAXD Saturday, Sept. 16, 1911 .e Cook | always feels | I confident of |i pure and wholesome fo o d when using D r PRICES CREAM Baking Powder 1 A Pure,Grape Creamed Tartar I SI Baking Powder I Made froir\ Grapes | PORTALES NOW HAS A PICTURE THEATER Daughters of Confederacy Elect Officers—Revival Service Closes Portales, N. M., Sept. 16.—George Monro© has leased the Armory building- and opened up a picture show. Frank Smith has purchased the interest of his former partner, L. S. Kirby, in the O. K. barber shop. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Smith are moving- in from their counjtry place and will occupy the Chambers residence, near the school building. Ira G. Briner and Mrs. Myrtle Mao- kay were united in marriage at the home of the bride’s parents. The Varina Jefferson Davis chapter, XT. D. C., met with Mrs. John Tyson and elected the following officers for the coming year: Mrs. H. F. Jones, president; Mrs. Geo. Williamson, first vice president; Mrs. C. O Leach second vice president; Mrs. Milton Brown, recording secretary; Mrs. Sledge corresponding secretary; Mrs. John Tyson, treasurer; Mrs. Mears, historian; Mrs. Leach, custodian of crosses of honor and flags; Mrs. Sam .T. Nixon, musical director, and Mrs. A. T. Monroe, press reporter. An official call has been issued to the effect that a delegate convention of the Republicans of Roosevelt county will be held at the courthouse in Portales Saturday, September 23, for the purpose of electing delegates to the Republican state and district conventions. Roosevelt county is entitled to seven delegates at each of these conventions. The Baptist revival services, conducted by W. J. Downing, state evangelist, have closed. Twenty-three were baptised into the church as a result of this meeting, and a number have united with the church by statement or letter. The Nullmeyer place, three miles east of Portales, has been bought by W. H. Ball, Frank M. Beard and Thos. H. Gordon, of Kansas, and the entire place is being- planted to alfalfa. When you buy electric irons here, your troubles disappear. Take our ad­ vice—don’t be talked into buying anything but a “Simplex.” Texas» Kleetrie- nl Supply Co., “House of 119 N. Stanton. Look at This List For Saturday fat JQU joni of Prompt Delivery Phones: Bell 136 Auto 2345 SATURDAY SPECIALS Prime Rib Roast, per lb .............................. Rump Roast, per pound .................... Shoulder Roast, 3 lbs. for........................ Boiling Beef, 4 lbs. for .................... Sirloin Steak, per lb .............................. PURE HOME RENDERED LARD. 12 '/ 2 c 10c 25c 25c 15c Veal Shoulder Roast, per lb............................. Veal Stew, per pound .................... Leg of Lamb, per pound .................... Lamb Chops, per lb............................... Lamb Stew, per pound .................. Pork Ham Roast per pound .................... 15c 10c 12 '/ 2 c 12'/2 c 5c ,20c Care Of Tires For Automobiles Necessary Some Pointers on Taking Care of Them and Saving Repair Bills—The New Worm-Driven Engine—Racing on Roads Injures Cars. The wheels of a. car should always ruu exactly parallel. Anything which prevents this will cause tire trouble. Too much play in the axle end bearings, too great a freedom in the Hens and Springs, Alive or Dressed to Order. OPITZ MARKET 213 N. Stanton St. Bell Phone 136; Auto Phone 2345 THERE ARE NO LOWER PRICES On new reliable furniture than those marked on our goods. Low Rent small expense—are the reasons. We carry full lines of every, thing in modern up-to-date furniture and can at all times offer you bargains not to be obtained elsewhere. Here are two specials for next week’s selling. HANDSOME BRASS BEDS made In the bright or satin finish. Two inch posts. A regular $15.00 value* special Princess Dressers Beautifully finished in Gt-olden Oak, highly polished French plate glass mirror; an ornament to any room. Try and match it at $18.00 elsewhere. Extra Special $ 10.95 $ 12.50 “Better than the boat and forty per cent cheaper than the rest.” WESTERN FURNITURE CO. 308 S. El Pa no St., near Overland. The Cut Itate Furniture Store Bell Phone 1482 ings, too great a ireeaom in me steering joints or possibly a bent spindle or axle end invariably exacts its penalty. Brakes too, when they are out of order do damage to tires. Should only one of the back wheels lock when applying the brakes the tire on the slipping wheel will surely be injured. Another kind of tire trouble arises from weakened springs. Every time the car jolts badly the upper part of the tire rubs against the mudguard and as a result the envelope is damaged. Driving chains also are often the cause of injury to tires. If the chains are slack, the swinging motion PrcJ" duced h§r the car in running, will cause the lower part of the chains to strike the sides of the tires. When the chain line is too close to the tires or when the chain bolts are too long, they rub the envelopes, making oblique scratches on the rubber. Oil or grease from leaky or over filled tanks should uot be permitted to reach the tires, because oil and other fatty substances are most injurious to rubber. DampnoKN Affects Tires. The action of dampness on the rubv ber part of an automobile tire is insignificant, but its effect on the canvas is serious. Experiments were made recently at a laboratory anti when the fabric was left in a moist atmosphere, such as on the floor ol a damp cellar, it was not long before spots and stains made their appearance. Such stains denoted the presence of minute destructive growths or tiny mushroom organisms, the action of which reduced the fabric to mold. The application of this experiment to automobile tires is easily followed. Sometimes an envelope will blow out suddenly, perhaps when the car is being used for the first time in the spring. The cause is weakness resulting from the decay of the canvas in the envelope. In most cases this w'eakness is local, being limited to places where water has been allowed to penetrate. The position of such defective places is easy to locat© by the stains left by moisture. In order to judge of the seriousness of the damage, it must be determined whether the canvas of the tread only has been affected in which case the tire can be retreaded and restored to thoroughly serviceable condition. If the body canvas is affected as well, it becomes necessary to nave the envelope completely rebuilt. Locating Small Punctures. Nearly every motorist has experienced the exasperating task of locating small punctures in inner tubes. If not immediately visible inflate the tube slightly and hold it near the ground. Very often if the road is dry the puncture may be detected by the disturbance of the dust made by the escaping air. If this test does not discover the puncture, present each portion of the tube to your cheek until you can feel the rush of escaping air. These methods failing to locate th« puncture your only course is to immerse the tube in a pan of water, section by section, and watch closely for air bubbles. If no puncture is found in the tube, it would be well to retest the valve. Thig can be done while the tire is mounted on the wheel. Simply turn the wheel until the valve is pointing straight down and immerse the valve in a glass of water. This is accomplished by raising the glass until the valve is submerged, If bubbles rise to the surface of the water, examine the rubber security disk at the bottom of the cap and if this is damaged fit a new one in its place. If you have no regular rubber disk, use instead a small leather washer or one made of cloth smeared with cement. Washing Tires. Washing tires and washing a car are two different propositions. Water alone should be used to wash tires and as little of it as necessary. After every run the envelope should be wiped clean w'ith a damp sponge or well wrung cloth. A common mistake made by motorists is to mix kerosene with the water. This may be advisable when washing the body of a car to remove mud and dust from the varnish, but it should never be done when washing tires because kerosene eats rubber. This fact can be readily proved by immersing a small piece of rubber in kerosene and allowing it to soak. The rubber will soon swell and lose its elasticity. When washing tires it is best to simply dampen a sponge with clean water, care being taken that the sponge is not soaked and dripping. Then wipe the tires dry with a cloth or handful of waste. Pinched Inner Tubes. A few words about avoiding delays and expense resulting from carelessly fitting a tire, if the tube is pinched between the bead of the envelope and the rim, the Invariable result is the later explosion of the tube. Such explosion usually forces the Dead out of the clinch of the rim at the point where the rupture occurs. It is more than likely that two thicknesses of inner tube have become pinched under the toe of the bead, and that this trouble prevents the bead from fitting properly at that point. The inevitable rupture of the tube will naturally occur at the sharp fold in its surface just below the toe of the bead. This rupture will permit the air to escape with explosive force between the outside of the bead and the inner surface of the clinch, and this explosion will drive the bead out of the rim at that point. The trouble was with the careless way in which the tune was fitted. In order to avoid pinching of the inner tube between the rim and the bead. £he tube should be powdered w'ell with ’talc before, placing it inside the envelope, and it should be pushed aside the envelope carefully, after mounting the first bead, but before fitting the second bead. After the second bead is fitted turn wheel slowly. If any projection or un- eveness of the envelope is noted, take hold of the envelope with the left hand, the palm near the bead, pushing the outer side of the envelope towards the car. Then with the thin edge of a spur lever lift the outer bead and push it slightly toward the center of the rim. If any of the inner tube is visible, it is not in proper position. ♦ » * Road racing, according to W. G. Wall, chief engineer of a b*g motor company, is the most severe tent possible to impose on a car. Unlike speedway racing, the road being rough, every part of the car is subjected to excessive vibration. If the materials are not correct. crystalization of some metal part of the car is inevit*t)le. Going at high speed over the rough road surface, soon shows any lack of balance DON’T Neglect Your Opportunities. Newbro’s Herpicide is the one remedy on your druggist’s shelves which may always be depended upon. Instead of complaining to your friends and mourning over your loss of hair, call upon your local druggist and purchase a bottle of Newbro’s Her­ picide. It is the first and original remedy, guaranteed to kill dandruff, stop itching and check falling hair. You can save the hair you have much easier than you can «row new. The time to save your hair is now. The remedy for doing it is Newbro’s Her­ picide. The same opportunity never comes but once. One dollar size bottles sold and guaranteed by all druggists. Applications at good barber shops. Kelly & Pollard, special agents. or weight distribution in the chassis by developing excessive tire trouble, he says. Granting the strenuosity of long road races, they are after years of service condensed into tabloid form, he declares. Stress is applied that would never be occasioned by any circumstance in every day use. Few private owners care to drive or be driven at 40 miles an hour, yet even at this comparative high speed a car will stand more than again as much abuse as the same car driven at 60 miles an hour. Sustained high speed will develop flaws. ■* * * The number of motor car concerns has grown so rapidly that there are now about 325 in the country. Of this number there are probably not more than 25 concerns that have made enough profit worth mentioning, it is said. Two or three individuals of unerring judgment and sagacious business dealings have made fortunes. As one manufacturer says, many of these concerns are doomed to financial failure. A motor buyer will always do well to buy a standard car, one that is wel known. The motor buyer should not purchase a car of unknown quality from new and untried concerns. The automobile industry has passed through its stages of infantile diseases, and buyers from now on will look askance at every one but the leading makers. * • * Worm, or screw gearing, is among the oldest mechanical movements and, until recent years, has been employed to obtain either a great mechanical advantage or a considerable reduction in speed between related machine parts. Eater developments, however, saw its introduction as a driving gear for higher speed mechanisms and while its reputation as an effective but inefficient mechanism remained, its users began to see greater possibilities for its use than they had at first expected. Worm drive for automobile purposes, however, is a new development, but many of the American firms are about to announce worm driven models in the near future, and certain of the truck manufacturers are already decided converts to its use. In place of the old single, double, tripe, or even quadruple, thread worms W'hich the pratice of the past has rendered familiar, we find worms of peculiar tooth formation with seven, eight, to as high a» 15 threads, or teeth, cut on them, with very high spiral angles and perfectly reversible. It is in the multiplication of the number of threads, or rather in the spiral angle employed, that the fundamental difference between the worm gearing of our grandfathers and the modern high efficiency type of the present day is concerted. If you see our “Simplex” electric irons, you will want them. 'Price them and you will buy them. Texas Electrical Supply Co„ “Housgs of Quality,” 119 N. Stanton. Pasteurized milk, the safe milk. Wright cleans cleanest in El Paso. EL PASO DISTRICT PRESBYTERY MEETS Sessions Begin at Alpine, Tex., Saturday and End Monday Alpine, Texas, Sept. 16.—The El Paso District Presbytery convened here this morning at 10 oclock, with a large attendance of both laymen and ministers. The sessions, both business and religious, are held in the First Presbyterian church. After the business of organization this morning there was a sermon by the retiring moderator, Rev. Kenneth Brown. Tlie business session was resumed at 1 2 oclock this afternoon. At 8 oclock this evening a sermon ! will he preached by Rev. W. C. Baber, of Alpine, the missionary in charge of j the work in this district. The program Sunday will include a i sermon by Rev. Kenneth Brown, of El j Paso, in the interest of home missions, j followed by short talks by others, j On Monday there w'ill be a business ! session at y a. m. and another at 2 p. j m., and a sermon at night, or address, j and 10 minute talks on the subject of j foreign missionary wrork. Never leave home on a journey without a bottle of Chamberlain’s Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy. It is almost certain to be needed and cannot be obtained when on board the cars or steam&hips. For sale by all dealers. Keep your eye on our electric Iron display—nothing like it in the city. Texa* Electrical Supply Co., “House of Quality,” 119 N. Stanton. Old suits look new cleaned Wright. Pasteurized milk, the safe milk. TIIK BATTLESHIP FLORIDA SS PI T INTO COMMISSION New Yorik, N. Y., Sept. 16.—The United States battleship Florida, newest of American dreadnoughts, and the second first class battleship to be built in New York, went into commission at the Brooklys navy yard yesterday afternoon, Capt, Harry S. Knapp assuming command. The Florida is a sister of the dread- nough Utah, w'hich arrived at New York last Sunday. These two are the biggest and most powerful ships now in commission in the navy. Wright cleans cleanest in FI Paso. Nearly Press Time And Not There Yet SHOW SOM^ YOU SHfcifv\p J THÇ MAMA&fNG EDITOR S^’S YrtQ P age Don’t Let Anything Stop You! Buy Lots in Government Hill Now On and after Nov. 1st, Hourly Car Service will be inaugurated to Government Hill— Thereby removing the one and only objection to this superb residential suburb. No better investment—or home site, can be found in or around El Paso. Lots in Government Hill will never be as cheap again as now, on the contrary, they will become more valuable from month to month, keeping pace with the building activity which is sure to follow the advent of the hourly car service. As a home site— it is an ideal spot—high and dry—where the air is pure, fresh and invigorating and away from the city’s smoke and noise. All modern improvements are there, including gas, water and electricity. Lots are now selling at $175.00 and up. $10 Down and $5 a Month No Interest—No Taxes—No Mortgages Austin & Marr Capíes Building Phone 352 Latta & Happer V Morgan Building Phone 271 J PECOS CLOSES ITS FIRST ANNUAL FAIR Proved a Success and Plans Start For Another Exhibit Pecos, Tex., Sept. 16.—After one of the most magnificent successes in the history of the southwest, the Pecos fair closed here last night. It wTas a great revelation to those who attended and they came from many of the states of the union. The agricultural display was pronounced by experts as unequalled in Texas or the southw'est. Congratulations today are being poured upon general manager Will P. Brady, and the fair officials, and plans are being made already for a permanent fair with grounds owned by the association. So pleased are the citizens that early efforts to perfect arrangements for a srreat southwestern fair will be perfected almost immediately. Satisfaction guaranteed and delivered w'hen you buy “Simplex” electric heating devices. You can only buy them at the Texn* Electrical Supply Co., “House of Quality,” 119 N. Stanton. FRIGHTFUL SUFFERING OF A WOMAN Mrs. Garrett, of Vandervoort, Describes How She Suffered and How She G-ot Relief. Vandervoort, Ark.—Mrs. Dora Garrett, of this place, says: “I suffered every month, for a year, and sot weaker every day. My head and back would ache so bad, I could not sit up. I tried all kinds of medicines, and they all failed to cure me. Then my mother told me to take Cardul. When I had taken one bottle, I was able to do all of my own work. I can recommend Cardui to be the greatest woman’s Remedy in the world. I have used it and know' what it wrill do.” When a woman is ill, the real trouble is generally some derangement of her constitution, and the headache, and backache, etc., are merely symptoms of her womanly weakness. The proper treatment, therefore, is Cardui, the woman's tonic. No other medicine, or tonic, has exactly the same results as Cardui. No other has the record of so many years of successful use in cases of womanly ailments. If Mrs. Gorrett had taken Cardui sooner, she might have been spared the long sickness and much suffering. A few doses of Cardui at the right time will often save serious suffering and pnevent a long sickness. Don’t delay. Begin to take Cardui at once. N. B.— Write to: Ladies Advisory Dept., Chattanooga Medicine Co., Chattanooga, Tenn., for Special Instruction*, and 64-page book, “Home Treatment for Women,” sent in plain wrapper, on request. U s before buying anything in our line. We can save you money and make deliver RIGHT, “RIGlir NOW” anything in “Duck or Canvas.” Or should you need anything in Porch, Lawn or Camp Furniture or Supplies we have it at the right price. ^ We’ll See You ami give you the benefit of our experience in working out the detail» for anything you may need, if you will only phone the Pass City Tent & Awning Company BELL 4144. J. L. Gilliland, Mgr. 416 N. OREGON ST. AUTO 1125. Use the Telephone That Never Leaks The large percentage of information which leaks over the telephone cannot leak over the Automatic . You secure the number you want instantly —automatically without speaking either number or name . Automatic Telephone Company TRY HERALD CLASSIFIED ADS

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