The Montgomery Advertiser from Montgomery, Alabama on July 11, 1933 · 6
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The Montgomery Advertiser from Montgomery, Alabama · 6

Montgomery, Alabama
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 11, 1933
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THE MONTGOMERY ADVERTISER ' Ctxutrotiv Fetrleu LdreW TUESDAY, JDLT 11. 1923 AVERDIUL'S TE1IPLE M 12TH CAVES "miBE 3-2 WIN OVEd WATS STAGE GREAT DUEL Well-Pitched Battles Feature As Vlacks Split Doubleheader With Chisox; Yankees Land LAZZERI HOMERS IN 10-6 WIS; BROWNS BOMBARD RED SOX SIX STEWART. HARDER I r hope Ntxrse vrr eg mad - j too souse jtst go out oj tvs 7 xexrse jst HeVFc. S fir V1- -Ti if i xe -cxj cojt y c73 J VU J BUT l VKTtA XSPW'S BED PCiOt iT IN HMX)CK . If; ESCUS6 ME, BUT POPS SO f eVSOW' 'use TV0W OUT k-eHE, AU. "i MVSBLF. L KlNOeV LIKE TO A IU I L SOKTA. LIKE TOO WTf CMJM --j 'j . USTA. Mt COOCM . IHOPg V CURE- V, BlT MOU KAJDeV U s . J MfVWfc KWKE THE OTHERS TOO. 1 SyUEEPiaJ'. rjO , 4 X6.E MlL UeJOERSXkJ'. CCXXNE I I COTteVGtT SUPPC rW7 I RtJO L f" ffl IN AMERICAN GAME WASHTNGTOW. July It. (iTt Propelle Vr triple from th. bit of Earl AverM Willie Kama Knin4 ncroae tba pJ.'-t la th twelfth ia- atng of a Bar fought pilch- Ullla here today batiwi tot first -place Washing-ton Setter and tbc Cleveland Indian to give til visitors a I t victory. Kemra. tha Cleveland third aacaar. ala kad eroeaed with tha tying 'u la tha -nth. aftar Hai earlier had lofted a home rus 'nto tna left field taada. In fact, tht twa ef thea accounted for thraa erf tha all hlU granted br Walter Stewart antll h waa raljarad for a e Vm.tMSJO.-, o( th. laranth. Mel Harder granted H binglea to it), genatore ah going tba entire -outs, but fcapt then scattered. CLEVELAND WASHJNGTO ibHrO.A. AB.UfU.a. 61tn aflbt Porter rf a ' Veemik at f Hart lb 4 K-amm lb t Boa lb I Avartll cf 1 Spencer a Claaall aa 4 Harder p 4 SorreM g t l irit 9b I Uinmb If lOoslin rf ! Cron IB aa IScbults ef I Kuhel lb Bluets b Sewell 'Barf c "Stewart p McAfee p Russell p rlolton 1 Kerr aa 1 li I 1 Dixie League Ball Games Today To Attract Overflow Crowd T E UFAULA I HQS TO CAPITAL SQUAD VoUla t t 1 Totala X Batted tor now ta m. Batted for Stewart la nth. ma Ran for Bewail la "th. Clevaland a.hltoB Tha aornmarr: !: Hala, Kamm I. CroBia, Kuhel. airrora: Claaell. CronlB. Rbi batted In: Hale. Stewart, Rrhalte, Spencer, jkvarllL Two baae bit.: alyer i. ftclutlta. Thrre baae hlta: ATarlll. Home una: Ha a. fiarrlfleaa: Sewell. Maouah. OoallB, Hala. rouble pla: CroBlB to Myer to Khal; Xaauah to Ber. Baae en ball.: off Harder t; off Stewart 1. Struck out: by Harder 1: by Stewart 1. Hit. off Stewart 4 Ib 11 iBBlnn: off McAfee I li (none out In the 11th InnlBa): off Ruaeell la 1 . Hit by pitcher: by Harder (CronlB). Loalni pitcher: McAfee. YANKEES EXPI.OPB 1W YORK. July 14. Tekln d-yuurt of two coatly error, by Bill Roell and Charley OehrlBier, the New York TaB-kaaa today drore through Ihe Detroit THera" .nattered defenae for Bine -una IB the eifhth Inalnf aBd a 10 to 4 Ib the fifth Bd decldlns ne of the "startlB the elthth IobIbk with foor-ran lead, Carl Flacher apparently had tn. lank, wall In hand until a rolature of baaea o. balla, a timely alnie by Bab. Ruth and the two errora put the eharn-ploaa out In front. ToBy Le.ierl cllmaied tha onelauaht with a horn, -ub that alao Beared Earl Combe and lu Oehrl.. DETROIT KW VORK AB.H.FO.A ""y- Tox ef 4 Srhble Ib 4 Ohrnir lb 4 Stone It I G.WIkr rf I Ornbrf lb I Roffell aa 4 Hywrth c 4 Flacher p I Bogaett jr.Wlkr cf ( Sewell Ib I Ruth rf I Combe If Oetarl. lb I OlCtrpmn Ifrf 4 La.aerl lb 4 01 Dickey e 1 Joreen. o 1 fFarr.ll aa 1 Rufflnr a 1 Croaettl Liary aa Brown p 1 Byrd aaa 1 Moore p t M'Faden Named To Umpire At Bluff City; Troy At Union Springs The Dixie Amateur League officially opened the second half race yesterday at Dothan bombarded Abbeville'! .defense for a 18 to victory before a kuge crowd st Abbeville. The other four teams in the circuit rUl iwlng into action today with Mont- tomery opening at Eufauls and Troy Invading Union Springs. Tbe game at Ehfaula will be officially opened by Stuart A. Stephenson, president of the league. Overflow crowds are expected at Eufaula and Union Springs. Reports last night from Abbeville were to the effect that Umpire Jack HOvater handled the game in fine fashion at Abbeville. Bull McFaden, popular Auburn coach and official, will be behind the bat to umpire the Montgomery-Eufaula game today while Umpire Hovater will work the Union Springs game. One umpire has yet to be named. Several applications are being considered. TROY, ALA., July 10. (Special) The Troy Cotton Bolls will enter the second half of the Dixie League schedule by clashing with the strong Union Springs team in that city Tuesday afternoon. The Union Springs team has played heads up baseball thus far, taking the lead early in the first period and maintaining a small margin in the percentage ranks to the end. The Cotton Bolls got off to a slow start but stepped from the cellar to third place in one month. Fans have been with Manager Hamil in every move that he has undertaken for baseball here. The opening game between these two teams should prove to be a thriller and a num ber of local fans are expecting to follow the Cotton Bolls to the battle front tomorrow. Officials attending the meeting here Sunday were very optimistic in the be lief that their team would be leading the race In the second half. Each claimed a much strengthened team and fans may be assured that they will see some fast ball games in return for their money. Dothaa MUhTlHIMKHY I aloa bprtne. . Kufaala. Wert cf 4 Braid. If I Campbl rf S Burna lb I etortl Ib 4 Mellllo lb 1 Shea e 4 Stiles p 4 Totals It 11 14 4 Totala II I 17 11 Batted for Farrell id "tn, aa Ran for Ruffins In Sth. . Battod for Brown 1b Ith. Detroit Ul 0 1 New York 000 001 Ola 10 The summary: Ruaa: Fox, Schtible, O. Walker. Oreenberr. Rorell, Hayworth, F. Walker. Sewell. Comba, Gehrig 1, Chapman. Laiaerl I. Jorsena, Croaettl. Krrom: Oehrln- ser, Rogell, Sewell, Farrell. Run. batted In: Oehrlnger, Schuble, Rogell, Laieeri 4, Bewail, Ruth I. Gehrig, Stone. Two baae hit.: Fox. Rorell. Three baae kit.: u Walker. Oehrir. Home run: Lasserl. Stolen baae: F. Walker. Sacrifice.: Schabla, Fischer. Double play.: Lesser! to Farrell to Gehrig; Lasserl to Lary to Gehrig. Bae. on ban.: off Flecher I; off Browa 1. Strock out:, by Flacher 4: by BroWB 4. Hita off Brown 10 la I rnnlna.; off Moore 1 ia 1: off Flacher 7 In 7 1-8: off Hoawett S Ib 1-1. Winning pitcher: Brown. Losing pitcher: Fischer. BIG RALLY WTK FOB BBOWKg BOSTON, July 10. VP) The St. Louis Brown, put on an eight-run rally In the second Inning today to beat the Red Sox, S to I, In the final game of their four- game eerlea. The Tisltor. took three of the four games. Stiles went the distance for St. Louis after a wobbly start. He allowed 'he Sox only seven hits but three of them came In the first inning together with an error by Burn, to give th. Sox three runs. Aodrew. aad Kline were the vlctima la tha big second, which was featured by a line drive home run off Storti a bat with one man on base. Later 'n the rally. Camp' bell doubled to drive in two runs while a double error by Johnny Hodapp let la two snore. ST LOTUS BOSTON AB.H.FO.A. AB.H.PO.A. Bcharla a I 1 1 elWrlr aa 4 1 I I 1 l Werner SB 4 S 1 S I 0Cooke cf I 0 I 1 lHodap 2b 4 I 1 S II 0Ferrell c I I t 1 I HR Joh.n rf 4 1 1 1 .1 eiJolley If 111 1 I Oj Oliver as S S l8eeda lb 4 0 11 Andrwa p 0 0 Kline plSS Gooch a 110 Welch p SOS Wltera asl 10 0 Totals II I 17 17 Totals 11 1 17 11 B Batted tor Mine in no. I. Ran for Jolley in 1th. n , A. wl1i In flth Bt. Louis 0t 0001 Boeton O"1 10 s The summary: Runs: Schareln I, West. Reynolds, Campbell, Burna Storti, Mellllo, d nnAki IT oil n ti n 1. Gooch. Errora: Burn.' Wanstler. Hodapp 1. Runs batted In: campoeii i, iorci a. wrm. i -t - u Tnlinanfi 1 W.retler. Jol fe. v. - !..- r'amnhell ftndann. Three base hits: Gooch. Home runs: Storti. B.hiMin wat. Werner. Sac rifices: Reynolda. Double plays: Mellllo to lurns; ruorn to aiemio a Barni. r. balls: off Stiles I; Andrews 1: Kline I. . k. K fltllAa 1' AnffMwa 1' Kline 1: Welch 1. Hita: off Andrews I In 1 I I Innings: orr Kline i ib s i-s innings; w -1 it. I - I rr uift k nltfher: by Stiles (Kline); by Kline (Mellllo). Los ing pitoner: Anarews. CHISOX. MACKS DIVlTHK PBILADBLPHIA. July 10. UP) Two TM4I pitched games, ana by Bob Grove and the other br Milton Gaston, save the fnn dolphin Athletics and th. Chicago White Box an eve breaic In today's doubia- tieader. With Grove turning In his 15th victory of the'eeaaoa In a hurling duel with Sam Jones and Ted Lyons, the Athletics won The first contest 1 to 1 In 11 Innings when Sd Coleman cracked out a home run. Gaa-toa held the A's to three hlta, all In the elxttoi Inning, aa the Box accounted for tbe nightcap, T to I. Tba Sox os me from behind to send the first game Into extra Innings. Hay Rhyne and Ralph Kress cracked out singles and with the aid of Mule Haas's sacrifice tied the score In the ninth. Coleman'a circuit ' blow waa hit off the delivery of Ted Lyons who had relieved Joaee la the loth. Grove waa reached for II hlta, all singles, while the A'a drove out 10 safe blows eff Jobs, aad Lyofle. Dick Oliver asarted She eeeond ame for ahe M teamen aod gave a vood nssssut tt LOCAL LEGION NINE BATTLES ALEX CITY The local American Legion Junior baseball team will battle the Alex City representative at Cram ton Bowl today at s p.m. in the first of a three-game series. The second game will be played at Alex City Thursday. Manager Babe Fuller will start Junior Bailey on the mound, while Alfred Brown will do the catching chores. A small admission will be charged. TWO FAST GAMES IN KITTEN LEAGUE Two fast games are promised tonight ta the "Y" Kitten Ball League at Cram-ton Bowl The Lanier Poets and Empire Laundry will clash in the opening game at 8 o'clock, while the nightcap will find the Miller Juniors battling the Rubin Shoe Store. The Kitten circuit has been furnishing plenty of fast, interesting battles lately, and tonight's games will prove no exception. himself after a wild and ineffective first inning, in which the Sox grouped three hits with two passea for four runs. The Sox got their last two runs off Tony Freitaa In tbe ninth. First Game CHICAGO PHILADELPHIA AB.H.PO.A. AB.H.PO.A Swanan rf 4 Haas cf i Sullvn lb' 1 Kress lb I Simns rf I Apllng sa I Dykea lb I Hayes lb 4 Grube e 1 Fnseca XX 1 Berry e 1 Jones p 3 Rhyne 3x 1 Lyons p 1 Bishop Ib 3 Cramer cf I Cochroe c B Foxx lb 4 Colemn rf I Johnsn If 4 Hlggns Jb 4 Willms ss 4 Grove p 4 Totala 43 11x21 10, Totals ft 10 33 18 X Bishop out for passing Williams on base, in 4th and none out when winning run .cored, xx Batted for Grubs In Ith. 3x Batted for Jonea In Ith. Chicago .... 010 000 001 00 2 Pblladelpiha ..100 010 000 01 3 SUMMARY Runs Appling. Rhyne. Coleman, Cramer, Williams, Error. Hlgglna, Williams. Runs batted In Haynes, Kress, Coleman 3. Cramer. Two bass bit Wllllama Three baae hit Cramer. Home run Coleman. Btolen bases Simmons Sacrifice Hnaa. Double plays Foxx, Williams, Foxx to Williams; Williams, Bishop to Foxx 2, ; Hayes, Appling to Kress. Base on balls off Jones 3, Grove 3. Struck out by Jones S, Lyons 2. Grovs 4. Hits off Jones 7 in S innings; Lyons 3 In 1 (none out In 11th). Losing pitcher Lyons. Second Game CHICAGO PHILADELPHIA AB.H.PO.A. AB.H.PO.A. roDAV- DIXIE AMATEUR LEAGUE (Yesterday's lUealta) Dwthaa IS; Abbeville S. Abbeville W. L. Pet 1 S 1 sue s s . S S .WW s s .sua s s . s 1 .so (Today's Krhedale) SOVTI.OM1.K1 at fcutaula. Troy nt I aloa Springs. SOUTHERN ASSOCIATION (Yesterday's Results) Little Rork-NaahTllle (rale). KeoiTllle ... Nashville ... Little Kork Kirmlnghase Memphis . . . New Orleans Atlanta Chattanooga L. Pet I .7& .7Wt .5.13 000 .4S .417 .Sil .lit (Today's Schedule) Atlanta at KnoxrUle. Little Kwk at Neahrllle. Memphis nt Chattanooga. New Orleans at Blraainghaas, AMERICAN LEAGUE (Yesterday's Results) St. Loui. S; Sainton S. New York IS; Detroit S. Chicago 1-7; Philadelphia 1-1. Cleveland I; Washington I (It annlnga). Washington New York . . Philadelphia Chicago Detroit Clrvelnnd . . . Boston St. Louis ... W. L. Pet. SO IS .0.18 4 SO SIS ss .so .44 .475 .4 11 4S .41 81 U .IBS 10 41 SS 43 (Today's Schedule) Detroit at Boeton. St. Louis at New York. Cleveland at Philadelphia. Chicago nt Washington. NATIONAL LEAGUE (Yesterday's Results) Pittsburgh 1; Philadelphia I. W L, Pel New York 44- 111 .587 St. Loui. 41 IS .S38 Chicago 43 88 .SSI Pittsburgh 41 8 .Ml Boston 40 IS .50 Brooklyn 15 40 .487 Cincinnati 14 4S .4211 Philadelphia 81 45 .416 (Today'a Schedule) Boston nt Pittsburgh. Philadelphia at Cincinnati. Brooklyn nt Chicago. New York at St. Louis. CLEET con qu DILLMAN AT BOVL PIRATES TRIUMPH OVER PHILLIES, 3-2 In Lindstrom's Timely Single Ninth Proves Deciding Blow For Bucs PITTSBURGH, July ! (JPr rrtddy Uindetrom big bt. miienl for w-ka boomed iuio action today to tv pm- burgh Pirates a ninth-inning lo J tri umph ever Philadelphia.. With tw out and thre on base, the big outfielder bnkd out a imrit to icnd Oue Huhr noma with tha winning run to th final frama. Lmdatrom got to Ed Holley frr thr hlta. on a double In the ciirhth that developed into the tying run aa Fred came home on Arky Vaugban'a aingla. The victory boosted the Plrataa into third place aha.d of th idle Chicago Cuba. Holley and Larry French put on a pint- d mound duel, each allowing only seven hits, but Hollry'a inability to bear down on Ltndstrom gave th Buccaneer pitcher tbe edjre. Paul Wanrr'i walk and alnglea by Tray- nor and Vautrhan in the fourth accounted for Pittsburgh' first acore. Hurst's fumble of Ruhr's roller started th Pirate rally in th ninth. In the fifth inning the players of both club and the fans stood silent for 30 aeconda aa a tribute to Mickey Finn. Phil fnfielder, who was buried today. rHILa.DKI.PHf A FITTttBIHfiB AB.1I PU A. AB.H.PO.A. ef 4 1 OIL Wnr If 4 0 S 0 3 t.ndatm cf I O'P Wnr rf t 1'Traynr 5b 4 Bsrtell sa 4 Klein rf 4 Hurst lb Hhlmrh tf 4 Davis Wirnr 3b Knthe Sb Holier p Vaughn as 4 Suhr lb 3 Piet 2b J Plcinlch e I French p 4 Totals 32 7x24 WTotals JO 7 J7 13 x Two out when winning run scored. Philadelphia 100 001 000 2 Pittsburgh 000 100 011 3 BUM MART Runs Bartell. Klein, Ltndstrom. P. Waner, Buhr. Errora Hurst. Lind-strom. Tray nor. Runs batted In Klein, Vaughan 2, Hurst, Lindstrom. Two base hit Lindstrom. Three bawe hita Bartell, Klein. Stolen base Klein. Sacrifices Knot he, P. Waner, Plet X. Double play Vaughan, Piet to Suhr. Baae on balla off Holley I. Struck out by French 1. DALLAS NINE BLANKED BY LINCOLN TEXTILES HTJNTSVTXLE, ALA., Jury 10. The Lincoln Textiles connected for 18 hits off five Dallas hurlers here Saturday afternoon to win easily, IS to 0. Score by innings: Lincoln 10 01 201 010 15 18 1 DaUas 0 00 000 000 0 8 3 Stewart and Orant; Allen, Myhand, Gentry, Chlsam, Spurlock and Green, McBride. GREY SOX TRIUMPH TDSKEGEE, ALA, July 10. The Montgomery Grey Sox defeated the Little Rock nine in a negro Southern League battle here this afternoon, 5 to 4. The two teams will play here again tomorrow afternoon. ftwnro rf Haas cf 3 Sullvn lb -3 Kress lb I 8lmns ft 4 Apllng as 4 Dykes 5b 1 Hityes lb 4 Berry e 4 Gaston p 3 M'Nalr lb 3 Cramer cf 4 Cochrne e 4 Foxx lb 3 Colemn rf I Johnsn If 3 Hlggss 3b 3 Willms ss 3 Oliver p 2 Miller 1 Frelta. p Totals 33 I 37 13Totals II 1 17 14 Batted for Oliver in Itb. Chlrsgo 400 104 601 7 Philadelphia 060 COl 000 1 SUMMARY Runs Swanson, Haas 1, Kress. Simmons, Appling, Gaston, Oliver. Errors McNalr, Higgioe, and Fretas. Runs baited In Haaa. Simmons, Hayes, Sullivan, McNalr, Appling. Twe baae hit Haaa, Sacrifice Gaston. Double play Williams, McNalr to Foxx. Base on halls off Gaston 1, Oliver . Struck out by Gaston 1, Ollv.r I. Hits off Oliver 4 In I Innings; Freltse 1 In 1. Hit by pitcher by Oliver (Dykes); Frelta (Hlmmona, Dykes). Wild pitch Otrvee, Oast on. Losing pitcher 0H- Tuffy Scores Victory As Joe Gets Careless In Third Fall Of Bout Except for a couple of healthy bites and evenly-distributed honors for toss ing one another out of the ring, Tuffy Cleet and Dynamite Joe Dillman turned out to be rather playful in their best two out of three falls mat battle last night at Cramton Bowl. Tbc crowd was generally disappointed. Dillman put more holds on Cleet than he probably has ever had put on him in one short bout and Dynamite Joe seemed to be the best man all the way in clever wrestling. But the lion's share of the honors went to the tough one because he wob the first and third falls. Cleet scored the first fall with a body pin after IS minutes and Dillman rushed through to a victory by hammering Cleet down and then picking him up by the heels for a merry-go-ride. Dili-man then spread-eagled him for the victory in 6:23. It was either by accident or design or just plain carelessness that cost Dillman the deciding fall. He began spinning Cleet again, only to abbreviate the whirl wlilch wasn't enough to make Cleet dis-zy. Tuffy kicked his way out and rolled over to pin the surprised Dillman. R didn't require long and neither combatant seemed to be very angry. Bob Turner, local heavyweight, made his debut as a referee and handled the big fellows with ease. Not once did Bob get into a jam and he moved about with confidence enough to assure the supposedly rough rasslers that he could take care of himself. Joey Gunther was a keen disappointment in his first appearance here in several months but he had more than enough to dispose of the aging and unpopular Pete Demetroft in two of the three falls. Gunther won the opener In 17 minutes with a body pin after permitting Pete to do just about as he pleased. But Joey suffered considerable punishment before losing the second fall when Demetroft worked on an arm bar hold. It took Pete about 19 minutes to win the second fall. The third fall was all Gunther as he refused to permit Demetroft, the terrible, to remain in the ring. Pete was heaved put twice in rapid succession but he gamely returned for the third toss. That was enough. The old man was counted out on the wet cinders. TEXAS LEAGUK Dallas S; Beaumont 9. HOME RUN STANDINGS FLIERS WIN ON FORFEIT The Maxwell Field Fliers won on a forfeit over Thorsby Sunday afternoon at the Field when the latter team walked off the field following a dispute) between the two clubs. Thorsby was leading 3 to 3 in the ninth when they left the field. BALL GAME AT GOODE STREET Manager Dees of the "Five Points" baseball organization has arranged a regulation tussle for his Montgomery All-Stars this afternoon against the Highland Home teasers. The game will be played on the Goode Street diamond, starting at o'clock. There win be no admission charge. By The Associated Press Home Rons Yesterday Laneri. Yankees 1 Hale, Indians 1 Coleman. Athletics 1 Storti, Browns 1 The Leaders. Foxx, Athletics 24 Ruth, Yankees 22 Gehrig, Yankees 17 Klein. Phillies 17 Berges, Braves 16 Lea rue Totals American 347 National 253 Totals 600 HIS MISTAKE OCEAN CITY, N. J., July 10. W Joseph Broadley, a beer truck driver, is in jail because he forgot to hit himself on the head. Found bound and gagged at a roadside he told police he had been held up by bandits who hit him on the head and stole his receipts. Police found no Injury to his head. Then he confessed he forgot to hit himself. He said he en gineered the holdup job. By The Associate! Proa. The batting averages of baseball's big six suffered yesterday as five members failed to connect with the ball consis tently. Only Chuck Klein was able to gain and he advanced his average just one point to .369. Jimmie Foxx lost six points and dropped to third place in the American League half of the group. Chick Ful Ills average fell four points, while Virgil Davis lost two and Al Simmons and Joe Cronin, one each. The standings: O. AB. R. H. Pet. Simmons. White Sox 79 331 60 123 .312 Klein. Phillies 77 314 52 116 .369 Cronin, Senators 77 309 65 113 .366 Foxx, Athletics 76 283 73 103 .364 Davis, Phillies 71 254 29 92 .362 FuUis, Phillies 77 341 54 118 .346 Greenville Grabs Opening Victory GREENVILLE, ALA, July 10 (Spe cial) Greenville's baseball team of tbe Central Alabama League opened the second half of the season here Sunday by defeating Fort Deposit by a score of 13 to 4. 'Lefty" Davis was too much for the Lowndes County boys and his team mates made an avalanche of hits, making the game lopsided. Brown led the Greenville batters in hitting by connecting four times with as many trips to the bat. McClure and Davis each got three hits with five trips to the bat. McClure and Wilson handled the short and keystone positions in a most pleasing manner. The score by innings: Fort Deposit ..002 010 100 4 9 6 Greenville 302 242 OOx-13 16 4 Batteries: Hudson and Jackson; Davis and Pierce. SEEDED STARS WIN ATL0NGW00DB0WL BROOKLINE, MASS., July 10. (JPh The 41st annual Longwood Bowl tennis tournament got underway today and five players, including top-seeded Dick Mur phy, the Utica, N. Y., southpaw, managed to gain the third round before a heavy shower halted the play. Three of the five double winners were on the seeded list of eight, which suf fered two losses in the first round play when Hal Surface of Kansas City, No 7, was beaten, 6-2, 6-4, by Henry Guild, the Longwood president, and Alfred Turner, No. 8, was ousted by Marco Hecht, the New York junior star, by 6-3, 6-1. Murphy first engaged Robert J. Cram of Nashville, Tenn., and, after handing the Southern youngster a 6-2, 6-0 drub bing, put out Paul Guibora, of Melrose, 6-2, 63. The fifth Beeded Malcolm T. Hill, Massachusetts champion, defeated Walter Arensberg, Pittsburg, 5-7, 6-3, 6-0, before conquering Egbert Miles, of New Haven, 6-4, 6-2. The next seeded plaver, Henry Cul- ley, of Santa Barbara, Calif., accounted for H. .Hunter Lott, of Philadelphia, 7-5. 6-4, and Horace Taylor, the Brookline veteran, 6-4, 6-1. Barry Wood, former Harvard star, now studying medicine at Johns Hopkins, also was tn the starting field. Although he has not played tournament tennis for several years, he managed to sweep through two opponents. He was quite rusty in his opener with T. B. Plimp ton, of Brookline, who was defeated 7-5 4-6, 6-1, but had his strokes working well enough to eliminate Alfred Andrews, of Fairhaven, without dropping a game in his second round match. INTERNATIONAL LEAGUE Jersey City 5; Toronto 6. Newark 1; Rochester 6. AMERICAN ASSOCIATION Indianapolis 5; Milwaukee 8. Toledo 7; St. Paul 12. Columbus 6; Minneapolis 8. Jik. cl jack SANIT0NE - Jit J Is Different WeVe Tried 'Them All And SANITONE not only cleanSr-it actually revitalizes the fabric and makes your clothing look like new. It also removes perspiration without wet cleaning. No Charge For Call and Delivery PHONE CEDAR O I O By having "Call and Delivery Service" we give employment to six route men, and render yon more convenient service. We Are the Only licensed SANITONE Cleaners in Montgomery For Best Results Specify SANITONE IIFSE Senator Team Sets Fast Pace With Four Victories And No Defeats NTW YORK, July 10 (Increas ing their lead in the American League race at every step, the Washington Senators again showed their malar league rivals how to go about winning ball games last week. Largely through the brilliance of their pitching and defensive play, the Senators wan all of their four games in the program that was broken up by east-west travel and Thursday's inter-league all- star game at Chicago. They didn't do much hitting, m contrast to their work of previous weeks, but while they scored only 20 runs and made 39 hits for the week's low marks in the junior circuit, they held their opponents to 13 tallies and were guilty of only three misplays in the field. In the National League the last-place Phillies, another team usually noted for Its hitting, took the sam route to the front. The Phils won three out of four games through defensive strength as they collected only 41 hits and 18 runs but allowed the opposition only 15 tallies. Like Washington, they were charged with only three errors. The week's slugging honors were, split among three American League teams. The Chicago White Box scored 44 runs, one more than the Detroit Tigers. Detroit and the Philadelphia Athletics made 80 hits apiece and the A's clouted seven homers. Detroit, however, had something of an edge as the Tigers played only six games, winning five of them to mov from sixth place into a tie with Chicago for fourth. The Sox played seven and the Athletics eight. High mark in the National League were 36 runs by Brooklyn, 65 hits by the Chicago Cuhs and four homers by the Cincinnati Reds. The records of runs, hits, errors and opponents' runs follow : American Lea-uc R. H Z. O R. Washington 20 39 3 1 3 Detroit 43 80 6 25 Chicago 44 77 9 36 Boston 26 44 5 13 St. Louis 39 64 6 43 Philadelphia 38 80 14 65 Cleveland 28 64 9 38 New Tort 30 6 6 26 Nattonal Uuwe Philadelphia .... . Pittsburgh MM. Boston e...M Chicago .. Brooklyn . . Cincinnati .., New York St. Louis ... R. ,.18 ..32 .35 ,.34 ,.M ..25 ,.18 ,.18 H. X O R. 41 48 58 85 B 61 63 61 15 21 24 28 21 22 21 24 Bryan Grant Wins Close Net Battle ATLANTA, GA., July 10. WV-Bryan Grant, of Atlanta, four times champion and No. 1 seeded player, was extended today to stroke his way through the sec ond round of the Southern tennis championship, defeating Dr. Ralph Aiken, of Atlanta, 7-5, 9-7. Orant had a bye In the first round this morning. His match was never In doubt but Aiken forced the midget star to put on more pressure than he had anticipated for such an early round. In every case today seeded players came through with expected victorlei. None of the eight seeded entrants naa first round engagements, but most of them went Into action In the second round this afternoon. Billy Reese, of Atlanta, seeded fourth, defeated Perkln Raynold of Atlanta, 6-3, 6-1. Wilbur Hess, of Fort Worth, one of the several Texas stars, entered and seeded seventh, turned back Henry Crawford, Atlanta, in straight sets, 6-3, 6-3. Henry Prusoff of Seattle, Wash., beat Robert Lake, of Tuscaloosa, Ala., 6-4. 6-2. Pierre Howard, young Decatur, Oa., flash, advanced to the third round with victories over H. Forsyth, of Lynchburg, Va., 6-2, 6-4, and Marion Reese, Atlanta, 6-1, 8-6. George Bovnton. of Atlanta, ft na tional Junior ranking player, defeated Net Champ Pushed To Win Early Tilt BROOIOJNI, MASS, Jury 16. VP) Malcolm T. Hill, of Newton, Mass, tennis champion and fifth seeded player tn the Longwood Bowl Tournament, today had a difficult time getting out of th opening round. He lost trie first set to Walter Arensberg, of Boston, by a 7-5 margin before he hit his usual stride and dropped but three games In the last two sets. The winning scores were 8-7, 6-3, 8-0. This historic court competition, which usually attracts the cream of the tennis crop, was robbed of much of its class by the many counter attractions at home and abroad. For the first time in its 41 years, the field failed to include any of the high Tanking players. Kendall Cram, of Nashville, Tenn, who competed In the recent intercollegiate tournament for the University of North Carolina, had an easy time subduing the Callfomian, Sam Lee, by a 6-4, 6-1 margin in another early match. Joe Coughlln, another California youngster, and Norcross Tllney, of Princeton, both got out of the first round on defaults. Red Enloe, of Atlanta, 6-2, 10-8. Jimmy Halverstadt, of Atlanta, rushed Into the third round without lifting a racket, gaining default triumphs over Kendall Cram, of Nashville, and Seals Aiken, of Atlanta. CAN FAULTY SHAVING CAUSE SERIOUS SKIN TROUBLE? Yes emphatically yes faulty shaving can cause serious skin trouble. This is the statement of the Gillette Skin Clinic as issued by its head, an eminent dermatologist. 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(ESLlDeitu: BLUE BLADES ves, 1

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