The Montgomery Advertiser from Montgomery, Alabama on July 10, 1933 · 6
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The Montgomery Advertiser from Montgomery, Alabama · 6

Montgomery, Alabama
Issue Date:
Monday, July 10, 1933
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THE MONIGOMERY ADVERTJSER Coftstrnctir FmHui Iaaicat MONDAY, JULY 10, 1933 BOE LOOP TO SELECT VETERAN UNDOES FOR 2MB KIALF EUFAULA OBTAINS SELMA FRANCHISE 111 BAWL LOOP S I X JOE P A L 0 0 K A MOM, MEAN'JOe'5 OTAtWE j P VG VwHOLE CTTY IS CU 1 DCfsT I7 J f t ycf NTXJSE WU.L1KE V f ll ( VTH. TKKD. I'M TVt' I ANJCSJSCr" fT)NC I KNCnv-I GOTA. if" OH U AT PfeL'MA MOvg . . rf HERE. ru CEWTVTY J; j f - ' I seHNTSHOe.llOUJlST JOfS CHAWTY PtcTUria KftOmf &C7Y- 1 AVy-MfiOOKAW,lja.lCe?Trtr OO EvtiTUKi TVOKE T i I TAKS rT EA.SV. THEYU DO L - 7 EXmEnTON MflCM I OCACO. MS3l SUR J i WsytAv VSAUbH SET jM CiAD TVStETCKA, 1 NCXSe COMFTsesH. r r-ifrfT 'if l"l ' j . mm Bull lT fit vvrM EAB.I vVE"U FVTO A fvwtVSM i US. IVt "HE I JvCfc35 FCrterOS V,s j . ,,, , t J rr V.!7 ,C byihbv, "v bwve wnvi J sea J . bo-oak, tvss rs aifeS is awee.-z 4 itT5 O 'V'H ? 3 r J W XtjT vEN WILL HE RCWT I 50taXXC .? WvT I THE MAD ANDBOJUAri,! WELCOME UKE j J V J f ' JjiJs If jfpc l j mmMimM iff fM P i Second Half Begins Today With Dothan Playing In Abbeville; Jack Hovater To Serve As Umpire OTHER CLUBS LAUNCH RACE WITH GAMES OM TUESDAY By BTCAUT X. STEPHEKSON AtnrtiMr Sparta EaUUr Aaopuoc of a schedule far the second half, appotouneot of rankicf umpires at an attractive salary figure and the tarnation of the new Eulauia club featured a special sr&tioo of the Dixie Amateur League director! yesterday at the Troy Tavern. The second half of the race will open today with Do than playing tn Abbeville. The other club swing into action tomorrow vith Montgomery opening the season at Eufaula and Troy invading the Union Springs park. One of the features of the new schedule Is Sunday baseball to Dothan. The season close Aug. 30. Jack Hovater, veteran arbiter of the Southeastern and Eastern (Class A) cir cuits will be the umpire-in-chief in the season's opener at Abbeville this after noon. Two other competent veterans will be appointed shortly. Their complete schedule for the season will be avail able by Wednesday. The directors, realizing the keen fight looming for the second half, voted unan imously to Incur the extra expense for umpires to assure visiting teams a fair deal at all times. Eufaula, represented by its club preal dent Gorman Houston posted its Jar felt fund money in the sum of 150 for the purchase of the Belma franchise. Bel ma's forfeit money, except its weekly league assessment, will be returned lm mediately. Mack Amette will take charge of the Xulaula club. With help from Chatta nooga of the Southern League, which club Is anxious to develop several prom Islng players, the new member of the Dixie looms as a real contender. All clubs have materially strengthened, ac cording to the directors at the meeting, and a great race is forecast The complete Dixie Amateur League schedule for the second half, as rati fled yesterday at a meeting of the dl rectors in Troy, follows: Monday, July It Dothan at Abbeville. Tuesday, July 11 Montgomery at Eufaula. Troy at Onion Springs. Wednesday, July It Troy at Dothan. Union Springs at Montgomery, (night) Abbeville at Eufaula. Thursday, July II Montgomery at Troy. Eufaula at Abbeville. Dothan at Union Springs. rrlday, July 14 Union Springs at Eufaula. Abbeville at Troy. Saturday, July IS Troy at Montgomery. Dothan at Union Springs. Sunday, July 1 Eufaula at Montgomery. Abbeville at Dothan. Monday, July IT Dothan at Abbeville. Tuesday, July 11 Montgomery at Dothan. Union Springs at Troy. Abbeville at Eufaula. Wednesday, July It Eufaula at Dothan. Union Springs at Abbeville. Montgomery at Troy. Thursday, July 10 Montgomery at Union Springs. Dothan at Eufaula. Abbeville at Troy. Friday, July zl Troy at Abbeville. Union Springs at Dothan. Saturday, July Zt Dothan at Montgomery. Eufaula at Union Springs. Sunday, July z! Eufaula at Montgomery. Troy at Dothan. Monday, July 14 Eufaula at Troy. Tuesday, July 25 Abbeville at Union Springs. Wednesday, July z Union Springs at Montgomery, (night) Troy at Eufaula. Thursday, July t7 Union Springs at Eufaula. Dothan at Troy. Montgomery at Abbeville. Friday, July 2 Montgomery at Union Springs, Eufaula at Abbeville. Saturday, July M Abbeville at Montgomery. Dothan at Eufaula. Troy at Union Springs. Sunday, July M Troy at Montgomery. Abbeville at Dothan. Monday, Jury tl Union Springs at Troy. Tuesday, August 1 Abbeville at Eufaula. Montgomery at Troy. Wednesday, Aug. I Montgomery at Dothan. Eufaula at Union Springs. Troy at Abbeville. Thursday, Aug. S Dothan at Eufaula. Troy at Union Springs. Montgomery at Abbeville. Friday, Aug. 4 Union Springs at Dothan. Saturday, Aug. S Dothan at Montgomery. Eufaula at Troy. Union Springs at Abbeville. Sunday, Aug. Abbeville at Montgomery. Eufaula at Dothan. Monday, Aug. T Abevffl. at Dothan. Tuesday, Aug. Montgomery at Eufaula. Dothan at Troy. Abbeville t Union Springs. Wednesday, Aug. Dothan at Montgomery, (night). Eufaula at Union Springs. Thursday, Aug. II Troy at Eufaula. Montgomery at Union Springs. Dothan at Abbeville. Friday, Aug. 11 Union Springs at Eufaula. Troy at Dothan. Montgomery at Abbeville. Saturday, Aug. II Union Springs t Montgomery. Abbeville at Troy. Sunday, Aug. II Troy at Montgomery. Eufaula at Dothan. Monday, Aug. 14 Troy at Eufaula. Union Springs at Dothan. Tuesday, Aug. 15 Dothan at Union Bprlngs. Troy at Abevlllt. Wednesday, Aug. II Eufaula at Troy. Union Springs at Abbeville. Second Annual Elsmeade Golf YANKEES TAKE 2 AS Senators Annex Third In A Row Over Indians; Red Sox And Browns Split Pair NW YORK. Julr " Bb Kuth fu th mithtr wia as&is today and ld tta Tsnke at sf thtr stamp to s doubl rlctorr mnr tk Datralt TKtra, 11 to t and T to I. Tito Bo bo eloatod throo komo ruBo, brlaeios klo total to II and loaTlnf him only two koblnd Jlmalo Ton la lot bis teasuo raoo ood drovo ta six taltloo, rirot Gum DETROIT MW YORK . AB.H.PO.A. ABHPO.A Fox or 4 14 r Wlkr CM 1 1 rhblo lb i I I tlSowill lb 4 S 1 1 Ghiifor lb I 4 I I Ruth rf 4 11 Stono Kill Oohrlf lb I S I O.WIkr il I I I OiChpmoB It 4 ill Ornbri lb 4 I llaiiorl lb 4 I I I Roeoll oo 4 14 2'Dnkor C4II1 Hywrth o 4 I llFarroll oo i J I 1 Rowo b 114 liQomoo p 1 t t HerlBt p t S uRufflnj p 1 Hosoott 1 S Total! 4 II 4 ll Total. II 11 27 1 Detroit Ml 101 Oftft T Now Tork oil 411 III 11 Tho oummary: Rum: Fox t, Schublo, Oohrlneor 1. Rowo, P. Walkor. Sowoll, Rutk I, Oehrlc 1, Chapman. TaBaort I, Dl( kor. Errora: Oehrlnsor, Sowoll. Ron batted la: eVhublo 1. Oohrinxor. Roroll, Dlrkoy 4, Stone 2, Rutk 4, Chapman. O. Walker, Laiert I. Two baoo hlta: Rotoll. Picker. Stone S, P. Walker, Oehrlnrer. Three baee hlto: Schublo, Chapman. Laa-aorl. Homo runa: Ruth 2, Dicker. Stolrn haiiea: Oehrlf. Sacrlfleoo: Rufflns. F. Walker. Baoo on belli: off Gomel I; off Rowo t; off Hogeett . struck ouU by Gomot I: Rowo I; Rufflnf 4. Hlta: off Oomes T In I tnninso fnono int In fourth); off Rufrtns In off Rowo I In 4 I I: off Herrlns In 1-1 : off Hocaett I In 1 1-1. Hit by plti her: by Rowo (L,aaaorl. ;by Hnaoott: (Chapman). Wlnnlnf pitcher: Huffinf. Loalne pltchor: lloxoett. Hrcond Oaapo DETROIT KlW YORK AB.H.PO.A. AB.H.PO.A Fox ef ill O F Wlkr of I 1 I ' Schblo lb I 1 Ohnxer lb i I Stone It i 1 O.WIkr rt 4 Grnbrx lb 4 1 Roe-ell on I 1 Sowoll lb 4 Ruth rf-lf 4 Gohrls lb 4 Chpmn Ifrf i Laaaerl lb 4 Dickey e I DeSutola e 1 iFarrell so t CIVanatta p 4 o Moore p S Hywrth a 1 Brldros 1 Rhlel x S Herrlns p s Rowo xx S White xxx 1 Hosoott p S Totals II 11 14 t Totals 14 t IT x Batetd for Rridxee In 7th. xx Batted for Herrlns in 1th, xxx Batetd for Rowo In Ith. Detroit 200 001 OSO ( New York lOi 001 001 7 Tho summary: Runa: Fox, Schublo. Geh- rlnxer 1, Stone, Rofell, F. Walker, Sewell 1, Ruth 2, Gehrig, l,asaori. Brrora: F. Walker, Gehrig. Runo batetd tn: .Stone 2, Chapman, Dickey I, Farroll. O. Walker, Sewell. Ruth I, Gehrlna-er, Hayw-,rth. Two baoo h!t: Schublo, Gehrlnaer. Three base hlta: F. Walkor. Home runa: Ruth. Stolen baooa: Laaaarl. Double playa: Vanatta to Farrell to Oehrlgr. Base on balla: off Brldm T: Vanatta 1; Herrlns 1. Struck out: by Brldrea 4; Vanatta I; Herrlns 1. Hlta: off Brldsea ( In Innlnga; off Her ring I In 1; off Hogsett 2 In ; off Vanatta 10 In 7 1-1; off Moore 1 In 1 1-1. Winning pitcher: Vanatta. Jooing pltchor: Bridges. WASHINGTON, July . UPl Behind tight pitching by Al Thomaa And Bill McAfee, tho Waahlngton Senators puahed over three runa In the firat inning and battled off the advancea of the Cleveland Indiana for nine lnninga today to win their third straight victory from Cleveland by a 2 to 1 acore. The Natlonala, doapite their win, aaw their lead over the aecond place New York Yankeea whittled to four full gameo aa the New Yorkera oaptured a douhleheador. CLEVELAND WASHINGTON AB.H.PO.A. AB.H.PO.A. Gltaor of i 1 Myer lb 4 Manuah If 4 Boea lb 11 Porter rf 4 1 Goalln rf 4 Voamlk If I 1 Cronin as I Karom lb 4 I Hale 2b 2 S Schulte ef 4 Kuhel lb 4 Bluege lb 4 Spencer e I' S Pytlak e i Sewell e 4 Thomaa p I Claael SB I 1 FeareoB. p I S McAfee p 1 Averlll x 1 S Myatt xx 1 S Totals II I 14 S Totals It 27 T x Batted for Spencer n th. xx Batted for Pearsoa In 9th. Cleveland 000 Oil 0002 Waahlngton 100 000 OOx I The summary: Runa: Voamlk, Cleeeu, Goalln, Cronin. Schulte. Errora: Kamm, CIS- ell. Bluege. Runa batted In: Kuhel 2, Boas, Spencer. Two baae hlta: Boaa. sacrlflcea: Hale. Baae on balla: oft Thomas 2: off Pearaon 2. Struck out: by Peareon 1. Hlto: off Thomaa 7 In 7 lnninga; off McAfee 1 In 2. Winning pitcher: Thomas. BOSTON. July . (P) Ths Red Sox shut ont the Browns, 4 to In tho firat gams of a doublohoader today and then were humbled, to I la tho nightcap. Jim Levey. St. Louis ahortstop, waa in jured in the fourth Inning of tho firat gam when Bo was nit on tne arm by one of Ftpgraa'g slants. Ha waa given a court eay runner and played tho reat of the ram. Ho failed to appear for the second game, however, and officiate said an X-ray would be taken of his arm to determine tho extent of his injury. First Gaaae ST LOFIS BOSTON ABH.PO.A. AB.H.PO.A. Srhrln 2b 2 S I l'-Vretlr aa I S 2 1 Want ef t S werber lb 4 1 Hodapp Sb 4 sCooko eflf 4 tjrerrell e 4 4RJhaa rf I 4 Jolley If 4 j) Oliver ef s l'Seedo lb 1 ljPlpgrae p I Oarffll If 4 Cmpbel rf 4 Burns lb 4 Melllo lb 4 Lavey aa 1 Guilts x S Shea s 1 Hadloy p I Ryalds xx 1 Totals IS I 14 1I Totals 11 17 S x Courteay runner for Levey la 4th, XX Batted for Hadley In tth. St. Louis 000 0l 000 0 Boetoa 100 110 lOx I Tho nummary: Runs: Waretler, Werber, Cooke, Seeds. Errora: Campbell, Ml!llo, Waretler. Runa batted la: Cooke I. Hodapp. Two baae hits: Cooke 8. Ferrell. Stolen baooa: Mellllo, Werber. Double playa: Lev ey to Mellllo to Bursa: Shea to Mellllo; Garma to Mellllo: Seeda unaeelated. Left on baawa: St. Louis ; Beaton 7, Baae on balla: off Hadloy 4; off Plpgras i. struck Tharsday, Aug. IT Montgomery at Eufaula, Dothan at Troy. Abbeville at Union Springs. Friday, Ang. II Union Springs at Troy. Montgomery at Dothan. Eufaula at Abbeville. Saturday, Aug. 19 Eufaula at Montgomery. Sunday, Ang. II Abbeville at Montgomery. BABE HITS 3 HOURS Jack Witherall To Defend Crown Against 1 5 Rivals In First Flight Sixteen shot-makers win battle it out in the championship flight of the Second Annual Elsmeade golf tournament, begin ning with first-round matches today and tomorrow. Three flights of II each and a fourth flight of eight bare been booked, while a woman's tournament of eight also has has been arranged. The tourney will be run on this week. Heading the list will be Jack Witherall, defending champion, who was automat ically qualified by virtue of his chaav plonship. The Elsmeade officials have not an nounced the playing time of the matches as they thought it best to leave tt up to the contestants as to the hour of play. The contestants will make arrangements with their opponents. The first round matches must be played by Tuesday The finals in the first, second and third flights will be played Sunday, while the fourth flight and women's flight must be finished by Saturday The complete list of qualifiers, their telephone numbers, scores, and pairings ioiiow: , First Plirht Jack Witherall (no telephone) vs. Run ter Vaughan, Jr, (86) (W-8285.) W. B. Kesaler (89) (C-5077) va. Neal Collins (82) (C-4987). W. a LeQrand, Jr., (84.) (C-5418) vs Owen Brewer (90) (C-3307-W.) Thomas Broadway, Jr. (88) (C-1089-W) vs. Woodrow Weaver (78) (W-8285.) Julian Kohn (82) (C-146) vs. Sam Durden (88) (C-2440.) J. D. Williams (92) (W-1400-J) VI Bob Powell (84) (C-4142). W. O. Cromwell (84) (C-365S) ws. Norment Baker (89) (C-878). Henry Pugh (8) (W-1380-R) vs. J. B, Morrow (75) (W-9285). Second Flight M. . Smith (92) (C-6139) vs. . W. Moncrief (97) (C-3527). stuart Stephenson (87) (C-828S) vs. Claud Hendrix (96) (C-438). MaJ. Pritchard (96) (C-279J) vs. O. T. Flnnegan (97) (C-902.) A. R. Rast (97) (Wetumpka 260) vs James Wilson (92) (C-1770). D. Q. Scott (93) (C-1535) vs. IL P. Fraser (97) (C-8957). C. W. Martin (97) (Wetumpka 226) vs. Maj. Peabody (97) (C-1070). Lieut. C. Thomas (96) (C-1070) vs. Travis Howell (97) (C-1274-J). U. K. Gardner (94) (C-5532) vs. W. B Ott (92) (C-1973). Third Flight J. M. Chucknow (98) (C-3679-W) vs. B. P. Livingston (103) (C-5129). C. C. White (105) (C-4549) vs. Q. B. Buchanan (100) (C-524). S. A. Peterson (102) (C-5171) vs. J a. Amason (107) (C-2719). Jack Stone (104) (C-5200) vs. Ray OmiUl (98) (C-4444). O. P. Wataon (100) (C-2742-W) vs. F. T. Jeffrey (105) (C-5129). PAN-AM CUBS BEAT PRATTVILLE, 8 TO 3 , The first half champion Pan-Am Cubs continued their winning streak yesterday afternoon in the City League, defeating Prattvllle on the West End diamond, 8 to s. M. Taylor, with a homer, and T Tav- lor, with three for four, led the batting biwck ior tne cubs, while Deramus and Wadsworth were the batting stars for tne visitors. The score by Innings: Prattvllle 010 100 001 S 7 Pan-Am 022 011 02x 8 14 3 Powell and Wilson; Busby and Wil son, LITTLE ROCK, GREY SOX DIVIDE DOUBLEHEADER The Little Rock nine and the Grey oua, twin memDers oi the Negro Southern League, split a twin bill yesterday afternoon at College Hill Park, the visitors, winning the opener, J to 1, and dropping the nightcap, 5 to 4. These two teams will battle to Tuske-gee this afternoon and tomorrow. Score by Innings: Little Rock 000 210 0003 8 2 Grey Sox 000 000 1001 5 5 Howard and Underwood; G. Mitchell and Tyson. Second Game Little Rock 100 000 34 6 1 Grey Sox 001 003 15 8 1 8mith and Underwood; Battle and J Mitchell, out: by Hadley 1; by Plpgr.ia 4. Hit by pitcher: by Plpgraa: (Levty). Second Game ST. ions BOSTON AB.H.PO.A. AB.H.PO.A. Schrin as S Weat cf 4 Rvnlda If t 1 Wratlr aa 4 0 M'Mna asxs 1 Werber 3b 4 OjOooke cf 2 1 2 too 112 0 11 0 11 S 7 I 1 I 0 1 1 0 0 0 0 2 11 1 ooo 0 0 0 S 0 0 0 0 0 ISO 27 II Cmpbll rf i Burna lb 1 Mellllo 2b t Hodapp 2b 2 2 Ferrell Stortl lb 1 Gulllo lb 1 llR.Jhan rf 0 Jolley If Olollver ai lSreda lb RhtMlee p Brown p Oooch a Welch p Ruel c 2 Blholdr p 2 Waltera nil Totala 14 10 17 12 Totala s Ratted for Brown In ax Ran for Jolley In th. 7th. an Batted for Welch tn th. ana Batted for Waretler In th. St. Louie 01! ooo 0S1 Boston J01 000 001 2 The summary Runa: Schareln. Weat, Reynolda 2. Campbell 2, Burns. Ruel, R. Johnson, Seeda Krrors: Waratler. Rhode Runs batted In: Reynolds 1. Schareln. Weat. Campbell, Ruel. Waretler. R, .lohnaon. Two baae hlta: Schareln. Weat. Jolley, Seeda Three base hits: Schareln. Homo runa: Reynolds, Campbell, R. Johneon. Stolen bases: Burna. Mellllo. Sacrlflcea: Blaehold-er, Mellllo. Double playa: Schareln to Mel- mo to nurna; Cooke to Ferrell to Wor- her; Aeerts to Warstler. Baae on balls: orr Rlaeholder 2: RhiulM l- w.lrh t Slruck out: by It hl .a 1: by Brown 2: by Welch 1, Hits: off Rhortea I tn 2 1-1 In-nlns: off Brown 1 In 4 1-1 innlnSs: Welch 4 In 2 tnnlnsa. Losing pitcher: no1 Bill Mahoney (108) (C-1381) vs. Bill Thomas (183) (3825-J). E. L. Haynie (101) (C-1061) vs. H. M. Graves (107) (C-567). W. H. LeOrand, Sr. (103) (C-541S) vs. L. D. Stephens (99) (C-3303). Fourth Flight E. F. Morgan (111) (C-4673) vs. Willi Powers (111) (C-2295-W). O. H. Sellers (112) C-120) vs. Paul LeOrand (112) (C-5032). W. B. Griffin (112) (C-5226) vs. H. L. Smith (121) (C-4833). George Esty (113) (C-2058) vs. A. J. Harris, Jr. (Ill) (W-1837). Woman's Flight ef Eight Mrs. Thornton Clark (97) (C-4546) vs. Mrs. Hume Peabody (105) (C-1070). Mrs. Zeda N. Wright (113) (C-6888-J) vs. Mrs. C. Thomas (120) (C-1070). Mrs. A. D. Elsberry (117) (C-6113-R) vs. Mrs. E. F. Morgan (124) (C-3970). Mrs. M. B. Asp (120) (C-5963) vs. Mrs. Ruby Stanaland (122) (W-891). Several Leading Plavers . To Participate In Annual Event At Atlanta ATLANTA, OA, July 9 (IPy The bst Dixie has to offer In tennis players com pete here tomorrow In the Southern amateur tournament. Bryan Grant, of Atlanta, Lefty Brvan, of Chattanooga, Berkeley Bell, of New York and Texas, Wilbur Hess, of Hous ton, John McDtarmld, of Ft. Worth, Le nolr Wright, of Charlotte, N. O, Hud son Hamm, of Fort Lauderdale, Fla Ramsey Pottg, of Memphis, Ernest Sut ter of. New Orleans, Doc Barr, of Mem phis, and Karl Kamrath, of Austin these are only a few of the entries whose names are southern household topics where tennis is discussed. One face familiar on tournament courts will be missing, however. Clif ford Sutter, of New Orleans, who won the championship last year win not compete this time and the cloak of the favorite has been passed to Grant's shoulders. Entries In the men's division total 157 and the registration of women is Just about as large. The singles, alone, have more than 100 entries. Others to participate include Red Ter rell, Felder Wright, Robert Little and Robert Lake, all of Birmingham; Mer- riman Cunningham, of Nashville, W. W Gordon, of Savannah, Dickie Dunlap, ol Paris, Tenn., Ray White, of Miami, C. R. Ault and John Casey, of Birmingham, Alex Wellford. of Memphis, and Tommy Anderson, Kimbark Peterson, Robert Alexander and Holland McTyre, of Nash ville. Outstanding star, in the women's divl slon Include Beatrice Bryan, of Memphis. Lila Porter, of Mobile, Eliza Coxe, of Ashevllle, Helen Carney, of Shreveport, Julia Pickens, of Charlotte; Anna KoU, of New Orleans, Mrs. Murray Hanson, of Wilmington, N. C, and Mrs. Thornton Read and Neva Aiken, of Birming ham. SHIELDS DEFEATS MURPHY FOR RHODE ISLAND CROWN PROVIDENCE. R. I.. July 9.(P rrancis x. Shields, of New York, fifth ranking singles player in the United States, defeated Richard T. Murphy, of Utlca, N. Y., in the final match today for the Rhode Island grass court men's singles championship. Shields won tn straight sets, 6-2, 8-6, 6-4. in tne N. E. sectional men's doubles championship, Joe Coughlin of Stanford, and Henry Culley, of Santa Barbara. Calif., mowed down Wilmer Hlnes, of the University of North Carolina and Harold Surface of the University of Tex as, 5-7, 6-2, 7-5 and 6-2. GREGORY MANGIN WINS NEW JERSEY NET TITLE MONTCLAIR, N. J.. July 9. & Gregory s.. Mangin, of Newark, took over the New Jersey State tennis singles championship today, overpowering Herbert L. Bowman, of New York, In a four-set match on the courts of the Montclalr Athletic Club. The national indoor champion won by scores of 8-6, 6-4, 4-8, 6-3, to capture his second leg on the William Elder Mar- cus oowi. Bowman also noias two legs SOUTHERN TENNIS WILL BEGIN TODAY Frankie Parker Wins Clay Courts Net Title Over Gene Mako In Straight Sets CHICAGO, July . (JP) Frankie Par- ker, Polish boy who joined Al Simmons of baseball in making Milwaukee famous in the sports world. Is the new master of America'! clay tennis courts. The 17-year-old Mllwaukeean. who changed his name from Paikowskl to Parker as Simmons did from Szymanaki to aid tired headline writers, won the cherished crown in convincing fashion at the Chicago Town and Tennis Club today by submerging his arch rival of the courts, Gene Mako. University of Southern California star, with an ava lanche of prize shots In straight sets, all at 6-3 margins. It was the third national crown to adorn the slight Milwaukeean't brow. Previously he had captured the national boys title and the national Juniors' championship, defeating the same Mako all three times In the finals. He was graduated from the boy's ranks last year but still holds the Junior title. Mako, teamed with Jack TidbaU, In an Tournament Will Begin Today w, mm I Return 'Grudge' Bout Slated As Feature Attraction On Bowl Card Mat fans who like their entertain- mnt served up by men who throw cau tlon to the breeses are In for a treat tonight when Joe Dlllman and Tuffy Cleet stage their return "grudge" bout as the headline attraction on the week ly program at Cram ton BowL In the semi-final will be Joey Oun ther and Pete Demetroff. An earlier re port that Freddie Knlchel would oppose Demetroff was an error. Ounther will return after a long absence, during which time he has appeared In many big-time bout in the large cities on the West Coast. Joey Ounther probably Is one of the most popular of the clean-cut youngsters ever to appear here. His early bouts with Freddie Knlchel and Tony Lyle gave the sport the impetus It required to occupy a steady place in the sports world in Montgomery. Demetroff proved exceedingly unpopu lar In his first and only appearance several months ago at Maxwell Field when Eddie Pope disposed of him In two straight falls. Demetroff tricked Knlchel In two out of three falls in Birmingham Thursday night, however, and the pro moters guarantee the customers will not be dissatisfied tonight, according to Andy Jaffe. Packers Beaten Twice By Aces The 111th Motor Repair Aces cap tured their fourth straight doubieheader yesterday afternoon In the Independent League. "Lefty Dennlson again pullea the "Iron man" stunt as the Aces eon miered the Cudahy Packers, In 11 In nings, 7 to S and 7 to 2. The Coca-Colas defeated the McDade Tinners, 7 to 5, and the Capitol Heights Druggists beat the Miller Juniors, I to 8, In 14 Innings, in the other Independ ent games. Wright, with two for four, led the Aces' attack in the opener, while Busby hit best for Cudahy. In the nightcap, McCutchin, with two hits, led the Aces, while no Packer player was able to get over one hit. First game: Aces ...100 000 100 100 47 7 Cudahy .001 000 001 100 25 10 Talley, Dennlson and Moses; Bonds and Mitchell. Second game: Cudahy 200 002 Acei 130 3x- (Five Innings by agreement). McGehee and Mitchell; Dennlson and Moses, Busby. Dawklns and V. Bozeman hit best for the Dopes, each connecting for three hits out of four trips. McDade 200 120 000 7 ' Coca-Cola 021 000 04x 7 10 : Hudson, Kllgrow ano-Ri Phillips; L Bozeman and V. Bocefnan. The hitting of Morgan and Kllgrow was best for the Millers. J, Lushington, Rainwater and Faulk were the heavy hitters for the Druggists. The Druggists pushed over five runs In the ninth to deadlock the score. Millers 200 023 000 000 00 8 11 Druggists .012 000 005 000 0112 9 James and Moseley; Smith, Rainwater ana Lushington. CANADIAN GOLFING MEET OPENS TODAY VANCOUVER, July 9. UP) A field of 107 players, including 14 from the United States, will set out tomorrow morning In me je-noie qualifying round of the Canadian amateur golf championship. Canada's home-breds are led by the defending champion, Gordon Taylor, of Montreal. The leading United States threats Include Dr. O. F. Willing, of Port' land, former American Walker Cup play er; Albert (Scotty) Campbell. Seattle, winner of the Pacific Northwest title a week ago; Frank Dolp of Portland, and Jack Finger of San Francisco. The field will play morning and after noon rounds tomorrow, the low 32 qualifying for match play, all at 36 holes, starting Tuesday. on the trophy and already has In his permanent possession one cup from this annual championship. all-Los Angeles combination, came back to land the doubles title with a 6-2. 2-8, 7-5, 4-6, 6-0 triumph over John McDiarmld, of Fort Worth, Texas, and Robert "Lefty" Bryan, of Chattanooga, Tenn. The Los Angeles duo unleashed the slashing attack so characteristic of Csllfomia players and both whipped into action cannonbal services, which enabled them to rush" the net frequently and volley their way to victory. Parker was an easy victor today as he stormed through his far huskier but less experienced rival before a throng of 2,000 spectators and led all the way except for a very brief spell in the third set when Mako took the lead In the fifth game, 1-2. Rallying with deep lobs and bringing his famous concealed backhand Into play, he broke through Mako with comparative ease after that, won the next four games and the set, match, and title. To show his complete mastery, he ended the uneven duel with a game victory at love. BATTLE HIGH Cubs Go Into Third Place, Beating Fast-Slipping Giants In Double Bill Brooklyn And St. Louis Split Two As Cincinnati Nears Cellar By Losing Pair To Boston CHICAGO, July t lA) The National Ieafae ehampioa CbKaao Cuba ellmbeel la to third place today by Btnalni both (amae of a double header from the aaaaina Sr York Gtaaia 4 to s. and I te 1. on brtlliaa pltcblna performancea by ixiOBte Waraeke and Bud Tlnninc. Tfce victories lave the Cuba Ave tn row and a aneep of the (eur-aame aerie Wlia in oiaala. whose tooiBa; streak eateaded t atx rame. Mrs Gam MEW YORK CHICAGO AB.H.PO.A. AH H PO.A I rus in tell Enrlsk 2b 4 S O Ooul If 4 Terry lb 4 Ott rf 4 Verses 3b 4 Moore rf 4 Jarkaoa aa 2 Jamea aa 2 Mncuae e 1 Hu obeli p 2 Spencer B I iW Hmi lb 2 1 2 l l'urler If 2 1 I r-Hmnrf 111 Imare cf 4 1 4 lHarlnt c 4 1 2 1 Grimm lb 4 2 11 Juries aa 1 I 3 wrnske pill Iiavla s 1 a 0 S SelveooB p t S Totala 31 I 24 10 Totala IS 2 27 1 x Batted for Spencsr In Tth. New lork 0-r Chicaso 00 13 I Summary: Runa Ensllsh. W. Herman, Cuyter. Jurirea Errors: Verfrei S, Juraea. Runa batted In, English, Cuyler, T. Her man. Iemaree. To base hlta, Cuyler. F. Herman. Three base hlta Verves- Stolen haeea, W. Herman. Sacrlflcea Cuyler. War neke. loubie plays, Jackson to Crlta to Terry: Moore to Veraei; Spencer, unaaalat ed. Bsaes on balla off Hubbell 2; off Vt'erneke 1. Struck out. by Hubbell ttalveaon 2. Warneke 2. Hlta off Hubbel 6 In 4 2-3 Innlnica; off Spencer 2 in 1 1-1 Innlnvs: off Salveson 1 in 2 tnnlnsa Los In ai pitcher, Huhhell. Mecwad Came JiKvV YORK CHICAGO AB.H.PO.A. ABH.PO.A CrIK Jb 4 t 2 3, 3b 2 I 1 O'IkjuI If 4 1 3 0W Hmn 2b 3 1 1 Terry lb 4 1 7 SiJIoaolf If 3 1 I Ott rf 4 0 1 SIFHmnrf 19 1 Versei 3b 4 1 1 SjDmare cf 2 1 Moore cf 4 1 1 Sillartnet e 4 S I Jamea aa 3 I 2lGrlmm lb 4 S 11 Mncuao c 2 S 7 li Juries as 4 1 I Ftsamne p I 0 lTlnnlns p 4 i Totala 31 4x21 7Totala 31 i IT 12 x One out when winning run scored. New York 100 SOO ooi Chleaao 80S OOt 0012 Summary: Runa, 0'loul, W. Herman, Jursea Errora: Verges. James 3. W. Her. man. Grimm, Jurgea. Runa batted In, Ott, Hartnett, Tinning. Two base hlto, Terry, Jurgea. Sacriflcea, Koenlg. Moaolf, F. Her. man. Bases on balla off Fltxeimmona 4 Struck out. by Fttsalmmone S; Tinning 1 Wild pitch, Fltsaimmons. ST. LOUIS. July 1. m The Brooklyn Dodgera and the St. Louie Cardlnala aplit doubieheader here today, Ralph Boyle, Brooklyn outfielder, cutting a 10th Inning knot to give Brooklyn the firat game, to . and Tex Carleton ahutting the Dodg ers out 2 to 0 In th final. Boyle broke ths tie in the first contest with a triple, scoring Hutcheaon and Shauta. Firat Gam BROOK I VN NT. LOTTS AB.H.PO.A. AB.H.PO.A. Taylor cf i 1 4 O Martln 3b I 1 Fnlrlk cf 1 Frisch 2b I 1 Oraattl ( 0 Collins lb I 0 Mrlwlck If 4 Wtklna rf ( 0 J V!an e I KDurchr as 2 1 tSlade aa 2 llnshy 2b 2 2Halahn p 2 sj.Tohnsn p 0 OlMooney p 1 Slean p 0 jCrahtre x 1 KVwford x 1 Allen 3s 1 O'Farel 4 1 0 ICarlton Ix 0 Stripp 3b I Htchesn rf L Wlsn If 4 Boyle If 2 Leslie lh i Judge lh 0 Cuclulo 2b 3 .opes c I Jordan aa fi Reck p 4 Hhaote p 1 Thraton p 0 Totala 47 17 33 it Totals 45 14 33 12 x Batted for IMirocher in 7th. is Ratted for Hallahan In 7th. 3i Batted for Johnson In 8th. 4x Batted for Mooney in loth, Sx Ran for OFarrell In 10th. Brooklyn in 020 010 02 i St. Louis 200 003 021 00 Summary: Runs. Hutcheaon 1. I. Wilson I. Lealle I. Beck. Shaute. Martin. Frier h. Oraatti. Colline 2. Watklna. Error: Hutche. eon. Leslie. Runa batted In. Goalie 2. Med- wlck 2, Stripp, L. Wilson. Lopex 2. Watklna Hornshy. Collins. Bovle I. Two hsse ntts. Medwlck. Martin. Collina Watklna. Three base hlta Boyle. Home runa L. Wlloon, Leslie. Stolen base. Hutcheaon. (lacririca, Frlach. Double play. Martin to friacn to Collina. Basea on balla off Beck Shaute 1. Hallahan 1. struck nut bv Beck 4. Shaute 1, Thurston 1, Mooney 1. Hallahan 2. Hlta off Beck 12 In s tn nlnsa (none out In th); Shaute I la 2 innings; Hallahan. 10 In 7 lnninga: off jonnaon i in 1 Inning; off Thuraton none n l inning; off Moonev 2 In I lnnlnaa: off rean 3 In 1 Innlnir. Winning nltcher. Shaute. Losing pitcher. Dean. Hfcond Game BROOKLYN 8T. LOUI" AB.H.PO.A. ARHPO.A Boyle If 4 1 2 tl'v.r,i ik i t a l Frdrlck cf 4 1 1 OjFriech lb 4 S 3 4 Stripp 3b 4 1 !Ornttl cf 4 2 0 S Htchesn rf 1 1 OlOolllna lh 1 1 11 1 eslle lb 3 1 7 liM.iwlk if t 1 1 0 Cucnlo !b 1 1 1 3!wtklno rf 4 1 0 onex c 2 0 7 llO'Farel e 9 1 4 S Outen c 110 Olrochr aa 1 S I I Jordan aa 2 0 0 4 Carlton n 1 0 1 I Wright as 0 0 1 Mungo p I S 1 1 Judge x lies Totals 21 7 24 HITotala 32 I 27 15 x Batted for Mungo In tth. Brooklyn 000 00S 000 0 St. Louia :. 0 SOI 00 1 1 Summary: Runs, Oraattl. Medwrrk. Er ror. Cucclnello, Runs hatted In, Medwlck, Watklna Two base hlta Martin. Medwlck, Watklna Outen. Stolen baae. Martin. Sac rifice. Collina Double playa Collina to Ourochsr to Frlach: Durocher to Frlach to Collina; Collina to Durocher. Struck out. by Mungo 7; Carleton 3. CINCINNATI, July . Only four percentage points kept the Cincinnati Reda from akarlng th National Leajrue cellar Ith the Idle Phllllea arter losing a double- header to the Boston Rravos today, S to 2 in 10 lnninga and 3 to 1 The Phllllea' average waa .431, while the Reda waa .421, but they war In a virtual tie for laat place. tins Oam rJOTO! CINCINNATI AB.H.PO.A. AB.H.PO.A Vrbnakl ss t Jordan lb 4 oiAdame lb 4 4nnthm lb I 1 I S I 1 11 1 t Moor rf I 10 Hafey cf ( 3 Btmly lb i 0 Lmbrdl e 4 0 Hmaley 0 4 Rice rf 4 t J More If 4 Rluege as 4 Perlngr p 1 Whtny lb I LM If 1 flpohrer o 1 Mrnvla lh 4 Cantwel p 4 Totala 37 11 20 PITntala 31 S 30 14 s Ran for Lombardl In 10th. naton S10 0I 000 1 Cincinnati 000 S01 000 S ) Summary: Run, Jordan. Berger, Whit ney. Grantham. Lembardt. Crrer, Urban-ski. Rub batted tn. Berger. R. Moore, Maranvllls. J. Moore 2. Two base bit, Berger. Three base hlta R Moore, Lea. Horn rue, Berger. Sacrifice. Spohrar, Adama iKtuble playa. Whitney to Jordan; Grantham to Bluege to Bottomiey; Derringer to Bluege to Bottomley. Basea on baila off Canlwell 2; off Lterrlcger 1. Slruck out by Cant ell 2: by Derringer 1. Hit by pitcher, by Derringer (Jordan and Berger); by Cantwall (Derringer). Wild pitch, Canlwell. Bweeaad Game BOSTON CINCINNATI AB.H.PO.A. AB.H PO.A. Ubnakl as 4 1 I 3 Adams 3b 4 1 1 I Jordan lb 4 Berger cf 4 R More rt 4 Whtny lb 4 l.e if 4 Hoga c I Gyalnin x 0 Bpohrwr e S 1 10 liGnthm lb 4 0 1 i 0 10 Hafsy cf 4 0 t S 1 t.Btroiy lb 4 1 12 0 I 4 Lmhardl o 3 1 1 0 1 l;Hmaiey s 0 0 0 0 1 l'RIce rf 4 110 S S;J More If 1 0 2 1 S Bluege SB 1 1 I 1 f llHlgh SI 10 0 0 1 (iMortsy as 1 0 2 4 iLucaa p 110 3 Mmvl lb I 0 Frkha p 4 I Totala 14 IS 17 17 Totals M f 27 II x Ran for Hogea In Ith. s Ran for Lombardl la Ith. xx Batted for Bluege la Ith. Boeton 100 til 000 I Cincinnati SOS SIS 000 1 Summary: Runa, . Urbanskt, Jordan, Lee, Lombardl. Error: Grantham, Bottomley. Runs batted la. Brgr, Whttny. Frank-houa. High. Two baae hlta, Jordan, Frankhoue, Adams S. Saorlflcea, Hogan. Maranvllie, J. Moore. Double playa Lee to Urbanaki to Jordan; Maranvllls to Ur-banakl to Jordan; Grantham to Bluege to Bottomley; Grantham to Morr laser to Bottomley; Lueaa to Morrtaeey to Bottomley. Baaee on balla off Frankhouae 1; Lucaa 1. Struck out, by Frankhouae 1, Lucas 1. Abbeville Downs Local Team, S-7 In free-hitting contest, th fight ing Abbeville nine downed ths local Dixie Leaguers yesterday afternoon at Cram ton Bowl tn the final gam of the first half, I to T. The locals outhM Abbeville II to 10, but dldnt bunch enough of their hits. The feature of ths day was a homer by Ware, visiting outfielder, with two men on base. Cooper, with four for five. and Ooolsby, with three for four, were the leading Cap hitters. ABBEVILLE MONTGOMERY AB.H.PO.A. AB.H.PO.A. F.Wms 2b I 1.1 llBoyd lb 4 1 1 A.Wma cf I Walker If 4 Ware rf I 1 I 0 sudduth cf i 1 S 4 1 1 11 1 S 1 4 0i cooper If IS Burgeaa lb a K I brew lb 4 Carter es 4 Branon e t Ooolsby rf 4 Watte ss 4 Broughs sx 1 Klder lb 1 Tel e 4 L.Wms p I Le p 1 ICrowdor lb 4 1 1 Parka p 1 Snglton s 1 Allev p S Brchfleld p 1 Totals 17 10 17 II Totals 41 IE 2T 14 Abbeville in! 004 000 I Montsomery 100 104 000 7 i Batted for Parka in 4th. ai Batted for Crowder In Ith. The summary: Runs: F. Wllllama A. Wllliame 2, Ware, Klllebrew, Carter, Elder, Teel, Boyd 2, Sudduth, Cooper, Brannon, W'atta, Crowder. Errora: A. Wllliame, El der and Cooper. Runa batted In: Cooper, Singleton 2, Sudduth, Ooolsby 1, Ware 4. Williams. Two baae hlta: Singleton. Cooper, Sudduth. Horn runs: War. Doubl plays: Boyd to Watts to Burgeva. Left on bases: Montgomery 10; Abbeville I. Base on balls: off Parks 1; oft Alley I; off Wllllama 1. Struck out: by Parka S; by Alley 2; by Wllllama 2; by Lee 1; by Blrchfield 1. Hlta: off Parka In 4 Innings off Alley In 1 1-1 Innings 1; off Wil liams In S Innings 11. Hit by pitcher: by Wllllama (Branson). Wild pitches: Alley 2. Paased balls: Teel. Winning pitch er: Wllllama. Loains pitcher: Parka Um pires: Blyth and Cox. Tim of game: 1:00. . Four Champions Fight This Week NEW YORK, July 9. (PV Four cham pions of sorts headline the national boxing program this week, two of them in title bouts. Ben Jeby of New York, recognized In this State as middleweight champion, and Freddie Miller of Cincinnati, National Boxing Association featherweight king, both are slated for title defenses, while Maxey Rosenbloom, light heavyweight ruler, and Midget Wolgast, generally recognized champion of the flyweights, will appear in over-weight affairs. Jeby tackles the rugged Trenton. N. J.. Bum Saw," Young Terry, over the 15- round route at Newark tomorrow night while Miller's crown will be at stake In a 15-rounder against Abie Israel In Seattle Tuesday night. Rosenbloom will fight John Henry Lewis, Phoenix, Aril., negro, at San Fran cisco tomorrow night and Wolgast meets Lew Farber of New York at Fugazy Bowl, Coney Island, here Tuesday. One of the week's best bouts, however. carries no championship label of any sort. It brings together BUly PetroUe, veteran Duluth welterweight, and Bep Van Kleavem, Dutch "Windmill," In the Polo Grounds here Wednesday. TEXAS LEAGTJK Fort Worth 6-2; Beaumont J-J. San Antonio 8-3; Tulsa 0-2. Houston 6-S; Dallas 2-1. PACIFIC COAST LEAGUE Hollywood 12-4; San Francisco 9-. Los Angeles 10-4; Missions 4-5., Sacramento 3-6; Oakland 1-5. Portland 11-4; Seattle -S. Perfect service and satisfaction it why you should let he voa striate?

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