The Montgomery Advertiser from Montgomery, Alabama on December 11, 1925 · 6
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The Montgomery Advertiser from Montgomery, Alabama · 6

Montgomery, Alabama
Issue Date:
Friday, December 11, 1925
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f It 1 JJ A f, DECK il H & K ll, 195 SIX THE MONTGOMERY ADVERTISER Constructive ? FearUu Independent 1 LATEST SPORTING NEWS SWIMMING BASEBALL BOXINGTENNIS GOLF-BRACING fcXV - AhC. M YVtfE BOX rU LD8Jf MY TEMPER WITH ONE , Or THOSE PEU.CWi SOME PAY THE NEtfT COP WKO "TRIE'S. TO TOP ME -I'M GO'NCi TO BEND A COUPLE OF BUMPER AROUNO t1 NECK IXL TEACH .OrWE OP THOSE BKj BALLOON TIRES WHO CLOTrA i& -fVE BEEN TOO EAAY W.TH THEM - Port IrtfORMAHON OP UNO KM VsC WISH ID 8TATE THAT THE UTTLS UCV I taihttr tV YOU. THINK riORF YOUR CUT-OUT - YOUtU " - - . i vnu'RE SrOM& TAKE TWCr fcXNt.C J Hand Trouncing To WAKE uP ALL E M'Rxtrr rvtr Ov-iitt rrvttS A REST SAMTA CFw YOUR EYtrS-tXDWT YOU Mf I KJSC MY HAJ4t WHEN rAY r, RAt-llTD "WAT rAEW-JS STOP CLA.US - AWt KEEP TOUR TICKETS Chicago Bears, 24-0 PUY THEM. IN OMIc ONE ti TOCKJrJ6i WHO M - HF&ITA.TE l OU6HT RAVING TUfM - FROM NOW ON fUU tfc A hNW Red Grange Suffer Serious In A3 A PETRIFIED ANVIL. - TO GIVE YOU -nCKkl1 jury and Removed From Came During First Period '"II I II ssas-W GERANIUM B "isipTH"B9EBs"saBTaT5s;" 0 or PITTSBCRGH. Dec. II. Ths Pitts. kurgh All-Stars added iasult to Injury Iter today la their Kama with the Chicago Bears, whs vers defeated 14 to t. after their star, Harold "Red") Cranes, formerly of the IlUal, had ben forced from the cane with a tors liga ment and broken blood Teasel la his right arm. Ths "Galloping Ghost" waa taken at at ths end ef ths first period, in ths coarse ef which he received his in-Jury, bat while hs was la ths fray ths Pittsburgh eleven was ahead, 7 to . Gustafsoa, former University of Pitts, bargh star, crashing- over ths line for a touchdown, following- a 30-yard punt by Jimmy Robertson, former Carnegie lech luminary. Gustafsoa, In addition to ths touchdown, kicked three goals after touchdown and a field goal from ths 40-yard lias. Grange waa In tea plays during ths contest. Hs gained three, yards off tackle; threw five forward passes, one of which was Intercepted, another com-plated for a loss and ths others incomplete; received one pass for a nine. yard rain; held ths ball for Biitton'a attempted place kick; tackled Gustaf oa when ths ball carrier had only Orangs between him and the goal posts; blocked a man for ths receiver ef a punt and waa Injured on ths play. Jess Brown, of ths Pittsburgh team. furnished ths thrills for ths ,000 who attended the gams. Hs reelved ths klckoff at ths openg of ths second half and returned (S yards before being forced oat of bounds. Later hs dashed ft yards off tackle for a touchdown. Ths Bears will leave Pittsburgh tomorrow for Detroit, whsrs they are scheduled to play Saturday. A Sunday trams Is carded for Chicago. , I A . N D Y G U M P i GRANGE SERIOrSLT HURT PITTSBURGH, Deo. 10. Red Grange was injured painfully during ths first period of ths Chicago Bears-Pittsburgh All-Stars football grams at Forbes field today. Dr. Guitar Bsrg, physician of ths Pittsburgh club, said the former Illinois star had sustained a torn ligament and a broken blood vessel In his right arm. , - Late In the period the doctor said Orangs had attempted to buck the Pittsburgh line. It was on this play that be was hurt A hasty examination disclosed the torn ligament and broken blood vessel. Dr. Berg ordered ths grid star removed to his room at Schenley hotel and announced that an k-ray Would" be made tonight to de termine II iners was a iraciure., , ; Officials of the Bears advised of thJ Injury said that Grange would not irppear In ths lineup for at least several days. . After a thorough examination. Dr. Berg announced that a muscle In Grange's right arm was torn loose, and that the broken blood vessel was causing hemorrhages ' In the upper arm. He said Grange would be out of ths gams at least two weeks and possibly a month. Ths doctor added that the results of the x-ray would determine whether Grange would leave Pittsburgh with ths Bsars tonight. ' Halas Indicated that another, physician might bs called In during ths flight for another examination . of ill 1 mw m 6 mm s u. s. Pat. oi. (ni. Hat, r tw qks ' carldtta' TEMPER CARE IS Organized Baseball's Dominant Figure Takes Decisive Stroke at Joint Meeting; American League President Gratified Over Outcome; Eligible White Sox Are Voted Place Money BIG LEAGUE BASEBALL SCHEDULES WILL CLOSE ON SEPTEMBER 26 DISAGREEMENT BETWEEN MAJORS' SETTLED BY ONE VOTE OF LAND1S NEW YORK. Dec. 10 Disagreemsnt of ths American and National league over abbreviation of ths playing sea-ion was settled quickly and decisively this afternoon by ths single ballot of High Commissioner K. M. Landls for the closing of both races on September 2. With thst bold and dsctslvs stroke so characteristic of his activities, or ganised baseball's dominant figure Grange's arm, which was Injured In scrimmage during today's game. Dr. Berg, after an examination, said a ligament had been torn loose and that a, blood vassal had been broken. An x-ray examination was ordered to de-terrains ths sxaot extent of the Injury. Grange himself made light of the hurt Hs said It was nothing more than an old bruise suffered In a pre vious gams . that had been struck again during today's game. Ths pain, Grange said, forced him to leave the game. Grange emphasised that he had no intention of quitting professional football and said he hoped again to take the football field either at the Detroit gams or t Chicago, where ths Bears ars scheduled to play Sunday.. Halas said the Injury would navs no effect on. Grange s contract. Because of Grange's Injury the oth er players on ths. team decided to re' main overnight here for their first night's rest in more than a week. Ths Bears have played seven games In the last nine days and have been trav eling most of ths time when they were off the playing field. , . ,, . . The team will make a daylight trip to Detroit tomorrow and both Grange and Halas insisted there was every expectation that the red head would be In the party. Definite plans, however, awaited a physician's examination tomorrow morning. 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Commissioner Landis was a conspicuously drenched spectator at the postseason struggle between the senators and the pirates, but he shook off shower after shower with the ultimatum that baseball would be played In baseball weather in the future, provided he could make it so. As ths sixteen clubs went Into the closing meeting of their three-day session today, the commissioner was faced with solid opposition from the National league, which Indicated yes terday that thsra was little' hope of finishing its race prior to October S. But he was backed by ths complete lineup of American league clubs, which had votedyesterday tor the September z closing. The deadlock resulting from motion by an American league owner to end play , on the latter date gave ths com missioner his opportunity and his ac ceptance of It In support . of junior leagues' stand, requiring the 154 game schedules to be completed eight days prior to the date on which both races closed this year, sent from the meeting a countenance no more agreeable than that of President Ban Johnson Barney Dreyfus of Pittsburg, who had presented statistics showing that only three world series under October closing dates had been Interrupted by rain, and who has been entrusted with' the task of assisting President Heydley to draft the National league schedule, was not co cheerful. But the American league chieftain, whose relations with the commissioner were once as dark as the thunderclouds of the-last se ries, had a new and gratifying victory to balance the $10,000 salary increase voted to him by the junior circuit yesterday. Action on the closing date was the outstanding feature of what was characterized by the magnates themselves as a brief and peaceful meeting. Pos sibillty of an outbreak of war with the minors over proposed extension of the present optional player limit from eight to fifteen was averted by failure of the magnates to act on the question. Discussion of playing prob lems', Including the use 'of resin by pitchers, likewise was hurdled by an nouncement of the commissioner that he could convene a meeting of the Joint rules committee in February to consider recommendations of the National league. Eligible players of the Chicago White Sox of 1920 were voted a sum of 14,800.03, representing second place money which was withheld from sev en memDers of the club accused of "throwing" the series championship to Cincinnati the year before. The sum will be distributed pro rata among the men who were not involved in the scandal. , necommendations to the minor leagues that the period of player op- iiuna oe extended from two to three years completed ths day's work. Washington And Lee To Meet Georgia Jackets LEXINGTON. VA.. Dec. 10. W,h lngton and Lee and Georgia Tech will meet on ths gridiron In 1926 in their first encounter since 1919, according to ma revised schedule announced by uraauate Manager Dick Smith today In the last meeting the Generals tri umphed t to 0. The clash with the Golden Tornado will be played in Atlanta, October 23. In order to meet Tech, the Generals had to shift the V. P. I. game hack a week and move up ths Maryland en counter. The schedule next fall con tains two of the larger elevens met tbls year. West Virginia and Prince t ton being stated In addition to south ern conference foes played this year. One date, October 30, remains to be filled. Lynchburg replaces Furman, while North Carolina Stats does not appear on the 1928 oard nor floes Pittsburgh. The sechedule follows: September 26 Lynchburs at home. October 2 West Virginia at Charleston, W. Va. October 9 Prlnccto-n at Princeton. October II Kentucky at Lexington, Ky. October 22 Georgia Tech at Atlanta. October 30 Open. Noverher 6 V. P. I. place undecided November 20 Maryland nt home. November 25 Florida nt Jacksonville. Chicago Golfer Will Test Florida Climate CHICAGO, Dec. 10. The Florida sun-shin Is due for n severe t.t when Dr. William V. Cove. ,,f chlcauo. who left tonight, arrives th.r.' ami completes arrangement- for an attempt to play 200 holes of Kolf n nn), (iay Three years hk It Cove on a wager thst he eould not play I fin holes of I golf In one day. won by playing 15.1 I holes, with fairly satisfactory score I Susanne Lenglin To Meet Helen Wills On French Net Course Arryrican National Tennis Cham pion Gets Leave of Absence For Big Contest NICE. FRANCE, Dec. 10. Susanne Denglin against Helen Willis Is the tennis treat which will be offered to fans on tha French Riveria next Jan-nary if the American champion carries out her Intention to come to Europe this winter. Mile. Lenglin sent In her entry or the hotel . Metropole tournament at Cannes today. I am greatly pleased that Miss Wills has decided to come to ths Riviera this winter," ths French queen of the courts said. "It Is certain to givs a great boost to French' winter tennis. Miss Wills Is ths finest type of sports woman and a great tennis player. . "My winter campaign was all mapped out before I knew she Intended coming to France, and her coming will not interfere with the schedule I have outlined for myself, which consists of playing singles in three tournaments and In the doubles and mixed doubles in all tha winter tournaments, as 1 have been doing for ths last three or four years." Suzanne then added with a twinkle In her eye: "Please tell your Ameri can Journalist friends not to say that I quit or that I am afraid to meet her If I should not be entered In the singles in some .tournament In which Miss Wills takes part" Emil And Boh Meusel Arerit Twins But Major League Records Seem To Be GETS LEAVE OF ABSENCE. BERKELEY, CAL., Dec, 10. Helen Wills, national woman tennis champion, has obtained a six months' leave of absence from the University of Cal Ifornla, where she Is a student, ma joring in art; and will depart early In January for France. She plans to con tinue her art studies there and will play tennis as a fide line. She expects to land at Havre about January 15, accompanied by her mother. Miss Wills trip is being made independent of any tennis organization. After playing through tournaments at Nice, Cannes and on the Riveria she will go to England for the Wimbledon championships and later return to the United States In time . to defend her title. Jierore entering any tournament In Europe she will spend about two weeks on the., courts, accustoming herself to the different court conditions and ten nis balls. Compiles Eligible List Of Officials For College Sports ATHENS, GA., Dec, 10. The compila tion of an accredited list of men ell glble to officiate at athletlo contests, in which Southern conference teams engage will be among the first objec tlves of the newly formed Southern Coaches' association. V Herman J. Stegemann, director physical education at the University of Georgia, and president of the asso elation, has announcad that a ques tionnaire will be sent to all mentors asking them to recommend' men whom they consider competent to officiate at conference games. Those now acting in the capacity of officials will be asked to submit recommendations. r rem tnese recommendations an accredited list will bs formed and it will be to. this list coaches will refer when selecting umpires, referees and head linesmen. Ths purpose of this move was declared to be In line with ethical Improvements sought by con ference leaders. a secona questionnaire to be sent to coaches will seek a cods of ethics for the profession. This will include rules for directing games and proce dures for the settlement of any problems confronting the mentors in their relations with each other. Meeting one day in advance of the conference and at the same place lift 4iuany, me coaches' association has prorrered it help to the conference in aoy connection where the athletic training staffs ars Involved. Randolph-Macon Meets Maryland Gridders in '26 ASHLAND." VA., Dec. 10. The'unl-verslty of Maryland Is the only new opponent on Randolph-Macon's 1926 gridiron schedule, announcement of the schedule today shows. The Old Liners will be met October 16. M. W. Re Kan of Morrlsvllle, Fa was elected honorary captain of the footl.all team for the season just closed the system Installed by Coach Gus Welch this year calling for the appointment of a new captain for each year. The Yellow Jackets' schedule follows only the Richmond game being played at home: Heptcmher 25 William and Mary. Ootoher 2 Knanoke. October 9 Lynchburg. October 16 Maryland. October 23. Hlchmond. o.t. .her 30 Virginia. November fi Johns Hopkins. November 13- George Washington. November 20. Hampden -Sidney. BT IRWIS M. BOWK Among tha "brother acts" In baseball Emll and Bob Meusel loom largo. They aren't twins, but judging from the major league records they ought to be. EmiL having a start on his brother by five years In age, broks into ths majors considerably ahead of Bob, but when both war squared away In adjoining ball yards, tha even pace set by the two became on of ths marvels of the game. There, for instance, are "their respe tlva home run records. Ths first year Bob was with ths big show bs hammered out 11. Emll, a little more ac climated to major league ways, cata pulted the pill for the circuit fourteen times. Emll, with both ths Phillies and the Giants, couldn't do any better the following year, but Bob, with the Tankees, and both playing In the same ball park, boosted his mark to 24. Apparently there had been a family caucus after the 1921 season as each finished the 1922 season with sixteen round trips. Emil, being behind In the totals, made an effort to catch up In 192S, hammering out 19 while Bob could only compile 12. That didn't seem fair so in 1924 Bob made It 12 while Emil could get ths ball out of the lot only six times. , Ths racs was close this year but with the faltering Ruth out of ths picture and ths crippled Ken Williams on ths sidelines. It behooved Bob to do something handsome for ths family and hs became the homerun king with 20. Emil tried to keep op the 4acs during the sarly part of ths sea son, but failed to connect for mors than 21. a pretty fair record In Itself. Ths average for ths six years shows Bob with 17 1-2 home runs with i for Emll. In all around batting there is a similar record for ths two meusels. Neither has been out of ths .200 class but once during the alx years.' In Bob's first year -with the majors hs compiled a hitting percentage of .228. while Emll reached .209. Their six-year rec ord follows: , 1920 1921 1922 1922 1924 1925 This gives an average of .217 for Bob and .219 for Emll. It couldn't very well be any closer. It certainly Is proof of the even tenor in their up bringing. . Bob .- .228 . .218 . .211 . .212 .225 .292 Emll .309 .342 .331 .297 .210 .227 AMATEUR JUMPERS MAKE SAFE LANDING y ' Messer and Harris Stage First - Successful Leap at Max- well Field Sergeants Floyd Messet and William C Harris, both ia training at Maxwell Field, showsd their grit and daring to ths bast advantage Thursday morning about 11 o'clock, when each made a voluntary parachute Jump over tha field from tn altitude of approximately three thousand feet. In each case It was ths young man's first experience In this- particular branch of safety first in the aviation Una, and they were warmly oompll-w men ted by friends and onlookers after their landings, which were said to be almost perfect. Ths plans was piloted in each case by Adjutant O. L. Rogers. Other leaps are planned to take place . during ths next two weeks!" which ths public is invited to witness. Thsrs also seems to be modicum of luck tnvolvsd too. Bob, despite his comparatively short career In ths majors, has cut in on three world's series. Justice demanded that Emll, as ths elder, should get a slice of ths championship me ten four times. , r t Hickcy-freeman A ti A Remarkable Metis Suiting Introduced by Hickey-Freeman An imported Scotch woolen, something like a fine homespun, of amazing strength. With an effort, you can force your Eversharp pencil between the strands of yarn. Then give the cloth a couple of pulls, and the hole has disappeared. Best of all, Travlwear Cloth is tailored by Hickey- Freeman into Travlwear Suits, of exceptional comfort and style, as well as long life. 3- mi "Styles of Today, With a Touch of Tomorrow" 6 Dexter Avenue

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