Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on November 14, 1957 · Page 19
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 19

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 14, 1957
Page 19
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Thursday Evening, November 14, 1957. Sahara New Trouble Area For French Algerian Rebels Extend Operations Into N. W. Africa Foreign News Commentary By CHARLES M. MCCANN United Press Staff Correspondent The vast Sahara Northwest Africa is region o: developing into a new source of trouble for France. Algerian rebels have extendct their operations into the area and put a further strain on the French forces which have been fighting them for more than three years. At the same time Morocco, which obtained its independence ir 1953, has set up an "Office For Saharan Affairs" to emphasize its claim to a part of the territory. Involved in what seems certain to become, in time, an angry dispute is an area that contains immense resources in oil and other mineral products which France is starting to exploit in a big way. Saharan Region Large Algeria is 850,000 square miles in area. Of this total, about 724,000 miles lie in the Saharan re gion, the so-called southern regions. In its attempt to end the Algerian revolt, France is willing to give that country a great measure of self-rule. But the offer extends only to northern Algeria, which contains only about 126,000 square miles. If serious negotiations with the Algerian rebels ever become possible, France is prepared to offer Algeria a part of the riches of the southern territories. But it is evident that it will insist on keeping firm control over that area. As for Morocco, that country has pul in a claim to a big part of Ms.uretania, in French West Africa adjoining Algeria on the southwest. Morocco OppoSing^Francc Morocco's establishment of an office for Saharan affairs is a retort to 'France's action last summer in setting up a new "Ministry For The Sahara" which is to have control of the exploitation of oil and other resources. So far all the incidents reported have been small. But -they seem symptomatic of big-scale trouble ahead,'not only in the Algerian rebellion but in any attempt to reach an over-all solution of the Algerian problem. Bearded Bandit Draws Sentence Of 19 Years CORYDON (UP) — Vernis Bolen, 21, the "bearded bandit" who held up a Crandall bank and robbed it of $4,843 on Halloween, was sentenced to 19 years in prison Wednesday. Bolen's stepfather, W i 1 b u r n Goodpaster, who hid the loot under a rock in his backyard, was sentenced to 1 to 10 years. Bolen was sentenced by Harrison Circuit Judge S. Morris Wilson when he plepded guilty to a charge of bank robbery.. Goodpaster pleaded guilty to a charge of receiving stolen goods. Bolen was arrested a few hours after the Crandall Branch of the Harrison State Bank of Palmyra was robbed Oct. 31 by a bandit with a beard. But he was clean- shaven when arrested and steadfastly denied the crime. After languishing-in jail for six days, without shaving privileges, Bolen's beard grew out and witnesses identified him as the-man who held them up. Bolen ten admitted le robbery. All except a few dollars of the stolen money was recovered from glass jars buried in earth behind Goodpaster's house. Postpone Trial Of Marvin Preble INDIANAPOLIS (UP) Legal delays have forced a postponement until early next year of the trial of Marvin L. Preble, an Austin housemoving contractor accused of collecting $8.850 from the state for moving a house which never was moved. Preble was one of six persons indicted in the Indiana highway scandals. His trial originally was set for last Tuesday, but a defense motion for a change of judge was granted and it was not until Thursday that Marion Superior Judge Norman Brennan qualified to preside at the trial. Brennan said he will set a trial dale for late January or February. Read the Classified Ads Believe Russ Sputnik I Has Three Parts By UNITED PRESS Scientists at the Smithsonian Astrophysical Laboratory in 'Cambridge, Mass., said today that Sputnik I,.the original earth satellite, has three sections, not two as first believed. The experts said various reports from moonwatchers throughout parently was "comfortable to the the world showed the nose cone: of end" and was alive at least until the rocket is the third section, .last Sunday when radio transmis- Previously, only the satellite andisions from the satellite stopped. :!he rocket were definitely identi-[ fied. It was also believed that Sputnik II may have a second part, besides the section which carried Laika, the space dog. Five or six observations by expert astronomers indicate the satellite has two separate parts. In a report issued by the Soviet Union Wednesday, scientists said Sputnik I will expire by the end of December while Sputnik II will enjoy an "appreciably longer" life, Moscow Radio said Laika ap- Mrs. FDR Asks UN Control of Universe Race Urges Americans to Adopt New Attitude Toward Russians INDIANAPOLIS (UP) — Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt, widow of the late ' president, Wednesday night told delegates attending the 39th annual Indiana Farm Bureau convention the United Nations should have control of all scientific efforts if s ! n § le vt . sa for an American to penetrate the universe. i tourist. The 73-year-Oid former delegate to the UN urged Americans to adopt a new and enlightened attitude toward the Soviet Union and other peoples of the world. She said the UN is the "best "It is the United States that has an iron curtain," he told her. Mrs. Roosevelt said "there is a. good deal of truth in his words." She called for further "understanding of the Soviets. "You cannot win a battle unless hope" for the prospect of our chil- j you know your adversary," she dren living in a world of peace. | S aid. "And this is a battle." Mrs. Roosevelt urged support of; Mrs. Roosevelt said that most the UN, greater efforts at under- ~ " ' standing the Russians and communism and relaxation of travel restrictions on visitors from • the Soviet Union. * Mrs. Roosevelt, who visited with Nikita Khruschev while traveling in Russia recently, quoted the Russiap dictator as claiming that • .,-.• his country has not turned down 1 Read the Classified Ads Russians she came in contact with believe the U.S. wants to destroy their country "because Americans hate communism." "They think we are warmongers," she said. "And they believe whatever they are told by their controlled press." Logansport, Indiana, Pharos-Tribuna Nineteen HUNTER IS KILLED MARION (UP)— Walter E. Timmons, 38, Marion, was killed Wednesday when a shotgun dis- home as he prepared to go on i hunting trip. Timmons'~ death wa» the sixth in Indiana since Sunday charged in an outbuilding near his £i&tlin' f Juicy, Tender Mest Tre*t HUB! MUT TO* CAN MY ' i ktmtt Wt A-MM* *••<* 4 MO STIAKJ II nu on. "SUPER-RIGHT QUALITY BEST BLADE CUT SUPER-BIGHT" Jg _ FULLY - MATURED. I GRAIN-FED BEEF— ( Not Baby Beef or Budget B«ef. AAP's Beef ii selected for Ixnperb tute and ten- dcrncw. One High Qaaliiy ... No Confusion! FISH AND SEA FOOD fillets Ocean Perch Fresh Oyster, KS . ^ , . ^. . . „ „ 89e I wu»»« Drasied waiting. . . ., . . „.., „ M is* i Spare Ribs .. HallBHt SlOtlKS CHOICE COTS »•»••••- » • « « » LB. **6 | "SUPER-RIGHT"—FIRST J RIBS, STANDING ~FR~OZ"™ F"OO"DS~ ^ Rib Roasl BEEF, CHICKEN OR TURKEY. 39c Sausage 59c "SUPER-RIGHT"i-* TO « VM, WBWTEM , I*. 63c Slab Bacon I Stewing Chickens SS5» . , . M 3fc JU 4th & 5th Rib 63c LB. Libby Pies 4 s& 89c Libby Readies SLICED 10-OZ. 6-OZ, CANS 23e | Boiling Beef I I WMMAM "WPEIMUGHP* nremn* (t-LB.pxo.sra) . » PKO. • • • • LB. Ifte Luneh Ha»i "SCTER-RIGHT" i w bancn Main pina.K AV« vn PICKLE AND PIMENTO , * ' PEG. A&P Orainga Juice 6 SUNNYBROOK GRADE "A" Fresh Eggs —* ?g 49c 89c I Biscuits BAUARD or PMLSBURY CAN lOc ! Rnttar RICH - GOLDEN Duner OUR FINEST QUALITY Fresh Milk «"•»«» »«•* l-LB. CTN. K CALIFORNIA-LARGE 24 SIZE Pascal Celery «» 19c V. *. NO. 1, WZK "A"—»-LB. BAG : Potatoes MAINB Apples FLORIDA-HI KZK RED ROME 10 ^ 49c Juice Oranges 3 «* 79c 5 B^G 49c Grapefruit - 5 -^ 39c Strawberry PRESERVES ANN PAGE lOc OFF DEAK . 2 59c CREAM STYLE-WHITE OK GOLDEN CREAM STTUi, flOKDBN OK ILTOK t • GOLDEN, WHOLE KBRNBC-VACTOM PACKS!) TBSII Illllft HOMOGENIZED . . ".".'. . . • --, GAI,. 41C I JANE PARKER—DATE FILLED I «^ | mm . > A AA • •• I m r^f« AA r M L A OO* |Del«lenteCern2s29c libbyCern ^Olfl^C \lQlMW ° NLY jjf ^f % I STOKBLY, LIBBY OK . GOLDEN, WHOLE KERN»t-V •MM »» MI „„. „„ 2«. i Del Monte Peas 2s 33c Del Monte Corn 2 ss3k I*MA Pitrbar Annlft PM AKf» I YELLOW CLING ANN FAGK-MC on wut. iiam rurHn ftppra rre EACH we | _^ . __ n », -^B- . 37c i Del Monte Peaches ^27c Dressing— . . . «39c Jane Parker White Bread ?^^>. . . 2 SCOTl'IEfi OB Kleenex 400 25c IOM SHEI;TS Scot Tissue 3 -35c Py-O-My Coffee Cake Mix ^° Gz 29c U!MJ»* CAKE MIX— WHITE, 18-OZ. nine* YELLOW, DEVIL'S FOOD PKC. Lifebuoy Soap 2c^29c Lux Soap . . 2S27c i Rinso Blue Breeze . . t I BOX BOX GIANT 7C- BOX *JV GIANT BOX GOLDEN—WHOLE KERNEL NibletsCorn 2%29c BIG TENDER, SWEET Green Giant Peas 2 -35c Vel Beauty Bar ...;«»19c Horient Deodorant Ivorgj Flakes . . . Ivory Soap .... CAN LARGE BOX 83c 2 LARGE BARS Lava Soap 2"SS?23e Kirk's Hardwater Castile «. lOc A&P Instant Coffee ss 41c a LOS Maxwell House ™£l . ^ Eight O'clock Coffee So^ K' A H «AW7r-, M U FOB AWXOMMM WAfBXM . . . BOX 1 3C BOX 2 BBGULAX CAKM Vel . Zest . Dreft. All pricM in thu »d effectir* thru Sat, NOT. 16 —~— t.t

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