The Montgomery Advertiser from Montgomery, Alabama on April 29, 1929 · 5
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The Montgomery Advertiser from Montgomery, Alabama · 5

Montgomery, Alabama
Issue Date:
Monday, April 29, 1929
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M UNDA Y, APRIL 29t State, Church Celebrate I ;400th Anniversary Of Italian Monastery MONTE CASSINO, ITALY, AprU 28. JPi The spirit of St Benedict founder of monasticism In the West, hovered wet this ancient monastery Saturday at thurch and state joined In celebrating the l.tOOth anniversary of its founda-ion. Cardinal Gasparrt, special legate of tie pope, as the representative of the Miurch and Guiseppe Beluoo, minister instruction, as the representative of the state, spent the day in paying tribute to the foresight m St. Benedict, whose rule of monastic life has survived almost unchanged since he founded the monastery in S29 A. D. . fc - The abbot of Monte Cassino, ' Dom Oregorio Dlamaro, delivered an address this afternoon in the ancient haU of the West Boylston News Mrs. Callie Heath, of Luverne, Is spending the week at Boylston with friends and relatives. Mrs. Beatrice Heath, Mrs. Delia Cobb, Mrs. Mattie Killough, Dick Rush ton and Frank Heath, of Luverne, were guests Sunday of W. E. Heath...... Friends of Miss Ludie Belle Phillips will regret to know she is ill at her home on Fifth Street. ' ' J.' 1. Brooks : and F. Stevens, of Crenshaw County, were guests Tuesday of Mr. and Mrs. G. H. Phillips. Mr., and Mrs.' Claude Ramer, Mr. tnd Mrs. Lovey Wallace and Mr. and Mrs. Brldgeman, of Tallassee, - were guests Sunday of Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Tompkins. . Miss Maudie Tompkins, of Tallassee, was guest of her mother, Mrs. T. J. Tompkins, Saturday. - Friends of Miss Annie Dickens will be SHINGLES night Oyer the (DM Roof SAVE labor and ex-f sense of removing the old shingles, eliminate unsightly litter.pos-slble damage to shrubs ' and plants, and provide protection in the event of sudden stoma dur ing construction ' EDGWOOD Shingles are cut edge-grain and positively will not warp; cup or curl they force the old shingles tight to the sheathing and lie tight and flat for fifty years and more. Applying EDGWOOD Shingles in this manner Is not new, as it has long been practised In cold climates to apply. Red Cedar Shingles over tight ' sheathing and building is a fallacy to assume that EDGWOOD Shingle will decay if laid over old shingles rot-pro- moting fungi can find' no weakness in' British .Columbia Red Cedar: as Nature has endowed this woodfrith preserva-tire oils EDGWOOD Shingles are cut edge-grain and permit a fr exposure to the weather for 16" , shingles; and 6" for r 18" shingles. They have greater covering cap- -adty, consequently cost v no more than the ordinary flat grain shingle.' In fact, they cost a ., whole lot less, when you realize that you have a fifty-year roof free from . trouble. tDOWOUU BOMWIi hifu tnf mmi McmmMrm ffiwtntad iMsktat, V.T1 tWfij tmi is trm ea rampt iA , aaaM aaa sUmm. . TUB CONSOLIDATED SHTNGLB illLLS 07 BRITISH COLUMBIA LIMITED ' 907-8 Metropolitan Building , Vancouver, B.C.' , , These Dealers Recommend and Sell Etfgwoodi V i flay Montgomery Vesuvius Lumber Company Troy J. Coley Thomas 1929 monastery recalling the eminent services of Monte Cassino to Italian culture, particularly to the middle ages. Cardinal Gasparri replied to the address, recalling this was his second visit as papal legate to Monte Cassino. His first visit was under Benedict XV. "My Joy today is greater than at my first visit because In this splendid hour peace between the church and the state has been accomplished," be said. "This glad moment, thanks to divine providence. Is In process of realizing that admirable express of the holy father To give God to Italy and Italy to God.' The eminent visitors officially opened today the monastery's exhibition of priceless manuscripts, relics- and paintings associated with the early days of lis existence. glad to know she is Improving after a recent illness. - Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Hamilton have returned from a visit to Mrs. Jones at Tallassee. Mr, and Mrs. 6am Ellison are 'spending the week-end in Selma, with their sister, .Mrs. Henry Porter. Mr. and Mrs.. J. L. Keithand family, of Alexander City, were guests on Saturday of Mrs. S. R. Smith. Mrs. S. E. Keith has' returned to her home at Alexander City after spending the week with her daughter, Mrs. S. B. Smith. ' Mrs. Ella Johnson spent the last week at Marbury with relatives. Mrs. Cora McClellan and little son, Walls, of Alexander City, are spending a few days with Mr. and Mrs. A. H. McClellan. Mr. and Mrs. A. H. McClellan and family spent Sunday at Alexander City with Mr. and Mrs. Archie McClellan. Miss Betty Jones and Misses Gladys and Lois Ballentlne, qf Tallassee, are spending several weeks with Mrs. Mary Holmes. Mrs. E. J. Frith and Miss Frances Frith spent the last week-end In Pratt- ville with Mr., and Mrs. Joe Moats. . Mrs. O. T. Ciabtree and Miss Pearle Crab tree, of Orlando, Fla., were guests the last week of Mrs, F, C. Cook. Bunyon Crabtree, of Orlando, Fla., was guest Monday of his sister, Mrs. F. C. Cook.' Friends of Miss Agatha Williams will be glad to know she is improving after a recent illness at her home on - Front Street. Mrs. J. A. Williams, of Rockford, .is guest of her son and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Williams. Mrs. W. J. Waters spent the last week with relatives at Alexander City. Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Vinson are spending Sunday with their mother, Mrs. Allen at Ramer.' s Mrs, E. A. Rogers spent the last week at Ozark with her mother, Mrs. E. R. Rogers. - ' Clifton Rogers, of Ozark, is spending Sunday with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. E. R. Rogers. Mrs. T. O. Hand and Mrs. J. E. Carter, of Ashland, were guests the last week of their sister, Mrs. F. C. Cook. Mr. and Mrs. R. Hammonds, of Oas- tonia, N. C, are guests of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas. J. J. Crowder and daughters, Misses Ruby and Ruth Crowder and J. B. Bow-doln, of Columbus, Ga., were guests the last week-end of Mr. and Mrs. A. K. Davis. Miss Ethel Tompkins has returned to her home at Brantley after spending the last two weeks with her sister, Mrs. W. W. Henley. Mrs . W , W . Henley and daughter. Dorothy Jean, are spending the week at Brantley ' with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. 8. B. Tompkins. ' Mr. and Mrs. Wilford Howm1, of Mt Meigs, were guests Sunday ;p Ir. and Mrs. E. J. Bagley. E. J. Bagley. and Bob 'Holland have returned from a visit to relatives at Luverne. Friends of Howard Harris will regret to know he is ill at the Memorial Hospital. ; - ' Mrs, Mattie Tillery, Miss Xlllle Mae Hawkins, Miss Mildred Tingle and Mrs. Oberon Oliver were guests Sunday of Mrs. Mattie Tingle at Standing Rock. Mr. and Mrs. German Gray, Jack Smith, Hervey Smith and Milton WU-kins, of Prattville, were guests Sunday oi Mr, ana Mrs. Robert Hawkins. Oberon Oliver and Robert White, of Tallassee, were the last week visitors at Boylston. ' Friend of Mrs. Oberon Oliver will regret to know she is ill at her home on Third Street. M. L. Sweatt, A. B. Leslie, Eron Sweatt Clyde Sweatt and Theodore Sweatt were on a fishing trip at Cherokee Bluff Saturday. Eddie Coker spent Sunday with friends on Highland Avenue. Miss Naomi Salyer spent the last week at Greenville with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Salyer. She also visited Miss Lottlce Black at Georgiana. ' . Mrs. T. L. Myles, of Selma, 'was the guest Sunday of Mr. and Mrs. J. W, Bush. Mrs. Martha Daniel has returned from visit to relatives at , Tallassee, Alexander City and Eclectic. Friends of Mrs. J. C. Daniel will regret to know that she Is 111 at her home on Second Street Jim Morrison is spending Sunday In Troy with E. peramus. ' Friends of Douglas McClellan will be glad to know he Is Improving after ' a serious Illness at the Memorial Hospital. Miss Stella McClellan has returned to her home at Tallassee after spending the last week with Mr. and Mrs. J. O. McClellan. Mrs. Sallle Dlllard, Mr. and Mrs. Walter McClellan and Chester McClellan of Tallassee, were guests Sunday of Mr, and Mrs. J. O, McClellan. - Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Vinson and family spent Sunday in Selma with friends, Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Mlssildine, Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Walker and daughter, have returned from a visit to Mrs. I. B. Worthlngton at Luverne. Mrs. Bama Graydon, of Luverne spent a few days the last week with Mr. and Mrs. 3. H. Mlssildine. . Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Andrews and Miss Pearlie Mae Andrews have returned from Ozark where they were guests of Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Andrews. Clyde Batson, of Greenville, was recent guest of Mr. and Mrs. J, W. Bar-rentlne, Mr. and Mrs. E. H. Melton spent the last week-end at Clanton, with their mother, Mrs. O. D. Melton. Miss Lucille Price has returned from a visit to Mr, and Mrs. G, D. Melton. Mr. and Mrs. Homer Smith, formerly of Geneva, are now making their home on Sixth Street. , : Mrs. Turner of Geneva, is guest of Mr. ana Mrs. Homer smith. John Helton, of Columbus, Ga., was guest the last week of Mr. and Mrs, B. H. Huckelba and Miss Lillet Mae Huck- elba Mr. and Mrs. Lamar Maddox and baby and Miss Effle Renneau have returned from a visit to relatives at. Luverne, Mr, and Mrs. Bin Hamilton have returned to their home In Helena, after spending a few days the last week with Mrs. Dora Cooper. -'- Miss Inei Waters has returned from a visit to her mother, Mrs, Kate Blue at Opelika. Mrs, C. T. Holland has returned to ber home at Crenshaw County after spending several days with Mr, and Mrs. Bob Holland. . - Mr. and Mrs, Claroee Carnley (pent 1HE WON 1 GOMERY ADVEK 1 1SER Husband Left By ' Wife For Smoking Gets 3 Proposals KANSAS CITY, April 28. (JPh-Jackson C. Stanton, a lawyer, is through with marriage, so he told three women who proposed to him - yesterday after reading in the newspaper that his wife had divorced him because he liked a home, his pipe and radio. "You're just the kind of a man X want," the first one told him over the telephone. "Fifty years old and a lover of a pipe, home and radio," the second one gushed. "Oh, I've been looking for a man like you so long." The last call before he stopped ' answering his telephone was from a young flapper younger than his 23-year-old wife, who divorced him. "This has got to stop," Stanton shouted. I dont want to get mar-, ried any more. I have had enough. And I wanted it understood I am not, 50 years old. I am only 41. Bulletin To Be Issued By State Securities Body Alabama has again taken the lead In another important line, this time in issuance of a bulletin containing proceedings and decisions of the State Securities Commission. A letter received Saturday by Capt. William C. Oates, secretary-examiner of the commission, from the Commerce Clearing House, Incorporated, of Chicago, 111.,- acknowledging receipt of a copy of the current Jssue of the commission's bulletin, says the Alabama commission is the first in the United States to get out a publication of this kind, which the clearing house regards as very valuable. . The bulletin carries a list of securities registered by the Alabama commission, also a list of those denied registration. Comment on the commission's action in cases considered is also included. Sunday at Gantt with their sister, Mrs. Nora Body. Mr. and Mrs, Roy Fryer were guests Sunday of their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Boatner, at Greenville. Mr.- and Mrs. D. C. McVey, formerly of Greenville, are now making their home on Front Street. Mr. and Mrs. Till Johnson and Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Johnson were guests of friends at Prattville Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Kirby spent Sunday at Prattville with friends. Mr. and Mrsf E. L. Creet were guests of relatives at Wetumpka Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Albert Clifton, Mr. and Mrs. Jim Dukes and Joe Dukes were guests of Mrs. Etta Smith at Opelika Sunday. Mrs. Hattie Dunaway and children, of Alexander City, are guests of Mr. and Mrs. F. C. Dukes. ' Mrs. E.' L. Lee has returned to her home at Samson, after spending the last week with her brother, T. J. Hus-sey and her son, L. E.. Lee. Carl Lovett spent the, last week at Ozark, with relatives. Mr. and Mrs. Graham Berdeaux spent Sunday at Wetumpka with L. Berdeaux. Mrs. Ella Plerson spent Sunday In Wetumpka with Mr. , and. Mrs. Arthur Plerson. Miss Louise Haley and Miss Eddie Belle Hixon have returned to their home at Oox Heath, Ala., after spending the last week with Mrs. Lena Cameron. Mr. and Mrs. Fox Edgar announce the birth of twins, whom they have named L. B. and R. B. Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Franklin, formerly of Greenville, Ala., are now making their home on Fourth Street, West Boyl ston. Mr. and Mrs. Hardy Scruggs and Mr. Franklin spent Tuesday at Cherokee Bluff: Miss Nellie Smith Is spending the week at Seamon, Ala., with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. O. Smith. B. D. Smith, of Seamon, was guest the last week of his sister, Mrs. J. R. Mann. Mr. and Mrs. B. C. Holley, of Seamon, were guests Sunday of Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Mann. Friends of Herbert Lee will regret to know he Is ill at his home on Fourth Street. William Davis, of Opelika, was guest the last week-end of relatives. Mr. jid Mrs. W. L. Fleming and Mr. and Mrs. Celman Rhodes are spending Sunday at Titus, Ala, with Mr. and Mrs. T. B. Church. A. Z. Jones, formerly of Ozark, Is now making his home at Boylston. " Miss Ruth Bass and Miss Myrtle Bass are spending the week-end In Tallassee with Mrs. P. Shaddocks, - Miss Lovie Lee Johnson Is spending the week-end In Tallassee with Mr, and Mrs. Oather. Early Bass and W. H. Brooks, of Tallassee, were guests Sunday 'of Mr. and Mrs, J.-A. Bass. : . Mr. and Mrs. Luther Goodwin, of Brooksvllle, - are spending Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Eddie Waites. - Paul Waites has gone to Anniston, Ala., to accept a position with the Dixie Construction Company. Paron Stevens, of Luverne, was guest Tuesday of Mr. and Mrs. G. G. Capps. Mr. and Mrs. T. A. Capps and family, Mr. and Mrs. Virdle Bass, Mrs. Mary Bass, Mrs. Eva Capps, Mrs. Mollle Williamson and Mrs. McGuire, of Luverne, were guests Sunday of Mr. and Mrs. O. G. Capps. Vlrdie Bass, of Luverne, was guest Monday of Mr, and Mrs. G. G. Capps. Misses Mabel' and Lois Matthews are spending Sunday at Troy, Ala., with their parents. Mr. and Mrs. B. H. Smith and family, formerly of Geneva, Ala., are now mak ing their home on Third Street, Boylston. . . '. ' Mrs. Roxle Turner, of Geneva, Ala., was guest Saturday of Mr, and Mrs. B. H. Smith. Hay Bide Mr. and Mrs. H. Mc Adams entertained members of the Intermediate B. Y. P, U. with a moonlight hayrtde Tuesday evening, .Guests were: Misses Lois Smith, Margaret Tiefale, Myrtle Vinson, Alma Waters, Maud Lee, Lorene Lee, Delsle Waites, Mattie Money, Hu- lette Claire Harris, Dorothy Dickey, Lovie Lee Johnson, Sallle Beth Bagley, Mildred Waters, Jimmle Lou Phillips, Evelyn Warner and Louise McClellan, and Bob Taylor, Bill Frith, Elvis Wash-lrc ion, William Taylor, Robert Hamll- ton, Leon Byrd, Paul Morrison, Kenneth Ttsdale, Johnnie Frith and Herschel Cook, , ; Moonlight Plcnle Hubert Pterson was hostess at a moonlight picnic Saturday evening at Oak -Park. Games and contests were enjoyed, after which a picnic lunch was spread. Guests were! Lorene Lee, Maud Lee, Mildred Lee, Willie Mae Lee, Doris Dickey, Nadine Warren, Clarke Horaley, George Warren, Robert White, Mrs. A A. Anderson, Bill Frith, Johnnie Frith, Ruby Henley, Roth Ellison, Mattie Lee Cox, Clyde Bation. Herschel Cook, Ruby Davis, Kenneth Tisdale, Robert Ham ilton, Bewell Owens, Eva Tompkins, Lovie Lee Johnson, Myrtle Bast and Louise McClellan. Twenty million Imported caterpillars recently cleaned up a large section of Australia from prickly pear plant. ) , West Montgomery Birthday Party , Miss Edna Bccwell was honoree of a party Tuesday evening, ukh was given celebrating her 13th birthday anniversary, at. the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Dave BoeweH. A -refusion of Spring flowers decorated the guest rooms. Games, eoatesw and dancing were enjoyed by all. Miss Grace Met-calf and Baker Bamburg were successful contestant. . Present were: : Misses Annie Lou Sparks, Eva Nell Shealey, Dezma Cook. Edna Cone, Alma Corbitt, Irene McLain, Ellene Gunn, Elizabeth Maxey, Mary Virginia Stuart, Olene Wilson, Clyde Hart. Louise Pebworth, Gladys West-brook, Dorothea Phillips, Eunice Cone. Mary Eddlns, Grace Metcalf, Bluford Buffalo, Herman Thaxton, Forest Coker, Wallace O'Brien. Eugene Logan, Che-, ter Wray, Neal Burns, Carl Gatherier, Sam Lunceford. Cliff Hall. Alton Hatfield, Pat Raines, Osborne Booth, Julius and Julian Jones, D. Brooks and Baker Bamburg. ' Weiner Roast Class No. 4 of the Fifth Avenue Methodist Sunday School enjoyed a weiner roast Friday evening on the Birmingham Highway. Games and songs furnished the evening's entertainment and a delicious lunch was served. Mrs. W, C. Bazzell was chaperone for the occasion. Twenty members and Invited guests attended. Class Meeting Mrs. B. A. Wager was hostess Thursday evening to members of the Philathea Sunday School Class of the Methodist Church. Baskets of flowers adorned the rooms. Mrs. R. G. Carree presided over the business session, when regular work was transacted and plans for . a membership drive were made. Mrs. C. C. Fuller gave the secretary's report, Mrs. C. E. OToole made treasurer's report. Interesting committee reports were ' submitted. Contest were held and prizes were given contestants. Later guests were Invited Into the dining' room, where sandwiches, cake and tea were served from a prettily appointed table. Weiner Mrs. Beasley Wallace was hostess at a weiner roast Wednesday evening at Crescent Lake. Music made diversion. Dainty refreshments were served. Guest were Misses Odette Wallace, Cora Sims, Aileen Strickland, Juette Singleton, Clara O'Donnell, Mrs. J. M. Graham, Palmer and Milton Wallace, Schley Smith, W. T. Owens and Willie Stephens. !"rs. O'Donnell Honoree at Party Mrs. Paul Hammonds and Mrs. J. R. Hall entertained Jointly Friday evening at the former's xhome, honoring Mrs. T. L. OTtonnell, whose 32nd birthday was celebrated, the occasion being a surprise to the honoree. Games and contests furnished entertainment. . Mrs. T. M. Thompson, Mrs. W. A. Bell and Mrs. N. J. Thaxton won prizes. The birthday cake, holding the appropriate candles, in rosebud holders, centered the table. Refreshments : In two courses were served. Many beautiful gifts were presented the honoree. Thirty guests called during the reception hours. ' Merry Makers Meet The Merry Makers Club held Its weekly meeting Wednesday with Miss Winona Knight, at her home on Gordon Street. Miss Alma Fuller presided. Later a social hour was enjoyed, when contests made diversion. Misses Mary Wilson and Norlne Harris were prize winners. Miss Myrtle Simpler will be hostess to the club next week. Members present were: Misses Annie Clara Jones, Mary Duke Westbrodk, Carrol Wallace, Myrtle Simpler, Ruby Sterling, Alma Fuller, Mary Wilson and Norlne Harris. Mrs. Franklin Hostess at Luncheon Mrs. G. W. Franklin was hostess Sun day at a luncheon given in compliment to her niece. Miss Lillie Pearl Booth, whose birthday anniversary , was celebrated. Cut flowers were used In the guest rooms. The birthday cake centered the dining table. The honoree was recipient of many beautiful gifts. Thirty guests were present. Club Entertainment The Young People's Club met Tuesday evening at the home of Miss Agnes Owens and motored to a selected spot, where a feast was enjoyed. Guests were Misses Lillian Miller, Odette Wallace, Cora Sims, Agnes Owens, Milton Wal lace, W. T. Owens and Schley Smith. .School News , In assembly Wednesday morning the Fifth grade. Juniors, presented the fol lowing program, when the upper grades were guests: . Bible reading, Thomas McLain; Lord's Prayer; "Memorial Day," four children; "Our Tribute," four children; recitation, "Sword of Lee," Clyde Gay; song, "Dixie," assembly; "Tributes to the Soldiers." Eighth grade pupils; "Nature's Token," Fifth trade pupils; songs, "America, the Beautiful." "Star-Spangled Banner.!' Miss Emma McMillan concluded the program with a request for wreaths, which were used Frldy In the cemetery. Primary Program Miss Judith Thigpen's First grade presented an appropriate program on Thursday morning on Memorial Day. , "Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes," sung by 21 pupils was very unique; Jewell Jackson and Clara Mae Jones gave clever readings. Songs concluded the program, 1 Revival Services ' ' The revival services which have been In progress at Seventh Avenue Baptist Church for the past fortnight under the leadership of Rev. Catlctt Smith, will continue for two more weeks, with Rev, Judson Martin, of Wetumpka, in the pulpit. The public la Invited. ' , Miss Lillian Miller .will direct the League program which will be presented at 6:30 p. m. The Woman's Missionary Society will meet Monday afternoon with Mrs. W. O. Phillip. , Personal G. H. Evans has returned from Marlon, 111., where he attended the funeral of his brother-in-law, Noah Chamness. Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Gates and children were recent guests of Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Buries and Mrs. S. H. Glenn. W. A. Jolly Is improving from an attack of appendicitis. , Mrs. J, C. Lunceford Is guest of ber parent In Red Level. Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Wilson were guest of relatives In Tallassee during the week, .- .. . , Mrs. A. O. Matthews has returned from Spelgner after a brief visit to Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Matthews. Mrs. W. R. Jones and children, Margaret and Julia, of Pensacola, are guest of Mr. and Mrs. E. B. MUlcr and other relatives, Mr. and Mrs. C. B. Wager and B. A. Wager have returned from Carroll-ton, Ga., where they attended the funeral of their sister, Miss Dora Lee Wager. - Mrs. H. L. Surge and little daughter, Lillian, with Mrs. A. O. Burse, Blllie and Marvin Surge, will arrive today from Savannah, Ga., after a week's visit to Mr. and Mrs. Y. K. Trtvls. Mr. and Mrs. C. C. McLain with Mrs. R. C, McLain, of Selma, were week-end guest of Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Murray, having been called on account rf the death of their aunt, Mrs. Kate Swear-lngen. - j Mrs. J. H. Kennedy end son, ' Bam Kennedy, of Muscle Shoals, are guest Conrtructive Fearlet Independent of her sister, Mrs. J. F. Jones, and Mr. Jones. J. B. Davidson ha returned from Jasper, after a brief visit to his mother. M i. Noah Chamness is guest of relatives In Marion, III., having been called there by the fatal illness of her husband, who had gone there for his health several months ago, . Miss Willie Pearl Gates spent the past week-end in Prattville as guest of Miss Addle Surtes, who was spending several dayi at home front Thorsby, where she is attending school. Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Garrett and Miss Susie Garrett have returned from a visit to Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Chapman, of Sanford, Fla. . Miss Voncile Books, of China Grove, was recent guest of Mr. and Mrs. B. G. Move. - : Miss Margaret Lunceford Is Improving from an illness at her home on Fourth Avenue. Friends will be pleased to know. N. O. Collier, who has been In Des Moines, Iowa, for a month, spent last week-end at home before leaving for Birmingham, where he will spend several weeks on business. , Mrs. B. L. Wallace has moved into her new home on Washington Avenue. Miss Appinea Bell has returned to Birmingham, after a visit to her grandparent, Mr. and Mrs. H. V, Sherer. Mr. and Mrs. L, M. Burnette and E. L. Jarrett have returned from Maples-ville, and were accompanied home by Mrs. Jarrett and children who remained over for a short visit. J. T. Fowler, of Highland Home, was guest during the week of his daughter, Mrs. Z. J. Owens, and Mr. Owens. Mr. and Mrs. CaUett Smith, of Wetumpka' were week-end guests of Mrs. Ohme Morrison, - Daily Statistics REALTY TRANSFERS J. B. Walden and wife to E. H. Welch, i lot 11 of the Walden subdivision of lot 10 of W. W. Brown addition, $100. . Mrs. S. Roman to Trustees of New Canaan Baptist Church, two acres of land commencing "at the S comer of the 6W 1-4 of SE 1-4 of 13-16-18; thence N 4 chains and 48 links; thence running E 4 chains and 48 links; thence S 4 chains and 48 links; thence W 4 chains and 48 linfcs to point of beginning, $1. , Mary E. Merrill and husband to W. 8. Holdway, lots 4, 5, 12, 13 In block 72 Highland Park Add., (4-S8) being same conveyed by R. E. Nixon to Mary E. Merrill by deed 127-371, $100. Mattie Marshall to Celeste. E. Mani-gault, beginning at point 82 ft W from NE corner of lot 41, Rebecca St thence W 68 ft; thence S 35 ft; thence E 68: thence N 35 ft to beginning, Vesuvius, $5.00. John M. Handey and wife to Eugene C. N. Handey, beginlng at middle of Pike Road I chain and 4 lengths south of a point 29 chains and 25 lengths east of the NW corner of 19-16-20; thence S 7 chains 70 lengths; thence W 3 chains and 60 lengths; thence 8 6 chains and 78 lengths; thence W 5 chains and 45 lengths to M. C. Surch's line: thence S 19 chains and 8 lengths; thence and chains and 45 lengths to the church lot; thence N 33 lengths; thence E 3 chains and 89 lengths; thence S 28 lengths; thence E 13 chains and 53 lengths to middle of Pike Road; thence NW direction along said road to beginning, being in KW 1-4 19-16-20; also one lot con taining 3 acres as follows: Commencing 29 chains 10 lengths E of the SW corner of 18-16-20; thence S 8 chains 57 lengths: thence w 3 chains and 50 lengths; thence N. 8 chains ' 67 lengths; thence E 3 chains and 60 lengths to beginning, $50. Being intention to convey all land conveyed by Bessie H. Charles to May N. Handy recorded 44-557. Martha G. Handey to same, same property above, $100. A. G. Alstork and wife to G. E. News-tell, commencing on E side , of Cleveland Ave. 200 ft N of Jeff Davis Ave; thence N along E side of Cleveland Ave. 60 ft: thence E 150 ft; thence S 50 ft; thence W 150 ft to beginning, $100. William R. Allen and wife to O. W. Pope, 10 acres of land In S 1-2 of lot 7 and N 1-2 of lot 8 plat "A" Robert E. Lee Farms, $50. John W. Frazcr and wife to John H. Haardt, lots 7 and 8 In block 12 Clover-dale Ridge, $100. p Lizzie Bell Ringstaff to J. F. Jenkins, that lot of land fronting 50 feet on the Lower Wetumpka Road and running tick of equal width 50 ft, said lot commences at the SW corner of the Robert Mull lot and runs from thence E 60 ft to the right of way of the Montgomery Traction Co; thence N 50 ft; thence W 50 feet to the Lower Wetumpka Road and thence along the E side of the Lower Wetumpka Road to point of beginning, Bald lot of land being situated in the SW corner of the Mull's lot of the Chambliss Tract and NEW TRANSFERS to speed up our Service ON May 1st a new type of transfer will be placed in effect in Montgomery to aid in improving our electric car service. ALABAMA Tower Company . is using, without stint, every means at its command to render a safe and punctual transportation service-a service adequate to move Montgomery, almost EN MASSE, to and from, its daily duties Jby'the most direct routes, with all tne comfort and courtesy its army of trained employees can render. With, the inauguration of the new transfers, service can be speeded up, and your cooperation is earnestly solicited to that end. t RULES GOVERNING NEW TRANSFERS - PLEASE ask for and see that you receive your transfer WHEN YOU PAY YOUR FARE. Transfers will be issued oly at that time. Get the Electric Alabama Power Company -ie Strong Attendance Gain Is Noted For Cdurt Street Class The Wesley Bible Class of Couth Street Methodist Church showed a strong Increase in attendance Sunday, due to the work of a special committee headed by John A. Holmes, secretary of the Y. M. C. A. The general committee Is aided In its work by twelve teams under team captains. ' - The Wesley Bible Class, with the Philathea and Junior Philathea Classes, will have charge of the evening services at Court Street during the month of May. Elaborate preparations for the success of these meetings have been- made. Main committees will meet on Wednesday eve ning at the church to- further tnese plans, the meeting being at 7:30 o'clock. The children's vested choir, under direction of Mrs. i. A. Sellers, will furnish the music for next Sunday evening, the first Sunday night In May. At the Sunday morning session of the Wesley Bible Class, Mr. Fred Ball brought a strong lesson on the International topic. The Suffering of the Servant oi Jehovah." Opening prayer was by H. F. Parker. vMr. Webster led the responsive reading of the lesson.! Music was by a choir and quintette under the direction of J. K. Barry and Mrs. A. H. Buchanan. Closing prayer was by S. H. Blan. Opinion Being Prepared On Kentucky Dam Bill WASHINGTON. AprU 28. MV-Ooun- sel for the Federal Power Commission Is preparing an opinion on the jurisdiction of the commission with regard to the Cumberland Falls, Ky., hydro-electric project, the question to be settled being whether the commission has authority to deny a license for water power development on the grounds that it would mar scenic beauty. Opposition to the granting of a license has been made by, numerous civic and nature societies who have contended the proposed development would materially injure the natural beauty of the falls. The commission, composed of Secre taries Good, Wilbur and Hyde, met informally today and while no announcement to that effect was made, it was unJstood that the three discussed the status of the Cumberland Falls project After the meeting the commission an nounced art order that would have required all licenses whose securities are subject to the commission's jurisdiction to serve notice 30 days in advance of issuing securities had been suspended. Under the suspended order, the commis sion might have exercised the right to prohibit the issual of such securities. - Is situated S of and near Jerusalem Baptist Church in what is known as Charles-town and being in NW 1-4 of 5-16-18, $10.00. Lester C. Shcphera to w. s. tioiaway, lot 8 in block 93 Highland plat South Imp Co., $5. Highland Park Realty Company to Mary E. Merrill, commencing at point on the N side of Spruce St. which is 150 feet E of Mulberry; thence N 300 ft to Bay St; thence E along S side of Bay 100 ft: thence S 300 ft to spruce at; thence W along N side of Spruce St. 100 ft to beginlng. Farthenia Gardner and husband to am Gardner, Jr., lot 35 Oak. Park Ter race, $1. Loeb Realty Company to John Braa- ford, lot 4 of block A, per plat recorded In plat book 4, page 29, fronting 47 ft on North Side of Roanoke Bt., siuu. Fold-away Ironing-Board. When kitchen space is limited, It Is pleasant to realize that it Is possible to purchase an iron-board, which folds away into a very small space. farcrc ana istirto) which pasenger can take by going directly to the transfer point. CONDUCTORS are governed by rules which they cannot change. Therefore, in case ,of controversy regarding a transfer, the passenger is requested to pay conductor, send transfer to the company and report facts for prompt adjustment. THE new transfer carries all privileges of the old style but is designed and issued to passengers on fare collection to , eliminate delay in transportation by speeding up the service. - - - Car Habit It Pays Save the Difference FIVE 'VALUE RECEIVED' raraiiBJEei Large Audience Hears Lecturer; Mother's Day Plans Are Announced Judge Leon McOord, class teacher to the Big Brothers Bible Class, delivered an Interesting lecture to. the organization Sunday morning at the Empire Theater, when he spoke on the subject, "For Value Received." A large audience- was present Judge McCord told the class of many complimentary letters received on hi book which was recently published. He said he would be able to give the publis another book in the very near future. Plans for Mothers' Day exercises, which will be staged at the Grand Theater on Sunday, May 12, were announced. The coming program will be the ninth to be staged by the Big Brothers, but this promises to be the best ever staged, it was said. Miss Eloise Cromwell, popular Montgomerian, and well known In musio circles of the South, will appear on the program, singing "Dear Little Mother of Mine." Capacity crowds have always attended such services, and Judge McCord advised those present yesterday who expected to attend the Mothers Day services to ga to the theater at least thirty minutes before the program opens. The program will start at 8:30 o'clock In the morning, and continue for one hour. ' - Edward Burns, a member of the Church of Ascension choir, was soloist for the services yesterday, Mr. Burns's selection was "The Heart of God." He was accompanied on the organ consols by Mrs. J. N. Cogbum. In part of his lecture. Judge McCord said: "This is the gratitude hour of your life. You have home, loved ones and friends: you have health, food and raiment If you can vision your blessing then you are grateful: you are continually saying 'thank you." 'Have you ever spent an hour with yourself and run over, In your mind, the kindly acts and words which your fellows have passed to you during the day? It will make you see and understand possibly just how forgetful and ungrateful you have been. Moreover, have you vlsioned the hills and valleys, the blue of the skies, the beauties of the outdoors, and listened to the mellow music of the song birds, until you lifted your eyes and said to the Creator, 'thank you?' If so, then you know about gratitude. 'Gratitude urges us to be up and do ing. When we come to realize that we have received value for which we have not paid, we grow eager to pay back, to do something to show that we are grate ful. "The fault with us Is that we are too smug and content. We take too much for granted. The Providence has been so generous and good to us that we conclude the present condition is ours by right. We forget that after value re ceived" comes words I promise to pay.' "Yes. one of these days you are to be called in and required to settle. It will not be an Invitation. It will be a command. The Creator will demand a return of his Investment If you have been grateful, then you have also been busy paying back; and when you come up on pay day maybe it is that you have not only paid but find you have a bonus coming. "In this hour of gratitude, I would have you read the entire contract: 'For value received, I promise to pay.' Symptoms of Eye-Strain. XI RUTH "T Optometrist 1 , v DO TRANSFERS, as before, are good only on DATE AND TIME INDICATED, for passenger to whom issued, for a continuous r i d e, without STOP-OVER, on the first car

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