El Paso Herald from El Paso, Texas on August 15, 1911 · Page 5
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El Paso Herald from El Paso, Texas · Page 5

El Paso, Texas
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Tuesday, August 15, 1911
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EL. PASO HERALD Tuesday, August 15, 1911« 6 Blisters Broke and Formed Scabs. Nose Covered with Them. Very Itchy. Used Cuticura Remedies* Now Hasn’t a Single Mark. “My nephew first showed signs of eczpn» en the middle finger, and it came out lika a blister. His mother thought he had gotten a burn in some way unknown to her, and she treated it as such. He must have rubbed his face with that hand, as it then broke out on his nose the same way. When the blisters broke, they shrivelled up and formed scabs. His nose was covered with scabs, and it was very itchy. He was badly disfigured with unsightly scabs. At first, his nose was sore, and it gradually became worse so his mother took him to the doctor. He gave her some preparation, and told her to rub the scabs off every day, and anoint the affected part with the medicine he gave her. “The man must have been insane, as that was extreme torture to the child who was only two years old at the time, and that was two years ago. Well, we decided that that treatment would have to end. I suggested Cuticura Ointment and they bought It and put it on freely every day for two weeks. He had the eczema for four weeks altogether, but was getting gradually worse until they used the Cuticura Remedies, and he was cured in two weeks. He most certainly would have been scarred with the other treatment, but now he hasn’t a single mark. Cuticura Remedies cured him in two weeks, and now we always keep them in the house.” (Signed) Miss Ida Slavin, 2S3 South Fifth St., Philadelphia, Pa.» Jan. 4, 1911. For more than a generation the Cuticura Remedies have afforded the most economical treatment for affections of the skin ana scalp of infants, children and adults. A cake of Cuticura Soap (26c.) and a box of Cuticura Ointment (50c.) are often sufficient. Although sold throughout the world, a liberal •ample of each, with 32-p. book on the skin, will be sent free, on application to Potter Drug & Cbem. Corp., Dept. 13A. Boston. PUN TO EXAMINE TEACHERS FOR L Auditor's Report Shows City, County and State Delinquent on School Funds. HOT WEATHER HURTS THE SKIN PECOS BRINGS IN TOBACCO DISPLAY Sends Numerous Delegates to K. of P. Meeting; Live Boosters. Pecos came to the district Knights of Pythias meeting with bell« on; also with samples of tobacco grown by pump irrigation near Pecos and cotton that was grown at the state experiment station at Pecos. The Pecos lodge sent 11 delegates to the district meeting. The delegation was headed by Max Krauskopf, district deputy grand chancellor, who made the response to the address of welcome Tuesday morning. Porter A. Whaley, secretary of the Pecos commercial club, Is also a member of the delegation and brought the tobacco and cotton to the El Paso chamber of commerce. H. C. Stewart, a graduate of the A. & M. college, of New Mexico, at Mesllla Park, accompanied the delegation. He Is superintendent In charge of the experimental station which the state has established at Pecos and he has been accomplishing some remarkable results In original researoh work there. The tobacco that was grown at the station is Cuban Sumatra, long leaf and of splendid formation. The cotton is the equal of any grown in the cotton country of east Texas. Both the tobacco and cotton were grown by pump irrigation. ^?he other members of the Pec-delegation at the K. P. meeting are. W. A. Hudson, Dr. R. M. Harkey, J. B. Breedlove, J. B. Gibson and family, Will P. Brady, G. B. Landrum and wife, S. R. Ikard, V. D. Davis, B. C. Boatright and wife. Whatever Elite You Do To try to sell any used articles you may have to sell, don’t fail to place a “want” ad in The Herald. Household articles, livestock, old fence, chickens, anything salable finds Interested parties when advertised In The Herald “want” ads. Ask for the “want" department of The Herald by phone, at the counter, or call for messenger. Bell phone 116; Auto phone, 1115. CLOVIS PREPARES FOR THE FIREMEN Twelve New Mexico Cities to Be Represented at Tournament. Clovis, N. M., Aug. 15.-—The Clovis fire department members are practicing three times a week in preparation for the territorial firemen’s convention and tournament, to be held here with the Curry county carnival, September 28, 29 and 30. Chief Chalfant says the bovs will' make the home people open their eyes at the speed they will make. It is expected that 12 cities will be represented in the convention. Clovis business men have contributed $330 for prizes. A feature of the meet that will be novel will be the water fight between two teams. The men on the Clovis fire team are: Chief Chalfant, assistant chief Ivy, driver Anderson; Cebestine, Kowns, Blarney, DeBerry, Coombs, Loekmiller, Baker, Magee and Mersfelder. The churches of Clovis have planned a union revival meeting to begin Au-. gust 27. Evangelist E. J. Bulgin and George L. Rose, who conducted the revival in Albuquerque, have been secured. The local ministers are preparing for a daily paper to be published during the meeting. The subject of physical examinations of teachers of the El Paso schools was brought before the school board meeting Monday night. The purpo®e of the examinations would be to see that none of the teachers have any trace of tuberculosis and as a preventative against the contagion of the disease by the ohildren. A letter received by I>r. E. H. Trwin from Dr. J. W. Cathcart, relative to the examinations was read before the board. Dr. Cathcart suggested the examination of all teachers carefully, if need be thri-e or four times a year. If they have had any illness during the scholastic year other examinations would be necessary. The teachers who have been in the employ of the schools for several 3 reara and are known to be in good health would not have to stand the examinations as frequently as the others. The matter was not definitely decided by the board and action was deferred. The subject of fuel was brought up as there was a misunderstanding' as to the weighing of the fuel which is supplied to the schools. This matter was alsci 8et over for future action. The reports of expenditures of the year were presented by the auditor, F. E. Sawyer and were accepted by the board. After the routine business had been disposed of the board went into secret session with mayor C. E. Kelly on the issuance of the school bonds. The reports of auditor Sawyer follow: Receipt»» and Expenditures. “I find upon inquiry at the office of the treasurer that the receipts for the past year, from July 1, 1910, to June 30, 1911, were as follows: From the city ..............................$129,778.64 From the state ............ 45,426.00 Fro-m the county (interest fund) . ..................... 3,003.70 From collections, tuition, etc 3,629.37 Total ................... $181,837.71 Total expenditure for the y ea r ......................................,...$188,238.60 The appropriations for the present year being, for the city, from April 1, 1911 to April 1, 1913 . . ___...... . .$135.005.00 For the state, from September 1, 1910 to September 1, 1911 .......................................... 46,189.00 For the county, from September 1, 1910, to September 1, 1911 ...... ___......... 5,100.00 Poisonous perspiration causes rashes, hives, blotches, pimples and prickly heat, often the beginning of serious skin troubles. To wash away the poison entirely, apply a simple solution known a-s D. D. D. Prescription for Eczema. D. D. D. 1# generally sold in $1.00 bottles, but for 25c we can now give you enough to prove that the very first drops soothe and heal the inflamed , skin as nothing else can. We vouch for the wonderful prop- | ertles of D. D. D., for we know that ; it brings instant relief for all kinds of skin trouble. Kelly & Pollard. MUCH BUILDING IN PROGRESS AT PECOS Total .................... .$186,204.00 From the above it will be seen . that the city is delinquent... $5.226.36 That the state is delinquent... 763.00 That the county is delinquent. . 2,096.30 Total delinquent .....................$8,085.66 Monthly Report of Expenditures. Salaries .......................................... • • • $1,227.20 Other expenses . . ............................. . 264.38 Total expenditure for the month . ............................ .$1,491.58 Comparison of Eipenditnre«. July June July 1911. 1911. 1910. Salaries ___$1,227.20 $ 826.35 $2,055.00 Other expense 264.38 525.38 1.358.87 Total ___$1,491.58 $1,351.73 $3,415.87 Statement of Overdraft. CK’erdraft July 1, 1911..............$90.040.40 Expenditures for July 1911... 1,491.58 Total ............................................. . $91,531.98 Less warrants cancelled by treasurer being Nos. 1103 to 1186 inclusive ............................. 2,997.33 The Commercial Club Starts Campaign to Land New Fraternal Home. Pecos, Texas, Aug. 15.—The Commercial culb of Pecos has entered the contest for securing: the new fraternal hcrne wl ich is to he located In west Texas. One hundred acres of choice lands, an artesian well and inducements will be offered, and a special meeting’ is to be called to consider the matter in detail and perfect a complete offer. It» is Ktated hern that work on the new Pecos First Methodist Episcopal church, South, will begin not later than Nov. 1, and a large modern structure, costing approximately $20,000 to $22,500 is to be ereoted. The Pecos high school building, which is being erected here by El Paso contractors, is about completed, except the interior. It will be ready for occupancy by Sept. 10, in time for the opening of the city schools. It is built of brick. The finishing touches are being put on the new Lipscomb building, which has been under remodeling construction here for the past three months. The entire building his been finished in mica from Culberson county. New sidewalks are being- constructed on various portions of Oak street. The new Texas & Pacific station is about half completed. The Home Building and Loan association has been organized here. About $125,000 worth of new buildings are under construction in Pecos at this time. TORREON PLANT IS PLANNINGEXPANSION La Union Soap Co. Buys Additional Land for Factory. Torreon, Mex., Aug. 15.—The papers have arrived from Mexico City Which convey to La Union, S. A., the deed to 19,000 square meters more of land fronting the grounds of La Union and sold by Carlos Gonzalez. This will make a total of 189,000 square meters to be held by the company and with improvements and additions already in project most of this will be in actual use in a short time. The consideration was $40,000. General manager O. G. Neumann returned this week from New York, where he made important purchases of machinery for the oil mill and other departments. The large addition which was built for the manufacture of fine toilet soaps was placed in operation last week. Mr. Neumann declares his belief that Mexico is entering upon an era of prosperity such as has never been enjoyed and he is working overtime to get rid of accumulated orders. The business done for six monthis this year up to July 1 was 30 percent greater than the total of business done in 1910 and greater than that done in 1909, and the orders are increasing in volume weekly. STRIKE GOOD STREAM IN LOVINGTON WELL WHERE SHALL I SPEND MY SUMMER. OUTING? The following Announcements of California’s Most Celebrated Hotels, Health and Summer Resorts will solve the question. Literature and Additional Information will be furnished promptly at our Free Information Bureau or by writing direct. AVALON Have You Ever Been There? It is that well known resort, with the ideal cool dry summer climate. The resort that offers every outdoor recreation and every modern accommodation at its excellent hotels and at the FAMOUS ISLAND VILLA AND TENT CITY, where rates will be found very reasonable. AVALON has its own city government and is the resort to send YOUR FAMILY. They will b6 absolutely safe. THE ISLAND VILLA AND TEXT CITY Offer you large, cool tent cottages or tents under mammoth shady trees, furnished for housekeeping with every modern accommodation. THE GREATEST FISHING RESORT IN THE WORLD, Tennis, Golf, Bathing, Boating, Moonlight launch Rides, Mountain Coacning, etc. ASK YOUR AGENT FOR SPECIAL RATE DIRECT TO AVALON. BANNING CO., Pacific Electric Bnlldlng, Los Angeles, Cal. ;/<o Vj*-V;íu *• . a SPECIAL LOW SUMMER RATES FROM $3 PER DAY HOTEL VIRGINIA Long Beaeh. The Southland’s most beautiful and Ideal beach Excellent surf bathing. The Virginia maintains private dressing rooms with attendants for its guests. Every outdoor amusement. Two tennis courts on grounds which reach almost to the water’s edge. Spacious, cool verandas. Cuisine Is perfect. CARL STANLEY. Manager. El San Luis Rey Hotel, Oceanside, Cal. The Best Beaoli. Finest and safest bathing. Never hot. Magnificent drives of sea and mountains, Tennis, Bathing, Fishing, Dancing, etc. Ra.t«s VERY reasonable. D. H. BALDWIN. Prop. FOURTH AND MAIN STS. IN HEART OF L.OS ANGELES, CAL T CLOSETO all PUBLIC BUILDINGS, THEATERS and SHOPPING DISTRICT. All beach cars pas. doors. Many modern improvement*. Beautifully furnished for solid comfort. A hotel that is noted the world over Jor perfect service. It* cuisine is noted. For souvenir booklet giving views of Los Angalea, etc., write the manager. C. H. KNAPPE, E. L. POTTER HOTEL COu CHAMOUNY APT’S “An apartment house that is different.” W. 11th and Grand View Sts., Los Angeles. Brand new and in a class by itself. Contains unique and original features. From the standpoint of comfort, appearance and location, it’s a magnificent home. The furnishings are especially elegant. Summer rates. All general expenses included. 12 minutes from town. Private garage and tennis court. is erecting a new 10,000 gallon oil tank in the railroad yard. The company’s new office building on the property is now completed and ready to move into. Hotel Alhambra A new, fire-proof building, beautifully furnished. 316 N. BROADWAY LOS ANGELES, CAL. Europea*. Delightfully located. Convenient to Broadway’s attractive stores and theaters. Low summer rates. J. R. HANKLA, Manager. >ERC iHflTEL^APARTMl COMPLETELY FURN/SHE APARTMENTS © EVERY MODERN CONVENIENCE*VERY COOL* 2JO OUTS/DE ROOMS AT SPEC/AL SUMMER RATES WRITEFOR RATES - C arleton G hbe * t % PROPOSES TO BUILD ROAD TO BIG SPRINGS Big Springs, Tex., Aug. 15.—J. J. Lannin, a railroad promoter from Ohio, was at Stiles a few days ago and made the people of that town a proposition to build a road from there to Big Springs, a distance of 75 miles, for a bonus of $200,000. Mr. Lannin promoted the railroad from San Angelo to Sterling City. Net overdraft August 1, 1911, being unpaid warrants Nos. 1137 to 2406 inclusive...........$88,534.65 Overdraft August 1, 1910....$87,824.41 F. E. Sawyer, Auditor. TEACHERS OF OTERO IN ANNUAL SESSION North Cloudcroft, N. M.. Aug. 15.— The annual summer session of the Otero County Teachers’ institute opened Monday at Cloudcroft, with a good attendance. The session is to continue for two weeks and is conducted by P>r. J. W. Conway, superintendent of schools at Raton, ■ assisted by R. S. Tipton and J. M. Helm, principals of the Tularosa and Mountain Park schools, respectively. The work is to be based upon the manual prepared by the department of education, the daily recitations beginning at 7 in the morning and continuing until 12:30. At 3 in the afternoon a class in calisthenics will be conducted by Mrs. C. Clayton Patch. Dr. J. R. Howell, wife and son, of Tularosa, spent Sunday on the mountain top. Rupert Redic and wife, of El Paso, spent a few days in the Croft visiting Mr. Redlc’s parents. Mrs. W. E. Carter and children left Sunday for Silver City, where they will spend the winter. Miss Vera will attend the normal. Miss Eva the high school and Ned and Reagan the grades. Irrigation In the District Is Now Believed Assured. Lovington, N. M., Aug. 15.—After several unsuccessful attempts to secure a. sufficient amount of water to run a, dg wll, be the 2lrl K" " “lhal; who Win marry me._Geor*e Mold, St. NOTE ON SKYROCKET LEADS TO A WEDDING Artesia Girl Finds It and Correspondence Is Followed by Marriage. Artesia, N. M., Aug. 15.—Over a year ago B. B. Bindle. while runnlnjr a restaurant at Artesia, received a consignment of fireworks from St. Louis His daughter Sophia unpacked them and found on a rocket written: The MODERN APARTMENTS Nicest, Cheapest Way to Lire TO LET- •Furnished complete for housekeeping. Coolest, most homelike, lowest prices. Large grounds, flowers. No car fare. $10 to $25 monthly GOLDEN-PARK APTS. 1130 W. 7th Street Highest class. Large cool rooms, luxuriously furnished. Elevator, lobby, roof garden, garage, private park. T. WIESENDANGER 207 S. BROADWAY, Los A ngeles . C al . THIRD CUTTING OF VALLEY HAY ing proper machinery necessary to keep out the water so that the well might be dug to the quicksand, parties engaged by citizens of Lovington have succeeded in reaching this strata of sand at a depth of 80 feet and quickly put the pump to work, with the result that after pumping a four inch stream of water for several hours, demonstrated that it was impossible to lower the water beyond two or three feet and that a supply of 1000 gallons a minute had been attained. Considerable interest has been manifested by the people living in this section and it is believed that every claim in and around Lovington can be converted into veritable gardens. Assurance is given of a sufficient amount of water to irrigate from 80 to 160 acres of land at nominal cost. Louis. She answered the note and a correspondence started. The Bindles moved to Ashland, Oregon, where the wedding of Miss Bindle and George Mold, jr., was lately consummated. Mrs. Lalah Snuffer died after a brief illness. Her body was taken to Bowie, Crop Is Bringing $14 a Ton at Clint—Tennis Club Is Growing Clint, Tex., Aug. 15.—The large hay barn of Yarn and Greet has been completed, and an addition of four or five rooms is being added to the residence. Mr. Jones, of El Paso, has charge of the work. The third cutting of alfalfa has been made, and the price is advancing each week. The local buyers are paying $14 per ton at this time. The pear crop of C. O. Coffin, while not so large as last year, is of much better quality, and shipments are, being made daily to eastern points. The soldiers who have been stationed at this place since last fall have received orders to depart for Fort Bliss PROSPERITY will meet you half way, if you reinforce your energies at Faywood Hot Springs It cures, and you remain cured, we know, and you will if you try it. Conceded the greatest kidney water on earth. Why not visit Faywood Hot Springs first, since you will eventually go there anyway? Large Modern Hotel., Perfect Climate. Booklet. T. C. McDermott, “The Faywood” Faywood, N. M. HOTEL SNOW Sixth and Flowei St^ Los Angeles. NEW, COOL. fireproof. Special summer rates. Writ® for Booklet. Constipation Vanishes Forever Prompt Relief—Permanent Cm CARTER’S LITTLE LIVER PILLS neyer (ail. Purely vegetable—act surely but gently on the liver. Stop after dinner distress— cure indi- n— improve the complexion — brighten eyes. Snail Pill, Small Dose, Small Price gesho: ie ej Genuine mo« be« Signature WILLCOX PETITIONS FOR NEW ROADWAY Willcox, Ariz., Aug. 15.—A party consisting of Thos. Allaire, L. H. Hays, Dr. J. C. Wilson, C. O. Anderson, E. O. Ely, Ed Riggs, T. D.- Fulghum and H. A. Morgan went over by auto to Tombstone to meet the board of supervisors In conference regarding road matters. _ The good roads movement is being j this main highway, and thus a tourist SUGGESTS NATIONAL AUTOMOBILE ROAD Pecos, Texas. Aug. 15.—Hon. J. W. Lytle, of this city, formerly of Kentucky, where he was for shears a Rood roads optimist, suggests a national transcontinental automobile highway. This can be done, he says, by each state building a roadway across its domain so as to connect up with the one built by the adjacent hrdluaoi one built by the adjoining state. Citing a possible instance, he says, suppose that a road is built from New York City to Philadelphia, thence to Baltimore, Gettysburg, Wheeling, Columbus, Ohio, Indianapolis, Ind., Springfield, 111., St. Louis. Mo., Kansas City. Mo., Topeka, Kas., Denver, Colo., Santa Fe, N. M., Phoenix, Ariz., and to Los Anpreles and San Francisco’, Cal. When this is done, each state will then build shortline roads to different parts of its own territory, leading- into Texas, for interment, accompanied by | tomorrow, from which place they will her son and her brother from Mineral later be moved to some point In Arl- j Wells, TPxas, E. A. Clayton, who owns 360 acres of land near Spring Lake, is platting it out in 10 acre tracts for sale. PIECE OF CLOTH IS FOUND IN OLD WOUND Honesty of Globe Porter Is Rewarded by Gift of a Dime. Globe, Ariz., Aug. 15.—Francisoo Ruiz has been operated on by Dr. R. D. Kennedy and a small piece of cloth Miss Lora Williams was one of the instructors at the teachers’ county Institute at Carlsbad. E. N. Requa, who lately returned to Artesia after a year's absence, has chased an acre of land in the Clint formed a partnership with E. C. Hig- Townsite addition, and will erect a zona. Miss Ella Simpson, of Marathon, Is visiting at the Krebaum home , which had been in his shoulder for Mrs. John .Tones, of Hinton, Okla., is ■ -----visiting at the home of her mother, Mrs. A. T. Celum. Ing made aily to eastern points. Mrs. Mary Manning Crapps has pur- over 12 years, was removed. Ruiz at that time was shot in the shoulder with a shotgun and the wound gradually healed, but of late became sore and the old wound opened. Dr. Kennedy after several days’ treatment de- Headqoarters tor Texas People Two blocks from Central Park. Convenient to ALL car lines. Special summer rates. HOTEL HEINZEMAN 618-620 So. Grand A t ®, Los Angeles. CaL A crowded house greeted the rendi tion of the "Village Farm,” given for the benefit of the library. The receipts were nearly $100. Arrangements are being made for an alfalfa day the beginning of September. C. F. Erb has purchased the music house and tailor shop of Prof. Corrington and placed Kent, his son, in charge. e-inq and H C. Rohrbaugh in the real residence in the near future. j c|ded that there was a foreign sub- estate business. J- J- Sehairor is havln* a cottasi stance in the wound and upon cutting erected on Orange avenue. A watermelon social was given at the .Toe Silva home Saturday evening In honor of Miss Ella Simpson of Marathon. espoused with zeal a*nd the board agreed to establish such roads as the people of Sulphur Springs valley would petition for. A petition was at once filed for the establishment of a road from Willcox to Dos Cabezas. C. O. Anderson, a former attorney of Washington, H. L. Johnson, a cattle buyer, and L. Wallace, from Yuma, have lately located in Willcox and parties have been here from Oklahoma, Colorado, Texas and California with a view o'f purchasing lands nearby. Some have located and others expect to return later. The Willcox ball team is doing some lively playing just at present. The last two games played with Cochise and the one with Texas canyon scored much in favor of Willcox. Practice work is being done for the approaching fair to be held here next month. starting at New York can reach any part of the country desired. BUILPTMO A NEW BRIDGE IN MIAMI Miami, Ariz., Aug. 15.—The new bridge over the wash on Miami avenue Is now being constructed by contractors Ward & Douglass. The plans call for a bridcre IB feet wide and 70 feet long of the Howe truss 'style. The bridge is being constructed at the expense of the local merchants who, realizing its great advantage to them, were liberal contributors. Father Barrett! will let a contract for n new Catholic church this week, the site for which has been donated by the Miami Townsite company. Tt will he located in the Red Springs addition. The Live Oak Development company ELKS’ LODGE GROWS FAST DURING SI MMER, As a result of special efforts to increase its membership, the El Paso lodge of Elks has been growing very fast, this summer. The following are among those elected to membership lately: Geo. W. Evans, E. L. Christian, M. II. Burton, A. D. Ryan, Harry Corning, A. M. Ivy, H. C. Warden, J. T. Walsh C. B. Feagin, W. B. Moon, Herbert Kohlberg, L. C. Richardson. W. H. Henry. C. E. Darnall, Crawford Harvie, W. D. Saylor, Sam Schwartz, H. P. Story, R. A. Bird, Geo. A. Gould, C. J. Green, A. D. Foster, A. F. Van Deinse, D. H. McLauchlin, W. B. Hilgartner, W. H. O’Neil, A. L. Longneckard, S. j. Costigan. Ben Stein, F. W. Peterson, H. M. Smith, Frank Smith, J. H. Pollard, H. Newton, C. P. Hostetter, D. C. Huntzinger, H. D. Sanders, F. M. Murchison, W. T. Brown, R. O. Darbyshire, C. EL Foltz, O. A. Bell, D. L. Hill. A. F. Harvey, J. .1. Snyder, C. A. Rader, G. CL Smith, J. C. Deane. W. P. Innis, J. F. Waddell, Sol I. Berg, C. W. Jones, K. L. Sinclair, J. C. Huff, A. V. Swearin* gen, J. T. Cain, A. E. St. Morris, W H. Long, R. D. Barnum, H. A. Rader, Bird Holman, R. E. Happel. H. W. Bollard, J. A. Bradford, C. L. Wolfe, R. M. Henderson, A. E. Ryan, J. H. Hilgartner, Edwin Fowler, J. P. Ronan, H. W. Lackland. J. P. Clark, A. E. Schuster, E. C Held Say99 HORLICK’S It Means Original and Genuine MALTED MILK The Food-drink for All Ages. More healthful than Tea or Coffee^ Agrees with the weakest digestion» jonn Kooinson, the porter at me^ n * * * / j .. Globe postof^ice, while sweeping th^l D DUtTltlOlU* The Tennis club which was organ- j office saw a man drop a roll of bills . RlCfi milk, malted grain, powder foPTIi. A quick lunch prepared in a minute. Take no substitute. Ask for HORLICK’S. PT Others are imitations. it open found the piece of cloth which had been used as packing had been left in. John Robinson, the porter at the ized at this place by Miss Thomas. Miss Sylva and Mrs. Mary Manning Crapps has attained a membership of 12, and the sport Is indulged In each evening at the grounds near the school house. TE VCHKRS A\D li APTISTS MEET IN CARLSBlAD Teacher« Endorse Cnrlsbnd nn Their (holee for Loeatiou of the New Normal for New Mexico. Carlsbad, N. M„ Aug. 15.—The Eddy County institute, now meeting here, is the largest that ever assembled in the county. Fifty students are in town, and 30 more are expected. Noted educators, such as Prof. Vaughan, of the Agricultural college; Dr. E. McQueen Gray, of the University of Now Mexico, and territorial Supt. Clark, will be here. Prof. Poore, superintendent of the Carlsbad city schools. Is at present conducting the institute. The institute has declared emphatically by resolution that Carlsbad is Its choice as to the location of the state normal, which will be placed during the next session of the legislature in the eastern part of the territory. The Baptist convention of the valley is meeting in Carlsbad, 50 delegates from all over the valley being present. The district extends from Hope on the west to Lovington on the east, and from Malaga on the south to Roswell on the north. The Rev. Milton Reece is in charge of the work in Carlsbad, and is being assisted by the preachers from the various valley churches. to the floor. Robinson picked up the roll, rushed after the man and asked him if he had lost some mpney. The man felt in his pocket and said: “Yes, I lost about $35.” Robinson handed him the money and was rewarded by being made the recipient of 10 cents. Help 1» Secured By people not only in El Paso, but in towns all over the southwest through ads in The Dally Herald. COMES HERE TO LIVE. A. W. Sharp, of Dudleyvllle, has sold his apiary to Geo. Swingle and gone to El Paso with his daughter, who came out to Dudleyville to persuade her father to go and make his home with her in the Pass City. He is 72 years of age and growing too feeble to be left alone. Mr. Sharp was a citizen of Florence for many years, where he was In partnership with Warren Vernov in a farm situated just east of the present Florence depot site. He was always a good citizen and stood high in the estimation of the people of this community.—Florence Tribune. Best and Coolest Way to New York How’s This? We offer One Hundred Dollars Reward for any ciT rrh cirearrh that c'annot be cured by Hall's .. , , F- J- CHENEY * CO., Toledo, O. We, the undersigned, have known F J Cheney for the last 16 years, aud believe him perfecth honorable In all business transactions and financially able to carry out any obligations made by his firm. N ational B ank of C ommihce , Toledo, Ohio. Halls Catarrh Cure la taken Internally, acting directly upon the blood and mucous surfaces of tho system. Testimonials sent free. Price 7 5 cents dm bottle. Sold by all Druggists. lake Hall’s Family Pills for coustlpatlon. Giant 11,000 Ton Mallory Liners BRAZOS, SAN JACINTO, DENVER Swiftest, cleanest, coastwise steamer* in the world; leave Galveston, 3 P. M. Wednesdays, direct for New York. Sailing» for Key Wert and New York also on Saturdays. Exceptional accommodations and service offered by this route. -------THE TEXAS LINE-------Mallory Steamship Co. Galveston, Texas. Wr!t<* ft>r Sailing Urt and oopj of AGW1 NEWS ••Raecn NumW Try Herald Want Ads.

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