Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on December 24, 1957 · Page 68
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 68

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 24, 1957
Page 68
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Twenty-four Logansport, Indiana, Pharos-Tribune PULASKI CROP Fund Now $2,016 The Pulaski County Crop committee met at the courthouse last week for it's final meeting of the year. Contributions to the fund were $2016.90. The group voted to send a carload of corn from Francesville, in the near future, and to plan an appropriate dedication service for the ever.t. The corn will go to Decatur, 111., for processing into corn oil, which will be sent directly overseas. A 3/c Barbara Heater arrived home last week to spend a ten day leave in the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Heater. Miss Heater graduated, with honors, recently from tactical instruction school a.t Lackland Air Force Base, Texas, where she is stationed. Thomas W. Gallimore of San Piere was arrested on Wednesday of last week on- U. S. 421 by State Trooper Sheets and w,?s charged in circuit court with driving while . under the influence of alcohol. He appeared before Judge Robert Thompson. Thursday and pleaded guilty to the charge. He was fined $10 and his driver's license was suspended for six months. Robert Conklin was arrested Friday by Deputy Sheriff Wayne Koepkey on a charge of writing fraudulent checks. The affidavit was signed by Hubert. Kruzick. He was released on bond, to appear in circuit court on Jan. G. Guests Sunday in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur Scott for a family Christmas celebration were Mr and Mrs. Roy Reed of Angola, Mr! and Mrs. Ira Good and children of Star City, Mr. and Mrs. John Koepkey, and Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Koepkey and children. Mr. and Mrs. Vern Plank of Rosscommon, Mich., came Saturday to spend Christmas in the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Paul C. Davis, and with his mother, Mrs. Sylvester Plank. Guests in the home of Mr. and Mrs Harry Lizenby or; Thursday for a pre-Christmas dinner were Mr. and Mrs. J. V. Bechdolt of Francesville, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lizenby and daughter, Linda, Mrs. Luetta Borders and Miss Minnie Lizenby. Dinner guests on Friday in the Lizenby home were Carl Olson and Stuart Cast. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Eddington and children of New Castle and Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Chapman and family were guests at a Christmas dinner on Sunday in the home of Mr and Mrs. Charles Chapman. A marriage license has been issued to Mrs. Sylvia Sophia Archer of Westville, daughter of Mrs. Nancy Ann Hunter of Medaryville, and to Ambrose Logsdon of Westvillc. son of Mrs. Nancy Logsdon of Eerea,-Ky. . A group of friends and neighbors gathered recently at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hartwick and picked thirty acres of corn. Mr. Hartwick is unable to carry on his farm work because of a heart condition Those assisting were Roger and Paul Freeman, Robert Swartzell Sr., Robert Swartzell, Jr., Al Taylor, James Shank, Everett Hintz, Garold Swaze, Ed Loehmer, Joseph Lewis, Roland Lowry, Jesse Spurgeon Sr., Jesse Spurgeon, Jr., Marion and Wayne Plank, Carl Hall Ira Bridegroom, Robert Korrect' and Richard Dickensheets. Mrs. Hintz Mrs. Bridegroom and Mrs. Swayze assisted Mrs. Hartwick in preparing and serving din ner to the workers. Approximately 500 students, of | the Monroe-Winamac school took part in a Christmas program Friday afternoon in the school auditorium. All of the grades, the high school' choruses and the band took part School was dismissed following the program; classes will resume Jan. 2. All of the dens of Winamac.Cub Scouts met at 6:30 Monday evening at the American Legion home and went caroling. They were accompanied by the den mothers and after the singing all returned to the home where the Cubs were served refreshments. ' A meeting of court house officials and employees was held Wednesday at the Eagles club loom with wives and husbands as dinner guests. The program was in charge of Roselyn Keener, Ralph Galbreath and Ralph Williams. Each officer told of his most'-"trying" experience. Special guests were Congressman Charles Halleck of Rensse- lear who spoke on his experiences with the Sixth Fleet; Ben Behrent, member of toe executive staff of the Indiana Society for Crippled Children and s Adults and Dr. H. J. Halleck of Winamac. Gifts were presented to Mrs. W. E. Morgan, whose term as recorder will expire Dec. 31 and to court house custodian Floyd Kistler. Officers for 1958 were elected as follows; chairman, Mary Lou Ras- borshek; co-chairmen Lucille Lewis and Floyd Kistlor. Mr. and Mrs. Tom Galbreath and daughter Cindy have returned to their home at Lansing, 111. after a two weeks visit in the home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Galbreath, and other relatives. John Retherford Jr., .of Vancouver, Wash., recently spent several days in the home of his brother-in-law and -sister Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Peters. John Retherford Sr. accompanied his son Lome and will visit for several weeks. Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Shearer and children have moved • from their farm home west of Winamac to the house they purchased from Mr, and Mrs. Wayne Strasser on North Market St. Miss Thetaa Powers of Boston,, —EOIHOUR Imagination can create these unusually wrapped gifts. Here are ideas on how to wrap j/our Christmas gijts. and how to decorate them. By RAYMOND LAJOIE Central Press Association Correspondent P ACKAGES, gay and varied, colorfully wrapped and decorated with' eye-catching accessories, are for many of us, the visible symbol of the festive spirit in. the air, .everywhere, at Christmastime. To 'make lovely' packages, here's how: WRAP IT, and tie it; clear an adequate working space, an area that is flat, firm and with plenty of elbow room. Assemble all your needs—scissors, seals, glue, ribbons, papers, boxes, greens. Wrap your gift in fresh tissue and place it in a box of proper size. If the paper has a pattern, t>e sure you place the box so that the design will be well-spaced on the top. Fold paper over, pull smooth and taut, fold ends neatly and fasten with scotch tape or decorative seals. If box is large, tape two sheets of paper together and proceed as you would with a single piece. The seams may be concealed with ribbon. Two different colors, or a printed paper combined with n plain one will produce a novelty effect. AND MAKE A BOW: No matter how you choose to tie the ribbon around the box (crossed through the middle for a square box, crossed at cither or .both ends for an oblong one, etc.) the bow is always made separately and attached to the box later. THERE'S A BOW FOR EVERY GIFT:- Make bows that are full, puffy and luxurious. Use different kinds and colors for variety. Combine widths of different colors—narrow silver on wide red, white on blue, gold on moss green, and so on. Make a small bow of one color and place atop a larger bow of a different color. Leave some ends of the bow long to be fringed, or tie a soft knot about two inches from the bottom of each end. Cut several 10-inch lengths of tinsel ribbons and tie at center. Draw each length over blunt edge of knife to form a curled rosette. Match your ribbon to one of the colors in the paper. Choose Mass, came last week and will spend the Christmas holidays in the home of her parents Mr. and Mrs. Albert Powers. Personnel of the Winamac ar.d Medaryville banks gathered at the Eagles club room Wednesday evening for a Christmas party. Guests included directors, officers, members of the law firm and employees. A ham and turkey dinner was enjoyed by the more than thirty guests. Mr. and Mrs. Argel Ash wefe hosts Monday evening, Dec. 16 when the employees of the Ash Oil Co. were entertained at a. Christmas party held in the home] of Mr. and M-rs. Herman Seidel at Star City. Guests included Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Eudy, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Buchanan, Mr. and Mrs. George Shorter, Mr. and Mrs. Don Abbott, Miss Kay Gartner and Michael Garigan. Guests this week in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Burr Beauchamp the lightest color to play up In this way. FOR A TAILORED, TWO- TONED TRIMMING: Use two contrasting ribbons (print and plain or different colors, each about one inch wide). Bring sides of ribbon together and lay flat on table. Make a series' of flat loops working back and forth, keeping each loop 1 directly over the one below, and a little shorter. Keep center fiat. Do not pinch into gathers. Secure through center with sticky tape, ar.d pin flowers, berries or an. ornament over the center. ADDING THE GINGER. BREAD: . Little angels, snow, men, Santas, animals and other ornaments may be placed on the package,-and sprigs of holly or spruce or other greens tucked in with the bow will add a special seasonal note. Try tying a soft knot near the end of four or five extra lengths of ribbon. Attach these to the box under the bow so they wiil fall loosely across package. Give your package a fairy touch by the use of "flitter"—a glittering,. sand-like material. It comes in red or green or in blue, gold or silver and is available at art, gift and department stores. It may be used on the ribbons, or directly on the package. The parts to be decorated are lightly touched with mucilage, the flitter sprinkled on generously and tha excess shaken off. Another way of achieving glitter on your packages is to attach small Christmas balls to the ends of the tying ribbons. Remove the cotter pin front the ball, push one end of pin through the edge of the ribbon, and then replace both ends in the ball. • For packages with sound effects, attach small bells to loops of ribbon and string — clothesline fashion — across the box. If bottles are your pet problem, try wrapping them with aluminum foiJ. The material is very crushable and molds easily to the shape .of the glass. You can tie a big red bow at the neck, or dress it up with a ribbon skirt. TO make this "skirt," glue lengths of half-inch wide ribbon to a matching »band of wider, ribbon. Fasten tho band around the neck of the bottle so that strips hang: to the bottom edge. The more strips, the fuller the skirt. IndianaWarns Illinois of Truck Laws SPRING-FIELD, III. (UP)—Indiana served notice today Illinois' "take it or leave it" attitude may result in cancellation of truck reciprocity agreements between the two neighbors and 12- southern states. Robert L. McMahan, director of the Indiana reciprocity program and chairman of a special com- missi ono nreciprocity for the 13- state southeastern reciprocity compact, served the warning Monday during a two-hour meeting of the Illinois Motor Vehicles Law Commission. The session broke up with little agreement on either side. Asst. Illinois Secretar, of State Sam Young said his state is considering "retaliatory action" against Indiana on the issue, involving truck license fees charged by the two states. Indiana truck license fees are under a maximum of $300 a year. Illinois, with the highest maximum registration fees in the country, has charges running as high as $1,134 for the heaviest vehicles. Illinois has set up a system fco force truck firms to prorate the registration of their trucks used in Illinois but based out of state between Illinois and the other states. McMahan warned that the southern states group, allied with Indiana on the issue, is so incensed that it is ready to take retaliatory action against Illinois cars as well as trucks. Efforts by two Illinois lawmakers to bring representatives of both sides together to work out an agreement brought little response from either Young or McMahan. Young charged that Indiana is permitting many Illinois truck companies to license their trucks in Indiana to avoid the higher Illinois fees, although the trucks are used mostly in Illinois. "Indiana is getting fees to which it is not entitled," said Young. The southeastern compact adopted a resolution at Atlanta, Ga., last week blasting the Illinois stand on truck' licenses and its method of prorating truck registrations. In addition to Indiana, the southeastern compact includes Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia and West Virginia. CROSSWORD PUZZLE ; ACROSS 1—Tennis strok* 4—Vessels S—Nod 11—City In Nevada 12—Scyd coating rj—Exist 14—Part of :'to be" 15—Drink slowly 17—Flowed 19—Republican • party (collet].) 21—Deface 23—Unit of energy 21—Wife of Goraint 23—Confederate S jneral Ird's horn* ill—Haul 33—Parent (colloq.) 35—Bishopric 36—Artificial language 38—Purifies 41—Pronoun . 12— Skill 44—Measure of wulliht 45—Scold 47—Male deer 49—Footlilte part 51—Girl's namo 54—Grain fit —Weaken &S—Pigeon pea 50—Traded on a temporary uasl- »2—Proposition G-l—Symbol for tellurium 6f>—Mature 66—Indefinite number 68— S-shaped mbldlnff 70—Hindu cymbals 71—Rip 72—Nothing DOWN 1—Citrus fruit 2—Preposition 3—Genus of cattle 4—Pei-tainlns to the Pope // « ' ") 2V )(, HI 17 <>} tf 10 ; 37 to 1 % 2o 31 % 44 Si 3 IS '///. 25, JB Ws ts lit y/A •n ".•( ''// ss bb 11 f li 1b '//. i9 r "» '//, U 5 '/'• 11 & <?'• b n ''//, »; '//, So f>2 7 1} '/A it 11' y /A •>i W 18 28 '//< 4t> 51 W U vt n e 13 iH fff 11, SI '//< V) 9 4> 52 11 10 10 i* - flilt. tv ttnltta Fttlun Drr.tltllt, Inc. r>—Conjunction fi —Gratuity 7—Plumllke trait S —Flat-bottomed boats 0—Native metal 10—Marry II—Rant 38—Prefix: not IS—Vase 20—Seed 22—Grumbles 25—Click beetle 27—Vast age 29—Stitch- So—Golf mound 32—Damp 34—-Writing implement 36—Cheer 37—Ar.fflo-Saxon money 30—Diiclo , 40—Mournful <13—Garden tool 45—Deity "18—Sunburn RO—Sword 52—BailKerllks mammal 63—Toward the sheltered aid* i>5—Trial r,7—3.141S .in—stroke 60—Mohammedan' title fil —Female deer 63—Put on, as clothes 67—Parnnt (colloq.) 89—U. S. soldier (colloq.) and family and Mr. and Mrs. Robert Clay and children. Guests on Tuesday in the home of Mrs. Carl Dickensheets were her son-in-law and daughter Mr. and Mrs. Lambert Halsema of Mt. •Ayre. TWINS MEET SANTA-Meeting Santa Claus face to face is a dream come true for Sandy (with crutches) and Linda Solomon, six-year-old March of Dimes poster twins from. Warner Hobins, Ga. They teem to be taking advantage of the meeting and'they tell Santa . what they would like him to brine them for Christinas. are Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Smith of Niles, Mich. Mr. and Mrs. Guy Hall, Mr. and Mrs. Herschel Henry and Mr. and Mrs. William Hall were guests Thursday evening in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Stace Bonnell of Headlee. Jerry Shank, student at Notre Dame university, came Thursday for the holidays with his parents, Mr. and M-rs. Gerald Shank. Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Olson were in Chicago last week attending the American Farm Bureau convention. They were accompanied by Mr. and Mrs. Hubert Mathias of Dillsboro and George Elio Elliott of Rising Suit. Those attending a pre-Christmas family party in the home of -Mr. and Mrs. Guy Hall last Sunday were Mr. and Mrs. William Sheets and children of Gary, Mr. and Mrs. John Hall and family, Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Hall and children, Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Hall NOTICE.... Pharos-Tribune & Press DISPLAY ADVERTISING DEADLINES: HALF-PAGE ADS OR LARGER-NOON TWO DAYS BEFORE PUBLICATION All Other Ads-36 Hours Before Publication. SUNDAY DEADLINE: Quarter-page ads or larfler- Noon Friday; all other ads-5 p.m. Friday. COLOR: 4 Days In Advance Your cooperation- and assistance in adhering to these deadlines will help us give YOUR ad the expert workmanship it deserves. Rural funerals of the Some Low Prices Complete mortuary facilities are available to every family in the area surrounding Logans- port. In the quiet, home-like atmosphere of the Merrill Miller Mortuary rural families liv- ing near this area are accorded every service at no extra charge. Fmuieral Services 527 E. Broadway Phone 3355 Citizens of Logansport We wish to take this holiday season to thank you for your cooperation and sincere helpfulness in making our first year a most pleasant one. We want to extend to you our best wishes for a Merry Christmas' and a successful New Year. Logan Disposal Service Commercial Disposal Service Rural Youth Day At' Purdue Jan. 23 Cass county's Rural Youth club will be among clubs from 4'j Indiana counties receiving awards Jan. 23 at the state Rural Youth Day program at Purdue University. The program is held along with the annual winter agricultural conference. Joe Spitznogle of Logansport will be chairman o£ the Rural Youth Day committee. Tuesday Evening, December 24, 199T. Jack Poor Rates High In Television Review the Classified Ads By WILLIAM EWALD Uniled Prcsr Staff Correspondent NEW YORK (UP)— This, is the time of the year when TV reviewers assess the 12 months past. So let's assess. The following list foregoes the usual formal categories. Such categories are absurd. Instead, let's roam. The best regular show of any kindon TV this year, I believe, has been the Jack Paar "Tonight" show on NBC-TV, It is at times pretty plodding, but it has a peculiar fascination — likt watching a cobra emerging from a basket. Good Desi>ite Elsa I enjoy is despite the occasional presence of Elsa Maxwell, a tiresome bore ot a celebrity collector who takes pot shots at obvious targets like Elvis Presley, King Fa- rauk and Jayne Mansfield. She may be the most tedious TV performer of all time. "Tonight" is. live and alive. It has , provided some of the most hilarious moments of the TV year, particularly when it has had guests like Jonathan Winters, Jim Backus and Hans Conreid aboard. And a very low bow to Dody Goodman, an amiable lady who can make "hello" sound funny. The most exciting moments on iTV this year were provided by I Charles Van Doren ami his quest for the big money on NBC-TV's "Twenty One," TV at its sweatiest, tensest and purest. The. best drama was a "Playhouse 90" effort about Helen Keller's childhood, "The Miracle Worker." Teresa Wright and Patty McCormack turned in the best acting jobs of the year on the CBS-TV 90-minuter, "Pastures" Over-rated The most over-rated dramatic year was NBC-TV's "Green Pastures," a spectacular of above av- erage quality boomed out of all proportion, I think, because it was slotted opposite the Mike Todd Madison Square Garden calamity on CBS-TV. The most over-raded dramatic performance was Peler Ustinov's on an "Omnibus" production of; "The Life of Samuel Johnson." A good actor works with his group— he both bounces and furnishes, bounce. Ustinov unpackaged a solo peformance that leaned heavily on mannerisms and gimmicks. The worst performance of (he year was Suzy Parker's in a "Playhouse 90" offering, "The Death of Manolete." She played a small part but was almost classic in her incompetence. The best young comedians on TV this year have been Milt Kamen and Ted Reid. Kamen was seen on the Steve Allen Show and on "Tonight"—given (he right kind of material he should become one of the great ones. Reid's spoofs of the silly cafe society set made sitting through the bumptious enthusiasms of the Dinah Shore Show worthwhile. The funniest single show of the season was a summer re-run—a Phil Silvers half hour about a chimp who is inducted into the army. A dip to Sid Caesar.' too, and Carl Reiner, Howe Morris and Pat Carroll. And another to Ernie Kovacs for his NBC-TV pantomime show last January. Wisconsin is an Indian name meaning "the meeting of the I waters." PUBLIC AUCTION Will sell the following articles at public auction at the north edge of. Royal Center, Ind., on Road 29. SATURDAY, DEC 28th, at 1:00 P. M. Heating stove; range stove; bottle gas stove; kitchen cabinet; all dishes and cooking utensils; all canned fruit; washing machine; dining room table'and chairs; buffet; rugs on floors, 4 of them; chairs; davenport; studio couch; stands; lamps; 2 beds, complete; 2 dressers; pillows; quilts and comforts; Sewing machine; 1 quilting frame; mirrors and medicine cabinet; porch swing; refrigerator; ice box; coal and wood; garden tools; sheets and pillow slips; electric fan. TERMS: CASH. Not responsible for accidents. EMMA REESER, Owner Bridge, Auctioneer. In Fondest Memory of Pfc. Joseph John Pesarcsl, USMC, who was killed Dec. 22, 1952. at Guadalcanal. Always missed —Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Pesares!, Sr., brothers and sisters. Card of Thanks We wish to thank Dr, Wilson, staff of Memorial hospital, Chase-Miller, Rev. Nixon, neighbors and friends and everyone who were so comforting in our time of bereavement. —Mrs. Harry Funk and family. LANDSCAPING Service Is Our Most Important Product AMERICAN LANDSCAPING CO., Inc. E. City Limits, Peru Ph. EN-1-42CO JWay the true spirit of Christmas. bring joy to every home...contentment to every heart. And throughout the coming year, may we all know the peace and good will of which the angeli sang on that Holy Night, long ago. To you and yours, we wish a. very merry Christmas. "Your G-E Dealer" Don Watson Appliances 223 Sixth Street

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