The Bonham Daily Favorite from Bonham, Texas on March 16, 1948 · Page 1
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The Bonham Daily Favorite from Bonham, Texas · Page 1

Bonham, Texas
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Tuesday, March 16, 1948
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fijMF. FIFTY-SIX $0nbam Irnlu Sfornirti? BONHAM, TEXAS, TUESDAY,, MARCH 16, 1948United Press Servir«* NUMBER 201 ortugal Asks Spain Be Admitted Aid Program eat Production Cut By Strike f Packinghouse Workers ¡0,000 Walk it Early is Morning CAiiO Vlaroh Irt <UR) — More in,i,non < IO packing plant > walked out today In a nut|A> str kc which t ut meat pro- in half. -yrs t nc < I<> United P;*<U Workers «ailed tin* big at mulniiiht despite .in 11th ■ppral by President Truman, ri*-iili-nt liad asked that tiie be postponed while a fart* I iMianl nvestlgates the is- rt lines were set up this Sk at Hacking plants and ;tn in >•; across the nation of the first bin industry- is?riltf .I 1948 got underway Mon seeks a third-round ini'rea e >1 ~D cents an hour )t .! i ' ,/icketinK was peace Cambridoge, Muss., however, W ami i policeman were in- whfn 150 pickets tried to loaded truck from leaving ‘Jim packing pi.mi polite escort Jiam (»ets (look iar leather jrmers Begin M Work jie '.llglitly cooler in Bon­ 'd.. and the weather bureau cast that the little cool | ■Hht last a day or so but J: air. bi:cold light norther that hit this i^ppert the temperature to an jt minimum of 45 degrees fig a maximum of 74 degree' ~X- ever iie Weather Bureau iedictni ■ that the tempera oulU climb back up into the afternoon and be | tu* anie Wednesday. •mat norther felt here h.>'l temperatures to just be- frcezing mark in the Pan- and West Texas arena early Jiwumg. The readings in 'tc.loii: were expected to be (freezing again tonight, pie of days of clear weath- me sunshine and fairly "aid,, .avy caused the «round out atiier rapidly in *nd aimers and gardeners <■ work. » si n c is lairly dry but lands are still extremely »d it will probably be a week before thL> ground can be were able to begin work * f the .only and the county Monday and lv-'" , vm it In, mm:. "Mire Reduce » Ta\ killed Resignation Of (.hoiee VI. Moore Effective April ! Applications For Position Received Resignation of Choice W Moore as manager of the Bonham Cham j ber of Commerce effective as of! April 1 was acccj.ted by the board ' of directors in se ssion a$ the or j ganization's offices ou West Fifth M Monday night The board of director; did not | take* stens toward hiring a new j manager at the meetiir; Mondu1- I night but it was indicated that I several applications for the posl 1 tu n had been received already John E Meade president, ■ that the board felt that the Auri I effective date would give Mr Moore and the organization uim j .11 which to complete certain pro ■ )« cts on which they are now work mg. ihe president ndded that tin ’ board did not even discus.« a possible successor to Mr Moore, ad ding that the members planned to pursue i low cour.>e in .-.electme j a new manager “We have sev eral applicant ns for the job am hcpe to receive several more,” hi I added. A crow bombing pn ject, a crow derby and the l>oi d' Arc chan nel project * are some of the pro- I grams now under consideration anr. which it n hoped will be shapee up fairly well before Mr Moon i *teps out. + Oklahoma School Laws Wain I mler C \tlack In (.ourt NORMAN, Okla., March 16 U.P> Oklahoma's c;re*gation policy was attacked a«am today when attorneys for Ada Sipuel ;<'L>hiT latmcn d a new attempt to fare.* her -<<i mission to the Univeisitv of Okiu iioniu Law tithooi. Amos T Hull. Tulsa N criv uttor •ley filed i petition in District Court here asking hat the scnool admit her "forthwith. ’ pending a heafini; on allegations that the state has not provided equal facilities for negroes. The petition apparently is the first move m m attempt to pr ve that the state s new law school for icgroes. set up in the State Capi'oi as a branch of Langston Negro Un- ,vei ■ itv. dot -, not oitei egal .t dn- Old Well Will Be Concreted Over Workmen this morning began < xc evating an und the old well on the courthouse lawn preparatory iw putting a concrete cap over the ft liner water supply of ’.lie business district. TIi; well was rediscovered Monday morning when it beuuu cav i»g in Fannin Veterans To \ppear On ET Program C coordinators Meet I here 1 hursday Two Fannin county vet 'ran* se lected as outstanding indents in the veterans agriculture classes will appear on the broadcast of Murrav Cox, WPAA, Dallas lroni the meeting of the Northea t Texas Association of Coordinators a' Commerce Thursday. The students are Douglas An derson. a member of the class ui Randolph, and John W Rav. stu dent in the Ravenna class. Thej will be accompanied to Cominerc< bv their instructors. Bill Dome > and L. M. Bishop, respectively. G. N. Flewharty. Fannin County coordinator, is scheduled to make a talk at one session of the ail- dv meeting of the coordinators. However, he is now in Oklahoma making a survey of the limning facilities offered veterans in that j (,,»‘cn\ilIc-lion state, but is expected to teturn u> Bonham late Wednesday or early Thursday in tinte to attend the meeting at Commerce M H Joraensar, head of thi Trades and Industries classes, and Freddie Walters, director of the agricultural classen, will attend the meeting from Fannin county. Coordinators and their assistant i n>m 22 Northeast Texas count lei will In- present at the one-day session. The coordinators will litar a di: . i • work by federa and late agencies officials. Fannin county's two veteran tuelents who wer* ihosen to ap i tear on the Munay Cox broad cast were selected oecause 't the outstanding work they have done ui the two elasse*. Merry Christmas Rack In Army COLLINS Aik March 10 WP Meriy Christmas is bark in th< Army Tlu* Collins, Ark man re i iill .t< I a1- a corporal anti ha- teen assigned t<i Fort .1 fkson S Jesler Predicts I ninstructeil Texas Delegation THREE AREAS 0CÖ P ATIO \ HE ADMITTED Resources Are Needed For Reconstruction IN WALLACE CAMP— Seated beneath a htriu* picture of Henry A Wallace at the formal opening of headquarters oi the National Wallace for President Committee are (left to Tight i Jo Duvid.sun, Rexitiid G Tnffwell. *co-chah men ■ >t ‘he eoimnilh rrahit Git*irih Taylor (D.-Idaho), avowed third party candidate for vice presidency, and C. S. Baldwin, campaign manager PAJtIK March 1« U Pi — Portugul oi ivin.ited Spain todav tor «itniU- sion into the ranks ut the 1U OMtions banded together to receive Aioeri- an aid under the Marshall plan. I lie Portuguese delegatu astu-il 'he European recovery pro<iain delep.ites m oonfereftee lien- i<i stud» "at an opportune time” tliar ihnittanee of Spain t<» the plant for the reconstruetion of Korope. I'he («inference agreed unani- , inmish to the participation of tt* he back today and reiterated hi ,, __ . _ 7, liire»* western occupation /one«i of ■efmanv m the future ->etup tor I to peun rerinery. The delegate Foreign .Minister Seen As Middle Course In Party 1' uss AUSTIN, Ten»*-, March 16 UP' ! »ov lleauftwd H Je'-t«-! gave the tate Young Democrats a pat on i»radv Turner Is Transferretl To Palesi ine S< IS Assigned 1 o 1 rinity Jroject Qrady Turner, engtnee: with J S Soil Uoiiseivation Ser n Bonham lets been transit* e Palestine wlnre ¡le will \ •n the Trinity rivet project, it ieen anni unceu by liill Cunn . supervisor <*f aui offices. Mr. Turner wus in Vfonday .ooKitig over *. irospects t ne;e aiut mi ti move to tua city, s expected that N*i ’ tm. l’ale o hou ting iowev ut ner nhi lot make the move ;efore mid-April, it it. the Bonham St'3 Due to the iat ippropnation lia.. or woik in the Ti his year, all avail a he rioil Conservât '.eilig transie» red ni'left fiont fc.CS Palest i lepori $7 Miliion Paid To Texas Schools AUSTIN, Texas, March 16 U.P) Warrant.; worth $7,551,746 were ic leased to schools today represent - j < l.e seventh $a per c:i|>Ua ap- portioiunent of the 1U47-48 term. Dr L A. Wocis, Supei intendi nt of Public Instruction, artiouncen Truman Will Speak On Foreign VI fairs Uednesd ;i v I alk to C ongress Ijt* Broadcast 1 o Nation WA:-TIIN(¡TON Match If» UP' — i P: !-■ idnr Ti unan, facing the gr; •.VorId War 11 ended 31 months ao, will go before a joint < sioti oi i all-1 lari lev \cl J Kan On Polities Is Inxalid 'filet that Texas' delegation to t?ie | . National Democratic Convention! hould ¿o without instruction. That, the governor predicted j would be ’the middle ground” in I Me_ills es ion - wmcked partv __I Jester aid he concurred in the j jpmion of the majority of the **x- ( ecutive eommlttee of the Young ! DemiK'iat Club which voted Hi j a Tyler meeting Saturda\ to stati" ! lor an uninstructed Texas deliga-: n. reileral i laiKis Ruling WASH INC r Jilt Ige >owu uan ib>ir On tiliti n Bnr You .v antlni reuma ably w the de alnst ■ governor wa* also pleasef by j '■.une DenitHiiàU)’ tiuid ln 0 ;j- on to Mt Truman* civil program and against Foderai . at liment un -Uv tate' oil- [ ldelands tei lore ;>u some conflict in i 3’ate Democratic Oiinventlor wood in May. ill have a small minority I g delegation «.strutted ïor I n, ' he aid and there prob- j ill u.- a .anse group wanting legation to oc the nomiiitilioi uddi ted I'tiucted i >f Mr Tri be . aid lose ( acini l»a Mata, voice«! !i<»|ie that Spain one itay would l*e avso- iated in the (MM'iflc task ui European economic reconstruction. ” tt»-iKM-ts llutt Portugal would pro- the idniittxnce of Stialn into the I it!* or Marshall plan •«‘tup line last week fltMB Madrid Da Mata put iorth his uroflosal Tiortly after the opening of the s»*- md session of the conference with Ports, ¡j Secretary Ernest Bevln of Untain presiding. I hope oine day 'hat Spain may ju.ii this nroup in the uecific task ■ f European economic reconstruction he aid I add that the conference ought to be open to all countries 1 invite the conference to study at an opportune moment the admission >f Spam to this conference.' Da Mata aid that Spain, * coun* ry with 28 000 000 inhabitant* and otiMderable resources could nut ij«' kept indefinitely outside ti o iitimoh work if European econom- Mix no thi ¡•rn inly Hi White 11(1 Man l.oes Beserk. Shoots Students The Bollii continue to past with J direct farm the off ic • t area as in t Mr. Turner County will 1111 ate illitV tin past st ¡iiis'uiu md oil i unction O Tatp continuing to planning work lroin itoiiKhout th - county i.. ,,ast, .t w.t .stated lias been in Pannili the SCS for the years and has been c ui the soil districts .-ans oi promoting .vai tin SHIN<}TON. March 16 House agriculture conunitteo (o 10 touuy to shelve legion ;eal . r reduce federal oil oleomargarine. ■nation to table the proposed j l*as offered by Rep August tores« ti, ' r , Minn.J commit;ee action was taken! fXet utive session. Some mem- | (Mtpn. hope that the | ^tte attitude would prevail ,lu»t no effort would b«‘ mad»- t:' ‘ *i> ¡a* controversial li'ti 'in for the rest of the session. ilv’s Leftist rkers Strike Me March 16 <U.R> — Sicily’s t’ted workers staged a two- ieiieral dr ike throughout the ^‘tay m protest against tical terrorism.” WjM' from major cities said *'alkout was only about 40 *nt effective. It was held dur- *'*' usual afternoon siesta per,Uia »in st simps are closed, ‘'hike was the first direct murvention in the election It was called to pro- iu‘ killing of two Communist Union organizers. Workers !l'' regional government bad 10 maintain order. 'tii? equal to that at O, U. Last month the U. S. Supreme Court said the question of whet he i •he Iangston School 1« equal must * brought up through the lower •ourt. Today', petition takes tin Fi1 her case back when it starteli ¡wo years atto, before ¿^.strict Juui Justin Hm: haw Meeting l»c (.ailed Saturday On ( iueumbers a Before he wild moh student am1 T D. Brice of the Brfce Cucumber Co., Sherman, will meet with (CM '* n . cucumbers to his company «n j year at 2 o’clock Saturday, Marin , •20. in the district courtroom. Former producers md those wishing to plant cucumbers tor ,he first time this year .re invited »o be present at the meeting Saturday afternoon which will be the on lv‘meeting held on cucumber contracts In the county ‘hm spring- Contracts will lie available Saturday afternoon and persiP* desnni" to sign them may do .o at time. Bonham Soldier Is Assigned to Guam S-Sgt James F. Bantu, who has teen serving with the U S. Army units in Ouam. is repu.tcd enroute home for a furlftugh. Following Hi»* vti)lt >*“>e be '*‘il depart foi hi- at,u«ni»wm » ouam NEW YORK. March 10 <U.R> — An elderly and demented man, a pistol in each hand, opened fire on busy street corner today was captured after a c huse, he killed one wounded five. The berserk gunman, identified is Marco I-. Markovitch, iiO. ran liter shooting at 'teen-aged Iniy mtside ui armory where tht dents had been listening to band practice for the at. Patrick Day parade A shouting crowd, quickly augmented by dozens of pollcemt n tjHik up ihe chase. Markovitch dialled into an apartment builditig md ran to the fifth floor. After ex- hitiigmg several shots, jwlice ov- oi'p wered him outsidi contracting I ment of a 96-year was tanding terrified behind door. stu- tlieir the ap'ii'.- old woman wh th* that School Be Held Wednesday On Landscape Work Ml* . Sadie Hatfield, Extension ] Servcie garden landscape specialist will hold a training school foi home demonstration club yart1 workers Wednesday Miss Hatfield will discuss insect and disease control an give actual demontrations on lanc'scapln . ef fects. Slie will also ‘spend Thursday in the county conferring with Müs Margaret Jackson, li. D. agent, on landscaping work. Anyone interested in garden landscaping work is invited to ut tend tlu; school. I>ank Colili erv y Suspect Nahbeil TEXARKANA, March 10 UP' FBI agents and silenti' nruutle todav at jested a 32 year old tx convict who purportedly Kiinutet robbing the Buffalo. t( s Citi/t ' State Kank lust month. The man Was identified as Her nice Franklin of Texas City, Ht was picked up al I a til. in Texarkana lull. Franklin, the I'Bl aid had be» : under investigation "for >mc tun* ! ti connection with tiie l*ank rob beiy. The igiiit:, aid h matie ctilift ssion sllOl tly allei ill Ule- Formai chaînes were til . t'.ai him ill U. S. Commissione r ( ' sir at Waco, uno a min v oi ■ trength t « » < onli weep tif Coniniu Only last wet-k iititled that his pea»*? has been bv lecent r leitably tin pu v ci in C White He Chat’e G. would go bi 12:30 p.m., that his at minutes wo iid ail majoi iietwt refused , \îr, Truman t<i 1 time, but the t alter a lunclieo abuut and a t«ee*i tin pres tjf Statt* Ofor^ Mai r hail, wh ; COlIgl't*thut Î I «“»',» vwy I (rum hi IÄ Risenhower Drall (»ains V|)|)rti\al Of (»«v. Jester Would Improve C liant es Of Democrats Hi the mtm iment >elf Vi said, tiie partie rk b f th. M- warmly Anglo- 1 nation y the three Bride the Iieland. Rritain to Purge Kiitnsii ( iiiiiiiiies PH UHt V. ifvelopmeni Communi. secha&ioviiU , iica Pr«* s •iiak* retai y ident Br* Ousted * iigh Posts om >ND tie joint Wedile* lusting Vial: lia warnet nal sit- I . I . Profs (mi In B;:f Fur Principal WJ the atefu ame )tn uni? April IB. UichMl refunded Finns Heliiclanl On Militan Pad HELSINKI Alt Bonhamite Owns Horse Sired By Stormy Nii^ht A young Quarter Hot... t ulln sired by Stormy Night 1 ¡It i liott’s famous horse, is tin pi> u.. possession of Sherwood t wni .* far as Mr. Cowart know m tal lion is the cnly tine in this an ireti by the movie actoi hoi-e Mr and Mrs. Cowart reo ml met Elliott in Fort Worth wh»*» the possibly decisive ¡xunt m tin- c <» ki uai ugaliu- : Communism m Wo tern Lurope and ' was considere.t ihuhly likely that Mr Trunvui would dwe>ll on them Wednesday. Republican House leaders wen i aught fiatinoteli by the White House announcement, and they Sn- iieated the> weie .us much in tie tiaik as anyeine a* to ahat the pie itkm would v Shutdown of ('.nal liiiliis|r\ Looms btised. Dr, .1 eeonda 1 lie Huio- Rtt Dr n riTTSBUROU March 16 (UR)A complete shutdown of the na they talked with him loi une time i non < »I t eoa I ineUnttv uppeai e I I hey reteived several pitture- oli imminent :.>uay houi fids mor.*] Klllott and his hone, seen 'u ' The United Mine Wmket jtlned in i'abuious Ttxau' tins v.tti.. puisiun .n.kts. acuity members wl 10 itipeö ned in Yarbrough’s behalf Umstuttei :.jjd he* ïnade feur visits to Port Neches schoote withn. . n ! 8 -month shuouas part ut hu I evaiu. tu u tudies amifound YaihntiKh “highly qualiiit* d, and an able .uinnnistrat m" The sujier- in tendent et-nied tD 1 ÍVC for hi.. ciu ol. Umstundadded WEATHER EAST TEXASPa.tlycloudy «¿ 21(4 wOiutr»sh -4 w-w - lei. UtslC. nfltcts. the Fin »I future Howeve tiously want to fulfill 'heir ¡lean treaty and :* v« ;i iriendly tela j ' mu -.nth H . ia. President P.tiu-t I 'vivi aid. Pur thi reason out "go i vernment accepts the proposal ente r into said negotiations,” !ettei cone Hided seien th »\HM)|.IN(, e IIAIttiLD ^ complaint alleging »windUne h\ worthless iht-tK was fiitei ugaim i white nun ui cuiuity cuutt Mon- J lj aittri.Uan FORT WORTH MARKETS TORT WORTH. March 16 <U*' Trade very active, generally 50c to $1 higher Medium and good slaughter steers and yearlings 22.50 tt4 a Beef w H-J2. Hulls scare# ut 20 21. Slotkers und feeder«. 20-25. <-’ai\es 1W). Active. 50c to II higlu-r. Uu.*i and choice tat calves 24.50-27.50. Stocker su-vrs 26 down Hogs 00 Mostly steady, spots 25. higher. Teip 22.50. Sows lb ‘a0 to 17. Stoccker pig* 11-17

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