The Montgomery Advertiser from Montgomery, Alabama on October 14, 1928 · 25
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The Montgomery Advertiser from Montgomery, Alabama · 25

Montgomery, Alabama
Issue Date:
Sunday, October 14, 1928
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SHORTS SECTION SPORTS SECTION SUNDAY OCT. 14, 1925- Yale's "Old Eli" Trounces Georgia Bulldogs By Score Of 21 To 6 LANIER OUTPLAYS DEGATUR ALL AROUND TO WIN. , , . .J. Crimson Tide Tramples Roughshod Over Mississippi A. And M. OLD ELI REVENGED ALABAMA PILES UP; 46 TO 0 SCORE IIT; Smith Of Crimson Tide AS POETS TRAMPLE 7 DOGS LAST YEAR T 33 TO 0 STANDING m OUT Cook Of Georgia's Bulldogs FOR SETBACK 1 1 AGGIES IIRS - . TfT .t - ' ; " - ' - - w t ' Br C EE AST GORE Decatur moved out ofi North Alabama yesterday highly touted as last year's champions and presenting a strong team this year: Last night they moved back to their old stomping ground a beaten and broken team. Lanier .hadn't expected a hard game and an easy came it was. The final score of 33 to 0 just about tells th story of how superior the Blue and White warriors were. Lanier went Into the game at Cramton Bowl yesterday expecting to win with ease and there was come concern among local supporters- as to whether or not the locals would be over-confident They were not. Or e least this was one time that over- confidence did not spell defeat i Runninr Attack Strong Decatur presented a fighting team but they were unable to cope with the strong running attack which the Poets unfurled. Two passes were tried during the entire game by the local eleven and both of these were completed. Very few end runs were attempted. The greater part of the gains made by Cain et Bl were on off -tackle plays and straight Una smashes. Lanier was never forced to extend Itself, straight football prevailed through-out Cain was outstanding with his great running and kicking,,: Twice he got off punts for over 60 yards, one traveling for -5S yards and the other barely missing the 50-yard marker. On one or two other attempts he made 40 or more yards. Shackelford made several pretty gains through the line and off tackle. Williams gained as much yardage as any of them with the possible exception of Capt. John Cain. The one fault with Williams was. that he could not hold the ball. Time after time he would reel off a nice, gain and then fumble. Several times he recovered but Decatur profited by his errors on many plays. With more practice and training he may become accustomed to handling the oval and when he does he will knake the Poets a good Score In first Few' Minutes At the opening of .the game Moore kicked off to Capt Cain who returned the ball to his oum 38-yard line.' Williams made six yards off tackle. Williams made 12 more yards and first down! Brannon made three through the center of the line. Williams made five over left tackle. Williams went over center for one yard. Brannon made two and another first down. Lanier was mrachlng down the field for touchdown. Cain carried the bail eight yards -on his first run. -Cain fumbled, on the next play and Moore reeov ered but the referee had already blown his 4 whistle and it was another first down: Brannon made one yard over center. Cain, made 11 yards off left tackle and first down. Williams made two and placed the ball on the five-yard line; Cain took the pigskin around right end for the first touchdown. It came within four minutes of the opening of the game. Moseley failed to kick goal. This score seemed to take the heart out of the visitors and they never made a serious threat after that. -. , Linemen Are Brilliant Crosland and Cone broke through time and again to stop Decatur backs for no gains or throw them for losses. Brannon and Cain were especially outstanding in backing up the line. They halted many an attempt to drive over center and guard. Big Joe Cardwell was immovable In the; line. Very few, if any, gains were made over his side of the line. He broke through several times and nailed the-man before he reached the line of scrimmage. ... . Cardwell, Cone and Crosland broke through and blocked a couple of punts thai Dobbins was trying to get off. It seemed the Decatur line could not block the big fellows out. J v Decatur's Stars - Bishop and Cottrell were the best ground gainers for the up-staters when they managed to gain. Dobbins got off some nice punts when he wasn't rushed. Toward the last part of the game he would have to adopt a position from 15 to 20 yards back of the line of scrimmage to get off his kicks with safety. The Lanier . forwards were coming through that fast Lanier made its second touchdown on a long pass Cain to Turner that was good for 36 yards. Bib "Wu" nabbed the ball in his outstretched hands, shook his head and outran about five visitors for the score, Moseley kicked goal. On a punt from Cain to Bishop which the i Decatur "safety man fumbled, the Poets were: again placed in a position to score. Buffalo recovered the ball on Decatur's 21-yard line. Cain made one yard at center. Williams tore off a gain of eight yards and held the ball. Cain added four more and first down. It was goal to go. Wll-.llams took the ball on the next play and placed It on the six-inch line. Williams Fumbles On his next attempt he fumbled and it 'was covered by Sherman on his own three-yard lne. An attempted punt was blocked by" Davidson who fell on the ball back of the goal line. Moseley kicked goal. On a series of line bucks and off tackle plays Cain and his cohorts took the ball to the six-yard line where the Poet captain smashed the line for six yards and the score. Moseley kicked goal again, Fof more retailed discussion of the t,iv sm the play-by-play report of the struggle which appears to the right of this, Thomas Man consenwo w compile thl? detailed story Ipr your correspondent Lineup and summary: DECATIR (0) Pos. LANIER (S3) pwnburg LE Turner Dobbins LT Dennis Moor LO Moseley Redder v ....... uaviason p. Conlcy RO Cone .taokson BT Cardwell Tspscott BB urosisna wrle QB Cain (c) Bishop (O HB H. Rata Cottrell HB Williams Pride t- FB Brannon Score by penoas l,anirr rlnMtlir .......... .6 7 13 V33 ..0 0 0 (M0 iirt downs: Lanier 10; Decatur ft. arming touchdowns: Cain 3. Turner nd; Davidson. Points alter toucnaown, Mrwoicy 3. SlbstltuUor Decatur: Stapp for II I'M M Buster Cook, of the Georgia Bund ogs, was one of the Wg dogs in the Georgia offense against Tale yesterday. Play-By-Play Of Lanier-Decatur COMPILED BT THOMAS HALL FIRST QUARTER Just before the game was slated' to start, the two captains, Lawrence Bishop and John Cain, met in tne center oi me field for conference with officltSs, Will Paterson, Harvey Pugh, E. Ray. Smith and Pop Paterson. . -; . Moore kicked off for Decatur to Capt Cain, who returned the ball to his own 38-yard line. Williams on off tackle play got six yards. Williams went around his own left end for a first down on Decatur's 45-yard line. Brannon got three yards through the center of the line. Williams got five yards through his own left tackle. Williams got one yard. Williams got two yards and the ball was on the visitors 38-yard line. Cain made his first run of the game and, clipped eight yards through left tackle. On the next play, Cain fumbled, but the whistle had Brown -and the ball was given to- Lanier on the visitors 22-yard line.. Brannon got a yard. Cain on. an attempted end run, switched his attack . and . went through center for 16 yards... The ball was on Decatur's 7-yard line. . Williams made two yards and on tfie next play Cain went around his own right end for a touchdown. Mosley's at - tempt for goal from placement went wide of the goal posts. Score; Lanier 6, Decatur 0. Cain kicked, but the ball went out of bounds. He kicked, to Cottrell, who was downed on his own. 22-yard line. Bishop got eight yards around his own right end. Pride failed to gain at a line plunge. Cottrell plunged through the center of the line for a first down." Cottrell went over Lanier's left, side of the line for three yards. Wade got one yard around Lanier's right end. On the next play Lanier was off sides and lost five yards and another first down for Decatur. Pride lost a yard at center. Bishop threw a pass, it bounded out of a Lanier player into Papenberg and the pass was good for 17 yards. Bishop lost a yard on an attempted end run. Brannon threw for a ten yard loss when Wade tried end run. A pass by Bishop failed. Cross-land and Cone rushed h,lm and here the quarter ended, it was fourth down and 15 yards to go. Score: Lanier 6, Decatur 0. SECOND QUARTER Dobbins's punt was blocked and recovered, Cone and Crossland figuring in the play. The ball was blocked on Decatur's 40-yard line. Williams failed to gain. Cain got three yards around his own right end. A pass from Cain to Turner, the was thrown to Turner after a well blocking game by Lanier's line and was thrown for ten yards. Turner raced 30 yards for the touchdown. Mosley kicked goal from placement with Cain holding the ball. Score: Lanier 13, Decatur 0. Cain kicked to Pride, who returned the ball to his own 38-yard line. On the first play Wade failed trying for a center line plunge. Bishop lost a yard when he attempted to go around Lanier's right end. Dobbins tried a pass, but It was incomplete. Dobbins punted to Lanier's S7-yard line, where It was grounded by Decatur. Brannon went out of bounds after gaining two yards. Williams got a yara. Bnacxeiiora replaced Kats. Cain punted and Turner grounded the ball on Lanier's 18-yard line. The punt was good for 55 yards. Bishop got a yard through center. Time out for Decatur, as Capt Bishop was hurt on the play. Dobbins punted and Williams was downed on Decatur's 45-yard line. Brannon got two yaras, out Lanier was penalized 1$ yards for Illegal use of the hands. Bran, non got three yards. Cain went around Lanier's right end for 14 yards. A pass from Cain to Shackelford waa Incom plete. Cain punted and Bishop returned four yya to his own 23 yard line. Wade got eight yards over Lanier's left side. Pride went through center for l first down on Decatur's 34-yard line. Here the half closed. Score: Lanier 13, Decatur 0. THIRD QUARTER Cottrell kicked and Crossland returned It IS yards, but Decatur was off sides and they kicked again and Williams returned to his own 40-yard line. Williams lout foot. Williams got three yards. He then got two yards, Cain punted and Turner tgrounded the bail on Decatur s three-fVard line. Dobbins punted and Williams was downed on Decatur's 30-yard line. Cain got five yards around his own Tappscott; Sherman for Btapp; Wells for Wade; Stapp for Papenburgj T. Scott for Sherman; Johnson for Jackson. Lanier: Shackelford for KU; Kats for Williams; Dennis for Cone. Officials: Pugh (Alabama) referee; Paterson (Auburn) umpire; Smith (Army) head linesman. III Mill left end. Shackelford got three yards and was forced out of bounds. Brannon got two yards and first down. Shackel ford made two yards, but fumbled and the ball went out of bounds. It was Lanier's ball however as a Lanier player was the last to touch the ball. Time out for Decatur. The ball -was on Decatur's 7-yard line. Cain stepped out of bounds after, gaining a yard. Cain then went around his own right end for a touch down. Mosley's try for the extra point failed. as the ball went wide of the posts, Score: Lanier 19, Decatur 0. Cain kicked off and Wade returned to his own 25 -yard line. Pride got two yards through Lanier's right side. Bishop attempted to go around Lanier's right end, but Crossland and Caldwell forced him out of bounds, after losing seven yaras. a pass, cottrell to Wade was In complete. Dobbins punted and the ball was grounded by Decatur on their own 47-yard line. A pass was fumbled by wmiams, but he recovered after losing eight yards. Time out for Lanier. A pass, Cain to Shackelford got eight yards. Cain punted and Bishop fumbled and Dennis recovered on Decatur's 15-yard rme. Cain failed to gain. Williams then got eight yards through his own .right tacKie. uain tnen went over his own right, tackle for a first down and the ball was on the three-yard stripe. Wil liams went over right guard arid wis stopped on the six-inch stripe. On the next play Williams fumbled and Sher man recovered for Decatur on the three- yard line. Katz replaced Williams. Dob bins punt was blocked by the Lanier linemen ana in the scramble, Davidson recovered for a touchdown. Moslev ad- ded the extra point when he kicked from placement with Cain holding ball. Score: Lanier 26, Decatur 0. Cain kicked to Sherman who returned the ball to his own 32-yard line. Here tne third period closed. Score: Lanier 26, Decatur 0. FOURTH PERIOD It was Decatur's ball and on the first play Pride was stopped when he tried Lanier's line. Bishop lost five yards, wnen Brannon broke through. Cottrell punted and the ball was grounded on uaniers 44-yard line. Shackelford got seven yards around his own left end. Wade was hurt on the play. Wells replaced Moore. Moore replaced Wade. Shackelford two yards. crannon got two yards and a first down. Brannon crashed through the line for eight yards and the ball was on Deca tur's 3-yard line. Shackelford got four yaras ana another nrst down. Brannon got lour yards at the center of the line, Shackelford got five yards. Brannon crashed over the center of the line for a first down on Decatur's 20-vard line. On the next play Shackelford continued his brilliant playing and twisted himself through to" the opponents 12-yard une ana another Lanier first down Brannon worked through to the visitors 0-yard line. Cain got three yarcn. Stapp replaced Peppenburg. Shackelford got a yard. Cain went around his own right ena xor touchdown. E. Scott for Sr man, for Decatur. Mosley added the extra point by k.'jk lng goal from placement Score: Lanier 33, Decatur 0. Mosley kicked, but Lanier was pen allied for off sided and a five-yard pen alty was Imposed. Lanier kicked off again with a loss. Johnson replaced jacKson. Mosley kicked Pride, who was downed on his own 44-yard line. A pass, Bishop w oiapp completed 14 yards. Stapp wa. lorced out of bounds. Another pass was incomplete as the . game ended. Score: Lanier 33, Decatur 0. TROY NORMAL WINS FROM PALMER COLLEGE, 7 TO TROT, ALA., Oct. 13. (Special) In the first home game of the season large crowd saw the Normal School eleven whip the Palmer College team from DeFunlak Springs, Fla to a 7 to 0 finish Friday eiternoon. The game was much closer than antic lpated and the Normal had to put up a stiff fight to hold Palmer College. The scoring was aone in tne first quarter and alter that the threats by both teams wanea ana died. Basset for Troy was perhaps the out standing player. The Normal School students were out en masse and showed their loyalty by vociferous cheers and yells, led by Nick Klrkland, Mary Spratlln, Harvey Helms and Theo Dalton. The Normal team will journey to Birmingham next Friday to meet th Birmingham-Southern rats Friday aft- noon. . By BRIAN BELL Associated Press Sports Writer NEW HAVEN, CONN, Oct 13 Tale's football team today followed the example of another notable group of athletes, 'rising from hospital beds and wheel chairs to decisively defeat the Uni versity of Georgia 21 to 6. The Ells were effective as the Yankees In the recent world series In using their crutches as clubs. Johnny Garvey was the Babe Ruth of the contest Read out of the game in advance on account of Illness, his name not even in the printed line-up distributed at the bowl, the elusive halfback was Tale's greatest gainer. He played briefly but his yardage per 'minute will take rank with sterling football perlor mances of ancient and modem history. He stepped off 60 yards in two plays' to count two touchdowns, one after a dash of 23 yards and the other as the result of a 37-yard sprint Georgia seemed stunned to see the cripples start behaving like athletes In very good health and before the visitors from classic Athens could arrange to do something about it the home team was off in front with a 7 to 0 lead. Georgia kicked to Tale and 75-yard parade started at once. In nine plays, with Garvey carrying the ball In seven of them, the ball was placed on Georgia's 23-yard line. Garvey then slanted off tackle, cut back and went all the way to" the first touchdown of the game. Oldt added the extra point with a place kick. The Georgia Bulldogs then showed that they too, a bite as well as a bark bv marching from the second kick-off to Tale's 12-yard line, an advance of more than 80 yards. McCrary, brawny back of the Athenians, bore the greater part of the burden, not only running well. but catching a pass to help his cause along. The big fellow then undid the sensational performance by fumbling and Kell fell on the ball for Tale. A Georgia lineman helped the Blue to its second touchdown. Lampe, a substitute, had assumed Garvey's responsi bilities when the weary half back left the game and by good running, he had driven the ball to Georgia's 15-yard line. The visitors stopped the attack there, three plays gaining but six yards. Miller then went back for a place kick. The kick was short and wide of the mark, but Georgia was declared off side and Tale took the ball on the four-yard line with four plays in which to make the touchdown. One was enough, Lnmpe going over without wasting an effort Miller's kick 'was Blocked "put visitors were again off side and the extra point was allowed. Rain Won't Stop Garvey A drizzling rain in the second period continued through the intermission and into the third but the rain, gathering drakness and uncertain footing, failed to slow Garvey up. The dashing half back started the second half and at once ran to Georgia's 42-yard line. Georgia picked up a five-yard off side penalty and on the next play, Garvey cut back after going off tackle and ran through the whole Southern team to score. Oldt again kicked the goal. Garvey was relieved after his second counter and Georgia at once threatened to score. Aided by. a 20-yard pass from Johnson to Mixon, the boys from Dixie went to the 11-yard line only to lose the ball pn downs. The weary McCrary was then taken out and Hooks, who had been more or less Inactive while McCrary was doing most of the ball carrying, showed that he, too, could cover ground in the face of opposition. Hooks tok 20, then eight and as the Oergia rooters sang "touchdown Georgia," he pulled up 17 yards from the goal. The Southern Bulldogs with slow but sure bucks found themselves on the one foot line on fourth down and Dudley went- over. The kick for point failed. The visitors, cheered by their touchdown and a few stirring notes of Dixie from the band, started another drive. The game ended before it could show a profit. The probable lineup: TALE GEORGIA Oldt ..: LB Maffett Marting Lr Frisbie Kell L3......... Jacobsov Charlesworth Spiel . C Boland RCl Haley RT. . . . Lautzenhelzer Eddy McEwen . . . Ellis Loud Decker RE &.nlth QB Johnson .LH Dudley RH Hooka Hubbard FB. . .. McCrtry 7 7 021 0 0 66 Garvey t; Score by periods: Tale 7 Georgia ...0 Tale scoring touchdowns Lampe (sub for Garvey). Points after touchdowns, Oldt 2; Miller (kick blocked but Georgia off side). . Georgia scoring: Dudley. MIDLAND CITY DEFEATS ASHFORD HIGH, 52, TO 0 MIDLAND CITT, Oct 13. (Special) In a footbal game played . on home grounds Friday afternoon, the local team won from Ashford by a score of 52 to 0. Ashford was completely outclassed in every department but it waa the play of the line and blocking of the whole team that caused Midland City's overwhelming score. Church led the interference on every play and featured the game with his excellent blocking and line smashes. Most of the gains of the local team were made through the line. Up to date the local team has scored 143 points and their goal line has never been in danger in the three games play ed. The team Is inexperienced and only averages 130 pounds but the lack of weight Is made up In speed. Coach Moore announced that the next game will be with the Oeneva High team in Geneva next Friday. This, he says. will probably be the hardest game of the season. EVERGREEN PLAYS .WELL ' . IN DEFEATING BREWT0N ... EVERGREEN, ALA., Oct. 13. (Spe-lal) The Evergreen Anglos were showing their best form on Friday afternoon when they met and ran over the " Brewton eleven 26 to 0 on their local gridiron, Oood sportsmanship was evident on both teams and both turned m good games. Captain Earl Smith, of Alabama, who led his team to a well-earned victory over Mississippi A. and M. in SUrkesville yesterday.' - i .i- .. .. -I . .... i i i -I- FOOTBALL RESULTS ." Vanderbilt 13; Texas 12. Tulane 0; Georgia Tech 12. i Birmingham-Southern ; Chattanooga 12. -i -V- South Carolina 31; Maryland 7. Princeton 0; Virginia 0. ' "" Kentucky 6; Washington & Lee 0. Sewanee 13; Transylvania 14. V. M. L 31; Roanoke 13.. Mississippi 12;- Tennessee 13. Mississippi A. & M. 0; Alabama 46. Western Kentucky Teachers College 39; Bethel 0. v - Southwestern 24; Georgetown o. , Tale 21; Georgia 6. Florida 27; Auburn 0. Rensselar 13; Clarkson 2. -U. of Detroit 46; U. of LofHsvllle 0. Ohio Wesleyan 72; Cincinnati 0. Otterbein 18; Kenyon 0. Missouri 60; Centre 0. GrinneU 8; Iowa State 0. Brown 13; Dayton 7. Mass. Aggies 7; Mlddlebury 9. Dartmouth 37; Allegheny 12. Wisconsin Reserves 13; North Dakota Aggies 7. .... Haskell 6; Loyola tumcago; o. Crelghton 37; Oklahoma Aggies 0. Butler 65; Franklin 0. Penn State 0: Bucknell 6. Harvard 20; North Carolina 0. C. C. N. T. 38; St. Lawrence 0 . N. T. TJ. 84; Fordham 7. Colby 9; Norwich 19 Pennsylvania 67; Swarthmore 0. Washington tc Jefferson 6; Du-quesne 12. Pittsburgh 6; West Virginia 9. Haverford 23; Amherst 13. Notre Dame 7; Navy 0. Nebraska Teachers 6; St.-Loiils U. North Central College (NaperviUe) 7; Beloit 0. . , . Superior Teachers 25; Eauclalre 13. South Dakota State 18; Columbus 0. Depauw .15; Earlham 0. Muncie Normal 6; Indiana Central 6 (t Union College 53; Hiwasse College 0. Cranegie 45; Thlel 13. Ursinus 12; Frank Marsh 0. Carroll College 19: Lake Forest 0. Western Reserve 58; Baldwin Wallace 0. , New Tork Aggies 7; Madison Avenue Presbyterian 6. Methodist V. 6; Simmons u. 0. Ashland 42; Wilmington 0. Washington 7; Kansas 7 (tie.) Western Reserve 56; Baldwin Wallace 0. Carnegie 45; Thiel 13. t Detroit City College 6; Manchester 6 New York Yanks 13: Frankford Yel-lowjackets 0 (professional.) Kang 24; Wesleyan 6. Davidson 0; Wofford 7. Emory Henry 7; Richmond 0. . Cornell 18; Hampden-Sydney 6. St. Thomas 25; Albright 0. Nebraska 26; Monroe State 6. Ohio State 10; Northwestern 0. University of Akron 58: Hiram 0. Loyola (New Orleans) 33; Oglethorpe 7. Morris Harvey 18; Eastern Kentucky Normal 0. ' Randolph Macon 0: Lynchburg 6. Furman ; Presbyterian 0. Christian TJ. 21; Austin College (Sherman) 0, U. of Arkansas 14: Baylor U. 0. Southwestern Louisiana 0; Mliwislppl College 13. Howard 13; lercer 7. South Georgia A. & M. 38; Rollins 1. Union 7; Kentucky Wesleyan 12. Louisiana Normal 6: Louisiana Poly 0. Eriklne 12; High Point 7. Mllliken 6; Wabash 6 (tie.) Southwestern Louisiana 0; Mississippi College 19. Luther 12; Buena Vista 6. Iowa State Teachers 31; Iowa Wesleyan 0. ' : Rice Institute 20: Trinity U. 6. Arkansas V. 14; Baylor 0. . Tulaa U. 27; DePaul (Chicago) 0. North Central 7; Beloit 0. Carle ton 12; Lawrence 7. Oreeon 39: Wllllsmette 8. Utah Aggies 7; University of Denver 1 (tie.) College of Idaho 39; University of Idaho, southern Branch 7. " California 13, Washington State 3. Second game, Oregon State 46; Pacific University 0. '," , - ' " Arizona 13;' Pomona 6.'.-' iRlpon 12; Northwestern College 0." Idaho 26; Whitman 13. . . . y Washington 25: Montana 0. : - Texas Tech 13;t St Edward . Univer sity 0. .. . Centenary 6; Texas A. & M. 0. . . Bradley 6; Knox 0.'' , Shurtleff 7; Charleston Teachers 30. State Normal (Terre Haute) 7; Val paraiso 6. ' ' " ' . . Marquette 7; Drake 26. Illinois 21; Coe 0. . Carrol 12; Lake Forest 0. Rhode Island 0; New Hampshire 12. Drexel 38; Susquehanna 0. Vermont 0; Boston University 25, Hobart 30; Union 0. .. .. LaFayette 20. George Washington 0. Iowa 13; Chicago 0. . Minnesota 15; Purdue 0. Wooster 0; Oberlln 0. Bowling Green. Normal 6; Bluflton College 0. Superior State Teachers 25; Eauclalr State Teachers 12. River Falls Teachers 12; Stout Insti tute 0. Hamline 0; St. Olaf 0 (tie). Lehigh 0; Gettysburg 7. Tuskegee 46; Florida A. and M. Col lege 0. 1 Atlanta University 7; Alabama State Normal 6. T r University - of Florida ? Freshman, ' 7; Alabama Poly freshmen 0. ' BROWN BEARS MAKE LATE RALLY TO WIN FROM DAYTON TEAM PROVIDENCE, R. I., Oct 13. W- In a thrilling game played during a continuous drizzle under downcast skies, the Brown Bears this afternoon made a last minute rally to crush tne Day ton Flyers, 13 to 7, at the Brown Stad ium. A fumble by Captain "Ducky" Swan, Hawaiian member of the Ohloans, enabled Brown to score the winning touchdown. Two brilliant successive plays, one a 72-yard run and the other an 80-yard run, brought the fans into an uproar Captain Swan, of the Flyers, at the open ing of the second quarter, went around right end, bowling over a half dozen Brown men and raced for the goal, on the next play, Dayton kicked to Brown and the ball was caught by Cornsweet who ran 80 yards for a touchdown to tie the score. The winning score came in the final quarter with three minutes to go' when Swan fumbled' the ball, enabling Brown to go over the llne after successive plunges. PENNSYLVANIA SWAMPS SWARTHMORE COLLEGE PHILADELPHIA, PA., Oct 13. W) The University of Pennsylvania swamped Swarthmore College 67 to 0 today lor the third straight Red and Blue victory of the season. i The game showed greatly improved Penn eleven over die team which defeated Franklin and Marshall last treek 46 too, particularly i In the forward pass ing attacks. ' ILLINOIS UNIVERSITY DEFEATS COE COLLEGE CHAMP AION, HJL, Oct 13. V-A fighting University of Illinois eleven took the measure of Coe 'College of Cedar Rapids. Iowa, 31 to 0 today. "Tom Mix1 NickoL Frit Humbert and "Oaga" Mills cored five touchdowns for the IlllnL The Barrows brothers, Ed and Dick and Frisbee. Coe fullback,' starred for the lowans. In the last period, oCe threatened the Orange and Blue goal with long passes. STARKESVTI.TK. MISS., Oct 13. Mlssisippl A. & M.'s Maroon eleven was a poor bulwark to stem the Crimson Tide here today, and the Alabama team ' surged over them to a 46 to 0 victory ' before a home-coming crowd. The Tide showed ruthless power on offense, and . presented an Impregnable line to the Maroons. It took Alabama but four minutes to score the first touchdown. Alabama received and was forced to punt The . Tide held and then S. Smith blocked Allen's punt and It was Bama's ball on the Aggie 20-yard stripe. Hicks sped - around end on a double pass for 15 yards and then Holm carried It over. , The ; second came a few minutes later when Billy Hicks got off on one of his lengthy Jaunts an dended up behind the goal line. Hicks was credited with 33 measures on this trip. . Suther's 60-yard punt made things easy for the third tally. Allen's punt . out from Mississippi territory gave the Tide the ball on their opponents' 40-yard line. A pass, Hicks to Suther, was good for 25 yards. Hicks scored through the line,' after JUolm had carried It up five. .The final touchdown- for the half came as a result of Holm's pile driving attack on the forewall. After pushing the ball down the field on straight bucks, Hicks toted it across. A 30-yard flight Soon after the fourth quarter started found Hicks scoring his third touchdown. The Crimson loafed during , the third quarter. They were held score- ' less ana regisierea oniy one iirst aown. l ney orignienea up in uie iinai pe- . rlod, however, after Hlcks's run. A 70-yard punt by Pappenhelmef seemed to ' have the Tide with their backs to the . wall. But starting on their own 13-yard ' stripe, the Wade cohorts started an 85-yard march to their sixth marker. The line and backs bushed It to the Maroon's 40-yard line, where Hicks went crazy again and galloped 38 yards to the two-yard line. Holm crashed over for the score. ; 1 ' . - - - The reserves scored the final touch down. With an entire team of substi- ....... t . v. . v. 1 1 v. 1. , thrftnirh t.h lln fnr SR vitrrift 9liA Part-' low scored from the 5-yard line. The uusimiK iiini pu&y ui Aittuouiw icwmcu me game, me Diocxing was aevasuiung and the tackllns was lust about as sood. The Aggies got but four llrst downs. They totalled ' .84, ; yards gained from scrimmage. ' ' With the aid of . Hicks and Holm.' Ala bama was good for '332 yards from scrim mage and. ten first downs. Alabama attempted eight passes , and made three good -for 47. yards. -A. tfc M. tried 13 and gained 32 yards when three wre completed. Suther's punting rivalled the work of Grant Gillls. He averaged 50 yards on five kicks. A. & M. punters averaged 33. Slngton sent two kicks m V. lln- am nTfn MhUk brought his average down to 48 yards In seven kicks. Penalties were light Ala bama suffered four for 40 yards and the Aggies one for 15. I lb was xur. - mens jwtimu gtuuo throughout - He went wherever he wanted : to for yardage that totalled 172. Holm smashed the line effectively to' gain 72 yards. Deal stood out on de- . r( -I .... .V... n.(nBl gainer with 39 yards for A. St M. Eberdt Slngton and Clements looked good in the line. Earl Smith was blocking consistently. . Weir and Lewis in the Maroon line ' looked good. Pappenhelmer, last year's peril to the -Tide, failed to den: the Crimson wall,- but punted extremely well.'' " ' ; The line-up: ALABAMA E. Smith c) ... Skidmore ...... Hagler Ebert .......... Starling ....... Pos. . A. M. .LE Lewis LT. ......... Brooks LQ. ........... Weir - C ......... M'Elveen. EO.m... Geoghenan RT;. .. . Dabbs Singleton Elmore ..RE..... Chrystopher. Hicks QB Allen Suther f. ...... . . LH ... Vandevere Deal FH. Burkes Holm .... .-. .v.-.v FB. 4. .: Pickens (c) Summary: ' ;,- '' " v( Score by periods: t ' "." " - Alabama -.-.v. v.. ..13,14 19 46 Miss. A. & M. 0 0 0 00 I. n" v. J . ulbo flUIMlll. KUIIUI. 1UUUIUUWU& A.4V.d. 4, Holm 2, Portlow I. Goals from place- ment Deal 4. Substitutions, Alabama: Dobbs for E1-' more, Clements for Skidmore, Brown for'' Suther, Campbell for Holm, Howard for Halgler, Vines for Deal, Weaver for E. Smith, Hurt for Eberdt Brasfleld for. Hicks, Ellis for .Brasfleld, Beall for Dobbs, Clements' for M. Smith. Boy kin. inF Nrarimo ptnnmnres Minirrin wm. Ver for E. Smith, Ellis for Hicks, Brown for Suther, Rogers for Real, Portlow for Ellis, Lowrey for Campbell, Kendall for; Skidmore, Garrett for Howard. .' ! ' Mississippi A. tc M.: Pappenhelmer for Allen, 8. Smith for Georghegan, Ashcroft for Dabbs, Harris for Burks, Stone for! Pickens, Summerour for Brooks, Pappenhelmer for Allen, Stone for Burks. Stan- difer for Christopher, Harris for Stone. . Officials: Strupper (Georgia Tech) referee; Powell (Wisconsin) umpire; Mc-Cabe (Tennessee) field Judge; Flowers' (Georgia Tech) head linesman. . WISCONSIN WINS FROM CORNELL COLLEGE, 49-0 CAMP RANDALL STADIUM. ' MADI-' SON, WIS., Oct IS. WV-As its final preparation for the Big Ten season, the University of Wisconsin toyed with Cornell College to win a one-sided victory 49 to 0, In the finals of a double-header today. - 'Wisconsin kept the lowans on the defensive for all but five minutes of the game, whue its backs, mixing line plays, end runs and forward passes, crossed the Iowa goal seven times. In the opener of the double bill, the Cardinal clad reserves defeated North Dakota, 13 to 7. HRADVAiiTrH roa rum TSVKLB Lteoe --; , iM" srm.t lukfH Toorrs cvm STaa

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