The Billings Gazette from Billings, Montana on July 26, 1990 · 11
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The Billings Gazette from Billings, Montana · 11

Billings, Montana
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 26, 1990
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Erupting lakes recharge r The Associated Press ' There's new evidence that two Cameroon killer lakes Nyos and Mpnoun are being recharged with deadly carbon dioxide. In August 1986, Nyos, a jewel-like crater lake, erupted with a burst of deadly carbon-dioxide gas that killed 1,700 people. Smaller Monoun, 59 miles to the south, had already stunned the West African nation two years earlier with an outburst that left 37 dead. Probes of Lake Nyos's bottom waters by a team of U.S. scientists show a 26-percent buildup of carbon dioxide since May 1987. "It's a stick of TNT waiting to go off," concludes research scientist George W. Kling, who recently finished his analysis of Lake Nyos water samples at the Marine Biological Laboratory in Woods Hole, Mass. "Our data is still incomplete but we think Monoun is recharging too," says Michele L. Turtle, a U.S. Geological Survey research chemist and a member of the scientific team that is studying the lakes. Some scientists have argued that the 1986 release of gas from Lake Nyos was caused by a volcanic eruption. - Kling and his colleagues are now convinced that carbon dioxide, formed deep inside the earth, feeds into the lake from one or more underground springs. But differences in water temperature and mineral concentrations keep the gas near the bottom of the lake. ' The lake's waters form two layers. The weight of the upper layer acts as a lid and holds the gas on the bottom until a violent event such as a landslide, an earth tremor, or a volcanic eruption stirs the supercharged bottom waters upward. The result is NEW PBICES! NEW GIRLS! n (hi . The Billings Gazette Thursday, July 26, 1990 11-A Ad campaign warns teens of fie between AIDS, drugs Associated Press Lake Nyos looks tranquil but is a menace, scientists say. a violent, foaming eruption much like the uncorking of a warm bottle of champagne. A dense, colorless gas, carbon dioxide weighs one and a half times as much as air. A concentrated form is used in fire extinguishers because it pushes air aside and robs fire of the oxygen needed for burning. These consequences were "evident at Lake Nyos. The eruption of lake gas formed a ground-hugging cloud that, as it moved, pushed aside breathable air. A similar thing happened at Lake Monoun. In both cases, the victims were robbed of oxygen and asphyxiated. A shallower and smaller lake than Nyos, Monoun doesn't have the capacity to release as much gas as its neighbor. Yet, a future eruption could be just as deadly as the last, depending on wind direction. "If another event occurs and the wind is blowing south, it would carry the gas right into a small village," says Kling, whose work in Cameroon has been supported by the National Geographic Society. So far, the Lake Nyos and Lake Monoun tragedies are the only recorded events in which gas released from lakes has caused the loss of human lives. Even without the gas, Lake Nyos's waters are a threat Any fu-' ture disaster at the lake might undermine a natural dam of soft volcanic rock that holds the lake within the crater. "The dam has been steadily eroding since its formation about 400 years ago," says John Lockwood, a volcanologist at the U.S. Geological Survey's Hawaiian Volcano Observatory. "Its collapse would be like letting the Mississippi River rampage for a half hour or so. Flood waters from Lake Nyos would probably reach Nigeria, 65 miles away." Lockwood advocates installing a pipe on one side of the lake that would carry out water, lowering the level enough to prevent a flash flood if the fragile spillway collapses. An even bigger time bomb may be ticking miles away in a larger lake that stores a lot more carbon dioxide than its counterparts in Cameroon. Nearly 50 miles wide, Lake Kivu fills the rift between Zaire and Rwanda and the area around it is heavily populated. Bacterial action converts much of Kivu's carbon dioxide to methane, which can be burned as fuel. A Rwandan brewery already fuels its boilers on lake methane. "I'm most concerned about the possibility of a volcanic eruption below this lake," says Lockwood. "That could trigger both carbon dioxide and a deadly fire storm from burning methane." The resulting fireball would devastate the densely populated lake basin. WASHINGTON (AP) - A new advertising campaign unveiled Wednesday will try to persuade teenagers that drugs and alcohol can lead to careless sex, which can lead to AIDS. "AIDS. Another way drugs can kill you," the public service ads say. The $3 million, three-year campaign launched by the National Institute on Drug Abuse and the Advertising Council is the first targeted at teenagers, the age group that has one of the fastest growing rates of AIDS cases. Among teenagers 15-19, about 57 percent are sexually active, public health experts said. According to last year's Annual High School Survey conducted by the institute, 51 percent of seniors have used an illegal drug. Intravenous drug use is often associated with AIDS because the virus, transmitted through blood and other bodily fluids, can be spread by sharing needles with an infected user. But the new ads are aimed at use of alcohol and drugs not normally injected, like crack, cocaine and marijuana. m c&urc"!A MA50AG2 $5 OH With Thit Atl 321 So. 34th St. W. 656-6669 who primarily draws upon the parent departments lor product - floorcoverings, lamps, wall decor, table linens, floral tuements, etc. - ano iius in wwi specj llollidny Furnitur? Summer Hours: Mon.-Fri. 9-5:30 JJ301 lstAvcNort The cuiupiLJ' SHW IllUWius through various parent deportments, on we furniture Door ano through its interior design service. Each merchandising area has buying authority, and a budget that haa been approved specifically for An Outsxr SpKUItjr Sim r Couiy RIMROCK MINI MAUL BILLING! 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ThePrudentialv "If you become influenced by alcohol or drugs and then whether you decided ahead of time to abstain from sex or use a condom, you're so wiped out that you forget ... protection goes out the window," said Dr. James Mason, assistant secretary of health in the Department of Health and Human Services. Studies have shown that people are more likely to have sex and less likely to use condoms when they are under the influence of drugs or alcohol, he said. "We're trying to get out front and discourage kids or adults from using drugs in the first place," he said. Mason said public health officials are concerned about the rising rate of AIDS among teens up by 35 percent between January 1989 and May 1990, from 342 cases to 530. He also noted that one-fifth of all people with AIDS are in their 20s about 27,500 people. Because the .average time from infection with the AIDS virus until onset of the disease is believed to be nine years, many of these people probably were infected during their teens. The campaign features radio, television and print ads in which teenagers are in sexual situations. In the TV ads, directed by Martin Scorsese and narrated by Spike Lee, the teens are at a house party, on the beach or in a car. Lee also narrates the radio spots. In the print campaign, one ad shows a picture of a wrecked car and below it a teenage couple kissing in a car. Copy under the first photo reads: "This fatal accident was caused by teenagers getting stoned and going too fast." The caption under the second picture reads: "So was this one. AIDS. Another way drugs can kilL" Mason said that "some may be offended by the forthright nature of these messages. But if we are to save lives, we must speak to teens in a language that will get their attention, make them listen and understand." As of the end of May, 136,204 people in the United States had been diagnosed with AIDS, and 83,145 of them had died. As many as 1.5 million Americans are believed to have been infected with the virus, with 40,000 to 80,000 new infections each year, Mason said. Soviet flies U.S. jet; Pentagon unhappy O 90 Prudent Propem and Casualty Insurance Connan Ail nonnmencd. Sutatect to applicable coverage and other pohc limitations. ABOVE AND BEYOND WASHINGTON (AP) - The Cold War may be over but the Pentagon says good will can go too far. After learning that a Soviet pilot had been at the controls of a U.S. Navy Blue Angels FA-18 fighter plane during an impromptu test ride at a July 8 air show at Kalamazoo, Mich., the Defense Department sent word to all the services: Don't let it happen again. "I think it's kind of sad," said Da vid Collier, a Kalamazoo air show liaison to the Soviet delegation. He said relations between the Soviets and Americans at an Ohio air show last weekend were markedly cooler because of the Pentagon ruling. "What started off as a breakthrough in Kalamazoo was treated as cold shoulders in Dayton," he said. Lt. Dave Wray, a Navy spokesman, said the Defense Department ruled that Soviet pilots would not be allowed to fly in any U.S. aircraft, and that no American pilots would fly Soviet planes. The Defense Department declined to comment. "I don't think anyone had any concern that a ride in the back seat of an FA-18 affords even a trained observer a technology leak," Wray said, noting that the Blue Angels plane is used only for show flying and for Navy training purposes. HIk otto lit tas: v a .ir 11 n rm MfltBati New! Nike Air Boss Shark Kick-off a great season! -height collar provides superb support without restrict ing movement. Encapsulated Nike- Air insole gives unbeatable cushion & comfort Rubber cupsole, bi-level cleats. 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