Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on June 27, 1957 · Page 6
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 6

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 27, 1957
Page 6
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Hx Locansport, Indiana, Pharos-Tribune Hoosier Who Advertised For Wife Gets Results MOUNT VERNON, Ind. (UP)— Farmer Ben Mayville today had at least 30 replies to a newspaper advertisement in which he seeks a companion, and his daughter said the best thing for him would be to get married again. What her 72-year-old father needs, said Mrs. Elvora Coan, is a wife. Sport Parade (Reg. U.S. pat. Off.) By OSCAR FRALEY United Press Sports Writer MAMARONECK, N.Y. (UP) Kathy Cornelius tees off-today in Mayviile, a widower, placed the)defense of the U.S. Women's Open ad in the Evansville j as the champion nobody believes —and you can't blame her if she hardly believes in herself. Scripps-Howard news- One year ago, a complete un known, slender, brown-eyed Kathy came out of nowhere to win the Open golf championship. She did it the hard way, too, taking a cubsf Mathews, Braves~~aU 14. playoff from Barbara Mclntire of American League— Mantle, Toledo. easy smile has gone back to nowhere. "I haven't won a thing the Open a year ago," she following Press, a paper: "Have nice 7-room home. Would like'housekeeper or wife." Mrs. Coan said he has already received letters from 30 women who answered the advertisement, "and yesterday a !ady came down from Evansville to see him . . .in her own car." Should "Settle Down" "He really doesn't care too much about getting a housekeeper," explained his daughter. "It's a wife he really wants. He doesn't eat right. Most of the time he cats in restaurants because it just makes him miss mother that much more if he sits alone at home. He needs somebody to talk to, a companion. It would be better if he'd get married and settle down." Some of the letters came from as far away as Huntingburg, said Mrs. Coai;, but among those Jie'have a chance and I am encour- likes best are two from Evansville.! aged by the fact that my game One of the letters said: ! seems to be coming together "Saw in your aci in the paper where you wanted a wife or housekeeper. Well, I'm available for either one." Another "applicant" wrote: Major League Leaders National League Player & Club G. AB R. H. Pet. Fondy, Pitts. 55 219 27 80 .365 Musial, St.L. 63 252 39 89 .353 Hodges, Bkn. 61 234 35 79 .338 Aaron, Milw. 67 283 53 95 .336 Robinson, Cin. 65 268 51 90 .336 American League Mantle, N.Y. 64 219 61 85 .388 Williams, Bos. 60 208 47 75 .361 Boyd, Bait. 63 206 37 71 .345 Fox, Chi. 64 251 39 83 .331 Skowron, N.Y. 61 237 37 77 .325 Home Runs National League— Aaron, Braves 20; Musial, Cards 16; Snider, Dodgers 15; Moon, Cards; Banks, Terre Haute Killer Faces Indictment Death Penalty Will - Be Sought for Thomas Whitaker Who Killed Former Wife and Son TERRE HAUTE (UP)— Grand jury indictments charging murler and death 1 in the electric chair were .sought today for Thomas Whitaker, . 39, a wife-swapping truck • driver who killed his ex- wife and their 11-year-old son. Prosecutor John H. Jett said a Vigo County grand jury will con- Camden Mr. and Mrs. Ira Brubaker and Mr. and Mrs. Ira Shafer were on the committee in charge of the Friendly Bible class meeting when it met at the Lower Deer Creek Church of the Brethren " Sunday evening., '-^ President Albert Fisher presided over the' business meeting and Ira Shafer CTndiieted the devotional period. Mrs. Mildred Allen was hostess Thursday evening to members of the Baptist Missionary society. Devotionals were in charge of Mrs. Evelyn Sharp and Mrs. Grace Sharp reviewed the lesson on *'buried treasure." After the program and business meeting refreshments were served to members and two guests, Mrs. Bryan Allen of Flora and Miss Lena Linn. to her home from St. Joseph hospital Logansport. Annual reunion of descendents of Cash and Lida Curts was held at the Delp_hi park. Present were Mr. and Mrs. Clinton Curts, Mr. and Mrs. Luther Rude, Otis Beamer, wife and daughter Mr. _nd Mrs. William Rude, Mr. and Mrs. John Frye and son Mr. and Mrs. Junior Beamer, Leslie Kleckner and family and Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Collins and family of Frankfort, Lowell Hunt and family Mr', and Mrs. Jerry Carts, and" children of Delphi, George Felthoff and wife of Ockley and Mr. and Mrs. Walter Ferguson and family of 'Logansport. Mrs. Cora Wallace has accepted a position in Sturgis Mich., and will begin July 1 her new work. Those attending the BYF o£ Judson associates held in the First Baptist church at Frankfort Thursday evening were Danny Hi'/.er Thursday Evening, June 27, ItST. Fred Leslte were hostesses Thursday evening to the Friendship Circle of the Lutheran church at the Parish-Hall. The program subject, "Mary Bethany" was reviewed by Mrs. Mary Wise and Rev. William Mos- che'J. A number of friends of Mrs Retta A. Brown a patient at the j, K , £ aftel . , ud , )er to a wood , Goodwill Nursing Home^here, he.d ^ area to snow her some birds . The Falbo, Husky Youth Slays Child KANSAS CITY, Mo. UP — A burly 230-pound youth with a long record of petty crime Wednesday admitted he killed 10-year-old Shir, a party Friday afternoon to celebrate her 92nd birthday. Yanks 21; Williams, Red Sox 19; But since then, the friendly Sievers, Senators 15; Zernial, Ath- Floridian with the soft voice and letics 15; Maxwell, Tigers 14. Runs Batted In National League—Aaron, Braves 1 56; Musial, Cards 54; Hoak, Red- I \AJVK. lilt: vyuw •» jvt**. wt,". «..- _ said soberly. "So I guess nobody ou yl ;?• expects me to do anything here at Winged Foot." about a finding of degree murder and American League—Severs, Sen-; alty .. Jett sald- itf—r, C1. "nir^rttlr, \7nr\lrr, C1. CMrn*ir * " will ask two murder indictments —three if Whitaker's 9-year-old daughter Regina dies. Jett also said he will demand the death penalty.for Whitaker. "The prosecutor's office will leave no stone untamed to bring guilty of first " the death In my Now that ^Katiiy, toe mother Col ^ vlt0| Indian5 42 """"" Pitching Shantz, Yanks 9-1; ._ ators 53; Mantle, Yanks 51; Skow-i rs as pr0 secutir,g attorney, no ron. Yanks 50: Wertz. Indians 47:! i -..«*!r:».i ..u,, j-~n. ron, Yanks 50; Wertz, Indians 47; Shirley Skiles Viney, Donna Rude, treatment • at Memorial hospital, sue Ann Case, Tva Lee Shoemaker, Logansport. Mary Ann Martin Wendell Rut- Two boys have returned from Hedge Dennis Zook from the senior Boys State at Indiana University. Benny Sharp was by Camden Legion and Darrell Chapman sponsored by the local Lions Club. Mrs. Blanche Spitler and family have moved to the tenant house on the Paul Oyler farm. Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Seiber spent of a 3-year-old daughter named Karen, has .tossed in the sponge. Games Comi n g Together Phils 9-1; Schmidt, "I'm not saying I can't win It," Trucks, A t h le t i c s she explained. "If I play well, I Braves 8-2; Bunning, S a n f o r d, Cards 6-1; 6-1; Buhl, Tigers 8-2. "I will call on you . you . "But you just can't walk in against a field such as thus," she added as she contemplated the 98 shotmakers arrayed against her, "and confidently expect to win don't want me to call on you, you fj rs ( p] a ce.' call me. Otherwise, I will know j 'K a th y , 24, started playing golf to come." Mrs. Coan said her father an- rwered one of the letters and planned to "visit some of the ladies as soon us he gets done pUwing his corn." .She said her father married when he was 16. Her mother was 14 then. She died last year, after 56 years of married life. The Mayvilles have nine living children, more than CO grandchildren and 38 great-grandchildren. in -the city recreation program of tier native Lake Worth, Fla., when, she was 13 years old. She played in hw first junior tournament at 15 and in the National Juniors when she was IV. Then she married Bill Cornelius, a Lake Worth golf professional, and he began to work on the game which carried her to the U.S. Open title last year. It was her first as a touring professional, although she had turned pro two „ ,.. it , i.-ii • years earlier, and she got a big Mrs. Coan, the oldest child, is j^ Ell in favor of her father marrying again, "but some of the other children don't feel that v/ay about It." Mayville retired from his job at a foundry fiere several years ago burg 1U3C. , ;f tournament lh( , in February of "But after Drew A Illunk T drew a big blank right boon and started drawing social security. "He didn't like just sitting around so he started farming I" 1 K again as he had earlier in his life," hi:i daughter said. "Nuw he's farming on shares for my sister out near Kannersville." But Mayville isn't the lype of person who '.'.'iii live alone anil like it, she said. The that,, too," she confesses. .same kind <>! a blank I've rlruwinf! for the past ye;ir. It madu rnc work even harder j/o-j mlr " ;rs > Five Miners Are Rescued BLOOMING-DALE, Ohio (UP)— Five coal miners entombed for 14 hours by a cave-in were rescued Wednesday night through a shaft bored by a tremendous mine-digging machine. It was believed the first time the machine, a giant auger developed to make coal mining more economical, over was used in a rescue attempt. The bit of the auger, S'/z-feoL thick, and capable of boring 120 feet an hour, pierced 240 feol into the Hide of a 1'owhatun Coal Co. strip mine near here and hit "dead center" in a low chamber where the miners were trapped. The men crawled to s n f e '. y through the hole, the third bored by Ihu auger In tile- rescue effort, at lOrfiij p.m. c.d.t. They had been trapped since 9 a.m. e.'J.t. in a space 40 feet lon«, 4'/4-fcet high and u to 18 feet in width. A.bout 200 person s, Including wives and children of the trapped rescue workers and two case ever has justified the death penalty more than this." Whitaker confessed Wednesday that he shot to death Mrs. Alma Martin, 36, and his son Jack Whitaker when he invaded thei; $40,000 home in a wooded subdivision and fought a gun duel with I Mrs. Martin's new .husband, Stewart, a Terre Haute businessman. Martin and Whitaker's daughter were shot, the child critically. Whitaker surrendered about 13 hours after the shootings, while a posse of police combed brush and woods near the crime scene looking for him. The Whitakers and Marlins I wore divorced last year and each man married the other's wife a few months later. WhiLaker Warned his .spree on resentment ovor custody given U) their mother of the two young children. Services for Mrs. Martin and the boy will be held Friday. Meanwhile, officers searched for the shotgun. Whit'akor ust'd in the crime. BYF and Margaret Kesterson, Mary Beth MacNb and Lee Ann Reppert from the Junior BYF. The Camden group received the plaque for the best attendance. Rev. Duncan MaeNab and Mr. and Mrs. George Clem accompanied the group. After the _ meeting a weiner roast and sohgfest was .held at the Frankfort park. Mrs. Effie Guard was removed' Mesdamcs Raymond Judy and the weekend in Muncie with lives. rel- Jersey Grand Jury Indicts Roy Cohn SHELBYVILLE (UP)—Trial of three men on armed robbery charges has been postponed to July 8 while authorities searched for one of them who broke out of jail. Still at large was Clarence J. House, 26, Indianapolis, who escaped from the Shelby County Jail last week. William R. Larkin, 34, who was caught trying to squeeze through a hacksawed jail cell window, and Walter King, 36, Indianapolis, wore transferred to the Stale Reformatory for safe-keeping until the trial. All three were charged with the robbery of a home in Fountaintown last July. youth, Salvatore Joseph 15, was captured in an alley near his gradfather's homa here after Shirley's body was found hidden in a suburban wooded area about 1 a.m. She had been choked to death and her clothing, green shorts and a striped shirt, were partly removed. Authorities said the girl may have been sexually molcsied but thai she had not been raped. Falbo, a husky teen-ager, has been in trouble since July 9. 1934, when he admitted entering a home, strewing contents of the refrigerator about, and writing and drawing obscene words and material on the wall. Once previously, he was arrested for allegedly threatening a year - old girl with a bayonet, has been in several boys' homes and has been treated by » psychiatrist. "About six months after mother up to last yoar'H Open—just as I've been working harder going up to thin one." "But this life is a lot of fun," .she bubbled, shrugging away her playing difficulties. "The thing I miss most is my daughter, who Is with my imrents a,t their hummer home in South Carolina. Hill and died he started «oii:« out with J '•"'* h '' r to " tournament at Gal- women, she said, "lie wenl with '">bur({, Tenn.,,but it w;us jusl. too one woman for a while, but sliL- ( " lllctl - "<• lla<l u > toto her to UK; was seeing other ni(.-n besides him.; '"><> I;V(!I 7 (lii y and ju.st about and they split up. He's a one- walked his .shoes off." priests, shouted joyously at sight (;f Uie rescued men. "We never gave up hope, we knew that machine would get to u.f," said Kenneth Hamilton, :w, the first man out of the mine. liclilnd him carmi ./osnph Supinski, 20, Martin Kovalski, 40, Henry Horvuth, 88, and Krcd Sable, '.III. None had suffered any injiirion. u|) ,j, |l( . rJ| .,. si(U . n oiUier Monday morning. woman man and want.s a one-man v/Mnan." iiill lias his walking cut oul for him in Uie next three days, too. Hut. tli in lime, it'll be with Kathy, bec.'iu.'io Uiu champion nobody be- l.eves needs his moral support u»j Mi« tries to regain lior belief in Pickets Ex-Husband In Alimony v Scrap MISHAWAKA, Ind. ' IJPI-Mrs.! liwse. Virginia D. Marvin, Si/utii ISendi ' mother of three, t-jok mailers inloj ArqOnnG Laboratory her own hands when her estranged I f- , — ,. r ., ' husband, Robert, failed lo make support payments ordered by St. Jo.sc-pli County I'robulu Court. Mrs. Marvin picketed Hit liorne Eisenhowers Plan Weekend at Farm WASHINGTON (U'D—-President Eisenhower will spend a long weekend in GotlydburM and celebrate Ms 41.st wedding anniversary there Monday. The town of Gettysburg also will l>o observing Ihe Mlh anniversary of Uie Baltic of GellyHburB this weekend. The President probably will atllnd Iho ceremonies Sunday. White Iloune Press Socrulary James C, Ilauerly said llu; President, plans lo leave for GuLly.slmrK Friday .shortly after lunch. Wcal.li- er pormll<t!n«, he Will fly lo Ills farm. Mr«. Klsenhiwer will drive Read the Classified Ads will come back or Tuesday Guards Call I-KMO.VJ', III. (U'P) — Picket lii>i.-» were thrown up today at III'. 1 Argunm- National Laburalory In a of her hu.'iliund'H parents here with S.strike by about 105 guards lit the a sign reading "Robert Marvin does not support hi^ children," Mrs. Marvin picket<:d for two hours, but her husband, now living with his parentii, did not make an appearan':''. Mrs. Marvin saiil the court and tile sheriff's department wen: giving her the "brush-off" In forcing her husband to pay $:i() wwkly for support of her and the children. A crowd of bystan.'liriM gathered to watch Mrs. Marvin. .Soini; told her to go home, but others voiced approval of hw method. nation's senior atomic researdi and development center. The guards at the restricted Installation walked out at (I a.m. The strikers, members of Local I, In- lirrnaliimal Guai'il;) Union of America ((ml.), picketed five entrance)! leading to this lab. A company hnnkexman Kald emergency plaas to maintain the .•iw.'unty of the l»l) were put Into effect immediately. Illinois state police and sheriff's officers were rushed to (lie installation. The strike was lab's history. Uie fir.-il In the It's Vacation Time AT SMITHS 300 W. MARKET ST. PH. 3930 We will be closed from 72:00 Noon Sunday, June 30lb Til 8:00 a. m. Sunday, July 7th heads agree: Calvert tastes better Clear-bonded men prefer tho Culvert tattte. Thn rofiwon? Every drink, every bottle !H dopendnblo, conHtunt in ti and quality 1 Calvert Nothing finer in American taste CALVERI DIST. CO., N.Y.C. * j .r>r> 4/5 QT, ' V4 PT. AMERICAN BLENDED WHISKEY • 86 PROOF • BOJi GRAIN NEUTRAL SPIRITS Come To KELLER'S For Cool And Comfortable Clothing For The And Thru Summer LAMES SWIM SUITS $5.95 BOYS' SWIM TRUNKS 98c-$1.89 BOYS' JEANS 2(ppor front OWE LOT Mostly size 16 a fow huskies in sizes 6-8, and onu sizo 20. WHILE THEY LAST u. $1 LADIES' BLOUSES Whilo and pailol and sloovoloss. LADIES 7 JAMAICA SHORTS $ 1.98r 0$ 4.98 MEN'S SWIM TRUNKS ONE IjOT Special... $1.49 MEN'S SHORfT StEEVE Slz"» 10-18 Strlpos and plaids SPORT SHIRT BOYS'COLORED LAOIBS' SHORTS Whilo and 10 to 16. -SHIRTS 98c MEN'S PLAY SHORTS $1.69 Dark Groy Tan Lifjlil Bluo &OYS' LADIES' SUMMERETTES Cool and Comforlabla .45-$4.95 MEM'S Canvas Oxford or Loafer $4.49 Ladles Canvas Sllpon Cutli- lon Injolo, arch ^*Q OQ supports. Navy. «PO»X / PLAY SHORTS Spoclal lot of sizes 12-1416-18. $U9 CHILDREN'S BAREFOOT SANDALS $1.69 GIRLS' 1 Strap Canvas Arch support Navy or rad Sizes 7'A lo 3. $2.69 The KELLER Co. —THE STORE FOR VALUES- 503-505 E. BROADWAY

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