The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 11, 1952 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 11, 1952
Page 4
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PAGE EIGHT . BLYTHEVILM! (ARK.) COURIER NEWS WEDNESDAY, JUNE 11, 1952 HKF'RIGEHATION CO., pftlr. Call 1011 day*. 70M nlfiht* ^ 2« For i>imifilriR *epnr-nmHs. rosspool oulrtoor tnLlrl5~~ralL Jessie Turner, 101 DiJ«ie Si, Phonf S291 Work irii^ir^jirpprf. < 66 pk '" ' 1 CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION *alVr r«U 9*1 n»* tor «m»tHtii« Minimum char*, 1 tlm* J*r lute 2 tim« P*r UK* **r day J llmd per line per rtaT 12 tlmri per line pri <1*J Sr K R Alley-Air Monlh pe> line W i^rhtloti 5or7h-«. Ph, ^ Count fUe aurxfte word* IP thf line•-j soml, fllythevllte. Ark Ad nidtrtA lor thitr or «i limes and rtoppfd fee/ore filiation will he rhucrd for the number ol linn-* i tn- art • pppirert and adjustment of hill m;nlr, AJ1 classified jidrerlhlnK rnp» ni.h- •iltltd hy person* rrsinijiR oiiisirtf of Ihr rlty mnst be ifrompaiilrrt bv r.t«.n Ratr* m»T easily be computed (mm Ihf ahovr I Able. AdiertislriK ordered f«t irretnlar in- »«ttlOB« take Ihr nnr time Ubl*. N'o responsibility will l>? <akrn for morf than one Inrorrrrt Insertion t\t AM ad* »rr restricted m their P ri ^ 1 /'' REFRIGERATION pit aerrlce on Air-Condlilonlng. r holt °ftnd *H*trr fliooXs Phone j J»: Birch. I 531 fk tC I 102 F. Mis- < fl« pk 7fi or rrj«t any art. rtfilit to Apartment /or Rent iM fmipl .!«rrlr decorated. JOS \V. Kv Watch and Jewelry Repair !-l>!ii *er»lcp nn ,lcv!rt T *1i>y< wrtlrti*.' «nrt clock* n>iaran'n rl »,-or> rtonr t>j ejpTl repairmen l-oiivesl "PAT O'BRYANT Main & Scconrl Moving d Hauling help. W W. H<":kha I'himp fi^fi R ^ in rni. firn. ap: . pri . Tall 5IW. 6" 3 rm furnt-:hrfj pparim'-nt. with ,,9 VV. A,h S,r,-.. P ho,,, MW batb. UtILltipi: furnlshi"!. i ph, W9.S. " '" iBi<."baih *n<l trlasJrl-1" hnrk _tj Electric hoi wfltpr heaior. pft rrhnlf! rrfil^pr.-<(l tiny. 31T5 nlchl 7-0 RxnUCiERATION rO. .-I,.- IMinn'.' 5 2.1 rk 6 ?3 3 rm. unl. apt. ty. Ph. 3813. h«tb- ISH Hr>l« 10 ;>k n Diipl" vinlumUhwl. 3 room * prl- iati> b»'.h. ElPdrK- W. K. Nc«Lr 0-r- F >.nrl 'a rooms surf prlv»lf h«lh ii!r<-lv MrnlslxKl All Mcc Kite-hen. Clean Pho. 2671 niter S.m. 3«S- fi "> P» • ' " email Mmlshp<l room Ph. MOT O,7 pit for Sate, Misc. R«rll-v Ftraw hv ton or Clrorrrv More nnrl fix' 33 \VPST Ash fit PIANO STORAOE SAI nine prke. for rush in i ISO - 175 - 195 Ph 17-1174 Memphis. Teim j(M!l F0!<l> S!H5 11150 l-'Olll) ?ll!tr. In A-l ronillllon, Mils Fn«l Ore»i> Tutlor Sedan. Anil only Fnnlnr Sr'lan l« et|iil|')ir-rf with $11!>!>. You can always make radio. IifaliT. antl cxoi-llrnl a hettrr u.«etl car trade al HITS. Only JflIM Phillips .Motur Co. inio roiti) — $IW5 um Powrrrfl tiv Ihp Inmous V-R If ynn lr.ivp, >«»r rvr nn & encinr. l>iis maroon C'lilb ^nnil-runnlni;, oltler moilrl rar <"oupr !«; a lop prrformr-r, Ka- a I a h.irgaln price, Oil* ChfV- dio :iml liMtrr. S1005'. rolel C'oacK is 1C 2 RED-HOT TRUCK SPECIALS! lillS KOKI) $^15 li» r Here's a I 1 ,-Ton St.iko lioily A bis •>.-Tan Irui-k al a ir Inirk with a un'i'l rri-nmlilinn- *i»all pfl.o-SM.i. Maki nl ninlfir. It'll make nionry best Irailr rvcrj- llav at (or you. Drive it tomorrow. lips Motor Co. Cull IT. Wl ph, tx • An sare yon itinp Am! ino- •c1! I ow« Ornrrry antl Staiki-t. r 5 ?n rk fi 20 ( Unf. 3 room apt. Apply nt 112 Chtrry. 8B P" P hAv^ Trpsh dftlly, burhrcurd Tlb Iryi-ni, rhlnXcn **\r.ti, hsm natw lEnlti chpr-.-sfi polMo «nlrtfl ft" e baitprf ham Cpcl! IXIWP firnc.-r Market, ph <.W7. 32" ck fi i to. Phone 2595. .C loom turn. «pt.. utllltl rilt only. HOS W. Ash. fi New nnn u*rri pnwrt mowers l!l''jf" e pat is and rrpnlrd. Also power ;n«J.v- . Close j ers for rrnt. 6,5 ck u \Vesthi-nok Mncliino Shop Acronf from Kroger 5 M rt H fimpang Phone 4453 Repair Parts John Blue Fertilizer Equipment Jack Robinson Implement Co. Kl.vlhevitle, Arkansas — Phone. 2H71 WATER WAGON FOR COOLING "RED"-HOT HEADS-Police ot Frankfurt, Cicrinuny, ;n-c wcll-cquipiicd lo cool oil Communist tk-nionsl[.ilor.s. This si>ecial]y-<iesi|;iK-il 1200-giillon capacity liuek mounts two water camirms on its roof, and two more are lot'iilcri iti lljc sides of the vehicle. The cannons, operated from boncil tab, fire streams of v/atcr which pack sufficient wallop lo knock down n man 225 feet away. For Rent SHOPS' Nr-n- nil sl/r-i an*) kl»t1<s, Bnvs. 4 room hmisr anri KuraKC. 14500. |2fVt Men "A- Worm-fT* WOO r>nlr; Vonr rinu u nnd IHJ a month. Also cafp, to- rho-i'p $1 na Wi-dn^srt^y .hrou^h S^t- iratert al Hro»aw»y and Aiih. Phone vmli.v nOSK RALES CO, 501' South 0612 C Abraham. 5 : 30 ck If 32 Pr S"t WhUf FiporUl Trl'r (I.OR RninrtUy rtOSE SA K Hhnll Illsh'f liirjsriRV llvouKh CO., SOI Ron.h 3 rm. nnlurn »pl.. P«. >>alh. rti-c hot Wilier heRlenP1^33M5,19 ^K «,'» s room A; 4 room apl» ro fc«j?. C- AbrRhnm. Modern 3 room tur 4A4!t Modern apt.. 3 rooms *nd hulri, nrw» 1» decorated. B ood furniture, pe.-* equip- iun». Ph. 3313. r. Simon. »;at ck t^ "limall Apartments, ed. J8 up per week. Bedrooms $4 up single. 114 West Ash, Ph. 2833. 8-4 ck tf Supples «tnd Services Don't enttnnger yoiir Inmlfy w NiUlty »lrrs—BUT LET, TIRES. CHAPMA^f SKRVICH STATION Mnln *nd DlrLslon Phnne 33«3 Services * MIWCTI PHOTOSTATIC SERV K?«. O'3T«»WS STUDIO. 115 W. MAIN 13'4 ck 1 Ma4g(* BeKtltr Shnppr now oppn Win. ^13 1.111; St. PH. WW. 6» pX 12 5 29 pV fi 12 Siive Monc.v When You fl,, y _ Sell — Trade Used Furniture GLIN HARRISON & SON FURNITURE CO. 517 W. Ash 1912 Hearn Street 2 h<M,rooni modern home. Jnsl redecorated. Ulenl loca- )ISI{KS >:- Pi if". R-->/or Hind en l j j tJOII. CtlOlCC liClKll^Orhood. >rlr<* Mi<r\'t Snx l - Prlrr Klshlna R^fis j . . .. ° i^ Prtro Over 30(10 l\rms TO ''hi»j<,c pl'lCOfl 10 SCI!. Iron* i.v »:. »'-K 1'i^. _»'o»^_ «!«• Vl r ] 1 A~-|_ t ^t, „„ _. . ,U ^ C |;^lf. RORK SAl.KS fX>.. ! 21st, )NK PAINT Li\ ON; Price SI 8!>. SAl.R Trice 7: :7olOT5, RORK 3A1.FR CO.. Rooms El com for tit. 311 S. DlvMnn. 1 room furnisher] apt. '* r 1lh ha'.h. ' — 'timies fnrnlshpd. Ph. 4?5S. fi-10 rk S.I ' B^clroom convenient to bnth.. fill \V - .... j MMn. Ph, 332.V 66 pk 76 4 room hou5fi--3 inllps from cltj- limit. Phnne 6571. 67 pX 34 One -1 room apt. unfurnished. Newly decora I *»r1. CJose in. Phone 327it after S o'clock, 6.7 pk 14 flrdroom with private bath Ph. 29.TR 6 4 ck 1 4 HKCORDR: BUifR-. ISc SAI.fIS TO H or 7 foe II. ROHR f, 11 TI* 14 ;| br>*t 12 h p motor. 7 Ph VW9 vl * r *i trallr-r. Ph. 44f*1 or 8171). J JI, i-ff« i i.. | fi fi px 1.1 B-3 ck 11 F*i]li hlontlcrt Dalmatlnn puppies. IK'S rh. Ph. WS1. « H P* 1" TYPEWRITERS DON EDWARDS CO. Plenty of Parking Space Hlffher prlcf* paid (or old cars. *crep Irnn. nietalA. lifvlUrles aiiri radiators. No longer connected with B3y- IherlllK Iron ,k Mrinl Co. For plrk-up anri a Kqiinie deal call 4609. \V. A. Al- lenjwonh. a 0 pk 23 T sell and In.iUU complete wntcr nystpm ancl no motifiy down ( Small pAymenta. Ph, fi.119. H. Meyers Plans-Estimates ror nrw construction, rpmodpllng or TK.A. OR O I. LOANS NO OBLIGATION Phone 2C68 Frank Wagner Builders Supply Co. Ltician Games Furniture Co. Trade your old furniture for new. I will also buy your old furniture. Farmers lernv? '/2 down, balance in (he fall Formerly Arnold & Oaines. Ph. 6357. 'l|17i-ktf 1 HusMrmn meat cll5plny ho^ (to rootl I Dayton srnlp 1 Hohart Rllcrr I food rtioijpirr 1 rural Work I rpclstfr 1 rnrrls fino Atr Connlllonlnc Unit 1 Rlro mrnr o'V I roTtee mill Entrnptt. Wilson Cirorery "B1C, STINXY" 1>'I.Y TRAP Nationally known ai'd nd- vertispd. Will positively rid vour lionie of flies or your .none.y back. f'1.55 popl.paid. HUGH W. AI..I.KN Osccola, Ark. r>I!l pi: fi'in 2 Hedrouin home located in Hie 1500 Mock of Cliickasaw- ba. This liome is in perfect cotulilion and has a wonderful locution. Those are two of UIR nicest homos lo lie offered in Rly- tlievilln niut should lie inves- tijftitpd if yon are looking for a nice home reasonably priced. Shown by appointment only. See or call J. E. Stevenson Jr. Noble Gill Agency Phone 68(58 G;G ck I'l 2 room hO'ise. Call fiH8. 6 5 pX 6 12 [ ShftlAiKl poults hy llie day. v.'OCV. or I mmlh. Dt-ltr^ry service. Jolin D Mi'- Jowfll. fiii. J7»6. 615 pk 7 ti t Nice beoroom Tor rout nrar hleh I ohool. Comfortable and cool, private nlrRnr?. phone 3103, 7 2 DH 1 bedroom private bath. Phone 4643. 61 pV. 1 'i Notice Sullivan-Nelson's SPECIALS 1951 CHKVROI.KT 4 dr. S««lan—fr*sh air HJAC htr. A def., while tires, kiw mileage, one owner I4vv 194B CHKVROI-KT 4-dr. Serfan—plasfic seat ) : «w«rs, htr. & rfefrosier, xreen finish. . .only. . , J»5l CHEVROLKT !/;-T. t'ky. Trk.—ntiw's $j (he time (o trade for * heller Iruck lilSO CIIKVROI.KT deluxe V,-f. 1'kp. Trk— : trade up before truck licensing time comes . . . lifts CHEVRO!,KT '/i-T. ]>\Cp. Truck—here's $ an example of I he money you save now 1918 CHEVROLET 'i-Ton I'itkup Truck—re- % memher, you can always make a good deal here 191S STUDKRAKKR 1-Ton l'ickii]> Truck— % new paint, motor overhauled, extra good rubber. 1!!I7 INTERNATIONAL !/ 2 -Ttm I'icktip Tnick $ —motor A-l, tires like new, a real clean one . . 15H6 DODGK 1-Ton Stake Truck—this j;<K>d- ? running Irk. was mane for farm use.. .bargain 19:i!l CHEVROLET short wheelbase Trk.—has (food body and h' very good tires. . .cash special 1<)">0 CHEVROLET lonj; Truck—the motor is in perfect condition. . .a real clean-nnenwiier (ruck! Tires look like new: 825 x 21) front, 900 x 2(1 ^ICflC rear. All for only IfcwW ManV More to Choose From EASY GMAC PAYMENT PLAN Remember, J-OB can always make a good deal at SULLIVAN-NELSON CHEVROLET COMPANY "The Bit Used Car Lot «* Walnut Street" 301 West Walnut Phone 4578 Utrhcn. 321 W. D^vls. t,';il[ l.t'f. 3 ron^n house, hot nnrt cold hnth- E'h. 4.6:12. a S Ch1rkasawh:\. Inquire ... t A A members mretlnp: nicht rh»ns- tet. ! e<1- Roc. meellnff Tunsday. Family 12 • meeting every Friday. Beginning Frt i Junp nth. 611 pk 34 For So/e, Real fstate and •I rOOlll hnLISC nil<! Ijnlh 011 _ , , .. . 011 Gl. Highway KKOZKN CUSTARD KQUIPiMlCNT Start jour own Business or Incr^a. 1 **. j Tour pTfspnt hiiRlnrss wllh > t;i A Immp nr;^or (<]H [IctMU ST K E. Van Rthhrr, ••- hl ' A I1llme Ol !r O il<" 56A. Phone 6300. BlylhfTlllf. •SS l(K-(lt.i()H, l()t 75 i Ark. 6> pit 76 He/p Wanted USED P1ASOH FOU SM.B-RJS low 9H Ouarante^d contlLtlon Fh ^ftfl 0>9, 3,32 CX fl ' i rhltdrc-n. Ph. 679B. fi 9 ck 12 T for th, ** pk L2 uld Shop In Comfort !n Chamblin's Showroom Cool---Air Conditioned x 75. Priced for quick sale ,vldOO. Modern and extra roomy A TODin house and Ijiilli on paved Girls for curb service. Make si reel in northeast purl of i j/ood tips. Must be 21 years of town. Same as new—lip-t<>i> i nf re. Apply in person. KA7.0K- condilion inside and out. RACK DRIVKIN, I'll. -l:M I. I.Hrtre lot fl'250. cast), ^\ '1.0(1 tolal inonllily pa.vnipnts. Vn-1- cant, move in IUHNHTOW. !ur Modern -I room house and | ' ATTENTIONT.AIUKS: II'T" balti lilt) Hearn SI.. Choice •<»"• "> '»'>' «" nr •"""• " rrklv - ra " ... , . . ' . . . .flcxolp ^ nr niort- hnnrs dnUf lo wnrV, leijrllliorllooa, oraUtltnl hack- !|,nre g plra^ne personality. »nrt « rnr, vnnl, newly decorated inside, j ^WnVS'. l^,?*$™ ' D " pl V;\c;xi\t, ^\. r >UO. i-.aRh. ^'U.IG a; e " " v 12 niontli. It's a jrood invesl- 'iienl. Have several thai will | rent it. JOHNNY MARR Realtor 112 So. -2w\. riionc .itn Uesidcnce F'hone 2506 5 10 ck If 2 rrom fnrnlshprl home, elpclrtc Itrhro. goort loctuton. Ph. WZ 15.1 ck 7;4 5 room house, phone Bonn and corn land. K. B. GKK COTTON CO. Call C. C. Conncille, HR.lo, 202(i, night KUI.I.ER BRUSH JAMES I.IGIITY. DKAI.KR For service iu ynur door, r.^31 6^93. -V23 pk 6 '^^ He/p Wanted phone 2880. 5'6 ck tf I om nntl Hoard for mm a bo, room wo, worhlnp pirls IIS W, A*h Mrs. Wy. 5:u"ph fi M iff. H rooms am! S 11 pV; 14 Well turnl.shprt i hnth. Pho/ie 2925. Specials The NflTt- Hclcne Curtis Wa?« CondlilonRl 510.00 Other rolcl wnvejt JS 00 Mid ' »p BEAUTY BAR Ph. 3203 GlDnco« Hotel Btrig 5.15 '.t. Bo and Doc's Boat Dock -I mi. West of GosneH Back of Green's Store Go.od Fishing — Picnic Area Boats — : Motors — Bait Sundwieiies — Drinks G,7 14 Insurance Call 4553 For Complete Insurance I'votccUon W. J. Pollard Awncy rianncd Protootion mo STUPE. ... si.r.i.i Grren f.lusiurs? Coupp—over' ririvo. I'Z.flOn iniTps. Hi I!) S'H'WC. . . . $l!0n Maroon ,"i-pj»*'«f njfrr Cotinf—• ovrntrivr, r;ulin ^ hr;i lor. in.M) 8'ITOK. ... ?!M!lfi 1!H!) FORD V-R .?ll!>5 Grpy *-rtoor—ovcrctrive. rsrlio AUroon Forilor—ofTrrinjf vrry a llfl hr:Urr. low ni[|r;vi;c. ioso CIIKV $i:«)r> mis CIIKV $'.M5 Tuo-tonr crp» 2-door—radio Nlarh ^-iloor Sedan—licster anil ttpatrr. and .^rnt rovf!-":. ini!l STl'OF,. . Stlil.'i lillfi 1'l.YMOl'TH $r.|S Grrcn 2-ripor Setlan—ovpr- Hrd <"onvrrliMc—nrw molor, rJrive ^nd healer. lop and paint, June 30 is the date when new truck licenses ore due. Now's the time to trade for a brand new Studebaker Truck. Come in. WANTED MEN TOTRAIN'FOR TECHNICIANS IN ONK OF AMKKICA'S J.EAUINC; INDUSTKIKS IK Von can qualify thh roulj he your < chance for fniiirc srnirLty and ih« XlmJ \ ot worX you like. Ton inusi he botw**rn J • ilrnl^nl o[ .in 8th Orntic F:r1urnUnn | ninrr . . . xo EXPERIENCE ncrrs- j rv- hru must hr wllllnp to train In [ i:\rp tlnip at homr . . . ; W1H not In- ' Fnr full flotnlU mirt fnrlhrr Infer- \ qnLJlfy—Write Riving HC:P nnrt eriiicn- | tlon to BOX T-4 r Courier News ] Good fasi bnrher for first clialr. Job 1 ^oori foi tSf> or hr-uer B wpoX, MIIBI ' »pply bv- Monday «t 115 W. Main St.. ! ir phone 4193 afft 7 " m. fi 11 pk ifi 1 Man or woman co takn o/«r route, of | f.^t.ThUshed customers Ln .^e?tlon ot , Blythpvillr*. Full or pan tlm«, Weekly j proms ot *-15.flfi or more nt RtRrt pos- ! e. No car or other Investment nr- 1 wry. We will hplp you RCL slartfd. i Write Mr C- R- Ruble. Hepv. fi-2. The I n Wat kins Company, Mem phi moBSff. 6'11 pk 12 ' for Trade An Emergency rmmicration Act WRS passed by Con^re.^s in 1921 limiting Tnreign nations to quotas for Em migration purposes. I'M. ;;<i: K. M. Berk Wanted to Buy I li><"! nool mi.lrf, Ph in P K n nlrt Kn- Real ESTATE Farms—-Ctly Property 1.0 \NS OSTIIN- KTI7DIO. MS HIGHEST PRICES PAID For tin. wire and all kinds of metal. Noble Gil I Agency r'cl T -n i I^MRAMPF 1 Blythev^llelron & Metal Co. Ph. fiSfiS • 30 rk tr ay & Moviltrie Drive Phone S%'J! DRIVE WITH CARE I licit means Speedometer Repair! \\f tpff'ta\\Tv, in c'vinc 1 -I);IT nrrvicr on sprnlnmcIcr rrpnlr Tor all mnkfs of rars and Inirks. Drive In tomnrrnw—we'll help von DK1VE WITH CARE. T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. Chrrslfr-FlymoHt.. Dealer 1^1 F. Main Phone 212J EXPERT REPAIR i meons fXTRA weot\ H-flLTCRS UHLITY SHOe SHOP 1*1 W. MfllN ST. A complete fillEhtly used flectro- platlng onLfit Srrll nr tradi* for RfMiiJ honi nr nioior. Phone 2204. fill c'x H Good used piano for i wheel MI to trMler, power mower or :• arisen tnic- tor with cycle. Phone 3708. fi.U pk. 14 Japan Buys Malaya Iron SINGAPORE fJP.i — '('wo Japanese .steel concerns have concluded a deal for the shipment of 1,000,000 tons of Malayan iron ore within one yrar. Trie Eastern Mining Company's Bukit Be.=;1 mine produced 498,000 tons of iron ore in 19r>0. Get The Best AUTO REPAIRING Factory- trained mrchnntrs nsi frmnne parts are your assitrance of dependable service wlicn yuo hrinjc your car to T. I. Sray Motor Co. , . . »n Main Slrest. Try our friendly next (Imr! T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. Chryslrr-Plym«»«lh Dealer u) O SAVE AT HORNER-WILSON! FARM LOANS You Can Pay A^Y AMOUNT .;'- - v «t ANYTIME from form fn«om« without penalty TTiu fjimouj FARM INCOME PRIVILEGE i* trritlfn inln jyour nof« ?rAr»n von hnrr- n fonn from TERRY Abstract 8,^ Realty Co. 21:! Walnut Phone 2381 Mortgage Loans of All Kinds 1951 GMC 1 Tim Short Whe«J Bas«. Brand new lire*, dflnxa ra ri and very low »ti!e*^«- $1645 19S* FORD pmlnrn flnta Coupe. RxdEn, hrwter, white ride wall tErpft. Dark bine rol- or. ClenneAt rar In BLirthevJUc. ' $1295 1951 STUDF.BAKF.K I.«Bf Whetl B»»t. Vtrj low mil«ge. ,tn54 llk« new! S« It (<nl»y »t Authorized jjp Service • 2 Big L»N mi lUilrood 1 A»h Str««ht. • CHAMBLIN SALES CO. ft Ash D«attr O* •>,- 20. H«p IP, \\.\ntr 12 *li"»ti r.-, 1 ^ \ :i C |- tf! » >• nh,%,^(!<. F>u<ir. Pmt.f* inu-.. -i - : rt ,n thl* Un:l t 1 ' '••!•"' Mif«nilt -,•:.,-". _ , I .ids to n F. RlKMfH ,lr. Houtr No 1. rCfSOftal ' *,.\ ;tR''. Hlvdlfvlll-!'. Atl!. HUis v'll In- _ i riTpird until U o'rUu-k noon J.uv > Arc von hsvluc UOuhlf [ra-n rt.-r--«.5! ^ M i>k . fl thi'viiir. AI It. J J~ Pk rt 3; • 'UL> Aor.^ 1 h .-. r « nr 7.11.1 ti nh. i«l\rrt l.m<l H.i!«n«r MfM.I i'l-.R l^i-.r! >A':> h;;h .-o1!o-i IllPl> 80 Arvrs H;ilf-Mn,m ; f lf> c>: 15 KPTHP \\ itisonhnni, Knxltnr \AJ f k. i m" AI i nni^pc* WE MEET ALL PRICES WHOLESALE OR RETAIL < ^ '^-^ V H O T or COLD! v \__£/ A Slice or Truckload! T^^^^sl^ SPECIAL PRICES ^ -' V «^S^--J FOR piCNICS AND PARTIES ^^N* NNMS « a- »*« BLYTHEVILLE CURB MARKET Main Slrcpf Hlytheville $1195 1M8 rONTIAC Z-rinar Fleet- Imp, Rarlk* A? Healer, \VSW Urfts, Hjtht blue color, fi-cyl- Inrl^r, with .it n nil aril Unnn- aiission. Priced at $995 I9S« GMC Plrk-tJr with pr»c- llcallj "'" tlrr*. l>fl«x« C>K Priced i^iwrlnllj low. SF.E IT! • SAVE • 1941 CHF.VBOI.F.T Z-rfoor Sfdan, ^fiort mnlor and new Urn. rirlv« It. . . TOU'II bn.\ it »t this low, low price of only $295 CHEVROI.KT 1 n«T wllh I!*h1 trttr, Bnlah. H» radio, ht»tff «i>d whiU siflf.- wall tim. Cltxn! $1695 I94« NASH AmhaswHor »-door Sedan wilh nfvr tlrt-s. Has radio and healrr. Sp<- ciallj priced for quick sale:.. . only *. $845 HORNER-WlLSON EAST MAIN Rocket OUsmobil* — GMC Trucks Thorn 2»5« Us«d C«r Ix>t — Phone SI51

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