Valley Morning Star from Harlingen, Texas on December 21, 1969 · Page 19
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Valley Morning Star from Harlingen, Texas · Page 19

Harlingen, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, December 21, 1969
Page 19
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(m LAPHAM) ★ A Two-Bowl Vet, N o Less Len s Late Toss Tips Jets, 13-6 THIS BEIN<» the time of,!to don the old pads — isn't among mair o^ber things, ¡a one*i>owl vet He's a TWO* football bowls, it seemed only bowl vet. And his arena was fitting that I go out and find none other than the Rose Row! me a bow vet You know, one! Bradley went with the who would give us all that in* side scoop what it was like to rush on the field with 100.000 voice« «screaming How the tension mount*:, with every tackle and each hard earned University of Iowa as a sophomore when it ripped Oregon State in 1958 and returned in I960 when Iowa knocked off Washington vard squ^d out against a:DY™ what ,hoosh’; team - like vour« - ranked Rradlev (1’*dn r slve anv nf « up ttif.IT *ith ¡he nation's!^ «™» 1 *SFC,K ' I \\ anna know another thine It \nd vou know what” 1 didn't couldn't have been ¡enjovable interview a more have to leave mv desk to go s p a. r e h i n g , John Rradle' * “Funny thing. I never liked renresrmm? the Boise C.wadej football,” Bradley said for the \>n ;nrmt Co, paid a bus’ness .first eye-poniv»r (I was ex -1 ca’1 last week oecting something like, '"'ah.' Vow here'<; gonna be what the those were the good vears Mt renders want, I thought to ‘ I lost my teeth, mv ¡cow mvself Ole John's ronna ni’p and elbows But I go* my us ^11 the inside, rah-rah stuff 1 college education That’s what credentials*’ Well Rradte*'!it mpanf to me 1 was too la 2 v — who looks like he*s still re;>(L ‘to work A Little Too Modest? “I USED to look forward toj day,” Bradley recalls. ‘ Rut he games ** he continued with a could bardlv read or write smite ‘T know von’d like to They'd give him aP the answers b* talking to a star hut I didn't to a qui? and he‘d still miss piav much Fd iust sit back!50 per cent.” and eniov the game from mv Next question What was it comfortable spot on the bench "j like, getting in on the irlorv and It must be noted here that j all of the Rose Bowl? (Here Rradle\ a defensive halfback,! was expecting a iranhi ao (‘■several pounds ago") might count of partv after partv,. be a ittle too modest Iowa in I pretty girls posing with vou for! the late M>s wa« a Rig Ten!the hundreds of promoiior power and vou don't make aiphoto*- the sudden surge of varsip souad three *■' »-s on! camaraderie among teammates one of those without a little and the hkeb eveppise op Saoirdav ; * I don’t know what it was One of Bradley's teammate«; I ke reallv When you were with was Mex Karras now a r>etroi! j FNie (then head f'Oach now' lions' star iohn wonder« at Iowa athletic director Forrest whs? one o' their mafes would: Kvas.-hevskit ’-ou never had have bApp in the *>ro **anks | time for anv nf that " though had ho n«t beer a| Rradlev confesses that he viet hr of books isn’t what vou would «'all a first“He w as fi -5 pounds rani line college fan now that his hke a deer and would chase .playing days are hls’ory He is Alex to fho loeker room every* a nro «rrid tho**?h Too Much Emphasis NT/vV YORK a'PD-Un Dawson, his wobbh left knee holding up well on a partially frozen turf, hit reserve flanker Gloster Richardson with a 19 yard scoring pass with 11:06 left to play Saturday and sparked the Kansas City Chiefs to a H-f> victory over the New York .let? in the first game of the \meriean Football League's playoffs. The Chief- who will meet the winner of Sunday's game between Oakland and Houston for ’he VFL championship, preserved the victory by turning back three New York drives inside the 15-yard line in the final 11 minutes of play . Dawson, whose knee was the subject of much concern for the Chiefs during the week, could not move his team into the end zone until the final quarter when he drove *hem so yards in jus- two plays After the Jets' Jim Turner tied ‘he score at with a 17 field goal Dawson connected with Otis Taylor on a 61-yard pass which carried to the New York 19-yard line, On the next play. Richardson out maneuvered - oinerback Come \fter the Jets" Jim Turner lied the score at 6 -fi with a 7 yard field goal. Dawson connected with Otis Taylor on a 61* yard pass which carried to the New York 19-vard line. On the next play, Richardson outmaneuvered cornerback Cornell Gordon and took Dawson’s perfect pass without breaking stride in the end zone it appeared ¡or a while that Richardson's touchdown would ho d up easily, but Joe Namath rallied ’he Jets to within touchdown-striking distance in the final six minutes of the game Namarh moved the Jets inside the 20 with 6:01 left to play but: t he Chiefs’ defense, spaked by cornerback Emmett Thomas broke up three successive pass plays and Kansas City took over or'the IK The Chief5:, however, failed to move and the Jets gained control of the ball «nee more on their own 10 with iust over four mmutes remaining Namath connected on succes sive passes to Bake Turner and vai . lfv M orning snn George Saver to move the bail •o the Chiefs' >' ard line N ‘mam ’-hen connected with what appeared to be a touchdown pass to tight end Pei* Lammons in the right corner but the referee ruled that Lammons was ouf of bounds before he caught t he ball. Namath came right back a almost connected with Sauer for a touchdown pass but Thomas stuck up his hand at h< last moment and broke up the play. That was the Jets’ last scoring opportunity as the Chiefs took over and punted with less than 20 seconds remaining. Prior to fhe last-quarter excitement, the game was a battle of field goals. Jim Turner got the Jets a 3-0 lead in the first period with a 27* vard kick and Ja ntSenerud tied the score with a 23-yarder in the second period Stenerud put Kansas City ahead, fi-63, with a 2 >yarder in the third period bir *he normally - accurate specialist missed on £hree other oppor^u- nities inside the 30, During the regular season stenerud set an API. record by making lfi consecutive field goals The Jets missed on another big scoring opportunity just prior to Turner's second field goal m the final period Namath. aided by a pass interference penalty, got the Jets to the one-yard line m a first-and-goai situation However. wo cracks at the line failed to gam an inch and on third down and inches Namath ran a bootleg to the right, was hit by linebacker fim Lynch and threw incomplete. Instead of trying for the touchdown on fourth down, the Jets ejected to go for the field goal and Twner converted from seven yards out Namath, who was forced to throw 40 times, completed only 14 for 164 yards and had three intercepted. Dawson, who threw only six passes against Oakland a week ago threw 27 times and completed 12 for 201 yards He did noi have any intercepted. * r*t <1«>VS «lush 5 ,*ra*§* J*«»tr ç vara»®* R*>V-R /*rd*Q* Passes O.J-V>'. LOS* Yaras P#rî*(,re3 Kansas City Ni*v York K*n»a* C>fy ho* vom U 19 I Ut 115? id iO j S' 3 ' 1 0 1 3 13 3 M )- t I- 1 in tœm&tJLùùâi&mÊtme■ mam mm sm Sunday, Dec. 21, 1969-C1 mma. Scoring: NY— FG J Tu i'*- 27 KC—FG Stentfwi 23 K.C—FG Stenorud 25 NY—-FG J Tv'-ne- ? KC—Ri.•"•«'■(Ison 19 oasj from ( Sterwrud kick) A 0 »wMsn PUNISHED NEW YORK QB JOE NAMATH GETS HELPING HAND . . . Center John Schmitt lifts Hii Fallen Leader From Shea Turf Wichita Falls Nips Lee In Title Clash HI 'S IN the process of re fo-attne in D»Has from Mm- rfsoM, \nd he's anH^inatingj b<* -oming a tried and true¡ ( i’» So- fan You'd better V ‘t h om for the \'ikings *n thA next few vears. though ” he w »ms He tjkp* *he \*ikec for the N’FT championship this year “There's rio» *no much doubt in peonia'« mind« ab<-»ut Texas fl-.d Arkansas he sa*, s con o^’ninc current soîâih about) rho't rp'ill” *ops arron" other t>* ^ ^on^hwpst ronfe^ence *onowers “T>xas is No ] ” Rradlev be’ieves in Darrell. Rosal tf>o He's r rnc with ('!abam?*s Reari P.nant aod V, <wp fJtaves nf Ohio ^» tte) In mv bor>k " Ilf says that ’here tre two : *ao!as'*j( recruiting crounds for! co Pepe football - ’’ i« ^nd Ohio \rd he tend« to class them equal! V **Thev stare knocking heads in *hr< third er^de and fhat’s what it tale« ; Rut it's a shame realh Ton much emphasis is placed.on football, 1 think 1 know in Ohio you iust don’t fit :n during high school if vou don’t piav football \nd reallv jfs not the ’ougbesl sport Being a sprinter m trark is ” Rradle\ was » schoolbov at Ores* o Iowa He was recniited “berause Tow?) was gettirtc too man' bov« *rom outside ih*> state and was nressurpd into ‘akmg some locals T was a running back with prettv cood records But I was *-? and ?m nounds ntnning at somf5 linemen that didn’t weigh over 1*5 ” He remembers playing against former Cowbm star Hon Perkins as a Sihoolbov I don’t recall his doing anything spectacular though " he adds, R t dlev s first love outside hi« family is now golf He carries a five handicap That s one of the reasons f pushed this move I was anxious to tee it up the Year 'round.” U \CO Tex (I P!) — edge early in the final quarter terbaek Lawrence Wlliiams Aboussie scored on runs of raced 62 yards for a go-ahead j 2* and one yards m she first: touchdown midway in the fourth I period after Williams set the quarter Saturday to send Wtehi-j scores up by picking off a Lee ta Falls to a 28 20 victory over pass and recovering a fumble San \ntomo Lee and hand the Coyotes the Class \ \ \ \ Texus High School Football Championship. Williams had teamed with halfback -Toe Vbmissie to stake Wichita Falls to a 14-0 first quarter lead o\er the previously unbeaten Volunteers, but I>ee roared back to take a 14 SA LM W Fait* Pin t dOAri 21 M . c m w Name Players lop American Bowl Choices P»*v Pun Fon WF—A&OjjS WP A uo • IM- ’t>V* Wichita Falls' Ronnie Littleton (R) Looks On During State AAAA Championship Game 3 By Landslide Vote i LM—B*fr> /Or'« (ktck 1' '«<1! L#*- BOkO. • Í f* ' WP—iWHfU'n» *2 rw V, P Aboy« • 4 A -Tt ®30 Calvin Hill Rookie Of Year In NFL NKW YORK (UPI)—Calvin Hill, who made the jump from the Ivy League to pro football with ease, Saturday was named the United Press International National Football League rookie of !h<- year by a landslide vo?< Hill became the first member of the Dallas Cowboys e^er to win the rook-e award when he received 40 votes from the 4s member pane! of experts around the nation—three in each league city. "Mean Joe Greene’* of the Pittsburgh stee!ers, the charging defensive tackle from North Dakota State was second with seven votes One other player running back !«drry Brown of Washington ret eived one vote Hill, the onl\ rookie s^iectHi th s year on the M L all-star team, said he was pleased ' with the honor although he never expected to get it when the season started • I ]us! wanted to make the Cowbovs’ W man rosier he Hill no*, only made the roster he became the top rusher ;n the league and also showed skill a’ St1 owing the option pavs \ laiitmed toe 'lowed him down Ian* ’■ reason and h#1 < now second in the league in rushing u,#h i*ne 4 ame :eft Hii! ha^ gamed Sfifi yards in isti attempts for an average of 4 7 yards a carry He has scored sever touchdowns and his lunges’ run from scrimmage was 51 yards Gale Say ers of Chicago leads m rushing with 972 yards. Severs won the rook e award in 196) Hill’s selection broke a two- ear hold or. the record by *he Detroit Lion* Mel Farr won tn 1W7 antí Fari \tc!’ullouch t<:a»k the award last season for the Dallas had the :’4*h pu k on the first round last vear in the Sonny Seeks Fiiih 3,000-Yard Season Against Cowboys Today college draft and there were a fev eyebrows raised when the Cowboys drafted Hill from Yale Hill had fine credentials in the Ivy Leaflie but only a ¡handful of Iv League players usually make the pros ¡ind thes re not usually considered tirst round material. Ironically, another hy Leaguer— quartet bai1 Mam Domr* s of Columbia—was also drafted on the round bv the San Dwgo TAMPA Fir, it Hi \ ' Americans Jim Otis of Ohio State and Robb. Anderson of. Colorado highlight th<> North backfieid for the \mencan Row! football game here Jan I The standout running back- are among siy first *ean' ; United Press In‘ernational firs* team All Americans and f:\e sc ond team chones named to the W man roster j Other first team Ml- \meri jeans are Tennessee linebacker Ste\e Kioer and Texas tackle .Rob McKay for the South ?nd defensive «»nd Phil ouen of riah Stale and hncba V'r ■Dennis Onfcotz of Penn State for the North Second team Ml- \mericam on the South are offensive tackle Bob \sher °f Vaoderbil* offensive guard Rill Bridges of Houston defensive end David Campbell of \ubum and F’onda defensive back Steve Tannen A second team Ml \mencar nn the North souad Don Parish of Stanford a lireh^ck The second anntii-1 American Bov ’ gAine will have * noon ij,‘vT| ktcko^ and will be n t sonar- +e estved The '‘ioittl rft'H'T R»n Capoieman OR Flofda DALLAS RUNNING PACK CALVIN HILL , *, Ivy-Leoguer U NFL's Rookie Of Year DALLAS (CPI)—The I Jaiiasthe Prairie View MM pro iduct cam? t>ef'ause of a painful big expei ted Ditka “ to nlav a lo* ” Cowboys :ani' p;an Sunday wdl continue ’o shtv* the 1 :orm tor* i niury ere w as so urie possibili! V will i>e to contain sonny he exhibited last week and eas’ Bu , the Cowboys may l>< lha! Brown or'ne man he Jurgcnsen but even if they Landry s n. nd about his pass to give lurgcnsen jusi t asrelie .<•0 H' ósftHìfbffk F*hil manage to do well enough for a defense problems beioie themuch trouble as before 1 IMiv Cía ri ì might - ee a« tion at victory they are not apt to keep Browns arrive inter« epted four passes last strofi ig safety t ft give Mike ih*" Washington Redskins’ pas- hirgensen. the National 1 week n beating Baltimore fj. Gaec iter’s sore leg tendons ser from getting his fifth3 (Miti •oot 10 ■ * res» \nd !Tee safety Mel yard season ball league's No l p. r is Renf ro also mi¡ got ,witch to o» ty Jn4 ard« shy of his fifth Landrv also nas mdug’t'd cot nt Rieh anott ititi It will be the fina! game on 3.|0#*tvard season and it s< ems Htat Craig Morton could p<.“•S' ruond Flow H*t re«! a! t permit rooKte the regular schedule for the *crtatr he Will bf testing ,-c K>sie go all the way at Cowboys 1 10-? ! i and Ua? dung Brov. n’ capabilities often oiiart o. back to give him as ton (7-4*2) hut the Cov it>o; % The last time 'h** *wo i iubs riiu,ki gam** condition work asGa eihter andtackle Ralph want a win o keen their met Dallas *«»k a 41-2* vie lorypossible prior to ( lev elandtwitNeel* m re the momentum going into the on the strength o* a 150 a n i said that he might let roirtÄti i an withhurts sev ere following Sunday s Fass era rushing day by rookie C; i'vtn Roge r S'aubach get intothe enou; ih to tKissibly miss the < onfeionee showdoun on the H 11 and four pass ntercep 110R.Sgame ¿»am«» \eety hai been botheted sam« <’otton Bowl turf a.¡¡ainst to dull Jurgensen s simsati tina! 1 hr • owbo* s have ret a liedbv a knee bui is expected to Clevelandre ord of 24 completa»ns i n 3-> reserve t'.gh’ end Mike I) iika start Co:e fi rom f ari dry has attempt« for its vard*' from » two week taxi sq uad Tb< j Hi'dskms' •itily qije^ion indicated he pans to againH sn t I j J cp ! to match thatsunt and Landrv said ma ri* i is Ijnebacì ier Chris Han start rooK.e foto Brow n at right IV) a*d figure saii’f he i«n ' a it hi a igh p«*t?is Norman w< ■mid but gìUt who ha* - f»een nursing cornerback w.ih the hopethat djt to play more than half •heistan aga.ns* the Redskinshe a thigh contusion Cl Previous Top Rookies Tim Del r,a »io or Tampa see \M! RH IN, <2 Elsewhere In Star Sports I* \t• | c? \ebraslti» «in'* sun Row» ( lass \\\ and \ \ state championship football: aod scores from arotiml *h** nation I»\«,| i 1 Kingsulb' 1 dcotn h f ha. Hoiua and Shan land fa»ored in \ alley basketball races Oakland pares all Ml: Brow its* 111* linemen firsi t« 4**1 scholar ships, l*\i*l ft — Foehner on outdoors, Noire Dame ptavm talk aboo> ( oMon H»*\0 I His’ purse <s emptv \i»«U'Sie then -- r.i ed ve'b only two minutes lei■ .r\ she game on a four yard touchdown plunge The l>ee combination of quarterback Tim Trimm er . nd w’ingback John Ziegler had kept the Vols :n -»nicni. n until tha closing minutes of the game Ziegler ran 12 yards for a second period touchdown and Trimmier rolled in for the conversion to leave Lee trailing 14-- a* intermi-'ion The San Vntonio cr< *■ whach had 14 straight victories under its belt, then knotted the scor<» 14 [4 earb- in the third period as Don Rvden fumbled from tin three mto tie end winp and guard Mike Barrv recovered for the touchdown Lee wen* ahead on John Rrtkmich’s eight yard run m the final period, but th* lead las ed than fom minutes as U lliiams broke t-hrougn the entire Lee defense for his 62-yard touchdown run. Royal, Gil In Running FORT WORTH, 'lex (IPl) Darrell Royal of fexas, (ill Stemke of Iexas AA L Bill Ve-o* man id Houston Hod Hu.s- of North le^as and fJ n« 'i Ha'.v* ill of klast leva- have ¡» > n nominated fot the Texas ' -ir College Coach of the Vear for \ll ate fiw.Kbail coacne.- and (he eventual winner i>f tfio award wui ;>»• anriouie »‘<i .snoil- ly after Jan 1 by th* Texas Sj orts Writers nation Roy<i! s awestmie tea.ot is the un e • » ft national (fiampion md will meet Notre Dame ¡n the Cot!on Bow Ian I Stcinke s team, ranked \o 9 in the tinal I nueri l‘re-> Inter* ».rttiorial small college coa« .Me.S board ratings won the Tiv championship last weekend with a "2 7 d^f^d' ot ConcnrdU of Minnesota Texas A&I fim. fi­ eri h*' season with a 11 1 rec* flflj Houston under Yeoman, vs til bt playing its first major bowl game against \uburn .n tho Astro - Bluebonnet Bo v| Dec. - ' ! tit * ougars los llicn fii st two games then woo their next "t ¡ s. < ond to 'an Diego state ,.n lot,* offen.w and rinrc up to lexa-* in rusauag offense Bebon All-Sldle SAN VNTONIO — Henry BebOf of Brow nsviLc St. jo»cph \ fade my was anti tjnced as a first temtri selection for the Texas Catnohc Interscholastic l eague Clasj \\ all-state looiball learn o( defensive back Saturday Betw»n a senior ,» -{ft and we 40 Li’ (M)und^ He a, o was named to the all 4 -AA first team

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