The Evening News from Sault Sainte Marie, Michigan on December 20, 1973 · Page 13
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The Evening News from Sault Sainte Marie, Michigan · Page 13

Sault Sainte Marie, Michigan
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 20, 1973
Page 13
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Rudyard Schools Honor Roll RUDYARD — The following Rudyard High School students have been placed on the honor roll for the second marking derson, period. 7th Grade Stephen Ames, Hugh Anderson, Robert Anderson, Bill Aronson, Robert Auzenne Kelly Baker, Kristin Ball. Bruce. Berkompas, Tammie Bohrn, Siieri Bowden, Jane Callahan, Michael Cannon, Germaine Charleston, Bill . Cogswell, Tim Grays, Scott Coupland, Terri Cziske, Linda Dryer, David Eagleson, Amanda Ellis, Renee Freeman, Robert Ginnitti, David Goddard, Byron Grover, Ken Heeringa, 1 Jeannine Warner, Keith Marvin Franz, Kelly D«Hart, Black, Jo Ellen Cain, Kim Cindy Griffith, Urry Hill. Charles. Cheryl Claxton, Chris Henning, Sara Hen- Simon Cornell, Karen Creed, Cherrie Hayden, Carol Douglas, Cory Hanson. Melinda Gouge,. Mark Grif- Ken Hayes. Arlan Hesselink, fith; Pam Grice, Joel Cough, Piper Holkan. Alice Barbara Whitney, Keri Hyvarineh, Sharon Joines. Wickham, Michael Glover. Renee Keeney, Clyde Kesling, Edwin Carver, Ray Ginnetti, Kathleen Kiaudt, Cindy Klein, Cindy MacDowell, Melinda Maki, Bill Mason, Margaret Mattson, Jody Mayer, Donna Meuret, Linda Morford, Cheryle Mueller, Bob McDowell, Patty McDowell, James Geary, Mark Hinti, Vanessa Hubbard, John Ingraham. Wanda Johnson, Bryan Kangas. Laura Klappa, Gwen Lee, Beth LaPonsie. Betty Lewis, Dan Lindblom, Deborah Love, Neal Johnston, Kandy Mead, Craig Miller, David Miller, Becky Wiltrout, Monte Cox, Tracy Mason, Jacque Moen. Brenda Moore, Cathy Nauman, Dan Quen- Lennie- Naeyaert, Debra Nayback, Melanie Nycum, Steven- Quilling, Kathy Ruonavarra; Sherry Schanck, Ronnie Shell. Steve Shufelberger, Denise - Shute, neville, Kelly Redfield, Tyyne Welcher, Kathy Williams, Piippo, Julie Phillips, Karl Linda Siefert, Joe Snyder, Jo Kathy Wilson, William Townsend, Kathy Thompson, Ann St. Louis. Kevin St. Onge, Holland, Ken Horrom, Dan Edward Sylvester, Joe Hudson, Frank Huff,' Beth Stuyvesant, Mike Swearengin, Hughes, Arnold Hubbard, Jeff Strong, Lori Suggitt, Toni Ingold, Anthony Jarvie, Mark Smedley, George Ed Jarvie, Lorenzo Johnson, Shearer, Andy Shaw. Debbie Sandra Johnson, Tina Solesby, Rose Williams Johnson, Mike Jones, Wendy Johnson, Audrey Kelly, Larry Naeyaert, Gary Naeyaert, Diane ....Mattso.n.. _ ..Pat McDaniels, Denise Mayer, Barbara Meehan, Lorri Peake, Ardia Preston, Robert Vivian Strickland, Jim Sturgill, Pat Thompson, Paul Weeks, Kathy Welcher, Mark Whitney, 'Donna Williams. Judy Winkles, Hans Zinnecker THE EVENING NEWS, SAULTSTE. MARIE. MICH.. THURSDAY, DEC. 20.1973 Pickford High Honor Roll SENIORS Linda Andersen, Brenda Austhof,. Pamela Barager, Jeffrey Baxter, Harvey Becker. Kathy Besteman, Michael Besteman, Debbie Moore, Robert Pfremmer, Joanne Lepard, William Madison, Steve Worden, Brewer, Erin -Callan, Mary Casino, James Castle, Diane Christiansen, Theo Colvin, SOPHOMORES Ken Ballard, Joslyn Banes. Janice Baxter, Kim Bohrn, Unda Boggs, Cathy Chartrand. Carl Christiansen, John Claxton, John Crovagna, Jeff Davis, David Diehl, Beverley DuPree, Annette Echevarria, SWEEPING CHANGES in today's China include near-fanatic attention to public neatness. Small power carts keep the streets of Shanghai and other large cities clean. Gas rationing bill emerging from group majority of the House or Senate. After June 30. any White House fuel-saving measures would have to take Kevin Yeagley, Steve Maribeth Croninger. Pat Mehelcic, Mark Miller, Kim DeWilt, David Dungan, : Miller, Troy Prahl, Matt Jeannette Echevarria,, Ken Sprague, Kelly Smedley, Beth English, Dan Ferguson, Barry Skamser, Sue Simpson, Goodwin, Janice Hafner, Mike Roxanne Silvey, Alton San- Haught, Karen Hogue, Cindy ders, Leona Royer, Grant Hoolsema, Jeff Jakubicki, Ross; Marcy Ross, Mark Steve Klinker, Joy Kovar, Roode, Linda Ripple, Caroline Charles Lee, Wanda Lee, Rhodes, Steve Radecki, Cindy Wayne Loranger, Randy Quenneville, Brian Purdy; Malaska, Robert Malaski, Sue Muu Rourke, David St. Louis, Mattson, Barbara Miller, Becky Purdy, Julie Story, Karen McDowell, Lyn Nor- Julie Strong, Neil Uponen, wood, Tom Piippo, Sharlet Mary Jo Vonderwerth, Ernest Post, Patti Rigptti, Bonnie Walker, David Wallis, Kurt Rushmore, Debra .Schwartz, i Zinnecker, Phil Zoltek Dawne St. Louis,! Marta Uponen, Leah Varner; Sheila 8th Grade Weeks, Dennis Whitcomb, Denis.e .Anderson, Debra Cathy Wiartalla Ballard, Brett Barager, Terese "Burnett, Becky Bur- . JUttlOKS . ney, Leo Endel, Tammy Deborah Austin, Bobby Carrell, Ron Daugherty, Beaudoin, Eric, Berry, Stan Shaw says student paper report not all factual A Lake Superior State College student newspaper report that .student staff, members would not be paid by the college due to non. approval of the paper's budget was not entirely accurate, according to Vice President for Financial Affairs Lyle Shaw. •• Shaw said that the budget, originally submitted by the Compass business manager early in the year, had been mittee or my office for approval." . _ '•*''.: • -. The final budget has been approved, Shaw said, and staff members will be paid during the first payroll period of the winter term. By CARL C. CRAFT An Associated Press study • Associated Press Writer completed today shows that WASHINGTON (AP) — An energy conservation by in- emergency energy bill giving dividual Americans is Catherine Engel, Rae Ann President Nixon sole power to beginning to pay off in many the form of legislation to be Everts. David Ferguson, Sam order gasoline rationing 3^5 o f the country. The acted on b ^ Congress immediately and giving s t u dy showed an appreciable Congress • veto power over drop in useage of electricity in other actions he might take is the past six weeks over a language granting limited emerging from a Senate- similar period last year, antitrust exemptions to the House conference committee, utility officials said it was After an all-day session hard to measure the exact ending late Tuesday, effect of the conservation congressional .conferees said measures. they hope to complete drafting According to Sen. Henry M. work today on the sweeping Jackson, the White House and energy bill. Capitol Hill power- President Nixon, mean- compromise plan ployment benefits for those while, arranged a mid- worked out Tuesday would wno lose ^eir J° DS as a result afternoon huddle today %vith WOT ^ this way under a ten- energy chief William E. Simon tative agreement: as a deadline neared for the —The President would administration's decision on operate without threat of P° wer to limit export of any Smyly, Debbie Stewart, gasoline rationing. Simon has congressional veto in ordering scarce fuel but put off final Debbie Sturgill, Susan M. said he expects such, a rationing of gasoline or any action on a House amendment decision to come this week, other scarce fuel. He could A presidential press aide order other energy-saving Petroleum would not predict whether the steps, such as snorter working Indochina. meeting, which will precede hours and forced car-pooling, the regular weekly gathering m t o effect immediately but of the administration's Congress would have 15 Energy Emergency Action legislative work days in which Group, would produce a to cancel them after it returns rationing announcement. j a n. 21 from its year-end In another development, the break. Teamsters said they would —Further energy con- reopen contract negotiations servation proposals by the with the trucking industry to President after March 1 could make sure that energy crisis not take effect until Congress actions do not cut into their has had 15 working days in members' paychecks. which to veto them, by simple PICKFORD — The following students have been placed on the honor roll at Pickford High School for the second marking period: Eighth Grade Lisa Allison. John Andrzejak. John Baker. Sharon Brown, Deborah Cruzan, Douglas Galer. Randy Hall. Brent Izzard. Venitta Kamper. Michelle McCord, Robert Nettleton. Ronald Nettleton. Linda Roberts, Leanne Rutledge, Patricia Schwartz, Chris Stevenson, Chuck Storey. Kerri Wilson. Bernard Marble Ninth Grade Alberta Baker. Janet Horton. Jeff Huyck. Mike McCord. Tammy McKiddie. Joel Peffers. Pamela Quinnell Bill Rosing. Paul Sims. Bill Smith, Bruce Wagner. Jeff Waybrant Tenth Grade Kaye Brown. Terence Crowley, Victoria Dickinson, Kurt Hamilton, Paula Hill, Patti Izzard. Pauline Jones, Pam Lehigh.Dan Lordson, Cathy Mortinsen, Delvina Patrick. Lester Patrick. Lance Rader. Jennifer Schwartz. Gail Skinner. Joanne Slater. Larry Smith. Joan Spence. Shelley Watson Eleventh Grade Shelley Ames, Jerry Campbell. Mike Everson. Jan Huyck. Matt Lamb, Myrna McDowell. Richard Michalski. Mike Ordiway. Linda Portice. Jack Skinner Twelfth Grade Frances Batho. Bruce Bawks, Chen Bawks, Gaye Becks. Gayle Cruzan. Duncan Dickinson, Brien Hanna, Bruce Harrison. Kathy Lamb. Calvin Leavitt. Carolyn Leavitt. Keith MacDonald. Steve MacDonald. Steve McConkey. Donald Morrison. Debbie Mortinsen, Annette Murphy, Janette Murphy. Joyce Nettleton, Bert Nettleton, Audie Potter. Bruce Rye. David Sims, Jim Skinner, Robert Slagle, Pat Sweeney. Marty Wilson, Diane Wojnaroski Fischer, John Fosbaugh. Cindy Franz. Geraldine Geary, Kathy Haught, Michael Hicks, Walter Hill. Sherry Hoolsema, Dean Houghton,- : Max- "Ingold, Gordon .Kangas, Herb Kangas, Valerie Kemp, Kathy Latva, Barbara Lewis, Cathy Loranger, Larry Miller, Martha Moffitt, Donna Murphy, Kathy McDonald, Annette McDowell, Eric Palo, Tammy Peake, Dan Phillips, Bob Postma, Julie Quilling, Ann Radeki, Carolyn Ray, Karl Schwartz, Jeannine Thompson, Susan K. Thompson, Lane' Tucker, Debbie Uponen, Viola Uponen, Carl Utley, Eric Wallis, Bob Wiesenauer, Brian Wilson, Dana Wood- The conference panel also agreed to adopt House-passed petroleum industry, but to drop a House provision giving similar exemptions to retailers. The Senate-House committee also approved granting up to two years in unem- of fuel shortages. In addition, the panel adopted language giving the administration specifically banning military shipments to BJ&H Christmas Tree Lot Has Many Fine Trees To Select From Located Across From The Sault Plaza Shopping Center FRESHMEN Karon Atzenhoffer, Teresa Baxter, Julie Beauvais, Carol Buck, Carl Buckland, Julie Buralli, Kathy Casino, Vick Caylor, Ken Christiansen, Betty Collins, Jerry Diehl, Gail Firman... Joan Folkersma, Karla Hafner, Brian Healy Jeanie Hill, Julie The Compass had alleged Holkan, Tom Hudson, Rhonda TncrnlH Rf>TU>fa Tv»«*v Tlarrv that administrators were not "looking after the best interests of the students" and that the Compass business -manager had revised and Ingold, Reneta Ivey, Darcy Kauer.Sharon Kesling, Nancy Kovar, Harold Lewis, Jerry Lewis, Tina Loranger, Kelly Mason, John Mayer, Chris Meehan, Richard Miller, Becky Moore, Ken McQuire, resubmitted the budget "to returned for revision because various persons during the Richard ^eyaert. Gordon its goals did not seem term. Shaw said he received the budget in mid-December, too late for students' to 'be authorized for pay during the last week of the term. achievable. "The staff .reviewed and redrafted the budget," Shaw said, "But they did not return it to the Publications Com- District Court Following are recent traffic prombited left turn, $15; Mark Vonderwerth;- Debbie dispositions from the 91st Stephen Cox, Sault, speeding, Warner. Richard Whitaker, $39; George Kelley, Pickford, Nesseth, Ralph Norwood, Rich Oehmche^Pam Postma, Carol Postma, Sharon Postma, G»na Orall, Mickey Relfield, Rosanne Reed. Michael Ross, Laura Simpson, Brenda Talsma; John Uponen ; District Court, Judge John E. LaRock: speeding, $10; Rundell Gulley, Andrew Sibbald Sault, failed Kincheloe, improper to stop in the assured clear registration plates, $15; Paul distance ahead; $10; Robert Smith, Sault, speeding. $31; Parrish, Brimley; expired Thomas Sayer, Sault, registration plates, $15; speeding, $45; Richard Rand, Jeffrey Weller, Kincheloe, Sault, defective equipment, speeding, $30; Curtis Ruby, $15; Joseph Porcanv Sault, Jackson, speeding, $10; speeding, $26; Dewey Bald- Melvin Sibbald, Sault parking win, Sault, failed to stop, $4; on the roadway, $10; Kenneth ferry Sliter, Rudyard, failed Delvecchio, Sault, speeding, to answer traffic summons, $33; Harold Ricks, Kincheloe, $25; Shelby Kellems, Kin- careless driving, $35; Harold .cheloe, .failed to answer a LighU "Sault, speeding, $25, traffic summons,;_ $12. disregarded a traffic signal, speeding, $10;.Kenneth Post, "$15- Herbert Plawman, Sault, Sault, no oerator's license, violation of basic speed law, $15; Brian Douglas Hines. $10 no insurance, $15; Detroit, speeding, $39; Harry Cathleen Liebert. Sault, Caliguri, Sault no insurance, seeding, $10; Sharon $15; Cornelius Alessan" Williams, Barbeau, speeding, driniter. Iron S10- Ernest Tadgerson, Sault. speeding, $25. Lo Anna Wilbert, Donna Williams, James Wordon, Geoffrey Zinneeker NOTICE! The Dafter Office of Cloverland Electric Cooperative will not be open for business on December 24,1973. It will re-open on Wednesday, December 26. To conserve energy and give our employees more time to spend with their families for the holidays We will be closed December 24 & 31 Happy holidays to one and all from... LOCK CITY HOME CENTER "Your HWI Friendly Ones" Christmas is... Mountain. TIMBER SALE DEPARTMENT OF NATURAL RESOURCES STATE OF MICHIGAN Notice is hereby given that sealed bids will be received by the Area Forester, Tahquamenon River State Forest, for certain timber on .the following described lands: CAMP I BLOCK-T47N, R8W, Section 20, NW'/«. NW/4 of NE'A.and NVi of SW'/«; Section 17, SVi of SW%. Luce County. Prospective bidders must comply with the requirements of the Workmen's Compensation Act to be eligible to bid. The right to reject any and all bids is reserved. Bids must be received by Alan R. Webster, Area Forester, Tahquamenon River State Forest, D.stncl Hdqrs Box 445, Newberry, Michigan 49868, not later than 10:00 a.m., local time, on Thursday; Januarys, 1974. ..' .. ;. For further information concerning this sale, contact Alan R.Webster, Area Forester.- ' • A.GENEGA2LAY : ,.. . Director .... • •. * . For some children Christmas is twinkling lights, an abundance of food, gifts and new holiday clothes. Other children, however, are not so fortunate, and their Christmas will be filled only with disappointment We, at your Community Service Bank, urge you to open your hearts this Christmas to those less fortunate. Contact your church, chamber of commerce, or the club at which you are a member and ask what you can do to make this Christmas brighter for those less fortunate. You couldn't give a greater gift in the name of love, which is what Christmas is ail about... isn't 'it? Flit With Tht Future The First National Bank SAULT STE. MARIE, MICHIGAN

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