Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on December 24, 1957 · Page 56
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 56

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 24, 1957
Page 56
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A MERRY CHRISTMAS TO EVERYONE THE LOGANSPORT PHAROS-TRIBUNE A MERRY CHRISTMAS TO EVERYONE Creation of Slums Laid To Some Landlords CHICAGO—National Association of Housing and Redevelopment officials say that many landlords deliberately create slums. In a recent issue of the Public Administration' Bulletin, the officials cited the case of a Chicago landlord, believed by his neighbors to be a respectable businessman, •who was fined $107,600 for failing to maintain his apartment building properly. The creation of a 13-block slum area in Toronto, Canada, was blamed largely on two owners, the officials said. One of the owners began business with a $1,000 payment on a rundown building in the area and the other as a rent collector. They gradually secured control of more than 80 buildings by permitting indiscriminate occupancy and mat lr;g as few repairs as possible. They went free in most of approximately 500 court appearances, but their operations produced one good result — Toronto started a major war on its slums. Man Decides He's Too Old to Drive Auto COUNCIL BLUFFS, Iowa—A 76- year-old man walked into the sheriff's office here and promptly shocked everybody within earshot. He'd come to turn in his driver's license. "I've driven for 43 years and never had an accident," W. W. Claterbnck told a surprised deputy. "But I know my reflexes are not what they used to be. "There are enough bad drivers on the road. I don't want to be another one." The deputy noted Claterbuck's license and said he didn't have to turn it in, "Just don't drive the next four days." The license was due to expire in that tima. How to Make a Yule Cactus Bloom MINNEAPOLIS — Your cactus can be made to bloom for Christmas by following a simple pro- Bike Trip in 1903 Was Rugged One OAK HILL, W. Va. — (UP) — Claude N. Blackwell observed his 75th birthday recently and recalled how he came here from Colorado in 1903 on a bicycle. He was 21 years old when he went to Denver with his father, Matt Blackwell, to look for work. They didn't like it there so decided to return to West Virginia. Claude said he started out on a bike while his father drove a team cedure according to Richard Wid- of mu]eSi His father sold the , mules mer, floriculturist at the Unwer-| in Missouri and returned to West sity of Minnesota. • > Virginia by train while .Claude He said it is imperative that thejp^^gj on plant be kept cool at night, in tern-' peratures between 60 and 65 degrees. If the night temperature rises above 65 degrees, the buds will be small and may drop off. Above 70 degrees, buds won't develop. Once the plant starts blooming, normal room temperatures are satisfactory during the day, but it must be kept in a cool place at night until it is through blossoming. Short On Patients ST. JOHNSBURY, Ve. — Ralph Ross, administrator at Brigiitlook Hospital, said the institution was facing bankruptcy due to lack of patients. Ross said since 1953 •there has not been a single month when the daily census averaged 50 in the 53-beu hospital. Considered the most beautiful American opal, the Roeblihg opal •was found in Nevada. It weighs 530 grams. Roads then were composed of dirt and rock and going over mountain terrain 1 was the toughest part of the trip, he said. Chicago Police Taping AH Complaint Calls CHICAGO— Telephone calls to the complaint room, of central police headquarters here are being recorded on tape in the hope of cutting down crajik or scare calls. Police' commissioner Timothy O'Connor had the monitoring system installed as a means of checking whether the two million calls received annually are handled properly. The recordings and time slips showing when the calls are made will be kept indefintely to be used when checkups are necessary, he said. The commissioner also hopes the recording system would help in tracing calls. WOLF COAL & SUPPLY CO. 314 Heath Street Dial 3990 i fiiyiuvvv itvuu jreefmp to al <f Jr or everyone, we wish a Christmas Season glowing with good cheer, enduring friendships and cherished memories. O. R. (Murph) Carson Sheriff of Cass County This Won't Hurt ST. PAUL— A ".non-injurious stomach sampler for fish" has 3een developed by a Minnesota 'onservation Department biolo- ;ist. Formerly fish had to be tilled in order to study 'their stomach content for the purpose of determining feeding habits. Now a pump has been developed that washes the food from the stomach ir.to a jar without Jiarming the fish. Only 38 per cent of college graduates go to work in fields they majored in, outside of professional school alumni. Sinatra Slips in Film Performances on TV By WILLIAM EWALD United Press Staff Correspondent NEW YORK (UP)— Frank Sin- atras's Christmas caper with'Bing Crosby last Friday night on ABC- TV must be .counted among the major disappointments of the season. The ingredients were all there— two of the major performers of our time and a fairly appetizing selection of holiday music — but somehow, it never came alive. The half-hour smacked of the warmed over. Some inhibitory process seems to be at work on Sinatra, when he cuts a TV show for film. There is a stiffness, a formal quality about him -that repels. There is much talk about juicing the quality of his future filmed TV efforts by shooting them before audiences, but I think -Sinatra would -be wise to go live all the way. Otherwise, the chances seem fairly good that he may go dead. All the way. | looked as if they had been carrying equity cards for 20 years. There was. one number in which they danced on the tops of tables ! in the local ice cream parlor, something I haven't seen since Johnny Downs stopped making Hollywood musicals back in the '30's. It had some admirable performers — Paul Ford, Diana Lynn, David Wayne — and occasionally, as in its Christmas - presents- opening scene, some moments of television-type-family; mirth. But the landscale and 'the jokes all seemed terribly familiar. And for a musical, it was strangely tuneless.. _ "Junior Miss," a 90-minute musical spectacular seen Friday night on CBS-TV, is a difficult show to fault, principally because it aimed so low. It was one of those programs with television-type teen-agers who Sunday, NBC-TV's "Assignment Asia" and CBS-TV's "Seven Lively Arts" overlapped, so I gave 45 minutes to each. The Southeast Asia show was earnest and. well-intentioned, but pictorially shopworn — women washing clothes in the river, paddies, temples, interviews-in- shallow with political leaders, a wedding, adults learning to read. Inevitably, this sort of thing winds up as a superior kind of travelogue — long on faces, short on ideas. Over at CBS-TV, "Arts" was BOSTON — Massachusetts' first] varsity is at an all-time high this woman judge is retiring after 27 j year, with 640 graduate and un- years' service. Mrs. Emma Fall dergraduale men and women rcs- Schofield, -now 72, was appointed ::siercd from 78 countries. The special justice of Maiden District!total is 18.5 per cent above last rice Court in 1930. [year's figure of 540. Poinsettias bright will help us say... Best wishes for your holiday! PLEASANT HILL GREENHOUSE 1016 Pleasant Hill EIGHTH STREET FLORISTS 87 Eighth Street &vwg %U(^B^mA <7? At Christmas time, m wish for you all the spiritual blessings of the season. May your heart and home be filled with happiness supreme. FKOM EVERYONE AT Faye's Coiffures 1308 East Broadway doing "The Nutcracker" with the New York City Ballet. I must admit that the Dance, along with ice hockey and Sophie Tucker, are my cultural blind spots. The human body is a pretty limited vehicle of expression and the sight of a male dancer poised in an arabesque has always struck me as fairly ludicrous. Too, the dance and TV always seem at odds with each other. Like other spatial diversions- baseball, the Grand Canyon, fashion shows — it simply does not come over well on TV. Anyhow, the Nutcracker is specialty of the New York City Ballet which executed it with a tasty amount of Elan. And for a change, the TV cameras stayed away from the faces of the dancers — they're a pretty blank bunch anyway—and stuck to long shots of the whole performer. For that, one large bouquet of roses. Lady Justice Retires Models of Modern Items Appeal to Boys CHICAGO — Boys are more interested in making models of new military weapons and equipment than historical models, according to a recent survey by a Chicago model manufacturer. Boys, particularly those in the 8 to 15 age bracket, arp influenced by what they see on television and read in (lie newspapers. They are curious to see what all the excite-' ment is about, .so they buy hobby kits to learn more about the latest jet or guided missile. But youths playing with military models seldom relate them lo the destructiveness of war, according to the survey. Instead the popularity of a jet plane, for example, stems from its publicity—not its deslructiveness. Cornell's Foreign Students ITHACA, N. Y. — Foreign student enrollment at Cornell Uni- hart's Cafe JACK and ANN OWEN, Your Hosts 221 Fourth Street Caroling Forth our' Season's Greetings fwtfi

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