The Bismarck Tribune from Bismarck, North Dakota on September 4, 1962 · 2
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The Bismarck Tribune from Bismarck, North Dakota · 2

Bismarck, North Dakota
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 4, 1962
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pats I Tlx BIKMARW THIIlt Tit Tsesssr. BewtrsnWe t mt NUBS of the NEWS t MIt RI.OH M B(,Fr WO. HIRT Jtii Lrar Ka-Je, SS. Bali lltrt 1 Mrs Mill Sraus it. Ill Smh . 0., twr,.( I v" , iiiea et St. Alesmi llos- (arotee Mlt III M li Bwiwfck fMlnl y,'l'-u',"t"yanw' " jil -i l.'-i j iiii'i r asas! 'i aiiiVeu Um M uiiHuw i.u irn Bear Um aew Injury J 14 -etruknl and a liljrarjr ronrfrurtwe proaxt an r--r-r I h n from 1st f cr..ii-"5 St. W ' r r.;-ir ( Yates lloapitaJ Sunday. rintrrrr mnm The lollowins; drivers forfeited tmivls Saturday after bring arrest -tvi last eres an efuwdinl fh;irit Gladys Daub, rural Biemarrs, 117; Aonrn Diioer, mn m , tiv, I lob J. YwnpM. If Seven1 1 St . 21: Haiee C. Minda. IK Bell rx) br-ite bar (lasses la tht (jU. police said. Russians Say U2 intruded .vn?C0W APi- Th- vlet Union charged In note Tuesday that a United States. U2 reconnaissance plan violated Soviet border! in the Frr Eastern Accidents ISJl KKO IS TAU. Henry Ho-che;s. 7S,, tut Third i . .i . area on Aua. 30 .. u.. h..r.n. ..i- The Bete to the United Slate II.' ... irunWl the IJI plane overflew Ux Miindan hoeiulal to the at. A! liernlorT ami territcul staters of szi: Harm v., minua, ia - - - . - lh t t&u in. m inula M . I2J; Melvin E. Allmetidingerjius Hospital, .here h k reported!11 - " lor f" """"" KJ W. Bowen Ave . Ill: Jnhn K. Iiavli, V W. Owens Ave., tet; Fred D. OrWy, IMS Ave D. )'. Warra T. Le. Ma W. Ave. B, end GesrM Yuba, rural Bismarck,, 17. DRIVKM ARRETTED William .aimer, in. III W. Indiana An., was rhwged Monday by poltra wlta rerklew driving following t two-car aaiilant. The other driver, a Juvenile, charged with failure to yield thei riKhl-oi wjr. Thomjii W. Eauicr-ree, 13, Minot, era charged with careleM driving alter a two-ear amaahup and a l year-old Bia-marHi bnv. the other driver In volved, waa alao charged with rareleaa driving. Lloyd Ward Wad dingham, 39, 710 Fouitli St., waa charged with driving while under the Influence of intoxicating liquor. Richard Friaielle. 21, Bumarrk. and URoy 0. Ohlhnuaer. il, t 8. 1Mb St., were .charged with apeeillng Raymond W. Harriion. M. 2 Fifth St., wna charged with driving without a license. FATHER CHARGED Arthur Tcttloff, SI7 ISth St., wai charged by aulhontlea Saturday w ith permitting hia 14-year-old ton to drive without a Jicensed driver with the boy. The boy, Duane Arthur Tetiloff. backed a car out of the family drive into a parked vehicle owned by Ilioy H. Spei-del. 520 19lh St. UamuK to the parked car waa estimated at 1200. DRIVERS APPEAR Henry D. Welch. 20, Mandan. pleaded guilty to a charge of faulty equipment. Police Magistrate Da vid Milnnllan levied no fine but ordered Wekh to get nil car repaired immediately. Dennii G. Scheldt, II, 04 Central Ave., pleaded guilty to a ipeeding charge and waa fined 120. Florian Emi-netii, 310 8. EigHth St., pleaded ITullty to I drunken driving charge and waa fined 130 and a lOday JaU aentence waa suspended. TARS PROWLED Mra. Carl J. Tjaden. 1812 Wash ington St., reported her car prowled while it waa narked near Will Moore School Saturday nieht. but nothing waa taken. Not ao lucky wa Robert L. Stuckenbrur, 1433 11th St., whose car also was parked near the school. He reported theft of I screwdriver, an adjust able wrench, pliera. flashlight and a pair of binoculars. YOUTH'S ARM BROKEN Vernon Dolfee. 12-yenr-old son of Mr. and Mra. Philip Doflce, 417 itnn hi., ichi irom a galloping nnrse Monday evening and fractured his arm. He was given emergency reatment at St. Alexius Hospital tnd released. WINDOW PEEKER SPOTTED . Richard Snbin, 223 14th St., re ported a window pecker at his Some about 11 OS a.m. Tuesday. fair coodilkiQ by howita! au thorities. -Ht'RT IN CAR (RA..n Math Doll, 11. a Glen Uilia farm- Rummage Sale Daily I17H W. Breadwuy fla Rear af DeLaie Laundry FRESH STOCK ADDED DAILY toe rendering harmless of war bases, used against the DISK remains la force The Soviet Union "reserves the right to raise the question of ag gresslve actions by the United Slates at the General Assembly of the United Nations," ths protest said. THE RUSSIAN'S claimed ths UI plane f!w over Sakhalia Island in the Pacific. The note demanded that Ameri can authorities "rigorously punish the persons responsible lor organ ising this flight of aa American warplane, and take measures at once to prevent any future viola tions of soviet airspace. "If this is not done," ths note says, "the Soviet government will take measures n will deem neces sary to safeguard the security of its frontiers in the event of violations." . This Copenhagen menu looks like the tickets we got from Keea Travel Agency. Keen Trsvs! Agency Pattersaa Hotel l-obby DIAL CAS-7411 THE NOTE, as reported by the Soviet news sgency Tasa, declared The government of the soviet Union alio slates that ka earlier warnina about tiie takinf of Drooer er, waa injured Monday whes his retaliatory measures, 'Including rar ronen ever mio a diua Bear (ilea l.'llia. He received several fractures and suffered front mod erate shock He was brought by aniDuiance Monday evening to the St. Alesius Hospital, where be reported to be in fair condition. TRITRFR' BACK BROKEN Irvio Miller, 1.1. Flasher, a truck driver, was Injured about 1 p.m. Saturday when the truck he was driving rolled off the road north east of Flasher. He was taken to the Elgin hospital and was trans ferred Saturday evening to the St Alexius Hospital for treatment He suffered a fractured back and is reported to be in satisfactory conaiuoo luesaay. BULLET HIT CIRL Susan Haider, 1 '4-year-old daugh ter of Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Hai der. 70J First Ave. N.W., Mandan. was given emergency treatment at M. Alexius Hospital for minor! wounds received Sunday evening when a 21 caliber rifle went off accidentally. She was treated and released. i DEMO-NPL WOMEN Burleigh County Democralic-NPL Women will meet at I o.m. Tues day in Room 200 at the Patterson Hotel. All interested women are invited to attend. y DOG BITES BOY Loren Toaseth. 3-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Tosaeth. 12154 16th St.. waa bitten on the fore head by a dog Sunday evening at his uncle's farm. He was given treatment at St. Alexius Hospital ana reiensea. COIN BOX RIFLED Gary llnydcn, Park View Trailer Court, told police Monday that the coin boa on the washing machine at the court laundry had been torced open but only about a col lar's worth of change was taken. ohs sttaevoia 0h eMTVDlr lvalon 1.SKM dlKfuros rsls IMOO cfti lafcs hu sVamd BIRTHS RlMIMrc HMfltal SOU. Mr ad Mr. . Abu. taH.UIa I.W t.-n. Smt. I T Vm. Mr. ana rt. Denial W. KraS. HI IMh Av , NW. Wandan. a IS m. Sapt. I Son. Mr. and Mrs. Ctam L. Fowlar, 10SI nth St . 11:01 a.m. Srnt. I. OauqMar. Mr. and Mrs. Las Bachmakv. la 1, 10 JO sm Sapl I Son, Mr. and Mri. Donald a. Chawakln. Pollixk. ID.. 1 J a.m. Ski ). Son, Mr. and Mri. Marvin Slaoe, Waitl- burn, S: af em. ror 3. St. Atoilai Haaarlal Son. Mr. and Mt. Euoana atnaS. Sald- ailn S-3S Dm. tl. 1 Son. Mr. and Mrs Menrv M Dlllman. 109 !7th Ava.. NW. Mandan. I 79 D m Saot Son. Mr. and Mri. Phllla Schlanar. a Ian U"n. i n a.m 5rm. I. nauqhtar, Mr. and Mra. ek-nard oaltr Son. Mr. and Mri. Jamai Galoar. toll nivarviaw avr.. ii: am. aapr. i. Dauamar, Mr. and Mrs. John Vattar, Taooan, S IS o.m. Srot. f. Son, Mr. and Mri JaraW LutT, 100! SI. in St.. : o m. Sapl . Son. Mr. and Mri. John Haloarton, aor comnt Ave., Manjan, n or a.m. saol. Son, Mr. and Mri. Mlcnaal Sallar, 411 llm SI . 7 45 am. Sl 3. Mandan Community Haaptlal Dauohtar, Mr. and Mri. Glanard erank. 100 Sacond Ava., SW, Mandan, S:11 p.m. Sapl. I DaimMar, Mr. and Mri. Dwlont Callay, Of Third Ava.. NW, Mandan. I! II a m PSATHS tAsph FlKhtr, 31, form trr Btulsh fmK dent. In on-cr attxldtnt Saturday morn irtt) ntMr BetivtrttMt, Oft. Aartftun FunsKtl Homa, Basjlah. Mlka L Holtar. M. Linton, In vr Crtrk naar Ltnlon about 10 p.m. Saturday. Kraft Fitntfral Horn. Linton. John Schmidt, Solan, in a ttxal hot-oita) at 11:10 am. SufKtay. Hoanjg Fu-irsil HoeTtts, Mandan. Thomas Doll, 17-day-ord an of Mr. and Wr. La Don, Ntw &aiam. m a ivanoan noipital at l it p m. Monday. Buanttr unaral Homt, M-tnd'in. (IM CALLS J : 91 p.m. Wturday303 W.BfJulavartl. ovarhaatad dryer. a m, turvaay um wiam av.. car (Ira. 1410 Avt. D, ItV a.m. Mandav sjmaroancy cnn MINOR ACCtOtNT HP proparty ntxth of ban park Andrew N. Larson, 213 W. Broadway Avt., and parked car rtfliiltrtd to tsarl fiat-rinnton. Robinson. " Sit Ifth St. LtRoy ft. Soaidtl, no ifth St., parktri, and Ouano Artiw Tau-loM. 517 lth St. Ninth St. and Sweat Ava. Myto A. Enqtl. 90S 11th St., and Thomas W. Fathar-ra. Minol. Fifth St. and Thaytr Ava. RonaM Dtan Engal. lira S. Higniang Acraa Road, and William Jahntr, 31? W. Indiana Avt. Third SI. and Thavtr Ava. Oufint Hannaswy, m csoiroi Ava., ana Bttty ueinnajr, rural wtaitoan. Ki W. Ava. f Barttta Hatan Varney JOB SsKoncJ St.. parfctd. and Gtorga Ramil tonn. 97S WathlnctfMi St. m W. Baweit Ava. - Rooap J. Hardy, )0S Rlvarsiop Park Road, and trtt. MARRIAOI LICINSB Patrtck Mathena, BIsmarcAe and Sharon Pruhwlrtn. Bismarck, The Members ol First Baptist Church Third Street and Divide Avenue Bismarck, N. Dak. Invites You to Hear Rev. Iver Powell "The Ivfin from Wales" September 5-14 Services Nightly Films at 7:30 f. M. Preaching Service at 8:00 P. M. All Services Are Open to the Public Biblical Preaching Inspiring Music John Schmidt Riles Will Be Wednesday SOLEN Funeral services for John Schmidt, to, Solrn, will be hrld at 10:30 m. CST Wednes day from St. Joseph's Catholic .Church in Mandan. The Rev. Adam Hunkler of Anthony will celebrate a solemn reqjirm high mass, assisted by the Rev. Raymond Backes of Fa Ion, deacon, and the Rev. John Owens of St, Joseph's Catholic Church In Mandan, sub-deacon. Mr. Schmidt died In a Bismarck hospital at 11 10 a m. Sunday. He had been in ill health four years. Bom in Morton County on Jan. II, 1912, he was a son of Gabriel and Katherirw Dinius Schmidt He attended school in Fallon. On Oct. 14, 1939. he married Margaret Fleck at St. Anthony they moved to a farm near SI Anthony and be had been engaged in terming since. He was a mem her ef St. Anthony's Catholic Ch'irch. St. Anthony's Verein, Sa cred Heart Society of Solen, Ss. I'eter and Paul Verein of Fallon and the Knights of Columbus of Mandan. He leaves his widow; two daugh ters. Mrs. Louis I La Dora) Schmidt Fallon, and Miss Sundra Schmidt. at home; four sisters. Mrs. Loreni Baron and Mrs. PhiliD Schmidt. both of Mandan; Mrs. Joe Birren- kott. Dawson, and Mrs. Joe Lipp, Milwaukee, Wis.: three brothers, Peter, Seattle, Wash.; Paul and Gab, both of Solen, and one grand son. He was preceded in death by his parents, three brothers, two sis ters and one grandson. Pallbearers will be Peter, Paul and Gabe Schmidt, "and Peter, Mike and Emanuel Fleck. Burial will be made in Mandan Union Ceme tery. The rosaries will be recited Tuesday at the Hoenig Funeral Home by the Rosary Society of Mandan at 7 p.m. (CST1,5 the Knights of Columbus of Mandan at 7:39 p.m. (CST, the Christian Mothers of St. Anthony at I p.m ICST, " : parish rosary and St Anthony Verein at 8:30 p.m. CST and the Knights of Columbus of Flasher at I p.m. (CSTl. The Hoenig Funeral Home in Mandan is in charge of the arrange ments. (Centiaiwd from Page I) day and dtd shortly aftr mid niM. Tl Nana) LMxa traffic tftll ns sm'iaassst to lut (Mturday with the drath of a MuMu him,, liean va enwrty three weeks ss IB a actaoeat aear aiikarer. ,., Tt stNKB was wet knew In eastern Montana epntls cirrlrs and referent! several stale eaaketiiali tmtraamvnta. He waa a native ef Sutney. Moot., and lornwrly lived at Miles ( uy before moving to Hi limes In ItM Turner died la a Billings bospi-tal. South Dakota's traffic tx-3 for line holiday rj-J- nine Tucsr!; with the death of a Milbank avnm-aa whose husband was killed n a Ihiwaiar mishap during a rain- sterrff near Milbank Monday Bight Sis other persons were injured The latest victim waa Mrs. Dob. na Pauli, mothar of five. Her bus-band, Marwood iBudi Paul, b, aa killed ia the accident ilX or THE DEATHS ecnirred on baturday, Including four fa talities ia a three-vehicle crash near Okeek and two ia aa accl- drnt near tlk Point The other death eccurred in one-car accident early Sunday in Hanid city. The other victims were: Arthur Steele, 49; his son Don ald, 21 ; Donald's wife. Mary, about 20: and their daughter. Lisa Ann. S months, all of fCdmond. Okla., all killed in the Okreck accident. Elmer Asp. 72, Hayward. Wis., and James Mason, 27, Chester, S. D.. killed la the Elk Point accident. And Mike Jimineg. 13. Rapid City, who died rh the Rapid City accident. Hospitalised at Sioux Falls were occupants of the second machine. Robert Walton, his wife and two sons, of Fargo. N. D. One son. Robert, 4. was treated for cuts and bruises and released. Mr. and Mrs. Walton and their son, Steven. J. were reported in good conditidn Tuesday. WALTON, tt. AND his wife, Kar en, 3D. both were graduated Irom Washington High School and Au-eustana College at Sioux Falls. Walton is a former All-North Cen tral Conference football end. He has been teaching art at Agassiz Junior High in Fargo since bis graduation in latt. At least 500 persona died In traf fic accidents across the natioa during the Labor Day weekend, a record for the three-day holiday. Delayed reports Increased the toll for the 7s-hour period that ended last midnight to well above the previous record for the holiday. The count of traffic fatalities began at p.m. local time, Friday. In addition to the 90S deaths in traffic, another 21 fatalities oc curred in boating accidents, 57 by drowning and 97 in miscellaneous accidents for an over-all total of 671, also a record for the holiday. Senate Resumes Tax Bill Struggle Drowning-- Continued trans Page l & Akivaius srea. la owned tluabet Mat ea Dec SO. itn, at St. AJeysius and Uaw. Sjryliam nimaawas est ta fneml ItoB; Pete and Aleve Holiw. U.S. rnnrck; MWhsH f,ai.tde, Hague Akive MaJlei. Zeei-ind. 1 mur wiil he ranted at tins Kraft Funeral Home S I in, iTuswIay. Flwinn Fttr.J.ants Schools - - - (Continued from Page 1) Many of the youngsters in the first two grades at Northridge have older brothers and sisters who also attend Northridge, Miller said, and parents like their, children to go to the same schools. Bismar-k High School, where s new classroom addition is to be started sometime this fall, is groan ing under a record enrollment of 1,153 compared to 1.032 last fall. The new Hillside Junior High Sciioal north of Hillside Pirk baa 711 students, compared to the (10 enrolled at East Junior High last year. The old junior high has been torn down to make, way for the new addition. HUGHES JUNIOR HIGH, I for students in west Bismarck, had 627 this fall compared to 67S last year. Northridge with 534 youngsters is the largest public grade school. while Highland Acres, which saw, a drop in school enrollment is the smallest based on enrollment, with 156 youngsters. St. Mary's Central enrollment is 516, while the Priory High School has a total of 95. Other parochial enrollments include Cathedral Grade 640, St. Mary's Grade 486. St. Anne's 325, and St. Joseph's 325. The public school enrollments, comparing this fall with last fall, show: 1962 1961 Highland Acres .... 156 163 Northridge 534 455 Pioneer 365 349 Richholt 437 449 Riverside 157- 143 Roosevelt 308 305 Saxvik 381 390 . Wachter 310 306 Will-Moore 3o8" 360 Hillside 711 610 Hughes 627 675 Bismarck High ....1,155 1.032 Totals .- 1,499 1,237 ' FXECIKU MAYOR NAPLES, Italy IAP1 Christian Democrat Vicente M. Palmieri was elected mayor Monday by the uiy t-ouncii. the 22 page measure. Originally the leaders hoped to pass the bill by last rhday, but fiv straight uijit sessions failed; 're mra the trick. Now they hfe set goal of sext Friday. The delay is holding up another top priority bill the foreign Trade Expansion Art The senate Finance Committee started to Ex-Beulah Man Killed Eleven rJuMrea died ia Infancy. AIXJ aTRvrvrsr, are seven brothers and.five sisters mcluding JUin, Trail 'city. S. U : Frank, l imber Lake. K D ; Valentine and Tony, both of Union: Joe. Leopold and Fred Bismarck; Mnry a ) Justina, Bismarck: Mra. Vernun I Anna i Goldsde, H:r: Mrs. Jo- aryi srMa ikegmai GoJdade. Timber .. - . iiauii itKaV sMvine first ta a farm lur ianin TrTnwiT" vm "i an wr- , - , -I -.r- -B - - -, . i j , . as.aWi5il, us B.Mp.-'..uau,auj tvLtuMl6 ( MtUi f ..avi Inrtrl-rr . !'" 1 H I I a k . HI I Hk r - S-aVaL Stk e.T-.-.--- r,."iin"rTT";rii" an snip fnnaiasi up i"n na nwaria ings Friday and loorned to t.e aky for two hours. With Ms ths era of the Ny blimp wjs over. "It was ust a bit of nostalgia.'' Capt. Ronald F. StulU said of th flilhL I The Navy abandoned Die blimp 'prcsram kut NeUar. The shm iirf. wa-'e rnwr'l tmu,u.i..l trip . had been retained by the' service for research purposes now completed. wAMUNC .naa as ameodmenu atiu penossi. ,Owtaea of llllnosS baa pledged to'-; TJi i T,,. .li l.a. Imnail manr af these " up as aa arnenxlneni - -- " , ' r: Leaders hoped many at taese . . rm.-Mll. ha,'nf Linton, and sine pa-KUaiidren. ttouid ne avoiipea oy weir a-i- - : ' u.j .K-. T-r. lhal a-wr.ll vole, tor It It has strong sup- m.ior r.oor fights still renned,lrt particularly trora orxtorsj tmlnrm Iha Kant WOrXCa tBrOUgJll- BELLAH FuaaraJ be betd at I p m. tVednesdny for l-ake. and Mrs. Peter ilOiraliethi riaipn ruvrner, 21, former Beiiiab!ooeuiier, uague, resident but mors recently at port- Funeral services are scheduled land. Ore., from the Pear Lu- for Wednesday at I a m. irom St. vote on that late last month but theraa Church, 17 miles south of Anthony Catholic Church ta Untoa s put It aside so is mem-1 here, the Rev. Joha krhiniersr ef ould be oa Baaa for ine lax ticiaung. Mr. Fischer died instantly In a one-car accident near Beaverton, Ore., Saturday, lis waa burn on Jaa. I. 141. at Beulah. a sua of Matt and Anna WeU Fiacher. His parents farmed 19 miles southwest of Beulah and he ire up there. He attended schools ir Mercer County and for the pan four years has been employed si Heaverton, Ore, and had made hi home with bis sister, Mrs. George Klemmer. Besides his Daren ta. ha leaves three brothers, Raymond, Upton. nyo.. and Clarence and Garv. both of Portland, Ore.; three sisters. M.i. George iGertrudel Flemmer. Portland, Ore.; Mrs.' Armand ' Ramonat Sandstrom. Portland. Ore., and Janice, at r.-me. Pallbearers will be Raloh Belln- sky, Robert Fischer. Richard Welk Melvia Wiedrich and Ante and Norman Winkler. Burial will be mads in the church cemetery. The Aarthun Funeral Home In Beulah is in charge of the arrange meats. , had to bers ci debate. SO FAR. SEN. Robert 8. Kerr, D-Okla., floor manager for the tax revisioa bill, has been able to beat off all amendments which be opposed. However, battles remained to be fought on tightening the ex pense account section, oa knock ing out a provision which makes lobbying expenses deductible, and foreign earnings oa American conwrations. Senators also had amendments pending oa such diverse subjects as a reduction ia the oil and gas depletion allowance, reduction of top bracket income tax rates, re peal of the 4 per cent credit allowed on stock dividend income, allowance of a WOO deduction for college expenses of 1 child, and allowance of a tax credit lor political contributions. BT FAR THE MOST controver sial subject to be raised, however, is the long-debated bill o five self- end burial will be made ia the rhurrh cemetery with the Rev. Charles Meyer officiating. Pallbearers will include Antra V. Hotter and Jim Wrlk, both of Lin- WANT TO HAVE FUN! Meet Your Friends at the COVERED WAGON BAR Some Entertainment Nightly Special Entertainment Saturday Nights Coma to the Newly Deeorsted and Air Conditioned Covered Wagcn Bar 206 North eth Street Bismarck, N. Dak. Do You Have the Vision? Ijr Itisiuranr hsnivn iiitftiaKlbi). Yt psKitil with . inn tan rlarly It. bn. fit. Thr rocniM them in t)t prot ratrlajrl Bti.ixta.ri1 of Hv. Inir of lhn fsmllle who hav Btirrnitsrs4 th-ir ?hlef prnvld-r. Tixiy' providr tomorrow'! proirir with ttounri, rHailt Kf Imaranf procrtm. let' plan H tocthar. IGGIE B At MAN Rrprt4.iif WOODMEN ACCIDENT AND HFi COMPANY Rites Wednesday j For Doll Infant - NEW SALEM Funeral services for Thomas Doll, 17-day-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Lee Doll of New Salem, will be held at 7:11 a.m. MST) Wednesday from St. Pius Catholic Church here, the Rev. Charles Backes officiating. The Infant was born Aug. 11 in a Mandan hospital and died there at 6:28 p.m. Monday. : He leaves his parents: four brothers and four sisters, all at home: his paternal grandparents. Mr. and Mrs. John Doll, Richard-ton, and his maternal grandpar ents, Mr. and Mrs. John Hauck, Kichardton. i Burial will be made hi the church cemetery. The Buehler Funeral Home in Mandan is ia charge of the arrangements. j Weather Report (From U. 8. Weather Brao Irtrt fkima fMtears) htanm twmiara- tvrt din Q latf 14 tiouni MconC towtrit limptrafur latf nto,it, 'lowtst wnDry tort during last Id itourti tttim, rain er irwlttd fow during Uit 14 tours. aV-sdtns at a JB a m Ctrttral ttanclard Tlrrva Nartk Dakota Esttvan SI tf Alhlay l 33 .M Winnlpag 57 41 Beach 30 2 Atbany SI 17 56 55 32 51 35 AS tl 43 n u u u 71 57 7 55 14 M J4 14 7 .U 71 43 Beulah 54 41 iunarc SS 31 Carson 54 37 Carringtor u 31 Devils Lakt 5 37 Dichinum 51 33 Endarlm Fargo Or. Fork. Jamastown Kcnmard Wax Mlnot NaDOttotl Oahtt Par shall ftlvtrdatt IrViilliton Ottiaf Raoid City 51 34 Philip 54 33 Plcrrt 55 31 Abardaem Watartowii 53 43 .M Okla. City 91 72 M Huron A3 43 .01 Omaha 79 41 .56 SJouk FalU a4 4 .09 P'rJalohla 74 S5 Pickitown 57 43 PrxniK T03 10 Valantina 54 34 Pittsburgh 77 41 ,15 Ltmmon 44 31 P'land, M. 73 51 Mobrldoa S4 .11 P'land. O. tf 49 Sioux City 71 49 Richmond 71 41 .01 Alquraut Atlanta 6oia Boston Buffalo Chicago C lava land 45 44 .04 Denvtr 40 31 .13 Dl MotM. IS 54 45 SI 37 Detroit D 47 ,14 57 32 Fairbanks 57 31 41 55 31 Fort Worth 95 77 59 34 Honolulu 07 77 40 3? 41 tn'aoolU 77 4 3 W S3 30 44 Junaau 55 40 04 Kansas City 00 47 .73 Los Angelas OS 41 Loulivllla 71 70 ,41 (VVmnhLi 93 74 JO Miami 00 03 MiharMukaa u A3 ' Minneapolis 77 49 ,14 St. Louis 79 44 .14 J L. City 09 50 San Diego 77 43 San F 'Cisco SI 53 Seattlt 79 51 Titmoa 91 73 44 Washington 75 40 . Billlnas 40 34 Glasgow 54 40 Great Fall! 54 34 Havra 54 35 Helena 40 33 Miles City 54 33 Missoula 40 34 SUNSHINES Sunset today: M7 p.m. Sutvlat tomorrow: 4:07 a.m. 1 MISSOURI RIVER Missouri River statist 2.4. 34 hour chang: 0.0. -Missouri River flood staoa: 19.0. PfftCIPITATiON Total September to date: .01 Normal September to date: .15. Total January 1st to date: 13.37. Normal January 1st to data: 12.19. FORECASTS Bismarck Mandan Partly cloudy and 1 warmer through Wednesday. High Tuesday 1 upper 60s Low Tuesday night mid 40s. i High Wednesday mid 70s. Nerttt Dakota Mostly fair, llttia warmer through Wednes-1 day except little temperature chang ex-1 lrm southeast Tuesday night. High Tuesday 50-40. Low Tuesday night 30-40. Mwrn wist ore i Parity c toud v. Uttl warmer west and' vth. mrttttv cloudy southeast, cooler ex-i trema southeast Tuesday. Generally fair 1 Tuesday night and Wednesday. Little warm! er Wednesday and west and north Tuesday nloht. High Tuesday 50-40. Low Tuesday night 30-40. , j Partly ckoudv northwest, mostly cloudv , and cooler and few widely scattered light) showers oasf a no aoum luesoay. ivtosny ' fair kwtvet atrtd north, oartlv cloudv outhssait and continued unsaasonably cold Tuesday ; ilghl, scatter! nqnt trosi. wtoniy iair, itti xsrmar Wednesday. Hlah Tuesday Sf-45. Low Tuaadav night 34-43. eesase T.wsusai. auMI TiasMMsaV night. Wednesday partly cloudy with a lew Showers norm in anernowi. rvarmsjr aoutn Wednesday and turning cooler extreme north In afternon. High: Tuesday S5-70. tov Tuesday night 30-42. High Wednesday "S. i It's That Time AgainI School Is ' i StartingI PLEASE... . Drive Carefully Bismarck has an outstanding record for aaffly when 'school children are concerned. This Is a record for which we can all be proud. But it takes the alertness of everyone driving. So let's all be careful ... we have a good record . . . LET'S KEEP IT THAT WAYI , By the way. we have a selfish purpose . . . some of those little guys are going to be home builders some day. BUILDERS Ruben Anderson Harold Scott John Zoller Merle Kenny Leonard Super Donald Johnson Weeda Homes, Inc. Al Brady Robert Morrison BUILDERS George Jennings, Jr. John Berger Eddo Carlson Joseph Shimek Wallace Wheeler Eeller Construction Wayne Jennings Haaken Tosterud . Chris Hopf auf Associate Members of the Bismarck Home Builders Associations: Corwin-ChurchUl Appliance Signs Incorporated C H. Carpenter Lumber Co. Dakota Plumbing & Heating1 Roy Hulm Electric Price Owens & Son Real Estate " A-l Ceramic Tile Hart Agency Bowman Furniture Company Sherwin Williams Paints Dunahey Paint Spot Hindemith Tin Shop Tavis Appliance Co. Ode's Plumbing & Heating Midwest Equipment Goets Realty Supercrete Companies Tracy Heating and Sheetmetal Ben's Electric v Walter Fisher Painting Murphy Insurance Company Conlin Furniture Lahr & Lahr Realty Hoovestol Excavating Christ Kirschenman Taping Peavey Lumber Co. Conrad Publishing Hedden Real Estate Ralph Wheeler Floor Sanding First Federal Savings & Loan Hank of North Dakota Gerlach Sheetmetal Dakota Flooring Welk Steel . Youness Plumbing Rausch Furniture Company N. D. Guarantee & Title Co. First National Bank Capital City Ornamental Iron Boyd & Lee Real Estate Bismarck Ready Mix Lud's Floor Covering Arrowhead Hardware Klein Lumber Robert James Agency Atlas, Inc. Bardwell Robinson Bergqulst Walker Kavaney Real Estate Dakota National Bank Bismarck Tribune Quality Builders Breon Drywall Sears Roebuck Co. ABC.Electric Western Steel Montgomery Ward Co. Braaten Appliance Oliver Geyer Kleppe Real Estate Gate City Savings & Loan Association Greenberg Roofing Globe. Inc. ' 1 Fred Hettick Real Estate Limber Mart Jennings Lumber , 1 Vantine Paint & Glass Co. Jerry Christenson Kenny Siegel Builders Supply Anderson (ACE) Hardware Fetzer Electric " Panel Manufacturing Co.

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