Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on December 24, 1957 · Page 55
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 55

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 24, 1957
Page 55
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A MEREY CHRISTMAS TO EVERYONE THE LOGANSPORT PHAROS-TRIBUNE A MERRY CHRISTMAS TO EVERYONE Colleges Asked to Look Into Student Abilities MANHATTAN, Kan.-A Kansas State College speaker said recently that high schools have done a better job than colleges in recognizing that all persons are not equal in ability. > Roy Armstrong, director of admissions at North Carolina University, also said the high schools have done more to adjust their programs to fit students. "We must recognize the differences in students and must begin to provide opportunities fcfr them beyond high school," Armstrong said. "We must give dignity'to vocational and technical training. We must give dignity to work." He urged that colleges start giving advanced standing to students who are worthy of it during early days in college. Armstrong said students should be allowed to progress as rapidly as possible. Reunion Clears Up Story of World War I MEMPHIS, Tenn. (UP) Laurie Grove, a patient in Kennedy Veterans hospital here, heard a story twice about the Battle of Belleau Wood in June, 1918 from different men. So he brought about the reunion of two ex-Marines after 38 years. The reunion involved Coy Roberts and Miller Jones patients with Grove in the same hospital, During the fighting in Belleau Wood MiUer was wounded byl shrapnel and lay in an exposed] position. Roberts ran to his aid and carried him to a dressing station on his back then rejoined his unit. Later Roberts was hit at Soissons and the two friends lost track of each other. In different wards at the hospital here neither knew the other was nearby until Grove remembered that each.had told him the same story of that day nearly four decades ago. Helicopter Ruins a Gardening Venture KITTERY, Me.—Charles S. Martin, keeper of the Isles of Shoals lighthouse off the Maine coast, tried his hand at gardening this year. He planted one pumpkin vine and it grew one large pumpkin. A high-ranking Coast Guard officer came to visit the lighthouse by helicopter, ar.d his visit ended Martin's venture in horticulture. "As the helicopter lowered to the ground," Martin said sadly, "the blast from the blades knocked the pumpkin from its vine and it rolled into the ocean." Westminster Dog Show In New York Feb. 10-11 NEW YORK — The Westminster Kennel Club dog show at Madison Square Garden Feb. 10-11 has been restricted to 2,500 -dogs whelped on or before May 10, 1957. All must have won a blue ribbon or a higher award "in a United States or Canadian show prior to next Jan. 1. The official closing date for entries is Jan. 13, but the list will close automatically upon receipt of the 2,500th entry. Don't Try Lassoing A Deer in Maine SCARBOROUGH, Me — You can shoot your deer in Maine during the hunting season with a gun -or a bow and arrow, but you can't use a lasso and knife. Henning Thomseh, 45, of Cumberland and Richard Doucette, 19, •of Portland found that out when they tried to register a doe at a deer tagging station. They were taken to a trial justice court and. found guilty p^roping the deer while it swam in Cas- oo Bay and cutting its throat with a knife when they pulled it ashore. Thomson paid a $30 fine, Dou- cetfce a 919 fine. • Lord Nelson's flagship, the Victory, has long rested in drydock at Portsmouth, England. poor postman" piece. So ... here are the facts, FIRST SNARK GRADUATES—A Snark guided missile forma tha background (upper) as the first class of U. S. Air Force "Missile Airmen" is graduated at ceremonies in the Northrop plant in Hawthorne, Calif. Their weapon is shown in action (lower) as it roars from launching cradle at Patrick Air Force Base, Fla., on a 5,000-mile test flight out over the Atlantic. These graduates will man the nation's first Intercontinental missile squadron. Just 54 years before, Wilbur and Orville Wright made the first flight at Kitty Hawk, N. C. (International Soundphotos). France Takes Pride In New Jet Airliner PARIS A man can be sure of an attentive audience in France if he says he has had a ride on the Caravella. For this magniricient new jet airliner has become a shining symbol for tb^se weary of being told, directly or obliquely, that France is a third-rate partner in the western aliiance. A nation that can produce an Post Office Will Deliver All Mail By Christmas Day WASHINGTON (UP) — B just, wouldn't be Christmas unless some reporter wrote a "pity the and let him who can hold back a sympathetic tear: The rush started about Dec. 10. Heeding the perennial post office warning, several million people did their Christmas mailing early. The volume of letters, cards and parcels pouring through the U.S. postal system jumped from a "normal" level of 150 million a day to twice that figure, then three times as much. By • last week end, it had hit what appar- fair share of all'this mail figures out to 33 cards and letters (including bills, circulars and other just-ordinary mail) and one - half of a parcel. (The Post Office emphasizes that any fractionated parcels you may have received do not represent an attempt on its part to make sure that you got precisely your per capita share, but were the inevitable result of handling .so much tonnage in so short a time.) Staggering on their appointed rounds beneath this' fearful load of season's greetings are about 500,000 regular postal employes and. 250,000 'temporary helpers ently will be the peak—500 million; hired for the Christmas rush. pieces of mail every 24 hours. Since mailmen do not customarily open letters to see whether they contain greeting cards or. past-due bills, no one can say precisely how many wishes for a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year have been exchanged through the mails this year. Holiday Mail High But a post office spokesman said a "high proportion" — well over half—of the 5,500,000,000 letters and the 85 million parcels delivered during the past two weeks looked, felt or smelled like • Christmas mail. On the basis of population, your Veterans and people who have passed Civil Service examinations for post office jobs have first call on these temporary job's. Many college students and public school teachers, trying bo pick up some extra money during their holidays, also are signed on. Some of the Christmas mail is delivered on horseback (there are still.'-more than 100 contract mail routes, mainly in mountainous regions, where horses are used.) 'Some ride in style in a few fleet of "mailsters" — three- wheeled motor scooters with red- white-and-blue decor and room for a quarter ton of mail. But the vast majority is,being lugged from house to house by carriers who travel on foot. Post office regulations forbid them to carry more than 35 pounds of mail in their leather sacks' at a time. This means that when the volume is heavy, they have to keep trudging back-and forth to the "storage boxes" where the mail is deposited by trucks. __^ Postmaster General Arthur' E. Sumraerfield has pledged that neither sore feet nor tired back nor the lure of the family hearth on Christmas Eve shall stay his couriers from completing their annual task. Even if the mailmen have to work around the clock from now on, Summerfield says, "We intend to see that no Christmas mail remains undelivered in the post office on Christmas- Day." Joint Research Called Bolster to Marriage LAWRENCE, Kan.-A husband- wife team doing research at Kansas University reports there are many advantages to such a setup. Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Gullahorn are i doing research on impressions foreign students make at American schools. Earlier they did studies on what effect American students have made in other nations. When not working on the joint research project, Gullahorn is an assistant professor of human relations, and sociology and his wife is a graduate student hi psychology. They said their research is both work and entertainment. Being able to share this, we don't have to worry about doing tilings in order to be together, the couple said. "It helps to strengthen your marriage, too," Gullahorn said. Mansfield Raps NATO WASHINGTON (UP)—Assistant Senate Democratic Leader Mike Itfansfield (Mont.) said today the results of the NATO conference were feeble and demanded a complete reappraisal of U. S. foreign policy. rowing the Russian satellite lead. It has an impressive atomic power program under way. Even in agriculture its massive Charollais cattle are challenging Britain's Aberdeen Angus strain for the beef championship. Price Of Safety Ths Caravelle is tihe most dramatic outward evidence of this engineering triumph such as thisif erment of research and develop- is far from finished-so runs thej m€ntj Scandinavian Airlines of- argument. Already the orders j fi c j a te, contracting for six with an are stacking up. The Scandiva- i op tio<r of 19 more, think it may vian Airways System, one of the | dominate the shorter routes of the shrewdest shoppers in'the busi-1 wor ia, jt will shink Europe by ness is taking about 20 million Rao Qt eT third—only 40 minutes dollars worth. This is the first time since World War II that France has produced a plane likely to be a world favorite, and the achievement is a matter of national pride. Equally ex-citing is the realization that the Caravelle represents a significant technical advance. Its two jet engines are placed not on the wings but at the very rear of the'fusslage near the tall. It can take off or land on one engine. On a flight from Toulouse to Paris it arrowed into the air to 30,000 feet and cruised along at over 500 miles an hour. It is vibration-free, and its luxurious cabin is practically noiseless. • The Caravelle will not be in service with Air France or STS for a year, and only a few people have flown in it as yet. But these have a tale of praise to tell, and the French never tire of hearing it. They regard it as one of the accomplishments that will restore the nation to its rightful place. Scientifically and technological"y France is resurgent. Its engineers are Jiarntssing the tides and the sun. In electronics it can offer the West valuable aid in nar- .from London to Paris, for- example. Sud-Aviation, which produced Ihe Caravelle, is the largest airplane manufacturer in Europe. It was formed early this year in a merger of two companies—one of which made -the famous Spad fighting plane in World War I. The Caravelle is being given some of the most rigorous testing in aviation history. Two complete prototypes will never fly. "Zero Three" will be "aged" under water pressure until its condition equals- 30,000 hours or 10 years in the air. >f Good !<UKsKcs We have a long, long.list'of warm wishes for all our friends for a bright and joyous holiday! Porter Hardware Walt, Jeanne and Boyg 420 Wilkinson St. Joys of the blessed Christmas seasonl SHAW'S Air-Conditioning — Refrigeration — Store Fixture* SALES AND SERVICE » S. Sixth Street . Phone «M 5ffO£ SALON Our thanks and best wishes for a 9totiday to all of you whom it has been our great privilege and pleasure to know and to terwe. Beasey Coal Co. Tenth and Woodlawn from QUAKER HILL, INC. "Yards Beautiful" YOUR LOCAL REPRESENTATIVES DALE NELSON—Fulton DON GRUBBS—Logansport DICK MORDENTI—Logansport PETE HARTZLER—Rochester JACK ARION—Flora & Delphi The Spyce Shop Ellouise DeGricf Fayc Riddlcberger 1306 East Broadway '"Peace on Earth, Good WUl to Men." May the blessed words re-echo iri every heart this Christmas, bringing joy to one and ail. Elizabeth Bieker Clerk Cass Circuit Court Carolyn Ann Pastries "ALL THROUGH THE HOUSE"... May tfie iplrlt of &JU1 Christmat prevail! U^H/- H. R. DIETZE PLUMBING AND HEATING 19 Eel River Avenue Logansport, Ind. .•— Hare's wishing jou a joyow and glorious Christmas iim*! HILL & SON SOUND ENGINEERING CO. 2221 Spear St. Phone 3326 We take pleasure In thanking you lor your patronage and in wishing you a holiday complete with all the "trimmings"... love and friendship ... good health and good cheer! Hough's Sundries & Groc. Bud, • and Employees 716 W. Market Phone 39W 308 Filth Street Phone *65* ur warntett ^ wishes to yon and yours for • house full of love and happinew •11 through the Whitehouse Hamburger Shops 17 Sixth St. 41J K. Market

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