Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on December 24, 1957 · Page 52
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 52

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 24, 1957
Page 52
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Eight Logansport, Indiana, Pharos-Tribune Ann Landers "Ideal Set-Up" Could Prove To Be Expensive Gravy Train Dear Ann: Never thought I'd [expected me to do everything but be writing to the Crying Corner, j stand and salute when he walked but here I am. My problem isiinto the room. Your advice amaz- one which cannot be discussed with anyone who knows rne, so you're a natural. I'm a good-looking guy, 33, who likes line wine, beautiful women, good clothes, music, travel, and all the better things. I :nake a good salary selling, but I'll never get rich at it. This is my problem: An older woman, stylish ar.d very well- heeled (two husbands died and left plenty) tells me I'm just her type. She's interested in marriage. Both husbands were many jtars her senior and she never had the romance in her life that I could provide. This would be an ideal set-up for me, BUT, I've been seeing a joung girt who has everything (except money). In fact, she needs financial assistance to get through modeling school. This girl is too young fo'r marriage right now, but she has wonderful possibilities and in about six years she'll be just right. Call me a few choice names if you like, but please give me some advice. And for once in your life, skip the sermon and Be PRACTICAL.—Sterno Look, Robin Hood, if you've got any ideas about taking from the rich and giving to the poor forget 'em. This "ideal set-up" could prove to be the most expensive gravy train YOU ever rode. A woman •who buys herself a younger man to make up for two loveless rr\ar- riages is bound to keep the guy or; ed me because I solved my problem in exactly the same way. After seven years I hit on a bright idea. One fine morning when "The Chief" was issuing orders as usual, I shouted to the children, "Now hear this. Now hear this. Line up and get your orders for the day.'" He broke into a big grin and saw for the first time how his commands looked to others. It's been a lot more pleasant around our house ever since.—MRS. I-I.S. (Ann Landers will be glad to help you with your problems. Send them to her in care of this newspaper and enclose a stamped self-addressed envelope.) , Copyright 1957, Field Enterprises, Inc. Hospital Notes MEMORIAL Admitted: Hollis Keating, Flora; Miss Kimmey Drake, 608 Washington street; Mrs. Barbara Myers, BlflVfe East Broadway; William Eckerle, Flora. Dismissed: Mrs. Anna Gross, 1313 Lobelia street; Louis Hayes, 1221 Erie avenue; Mrs. Leah Templeton, 2031 North street. ST. JOSEPH'S Born: To Mr. and Mrs. Earl Murray, route 6, a son. Admitted: Mrs. Rebecca Miller route 3; Donald Walters, 714 Teamsters Cling To AFL Jobs in Michigan Union DETROIT (UP)—James R. Hoffa said today officials of his Teamsters Union might try to hang onto their jobs in AFL central bodies in Michigan even though the teamsters have been expelled from the AFL-CIO. "We're considering it," Hoffa said of a possible move by teamster officials to retain their offices in the AFL by obtaining memberships in other unions in good standing in the AFL-OIO. But Hoffa, teamster president- elect, said no decision would be made until officers see a directive from the AFL-OIO hierarchy . ordering state and city bodies to expel teamsters locals from membership at once.- Andrew S. McFariane, president of the Wayne County (Detroit) would be a simple matter for teamsters officials to gain auxiliary membership in other AFL-CIO unions in order to stay on policymaking central body boards. "They wouldn't be setting any preced-ent," MeFarlens said. "The Bakery Workers were expelled i from the AFL-CIO and that's when ' Schnitzler (AFL - CIO secretary- treasurer William F. Schnitzler) got a different membership. He Josephine Lowmon Christmas Eve Is State Of Mind All Can Enjoy Fourteenth street; Frank DoPau!, was president of the Bakery Work- route 4; Mrs. Ruth Rafferty, ZZOVzjers when he was elected secretary- Urge Parents To Immunize Children Now INDIANAPOLIS (UP)—The Indiana State Board of Health urged parents today to immunize their children against "preventable dis eases days. "In during the Christmas holi- some areas of Indiana," said State Health Commissioner Dr. A.C. Offult, "and.in the case j of certain diseases, the immunization level is less than 50 per cent. In order to prevent widespread outbreaks' or epidemics of com' a diamond a life? Since the young girl won't be ready for marriage for six years, why not look her up in 1964? Maybe then you'll have grown up, developed a decent set of values and be ready tor marriage yourself. Dear Ann: I am 28 years old, blind and a diabetic. I am married and have two children. I've been trying to get work, but most places can't use a person who is handicapped as I am. I would like to know why, when I went out on the street with a cup, the policeman told me I could not do this as it's against the law. If it's the only way a person can East Broadway. Dismissed: Harry Allan, Monti- This "is! cello; Miss Th elm a Sines 72214 (East Broadway; Mrs. Gerald Laymon and son 2021 East Broadway; Mrs. Randall Yokum 1215 East Broadway; Mrs. Albert Scheffer and son, Winamac; Mrs. Leo Weaver and son, 606 West Miami avenue; Mrs. Raymond Hettingor and daughter, 31414 Brown street; Ernest Delong, 200 Cole street. Cub Pack No. 359 Holds Yule Party Rockfield Cub Scout Pack 359 held a Christmas party Friday evening at the home of Mrs. Mabel Stigers. Mrs. Stigers and Mrs. Norma Martin, den mothers, arranged the program. treasurer of th AFL-CIO and had to join another union to maintain his position." The teamsters, bakery and laundry unions recently were expelled from the- AFL-CIO for failing to oust officials accused of corruption. Last week the AFL-CIO ordered its state and city bodies to drop the teamster locals from membership immediately. Robber to Serve Half of Sentence • CHICAGO (UP)—A convicted robber of two Indiana banks today appeared to have to serve only half of his original sentence of 60 years. • The U.S. Court of Appeals has returned the case of Roy Rudolph JLt 1L 3 HIC U1HJ *» O-J " pv-» -J««* — — •• _— it i 1 ••!• J ' i i »•• —J. make a livin" what business is it 1 The scouts had a chili supper ar.d, Drake to a federal district court of the law? Tarn not harming any- exchanged 50-cent gifts After the =-one All I want is enough to live supper the scouts made gifts for . . - .-, *-V»«it« na^QYircr one! r»anLroM "a nnY on ar.d support my family. Please give me an answer soon. I have no one to turn to and a family to feed.—G.J.M The "law" you refer to is a city ordinance and it's a good one. No or.e in America has to beg on the street. There are organizations to train handicapped people and help them find employment. There are also welfare agencies to look after people who are unable to take care o( themselves. It would be far better for you and your family if you could learn to do something in exchange for your livelihood. Any job is better than playing on the sympathy of the people who pass by. The Family Service Agency is in the phone book. They can direct you. » * * Dean Ann: That letter from the woman whose husband acted like an Inspector General really hit close to home. I'm the wife of a Chief Petty Officer in the Navy. When we were first married, he treated me like a trainee in boot camp. He gave orders left and right and Perfection in Fitting 81 34-48 <(•/• A comfortable all-occassion st-yle, beautifully fitted through the mid section 1 , to subtract inches for the slightly mature figure. No. 8169 with PATT-0-RAMA is in sizes 34, 36, 38, 40, 42, 44, 46, 48. Size 36, 38 bust, 5 yards of 35-inch. For this pattern send 35c in COINS, your name, address, size desired, and the PATTERN NUMBER to Sue Burnett, Pharos-Tribune, 372 W. Quincy Street, Chicago 6, 111. The Fall & Winter '57 edition of our pattern book Basic FASHION is filled with smart, new styles for all gizes; special features. It's col- orfu), »timulating and so useful. 25 cents. their parents and packed a box for shut-ins. Boys present were Gary Lake, Tom McKay, Dwight Lane, Bill Wilburn, Larry Deel, Mike Fincher, Garold Benefiel, Jesse McCarty, Ronnie Stigers and Danny Martin. Pretty Pineapple! CROCf)£T AFGHAN 2402 Here's a pretty afghan in crochet that will meet with everyone's approval. Use blending colors for the pineapple design; or for a 'granny effect' (and inexpensive too) use scraps of knitting worsted left over from other projects. Pattern No. 2402 contains crochet directions; material requirements; stitch illustrations. Send 25c in COINS, your name, address and the PATTERN NUMBER to ANNE CABOT, Pharos- Tribune, 372 W. Qincy .Street, Chi. cago 6, Illinois. Have you a copy of our 1957 Needlework ALBUM?. It contains fifty-six, colorful pages showing many pretty designs; plus direc- tor resentencing. Drake is serving time in Alcatraz Prison for the $66.511 robbery of the State Bank of Southport, Ind., June 12, 1956, and a $16,000 robbery of the Union Bank, Car- tnel, Ind., in September, 1955. He was sentenced by Federal Judge Cale J. Holder in Indianapolis 15 months ago. The appeals court upheld Drake's sentence on the third of three counts in each indictment. But it set aside sentences on the first two counts of the indictments for technical reasons. Local Eagles Lodge Planning Initiation Plans for initiation of a class of candidates next Monday by the local drill and degree team were discussed by members of the Eagles lodge in a meeting Monday night. Candidates were nominated for the election of an inside guard on January 8. Attendance awards went to C. W. Zimmerman, B. C. Norzinskay, Carl Norzinskay, Ray Sloop and Don Sever. The Patron Eagle award went to James .Fergus. Knights of Columbus Have Gift Exchange Members of the Knights of Columbus held a gift exchange and made plans for the New Year's eve dance at the meeting Monday ni.ght. The executive secretary w-as instructed to send felicitations to the council chaplain, Msgr. John P. Schall, upon his appointment ^as Vicar General of the Lafayette di- ocease. Free turkeys and chickens were awarded to Tony Jaroski, Harry Baltzell, Robert Gear, Bernard Hombach and Joseph Loner, Six States Seek to Limit Lake Diversion WASHINGTON (UP) - Six states have asked .the U.S. Supreme Court to prevent Chicago and Illinois from diverting any wore water from the Great Lakes into the Illinois Waterway for sewerage purposes. Wisconsin, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan, New York and Minnesota filed a brief late Monday with the high court saying Illinois and Chicago should be limited to tions for making 3 crochet items: the 1,500 cubic feet per second au- and a quilt. Only 25c a copy! ithorized for navigational purposes. Open Christmas Day 11:00 AM to 8:30 PM CHINA LANE RESAURANT 308 E. Market Phone 2359 Every individual can have and enjoy the state of mind present on Christmas Eve. Christmas Eve is such a lovely time! It has a magic quality ail .ts own with its beautiful pack- Is aroma of pine or cedar or fir, its bright Christmas tree ornaments and plumb pudding and :andle light .ar.d lovely carols. Even more potent are the greet- ,ngs from friends we love and the companionship of families gathered together. Actually Christmas Eve is a state of mind which every individ- Strike Vote for Pilots of Airline CHICAGO (UP)—Strike ballots today .were distributed to union pilots working for American Airlines when the National Mediation Board announced it could not reconcile a contract dispute. A spokesman for the Air Line Pilots Assn. said the strike ballots were due back Jan. 3, shortly after which time an announcement ual can have and enjoy, regard-!on the walkout would be made. Tuesday Evening, December 51, 195T. Bethlehem Prepares to Observe Birth of Christ BETHLEHEM (UP)—This little town of Bethlehem prepared again today to celebrate the Christ. But refugees birth of of the Palestine War camping miserably into Jordan by the Palestine War. in the surrounding hills and crowding the city's streets were evidence there is no sure peace in the Holy Land. This is the most peaceful Christmas season since 1954 for Bethlehem and Jordan—except for the refugees. Thirty thousand who left what is now Israel crowded Bethlehem of the Judean hills, which ooze with cold win'.er mud. Their daily idleness and misery reflects the majority of a half a million refugees who were driven They have little else to do but dream of going "home," to Israel. For them there is no peace in the Holy Land. For (he first time since :i)54, (he Holy Land was quiet, this year, although soldiers from Jordan and I'sracl faced each oiher across the border a few miles away. Pilgrims came as before to wor- and the hills around it. In town! ship in the grotto where Christ they pulnuwber the original G,000 iwa s born and !aid in Jhe manner, inhabitants. For nine years the __________ have lived in idleness and poverty, ° c the Nativity, built in il? present form under the Eastern Kmperor ithe holiest spot of Christendom, majority i _0ver it stands the great Basilica and they do not forget, cent of the total population should be immunized." o Physicians recommend that three-months old babies be immunized against' diphtheria, whooping cough and tetanus, Offutt said. At the age of 5 or 6, booster shots are recommended and for every -three or four years after thai. Six months is the age for the first polio shot, Offutt said, followed by a second dose four to six weeks later and the third at least seven months after the first. "Years ago, it was the popular belief that the so-called diseases of childhood were a normal part of growing up and that all children were better off if they contracted the disease prior to adulthood," Offutt said. "Today, physicians and health officials agree that children should not be subjected to the communicable diseases, since lasting impairments to health, and frequently death, may result," Offutt said. Offutt also urged adults to get booster shots "since communicable diseases are more serious in adults." Christian refugees settled in t h c I Justinian in I1lc «"> Century, town, which has been predomi-j ~~~ .ntly Christian since the days of j Peru to Hire Attorney P^^ A nnexa j.j on c ases ' PKRU — The Peru City Council last night authorized ilie city to hire an attorney for counseling or. annexation proceedings now pending in Miami Circuit Court. The council passed an ordinance which gives the cily auxiliary electric energy from the Public Ser- Vice Company of Indiana at a cost of $3,900 a month. The contract is for five years. Holy Land. Some, like Syrian Catholic gardener Abdelahad Jabera George, live with large families in one clean room. His salary is $15. Food and other necessities leave littie spare cash to buy presents for his six children. Few are better off. Many have no jobs at all. Thousands of Moslems, once small farmers and peasants, are camped in huts, tents and even packing cases on the rocky sides' , _. ... , . . the Classified Ads less of his financial situation or| the condition of his human rela- jonships. It is something special, which is universal and yet personal, and which is free to everyone who will open his mind and heart to receive it. Surely money to spend, gifts to give and receive and all o£ the :rimmings I mentioned in the first paragraph of Uhis column make it easier to enter into the real spirit of Christmas Eve, but ;hese are only props, stage settings for the REAL thing. Tlic Real Thing It seems to me that the real thing is the opportunity to be a of the tremendous feeling of on earth and good will to- of giving rather than of spiritual uplift. Perhaps Christmas HAS become ,00 commercial, as many believe. Vlaybe we have lost somp of our awareness of the real reason for JJiristmas; perhaps our ideas of Diving have become distorted. 3ut do not let cynicism or bitterness rob you of this wonderful eeling which is yours for the .aking. So long as we have peace in our hearts and feel only good wfR oward others and believe that Santa Claus will come down the chimney, if not this year, next year, we have a large part of the only true Christmas spirit! Russian Claims Dog Survives Space Trip ALPA President C.N. Sayen said j LONDON (UP)— Soviet scien the dispute is one "" ---'-'-•- •'--' company is "Both ; parties have rejected arbitration," he said, "leaving a strike vote as the only alternative open to the pilots under the Railway Labor Act." . ... I • i ii *J\t1 JV.L- OtJtll- is one "in which the ; lists twice have sent a dog to a patently at fault." ^ height of 125 miles by rocket and brought it back safely by parachute, a Moscow newspaper said today. The newspaper Sovietsfcaya Ros- siya, quoted by Moscow radio, said a space dog named "Albina" had made the journey into space twice in a rocket and survived. After Trash Pick-Up Schedule for Holidays Trash collection schedules have been re-arranged because of the! Malone Named Wjhite Christmas- and :N'ew Year's holi-j County Welfare Head Hush, city | MONTICELLO — Guy Malone of her has been elected director of sl-reet superintendent. ward all, •eceiving, Tomorrow: "Author Offers Christmas Thanks To All Her Readers." • vReleased by The Register and Tribune Syndicate, 1957) Ira Wise, Retired Carpenter, Dies Ira Wise, 80, of 425 Fifth street, died at 4:40 a.-m. Tuesday at Memorial hospital, where he had been a patient for a month. A retired carpenter, he was born Oct. 15, 1877. Surviving are a son, John, Lima, Ohio; a grandson, Don Wise, 977 South Cicott street; and four great grandchildren. Friends may call at the Chase- Miller funeral home, where final rites are pending. Collections ordinarily made on Wednesday morning will be made Tuesday afternoon, ar.d regular Wednesday afternoon pick-ups will be made Thursday morning for the next two weeks. BEDS SIGN BADGER OINOLNNATI, Ohio CUP) — The Cincinnati Redlegs have signed Jim O'Toole, a 20-year-old left- handed pitcher from the University of Wisconsin, and released pitcher Jerry Davis to "^cattle in the Pacific Coast League. O'Toole posted a 4-4 record with Wisconsin last spring and had a 1-2-1 record with Mitchell, S.D., in the Basin League during the summer. He also averaged 12 strikeouts a game at Mitchell. SEEK "MEANEST" THIEF NEW ALBANY (UP) — Police are seeking a thief who made off with about $30 in Buffalo nickels from the Assembly of God Church. The money was part of the church building fund. the White County Welfare depart, ment, effective Jan. 1. Malone succeeds Milton Timmons. Malone was White County Clerk from 1936 to 1944. He and Mrs. Malone have lived on their farm northeast of Monticello for 17 years. ARREST DRIVER City police arrested Joseph. L. McCain, 40, Indianapolis, for driving while under the influence at 12:50 a.m. Tuesday. An officer observer him going north on Fourth street, which . is one-way southbound, between Market and Broadway. STERN WARNING NEW YORK (UP) — The chairman of the board of the Air Force Assn. warned today that recent Russian technological advances have made it probable that the conquest of America "eventually will be accomplished without a shot in self defense." NURSES FOE INTERNS INDIANAPOLIS (UP)—General Hospital authorities have announced they plan to use nurses, mostly men, on. ambulance runs. The nurses will be used because of a shortage of interns. Officials said interns would still be used on runs involving serious illness or .njury. Now—2 Features Fun At Night SPECIAL HOLIDAY PROGRAM PLUS "White Feather" with Rob«rt Wogntr to All--at this Merry Christina* Time! /& Diana Shop 321 Fourth Street —from— McTaggart's Home Furnishing Co. Open Daily 3 a.m. to 9 p.m. 1315 High Street TOPAY-"MR ROOK AND ROLL" & "SHORT CUT TO HELL" WED. thru SAT. OPEN 1 P. M. - ADDED FUN WED. NIGHT Big Christmas Entertainment! WAYNE AT His MIGHTIEST! ADVENTURE AT ITS BEST! John Wayne Sophia Loren RossanoBrazzi //i legend of the Lost" This is Wayne as you like him! In Technicolor! Extra! Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer Cartoon TODAY "Until They Soil" and "The Weapon" Matinee Today—Box Office Opens at 1:00 P.M. STARTS WEDNESDAY FOR ONE WEEK MATINEE DAILY Join and see a world of entertainment! A tour of amour with three Tive-it-up show girls who kiss and tell and tell/ Dances, Gaiety, Delight! M-C-M prcKnti ASK.CSKEL PRODUCTION rfCOLE PORTER'S GXRJL& GENE KELLY-MITZI GAYNOR KAY KENDALL-TAINA ELG »*«"., JACQUES BERGERAC • &*« pu, by JOHN PATRICK Story l» V«r» Copwy • Mtmt and Lyri™ by COLE PORTER In ClncmtSnpe ind METROCOLOR A»oci«lt Prodnw 5AULCHAPUN • DncUd by GEORGE CUKOR .

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