The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 8, 1931 · Page 3
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May 8, 1931

The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 8, 1931
Page 3
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Page 3 article text (OCR)

FRIDAY,_MAY_S, 19_31 Mi.VTURVlLLU, <M\K.) NKW3 HEED GDI PA'OE THRRt* voles were thrown out 11 will Ipivo | for the betterment of I'.'.c Sim-.lay In Memphis Tuesday vLsllIng rela- tne iiliilnlllf, A. li. Fulrneld. tlerh'd. school during tile mciuli ol M.-.y. • lives. Wherefore. in addition lo the IH-ayer !n Hie original cem^ain'. Snclal. plaiimil prays liisi !Uc Cciu-t ma 1 *: | Mi<rs Mamta an order dlrcctin-.! I'M u.'.llels o! j Monday evening tiie nlnve nr,:nc;i |n«;?s li tr | \, M . ur O f EslPll? bioug'.u ir.l.) oivjii Cu::;; ;j g tlom all enL.'iUiin?.! tm-ky. a J. Ij. ll.ul lelurneil Tuesday i-::tei!dcd visit in Ksi\- Wright nnil dauxhtor Ine: l:v Mr*. I). A. fian- rniil -.• dial ii:o inc.. said vote beliij Nr». 325; saij James Jonr-s voted In Wan! No Oiir r.t the Ci'.v Hall N.I. 44 an:! al. j o voted No. 5I>. That t'-e ab-ve sorties are rnlitlsd to one vcle I'adi :\:V plaint'.!! that «•>!<! vr. y were cm for (Vfendair.. H?!l!.n?e1 4. That In \Vai-;i No. Om th:r- were tv.-o vctl'u bases', on? a: '.'•• Chevrolet Building au:1 the i t'i:- at the City Hall. Th 1 ."- in '.h-j vrj'j- cast at i>-.e Chevrolet B;!'.!'J:::-* !'• following persons an;l ni;:nb:- which they vol?d w:rn vv;ihou' IK>; liix.rcccliils. and silj vot?i s'i'jiil'.' l>e thro\\n o'.it: No. :). G'j')!-';? H:n ry, No. 87 Mrs. Jaci: Oznient. No. 4 F. I,. Spralb.l, No. 75 Mrs. K : Niciiolron, No. 02 S. O. U.iir;. 5.: That at the Clly H:i'l Hi > I ! ' lowing parties vot?d without Hayli ^V.iG'v—Personal I'urty. -J:.'e Kahii em:" :a'n"- -'e nartv W--t::-<;'! r- rhTr 1 v.'2r'j lh—:" 1 i . Prlz?> ve: 11 rr.'.'ir '••- TJmn"s-n fo.- >:<••'• I-'irmr M". M-llKi.-" El hi°ll, an: 1 . Mrs. I sobtln:i. Mrs. guests wit?: a c! Y. W. A. ll? i p=:i T; " e , 1° inci al the Np. 71 R. J. Alston. 219 Mrs. Lvl'S The "H" Cllll) of H.iyt! li'.--!i rchcol h-.'ld a m:etn; WiMlnrsJjv afternoon, inillatni^ a 'i.".v mo'n- bcr. I'.iiillns O.'n : il. M.-s :• :.,:•<;.! M;:Coy HdmJI'.M?:! lh-. 1 hr'.iil o i b prm'.in'j "H.C." on I'.iiil.n •'? .i:n. MU.s Kill!) Cni-iii'lia-r.. :i ; - Mrs. W. N. lil'lkin, a-;ivi;>.n • by Mri. Aniiri L:icy an:l ^nv- x ;i Lilt-Ills of CiiniC.cravillf. .-.'.u;) ]•:'. : B'.y:!i:'v;iio Moi:d=iy. Mrs. Charley Tli:ilnnr :I.-C:):HIV.' ) k'd by Mrs. A. O. Allen ana' ,)..n nlla Cranfor.l were sin.j;).-: •, i Meinphi.s TursJay. Mi^s rx)ui:e Cole of Pa.;c';!i vi- iici Miss Haltie L~ii ft-:!l:!;i: Tursday. E-J Ball and Lnten Herroll v:cr nesday even! Mrs. I'-.-ibc ICilwards was taken tf lhj Baptist h;''-;nul a'. M.'mphl 1 Tiienlay t:> nvelve ti'ralni?nl. Mr. ancl Mis. ICurl Ra.vb«c-k ai- i"'id::l lo business nnd jlrj;);)Ml li M-?:n|)hls We. J i;i.sday, M; 1 -:. Anuld Tui-kcr an-J -Enin! !: ;u Ja:'.'. : e rei'mi^d hoin 1 ? Monda' TTHI Lake OH". Ari:.. where t!u-> have been visiting the pa.-t week. • M^s Allie M5? Cajnei'D!) an:! . V.'fi L?na Muvtz were week-en: 1 .. i!ii-:s:s of Mr. nnd Mrs. Cle-irjc C-ri'.'-ni. ' M-^.ilur^.es Waid IJorrLs. E<1 Monro ' lleary By:irs an:! .1. K. Wosllnll .s'-U[)nr:l in Blytiicvlllu Tiii-silay lit- , l.i'i'rr W'.l'.lams visited Mi's !«n- ; ;.- w-|i- r U [ [ilvlhevilb > Mi's Ki!e?n l.rSirin- wus a I'jr- Mr. an:l Mrs. Wiley I'Jiby ac- coiH|).iulp.i by Mr. niid Mrs. 'ror; IVaMvr. Mis. K K. Teasti'r nn.l Jiianlla Kirljy .shopped In M:m- ilil.s 'I' Mi'Ml:unos Caivlo Mealte. J. S v'l^lEull and Henry llyavs \isit?il ii''iuls in Kenm'U Wcclnvsilay n(- Wi:i:i:i- Kli'wait ol Tiika. OXli. i In 1 :.' vlsltlir; rfbltves tills «.-i-k M.'.••. 1-M Ji' aetuin;)iink-ii bv j-iisiu'ltr- O'Hourk? vitit.'i! li: Mr. nn.i Mi'.s. 1C. 1,. CoWwell nt- li-iidol tin' funeral of Mn. Cal:l- Will's l)f])!lCW. I'OVlLT KVIIIIS, III Ca hi'i'svillc Sunday nllcrnojii. T.Vo NR-NATURE'S REHEOV-lonHll:t. Vo-iri'l : n'.iL3ljvetir>TnH8\vUllx>fur.clk'nlr.}l I m^-rlx ly t:io>n!i<ic >":J yoilrcoinlll-Mlui will cnil wllh a Uwtl utlioii n m<> «n 1 t*sy 89 niluro »t her U^il—no I'—u. u"», Try II. Only Be. Ihe AU-VegitaUc Laxutlre Mukt the Ics! lu 12 Percy Smith. 1-12 Raleigh Sylvester, 332 Mrs. Jim .S.illbi. Dl He.i ry Tolllver, 185 U.iniel Webster. 1C Jinv Winchester. 5:! W. T. \v-r>- 54 W. C: Bronte. 187 R. L. Bibbs. 115', Tlitlnia Bracken. 0'5 CUfTor..! Cavitt, 251 H. R. Duncan, 172 n. G Hankins. 270 F. L. Husband, 121 E McCuen, 175 O. S. I'eak. alii A. llo- scuthal, J33 Harvey S'.swarl. 11 Hawkins Sanders. 212 Mrs. P,-eJ San'forc!. 40 J. II. Tankersley. ISC- Mrs.- L. E. Vamierford. 11 Mario.. Williams, 221 I. G. V.'lurn.•'.•.•:•. Hunter Wright, 1C7 T. B. Burns. 3 John B.igrs, 1G5 W. V. Christian. 125 Joe Glasscock. 20 Talmacije 111:61', 331 Mrs. J. K. Mc'Jail. 4! Mrs. Sam Roach. 45 Sim Kui-h. 23 Mrs. Percy Smith, 201 Joe S':n!)'« 00 P. B. Tillmnn. 81 Mrs. B:'. Woods. 07 Mrs. Marion Willbm; 305 C. A. Winchester. ' Live Outs:ile City That in said Rox vote No. 21P Jack Robertson: No. "n, D. E. Walker, anS Nn. 157, Mrs. Earl W?.lk;r voted and thai said parties v:-:r . not living in (ho City Limits 0:1 th' j j date of salt! election, i C. That in the Second Ward there two votin; to\en. one a' the-Fcrd Building and on: at th Farmers Bank: that et the F.irmr' Be.nk trc following parties vot;a not havinj ixjll tax ncoipti: N< 53 A; O.'Blanke'n^Jiip. Zaph O'Brien W Kcsbe Johv.s, 107 Sterling Martin.,' 7..' That In the Ford liuihlin-j I" Ward Number Two the followlir parties votcil without \:c'.\ !a\ re ceipls: No. 117 Ira B. Chit'vccl 237 Wi' Candle, 354 Blain Deal. 228 Shelton Hall; 288 Miss Monte Hinh^, 10' Mrs. Max Meyers. 210 K. H. J.Tiitri- cv.-s.' Jim Kim:). 5 li. C. I'a'.tor 20S Mr=. H. O. Wickham. 257 Clai- cnce Burc'n. 2ai Mrs. C. E. Cou"cr 79 J. N. Gssell, 2!" Mr; w. W Hawkins. 200 nrss Hall. 123 Mr- N. B. Menard. 239 Mrs. J. H. Mor rison, 303 Earl E. Parker. S3 H. I Kcynclds. 230 C. C. Wood. !2R I,, r Chamblin. 121 .7. D. David. 242 , ; A. Holly, 2-!5 Rush Hnllinn'.w. 1" Mrs. Mary Little, 122 M. B. Menard, 270 C. R. Morgan. 330 Mr- li. C. Patton. 70 Mrs H. L. Reynolds. 162 Mrs. J O Web 1 -. That the following parties' poi: lox.were paid by Bradfird Chi: wood and were not qualified el'jc tors and (list said parties vntpj n- plnintitT bslicves fr>r the defendant Melll Reed, tiie ramos of thi pur- ties .an:l the number of their ]»' tax icceipts are as follows: No «l J. B. Anderson. 4513 Mrs J. B. Ar: derton. 4649 Everett Keith nnd 4j-l : W. E. KCltll. 8. T:iat in V/ard Tnrce the f;l lowing parties voted willjont havin poll tax receipts: No. 62 Briiee Collier. 155 Hersav Lane, 112 Georgj Smiley, 18 J. 1 Kincannon. 1 Mrs. O. V. Moss. 1C Mrs. w. M. Sallerfic-ld, 153 Pear L*e. 2 O. P. Moss. T"hat Grnce Arwoofl whD?^ vo; wns No. 122 lives out of the c:; limits ancl was not a (luaHfuj d?c tor-of BlylhevMlD. ArS.msas. a.i thai the pl.iintiir allejJs th.u sn cast her vote for N'cill He?d. The plaintiir alleges that :i gr:: majority ol the names as ret out i> [he 1 above cJmpW.n! vst^l for lh defendant, Ne;ll Reed, and if tins the business sr.-sion. The Y. W. A.'s w'.ll 1-five ,-'i:;--» of the musical pron-im - Ci ni t^, • evening at (he Bap'.Ut clnircli fc- the Mothers' Day program. VV. M. S. , ' Mrs. II. L. Giltei-l was lri-:si' lo the Women's Mis>ionary sneletv : at her home We^nesrlay a;t>i-m.i> : There were thirteen !nemb?rs pre--. ent. and three n?v: n:e3!]'u:-; •••;- . '.ake:i in: Mesdames Jii'ni Tlnni'- son. H. A. Hanje. and '.v T. c:r Plans wcic made fr.r lh? Ucv.' Neighbor Service p-o?rjni, v.'.-ic 1 ' v.-lll be held at Ihe BiyUs; c;!-.!ii-;:! next Wednesday. Methodi' t Aiil Swcicty. Mrs. T. A. McNall was hcst?;s t", Ihe Mfihodist Aid sick'ty at her l.onie Wednesday afteir.oon wit!; eighteen members present. The cl;- vciional was led by Mrs. J. w Hoc'es. and prayer by Mrs. J. T Buekley. At the clxc of the mr-thij Mrs. McN T ail served si'.;r.vb:?ni?s tj'jn-j' v:ith whipjKd cream and an;e! food cake. IVorkcr's C'cunril. The Wart: 3ap:ist churr s Cann"il of met •l'ii;s-lav Newest, Hest Remedy For Corns Slops Pain—Shoes Don'f Hurt Any More SIX WAFERS FOR lf)c GUARANTEED RESULTS The IICWCF!. bcsl remedy (or ciri- is n tiny. t!iin as piper wnfc: No burning atids or fculky dninl)- lint pads <f> "rtd wcwiiro whe shoos nre on. Press on "O-Joy COT Wnfer" {"jn tbo corn or callous witV your fmccr. It slicks (here. SI von n.i oxen, centle as ran lie. Thn j^a'.' sto)» nt onco. Slip shws on nir 1 forget It. UiUr cul conies c->rt). oil loiis, root.' nnd nil. Guarantee:! I never [All. Ask druggist for O-Jo Corn Wafers—.'Is wafers fir in- Artv. 3 T GROCERY and MARKET C. 6. I). Orders Deiivofvil—i'honc J77 53! ib. 9c Cd) each 8c MAY 9th, 1931 s a l '^S S3.9S Bargains for Saturday and Monday Sliouldur, l,b. 2flc Thirl; Uib, 1,1). l7)/it Chuck, l,li. 15c liriskd FRANKS ™«" BACON si(ks - " lfciuh c "',l 19 C Compound or Pure SALT MEAT Itcst Ui. 10 2 SPARE RIBS ,., 10 C NECK BONES ,.„. 6i PIG LIVER !,t>. I 2 , Pint 12Sc pounds 19c PONGEE f;cnuinc " J ^\S DOMSTIC BROWN "1,1," Yard MENS SCOUT SHOES S, Nl ' v '" Stvio SI.So ami S2.95 A iveal liur^in L< V;i!ue. Our i'rk-e li's Ulack. All Si/.cs ^< A Kiio^iOiil For *Sft Hiiic-Iiucklc All Sizos STRAW HATS s ' cil ' 8l)re>8 75c and - llp MEN'S 15I.UE : ' : WORK SHIRTS I0c and Gilc DRESS SHIRTS Mm '" ic The Our Grocery Department Complete Potatoes ib. 5c Siramberries pints Grapefruit leaS 24-b. s-ck 44c If'Hi- pllm ' 24 pounds 60c w"« Good 48 pounds $1.15 Veal Stew Ib. lOc !b. 20c ausage Ib. 15c Lanib Stew ib. lOc Leg of Lamb. Ib. 20c Butter er Ib. 26c Hesis and Fryers CUCUMBERS Kiith 25c GREEN BEANS I'oilinl lOc RHUBARB i'ound lOc ASPARAGUS I'rosh [>nnch 13c CABBAGE Pound APPLES ,'i I'otinils 25c LEMONS ,'iGO's I)«7.on I9c BEETS or CARROTS Pound Lar^e Firm Green I'ound 25c SQUASH I'ound 9c TOMATOES I'rcsh I'ound 23c I'otind 17ic PEAS Tri'sh Cardcn Pound 9c PINEAPPLE Krcali 29c Fresh BREAD or Large Cn!ifornia Dozen Ib. So Fresh Country Dozen 17!c EAPPLE xo.a,c,n25 c PEACHES Crystal White or P&G, Limit ars29c SUGAR ,.„, 47 C MARSHMALLOWS L, 17 C 21-Lb. Kag PORK & BEANS 2 c^ 15 C LARD, 8-11). Pail 99c

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