Logansport Pharos-Tribune from ,  on June 26, 1957 · Page 16
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from , · Page 16

Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 26, 1957
Page 16
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Sixteen Logansport, Indiana, Pharos-Tribune Ann Landers Wronged Wife's Friendship Needn't Be for Female Judas Dear Ann: My husband had an affair with my best friend six months ago. It went on under my nose for over a year and as usual, . "the wife" was the last to know. This woman is a beautiful", vivacious divorcee. Her children are in boarding school and she's footloose. My husband took her on "business trips" and the blow-up came when my father bumped into them in a Milwaukee hotel. When I confronted my husband with the report, he got down on his knees and begged me to forgive him for the sake of the children. He promised never to see this woman again, and so far as I know, he's kept his word. The problem is this: the woman who used to be my dearest friend has been phoning me lately. She'd like to be chummy again. I don't want anything to do with her. My sisters tell me she's enlisted their aid to get us together again. They are urging me to forget the past and to wipe the slate clean. I can't bring myself to do it. I don't think I could ever trust her again Am I wrong?—QUESTION MARK. It's how YOU feel that's important—not how your sisters feel. It was YOUH home, not theirs, that was virtually wrecked by this female Judas. If you want nothing to do with this woman, tell her in plain one- syllable words, and don't poll your relatives for viewpoints. * * * Dear Ann: I was interested in the letter from "Hungry Harry" who complained because his bride couldn't follow directions on a box of macaroni. So she boiled the cheese instead of the noodles ... so what? There's a building in Chicago that is resting on a cornerstone made out of my grandmother's first loaf cake. A workman saw the cake on the back-steps, thought it was s brick, and in it went. My grandmother saw him pick it up, but was to ashamed to say anything. My sister-in-law cut the tender tops off the asparagus and served the stalks. My cousin baked a four pound ham for four hours one night and three hours the next day. When she went to serve it, there was just enough for a sandwich. Expert cooks are made, not born. Every woman who is skilled in the art of preparing food has had some early experiences that she laughs at now. So tell Harry to tighten his belt and be patient. We iearn by doing.—GOURMET GRETCHEN. Dear Gretchen: Thanks for your comforting words. The first time I made rice I didn't know that it swelled and I had enough to feed the Chinese army. It was three years before I had nerve enough to serve rice again! Glad you wrote. 449 Dear Ann: I'm no cow-eyed 'teenager. I'm a 27-year-old woman •who is faced with a serious problem. I'm too close to be objective. Please help me. My intended is 32, We've gone together three years. Although I have no ring, it's understood we will be married sometime next year. He's been putting his sister's boys through school and has had numerous family obligations. These past three months he's found fault with everything I say and do. My hair is never fixed to suit him. My* make-up isn't right. I laugh too loud. My posture is poor. I've tried to be nice to his family in every way under the sun. Now he tells me they think I'm too "forward." I cant get him to talk about a wedding date because every conversation ends in an argument. I've tried to be patient but he eggs me on until I explode. What do YOU see in this situation?— MERCEDES. I see a 32-year-old fellow who is looking for an escape hatch. He doesn't want to get married but he's unable to get out of it gracefully. Your fiance is picking on you constantly in an attempt to start a quarrel that will put an end to •the relationship. He -may not be aware of his motives, but this is the way it looks from the sidelines. My advice: make it easy on him— and on yourself as-well. Hand him his hat and show him the door. * * « (Ann Landers will be happy to help you with your problems. Send them to her in care of this newspaper and enclose a stamped self- addressed envelope.) Copyright 1957 Field Enterprises, Inc. Charm in Half Sizes Josephine Lowmon Here's How to Make Motor Trips With Children Fun Noble Bible School To Conduct Closing Exercises Thursday The closing program of the Noble township Bible school, which the children of the Shiloh Congregational Christian and Webb Chapel Methodist churches are attending, will be presented in the Noble township school gymnasium at 8 o'clock Thursday evening! The school is being conducted for all the children of Noble township, and the public is invited to attend the final program. The kindergarten and beginner's department will . concentrate on several songs and finger exercises, as a conclusion to their studies on "Friends and Neighbors." Their teachers are as follows: Mrs. Charlotte lie, Mrs. "Jessie Eikelberner;, and Mrs. Martha Leach. Nellie Ross and Kay Eikelberaer serve as assistants. "Our Families" is the topic of study for the primary department, who will sing songs they have learned and recite selections from the Bible; Also, they will dramatize biblical and modern stories. Aiding this group arc teachers Mrs. Gladys Nice, Mrs. Mary Kay McKaig, Mrs. Nell Tribbelt, Mrs. Ruby Heller, Mrs, Joyce Rusk, Mrs. Zelle Prouty and their helpers, Ruby Ann Sanders and Grace Jackson. The junior class has devoted itself to "Meet Your Neighbor," and will present an actual daily session which will be a review of the Old Testament, starting with Abraham. Teachers in charge are Mrs. Opal Jackson, Mrs. Dorothy Taylor, Mrs. Betty Sommer^ Mrs. Gladys Moss Speicher. The intermediate group is com-'can be absolutely exhausting., plating "God's World and Ours."j I have suggested that it will be Woman Held For Murder VERNON, Ind. .(UP) — Mrs. Mary Belle Carlock, 63, held in connection with the fatal shooting table in Robert Long Hospital at.tution, but a place where their|other crewmen were c Indianapolis early Monday of a chances of respectafole_ employ- planes when they collid. bullot wound in his side. A motor trip with young children can be exciting and restful or it' can be exhausting. and M-rs. Emma 1 A motor trip with young children I be the first one to spell his name : !„-.. u~ ,~:i:_.* -»,! ~~_ir..l n _ :t frnlrintr Intfore frnm HilHmm'Hc jean be exciting and restful or it A graceful, slimming bare arm dress to delight the half-size figure. And for cover-up there's a neat bolero in contrast. No. 8474 with PATT-0-RAMA included is in sizes \2'a, 1414, 16'/2, IB'/n, 20'/z, 22Va, 24'/i, 2614. Size 14 V4 35 bust, dress, 4Vi yards of 35-inch; bolero, 1% yards; % yard contrast. For this pattern, send 35c in COINS, your name, address, size desired, and the PATTERN NUMBER to Sue Burnett, Pharos-Tribune, 372 W. Quincy Street, Chicago 6, 111. Include 25 cents more with your pattern order for the Spring & Summer '57 issue of our pattern book Basic FASHION. It contains dozens of smart new styles for all ages; gift pattern printed inside the book. They will open with the song "This Is Our Father's World." A choral reading, The Creation of the World, from Genesis, will be presented by tile group, with Connie Myers serving as soloist. John 3:16 will be given by Goldie Eikelberner. Kay Bikelberner will offer a clarinet solo, and the Ten Commandments will be given by Larry Brubaker and John Gamel. Maxine Ross will offer a piano solo, Nancy Davidson will present "The Choosing of the Twelve Disciples" by means of a flannel board. The entire group will sing "If We Would All Say A Prayer For Each Other." good for you if you get on the road, at nine in the morning and stop at five in the afternoon. It will be even better for the small fry who need their sleep and rest even more. This lessens the chance that a child will become ill or irritable from fatigue. The breaks which stopping to look at an interesting scene or taking letters from billboards. Regular Meals Regular meals make a big difference in the health and disposition of children when traveling. You probably may not want to stop for lunch at a restaurant since this can be very time consuming, if the place is crowded. Wiiy not have a lunch packed by the restaurant in which you have break-, fast? You then can pick a lovely spot at which to stop for your of a farmer over boundary Sunday, a property today was Wednesday Evening, June 26, 199T. Mexico Building Prison Without Bars or Locks MEXICO CITY—Mexican penolp- "ists are betting more than a million dollars on the idea that not all tiiieves are criminals. Mexico's Fabrics de Hombres Nuevos will look more like a college campus than a prison and is expected to revolutionize Mexico s penal system. Inmates will — lories without bars or locked doors cells. But the new prison will have a 20-roora "hotel" for complete privacy. Penologists say they're not worried about the lack of iron bars, locked doors, or high walls. What worries them is that the prison's 1,000 inmates may consider them- men in Mexico. - ' . , __. There mav be more men wanting will live in open dormi- ,, in ,, than wamj ., out> , ore There will be a special hotel-like .•----. - -~: — „««*•» ht Dounaary Sunday, today was| b adlng tor prisoners' bound over bo Jennings Circuit °. {i « ith their wive s. Court on a charge of first degree namnn Marcos Ear overnight murder. Mrs. Carlock, a participant in a three-year-old feud over a property line, admitted firing three shotgun blasts and Xour i high- powered 22-caliber rifle shots at Harvey Abbott as he drovf, his tractor along a Jennings County road. Abbott died on the operating Ramon Marcos Ramos, architect of the new prison, said that Mexicans, unlike some others, may be forced to steal to eat. To Train Men "For this reason," he added, "our present system, patterned after those in the United States and England, is impractical. "What Mexican prisoners need not a maximum security insti M-rs. Carlock claimed Abbott returned her fire. At first she admitted firing only a shotgun. Jennings County Sheriff Charles Dudley said she later admitted she also fired a rifle. Dudley said the feud started three years ago. The property line in question concerned 16 acres the ment can become a real hope. Car-locks had bought from Abbott, j sentences. —. i Inmates The name; United States of America, originated when it was written into the Declaration of Independence. "That is why I call my new buildings, not a prison, but a Fabrics de Hombres Nuevos (factory ot new men)." Mexican penologists plan to make new men by training them to earn a decent living. A committee will set up to find jobs for prisoners once they complete their will be taught to be Hoosier Is Listed Among Four Missing In Navy Plane Crash NORFOLK, Va. (UP) - Cmdr. Charles R. Fuller, a native of Bloomficld, Ind,, and son of an Indianapolis couple, was listed by the Navy today as one of four airmen missing in a collision of two Navy attack bombers. Fuller's father is Russell Fuller of Indianapolis. He and three aboard the collided in midair Monday over the Atlantic Ocean off Hampton Roads, Va. Fuller was piloting one of the planes. Tihe Navy said the planes smashed together at about 4,000 feet and plunged into the water. No parachutes were seen. The planes were on a routine training flight from Norfolk Naval Air Station. their parents most unhappy. Some of the seasickness preventatives are most helpful. Ask your doctor about this. electricians, do machine shop -Serum Shortage Halts work, tailoring, shoe repair, or car-j Adult Immunization If you would like to have my leaflet "Tricks' in Camping" send a stamped, self-addressed envelope with your request for leaflet 1 One of the most unusual aspects pen try. Dormitories, workshops, and administration units will be separated by wide, grass-covered lawns and connected by shaded walks. May Be Popular Authorities expect the modernistic stone and glass buildings now going up on the outskirts of Mexico City, to be completed by July I 1 ', No. G9 to Josephine Lowman In care of this newspaper. Tomorrow: "It's Fun In the Sun —But don't Overdo It." (Released by The Register and Tribune Syndicate, 1057) of the Mexican pejial system is the practice of allowing inmates to have overnight visits from their wives. As things now stand, visiting wives must share their husbands' WASHINGTON (UP) — The government said Tuesday that a "temporary" shortage of Sa)k polio vaccine has forced cancellation of a number of immunization programs for adults and a 40 per cent cut in export quotas. But a Commerce Department spokesman emphasized that the supply of tlie vaccne still is adequate for the nation's children. The official pointed out Uial, despite increased production, demand for Salk vaccine is "far in excess" of the quantity turned out because cf the growing number of adult and industrial vaccination plans during the peak polio period. museum or historical marker pro- noon-day meal. vide will be welcomed by the! Without enough sleep and exer- younger members of your family, else and entertainment your off- Plan Activities It also helps to plan activities for the children beforehand. No matter what their age they are bound to get restless and to be. spring are certain to become restless and hectic. This spoils your fun as well as theirs. Many children are victims of car sickness. This makes them and Mrs. Ruby Roller and Mrs, Betty' come bore d with long hours in the McKaig are in charge of musical direction. General superintendent Mrs. Calypso Capers! CALYPSO IMBROIDERY You'll find many items to trim •with these colorful Calypso Capers —so quick and easy to embroider In simple stitches. Use thorn on linens or wearables—so nice to keep or gift-give! Pattern No. 5814 contains hot- iron transfer for 18 motifs; stitch Illustrations; color chart. Send 25c in COINS, your name, address and the PATTERN NUMBER to ANNE CABOT, Pharos- Tribune, 372 W. Quincy Street, Chicago 6, Illinois. It's ready; The 1957 Needlework ALBUM—fifty-six colorful pages ihowing many pretty designs; plus direction* for making 3 crochet Items and a quilt. Only 25c a copyl Fifty From Carroll To Make Farm Tour DELPHI—About 50 Carroll county residents arc expected to attend the annual State Farm Management tour July 24 near Marion, County Agent Harold Berry announced today. Farms to be visited include those of Earl F. Miller, four miles west of Kokomo, Principal speakers on the day's program include N. S. Hadley, Purdue extension agricultural economist, and Dr. Earl L. Butx, assistant Secretary of. Agriculture. A prelude to the tour will be :ic!d on the evening preceding it at the 4-H Fairgrounds at Marion. Gladys Nice and her assistant, Mrs. Jessie Eikelberner, will be in charge of the final program. The Rev. Eugene Sommer of the Shiloh Congregational church will close the meeting with prayer. The children will return at 10 o'clock Friday morning for worship service and a picnic, which is to be held at 12:30. DISCOURAGING TURNOUT LONDON (UP) — Henry C. Wright, independent candidate in North Dorset for Parliament, conceded today that his political rally Monday night may have been a flop. The only ones who showed up were Wright, three reporters and the caretaker of the hall. Mny Survive Leap NEW YORK (UP)—A 51-year- old accountant plunged 15 stories 'rom a financial district building Monday night and survived. Joseph Klein was reported in critical condition today with in- :ernal injuries and a fractured •ight arm. A hospital spokesman said his chances for recovery were good. BEER CAN DEPOSIT LINCOLN, Neb.—Slate Sen. Wil- !ard Waldo was defeated in a bid :o put a two-cent deposit on all beer cans. Waldo didn't necessari- y want to sec the cans used igain. He said his measure would lelp cut down on the littering of Nebraska highways and parks with empty beer cans. It took Washington and the members of the Constitutional Convention % days to frame the Constitution. ROXY Now—2 Features 35c Til 6 ' Fun At Night Open I p.m. "The Rainmaker" with KATHERINE HEPBURN BURT LANCASTER car. One mother I know wrapped little surprises for each day, each with instructions to "Open when you see a horse" or a train or some such object. Car trips are a good time for family singing or guessing or spelling games. If the children are old enough such games as "Ghost," the spelling game, or "Animal, Mineral or Vegetable" are time consuming. We have made up several games on our trips. In one we had to spell a fairly short word, taking the letters from sign boards as we passed. Another one we liked was to guess how far it was from where we were to as far as we .could see, and then clock it. Another favorite—see who will Picnic Casserole Show Starts At Dulk Gatfts Open Half Hour Earlier THURSDAY - FRrDAY "THE RIVER'S EDGE" (color—first run) Ray MNIand - Anthony Quinn SATURDAY "VEftA ORUZ" (color) Gary Cooper - Burr Lancaster ITffff LOGANSPORT'S COMPLETE AWNING CENTER • Canvas • Fiber Glass • Aluminum FREE ESTIMATES THE GRAY-MILL CO. 1302 E. Bdwy. Phone 2218 OPEN 7:00—10:30 p.m. Children Admitt.d FREE FINAL TODAY - $ BUCK N1TES $ BRPNG A WHOLE CARLOAD POR i DOLLAR — 2 First Run Features 2 — ttZfE»IF»eei«th«etowel HOWARD DUFf " THURSDAY, FRIDAY AND SATURDAY Conqueror of the Universe The Woman They Couldn't Kill Tonight— Added Fun & "Wayward Bus* plus "Spook Chasers" Thur.,Fri., Sat. OPEN 1 'P. M. - 2 MATURES - 50c 'TIL 6 - COOL - COOL " IT WILL BE REMEMBERED A bottf* far survival few fronttw •pici can .quail AUDIE MURPHY MntotlonaF am of "To H.ll and tack" fartrj, trnt • Hipi EmtrtM • )•» SIM Mttti} TECHNICOLOR* • A COLUMBIA PICTURE FAITH LU DOMERGUE* PATTERSON SALE Buy Now and Save Convenient Terms to. 5 Only Twin size box springs $27.50 Values to $60.00 7 Only—Full Size Blonds Mahogany Panel Beds vaiu OS t 0 $4o $22.50 8 Only 5 pc. Dinettes w-i chrome 6 Only Cedar Chesfs/ai,« te $ 75 $49.95 ««,. 2 Only—Blonde 3 pc Bedroom Suites $139.50 Regularly $220.00 B Only 2 pc. Sectional -, $149.50 Choice of 7 Colors-flegularly $240.00 4 Only Occasional Chairs $39 95 „<,. Pink and Ebony—Pink and Blonde—Regularly $80 . .. Vi PRICE. Regularly $300 $189.50 1 Only Hide-a-Bed 13 Only Carpet Remnants u p To 50% OFF Sizes 6-7" x 9' to 15' x 17' 6 Only Folding Wood Chairs $5.95 «,. Regularly $10.00 S Only Juvenile Lawn Swings $11.95 .«. Regularly $20.00. 14 Only Table Lamps v a ieusto$25 $5.00 »<,. 7 Only Rok-0-Glider Va iue $ 35 $19.95 «, 3 Passenger 7 Only Oak Glider $ 14.95 MARKET AT FOURTH

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