Daily News from New York, New York on November 20, 1932 · 113
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Daily News from New York, New York · 113

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Sunday, November 20, 1932
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SUNDAY NEWS, NOVEMBER 20, 1932 49 C Be Temperate in All Dr. Evans, to DR. EVANS will aorwef questions on hygiene if stamped addressed envelope is inclosed with questions. He will not make diagnoses or prescribe for individual cases. - A. C. writes: My father died recently of arteriosclerosis and chronic Bright's disease (of over SO years standing), at the age of 75. 1. Is. there likely to be a heredi- BEST SELLERS FICTION. Sons, by Pearl S. Buck (John Day). The Fountain, by Charles Morgan (Knopf). Josephus, by Lion Feuchtwan-ger (Viking). The Bishop's Jaegers, by Thorne Smith (Doubleday, Doran). Family History, by V- Sackville-West (Doubleday, Doran). m NON-FICTION. Geography, by Hendrik Van Loon (Simon & Schuster). March of Democracy, by James T. Adams (Scribner). Death in the Afternoon, by Ernest Hemingway (Scribner). The Princess Marries the Page, by Edna St. Vincent Millay (Harper). More Merry-Go-Round, Anonymous (Liveright). (Puzzles on page 39) FIND THESE MISTAKES 1. Boy No. 1 (left) has suspender strap missing. 2. Boy No. 2 has no buttons on hirt. 3. He has one lone" sleeve. 4. Half of his collar is missing. 5. One of his socks is striped. 6. Boy No. 3 has one unfinished uspender. 7. His socks do not match. 8. Only one shoe is laced. 9. Seams on his football should Tun lengthwise. 10. Boy No. 4 has one long trouser leg. 11. There is no lace in one of his hoes. 12. Boy No. 5 (right) has only ene long sleeve. 13. Part of his collar is missing. 14. One of his socks is missing. 15. His football has too many earns. 16. Its laces are off center. 17. Fence brace should be at the top. 18. "Four" should be "For." 19. House windows unfinished. 20. There should be no door on roof. 21. Branch grows out of chimney. 22. Bricks extend from chimney. 1 NOW FIND THESE" 1. Clock on side of house. 2. Both clock hands too long. 3. One clapboard incomplete. 4. Stovepipe points down. 5. Handle separated from umbrella. 6. Umbrella incomplete. 7. Fence incomplete. 8. "Sale" misspelled. 9. Hamper handle in air. 10. Ditto wash tub handle. 11. Washboard outside tub. 12. Coat lapel incomplete. lo. t lower stem incomplete. TODAY S CROSSWORD PUZZLE "J (Puzzle on page 32) WARiSfALA;sr?P,EiFiElR I TMjQ TIEOMlA NE k3M a L E.m;Q NS P P I N TOSIE T RI6 R E 1 jjsB R p! B I N E T tie Is rtM plot ts O stI fw Things, Advises Avoid Arteriosclerosis tary tendency to both of these diseases, or, rather, an inclination for offspring to have them. 2. What can be done in the way of diet and health habits to avoid them ? I am 43 years old. 3. What is the cause of vertical ridges on the nails? REPLY, 1. Yes, to a limited extent. 2. Avoid lead poisoning and syphilis. Do not use alcoholic beverages. Do not be a heavy meat eater or a gormand. Avoid rich and highly seasoned foods. In a general way, live sensibly and eat and behave about like other people do. 3. I don't know, but the condition Is not Important from the health standpoint. WON'T HURT THE BABY. Mrs. J. W C. writes: I have been advised to give my baby fennel tea once a day, or two or three times a week when he has colic. My friend says it won't hurt him and she brought up her four children on it, and she has lovely children. REPLY. By all means follow your friend's advice. Giving fennel tea is something of a back-to-JIethuselah proposition. It has been used in baby care for thousands of years and if it did any harm I am sure that fact would have been discovered. I have seen a host of children who had been given fennel tea In babyhood and who are not lovely. Therefore, do not expect too much. IT IS NOT TRUE. A. L. writes: I have heard that eating fried parsnips every day will keep the skin clear of pimples, blackheads, etc. Is this true? REPLY. No. sue.n V A 'JO Q :ns.'6T :iq3lJ.tdop) 1IIPP0DR0HE5 i f 11 lU 24 HOURS OF ENJOYABLE QUALITY ENTERTAINMENT FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY i5c-25c Mate. NO HIGHER Evaa. CHILD REN 10c at AH Times HIGH CLASS VAUDEVILLE TALKING PICTURES NOVELTIES and COMEDIES CARTOONS ana NEWS REELS I "The Most For The Least" ARABIAN NIGHTS BALL tt'ostom t'ivie Wed. Nov. 23, Thanksgiving Eve. $nnCASH przes '' Va,av For winning; costumes Adm.: I-adirs, 85r: CJentlenien. $1.00 On Tickets Hought in Advance. Dance Till Dawn 3 Orchestras ROSELAND America Foremost Ballroom B'way. at 51st. Special Matinee Hostesses and Hosts Wed. ft Tbors. Aft. MALL la i tai ODERllDAHCE Taught by America finest dane-inl teacher Privately $1 Imsob. GUARANTEED COURSE N0W. Waltz, Fextrot, Peabody, One Step, Slow Fextrat LINDY HOP. Tana. lap, wnien ar a". separate rooms without aapoint- Miss ALMAI DAnlfc STUDIOS 108 W. 74th ST. EN dicott 2-3540 , TAP TOE ACROBATIC SMrmh, Oriental, etc. ElMutien. Act inf. Bet In-atrt. Advanced, Bus. nest Girls Private Lmmm $1. Special Children Classes 91 weekly. JACK STONE .S THANKSGIVING EVEWEDNESDAY 23 Yar at One Actress Means SoniPthinff REMEY, 65th & B'WAY THanelnc Every Kite 9 to 1 Ladies 15c. f.Vo other charge). Gents SOc JtAT. DANCES WED, SAT. SUN. FO.TON ft H.ATBrSH, BROOKLYN H Kverv Mrlif Matinee Hiindur II SANTA AND A CAT 60 FEET TALL TO STAR FOR MACY'S Designed to be more thrilling than ever, Macy's annual Thanksgiving Day parade will mount Santa Claus on a giant locomotive this year. A Christmas tree will be the locomotive's tender and a military band accompanied by a torn cat sixty feet tall will precede the procession. The cat is actu-ally a balloon, filled with helium. A Noah's irk, drawn by four human rabbits, will be another feature of the parade. The march begins from the National Academy of Design, 110th St. and Amsterdam Ave., at 1:30 P. M., Thanksgiving Day, proceeds to Broadway, and moves down Broadway to 34th St. The parade ends at Macy's Store at 3:30 P. M. MRS. DE TRAFFORD TO SEEK DIVORCE Paris, Nov. 19 (JP). Rene Mette-tal, a lawyer, said today that Mrs. Raymond de Trafford, the former Alice Silverthorne, had retained him in connection with divorce proceedings, but that no action had been taken, nor has it been decided whether the suit will be brought in London or in Paris. BUILDING OUTLAYS RISE IN OCTOBER Washington, Nov. 19 (TP). An increase of 2.3 per cent, in indicated building expenditures in October as compared with September was reported today by the Bureau of Labor statistics on the basis of data from 351 cities hav- ingpopulation of 25,000 or more. I YPFI IM Thea, 45th St. E. of Bw.v LatUm Eves. .8:50. Mat.. 2:50 FOR A LIMITED F.N4J U;r; l FNT Berirjnint TUES. NIGHT, NOV. 22 CORNELIA OTIS SKINNER REPERTORY FOR FIRST WKKK "The EMPRESS EUGENIE" Flrtt Tlraa Ik New Yark. Tuet. Eta.. Nov. 22. alaa Wed. Mat. and Ex.. and Friday Mat. "THE WIVES OF HENRY VIII" Thtira.. Fri. Sat. Evei. tuit. Mat. Pru-es $1, $1,541, $2. -J.fl). pliia Ian AMERICANA New Rvti Hit with HilL tsAKLK PHCBEKT Thea.. 41th St.. W. of B'way. J-Ags. ::;m. Mam. Thank Sat. m 2 ANOTHER LANGUAGE rirnn Anilrra. Dorothy Kllrknry, Margaret H'ychrrly. John Hral BOOTH, 'MS .st.Jvej:50.Ala(.1lriat AUTUMN CROCUS By C. ANTHONY FrnlU'is ratriria LEDERER COLL INGE MOROSCO THKATRK. 45th, W. nt K'y Kves. H:"ii). Jims. Ttnnkxg'F I'av A Sat. at 2 :l BALLYHOO OF 1932 WILLIE & EUGENE HOWARD JEANNE AUBERT lulu McDonnell Bob Hope. Vera Marshe. Gloria Gilbert 44TH STREET THEATRE. W. of B- Evai. 8 JO. Matt. Thanksfiyin Day a. Sat.. 2:30 CARRY NATION 'By all addt tha mtt Impsrtant rvrnt ttiit avason." stnrk Yonnft. Stw litvubtic. BILTMORK THEATRE. 47th st..W..,fBT EvenniFB ;.,10J Mate. Wed. 4t Sat. nt 2:3(1 CHRYSALIS A New Piny in 10 Sf.iii a rv TEnRA Alrwrt Vtritr avt. ai.ioiau.so. Ttiura. Matt. SSc to 12 30 Saturday Matineaa tt3e to J2 75, Includint tai. MARTIN BECK Theatre. 45 St.. W. f urn Ave. CIVIC REPERTORY HSt.ai.lt i -74.r. BOc II. II 50. Era. I:S(. Mati. Wed. SL. i 30 f.VA I.E tiAI.I.IENNK. Director REPERT4IR Y WEEK Of SOW 'it't. Tomorrow Evrnlns.. "I. II. HIM" Tnt-sdar Evilnt "DEAR JANE" Wrdnmrlar Matin.. I.II.HIM" Wednesday Ev-nint "TAMII.I.K" ThursdHT Evening "MLIttM" Friday Evrnlnc 4TR ADI.E Wli" Satorday Matinre "I'ETER l'A" Saturday Evrnina; "WEAK J WE" Seats 4 fel. ady. Box OW. Tcmn Hall, in W 41 CLEAR ALL WIRES! with THOMAS MITCHELL 4Ceitvineinf and eaMicai." Winchtll, Mirror. TIMES SO. TH W. 42. Mat. Wed, at Wjt.. i An COUNSELLOR-AT-LAW ""PAUL MUNI B' ELMER RICE MAT. THANKSGIVING DAY PLTMOCTH The.. W. 43th. LA. 4-7 fO Evrh. W:.il. Matn. Thnrs. and Wat., a :3 FLORENCE MOORE in CRADLE SNATCHERS Mata. SOe-l. Evra. Mr-t1 Th.i.ks-ffiyMia Matinea Tlxir-. Mta. Thors.. Fri. Sat. :4. W l. 7-4MIW LIBERT V Thra.. A'ia St.. rt nt B'way GnthriP Mi-Clintie prewntg CRIMINAL AT LARGE "Swell entertainment. ew Outlook BOc to $2. MATS. THCRS. and AT BKI.AMd. 1 1.1 KM 44 M. Etc. K:4. MILLS RE-EMPLOY 600 Fall River, Mass., Nov. 19 (P). The Firestone Cotton Mills will reopen Nov. 28 after being closed "Chaliapin displays his art after an absence of four FIRST Met. Metrotiolltan Mnalral Bureau W tTACIKir. TUTATDT 7th I r-awaiaw iiii.niiir. TilephomCOI.5-1301 OPENS TUESDAY EVE. at 8:30 Greatest Show Value in America At Sensationally Low Prices.'.'.' GEORGE WHITE'S MUSIC HALL H" RICHMAN " DAMITA "LAHR v. . r ELEANOR POWELL Vivian Fay I oomit Siatera Betty Keen Barre Hill Four Mullen Sitiera Herr Al Ixwilnn Joaeph Donatella Helen Gordon Helen ArnnUi 50 GEORGE WHITE Dancing Beautiea 50 I FNTIRF PROrU'CT ION t iartcea own ry nurLL rviAr4rr.ri 1 aiAlit.u rt r.t.'r44.r ntllir A jOtrNING NIGHT PRICES BOt t $3 FXTWa. MAT. TMANWSCIVINC DAVI mm 7h7Z H'WAV t ff-Jrln Person JACQUES RENARD and Camel Vi I lour ORCHESTRA 3 RITZ BROS. Hill AMD DIXON aV PECCV CORNELL, athara I J. B. PRIKSTLtr-S DANGEROUS CORNER ISuphMlraled Fare with an Irnnlr Twlat M4H EM TOM4IKKOW M4.IIT TO AVON The.. W. 4.t t-tt. Ml.l hur 1 Sat. SAM H. HARRIS present DINNER AT EIGHT by George S. Kaufmeo and Edna Ferber Ctflttanec COLLIER Cantay TEA RLE Aaa ANDREWS tdartuarita CM URCHILL ANO A PERFECT CAST Cttrtmn positively at R;.T5 eharp THI'rilO BOX THRATRE.4,5 St., W. of B'r MatiKtea THURS.. FRI. A SAT.. 2:35 SHARP Extra Mat. Next FruNov. 25th HI TH I DRAPER L dLa?t Pprfiirnirini.-e Rnefit Prr formancr Aw Pratirtitn Proveetttt shared equally bv 9 oroanttctitiontt KIT Th., W. TONK.IIT nt SI'MI A I- M tTn K K TH KM. I V ' . I A V ARL CARROLL VANITIES America's Crenteft Kerue M.i.t Keanlirul tilrN In the Mnrld FRtlAIIUAV THK1TKK, B'way A ft.td St. Circle J-M). Nigktl 700 Orch. Seatt 13 50 alattntea Thurt. aad Sat. 50 ta $2.Hr. ptut taa tiilhert Miller prfient JUDITH ANDERSON ,n FIREBIRD A. ilaliv ih HENRY STEPHENSON Opens TOMORROW EVE. 8:40 Heata now on aale EMPIRE, B 'ayA 40 St. Mil A Sat . 1 40 MAX GORDON Prr-ent - CLIFTON WEBB CHARLES BUTTERW0RTH TAMA K A UEVA PATSY KFLI.T IB TUB NKVV HOWARD UIKT7, RKVI K FLYING COLORS "From th bottom of my heart I advlaa yon to are thia errand and rlorlnna revue, the next In town. It has beauty, tempo, humor, melody and taste. ftotert Garland. Wrtrl4-Tetemam MAT. THANKSGIVING DAY IMPERIAL. W. 45th. Ert. :30. II te W. alin tai Mam. Tlunknf lln Day A gat., tl to fl. rlua M HOOH SKATS AT BOX OFFI4 K TROSBY G A TOE'S Brilliant I'lay I LOVED YOU V.TDNESDAY A nerfert prodaetlon. etre. trilh ROSK HOHART IRIM KS Fl I I KK HKNKV O'NKII.L HARVKY rTKFHKN.H SAM H. HARRIS Tl., 42d St.. W. tt B iy Kvm. g-40. Pa. Matt. Bed. A Satll, 1 50. tl THUR. EV'E.. NOV. 24 8w ELIZABETH MTELE Preaenta JAMBOREE A Mrladrmma of the Oa By JACK ULAf K A BF.SSIE BEATTT with MARIE KENNY a "Suit Chunk Mary" AM(KKBII.T Thea., K St., K. of H'war Etit. 50a la 11. 50. Matt. Wad. A Sat.. 50c ta 12 Matineaa VL'-rJ TKlir Sal ;Rtrii; alick GEORGE BRADY to MADEMOISELLE A. tthrwm PLAYHOUSE. 4Stk St., C. at B way. BR. K2 PEGGY FEARS present t MUSIC IN THE AIR ty Jerome Kent & Oacar Hammerttein 2d t.'urtatn Ricra at 8:30 Sharp ALVIN Ta.. tld St., W. at B'y. Mtt Thtira. A Rat since last August, it was an-, nounced today. The mills will b operated on two six-hour shifts and give employment to about 00 workers. magnificent voice and dramatic years . . . Whatever he did was welcome and in his return there was joy . r. ONE OF THE FABULOUS V0O4L INTER-PRETERS OF THE CENTURY." or.v nowM-s v. v. rim... SECOND AND FINAL RECITAL IN CARNEGIE HALL THIS WED. EVE. at :30. NOV. 23rd. tTlala Farewell at Popular Pricea Entire Orrh. S2.20 CHALIAPIN The Great Russian Batea TIME at POPULAR PRICES $1.10, $1.65 and $2.20 (Italdvtin rtannl Avenue 4 50th St WED. W1S Mtlt4 AL MIS. MrtaUN IVimNbS ir la Eiceat Sat. aaa Sarnal Saadav Eft. Pet larataam MttaUW rui. lot VARIETIES rti tOBANO COKCOUgSt fy te8St tDOl VVIVI. DEMAREST CARL SHAW anj Al)el Attrmtion Ceor.tt CARPENTICR W oihen I'llllKK l-KIK WIXNtK ItKII-'ait QF THEE I SING A New fdualeal lAontely AII I IXM I Ills Ml TOM " GAXI0N M0RAN MOORE 200 ORCH. 14 504) ORCH. tl t'h.a Tail Nt SEATS SEATS Hither Prlttt. 4Slh ST. THEA., W. tt aVatay. i Hi l i- MATS THI Hit, and HAT. at 5 : I 'ltt "TRUE. LURID, GRIPPING "J iiini. Singapore '''t:: "WELL STAGED. COMPETENTLY. 0 1 RECTI D, EARNESTLY ACTED ." Hnald Trli.uiir 4tli ST. THEA. En. t M. M. Ihiirt. 4 Sat. TIIK tiROI PKTRK' prrtrtits SUCCESS STORY "GeJ. ticltinfl tht.lr. fork ntty, Awn. Mnunf Ulioil n llir-i.. :tilli, K. or H'r K. " MllwM WrJ A Kat. it i 4 Ojeir.7THURSDAY tHAlZW" HU urt ii r. iri'r. iiMinnnuw TAKE A CHANCE 4(K FTHM, HIK HA LEY MERMAN UHII1NG Sid Mlvrra. June KnUht. Milrl MfKlr-AI'OI.LO. IV. 4,'d M. FlrMVli4tltice hut, M I.F.NT In I FRANK THAT-S GRAUIUDE 'XXS? Ill lsO Thea.. IV. 41th St. ' ..r. Mn.WED.,1 1 IUR..SA T.,1, OPENS 1UES. E'E. h :i0 GRACE MOORE ( by anting t trith Metropolitan din a C ) In the Operetta THE DUBARRY v CEO. M. COHAN TH. B'aay 4 41 SI. En. It) Hat. TIHNKStilVIMl lAY atl.l f TI KlUt THETHEATRB til'lI-O prrtenls THE GOOD EARTH Draiaatlttd ky 0ta Davit m4 Dtaald Bavla trara the Palititr arlrt aayal hy Ptarl t. Bwk til ll.l TH.. ft-d St.. IV. of B'y. Eya. 8 ;itl MATS. THI Rt and S4.T. at i :t4 AHA MV in Faraae M.laar'l greatest tttPHetl0 THE GOOD FAIRY Mt. Wed., Thurs ., Sat. FORHF.ST Thea.. 4lh St., W . at B'aay fillliert Miller pmentt PAULINE LORD The Late QIRIST0PHER BEAN with WALTER CONNOLLY Alive aith tauaMer." 4inrlnnd H r.rtd Trl. I1KNKY MII I KR S Theatre, lit IV. 4.1 M. .ara1ll:4.V .Mala. THI H.a hT.. til FY bAiNTFR FIIITH BARH1.TT ha JHE PERFECT MARRIAGE A new play hv Arthur Gondrii h rift Gearta CAUL. Geartt BAXTER. Harald COULO BIJOU THKATKK. 4.1th M U. al H'war Km. 541 Mati. Thankn'f lay A fat. at 1 3 JIIHV 4.4II.IIF.V lirormi WHEN LADIES MEET By RACHEL CROTHFRO ROTAI.R. W.4St. (H.toiti, tig. H 441 3 MATS.: WED.. THURS., SAT. tV'lJICTI IMP IN rAUIi' ttr.j n c.. at I ''i itldii. vvcu. iuuii.,uii. J 40 1 ea WALDORF Ta. Stk St.. C. at .y Eta. I4t C?' Gr IQBAMO CQKCCHJgSt fy 4fe8St COt4a tl

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