Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on November 13, 1957 · Page 20
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 20

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 13, 1957
Page 20
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.Twenty Logansport. Indiana, Pharos-Tribune Ann Landers Tight Husband Must Learn Marriage Is Partnership Dear Ann: I've been reading a ; -lol about hypnosis lately. This technique seems to be a very use- .;.fnl means of getting people to do .; what you want .them to do. Where ', can I find some books on the sub, ject? .'* ':. -My husband is so tight with .-'.. money you wouldn't believe it. V. I'd be satisfied if he gave- me just • ••;«- few dollars to spend in the -?'Beauty shop-once in a while. This lationships may be, you must admit the wee-hour-traffic doesn't look very good. What would YOU think if you saw a male visitor leaving an apartment at 6:00 a.m.? Well, your -neighbors think the same. If you're a hard-shelled sal who doesn't care what people say, then continue to do as you please. But DON'T be surprised when they say " is no gag, I'm serious. I've seen ' hypnosis work on the stage and! Dear Ann . T] . m \m m fnr In nightclubs and I think I'd like JJear Ann ' llianKs a m " Uon for to try it on him. — PENNILESS WIFE ' Dear Penniless: If you must put your husband in a semi-conscious state in order to pull a few dollars out of him, a club would be a better weapon. Hypnosis works only when the subject is willing to cooperate. You can't just cast a jpell and grab the money. I suggest you forget the Seven- gali approach and get a third par- ; ty to explain to your tight-wad ;;,h«sband that it's degrading for a -;-*{if<2 to walk around with only the ."VJwin-g in her purse. Marriage is a -••; partnership and a wife should r>- share in &e profits as well as the grief.. Good luck. * * * Dear Ann: I'm a career girl (or old maid if you please) 28 jears of age. I used to be a stewardess on an airline but have since gone into Public Relations. Several of my friends who. are pilots frequently call me when they come to town. My apartment . js near the field and I enjoy having them over for coffee and conversation, no matter what time it is. I realize their odd hours are peculiar to their work but it means nothing to me. This morning a pilot left my place at 6:00 a.m. My nosy neighbor across the hall poked her head out the door and shouted, "it's hussies like you who give this apartment building a bad name." ' : I'm a perfectly respectable girl, '. Ann, and I'm not going to stop - having visitors because of 'Whi.*. . the neighbors think. I've never l«t ; other people's narrow minds govern my life and I don't intend to start now. What can I do to pro' tect my good name? — HOSTESS WITH THE MOSTESS If you are determined to have old friends coming and going at odd hours be prepared to accept the criticism that goes along with unconventional behavior. • .No matter how innocent the re- : expressing your views about the wife who was running around with her husband's brother. For 11 years this has been going on in our family and when I offered a word of criticism I was called a vicious trouble maker and was accused of having an evil mind. The woman involved took several trips with her brother-in-law ant 1 the family thought.-it was per- ;'ectly wonderful that they enjoyed each other's company so much. When your column appeared in the paper the entire family saw il and there was lots of conversation. I couldn't have felt happier if someone had handed me a Sioo bill. Thanks, Ann. — "OLD FASHIONED" # * * CONFIDENTIALLY: C. A. C.: You need a third party to talk turkey to your husband. His drinking .is a problem and you'd better face up to it. All alcoholics aren't lying- in the gutter. When children begin to play "Let's get drunk like daddy", this is the lim- J. H. S.: Write to me in English and do the best you can. Don't worry, I will be able to make Jt out. * » » MRS. V. AND R.: Why dont you two mind your own business? Certainly this neighbor is making a fool of herself but this '.is her little red wagon. * * # READY-TO-GO: You're, better off at home unless the situation is impossible. Your favorite teacher can tell you if you're "ready- to-go" at 16 or not. (Ann Landers will be glad to lielp you with your problems 1 . Send them to her in care of this newspaper and enclose 1 a stamped self- addressed envelope.) Copyright 1957, Field Enterprises, Inc. Good Traveler BY TRACY ADRIAN Tl/flSS SALLY ANN SIMPSON, who 5s the fashion i'ladviser for Scandinavian Airlines, selected this outfit as one that would be perfect for air travel whether it is for a short hop or for a longer trip-to Europe or the Orient. » The costume is of flat knit in a discrete black. Its Jacket is semi-fitted and has three-quarter sleeves and ,» modified sailor collar with a little tied bow in' front. Th« iklrt ia straight with hip pockets. Get Ready for Christmas! 'Angels of gold' to add a festive air to your holiday trim; and 'angel wings' to delight your young 'Christmas-play angel.' You'll find the angels (16", 6" and favor-size) and the feather-like wings fascinating and • in-expensive to make from crepe paper and cellophane tape. Pattern No. 5831 contains directions and diagrams for making angels (in 3 sizes) and wings. Send 25c in COINS, your name, address and the PATTERN NUMBER to ANNE CA-BOT (Pharos- Tribune) 372 W. Quincy Street, Chicago 6, Illinois. Have you a copy of our 1957 Needlework ALBUM? It contains fifty-six colorful pages showing many pretty designs; plus directions for making 3 crochet items and a quilt. Only 25c a copy! Josephine Lowmon Energy Rqre Commodity; We Must Not Squander It This girl has sufficient energy lor this job and many others. A fine store of energy should be one of our most coveted possessions. Energy is the coin with which we pay our way in life. With it we purchase success, and to a certain degree, even happiness. The extent, to which we can give ourselves to life, to others and to our work, is in ratio to the amount of energy we have. No matter how great our ideas or how 1 gracious our intentions, unless we have the pep to put them into action they can mean little to us or. to anyone else. Hospital Notes MEMORIAL— Born to: Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Dart, 100 West Miami avenue, a son; to Mr. and Mrs. James Logan, Peru, a son; to Mr. and Mrs. Merle Rouch, Peru, a daughter. Admitted: Harold ' Keever 1503 Pieasant Hill street; Harold Reiff, Burnettsville; Mrs. Bonnie Brown, MonticeUo; Mrs. Carey Olycr, Camden; Mrs. Ella Jane Little, Rockfield; Mrs. Roselea Hildebrand, 1213 North Third street; Mrs. Lena 17% Spear street. Dismissed: Miss Osbourne, Kimberly Conover, Peru; Mrs. Suzy Randolph Burrows; Mrs. Lois Larimar, .Flora; Estel 119 Seventh street. Whitehead, Some persons just naturally have more energy than others because of their fir.e constitutions. These folks are fortunate but they are in danger just as a beautiful woman is. Both may rely too much on their lucky inheritance. I wrote a column not long ago about the "madness of superlative health." Remember that most o£ the folks who are vital in older years had some physical trouble around middle age and had to take care of themselves. Born Tired Then there stem to be some people who wen; just born tired. These may have come into the world with a physical inheritance which left much to be desired. On the other hand, this seeming fatigue may. indicate no physical disorder or handicap; but may be a matter of glands or temperament. If, however, you find there are defects which are stealing your energy and they can be corrected, do not hesitate to do so. This may ST JOSEPH'S on ' y re( J u ' re consistent pare on Born to: Mr and Mrs. Albert y°™ P ar ' °T " ma ? cal ' tor medi ' Culp, 115 Hammond street, a «1 » r s " r S lcal treatment. ' - - ~ • , Usually drastic measures are not the answer. Most folks have a potential for a much greater amount of, energy than they experience but never get to enjoy it because of many small leaks. Our energy is, worth saving and even cultivating. It is worth spending carefully but glamour, excitement and adventure are added to I Hummel, 801 Garfield avenue; , life if we nave an ex t ra margin of Mrs. Wilbert Rausch and daugh- energy -and can be a bit extrava- daughter; Mr. and Mrs. Charles Kain, Gary, a daughter. Admitted: Master Gerald Woolen, route 1 Lucerne; Mrs. Louise Hicky, route 1, Lucerne; Miss Nora Eskew, 304 Day street. Dismissed: Miss Charlott Wecht, 227- Eel River avenue; Mrs. Hilda Martin, Winamac; Mrs. Anna Seek to Halt Rail Strike On Santa Fe WASHINGTON (UP) — Railway union officials today "postponed a strike call against Santa Fe Railway in the hope that a new conference with company officials can resolve a 6-year-old union shop dispute. George E. Leighty, spokesman for 15 non-operating unions representing 42,000 employes of the Santa Fe, said a meeting with railroad officials was scheduled for' Thursday. Wednesday Evening, November 13, 19ST. Big Question: Is Laika Alive? Mystery Deepens LONDON (UP)—The fate of Laika, the dog aboard Sputnik II, was growing into somewhat of a mystery today. .Soviet Premier Nikolai Bulganin told reporters Monday night (he dog was alive when the satellite was last heard from Sunday but that he had received no new reports. Moscow scientists expressed be lief the space dog was dead, and the Communist newspaper L'Unita said today in Rome it was dead although the official announcement had been held up. The 'latest ' Sputn ik rumor cropped up in New Delhi where wholly unconfirmed reports said Laika had landed near Jubbulpore in Central India, after being ejected by an escape mechanism. The Baltimore (Md.) Sun quoted an 'Unidentified source in Russia jas saying the dog was catapulted He said it would be held either successfully out of its orbiting satin . Washington or Chicago. .Leighty is president of the Railway Telegraphers Union. Leaders of the 15 unions will meSt again in -Chicago Friday and Saturday to review results of the conference and decide definitely about setting a strike date or not, Leighty said. The union leaders It's Jumper Time ellite and landed some 30 miles from Moscow. It did not say if the dog was alive. United Press Correspondent I Henry Shapiro said in a Moscow' dispatch trere was no confirmation of this report or a similar one printed Monday in Stockholm's Communist newspaper Ny met here during the weekend to \ j-) ag discuss the situation. ' . ., Shapiro said such rumors had Youth Rallies to Open at Church in Flora .Next Sunday The thirteenth in a series of Youth for Truth rallies will be (refused last week to consider The Santa -Fe's refusal to grant the union shop to non-operating employes such as telegraphers and repairmen, brought on the strike threat. The railroad said it wanted guarantee;! that union dues would not be used for political purposes. The unions said that Santa Fe was the only major holdout among the nation's largest railroads since a presidential fact - finding board recommended in 1951 that all the roads grant the union shop. Under the union shop, new em- ployes must join the union after a specified period. The National Mediation Board held at the Grace Brethren church in Flora Sunday at 2:30 p. m. Guest speaker will be the Rev. Nathan Meyer, professor of homiletics at Grace Seminary, Winona Lake, Ind. Attendance at the' rallies has averaged more than 100 persons during the past year's monthly services, according to' John W. Evans, program coordinator. Churches from'Logansport, Kokomo, Peru, Russiaville, Frank- Santa Fe's appeal tor a rehearing on the union shop issue. been 'floating around Moscow for several days but that Russian officials were not commenting. Most Western scientists believe the cog died when Sputnik II's radio transmitters went dead Saturday. Here' a darling 8130 4_1 4 yrs. full skirted 'Sputnik I and Sputnik II con-:-' 1 " 71 ? 0 '" for y° u "8 S»«. tinued to circle the earth today but the possibility of visual sightings will b-e slight, according to experts at the Smithsonian Aslrophysical Observatory in Cambridge. Mass. The scientists explained that both satellites were now in orbits which carried them only over northern areas during favorable sighting times. It was predicted that the rocket of Sputnik I will plunge to earth with a puff sleeved blouse. Add amusing little buttons for accent. No. 8130 with PATT-0-RAMA is in sizes 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14 years. Size 6, jumper 2% yards of 35- inch; blouse, Ui yards. For this pattern, send 35c in COINS, your name, address, size desired, and the PATTERN NUMBER to-Sue Burnett, Pharos-Trib- TALKS PROGRESSING CAIRO (UP) — Anglo-Egyptian financial negotiations in Home are progressing "although differences of viewpoints still exist," the Egyptian Finance Ministry said I today. A ministry spokesman said I Hassan Zaki, chief of the Egyptian delegation, received fresh instructions Tuesday from Finance Min- Dec. l-i in a "fairly spectacular une, 372 W. Quincy Street, Chica- show" visible to watchers in the __ K m United States. go "' 1U- The Fall & Winter '57 edition of our pattern book Basic FASHION is filled with smart, new styles for all sizes; special features. It's colorful, stimulating and so use- Two additional reports of parked jful. 25 cents. Two More Hit-ond-Run Mishaps Are Reported fort, Delphi, Flora and-jural areas' ister Abdel Kaysouni, The negoti- liave sent, groups to the rallies during -the year. Last month's trophy for the combined attendance and Bible quiz contest was won by the Logansport Grace -Bible church young people's group. Next Sunday's Bible quiz will be taken from the first eight chap- tors of the Acts of the Apostles. Evans said young people of the Logansport area have been invited to the rally. ations deal with financial problems resulting from the Suez crisis last year. MEETINGS AT CHURCH Evangelistic meetings began at -the Bachelor Run Church of the Brethren Nov. 11 and will continue through Sunday, Nov. 117. Meetings will be held each evening at 7:30 o'clock. The Rev. Clarence Sink, of Waterloo, Iowa, will be •the guest speaker. WARDS' MONTOOMINV WAND for quality and value ter, Winamac; Mrs, John Henson and son, route 5; Maurice Fitzgerald, Huffmann Nursing home. Eight presidents of the United States were born in the state of Ohio. gant with it. (Released by The Register and Tribune Syndicate, 1957) Read the Classified Ads © 19.57 FA 115 CITY HEWING COMPANY, lOUlSVIUS 1 ),»!*. by hit-and-run drivers were received by police Tuesday afternoon, following one such report in the morning. Lloyd Ostler, .1126 Helm street, reported that his car had been parked in two places in the downtown area by his wife, and that when she returned home the right rear fender had been damaged. Marion Giiberteon, 1505 East Market street, told officers her car was damaged at noon while parked on Broadway ' between Sixth and Seventh streets. Roland •Roller, 1-537 Erie, reported his car damaged in the morning. ROXY Now 7. Features 35e 'Til 6 BOB HOPE in "BEAU JAMES" Fun At Night Open 1 p. m. GARY COOPER LAUREN BACALi in "BRIGHT LEAF" TONIGHT—Added Fun and "Pride And Passion" — THURS., = SAT. Open Daily 1 p. m. 50c 'Til 6 -"Kiddies 25c. 2 Features >— Sport Car Racing Thrills In Colorl SUNDAY-FUN RIOT! "OPEfcATJON'MADBAU." GIFT IDEAS GALORE! SHOP BOTH Wards Gift Books! Have a long gift list and can't think of things to get? See the double selection of gift suggestions in Wards two grand gift Catalogs... our Holiday Sale Book and Christmas Book. These books are packed with presents both pretty and practical for people of all ages, all interests! And, they're so simple to shop, too ... you can order at home by phone. So,.shop both books today; SEE THESE GIFT SUGGESTIONS: Ladies' Genuine Mink Collar. Christmas Book 7.98 Men's Leather Wallet. Save 45% in Sale Book.. .2.99 Girls' Hooded Jacket. Save $4 in Sale Book.... 10.98 Boys' 2-Piece Football Set. Christmas Book 4.98 Gift Box of Wisconsin Cheese. Christmas Book... .5.98 Prfcw do not IncM* frawpof (oh'on d>arg«. To order, call 2900 LOGANSPORT 412 I. BROADWAY LOG A" ANNOUNCES RE-OPENING WEDNESDAY Reopening for the Season Wednesday . . . -will be open Saturdays, Sunday and Holidays at 1:00 P, M. Open I week days at 6:45. THE 1 mm SHOWMAN *KCAUCOK KeM with Forest Tucker and Pe-ter Gushing 2ND FEATURE with Jem** Craig and Audrey Tott*r

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