Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on July 14, 1896 · Page 3
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 3

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 14, 1896
Page 3
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"I like the small package of Pearline," a lady says ; ','it lasts two weeks and does two. washings.' j Then she admits that she 1 has been using soap with . S\ Wash her Pearline. Now this is all unnecessary. If yoi don't put in enough Pearl ine to do the work easily and alone,, you bring Pearline down to the level of soap, which means hard work and rubbing. - If you use enough Pearline, the soap is a needless expense to say the least. Use Pearline alone, just as directed and you'll have the most thoroughly economical washing. I'ccldlen; and some unscrupulous grocers will tell yoa. "this is as good as" or "the same as Pearline," IT'S FALSE — Pearline is never peddled; if your grocer sends Station. bThon^t^W ,'/ tei. 606 - JAMES.PYLE, New York. Beware THE Muosofi Trailer THE RAILROADS Is a Good;Machine. The Phonograph Will Help Out the Stenographer. THAT POSTAGE ORDER General News of Railroads and Railroad Employes. stanilnril of eMcollonce. Mini} of tliu -ilunson" consider it THE You will lliul It n vuluiiltle assistant In j our of lice. Addrtws for iwrtlculurs THE MUN50NJYPEWRITER CO MAXUrACTVISKKS. 2.10-2-14 West, T^ike St., Chicago, Til. To the Ladies. Those who are interested in dcrinatol- 6gy should call on Mrs. Striushairi, who Is located la the St. Elmo building on Broadway and be convinced that dermatology Is what every woman oC Intelligence and refinement needs. It Is conceded by our best minds that a beautiful complexion Is a necessity of the Nineteenth century, and which civilization must have; and every worthy husband or brother will take Interest In and those who are suffering from any cutaneous disorders such as eczma, tetter, freckles, acme, liver epots, birthmarks and superfluous hair are successfully treated. Bright energetic girls wishing to work for $10 a week should call and sell Mrs. Strlngkam's preparations. Catherine Strioglm. DERMATOLOGIST. STATE NATIONAL BANK LOGA> V SPORT. IXD. • $2OO.OOO At Ihe more important poiute on I In rwnuiyl\-ajuui lini's, where are localei! I ho lioi-.dinia.rioi-s o:' oiliuia^. ami ilioiv is a jroml deal oC c-orrwpoiul'.'iu.-e ilie- laU-d. it Is propiwd to iufl'iKluce Ilie p-lHinopirap'h 10 su.ppk'iiuMit the work of ilie .sloiuiirraplier. The olilce ol' L. K l.orw. senera:! n ui.ua .uw. U bo.in.; ecjuippi'd as a.a experi'meal. Many times durim-!; J'ho co\irsi! ol: the day the slcuosraiilii'i 1 is ioi tn-u:!.!: ilema.ud, anU Ju! can wily ftTve oue at a Hiuo. bn: with Hie use of tho phonograph l.\vo or more can bi 1 ilk-ra.tiii.u at the same time. In Mauaser J.oi-oe'.s O'P.ico there will be two niaflu'iies iiti u*-*;, one a.t th.o manager's ilwk a ml H'.'C oilier fur tlio use o;: the sr.ft:ioirra.phfir. Ar, auy time he likes wiitliout waifelii^ for the stiMiograiihP!'. tlw; mie tkisirhi.u to dtatiite a lotier, can po to the machine anid have his say, and later t.ho stcnoffraplior can .LTO to the sdiino mac-bine amd take the dicratioi) !el'i possibly an hour before. Tlic plion- p^'i-apli ha.s been. suctessCully used iu AYusliirijrton ollk-es for some time, and has jirovcd a source of great time sav- Sn£. It the expcuiincnit proves a success tn Mils ofilco U will be put in jreu- eral u.se iui alJ the railroad 1 otlices oC the rminsylvauiii c-o.mpiia.y. If all blKit as sjvid fo r the Edison phonogrriiplii proves true, tlie introd'ue- tfoit iirto pnscdcii-l use will revo'mioaizo the omploynient of stenographers. With the present an-aiugcmcttt Ja Sir. T.oree'.s oftlce an oUidnl can talk to rhe machine. Uiiul the roll with the letter on can be trains!"erred 'to the sUinographor's ma-- ch.l,n,e and the dictation put clown In bl.-ic-k and wliite. \\~lth such a savJng of ttme the work of potting lid of the moniiiug mail], which on some days is QuRe heavy, can be disposed of iii short order. J. F. Johnson, President. S. TV. Ullery, V]co President, . H. J. Heltbrlnk. CasWor. DIRECTORS. 1. T. Johnson. S. W. UUery. J. T. Elliott, "W. M. Elliott. W. H. Snider. Buy and se'l Government bonds. Loan anoney on. personal security ami collaterals. Issue special certificates of deposits beartmr I per cent. Interest when left one Tear; 2 per cent, per annum when deposited six months. Boxes In Safety Deposit Vaults ot this 'bank for the deposit ot deeds, Insurance ' policies, mortgaKes and other valluables, wnted at from }3 to $15 per year. CHAS. L, WOLL, :-: UNDERTAKER No. 417 irarkot Street, Calls attendee! to promptly, day or °Central Union ixnfl Mutual telephones. Ofllco, No. .1C; Residence, I*io. 121. (A Hot. Offer your cool, del of your own. Suggestion.) 'THE POSTAGE OUDER. The proposiitiw.1 at' the postal deparS to roqiTire ra'tl'i-oad companies to pay postage on all their own mail matter w.hen carried over tlidr own road," .said .a railway .official, "is not a new idea. .Til 1SS3 a siinilJar Or.dcr was issued by the postal authorities, but ttic ra.iiroatl cfwijianifts iiunntfcsted so much oppasiitimi, clalimiUi.? that sneli a. rule wuId not bo ciil'orced legally, thai in a l'e\v wt'Liks tlic ni;iWer n'iis dropped null all'infertsi. in. it dilcd out. Jr.. is siiisunl lo uiiCortake to dlcla.te to a railroad company as to the nian.WT <>i' seudin. instruoLinjiri to njirals and others o the OOmi>MTiy'S bllSilKJvV!. Bill ft-W pl'Oi are awnre ci' the ainou.nt of puslage, iijidpr jHi'SCnt coiidiitiwis, the roads pay to the KiivornnKM.iil:, but the company's \vay-l>i'lli; n:ul that cla^s of bulky mailer ai'e s-eitt in ;i Ka;.ehe 1 belousMi;.- lo tl company, .ami .the postal departinejit mifjkt as ^ve]l undertake to ?nf ivbnt a rn;i,n cnn carry :v Uis ow;n sateln:! as to nltciuiil: lo C'.nCoi-ec tlifi order just issued." . ". ' • W AcL<ut.s for 'Russell's antlio- -' . K9piu:es, elegantly Illnstmted. Prlooonly Sl.oo Tlie best nnu qtiBiijieKC, iintl outsells .ill others BO pet qetit to Agents ;mo freight piilil.eg^ Books now reiicly. S-ive lime by sanding SO. cents In .stamn.i tor nn outllt ot onci. Aflclross. A. D. WOBTHINOTOS * CO., Hurttoril, Conn Geo. Harrison has the finest line of hammocks In the city. . Hound trip rate to St; Joseph, $2; to Lake MoxlnkucUee, $1. Train leaves Vondalla station every Sunday at 7 ' ' you-'-.'need poocI'S; ; Sarsaparilia,.tp- : en- rlcli .and">iirlfy your biood,- create 1 an. ' appetite and give: sweet, refreshing • sleep'::; ' ; '; .'' .' ,',,/'':,. ;"..,.. .-' • KAILIfOAO XO2'f S. The Vaudalia ds to li.ivc" twenty-two wigimes, 'io\v and rebuilt, delivered by Oct 1. Torre ITau.to Tribune: A. JI. Si-lioyer, sujieriiiteiwleiit ol' iel*graph . ou the rennsylva.U'i;!, is in the city inspectius tlM; recent cluui^es at tliis point, NotwUhstaJKlijig" the renusylvanfla company is keepiiig down its expenses Uio e.nslnccritn'jf 'dcpnrSincnl is paylns . ecwssiderablc nlteaitlo.n ji'pt c-uly to ili'c ro.id bod, but to tlio bridges r.3 weU. Officuils of the PcuBsyilviiiua company are quoted as s.nywvr resardlng the dc- ffailt of the T-errc Haute A'Tvognnsport mi il<s C per cent. bond,s r thnt it is the policy of the Po'amsyh-.nxaia company not to pay interest on bonds oj." raa(H controlled by it umtes'lhe interest is-eaniecl. Tlic Tei-re Haute & Logansiwrl is leased by the Inditiriapolis & Torre. Haute wMcli in tnni fc conti-oilcd by tlicTejiiisylvaaiia. coimpnny. •'- . . . A'mechiiHic named Gas well 'has. invented and applied for letters patent on a device -by ^tvhlcli, botli the Miller' and the Janney com-pler cnn be used wl-thout tlie .usual 'delay' hi clin.iigliig The two couplers'are']ium? on a pjvot anj'bj'.a simple adjustment tlio 'nuc desired to be used can be readily furnished. The device 'Is now 1 la service on tli* Indiana, Decatur & Western, and the Ciincimmitl, Hain.illon & Dayton, the one usiiiji the Miller and the oilier Hie Jaiiiuoy coupler, and the new device works perfectly. A special from Andereou says the ClodCelter company that is building the gas belt electric railway aivd is now n.t work between that city and Marion, It-t the caatract yesterday for $.1.7,003 worth of trolly wiire. .It was given to the AVasliiburu & Moen co-mpnuy. The coinpumy .has already expended ?200.000 and is practically coinpleMug two ,•?!. 000 power houses. Abivost luvll! of the gi-adiiuj: Is completed... The road is fast biicoiulng a reality. Tall will witness raiis manning between these two cities. Coi)i;iL'.vsin.n.ii Henry, who w,-;.s also projecting such a road, lias aiwiouuced that !n- is out of the field. Tlio'Cladi'elter company now has a clear field. It. has beeni' estimated that coii'tracts !i,re alicmt lo be lei by tho diffure.iiit trmik lines ol' t,h.e coniitry for large :ininbeits of iwu" box cai^, tlic total number ot whli-li will reach 10,000. T'lu-si; 10.000 ca.rs will require at least 100,000,000 pounds of iron a.ml steel, iiini livfhili-i'ds' ol.' tliousa.iuls of feet of liMivliei'. and will eof-t close r-2. to .?7.00o,- 0(10. MUI-L> Ihan ."0.000,000 Avii'e nails cf nil'fi'i-e.nu,j-i/.es will be u.?e<l in lini.Ui- iug tlu'iii and to p:i!:i.t llieai will n'-Qiiire oug'.! pai-iii .to ill!'several big raser- \-«ir-i. 1C c,-u:ulitio'iis favori-d t; 1 .*; jiros- lieri.iy of tlie i'i'/:l<i'0:ids so I hat tho im- )r»vnniriils iveeiled i:ould be ordered nil ith-or 'kiiilds (rf'busimi'ss '\vciuld be v^ui'e lo tlnurUh. DEAFNESS CANNOT BE CURED by local sippnoations, as they c;:uaot' reach the diseased portion ot the ear. There is only one way to cure deafness Hid that is by ccnstitntionnl remedies. Deafness Is caused'by an inflamed condition of the mucous liuinjg of the Eu-1 stachian Tube. When this tube gets uflamed you have a rumbling sound >r imperfect hearing, and when it is cn- ircly closed deafness Is the result, and .mless- the infiammatio'n can be taken out and this tube restored to itj normal condition,, hearing will be des- royed by catarrh, which is nothing but an inflamed condition of H'e luucnus : urfaces. We will give Oue Hundred Dollars 'or nny case of deafness (caused by mtarrh) that cannot be cured by Hall's Catarrh Cure. Send for circulars, free. F. J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo, 0. Sold by Druggists, 75c. D airs Vici Kids Hand Hade French Calf Razor Toes, Pigskins from Smith & Stoughton, AH Fine Men's Tan Shoes $1.98 Worth $5-00 There is no fake about these Shoes, we have been selling them for seven years. Everybody knows them, there are no better made they are simply odd or broken sets, if we can't fit you in one we may in another style, its the price and value that must sell them, costing you a trifle only above' cost of halfsoling. Our Very Finest Men's Tans Go at $2.98 only $2.98. OTTO KRAUS "Of Course" ADDITIONAL LOCAL. Mrs. Slfflfer oC the Soii'tliside. is side. Mrs. C. W, Bowiii.-wi '.'f I he Woslskle. side. Harry 1-JHloti 1 , who h.-i-s been sick a l'e\v days, is again run 1 . -Tr> M:-. and Mijs. George Albert-of College'street, a ilalighter. Born to Mr. ami Mrs. Henry Craue! : the Wi'Stsiile. a dangh'tcii-. Born, to Mr. ami Mrs. W. P. Frank of Clay fcnvuishiip, a daughter. The Masteiiil Gci-man ba:ul will-;rive :i fcuiwrt l'on.ig!i.t, at Ppenc-er par!;. Tlic new ollieors rjf Tiraaii court, ^ Cribe of Ben 1-Tnr wero i totalled last i light. _ ' A ])lcir,ic will be given at Spi'uui'r park ; ' Wednesday by a crowd of aUuir Iwon- i f.V VOUllg ffllliS. ! ! Inventors Cut This Out for Future Reference. V W ABASH ENGINEER'S DEATH. Lafayette Courier: Grover Mattoon, •ho Walia-slt raiilroad engineer, whose lentil occurred at Toledo day before •asterdfly, -is saihl by Wnbash railroad vicu l.o lia.ve died' of a broken heart. Since 1SG2 lie ran between Ft Wayne •ntl Lafayette, and later between Au- WB and Toledo. In 1S04 when thi: Debs strike was on, .the Wa.ba.sh man- gam ent obtained iufoiimatioii that hi; vas in synTpfi'itln- wiitb. Hie American iaihvay miflom and ready to go out with Jioni, if-accessary. It is claimed by the Id' employes that tlic company's Infor- n'atiOB. was erroneous, but, in spite of i.is protests he was dismissed with the ithor engineers. He went .to Toledo net became a .prey to melancholy. One i- two attempts were mnnle to secure " THE STATE HOME. Tie Liifayeltc Courier in speaking aitoriailfly of the Staitc So.ld-iea.-s'. Home s:.-"As the merits of the home be- 10' better understood ilie cottage system grows hi favor. It may bo said with true 'regard for trj.-Jtworthiueys •thai the comities already represented by. cottages wov.ld manifest a much more Ubnnil spliSt M they were acting in tiie light of more recent dave]op : moiils. IIoiico it may safely bo in- [ f erred Wuit licrca.flicr -thari; will bo an iiii.p"ffVWHt';Bt in Hie c'lamcler of buold- iiigS! coail I'ilmiitctl by, conutios~comm(;]i- da.ljJe nivali-y in pre-ni otlng :i public- en- irt-ists of St. Louis, are here to do the ,vot-k on t-he new scenery for tiie i.lolan opej-a house. I Suit has been lirough-i. by .Tos)in,-i .1. Giirdnei- lo collect a note for,$-100. .The defendants lire Samuel SinWi. and Wil- lhi,m .T. .SfcvnJt'y. Mrs. Eli/.aibetli Sclninerber nllowe.l hor cows to rim ar large on tin 1 So.nt.!!-. side, and for the offense, settled yestcr- (1-ay to 'tilie Mayor's court. Tho Kev. Mr. McClond ol the Jlct'.io- dLst ( Chruch. of Harrison township, b:'.p- tlso'il a largo-muiTbe.r ot converts at Fletcher's lake. Eight were immersed Iu tho lalco. Mrs. George Bundy was buried Sunday at Fletcher's Lake. The deceased was nlnoi.ee.il years old, and a daughter of Washington Nichols of Marshtown. Ful I on couaity. •The death of the late William Bull 'orJcurred Sunday a.t Iris home four miles north- of Fletcher's lake. The deceased was ninety-ton- years of aige, a.ud had lived in the neighborhood where Mis dciuth occurred, for over lifty years. His wife survives Mm, Tiie Ladies Auxiliary to the R. R. Y. M. C. A. will hold thoir regular meelJiJg at the home of Mrs. John Truman, No. j 1:312 Spear street Tuesday, July 14. All members arc urged to be present as it'-is the meeting for th.c election of of.- fleers. By order of the president. s Searles, for nearly a year the t and, IwBtliiug city editor of tho Ft. Wayne -Sentinel, hn,s resigned liis position and will, August 1. take an i.nv posiitii/on on the Indianapolis" Stui. Mi-. SeaHes is a newspaper of abilHy, a.ml t'he Sun is to be congratulated upon the accession to its force. Mi-. Clarence Co'O.k, :t clever writer, will succeed Mr. Se.irles on 1-he Sentinel. Hanto Ti-i'bune: At Kockville, yesterday, .Twlge Wliii-te grunted .1 ige oC reiiue in the cases against i Barney. liobarila a.nd Jim Datis for j murdor. and they were seiit lo Coving- i i ton. Fj'.ini.-.iiii comity, for I rial. The ' i Dion are charged- with tJie killing ot I Marshal John Xcwkirk, at .ludsou. i Tiiiii-sdav. CTcning, May ~ .->ki-n.-liL>s of all kinds prepared for decorative and commercial purposes. .Mecl!.-:ni(-il and prospective drawings of Electric, Pneumatic flad Agri- r.I-tural Uevk-es pi-epareO for the Patent office. Di'Slffiiins a specially. C:.".in:.< i'or Gutters of Patent prosecuted. BYRON B. GORDON. Draughtsman & Patent Attorney. i Spry Block. Logansport N i;:ufi! aid Artificial Gas Bills due the Firs of eicn month, ten day's grace. Alllbills payable at the office of the Company, 317 Peart Street. Special—Low rates on heaters during the months of May, June, July, August and September. ~~~ PROTECT YOUR EYES. The Hirchberg Optical Co. Tl)» wen-taiowu.'ISpedallst.T ot New York have appointed W, A. II AUK as agout for their celebrated Spectacles and lj» Glosses, every pair (,-uaianteed, D. A. IIAUK has complete assortmsnt and Invites all to saUstr tlioiusolves ot tte great suporlorltr of these goods OTet ;uir minnf.-icturcd, at the store of I>. A. HAtJK, Sole agent lor Logansport Hid. No Peddlers Supplied. of nusn's uiuiiir-es and- pr'oaupts the gc-ii- ^rous 1 suppoa't of a gratci'nl people -who c.'fi-uuot forset l.ho devotion and sacrifices of .the veleraius of the L'Jiion. lei-prise tiin-t -,appe:vis to Urn-best sidu T])p p]oasflnt rinvoVi ,, ent i e n etiou^aud •A • bundle. oC. clothing, found near Bvooks's ponlti-y rurd, was turned oyer ro tire pol.icc. . . • j sbotliiog effect oC Syrup of Fifs, when iu ueed.oC a •laxative, ami it tbe.Iatlicr or mother be costive or bilious, tho .most" gratifyiiK results follow its use; 'so that it .is ^hp'best laraily remedy and e.vcry family slinuJd hnve a' MEANS PAllTIAL EEfUDIATIOX. ludiiin-ipolis Xcws. I.ml. Dean.: Lot it bo understood that, glaxe.d over how yon will. 1'i-ec silver means partial rn- jniiliaiion. Tlicru .'iro no deUls in exi>t- enci' In'-this coim;.ry at. l.ho present Lime a.;xl JM oblic.-ii.ion.s that were -jot 'm- ciirred or created with tho standard of value what It is mnv. No sane man, \vs iiiippo«.', would ask (bo G-ovcr.uneiit to ass a Inw sralins dmvn nil debts and lixi-d i'lH-iiini's and oonvoiiLional churgOfl 25 -\<j TiO per CCIK. .But that js what A clmiiffc of. s!.;iml;'i:\l/]-OTn si Ivor to gold, which free silver would prudncc, ;,vo«ld snrrOy incair. THIS IS THE NUMBER OP CUBANOLA CIGARSSOLD INIiN'DIANAlN 1895—MORETHAN , --- -TMER.BRAKDSCOA1BINED | ANY THRKE OT WHY f BECAUSE IS THE BEST FIVE-CENT CJGAR EVER OFFERED TO THE TRADE. ASKYOUR DEALER FOR CUBANOLA It would be hard .to convince a man from bilious colic that. his 'is clue to a miscrobe witli an uu- pvouovnicaMe jianial But one dose of DeWitl's Colic and'Cholera Cure will convince liiui of its power lo afford instant relief. It kiUs pain.—John Jl.Jolm- r,ton. The department of arsiculture slates Uiat Hie average cost o£ fertili;:ers for an aero o.f wheat iu New Hampsliirc 3s .?5.riO. I-u the newer stales tliis Hem t-iits little -ilimre. ' - "? SUFFBREKS WITH EHEUMATISM We have obtained the agency for a remedy for rheumatism which 1 has had remarkable success. Sold on positive guarantee.. You rua no risk of losing your money. We Invite you to call at our store and let us tell you about it .For sale by B. F. Kecsling. '• Guest—Alil.tlien you arc a niusici.au? Wliat hiBtrnnieht do you .play? Musician—The first fiddle..,. His. wife (emphatically)—But. onty in the orchestra!. -Saphlrs. VUzblatt.- . .'-.••' " 15 PAYS IN YELLOWSTONE TARE/ The Chicago. Milwaukee & St.' Paul Railway Co n .iip:iny desires lo call at- 1 toiittoii to a very completely .n-ransed. lour through the Wonderland of America, nndor tt.o nuiangeincnt of the well- known tourist manager. Mr. J. .T. Graf- Ion. Tlie parly will leave Chicago on Tuesday evening. .Tuly 2.1., by electric light irai.u, \vJth-diiiing car. to bo absent Direo weplcs. Tlic petrified-forest' ar.d .many other attractive features oC • Hie .Pars will lie included in Ihe itinerary, ihat the fravclor. going tlirough tUe ordiiwry way, dws not sec. A party, will also leave CiuVago for Alaska via Yi?llow£ioji<! Park, i he same date. For full parlic-ul:i,;\=. address Geo. H. Ilenfforil, Gciioral r.assonsor Ageut, Chicago, Hi. A OLITICAL MONSTROSITY. Wali.i'sh Tribuuc: It must now be conceded that. Bill Bryan,' nominated for freside-iit by th«t polLtical monstrosity whjch has been on ex-hibiiioJi in Chicago for the past few days, is a master of fjery.orato.T7-. The following sentence from Bill's impassioned speech, before the aforesaid, political moDS'a-osity shows very oleavly what kind of a cat lie is: "You tell us that 'great ciUes are in favor of a gold standard. Burn, down . the cities and leave our farms, a.nd your cities will grow up again." 'Good ras.n is Bill, and Uic wisest conn- • selor of the people si7ice.,the days of ' CaUKnie. '• We are anxious to do a little good In this world and cafi think of no plcasant- er or better w,iy to do it than by recom-. mending One Minute Cough Cnre««>». preventive of pneumonia, consnmptlsn nd other serious lung troubles that follow neglected-colds.—Jno. M. Johnston.

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