Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on June 26, 1957 · Page 10
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 10

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 26, 1957
Page 10
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Ten Logansport, Indiana, Pharos-Tribune Supreme Court Decisions Keep Washington Buzzing By LYLE C. WILSON United Press Staff Correspondent WASHINGTON (UP)—This city is boiling with discussion of recent Supreme field of Court opinions in the individual constitutional rights as opposed to federal prosecutors and gators. congressional investi- There has been nothing like it since the middle 1930s when the high court junked some of the key legislation of FDR's New Deal. Government prosecutors are appalled by the implications of the court's new version of constitutional law. This week's steamy discussion of the recent opinions is not a patch, however, on what may be expected shortly. Pending now before the Supreme Court and scheduled for quick disposition is the government's appeal against a lower court ruling that the United Stales must not turn over for trial by Japanese courts a G-I named William S. Girard. Girard shot and killed a Japanese woman and is charged with manslaughter. Hear on Administration The United States government has agreed that Girard shall be tried by the Japanese, an agreement which has aroused national controversy and turned considerable political heal on the Eisenhower administration. The Japanese people are equally, or more, excited. So much so that agreement to the trial of Girard by Japanese courts has the appear- Communist conspiracy, there is ikely to be considerable popular uproar in the United States. Area Girls Win Gary Majorette Awards Baton-twirling brought awards .0 three area girls at the Royalty Twirl-A-Bout N.B.T.A. contest, which was held at Gary. Connie Dianne Leavell of Lucerne, and Diane Kay Cover, Twelve Mile, received the first- place trophy with Iheir balon duet routine. Patty Pickens, of Lu- serr.e, was awarded first place medal in the beginner's group, and eighth place in the advanced group. Diana Kay. Cover won'first place in the beginner's group and third place medal in the advanced group. Connie Diane Leavell won a second-place trophy in the .solo .group; second place in Rag-twirling and turn baton; third place in strutling. -. t 1 ! i ] 1 1 1 C I— S j— S n '.— L i— C 1— S t S— A '— G I— J l—l i— G a—" 3— r )— S i— r !— I 3—1 a. IS « 10 3 fl ROSSWORD ACROSS 3-J 25 wirt 36 Imlans . S' T what 31 mnner? 41 eclaro 41 hallengd 44 ufflx: 4' Slower of 4. t no t me 5 irl'a name 5 ^an'a nama 5 prlghc SL tnbors nthusiaatic reek letter rablan , irmcnta iuse of poetry ronoun ick ropheu >eface ronoun a* *•' 59 * ^ ^ M lt» . yy/ 51 13 '{//. TJ3 * '//I HO F — V — D — S — h — R — 1 — P — 1 — C P — i n 'UZZLE Isuharged /ander ellow ocher ecelve y tricks not hyihm riala oem ilet ortico . onducted itcher an 'a cknarn« DOWN —Enthusiast (colloq.) >— Hall! i— Incletlnlt« number — Inclinations B — Paid not c« 7 % » Wt tS 21 K% 27 •o % •"' # -U *'' IB % »5 V ^ 32. Antwer to Yetttrdiv'i Puxtl &C A ^ st F X o ^ T : ^ P F 1 C P 1 P I A k L A \ C 1 E > A -r < b 3 H i S M 14 T O A!& <T -- 1 |R % I E R T T E S w A V 1 H A £ 1 V K F 6— ' 7— 8— S— 10— 1110- 18- 20— ' 2223- 2527- 2 1! J ' :S a s 3 3 3 ' 4 - — I— ;i— D— !- 1 T 1 S 1 M K 1 R EL c •1 A P 1 T s) i I ? = s K E • F • R R ft Equal •God o Group slnser CJlri's Great Tiny Flah Vehlc (collot; scorr Comp< Come Goal Long- Ballor- literal Flutte Bcfon Qu et City Caltfo Cabin roco re Most Took part Fame Walk water Flat-t boat PflHNtl 1 M tr i e A S c A M J - \ A ^ E a A L Z 0 E F R E| 6- A A J O S 0 ^~ s ^1 1. V ty t love ) ot six 9 name bustard .) tent -od QHt Of r n rnla »t for impo it« ono'o of land throuRh ottomed 1 1 Met-eo Church Class To Convene Friday The 6-B class of the Metea Baptist church will meel with Robert Paschen Friday evening at 8 o'clock. - DOG FOOD S'l'OLEN Thieves who broke into an Anaheim back yard were only being logical but that didn't make Charles L. Sweeden any . happier; He complained 'to sheriff's depu- ies that not "only did the thieves :ake several, cases of dog food but also took his year-and-a-half-old >6xer dog. DIES AT AGE OF US Mrs. Juanita Carriollo, who had only been seriously ill once in her life, died here Tuesday at the age of US. Mrs. Carrillo's son, Juan Carrillo, 63, said his mother collapsed and died after asking for a drink of water. She left 15 grandchildren and 45 great-grandchildren. The eight m-idwestern states produce 80 per cent of the soybeans, 70 per cent of the corn, and about 64 per cent of the pigs raised .in the United States. AT LAST! ONE LOTION WAVES ALL HAIR-TEXTURES IN 10 MINUTES! Wednesday Evening, June 28, J9ST, "ATOMIC" TOY TRAINS NEW YORK (UP)—Lucky kids may get a chance to tinker with some new model train gadgets- thai iis if they can shoo daddy- away. A new "atomic" train layout and the first do-it-yourself electric train kit will appear shortly at a New York trade show. Myers Greenhouse. Dial'3996 Committee Named at Noble Farm Meeting A nominalin'K committee was named at the meeting of the Noble township Farm Bureau, held at the school. They wore: Rodney Busard, Glen Snyder and Billy Eikelherner. Mrs. Fred Benner of Clinton township showed colored .slides of I her trip to Europe, made when ance of a move to appease popa XT tSer" & court here I *»« visited her son Who is station- which forbade the Eisenhower administration to hand Girard over to the Japanese hold that 1 the Constitution guaranteed him trial by established American processes. Government lawyers appear to be genuinely confident that the Su- and the secretary's report was read by Roger Ide. There was group singing of "America The Beautiful," with Charlotte Ide accompanying. Present were 34 adults and IB Pet and Hobby members. Hefrc.sh- menl.s were served by the following iinrt Mrs. Lee _^ Mr.s. Don Daw- ment between the two "nations ar- ! s«n. Mr. and Mrs. Albert Dumm, rived at under terms of a treaty Mr. and Mr.-;. Eslc) Rliott and Mr. •between the United Slates and I and Mr.s. Elmer Fouls. Japan. It set-mi to follow that in: The p el and Hobby flower show signing tliat treaty, the United | will be a feature of the next prcme Court will reverse Uial finding. They argue that the administration's right to deliver Girard to. the Japanese is legally sound ht-| TOrnm ' ttC(!: Mr - '•> cause it is by executive agree-1 Dawson, Mr. and J ed overseas. She wa.s presented with a gift of a potted geranium. Earl Jackson offered devotions, meeting, .scheduled for July 22. States signed away .some of the constitutional rights of any citi/«n \vho finds himself in Girard's position. Communists* Rl^nts However just that may be, it Is a fact that thc> Supreme Court in the past fortnight has been, . . , , dealing in spectacular fashion | w ' vos departed luesday Local Jaycees Leave To Attend Convention A four-member delegation of the fjOLjarwport Jaycee.s and their HI k- between peaks 4.1—Girl's mimu 45—Mensliro of weight 4fi— Uttnr 49—Teutonic deltr Emu Dives Onto Car Terrorizing Women DARWIN, Australia, (L'P) — Three matronly women escaped serious injury Tuesday when an angry, seven-foot-tall emu attacked their speeding motorcar. The car was damaged extensively, and although the women were unhurt, the driver, Mrs. Toby Brown, BO, said they emerged from the vehicle quaking. "We were terrified when the huge landbird charged tU- car, which was travling 40 miles an hour, and battered the panelling," she said. "He tried to smash the windows but only succeeded in denting the fenders and roof. I was forced lo accelerate to CO _miles an hour to escape. "The car looks as though it had been in an accident and one door was unopenable." Arkansas spent 4.8 per cent of its revenues for cost of govern' menl and'miscellaneous genera: agencies during fiscal 1955-56, IPHOL5TERIN «u»Tom mnnv •- FURniTURE 2018 North Slrixt Phoni 4789 A solar furnacj; under construction is expected to produce a tcm- por.oJ.ure equal to thai n[ an atom bomb. Keep Coal Aluminum Awnings As low at $5.00 p«r montti ROSS REID'S ROOFING CO. 217-219 5th St. Phon. 338B Eifimatei Free See the New Revolutionary YORK SNORKEL AIR CONDITIONER —Nothing projects outside —Thinnejt of all inside —Dosen't block your view. SEE IT TODAY AT VESH BROS. 316 E. Market Phone 4415 Pick-up Flrmittnt 11.31 No more searching! No more guesswork in selection of lotion, texture and waving time! No more clock-watching! CHEMTRONIC LIFE permanent is easiest, loveliest— a true custom permanent, hair by hair. It's as automatic as today's no-shift car transmission. CHEMTRONIC PERMANENT PRODUCT BY WM«eVt« lOIUTHItS A*E SOLB OSBORNE'S BARBER SHOP Closed Until Further Notice 501 BATES ST. ptf iftcr down payment COOIS, DEHUMIDIFIES, FIUERS, VENIIUIES AUTOMATIC TEMPERATURE CONTROL SIMPLIFIED COMFORT CONTROL ADAPTABLE INSTALLATION NORTH DRUGS C. J. Shinaborger, R. Ph. Corner 3rd & Miami with the matter of individual rights IV car . cnrouln to Milwaukee for undw the Constitution. Spocifical- tho i™ 1 '"™' convention, ly, these were the civil Hunts' of T1| c m ™ wfire snnrt - s an(1 "^'M U. S. citizens. Hy chance, lhei sllirts an(l lhcir wwcs ' str: P <!d citizens—and there wen; a number of them—were Communists. The Supreme Court reversed Uie i convictions of some who had been ^ charged a.s members of the Communist conspiracy. K ordered new trial.") for others. These actions were of a pattern with previous opinions in which Communists or their .sympathizers fount) sale harbor in the Constitution's Bill of Rights. If the Supreme Court is unable to find for a youni; American fil £s safe a Bill "f Ki^ils harbor as it has found for members of the ! ilaxcr.s. Tho dnlegntlon party consisted of Jack Walls, district vice pre.si- Ktatc director; Bill Neville, local president; Kenny Scott, a slain director; Mrs. NOTICE The Southside Improvement Assn. meeting and supper. Come, bring covered dish, sandwiches and own table service, Thursday, June 27-6:30 P. M. at Fdirview Park. Open for new membership. Svlvia ROS.S, head of the .Iriyolte.s; : Mrs. Walls; Mrs. Neville and Mrs. Read the Classified Ads Better than Brick Cheaper than Lumber Peru Brikcrete Co. 479 Adams Avo. Peru Ind. GARDEN TILLER FOR RENT Self Propelled, Seloctivo Tilling. Gordon tho easy way with a Merry-Tiller. THESE GARDEN TOOLS FOR RENT Power lawn mowors, Aerators, Fertilizer Spreaders, Rollers, Fence Stretchers, Gryb Hoes, Electric Hodgo Trimmer, Post Hole Augers Pruning Saws, Shovels, Treo Trimmers. ALL AT TOOL RENTAL DEPT. South Side Lbr. Co. 811 Burlington Ave. Phono 2319 Open Sunday Morning HOME KILLED MEATS STONY PIKE MARKET East Main. Freo Parking Phono 2316 THURSDAY-FRIDAY-SATURDAY SMOKED SAUSAGE Ib. 45c SMOKED HAMS 14toltlb . Avo Ib. 49c HOME MADE HEAD CHEESE Ib. 49c ROUND and SIRLOIN STEAK Ib. 69c CHUCK ROAST Ib. 39c BEEF LIVER Ib. 29c PORK CHOPS, CENTER CUT Ib. 69c WE SELL BEEF BY WHOLE-HALF-QUARTER Custom Butchering and Curing—Small Shop—Big Values WHOLESALE 8:00-5:30 RETAIL Open Monday fhru Saturday 8:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Pre-Fourth of July SPECIAL! Is your old refrigerator about to make it's final expiring gasp? If it is, trade it now while it still has some value. We offer you this fine 10 cu. ft., completely automatic FRICIDAIRE on a "No Money Down" basis as,a special• Pre- Fourth of July Value. PAYABLE AT ONLY .94 A WEEK This offer subject to stock on hand-get yours now. ROOM AIR CONDITIONER Hoi humid weuUier is rousli on «ir conditioners. For your comfort the G-E Deluxe Tliinlme is dmignvd to stand up lo rugged hcut nnd humidity. Full cooling capacity; quiet efficient operation; Iwautiful cabinet design; General Electric dependability. Free Installation • Limited Time Only DON WATSON APPLIANCES 223 - 6rh St. Phone 2444 AVOID TIRE TROUBLE OVER THE 4th! Drive Saf e... Replace '> Now with First Quality ALLSTATE Silent CUSHIONS Regular No Trade-In Price 22.75 each 16 88 6.70 « 15 Tul».-Typw Ulmkwall Eiich, Sol of 4 Plut Tax' And Four Old Tires • FuM 20-Month Nationwide Sorvico Card Guarantee • N«w UOP 88 additive protects against cracking • Exclusive-Safety Buttons Reduce Skids, Squeal Tube-Type Blackwallt Tubeloss Blackwalls 51,« 0.70x15 7,10x15 Regular Ten do-In No Prlc» Down Tradft-fn Coth, Payrm >ric», Ecich' Sol of 4 ; Sot of 4 Plui Tux > Plui Tax 22.75 24.95 7.60x1 5| 27.45 16.88 18.88 21.88 8.00x151 30.95 ! 22.88 7.50 8.50 9.50 10.00 No Trad.-ln Prlcg, Each Plui Tax _25.75 27.95 " 30.95 "'34.95 Tmd«-!n Pric. Each, !»t of 4 Plu. Tax 19.88 21.88 23.88 25.88 Down ! Payrnan 5.1 of 4 9.00 " 10.00 11.00 11.50 , ONLY 10% DOWN ON SEARS EASY PAYMENT • FREE INSTALLATION "5TH & NORTH PHONE 4103

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