The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada on October 17, 1959 · Page 6
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada · Page 6

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
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Saturday, October 17, 1959
Page 6
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The Ottawa Journal No Kone in ft Tm tor the rrovinces.- ! Th JMirnal funlUhiai C. at Otttu,, Ua. tit Qu ft. M4 SdvM St. Oitw. Onuna. SATURDAY, OCTOBER 17, 1959. Low-Rent Housing There : is nothing mysterious or strange about Mr. Fleming's refusal to gfve the, provinces more money at this time. - The money is not there. , y , ," Mr. Fleming could only give the provinces more money now by going out and borrowing it; by undertaking a stijl higher deficit. f The provinces, no doubt,-could use any additional money that Mr. Fleming might give them some of them, In fact, have already mortgaged whatever they might get. But if with more money . i the provinces- got a dose of the general ' -' 1..J... ...t - U Not Charity. ( iA.The city prpperly is taking advan-,age of attractive terms to provide jjmor lotf-rehtal housing for the com-!fnuinity. The $1,018,000 project to which Board of Control has given f'assent will serve well families with 1 modest incomes and heavy responsibility.- Yet it should be emphasized that inflation that higher, federal deficits low-rental housing Is not welfare would invite, what good would that do - housing. The cost of these projects is them? Or do anybody else? 4 'r-'fully recoverable over the year in It may be that when we get things ,rent; they cost the taxpayer not a cent, in Canada straightened away, get back fj Those who live in low-rent units are to anything like balanced budgets, ' by no means the city's poor. It Was not some new tax-sharing arrangement ; Intended that they should be. Only will have to be made with - the provi those earning at least $3,000 annually inces. But that, for the time being, is ' JVni ", not more than $4,260 ( with at irrelevant; the thing now is--what is -- -'fleast two children) are eligible tenants, posaible,, safe or. practical. under ejfistT.; Rents range from $69 to $80 monthly, ing circumstances. I; But what are we doing about the And no sense at all in recalling what .', non-qualifiers, those that are too poor? somebody said or promised a.year ago . y. . - I f . a SB""" " i ' " ' 1 ntmmm. mm mm. .. .in m-ii . i ., i i , iinn.ri. ,.. , i.ri,,i . ., , i IT txt-i Side ' Lights 'Moonlighting' Increase. Fort Erie Letter-Reviev." , "Moonlighting", according to the U.S. Census Bureau, h Incrtasc4 sharply over the last decade. Term is used to describe' ' werken . who ' hold Letters to The Editors ; Of fThe Journal ELECTION PLACARDS. Sirs-The " recent Russell down other part-time jobs in parliamentary byelection,, h addition .to their regular em- been won and lost, ' but the ployment. . . ugly mass of pjacards urging Spread of moonlighting is electors to vote for the various attributable mainly to - Big candidates-remains affixed to Labor's insistence on shorten- numerous poles and" trees. I Ing the work-week. , will be interested to discover , Many moonlighting jobs in- who wilt removethe placards volve only week-end work by and. when. " ," those who prefer no't to remain Idle two full days, out of the ween. , Beer Drinking. , Windsor Star ' Sometimes people get an unjust reputation, one which sticks with them despite the. facts of the case. Germans, for Instance, long hve been regarded as copious beer drinkers. Perhaps that Is because some or the worlds most famous . H. H. WATSON ' , 2042 Alton Street, J 1 Ottawa,. Oct 12. , '" -i '! '.- J SCORES OTC SERVICE. Sirs: Since the OTC changed the. Metcalfe Road service it has been very badJ- worse than it was before.. I think they, should have used brains. As far' as I'm concerned they can take It' off completely. ,1 lived without It before and can agahtrbut It; if k .v, nn4 i, very nrovokine waiting foTTi Statistics for various coun- VAy . "'." What are we doing about providing "decent living for the real poor who - nnur must ink nut hovels and slums. breeding places of evil? Subsidized drastically, make . Jinu.ilnff is charitv: low rental housing meaningless. is long range financing and we cannot Our job now is special action for ""lest smuar r being kindly financiers. special circumstances, .with that par- or at some other lime; altered circum stances, and heaven knows they have a way of late of altering speedily and such memorizing Piccadilly Circus Heart of tendon's West tni. c iBrlUih Trawl Auoriitlsn photo) Sellers for the Great: J.7 At st smug aT being kindly financiers. special circumstances, .wnn mat par- Af TX ' " ' i ; l There is a crying need In this city. ftl.. j 1' JlC HOUSe ',OI 018116 ' . . .... asainst Inflation the thinv Mr. Fl.rM. "as our social worjcers Know, oi living : :r. r ' ,7 y accommodation for widowed and de-' serted mothers, for families too poor and too large for the low-rent projects. We say there is need not naively -believing that decent houses will see ' . a j i : . ,!: 4L spectacular ; accujiK in aeiuiquency tries do not support this repd tatlon. Belgians are the greatest consumers of beer, with' 31 gallons per person (man, woman and child). Luxembourg. Australia arid New Zealand follow in that order. West Germany and the United Kingdom rate 18 gallons per person, and the latter is the land ot the pubs. Canada j consump - - tion Is 13 gallons per capita. no 1 thought of service to the people. I think I'll conclude with the hope that they will give- better service in the 'future. ' " y- ' (Miss) T. SMITH.' McLeod street, ' - . Ottawa. October 13. ' : ! tka Sranul of taa aril CmMmM ttMt. ind crime. We eay It because man must Jihow humanity to man, deserving or 'undeserving. ? , As things are today we are not, nor ihe poor are not, getting much for the welfare dollar when all that can be ($one is to subsidize living in shacks. i The time-was never more opportune lor initiative. Municipalities how can tfeceive handsome assistance from the province when they combine urban re-Jftewal and subsidized housing. The gain 4s double : we provide decent homes for tihe needy and the city cuts out its Uecay. t' The low-rental housing project is ?tommendable. But are we going low "enough fast enough? 1 t ing did this week when, he rejected an increase in civil service -salaries and which he does again in rejecting more (licerpti from M address longer the case with his sue money for the. province v., - 5? "r- !f''"?w rz c ',.. t-. the tT .,in... ,tK "w-ii director of the world-famous present time. Meanwhile the province might well 0f chrlstiCe. dealer m v And here, I think, is one of take a look at their own expenditures grtat painting; jewels and the clues to Christie's" success consider whether the - time : hasn't oWefs d'urf, to the Royal as ant auctioneer. For it is Commonwealth Society.) Other Views THOSE BUS ROUTES. Sirs: This morning ar 'bua driver and a pedestrian started t heyday off wrong by chewing each other out over the right of-way in front of the station. The driver said he couldn't PARISIANS DRINKING MILK. tell. what the buses ahead: were oAtaaiB a Ai mt IS- zia hlal St. Thomas Times-Journal. going to do, so it wasn't hit fault that he blocked tne come for them holding! too. to do a bit of line- TKot We are Underlings.' An agent of ours who rejoices in a past at Harvard' sends along the Harvard Newsletter because of an' arresting piece in it by J. Douglas Bush, professor of English Literature there. Dr. Bush has a very dim view of modern life and specially of modern education, and he goes much farther than we would in condemning the "American Way of life" as meaning "shallowness and shoddiness", and saying that "intellectual and aesthetic cultivation is 'a mark of pernicious Snobbery". However there is a quotation from Robmt Frost in Dr. Bush's address which we are grateful for: It is known that as early as 1772 a visit to Christie's was regarded as an essential duty for the woman who wished to be in the fashion. . For a Ions wav into the 19th France he advised his country- quits, clear that he realized, nnmrv nf ri,i. it raniinnni men to drink more milk -and "j OT ONE. How much for it, early on, the value of the press, to be doubtful whether a less wine. The French cartoon- please?" For only three flr,t or advertisements, and gentleman could go into trade Uu and editorial writers' made years short of two centuries then for reports of sales, which gn(j keep up hia station. The a Joke of the proposal. The nnuf ibIm sir Phruri'si hnvso began aoDearine in the news- . rhw.ti k . Idea of Frenchmen substitut ion beginning with an opening Ppers towards the end of the teems to have managed it with Ing milk for wine! The French I?""'1 . rmirk on th lin from th. 18th century. .nn,n.i(. .... ..j ,i,...t, rhilrt drink wine With meals lno ooiue-necKf. auctioneer in the rostrum. But In his early days, Chrytie to. have improved the as Commonly as Canadian chil- ' One linr that would be more they have not alwaya been car- dealt with an enormous variety jutua of hi ft But this was dren drink milk. Wine 1s .so than willing to oblige in this ried through with quite the of goods and chattels, as well enhanced, even more aDDre- cheap in Frane that workmen respect is the Mann-Chapel ciably, by his "classical attainments". For he wrote about Greek and Roman art and allied subjects, and . his position as a One art critic was recognized by his 'election to the Athenaeum Club and to the same economy of words, as has as works of art. This variety been the rule with us at extended to coffins, barrel-Christie's these last 50 years, organs, pigs and -poultry, drip-For, as we see it today, the ping pans, razors, sedan chairs, jpb of the man in the rostrum and horses. Even the second is to get a suitable opening bid James Christie, who, at we for each lot and . thereafter shall see. had other ideas about merely to call the advances the business, was not above Dilettanti Society - ""- " . ui9usiiig ui uie nay, came, ' kt... .1,1 k. hlehest bidder, whose name he hnr. .on ,h. lit,. ' Now. although he A lew years ago when Pierre MAlri.n , Still. Mendes-France was premier of ... oeAiA.n has his riahts too or has he? "'.'v " - Is there any way to control traffic volume at that point, or is the only remedy the simple end sensible one of re- few bus line front put a bottle, or It m their route, aanuy nm resioenu 00 lunch-pails.- nothing but fume over the" Many people appear to have present system and long to use taken Mendes-France's sugges- the Mackenzie King Bridge. ' Mr. Sauve and Ottawa t j Mf.' SAOvi, Quebec's new Premier, n.y cannot scare mt with their empty j Has necessary to disillusion , spaces j tht naive people -who seem to have Between stars on stars where no human I thought that immediately Mr. Saov ,.-rtci7 . . u ri-. u. ... u v; !..,:- I have it in me so much nearer home ook offtce he would, begin throwing T6 Mn m wiln ow dturt Uc pntofthe w,dow.llthecons itjit,on.l Df gUSH went on from ther, t0 ...j.Hwix.,.. denounce aecondarv education as hav- "Th vAlr hi, hflnn Th Inn mav ... - -. . (have-changed. But nothing is changed on matters xl principle." What'- the naive people forgot, the then calls out, or sends his clerk to ascertain. But the founder of the firm, the first James Christie, would not hsve agreed that "this is the best wsy.of achieving the purpose of auctions, which is. 'pHE auction rooms In London played a, far greater part in the life of an artist in the early 1800s than need neces sarily oe ine case today. For nii .-.h,.i.i k of course, to obtain the highest ? ie"x' to.k the him for his late father during possible prices. He was called lon "'nest, Is now con- 'The Specious Orstor" and is ??.I,l"1ve. f1!!0 rown tinued in all its branches by put an advertisement in The Times in January, 1804, to the effect that "the ' business of selling by auction, or by private treaty, Estates, Houses, Pictures and Effects, which had been, con- tion to heart. This year so far 22.000,000 gallons of milk have been imported in the Paris area alone from Holland and Belgium. ' W. ERNEST KINGSFORD. Chapel Crescent, Ottawa, Oct. 13. WHY? SPEED TRAP STRATEGY. . Sirs: Police Chief AxceU states that radar, traps are J mused on the Why of the pUced where accidenta occur! saying: "Will wind. On the infinite sweep of sky. On the restless roll of mighty seas. Yet hone of them voiced a reply. As a no-demerit resident of Ottawa's most' law abiding community, Courtland Park on the Prescott Highway, I can say there is one trap on location as regularly as my evening meal and I can't icmem- portrayed on one occasion as I?' -h"wTi 1. f himself at the Rooms and I pondered the Why of great ber when an accident occurred your uaysnip - - - mmises in Fall Mall". It IS. I do me the honor to My 50-' " " "r. ? think, clear that it has never sasv a iiisaiwi s.w smsj aw arlic- )hn mink ...II 1 HI1HR. VICBI HlHi IV UBS IICVW ' .:'mi HS wnho 8a ffi'ffih' . ""Phssized in first water an unheard of price for such a lot, surely, ing "been more or less drained of intellectual content and Intellectual effort (and) it has been correspond- fpeople who know little about practical .' Gained of moral content, in spie no longer go in for "horution ftLtiti - t , r,;.ui of theoretical emphasis on character " of "' 1Krr il?!"- 5 thinking' mixed up with facU, is that bulldin8 Again we must part com- j,,,, jndeedi m modern Mr. Sauve has no mandate to cfianae ""l" for Dr- Bush goes too far. Robert times has been such that it has SanvthlnsTTK-nSi vrfitT?i'W:atriillWliin.-- ROST' " Closer to me marK au i "' artist was f iii vrTeV..:: TrTTtTu. - WherrlirTef era -ns-tD-Tmrselver for our ingn ,!"lm1otUii W aTkllU WW. OAUVt. 11, HI1UU1U UC I1UICU. . .. j nnrn ntirr r-nm inni inr nurn i aaarr own, not the com- WOW, however, it is different tallica viii ib lie lubvuMii a collection, or the means to go abroad on the Grand Tour. Thus there began the association with artists which was to prove so important for Christie and the future of his firm.. The reason for the importance of this association was primarily that in the-days-before jthe birth of the artbert: the' all that has been written about our business, that It was the younger Christie's great interest in the fine arts which led the firm to specialize in works of art and literature and has resulted in giving it its recognized position as fine art auctioneers and valuers at the present time. no, n4tn Karnf 11 4A nmit vinnthaT 0..-W 1 11-- J,m" Pi e our 7ru7eV.s.ne7p; J-1.0 doubt know, that the wwd "never" Pvm', if there is to be any. -lias no place In the vocabulary of must start from within the individual .politics. Give Mr. Sauve an election, with mandate of his own, and it will then jfce "time to start talking about his probable relations with Ottawa. how auctions were run at Christie's. After the sale they attended had been going on for a while, one got up and said to the other: "I'm off. These blooming goods sell themselves." And 10. in a sense, they always do, if thev are anv sood at all. Millions of words were written and tens of thousands of photographs taken'; fHE "first record we have of 4 busy general auctioneer and fish1 Royal Tour Ensemble. in every sense the Furry Trout about two auctioneers - who .n- 1,. tn. .11 . Arf Fishv- came xip from the country to t0 kno ' .u.,., . ,nn tice, at any rate, he could always - tell the good from the bad, the right from the wrong, the true from the false. In his ait so that he was generally accepted as tne arbiter of taste. mountains. Pregnant with gem and rich . . ore., Where man must dig and delve and. die. To garner the fabulous store. I wondered Why Summers must "end. Why roses, so soon, droop ' and die.' -Why shady elms be stripped leaf-bare Nude limbs outstretched to the sky. there right in the shade of those beautiful trees as you turn the circle to enter the Prescott Highway. ;'V !.:. ' However, travelling this route ss I do, one soon sees' the traffic pattern turn the circle watch for the radar trap, in the trees pass it snd then step on It Mind you,, we ' in Courtland Park don't do this but it is done often. ' - Why is this trap not set half a mile lurtner on. tne open highway or on the Baseline So puny feTFT agarnsnsiOW-Road-betweenthi On Newspaperboy Day, 4- yve snail not indulge in the well- on the occasion of the Queen s visit to'. James Christie as- an auc- valuer like Christie who hsd, Canada this year. ; Excellent as most'iSJSi" "il-I?'?, ""V, . pictures to sell. . about at thin "povera'- wai it hal th. - I "'frvj . S' wnicn " tne sUrt ne lm" ft. . C0e". was, it had the about to e demohshed, ln.5t. Mlf have . known little or -inherent disadvantage of the con- James' Square, in a newspaper-nothing. The ' artists' aisq tiniirH afnrv It has romainoH (r (ho in July, 1763, When he Was 33 hlil thi f-nlLMAt. Knik antentioned fallacy. that every news- Canodidrt Ceoornphicol Jourml in lU'"' i!:.'..'"'. .'2. W 4 as sellers. . paperboy, Hohatio ALcm-like, l September issue to tell in word and hi, , business wUh . auctioneer tgrow up a tycoon 01 nnance, a captain, picture yQi industry, it may even be, though Majesty 'JDI course hishiv unlikely, that, a man rfi.n Moin. -alter 1760. He did not spec "ill some dav be Prime Minister with- ' tk- nmLksi r,-f. iz ,n lellin of Art, but rrBl Ntwt. ScltiM. INHERE definitely U no such thing as a fur-bearing trout. ' This , assurance from1 -. the Royal .Ontario Museum of Whatever else' we may now. Zoology may. it is honed, halt think . about him, he was the frequent inquiries being re-clearly, one hundred and fifty ceived from persons who have years ago, the ideal tnan for seen these supposed "furred curiosities in stores or elsewhere. Dr. E. J. Crossman, Assistant Curator of the Museum's Department of Fishes, sets the whole thing straight: tains. So mute neath a star-studded sky. " Yet matchless amid God's creation Man alone seeks the How snd the WHY. W. UOYD, ' Minister pro-tem, St. James United Church. Second avenue, Ottawa, SepC.,30. great depth and the extreme penetrating . coldness . of the water in which these fish live k.u. ..ilia1 hm n Brno thir by hoaxes of one fornv or an- , , ' . . Highwsy and the Merivale Road where speed seems to be . the style? -, : " As a matter of fact, a, speed trap set up on Sanford avenue on Summer evenings would probably "trap" more speeders taking a short' cut from the Prescott Highway to the 8ase line Road than the one mentioned in Chief Axcell's report : H. R. CREIGHTON. 223 Sanford avenue, ' Ottawa. October 9 . . other the unusual or unreal - the complete atory of Her in Covent Garden before setting ui n.ow 'um tne fP'L h. 8ht to the stten-a', i.,.. ti,,m,i. 1,.. 'iid on hia own account soon side of the business. There tion of the public usually lit M journey; through her Cana-Ronhh, owacconvsoon ,v doubt th;t James hopes of- making money -in Christie was a bit of an actor some way.' with perhaps something of the . A label under one 1 stuffed allure of a modern film star, specimen read: For according to a witness in .."Fur-bearing troutf very rare, 1795 "when waiting, taking his caught while trolling In Lake time to obtain an advance of Superior off Gros Cap near he was irresistible" Algoma. It is believed that the MOPSY H,ut haying c.Vried or sold newspapers tion of the Royal Tour is splendid. The ZpoVoTeT SS' rn .nli yunK day- No we not he narrative from the pen of Miss. Sylvia his way and had a market Nor ?jbuuij wi giu: nyjriuuje. Sebley. of Ottawa", "a member of the-moeeB 010 conime ms oust- T, v . - T- -- . . . . - nateiat A Olinnlnn aliaCHm Urn S " 0ttn,s aay. recognizes tneTMitOTiatrrr the say Sault Ste. Marie. District of 4i.tli.naiu.kM(. n iT n . a . V . U J .. ...ill . J . U I i 1 1 . -i . . ' . J . . ; ! . , ..lunj, maw ine wnwt iour rierseii, is wen- course we still do for the vari- ay, truly that the yobng man who rounded and finely-controlled descrip-;;ous purposes that arise, but he 4akes on the responsibility of bringing tion. 5 also had interests in newspapers Newspapers to. their buyers submits , : -which unforturfstely is',no himself fo ran Instructive iest' of his Tpiettle.' jfhe' important thing about 3eing a young tenYrepreneur Is not the financial reward, however attractive .It Undoubtedly is today, but the discipline vhich responsibility always teaches. Vcu V" '"""" nowsf v' painting attributed to LSdrr' PoP John.XXIIi; learning Engllsh'-jX" 1 SmU" -the good ones persevere-wqi learn ,t 77 is ,nother reminder that the.rv decision in .County com his experience something of the busiest ' flnd ti t ... Judges' Court, tt.' Col. TW. Tieea of idnacity to atick to hia route us,MVmen nna timc t0 d0 the most. McDowell VC w plaintiff jn when others are playing, of courtesy to Where conge ins cusiomers, oi ousiness acu Or. Crossman explains that close scrutiny of the so-called fur-beating trout clearly re-Veals this man-made creature to be a trout overlaid with a Jn Lighter; Vein . man strolled nonchslsntly" into an expensive restaurant, sat down at the first vacant table, unwrapped a package and laid a sandwich before him, and reached over to the carafe and poured -himself ,a glass of piece of domestic raDDii tur water. . ' stapled to the back surface of The manager rushed over to Notes and Comment 25 YeaiS AgO al.Tt!.ti'??eSt !S4,0?noSnUO f thC 'To,t .,, ... S,ed:ii PQ YOIJ HAVE A CONPOLENCE CARP? I WANT TO PREAK MY ENGAGEMENT rCFrJTI V rM the trout and carefully glued around the gill-cover, the chin and the fins. . Dr. Crossman points out that fur is a characteristic pf that group of animals known ss mammals and it Is impossible for fish to deyelon, such an external covering. . remonstrate with hint. "Who are you?" he was asked. ' ' ' . ' " " . "I'm the mahager"i he; replied,' , " ' S"'' " ; "Just the man' I want-49 see", the' character told film. "Why isn't the orchestra play Ing?" ' ' .u , L an action to recover $500 are the long mellow Falls of which he said he Mid for a yesteryear? We plunge,, it seems, with- painting erroneously represent-1 out graceful prelude from one season' ed ss a genuine Kreighoff. " ' to another, from Winter to July and .Otuwa Cma League was A..-..ct 4 " ' , ..presenting "The Late Chrlsto- from August to Winter. pher Bean- with William, ?t- vr 'i .. , -Cromarty as the producer, v Un placlnj a five-year time Jjmit on - The Board of Trade reported settling the, location of-a hew Union-that bankruptcies in England Station, Prime Minister -Diefenbaker for tn P" year totalled 4,410 t(nen to make his profits. , v Today, - however, we take public -notice of his service as well as his training as he makes his appointed rounds. He is a young man who- serves others ;"s he helps himself a felicitous com -binatlon, ,'-"',:. '!'.,-. - ' . .. '" ' ."' 1 1 ' irluM liniU hat mna 4 W ...lit a.decline Of '535. , T..A.d.aln.T.rJn nutritionist '..ys--enjoy . untracked city. v VLl jjruH"-anuuiu pay more tor naing , , . .. r,(,M ,hi -t ' :4he city's! ' subway; line,' than 'theft- Walter Reuther's salary Is to baScSelee dispo! thinner fellow citizens. Granted he has Raised three percent each year for the: nf animals was advocated at a "Jk shadow of a case, how about pas- hext three years'. Yet even his enemies meeting of the Ottawa Humane -tengert carrying buljcy shopping-bags 1. -ii. ill ;.k.:i .1:1.' iL. Li.L .1 ' , . 1 . , : : . ' r -, ) . . . . ' - -Dr. Runert Esdale died in rV, U,K juiwi juuinj wun meir is oeini overnain. h is a tireless cam- a.. .. : -l. - xarsOeS-Ol DOORS: . na ffnsr Inr hia inlnmnlin n.r.rL... 1, tie He was 33. : r-ZLYl- - The Hoarding Days These are the hoarding days, their hoarding in another way. Not only the traditional ant 88 and larvae and; pupa, j kL. i.J k .,,. hoard ng life for another and .bee ay tip, stores for 4tfon Even lne woolly. hungry times ahead but so do at caterpillar hurries now to the trees and bushes. And the find a shelter, to hoard his pre. provident 'ones among the ani- carious spark of life, which mats come to their busiest next Spring will emerge as a .. season. Field mice have been pink-tinged yellow moth, harvesting and stowing away The colorful extravagance of lor weeks. Stiff-tailed chip- the trees just now would seem munks scurry about their tasks, more like generosity than ec on-busier than theyjiave been lor -omy,- but, it. too, is proof of weeks, filling their Winter hoarding among the trees. They granaries. - The squirrels put have -withdrawn sap and other even the ants to shame with vital substances into sienVend their industry. And the wood-, trunk and root; ; The expend- chucks "stow their Winter's re- able, hsvea, their chlprophyll "' serves under, their' own "skins;1 worn out and not - renewed, : they, are gorging now, laying now reveal sugars, acid and up that body fat which will other pigments in. th annual ca'rry them through the long glory of color. -And even the sleep in ' Winter-locked xlens. falling leaves become a kind of The bees are busy making hoard of mulch 'and . humus. -rlssf tiarvesf of honeyrthsnkf ;Tooa ' Torrg n 6 f b e rr'ssason's to late goioenroa and persis- growth. Waste rare, in tefit sitters. Less provident and nature. Hoarding Is as natural shorter-lived insects must do ss growth Itself. . 1 i .

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