Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on June 26, 1957 · Page 6
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 6

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 26, 1957
Page 6
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Six Logansport. Indiana, Pharos-Tribune Say Seven Per Cent of Drinkers Destined to Become Alcoholics By LOUIS CASSELS United Press Staff Correspondent WASHINGTON (UP) —About 70 million Americans drink alcholic beverages. Some take a drink only two or three times a year. Others down a fifth of whiskey a day— or more. Medical science knows, as a statistical fact, that about 7 per cent of all drinkers will wind up as al- cholics. But it cannot now predict, with any degree of accuracy, who will be included in that 7 per cent. The problems of preventing and treating alcoholism would be enormously simplified if science could identify a specific "cause" for this pervasive illness which now af- Diets nearly five million Americans in all walks of life. The search for a cause, or causes, has been a principal objective of the scattered and poorly-financed rest-arch which is being conducted on alcoholism. To date, this research has produced several conflicting theories — and very little firm knowledge. Here's One Theory Some scientists are convinced that people who become alcoholics are suffering from some kind of physiological disorder—a vitamin deficiency, & malfunction of the thyroid or other glands, or a defect in metabolism which causes alcohol to become, for them, an *ddictive poison. Exponents of this theory have been unable to produce evidence convincing to a majority of doctors. The prevailing medical view Is that the physical ailments, such as vitamin deficiency, which appear in advanced alcoholics, are the result rather than the cause lot excessive drinking. Other scientists go all the way to the other extreme and attempt to explain alcoholism solely in psychological terms. Compulsive drinking, they say, is the symptom of some "personality inadequacy." The alcoholic is trying to drown hidden feelings of anxiety, guilt or inferiority. Unsupported By Research The psychological-origin theory was dominant until fairly recently, when researchers began to shoot holes in it. They pointed to a large number of unquestionably neurotic people who drink, but never become alcoholics. They also found that many alcoholics are quite "normal" from a psychiatric viewpoint until they begin drinking excessively. Now a majority of medical authorities seem to be coming around to the view that alcoholism is like fever—it can be symptomatic of a tremendous varity of causes. In any one individual, alcoholism may result from a physiological defect or a phychological disturbance—or both. It is interesting to note that the organization of recovered alcoholics called Alcoholics Anonymous arrived at this conclusion years ago. Its definition of alcoholism has long been: "An obsession of the mind coupled with an allergy of the body." One of the sharpest disputes concerns the role played by alcohol itself in causing alcoholism. This dispute has inevitably become involved in the continuing battle between wet and dry forces over local option prohibition. Point Of Controversy The National Temperance I League and other groups seeking •to outlaw alcoholic beverages contend that heavy and prolonged drinking is a primary cause of addiction to alcohol. They bolster this assertion with statistics showing a relationship between per capita alcohol consumption in each state and the number of alcoholics per 100,000 population. (The District of Columbua, for example, is tops in both categories.) A spokesman for the licensed beverage industries insists, with equal vigor, that "there is no scientific evidence to indicate that drinking alcoholic beverages is responsible for alcoholism." In support of this position, he notes that 93 per cent of the people who drink DON'T become alcoholics. Scientists tend to tread warily on this disputed ground. Dr. Harold E. Himwich, writing on the physiology of alcohol in a recent issue of the American Medical Assn. journal, said it is "probable" that prolonged, excessive intake of alcohol brings about changes in the body "so that alcohol assumes the characteristic of a foodstuff required by the cells." When that happens, he said, "a need for alcohol has been created as a result of excessive drinking." AT LONG LAST PROVIDENCE, R.I.—It took 17 years, but Mr.s. Adrienne Lavalle, 34, of Woonsocket finally has received her bachelor's degree. In 1940 she enrolled at the Providence College School of Adult Education. The other day she got her degree after her college career had been interrupted repeatedly by marriage, motherhood and household responsibilities. Permanent Asphalt Street in Rochester Wednesday Evening, June 28, 199T. and erly Manning, Betty Elliott, and Barbara Lybrook of Young America have returned home after attending the 17th grand assembly of Rainbow at Indiana university. Miss Robison is worthry advisor. Mrs. Ruth Tiderick was among the ladies of the Sharon church to attend a missionary meeting in West Lafayette Thursday. Mr. and Mrs. Everett Gotshall attended the commencement exercises of their son, James T., at 8 p.m. Thursday at Valparaiso Tech_.. = . :iiical Institute. Games and contests were enjoyed! James lias accepted a position at the close of the business meet- w ith the television station WTTV. Lafayette. Danny Zeck has left for eserve training at Ft. Leonard Young America Mr. and Mrs. Lee Peter daughter, Mary, and Mr. and Mrs. Bob Peter were recent dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. George K. Jackson of Lebanon. Mr. and Mrs. Carl Milburn were weekend guests of Mr. and Mrs. Raymond L. Huse and sons. Barean class of Young America Baptist church- enjoyed a wiener roast and covered dish supper at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Rea. Rev. Rea gave the devotions. ing; 2B attended. Committee in charge was Mr. and Mrs. Lee Fraker, Mr. and Mrs. James Moore, and Mr. and Mrs. Harry Rea, Mr. and Mrs. Ollic Wilson and daughters, Janet and Kathy, and Mr. and Mrs. Richard Cohce and son enjoyed dinner at the Morris Bryant smorgasbord at Lafayetle in honor o£ the birlrhday of Mrs. Cohee. Wood, Mo. Mrs. Cora Plummer of Tiplon is visiting her daughter and family, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Swoverland. DOCTOR CAUGHT FLAT ROCK. Ind.-Dr. J. A. Davis had (lie surprise of his life. He caught the measles. "1 had them Mrs. Norman Beck, the former! a ( j. lv before I knew it," lie said. Rochester's Mayor Bill Jefferson points out a mile stretch of pavement that was the first "permanent" Miss Janie Harness, was honored at a miscellaneous shower given by members of the Young America Baptist church; 38 attended. Harley Mummcrl was awarded his 50-year membership pin Wednesday evening when the Young America Helmet Temple of KP ] 0( jg e Members of the lodge road to )>e built there since the 1920's. There wore 1,132 tone o£ asphalt poured over a six-Inch soli-cement i pre.sun.lod Mrs. Eva Kingcry with | basti. ROCHESTER—The first permanent road here since the 1920's has been completed according to announcement-of Mayor Bill Jefferson. There were 1,132 tons of asphalt poured onto a mile stretch of pavement that will connect Highway 31 with Manitau Heights, a new addition to the city. Before the asphalt was applied a six-inch base of soil-cement was laid. Total cost of the resurfacing (Pharos-Tribune Photo-Engraving.) was about $19,000, said Mayor Jefferson. The street was the' first to be finished this summr in the city's street reconstruction program for which $33,500 has been allotted, said Jefferson. i Streets will be covered with emulsified oil, and a layer of chips laid over the oil. Jefferson said 50,000 gallons of oil will be used in all sections of tlje city. Many curbs yet remain lei be con- structed on the newly paved 12th street, said Jefferson. The curbs cost $1.75 a frontage foot, he added. WISE DECISION IOMA, Midi.—Ionia County sheriff's officers declined to ticket motorists for driving with old license piates after the 1955 plates expired. The fact that all sheriff's department cars still displayed expired plates prompted the decision. • Mr. and Mrs. David Harness have moved from Logaosporl to the Stella Sprinkle property. Mr. and Mrs. George Kahl entertained in honor of their son, Joe's birthday. Attending were Mr. and Mrs. James Moore and Mrs. Raymond L. Iluse Mr. baugh Mr. and and son. and Mrs. Emmett Brum- liave returned to their home in Omaha, Neb., afler visiting with their cousin Miss Klhel Hcndrix and friends here. The Misses Judy Robinson, Bev- He said he probably caught them from a recenl case he treated. 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