Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on June 26, 1957 · Page 3
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 3

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 26, 1957
Page 3
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Wednesday Evening, June 26, 1957. IV Programs WEDNESDAY EVENING «:00—Channel 4 Rascals Weather News News News O'Connell TEA News News Baseball Channel 6 Channel 8 6:15—Channel 6 Channel 3 6:30—Channel 6 Channel 8 S:4S—Channel 4 Channel 6 7:00—Channel 4 Channel 6 Channel 8 Mask Party Godfrey DAILY RADIO PROGRAMS {Aii Mstinics Central Day U rut Time) WMAQ WBBM (780) WLS WSAL (1230) WEDNESDAY EVENING 6:00 .News Bell-air» 6:15 ,\ews— BponaKevr* 6:30 NeTfs Sports 6:45 Man's Family Anderson ftewa-Weathtr Weather Newi News Sport* Heatter Hennessey 7:(/0 iVews Anderson 7:15 People-Funny Anderson 7:30 Nlghtllne Soot. Yarfl 7:4i .Sjj,-Mljj)e Scot. Tard News Music Late New» Ike News Serenade Mystery Mystery 8:00 News 8:1.1 N'ltrhtllne New* World Sports Amnf n' Andy Dance Time l>ance Time News Mantovanl Bob & Bob & Bob & Big Bands Ray Ray 7:30—Channel 6 Dad Knows 3csti 9:00 New!) 'J:lf, r:han »:!D Chan " News Anderson News FlKht. Fights Flights News Ntshtwatch Nlffhtwatch 3-Star Final 8:00—Channel 4 Channel 6 Channel 8 8:30—Channel 4 Channi-l 3 9:00—Channel 4 Channel 6 Channel 8 9:30—Channel 6 10:00—Channel 4 Channel 6 Channel a 10:30—Channel 4 ., Channel 6 Channel 8 10:45—Channel 4 Channel 8 11:00—Channel 6 11:30—Channel 6 THURSDAV 12:00—Channel 4 Channel 6 Channel 8 12:15—Channc! 6 Channel 8 12:30—Channel 4 Channel 6 Channel S 1:00—Channel 4 Channel 8 j;30—Channel 4 Channel <\ Channel X 2:00—Channel 4 Channel (I Channel H 2:30—Channel v, 3:00—Channel 0 Channel '/, S: 15—Channel .'( 3:30—Channel 4 Channel 8 3:4K—Channel r, 4:0»—Channel I! 4:15—Channf:! ii 4:30—Channel H Oh linn i: I 4 4-.4.V—Channel \ Baseball] io:ou NOWH Millionaire Bascbalyl I Have Secre! Baseball Your Life Fox Hour Hawkcye B'ederal Men Oz-Harriet! . Hiway Patrol News i Theater Mj-'h 1 . De«k Ui:SiJ NlBlit Desk 10:4', Snorts Mcrcler Town Crlcr Weltzcl Munlo Mudy R.urly NlBhtwatch NlffhtTvatch Nlfrhtwatch Ni(?htwatch THURSDAX MOKN1NG 8:00 NUWH News-Harrington BreaKfawt Club N«w» 8:Ii Chi Calllns Jim Conway Breakfant Ulub Rluo ana Shine «:31) Chi Calllnj- Gold Coast Breakfast Club Ads H;<:i N'Kws Breakfast Breakfast Club RiHo and Shine N'CWK '/'rmJi-C'oiiji. Arthur CJuUIrey Arthur Godfrey M» True Ulart Rl»e and Shine My Tru« atoir aline luaa fihlno Movies Late Show Weather Tonight •TEKNOON Markets i ':' Karm News Farm-Home HFD 1 Club 60 World Turns Miss Hrook-. I!«ulah Tcnn. Knii'r Iiuu.se I'arly Film Maline" I'ayoll Queen I'rizhler Uay Secret Storm Movielirne Kd;;e of Nii-hi Muvif! Tun'- Life nl Chrisi ,Stu Krwinj Chirchman i 9-4? 10:00 10:30 1 1 -01) 11:15 I 1 :4 5 Bandstand jN'OWH HunclBtarnl fi.-i nd»ta.ncl B: Arthur Godfrey Arthui Gotlfre?" Arthur Godfrey Arthur Godfrey KlolHO-JOKh How-art) MllJflr W'ouay Warren Backntapo WU» Hoien Trent Oal Hunfltiy NewH Girl Marries Whfap, Bts, Tdllo-T«at News Marthn Cran» News M. Con«ldln» Weather NowH-Molodlct Malndlttn Woman's War Woman's Wor Queen-JJay Wordn Uncord Shop Carroll Co. Carroll Co. THURSDAY AFTERNOON 1 2 ; J LI t ":;;<) 2:31.1 2-41 2:00 :; :1 < : [ j'i 4 : 1 .1 4: 30 0:00 l,:ll f, :4 ri XCWH Murryriflifl Worn. 'in HHA Ijf Ount.ry N •: w n mil 'J'op f'«!E) Vounic JJrn Ml/l« 0 .11 us MillH ') .1 1 rn M 1 1 1 K il'lm Mill* Spor Hi Nora Drake Ma Perklnn ItoRtl .if Life MPK. Burton Htrlkn-Klch Entertain muni IfouKfl Party Dr- Mol one A rif!«rnoii Womitn View* T;iko i i.Jr<mk 1'jiU) illbnon ./ri-si-i Tlrmly N« WH N'J v/» Woil Howard lolin Harrington rjffj. Hlr an 1(0 w«! Thnrnan NOWB Mark eta Dinner Melt Dinner Boll Mnrkoln 7fii|)])ini!Hn Road N « W » Qn<! (in-Day N'nwM- Weather Jack 1'uar Way M « Kinff NOW. 1 ! New/» I'ollta Parly K f ; w n I'oJka y;irry Wnlk Nnwn Now* Co. Extension Farm Corner Furm Corner Pltiy Ball Play Drill UlLHClbilll I'luKnluilI Maiuihnli JIU.H filmll off rucorfl Of: Record TtiicorrlH, Niwi Too i Tiincn TDIIO 'J'lnio W H n 1 A (1 * VVrinrtorfi C'.'IflOI.'l! Channel n !i:I5—<:hanne! i; 0:30—C'hnnnel (i Baby Debbie Collins Expires At Hospital Short funeral riliv: lor Ili-bbie T.eo Colliii'i, daughter of Mar-.hall arifi Dorolhy Collinn of Walton, who (Jied Tii'viday al. SI. .Iii'.i-pli':. bofipil,ii nhorlly afti-r birlh, will b^ held nt 2 p.m. Wedni":day al I lie Kvnnti tnnrlniiry, Wallt/ii. Uncial will be in tin: Walton ecineli-ry. .Siirvivln;; v/llb the paienl;! are two brolhers. liavid nail Deiilon, al. borfie; and the maternal HI and W.F.HeldSr. Dies At Peru I'I'ill.tJ, Ind. — William F. Held ,Sr.. .',1, fliffl at -I.'.W p.m. 'J'wcsdny at hi.-, home, 10 I.oi;an iitrecl. ,-ilti'." ;JH iilnewi of ei;;ht inonlhs, Kl.'ili: inanailer ol the Gleuner jl.ile Insiiranee Koeiety and Snjier- Kjirly Shov/ ; i'T '.'"iiueil inanai'.er of the linn, Konur Sclioermert of Calumet City, III.; two grandchildren: mid two brothers, Walter and Joseph, boll! of Oelnwarc, Ohio. One brother i-i fl/'f.VN'I.Scd. The body Is at HIP. Urookman muiiiiary, where riles arc pending. member of St. Kin Tin Tin i''Inn ch. the Klks and the KnliihlH | ol Coluinlin.'i, of whieb lie wan » pa.'.t Inir.liM!. Hi; Wii« II|KO a piml ronii'.i:lor ol I In: UCT, piiMl preiii- cleni. ul Hit! Miami cmmly Coiini.'ll nl Surial and l''ral.(rrnal Koelel.les, a/id pa. 1 .1. Ini.'iliii! o| the luilinnii Ann Former Peru Resident Dies At Fort Wayne I'KKII. Ind. — Charles York, about (10, H former Pern resident dieil at !>::io p.m. Tuesday al. Hie home of bin daubster, Mi'H. Wll- llairi Wiler, In Foil. Wayne. The horly i.s boinn reUirned tin; Kihenlmrry fiinenil limuc., where riUsn are. peadliu;. siiii:))!. fur IS yeai'H, Si-pi. 22, lil(«, ii!. .Vliiry:,villi-, Ohio, lo William I.. and Anna 'Kane) Held, and was married Aiii;, 'M, \'M, in I'iiiekebiium. Sin: Miirvlvei. lie l",f» leaves a son, Wlllium, pareril.n, Mr. find Mr;i. I.ee Knight,, in Ihe Army; two daiiKhter, Mm. Walton. |(;illierl liiiniinerx of hen; nnd Mr«. START ON I'KIUJ AKMOUV /'Kill/, Ind.—Kxcuviillmi for new $2211,1X10 I'eni National (iiinnl Animry will lie«hi Wc(l»«;d/iy al. Maeonai|iiah I'nrk, it was »n- noiineed Tuesdiiy by (Jeiirwe lleaii- monl, Heerefary-lreiiHiiror of (,'on- fstriielIon A.'iJj'iciateK of ],of{aniipoi't, which received Ihe contract for Report Three White County Auto Crashes MPNTICELLO, Ind. — Three traffic accidents in White county Monday and Tuesday caused considerable property damage, but resulted in no serious injuries. A station wagon dnven by John Greene, 43, of the NIPSCO, was damaged at 9:15 a.m. Tuesday at the range line road on U. S. 24 when it was struck from behind by a dump truck driven by Floyd Fultz, 28, Flora. Both were headed west and Greene slowed because of a Lruck in front of him which was making a turn. FulU told Deputy Sheriff Earl Walters that the brakes on the truck he was driving failed, causing him (o hit the back of the 1950 NIPSCO sta'ion wagon, doing $400 damage to it, Lee Miller, NIPSCO employe riding with Greene, suffered bruises on his neck and shoulder in the mishap, which caused $25 damage to the truck. Bob Walson, 21, route 1, Wol- eoit, escaped injury at 8:15 p.m. Monday when the 1955 model car he was driving skidded on a curve tliu administration's inability to control inflation." Suinmerlicld repeated administration warnings lhat n general in U. S. 24 just west of here and overturned, coming to a stop upside down. State Trooper Joe Flynn investigated the accident near the ilancnkralt elevator. Miss Lois VanMeter, Jll, Buffalo, escaped with bruise* whcnj inflation" which he the 1957 model car she was clnv-j "ovemdins problem ing skidded on the wet blacktop in this nation today." Warns Letter Rates Might Reach 7 Cents Postmaster General Denounces Proposed Pay Hikes For Postal Workers dollars in the year beginning July 1. A series of rate hikes in special postal services already is slated to go into effect Monday — the beginning of the fiscal year. Fine Truckers And Motorists Four truckers and two motoi WASHINGTON (UP) - Post-i ists were !™ d j " ju = lice o[ . tlle master General Arthur E Sum-: peace court here Tuesday evcmng merfield said Tuesday that first class letters might have to be raised to 7 cents to cover the cost of proposed pay raises for postal workers. He told the House Post Office Committee the postal pay bill it is considering is "exorbitant" and "cannot be justified." It would cost $1,039,000,000 a yqar, he said, and wou'.d boost the Clyde Hahn, 63, route 4, citj, was fined $1 and costs for disrc garding an automatic traffic signal, and Fred Cummings, 18, 217 Nineteenth street, was fined the same amount for improper passing. Hahn was arested by State Trooper Dale Douglass of Carorll county and Cummings was slated last Saturday by Deputy Don Armstrong. Logansport, Indiana, Pharos-Tribune Threa Gen. Thoinns Power Post Office Department's deficit to Wilbur Simons, 30, of 2707 George more than $1,700,000.000. i street, was fined $5 and costs for Sen. Richard L. Neuberger CD-| operating a truck over the reg- Ore.l, meanwhile challengediistered weight, and Cecil Hall, 47, President Eisenhower to hold down]Sims, Incl., was fined $1 and costs 'the cost of living or be willing to on the same charge. Simons was sign legislation to raise postal and!slated Tuesday by Cp). H. M. civil service workers' pay. |Deeter, district PSCI officer, and He said Eisenhower "evidently 'has decided to let employes of the government—and particularly underpaid postal workers—suffer for Hlal was arrested Tuesday by Trooper Richard Keycs. James Harvey, 34, Fremont, 111., arrested a week ago Tuesday by Deeter for hnviiifi no PSCI aufli- ority, was fined $25 and costs. Daniel Flaherty, 42, Fowler, rested Mo.'idny by Deeter for NEW CHIEF of tho Strategic Air commnnd, Gen. Thomas S. Power, 52, moves in from post as chief of t.ho Air Research nnd Development commnnd. He stops into the shoes of Gen. Curtis LcMay, who bossed the bombing of Japan In Work! War II. (International} Investigate Chalmers And Monon Break-Ins Fire Damages Parish Office Fire which broke out in the office of the new wing of the parish hail at the rear of the St. James Lutheran church, 430 Ninth street, damaged a desk, chair, door and papers early Tuesday evening. I City firemen, summoned at 6:17 p. m., quickly extinguished the flames, wrrtch were first discovered by Mary Gerni, 10-year-old daughter of -the Lutheran pastor, the Rev. Alfred Gorni. Cause of the blaze was unknown. Firemen said fire broke out in a drawer of !hc> desk in the middle of the room, damaging the desk, a chair and some office supplies, but they reported that a box of papers by thu door to the office and a corner of the door wcro also on fire. pay increase for government work- 1 . arutliiK n truck with u loud MONT1C13LLO, Ind. A sheet of (hrec-cenf stamps was taken from the jMonon Locker Plant and a (imiivlity of «'ine was stolen from J.' Kelly's tavern in Chalmers in •)J break-ins reported Tuesday. Knlry lo t'.ie locker plant was crs would "rekindle the fires of termed the confronting fnmt of the SUlwell home, near the Ca)«y church, at 8:.'lf) a.m. Monday, and overturned. .She told Deputy Walters the car skidded applied out of control th« brakes. II. when went she a ditch mi tlin south side of the road and turned over on its top. White County Farmer Dies 'MONTICI'IU.O, Ind., — llil.es for Kniest. II. Meyers, 57, » Bi-ookHLoti farmer must of hi.4 life, who died Monday at St. Mary's Jmspltal, Hochesl.er, Minn., will hi: held at 10 a.m. Wednesday at SI, .lo.icph'H Catholic ohuro.li, Delphi, of which he was n member. A native of l'ulanki eonnly, he was born March Kl, IWM), nnrl was rmii'ried Jan. fl, luild, lo Bessie WldiKsr, wfio Kiirvive.H. lie also leaves two .SIHIS, Clil- l»!rt of lirooksi.on aad Kniont .Ii', of llatlle (iiMiiind; a dir.if'hter, Mi's. ll»b(;ri. Wlifirton, Hnlllit fJnuiinl; live Krandehlldren; and two bro- Uiere, Joe of ronle I, llroiihnluii, and Paul of Chalmers; urn! a hull J brol her, l''riiMid« may call nl the Thompson mortuary, llrnoltKlini, and burlitl will be In St, llonlface ceino- lery, l.afnyefl.e. A Senate subcommittee already has approved ti .fSBO-a-ycar hike for postal workers. The major Hoii.ii; bill would nvcruKc Increase about SI ,700. f)ivo them estimated or than the legal cij,'lil-fcinl limit, was fined $i(l and costs. The Fowler man was hauliny u 10- foot-widc combine. Fine, Suspend License Of Motorist At Peru I'KllU, Ind,—Charles Wllbuni, Kninerl by breaking a Klass in an cast, door and reaching in to release a HiKliI lock. Tlie hnri;lary, in which notliinn but. U'lc slumps was taken, was discovered shortly .•ifler itiidiiiKhl by Tini'ii Marshal .lack Coble. Thieves who broke into the Chalmers tavern belween 1 a.m. and I! a.m., when il was reopened Siiminerticld .said the increased 1 ,12, of Ml Van Buren avenue. was' r " r business, lool^ 20 pint bottles deficil. that would result, would.finui require po.stai;e Increase.s "at lun.sl drive three times Ihe si/.e of tihosi 1 voted mil. by this «>nnnl:.lee, perhaps 7 Okay School Construction PKHU, Ind.—Tho Peru School bonrd Tuesday afternoon notified, three contractors (o proceed with plans for building nine vuoins for Hie South Peru grade school nt a cost of $3SO,77«. Arthur Oornn, Peru, received the general eonlracl 01: n low I'id of , SMli.litfi:: Hui'lon I'lumbins anil 1 llealinj,' of Rochester won the hcat- . iiiK. ventilating and phimbine. I'iit 'for $112.551): and Price Klcclric of .Lniwnsporl was low bidder for tha, eleclrical work al $lil.!H)0. Conlracls specify that, work will start July 1 and Ihe huildins will be completed in M. r ' d.'iys. T!ie board also nutifiotl the Hurton firm to replace the boiU'rs at. [the Lincoln urmle schon) and Iho i return lines, ;»; ii cost of flS.liiK). cnls on first clnss letters with jiroportionafc increases in olbcr classes of mail." The eoiiimillee has npprovcd Snninici'fleld'H proposal to boost letter n I'o 4 cents nnd huirease otiier postaKe rates to ar.d stispondei hml his riKhl lo!"'"' |W( for a year in eonlinu justice of Ihe peace court Tuesday for driving fliience nnd while, under the in- leaving Ihi: scene ol an iu.'cirli;nt. lie was nresl.ed Miindny ni|;ht al his Inline iihniil 15 minutes after hi: had struck n ear driven by Belly lllnes, in M total of -l«2 iiilllionliiulii. eauslnj; $200 57R KiisL Main sired, to I lie limes Sheriff liflli hollies of wine, ac- lo Ihe report of Uepuly •;nr! Walters. T\VO-TIMIN«i T1IIK.V NKWARK, N.,1. UH'i—Wlii-n ae- eoslcd by a sneak Ilili'f weanni; orange shoes and a goalee, (i. M. Maroon of Palerson, N..I. ihd a duiiblc lake. So did Ihe thief, lie look Maiiion's $-1(1(1 an<l (hen look I off inln Ihe nl|:hl. A "RKKI." MVSTl'MtY niR'AliO tl'l' 1 —Marie Sehniidl of Naperville put. yome apparenlly fresh film in her camera and was surprised a! what developed. Alter pnicossiiij; «"<• film .--bowed a v;irl in n eap and :;own--but Mar:e has nn idea who the i^irl was or bow Ihe lilm was exposed. I Read the Classified Ads Forced Warm Air OIL PERIMETER HEATING SYSTEMS BUY AND INSTALL NOW- Heal lh<> Jfuafil COUNTBRFLOW FURNACE OIL SYSTEM CLOSUT FURNACE SYSTEM NO MONEY DOWN ^H NO MONEY DOWN* .„„ $'15.50 «l* !• 4 monlli* 1(i |iny (in t.u,. Moil.rnlildii Ci.illl Mini MONllllY I'AYMtNIV main ocior.tn ini e«in,iUl*l '<"" U-l IM.OOO Hill •ll (!,,,.! I,i,U.K., } v/diin (dr 1'ink ((nil Illllntii. rorniK. ,.,,J M,,l.(l,,l. $459.00 coil) } ccuh d fifty on Snico M«ll<irii/>l(iu Cixlll Hnn MOrlllllY I'AYMUNTl main oc'io»tn i»i rompUi.i V<(» u>i iH.ooe urn (,ll C'.UMtcinilV/ IlKIKIr^, S W(ir(,i (ilr nmi, l-tur(t (itr lind, ll.opittdilnl, |(ilmiuy tftn- 1,.,l oil ld,,k (lint Illllnui. rut I ilnli J/179.00 co«h r u ,m,,. .i-ly $272,00 oaih month Wft'tn 3A ITIIMI! (.iir> MoiUinliliiu Cr.illl Hun MONTHLY PAYMENTS BEGIN OCTOIVBR l.ll Wl,,ln,'i u l,, r i g w(,y ofll »y liuyliiu (in.I Intlnlllitu li.i,ll,, u .. ni !|,ni.,,l ,,,,w, <l,iiln u Hi. ilock i.iiinn, ymi nmh. iiilnlnnlliil Kivlna". Hilt HOMABI <y»l.in I. mini|-1.1. ln(t,fill,i(| IM.DOO Will liii4.Mi.nl <i*l liiiiim:., ,1 wiiim nlr nin., i.ltirn ( ,lr cl.Ml, 'lli.iiiioiliii, Itui mill llnill onnlinl, nil Kuik ii, M | (Illlnui, Furnucn and nuitorlcilt $469.00 ctiili-Pumtico only $279.00 cotli Smirt hat all lypoi of lioutlnu •<|ulpm«n(—ga>, oil, coal—For oil hoi walor, •tnain or warm air iiokillullontl HOMART controli by Hon«yw«ll All MOM A 111 lyn,,,,, I,i,),,,I. Hi. IIOMAItl Kuiinil Ih.llnniliil, III. II. L,/K. Cloi k l'i- ll..,,l,,,,..M>lll III. 4(1 IIUMAItl II.',HMO w,ll I yuui n..ili. HORIZONTAL PURNACK Oil SY5TCM NO MONEY DOWN .80 ly $ 15.0V „„„„„., i*|l lo 3A monllti In puy (in . xiri MoiUnililnu Cr.illl t'lun MONTMIV f^YMtNti mam ocronm i,n ("",,,Ui.l Y.'U y.l IIK.nOO »T\I oil li",:,.",l'. fiiiniir.., 9 wiiiin till lum, 'oturri nil fillet, lliarmn Illll, IlliltUII/ (.'IMllUl, Ull Klltk end Illlliliji. furttiu. mill nliildilnU $466,00 «i»h rurniic. »,,ly$279,00 oath / II,. Kmirlil II:>D-id. D. LIIK. MAIL THIS COUPON , SKAKI, KOIIHJCK AND CO. »ril AND BltOABWAY , INIX I Hnw much vnn I tnv.V I'l.ni. iinnng. . tin Ii.. IIOMAKI limn, li.nllnu .illiin.il.. i MAMf IIY StAtr. ' IIMf TO CAU STH « BROAOWAY PHONt-4103 SUCCESSFUL OR NOT? \ N HAVE A BIGGER, BETTER PUBLIC SALE by making sure your sale bill is advertised In The Pharos-Tribune & Press You can't help but have a more successful sale, when your sale bill is published in these two community newspapers covering Cass, Carroll, Fulton, Pulaski, Miami and White Counties. You'll get a bigger, more enthusiastic crowd of buyers. When your sale bill is advertised in the Pharos-Tribune and Press, you will also get a free listing of your sale in our daily sale calendar. LOGANSPORT PUBLIC LIBRARY

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