Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on November 13, 1957 · Page 13
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 13

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 13, 1957
Page 13
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lOGANSPOHl Wednesday Evening, November 13, 1957. Government Wants Details On All Expense Accounts EDITOR'S NOTE: There have been conflicting reports for a week about a new question on Income tax forms dealing with expense accounts. The United Press lias investigated the situation and interviewed top officials of the Internal Revenue Service. The facts arc contained in ihc following dispatch. WASHINGTON- (UP)—The Internal Revenue Service said loday a able expenses cancelled each oilier simply skipped the whole tning. Other taxpayers omitted tiie "detailed statements" or submitted sketchy ones. John McCutcheon's Drawings Given to U. of Notre Dame NOTRE DAME, Ind., Nov. 12 — A collection of 394 original drawings by celebrated cartoonist John T. McCutcheon has been presented to the University of Notre Dame gallery by his widow, Mrs.. Evelyn Shaw McCutcheon, Lake For Now at line 6A there is a blank'est, 111., according to an anounce space for entering allowable 'ex- menl loday by curator Paul Byrne, penses. A "detailed explanation" must be attached. Money from expense accounts as usual is to be added to wages. They said the average taxpayer Mrs. McCutcheon has also do- number o£ color repro- husband's more including "Injun nated a ductions of her famous cartoons, Summer." Included, too, in the new Notre Dame collection is a reproduction of "A Wise Economist Asks- a Question," a McCutch- with most of the prominent and controversial personalities and issues that made headlines during that period. They will, be exhibited at the Notre Dame gallery early in 1958, Byrne said. A native of South' Ra'ub, Indiana, McCutcheon - was graduated from ,„„,„.„ ____ ^ _________ _ e'oiTcarloon which was- awarded a:,Puridue University in 1889. He Pulitzer ' Prize in 1931. • drew his first political cartoon for The McCutcheon cartoons •con-| the old, 'Chicago Record in 1896. stilute a pictorial history of our time from 'the turn of the century until his'death in 1949.. They deal In 1903.he joined the staff of The Chicago Tribune.and was to serve that paper'for. more than forty- five years. He received an honorary Doctor of Laws degree from Notre Dame in 1931. . DIES ON FUNEJRAL CALL TERHE HAUTE (UP)—Edward Byrne, 56, Winchester, died of a heart seizure Monday while in Terre Haute to attend the funeral of his sister-in-law, 'Mrs. Delia Byrne, 75, who died of a similar attack. Loga-nsport, Indiana Pharos-Tribune Thirteen "WHERE YA' BEEN?" BEAQH, Calif. (UP)— cidcd to so trade." to prison to lean LONG . . Frank Benjamin, a 33-year-old la- "I DIDN'T MEAN TO!" borer, got arrested on suspicion of COLUMBUS, Ohio tUP) -A burglary because he wanted to dozen policemen rushed to the better himself. He broke into a • Ohio Penitentiary when a red light sportin" goods store, threw an ash on the police switchboard md.cat- can lid Through a window to a:-jed an emergency there. At the tract attention and then, upon the j penitentiary police found hat an arrival of oolicc, explained: "I've inmate had acciden ally bumped been waiting for you. I'm just a an alarm button while printing in ee . laborer ami can't gel a job. I de-jthe prison record office. new expense account question on j, as nothing to worry about, it is income tax forms .is a warning to t^e man with the yacht for his all taxpayers—fat cats and tin. personal use on his expense ac- It amounts to this: The govern-; count [ na t nas t 0 rj 0 ^e worrying. ment wants without fail detailed i information on all expense counts. The lniern.il Revenue disclosed last week it has inserted the expense account item—line 6A—in the 1957 personal income t a x planks—the ones that are due by next April 15. It calls for stating on the front of the blank the size of any taxpayer's expense account — '.he amount if any he received Irom his employer for such diverse items as taxi fares and convention trips. A full itemized explanation must be attached as a separate sheet. Earlier Farms Confusing Confusion resulted from early Interpretations. Whom does line 6A effect Is the government opening an attack on expense accounts— considered by some as an escape loophole from high income taxes? Here, from lop revenue officials, is the meaning of 6A: —Internal Revenue is lightening its standing regulation that expense accounts must be declared-. —Line 6A is aimed primarily at taxpayers with bulgingly- suspicious expense accounts. But it AFL Delegates Vote On Blast Against Handley Rip Governor For Lack Of Action On Right To Work Bill INDIANAPOLIS (UP)'— About 1,201) state AFL convention delegates late Tuesday voted to "con- clemn" Governor .Handley blace his name high amoni "and ; Ihe list of labor's enemies i.i Indiana" (or "allowing the 'right-to-work' bill to become law without .his .signature." The action came as union leaders from throughout the state met here to merge 'the CIO and AFL on the state level. The committee which met for that specific purpose reported no progress and Dallas Sells, president of the state said voluntary merger in also is aimed at the little guy with Indiana is "dead, kaput, off." a $200 annual expense account that The slflte - have , ]ntil he never bothered to Deport. —Everyone receiving an expense account, no matter how small, will have to-keep a record of it and report it as they should have in the past. Revenue officials said failure of many taxpayers to comply with standing regulations on expanse accounts brought on line 6A. Instructions for old tax forms said: Expense accounts receipts from employers should be added to wages: legitimate expenses lor which the payments were made groups Dec. 5 to effect a voluntary merger, after which date the national CIO-AFL will perform a "shotgun wedding." The vote condemning Handley was unanimous and apparently passed with more enthusiasm than any of the other 27 resolutions. . A year ago, Handley addressed the AFL 'stale convention. But he wasn't even invited to this year's conclave. "Governor Handley led unionists to believe he was a friend of trade should be subtracted from wages: [unionists in and the result should be entered as ! tlon sald the taxpayer's income. Some Didn't Bother Revenue officials said many-taxpayers whose receipts, and allow- PLOTS .SEARCH—Capt. Don Hinkel plots his course in search for the Pan Am Stratocruiser missing between California and Hawaii with 44 persons aboard. Photo was made in one of the' learch planes. (International) Indiana," the resolu "Governor Handley showed his true character by al lowing the 'right-to-work' bill .to become law without his signature." The 1957 Legislature passed the controversial "right-to-work" law over strong labor opposition and Handley let it become law without his signature. The delegates also resolved to hold future conventions in cities where legislators voted against passage of the bill. But that resolution would have no effect after the group merges with the CIO next month. Carl Mullen, president of the state AFL, earlier accused two CIO officials of "bad faith" and said they were trying to block the merger. He identified the two as Ray Berndt, regional director of CIO-UAW, and Lester Thornton, CIO Steelworkers district director. Mullen demanded that the two be dropped from the merger committee. But Sells defended Berndt and Thornton and said the new committee demanded by Mullen would just have to learn the merger problems all over. Among resolutions-passed by the AFL Tuesday were those calling for reapportxMiment of the General Assembly to give-cities more representation; urging •, national legislative action to protect workers over 40 years of age, and calling for labor to carry its political action fight into non-labor groups. Read the Classified Ads Gov. Goodwin Knight Senator William F. llnowland REPUBLICAN POWER PLAYS—These four faces symbolize power plays plus a scare in Republican ranks, especially in view of Democratic Gov. Robert B. Meyner's big-margin re-election in New Jersey. Senator Smith is being forced to step aside so Bernard Shanley, recently one of President Eisenhower's aide,§, can run for U. S. senator. Smith is 77, but had intended making the race. California's Gov. 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