The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 11, 1952 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 11, 1952
Page 2
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11, 1992 O0UJUM PAGE THREE Fine Remains Uncommited, Undecided P*. (jp) — Penn'• GOT, John S. Tfne who. l«*ders My, may aio«t Important delete f*w OOP ntttonal conven- Ji today uanommHIed, unde- ritrtod a* to how he *t Chicago next month. •o, AM! not eren hi* most friend* or political as&o- profMt to know where the •Unds. But Fine i* con- «t a, big majority of Penn- K> convention vot«< will Hp with him when the prwktentUl candidate k nominftt- •A. He 11*0 U undecided AS to when : to wiH nuke up his mind on that ': candidate. When he does, he says, H, will b« "on lasues and not on ; c*rKMdat*s." He believes that the | rtx«t important qiMtlon before the ; nation is the "Iremendous expendl- ;hir« 1t 'of the federal government. ; Solvency Is NK«»ry jj.j "Btcurity and peace depend on .•i'tto aolvency of this country," the • 'governor nays. And the husky, balding former Judge If unimpressed by all the Jruror swirling around him. Fine's jprofe. as a deLegate-At-Inrge J*. im- iportant; much more BO is his in- ffhi&nce with other Pennsylvania The« factors in the situation were made apparent in an Inter- Yiew with the Associated Press, In which the governor discussed his viewa on the campaign Issues, He declined to comment on the record concerning candidates or the dele- fates' position, and would not dis- any new details of his talk teat,Sunday with Dwlght D. Eisenhower, or previous conversations with Sen. Robert A. Taft and Gen, Doufj*A Mac Arthur. The Pennsylvania delegation's 70 vote* arc officially and actually un- Instructed and uncommitted, although many viembent have ex- yeaaed personal preference*. The most recent AP poll show* 20 oring- Eisenhower. 18 backing £ and 93 undecided or unwilling Jafce a preference. Backers of both candidate* claim * bigger tlt*rn»t«. And Fine will share of the delegation. The number of delegate* Fine could bring to hi* candidate 1* the biggest question, birt. by every available estimate It IB a vnry substantial group. The. governor—who 1ft delegation rhairman— believes (here would be not le« than *2, and possibly more. Fine Is confident the party can carry Pennsylvania with either of the major candidates, or with Gf>n. MacArthur who most definitely remains on the list of possibilities before the governor. Governor N'ot Impressed The governor Is not Imprewfld by Ihe fart that, with only one m'A- jor exception, the party Iradern unrl state officials close to him are favorable to Eisenhower. Fine will be present. Friday whnn Eisenhower, nl hif> OpUysbWK. Pa., farm, meets the .state d^lppou** find on hand, to when the delegation* m«tj with Sen, Taft at a Inter date. After those meetings, Fine intends to check wilh the delegates personally, and some time nfter that to make known hia decision, Tt will go to the candidate 1 .-; first, because he believes "they have a right to know." But It nviy not be announced officially and publicly until the delegation mucus nt Chicago Sunday night, July 6. On the Issue of rrnnoniy. which he believes Is tied completely to U, S. foreign aid, do/ens?? preparations and the domestic program, Fine said in part: "It in only n gup-*i on no* far we cnn go in aid to oiher nations. Sump people say i(. Isn't a qurstlon of what we rnn afford to do, hut what, we can afford not to do. I don't subscribe to that." Red-Starred Caps, Epaulets All That Remain In Koje Compound 'Flashy Man 7 Sought in Death Bruised Baby-Sitter Found in Swamp , SYRACUSE, N.Y. UPl—Police to- ' dav so"?ht a "tall, flashy' man for i questioning in the death r>f n ! blonde. IS - year - nit! baby-bitter,; whose bruised body \vas found in a swamp. The body of Alire Richardson, clarl In a bathing suit, V/RS found j yesterday by a motorist, ihree days ! after she had fell home to go swim-1 minp. j Pollcp iald a neighbor harl told \ them that Alice had mentioned i lending money to a man. Mrs. touis ! Mnriano said she hud *i?nn the "tall. | riarJc - complexionedi and flashy" man once, pnllce said. Veteran to Face Army Charges For ROW Letter MONTEREY, Calif iVP> — The Arn.y is going to prnrncute a ve'er- an sert;eanl who wrote G<"n. Mark Clptk that his handling of a Ko]c v ni prl.son carnp incirlrn) was "rc- puchant and disgraceful." Set C. Dc^n Chnlp. 21. fiaK Lake Ci'> M-as charged yesterday with di^te.spcci. td a super tor officer and ordered court mnrMalort. Mnxtmiim penalty If convicted Is six months in prison and a bad condud discharge. Chase commented. "I knew exactly v/hat T wns doing" but expected t-nly a reprimand-frnm Clark. Eisenhower to Texas As Gold Star Guest DENISON, Tex. (&>— Gen, Dwlght! D. Eissenhower comes back to his' birthplace here June 21 as a giiest of the Gold Star Mothers of Denl- son The general's fiupporter.s announced j-esterdav that he'll also meet with Texas and l.ouisiann El- ser.hcwer dp!pgation.=; to in? Rnpuh- iicar Nntional Convention In Chi- cacr. Br WILLIAM KOJE ISLAND, Korea Red-starred c»p«, ^ arni-bandn. epaulel« — pmraphe- natia of Compound 78 \p.*dtrt. — lay tramptfd In the duert of the .imoklnn prison p«n. They w«re all that remained of I he authority the CommuniitR once uwd to rul« over the barbed wire enclosure'.-? fi,400 priioners of v-ar. For 2'^ hours thU mornlnji th« Red-led prisoners battled American psratrnoperfi to prevent their removal to compounds holding not more than &00 men each. Tl-.f-y lost. All prisoners wer« transferred. Medical Learns then moved Into ther ulned are>a and carried out the df*ad and wounded. Thirty-one prisoners vtte killed and 133 wounded. One Am«ri- car WRS killed and 1* wounded in subrining the Reds. The .^mell of smoke and tear pan and death was, like & choking blanket. Rome bodies smouldered in the ashes of burned compound build- I»RS. Among the wounded were some. ^•ho feigned death until the fight- in t was over. Surrendering during the heat uT battle was dangerous. One officpr said he jaw Reds kill five fellow prisoners when the> tried to give UP> Another of- firor saitl he saw three killed in this fashion. ! Hours after the fighting had i rtopppd, flames poured from &ome of I he mud and stone buildings. Occasionally burned wooden supports pave way and metal roofs crashed do-x'n. Snmr; tent.n were untouched by flames. Tn.side soldiera found buckets of warm barley and rice. Troops found Bome buildings «onn*cferf by trenches and tunnels One underground channel— complete with vetllators—led to- nsrc a neighboring stockade. A prisoner plea for selling control of the Island was uncovered. No Red Buildup Seen by General SEOUL. Korea (ff-t — The top United Nfltionfi air commander In Korea said yesterday his air spot' t*rr have found no signs of a buildup for a Communist offensive in Korea but "If we did we'd go after! it" j MaJ. Gen. Glen Barcus, new com- : mander of trip U. S. Fifth Air Force.! told a news conference the Air | Force knou-5 the Reds have "a lot" of men in North Korea. "In lhat lypft of rough terrain, it's easy to conreal people. They're masters at camouflage and concealment." Marines in Korea $•* for /ce Cream Tfcre* Timet Per Week Now WASHINGTON OP)—Unit* <* th« Fir." Marine Division on the front lln^s In Korea will get Ice rream three time* -A week this ttimmer. Announcing this yefit«rday, the Marine Corpw sairt it wat poftskble Ihiough UM of insulated bags, need last winter to carry hot ration*. It mid each bag will keep five gallons of ICF cream hard for eight hours. H will come in two standard flavors, chocolate and, vanilla, but the forp« 5aid thft usual rivalry among mess sergeants probably will produce variations through use of canned fruttA and jellies, Clark Visits Hirohito TOKYO W — Gen Mark Clar'.;, cnmmanrler of the U.S. force* in Japnn, today paid hi* lii-st, pAla«« visit to Emperor Hirohilo. He was accompanied hy US. Amba.saador Robert D- Murphy, Body Armor Looks Good for G/'s Fighting in Korea, Experts Say By FRANK CAREV I to *0 lo our one." AtMdttwl Prets Science Reporter He said lhat "this wide differ- CHICAGO Ifi— Body orinor looks| ence hRS existed largely because good for helping American fighting ° r superior artillery (ire and de- men In Korea, Ihe American Mcd-' c!llive air eovernge" but he added leal Association was told today byj' hnl "*"vh circumslance has th« an Army doctor. I potential of .sudden change." L,e,,t. Co,. Robert Holmes said L^cl™' ^"K'" J?. ™» a chest-aiid-belly vest, made of compressed fiberglass and nylon, has been under test by Hie Marines and the Army as possible protection against small-arms mid sheH- fraffment fire. "Results of (he present trials . . , are restricted (secreti data, but II can be said, lhat thus fnr bat compared to those of World War IJ. Margaret's Pub Closed 1 Many of the animals cla;**d 1 carnivorous actually live mostly on Read Courier News Classified Ads phnf.*—ih*> b**ar beinp one example, LONDON to*) — Churchill's, a ....,, . - .«sht olub patronized by Princes* indications are encouraging.' Col, Margam . wa . s put out of business Holmes, of the Army Medicalf^ a ,, jd , R yP sterday for selling Corps, declared in a report lo the j Brinks after hours. AMA's annual meeting. : "Tt appears." he added, "that j body a r mor w ill provide a not her j means o( preventive medicine for^ j the armed forces and will contrih- ^^ __ ^^^^___ ute lo the total medical effort to. ?f?T" , L u tu^ii^r k i« conserve >he fighting strength." wllh ntlll.ns wh« Mk H tKtlr fltiKWM Col. Holmes made this report wanlD's| whtlft declaring (hat enemy losses ' l ^.?^ in Korea, in killed and -rounded. 1 Jj io( ••riav? been eslin^?-trd nf. from 10 St.Joseph V-'''ASPIRIN 406 W. Main Phone 4591 Cracked, Dry Skin Soothe—toff«n —h*Jp b«of and relieve fi*ry i*ch with Oil-rich* Resinol OINTMENT— 'Contain, Lanolin in we she O Tenl Soul To nnd ' mem homi with user in ' A ' Nr Good for all cars, but... cars will run year round on Esso Extra V/f ANY motorists believe that 'all good gasolines are -L v -l-gen«r«lly pretty much alike. But Sere are the facia «• proved by industry-accepted road and laboratory tests ! E»o Extra gfves yon » remarkable combination of qualities that will improve the all-year, all-around per- form«nc« o< 9 out of 10 cars on thd road. We believe a trial will prove lo you Esso Extra delivers r«sult» no other gasoline can. lt» formula U changed »«»»on by season, and area hy ar*a to give you the right combination of qualities for your engine at ill time* under aH driving conditions - all year 'round! This insures full power, long mileage, high anti-knock, quick starring, fait engine warm-up and protection against Vapor-lock stalling. Try it today... we're «ure you II find Esso Extra y ml r best buy for all-year, all-around engine performance! •En. E»lr. Guoline i. *oo<l lor ALL «rv W in 9 <m( of 10 h will Jive beutr all-around performing all vc«r Wind than anv wher Jiiolim. Only i car «ilk an engine thit'i poorly idjujttd, badly worn, or one with unusual companion characlcristlcs miv b». nniblc to UK lolly the many cxlra qualities of ihij irenl tfajoline. See jour V ^ Esso JUNE SALE Lawn and Garden Needs Reg. 7.65 Ali-Stee! Garden Cart -. . 6.88 29.95 Steel-Handle Hand Mower, 16" 18.44 Reg. 7.25 Plastic-Covered Hose—50 ft. 6.44 Reg. 109.50 Rotary Power Mower, 20" 99.44 17.95 HAND LAWN MOWER aeaucea tt> I 5.9 / IS-ln. eirf Economy-priced Mower with-quality feature). Fullf encloied gsan prevent clogging by dirt, grass cuttings. Self-adjusting ball bearings in culling reefc Semi-pneumatic rubber tires. Cost-iron frame. 3.29 BLACK RUBBER HOSE Rtducedto Z..// 25ft. 5-year guarantee. Completely vulcanized 3-!ayer construction gives greater strength and flexibility, Withstands 7 times ordinary water pressuro, REGUUR 5.79 Black Rubber Hose, 50 ft S.I7 104.50 POWER LAWN MOWER Reduced to /O.OO IS-ln.'cut Master (Wards Best) Qualily. Precision-loafed for long service. Fingertip control — all you do Is guide it, 4-cycle engine— 1.1 HP a! 3200 RPM. Sclf-adiusting ball bearings in cutting reel. Fully enclosed qears. 'Yon get something EXTRA at the Sign of Happy Motoring!" PlIASI ORIVI C A RIF UlL T . . . THI LIFE YOU SAVI MAY BI 1 o U H OWN ESSO STANDARD OIL COMPANY 5.69 PLASTIC HOSE—50 FT. 4.44 5-yr. guar. Vi weight of rubber hose, takes 7 limes ordinary city water Dressure. 8.29 Kr.Jt—15'..6.77 LEONARD'S ESSO SERVICE Main It Division Op«n Day & Night Ph. 9961 JOHNSON'S ESSO STATION Ark-Mo. Star* Lin« Phen. 9929 S.19 TWO-ARM SPRINKLER 4.67 Adjuit norzlei for lyp» and length of iproy ov*r 15-ft. dram, orco, Krass tubing arms on brosi bearings. Steel bai«. REGULAR 1.15 GRASS SHEAR 97c "Squeeze Grip' 1 SnearT cut gross quickly, neatly. Keen -edged blades riveted to sleel hondlej. Sturdy wire spring. 1.79 SPRINKLER SPRINKLER 1.57 Six separate utrenm* of water form o genii*, even iproy. Aluminum spinner, steel base* Coven 30-ft. diameter.

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