Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on June 26, 1957 · Page 1
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 1

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 26, 1957
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INDIANA: Scattered showers and a few thunderstorms ending this evening; cooler. Thursd a y generally fair and pleasant. Temperature 12 noon 76 degrees. High Thursday generally in the 30s. Sunset 8:17 p.m., sunrise 5:19 a.m. HOME TOVVK IOGANSPOKI PUBUC UBRARt NOW IN OUR 113th YEAR HOME EDITION Founded 1844— For All Der*Ttm**t* Pko.e 4141 LOGANSPORT, INDIANA, WEDNESDAY EVENING, JUNE 26, 1957. rvII-L««ed United Pren Wire* Dmy ud Muht Price Pet Copy, Seven Cents OPPOSE PRICE-WAGE CONTROLS LEAVE FOR HI-Y CONGRESS IN OHIO By Frank Taylor, cenUjr, secretary of the I-oganHport YMCA, enplalns '.o Tom Ituxlon, left, and Tom Hayward the program for the eighth national y.MCA HI-Y and Trl-HI-Y Congreiin on the campuu of Miami University In Oxford, Ohio. Huston in Ihe Alpha Ifl-Y chaplain and Hayward In the cluh'H vice-president. They left Tuesday night and will return after the ConKrcB.i closes .luly 1. .Speakers for the event will be Dr. Clmrlex Noble of Syracuse University, the Kev. Iloli Illchards, Olympic pole vaulter; and Rep. Walt«;r Judd of J'cnn»yl- vanla. (I'harim-Trlhuni! /' Wife Stands Husband In Slaying* Thomas Whitakcr Who Killed Former Wi£e and Daughter Surrenders Voluntarily TBERE HAUTE, Ind., (UP)— Mrs. Dorothy Whitaker, whose husband shot and killed his ex- wi/e and son, said today .she would' stand by her wife - swapping hub- band because he was "fighting for what he thought was right." Thomas Whitaker, 39, a truck driver, went on berserk shooting rampage Tuesday after brooding for two days over the "grid" he suffered in the wife trade. He fought a gun duel with his wife's husband, Stewart Martin, 10, in the early morning darkness, crippling him with- a shotgun blast in the leg. UHRS Shotgun Then lie buttered his way into | Martin's luxurious .suburban home to wipe out the woman and child he once loved. lit- killed his for- Night Racing Ruled Out for County Fair Begin Preparations for Ex- jum'ilinn lo Of>t:n JJerc in Three and A Half Weeks Thi! har.T.'h.i racing program nt this year's Cass county fair v/ill b« limited to Wednesday, Thuivi- day and Friday aflernooriH of fair week as in former years, it wyi: _ announced today by !!<:n I'ennlng-j [y j t .,^ helov ton. [iresidenl, and V/illiarn "Habe" m - t( j [j,.^ , ti Delphi Crash Pins Driver DKLPIff—Marion Merle Shaff, 44, of Lafayette, was seriously injured at ID o'clock Tuesday night at the intersection of routes 2"< and 421, on the west edge of Him city, Wilneii.'ics report that Sbaff'ii car, traveling on highway 25 al a high ral» of spued, ploughed through the center of the V-shaped junction island, rolled n.dnwayn BRIDGES WILL RECEIVE NEW RAILINGS Ike Urges Restraint To Combat Inflation President Appeals to Business and Labor Leaders to Go Slow on Price and Wage Increases. WASHINGTON' (HI 3 )—President Eisonhower said today he vigorously opposes price ami wage controls as a menus of combating inflationary pressures. Eisenhower renewed an appeal Workmen for the Gunlti: Construction Company of Indianapolis are shown tearing oul the sidewalk on i the Third Street bridge Just south of the railroad crossing. Earl Miller, foreman, mild new concruli! sldc- rner wife, Mr.i. Alma Martin, .'ill, wallis ami corbs will he hullt In addition to new hmnlrulls nnd splmllcs. Tim next bridge smith will May Restore One Billion Budget Cut Senate Military Appropriations Committee Tentative Agreement By UNITED PRESS The Senate Military Appropriations subcommittee ngfei.nl tentatively today to restore about $1,000,000,000 of the $2,5C>ri,27. r >,Oon cut I'hy l.he House from President. Eisenhower's defense budget. No decisions were formally announced as the subcommitti'e re- cesscd it the Hou ,,.,,,,, . noii 01 v^ommi Is first drafting session on I K|- rl , iS |, ( .] un , iso-nppnivcd $:i:j,.V.U,7M,ooo| .|.i le 1^.^(1^!, lo business and labor leaders to shows extreme restraint in price and wage increases. He told his news conference Uiat corporation din-dors should put price increases into effect only if they arc absolutely necessary. Labor leaders, he saiii, should restrict Ihcir demands lor wage increases to corresponding increases in Ihe productivity of iis- dividua 1 . workers or Ui cases where workers are suffering extreme hardships as to their pay. Controls Lead tt> Socialism The. president said ihal if man- agomcn! and lalmr do not show such statesmanship then we would make come true a ivcent prediction of Communist boss Nikila and her son, Jack Whilaker, 11, wilh Ihe double-barreled shotgun. lie then a h o I and seriously wounded his daulhter, flegina, «, as she pleaded for her life.' V/hilaker, held in Vigo Counly Jail under $50,000 bond on a first degree murder warrant, showed tii remorse over his killing speree. In a signed xlalcmenl lo Chief Deputy rronceulor John Kesslcr, Whilaker v/a.'i rjuotMl an .laying the wife - swapping caused him "lots of grief" because he couldn't nee his children often enough. Wife Promises Support Mrs. Whitultcr told United f're.i.1 Shi! "definitely" would stand by her husband. She described him as a mild-mannered ma;) who wa.i driven to murder In lib: fight, lor what he thought was right, Whitaker surrendered Tuenday 4H1 and struck theiabout \'i. hours ufler the shooting. . receive the Hume fnci!-llflla||, Charley Crowe ID uncrating the nlr hammer In the photo, nob Kearlek IN In the center and Raymond Hunt In nl the right. (I'haro/i-Trlhiine i bill. But two members men separately that the billion;', dollar rcsl oral ion was set as a basis for item-by-ilcm considerations. ing thi?. year, but the program back Th'/wa.f, secretary, as work of preparing the grounds lor the ex- tnjiutiori got underway. The fair v/ill In: froin July 'l\ to July 27. The directors had dincunBed tin: possibility of instituting night rac- lalcr changed to afternoons nl tin; cost of preparing ('•in track for night racing and tin: shurt time in which lo rnakD the nec"'»'.ary changes, thn officers naid. Night rnci/ui will he considered for next year, Tim fair v/ill open with llm It. Ward J!«arn auto thrill show on Sunday, afternoon and night, July 21. A niftt feature of the <:xpn»illvn thin year v/lll In- the Gene Holler ostrich raci:e on Monday afternoon ftii'l night. Hubert I). Schmidt, ;iupt.Tlntcnd- enl of concessions, has obtained thu Kloyd tinixHng shown ami rides for the midway again this across route guard rail. The force of the Impact threw the autti Into the air and caused it to hurtle over a sleep embankment, where it landed some tv/en- vi. Investigating officers power pole guy win: Impeded further progress of th<; vc'hlch:. Shaff's head was reported plrr m.-d and Ijijlwul.-n the the ground. car's door-post A wreck er removed Urn auto from hi/i body. State Trooper Unit: Doughno: provided an escort lor tin: Klken- berry ambulance, which removed the orauh victim i.f) St. Kli/.ahcth hospital In Lafayette. Deputy Sliwllf John Miller utal- ed thai. Shaft Buffered a broken jaw, cruiibi.'d client nnd bady lacerated face. HoHpital attache,'! originally listed Shall In critical condition, but have iiinei) romoved him from that clas.'iincallon. JJiilpbi Chief til i'ollei: Gilbert Underbill a;ded Miller and Douglass in the, iMVeidlgatlon. Informer Is Found Slain in Apartment CHI.CAC;o (UP) — A nurcollcil peddler who polio: mild Inlornmd . year. Thin company is noted for|"n lw« dopo dc,air:rr( wa« ,-fhol and having the cleanest midway showrti killed Tuesday night In an appar- in l,'«ir buninunji. |':nt rnvcitiKo murder. Thn sliced committi'i:, composed of .lamer', Cha'io, chainrian; l)el- hert Smith and lludon I'.eaulleu, is ;/»akJ/i;; <jrr;j/)g':w:al;j for an out- sianding harncNK racing program during the ihrci: iiflonioonii the races v/ill bn featured. There, v/ill be an tmlnlandlng lelc- Litruy Love, 57, war, ahol Iwici; In the head alter a fierce struggle., His body wan found by hl;i common-law wife, Mollic Uudl'.ry, when she returned to llielr third floor (ifi'irlffinnl mi Chicago's Soi/lh Side, Aulhorilit),-', said Love wan arrcdt- l on narcotlcii chargcn vision show In front of the grand-' "" d ""willy JoliJ jwlicc tin: 1 of two of Ihe cily ;i lop ilnpi; ftland on V/i^hic.iday, Thursday afid and Kriday nlghli, I'emiinglon Thoina:) iin/iou;ici:d. The final feature of the fair will hi n ililfi'i'i-nl. auto thrill show on Saturday afti-nionn and night, lie- caii.ii! of the great popularity ol! lliMH- alinwM, fair iiltMalu h/<v<(| hooked two of thi:in Ihln year, "rMil (Juniors. ll<i wan expected to turn itate';{ evldeni.'e when hl« carte cHme up .July li, pollcu an id. He uaid he had spent the lime 'lidlng along the Waba.'ih Rlvor Iwttornlands and medllallng aboul the double slaying. Murllri, a v/eallhy commercial l>tml<iiirtiiili<ir, and Whitaker be- carno dose friends several years aifo UK fellw/ nmmbers of llm local Klks club. The couples spent many ew.-nlngfi together nnd last year decided to trade wives. MJVI. Whitaker W;JH awarded a d.'vorci! Aug. in, losfl, nnd tlie ex- Mr;i. Martin won a divorce Occ, I Wi(|. Both wives clmrged cruelty and neither divorce was contested. Death Takes Elmer Hall Klrner Hall, VI, of liotl Nine luejilh iilreut, ilii-il al, ll:ir> ii.in, Tuesday al. Mumoi'lnl honpll.al, where hii was mulled after suffering a heart attack In the office of a local Jiiiyalcinn. Ho dli:d 20 minutes after arriving «l. Ibo hoiipII.H). A Logannpurt ri:iildi:iit mo/it of lifn life, be was n retired employe of the Logan Foundry. Horn near Delphi on Oct. 211, 1/Ulli, he wan friJirrl'i'J to MnrKiirul. Tliiiiiiiis, who died .Ian. 211, IIIRS. Siii'Vivoi'M arn a son, Kmerfion, 1701 Michigan nveiim.:; three daugh- tern, Ml.in Kvclyn Hull (if here, Mrs, He.'i'i/: Cook of A/idrf:w/J, /?ld., and Mi'ii, (Jwen Colvln of Illnck- wi:l|, Tcvaii; two granddaughters; two gri!fit-grandcb!ldreii', a brotlier, Oscar, and a ulster. Mm. Jeimle ,S/i/;i!rfl, both «f llmitlHglwi, Frlumls may call aftnr 7 p.m. Wednesday al tlio Mi:<.'liin!(ey- llainllton fuiii'.ral IIOIMR, when: rltnii an- pending. Patient Uses Crowbar to End His Own Life I'liblic Inquest Into Tragedy At hontfcliff to Bo Con- ductud' Monday 15y C'or- on(.-r George M, McDonald, OT, ,a. pa- Ihml from Andoi-Kon, Ind., apparently ended hl.i own life In one ofi ll;i) greenhouses al. thi! LnjianxporL stuto hospllal between 10 M and 1.1 o'clock Wednesday morning, according to Dr. M, IJ. lilewurl, county coroner. Dr. Stewart .tali) It appeared that the patient had put u crow- liar In his mouth and Jumped or fell down a flight of stairs, The bur fractured his cranium. lie announced that n public inquest will |ie conducted at Hie stall; lioxplliil at 2 o'clock Monday tillurnoiin, July I. I'ivi! wlU ne.'iwvi will he called lo Uistlfy. McDonald was born In Madison coiJHly on J'ub, JJi, litlW, tu I'ori'y and Mary Schlnerer. McDonald. He had been a patient nt the local stiil.e lio/ipllnl since .Ian. M, IBDft. Sui'vlvorn Include iwo daughters, Mrs. Benindlim JMvl.i arid Mnf. Lois lilaltc, both of Andormm. The body Is being removed to i lliii linker Jlrolhcivi fnncm! homo at Andeivion pending fiinurnl ar- I'anijernenl.i, Big Missile Touched Off OAI'K CANAVl'lllAf,, Fin, HUM —A lat'Kii guided ml«sllii wan llred from Ihe guided mlsslb: Unit cnnter hnre nlioHly aller (lawn today, WHli*'.'if<i:;t refiorfcd Mint tlitt ntlit- nlli! took off with an (•ai'-nliiillui'liiK thai by wan the louilor Ihan giant- Atlas Jay JMcCreary Is LSU Coach BATON IIOUG-K, La. (UP)— Former Indiana basketball flash Lawrence (Jay) McCreury today was hired an head coach at Louisiana Slate, succeeding Harry Rabenimrst, The red-linlred McCroary, one of the most successful Hooslcr jirep mentors, sulded Mundo Central lo the Indiana chflmplonnhip In his Hal senmjn In 11)52, Overall, his Mundlo quintets won KM gained and io.nl only 32. McCrcory playod on Krnnk- fort's «lat« chnmplonslilp Ixiain In HIM and later sturrod al Indiana Unlvui'ully. - He wan imsblanl coach nl III and wunl lo Muntilu from Oel. : 'auw University. Five Miners Are Trapped By Cave-in Urges Youth To Register For Big Race Is IJ«;(,'in»i)i)f; to Hun Such a restoration, apportioned as the ndmi nisi rat loii rcqucslnl, would gtve the ailminlslralion almost all of the $1,200,000,Odd e United SI ales would eventual- become a socinlishc country. Without idi-aiifyjnn Khrushchev by name, (he 1'ivsidcm said the Communist chief is certainly not any friend of ours, lie said he him.-•elf wn-i not Koinn lo lake! its spokesmen had declared to he; par! in liu-ninj.; Ihe 'country social, vital to Hie millon's defense i isilc. lie said wage and posture. Other congressional news: Auproiirlntliinii: A hill currying $I01,II'W,I!IK) to finance operations of Congress in Ihe fiscal year start- I|V H ' Ill '.V 1 was ajjpixived by the wage and price controls would be n step in Ihal direction. In oilier lights, news conference high—•Said there arc not any plans now for a reduction of IKS. mill- Out for i"ntricn"iii"sixtii - Sl!l " 11 ' 1 Appropriations Committee. i' ilr .v forces nhroail al any phu-o ^..., T»... •»..'.!... . '»'« l'l» Is $.WI.7M.'I shorl. of what " l1 "'" U'"" Annual Soap I$ox Disrby Tho tlmu for entering I/>f[un- sj>t>rt'n Rlxili unniml All-Amorlonn Uurhy Is rtinn'.ng out, uccorillug to Uoug Myei's, Derby director, All bny.t in hat I'residenl I'jisenhower estimated would be needed. WIlii(>««iw: Two New York union officials — Snlvtilore Tusln and II. V. -Said Jnp.'ii). there also arc not any Iplmis to a.slt (.'oivurc.ss (o chnngo Ihi' atomic energy law to permit givlni: Rrllnin niu'li-ar weapons. Di'frmlH ,Siij)i'i l ni(» Ctnirl --.Said leading atomic scientists Triiutinna of the Amcrlcnn Com munlcnllon.s Workers — ili-mnndi'il peted In the big race," Myers snlil. "Tlito prhe list In which nil drlvors will pai'tlclpnto l.i well worth the effort." Youngsters Interested In Ing Jhe fun liavi! about five before-, the IMUMJ sched- 'Join- clnleu. Wiilfiii'e KuiidNi- Secretary or Labor James I 1 , MlU'ihc!! urged (he UCHCIIC S<|iiailn Hushed tojr,,,- „ i-egulnr Derby clinic al. uUvl on Wednesday nfli-nioon, July :u. Myers nnmnTnced sponsors for eight enlrli-H when llm young, drivers convened Tuesday nlgbl.'' l| niln or falsified or destroyed ri-c- llou.se Lalior Commlllco to npprovv- an ndminl.'ilrnUon proposal to safc- gunril .some i <in billion dollars In wcsll'ni'f) mil.] ni'iislon funds. It would ri.'i'iiilro publlcallon of I'llliH fi- nimcln.g and permit criminal cullim of anyoim who cmber/.lcd !'|<|,,, world's fb'iil Inliii'-oonllnonliil li.'il.lc. liihfnlltt flrnd iimmcccKHfully enrller thin mor.lh, They iinlil tin: rocket, fmlay up- pna/'cd to be ouc ol' t)io largcul ever fired from llm toji-nocn:!. le/il contcr and spceulntcd tlmt II mtuhl. bi|vii been dll'icr llm Army's Itod- OJil« Coal IVIiiio Aftor 1'Vill- iiiK llnck Knlitinbs Men .STli'.UIlKNVILI/l'!, Ohio (III 1 )—A cave-In traippcd llvo mliKM'n In an iilldorgnill'iid piliiauguwtly of a I'owhnlali Mining Co. coal mini! lo- day al itoarby llloomlngd.'ili!. A company npulii-.-uniiii sn.'d « rock fall nlriHi.il compleUily sealnd a piuisii||nwiiy Into Ihe Hinall underground ojmrnl.lun of tin: iilrlii mining llrm. The s|)oke:tmnn said ehanccn of j'liiu.'liliiK Ibii moo iip- puiu'ed goiiil and air w;w being |iiim|ii.id in through u niicoml 1:11- ll'IIDCU. Mbm rimcim e q u I p in c n I wan ruiilMJil lo Lhi: seem: from several locallomi. Tint Ohio Slide highway pnli'ol II wo;, undnniliKMl Ihe limn nil liinnollitij Imi.'lt XliO font Inlo a lillliiiih: anil wnri! Irniipcd behind BO foot of dirt. Thr«i) other iiibmni wnrklng In this saiVus crow with llm trapped limn ran mif'nly fcoiti llm dimifiir ni'nii when thn roof liei;;m lu cave. Right-to-Work" Law Becomes Effective With only llirnn mid u half weeks remaining until the opening nf the fair. pri!|>aratluin for tlm annual Mcrdiantii exhibit building already h about sold out, and llm fair board anllclpalcs OIIB ol tin; mosl oiilKlandlng cx|iii:illh>nit ever held nil') -- Tim lo 'work" law and Yard Brakcman Falls From Pcnnsy Car <>cil T, Marhjr, 1(11.4 Woodlawn, a at I'l'iin.sylviiiila j'ailroad yard braki-ma;i. wan In- slightly morning when n.:'.W e inLinci liln foot Ing and fell from the ftid« ladder of a boxcar. 'Ihe inbihiip occurred In yard "A", near Klghtccnlh utrciil. Marlcr wni laki'ii hy railroad employees !.<) SI, Jmeph's hoiipll.nl, •when: Ills condition wan reported «ii nullsfactory. olhura biiconiu effectlvn In trull- ana tod/iy, Among oilier Ihlngn, HIM slalutes outlawed union idmps and ri'placnil the /.iniilfl with Ihu peony a,i llm HtiiUi llower, Next Monday, another m;w biitich of Itw.-i will raltie Urn gross incomn lax nnd i'i:i|iilri! eiii|il'iycrn to begin wllh- Imldlng It from payrolls. LI. (inventor Crawford I'arkcr, In the abfcnce of lliivvriKir Hand- Icy, (leclnred llm acLs proinnl- giiled unit In offeijt In a proclnmn- lion al II;,'10 a.m. The 104 laws v/ra'o UIOKH i.-nacted by (he liifiV fi'wiccal A«/(i!»i)»ly v/hlch had n«IUn'r an citmrgcncy cluuno nor an offocllvn ilnlu. Hy lav/, Ihcy take effect when the lasl of Indlann'.-i \fl. counly dorks slgim his recrdpl for copies of the AC-IK of l»r,7, A recclpl signed al 3:45 p.m. Tixviday by Koiiclnsko Counly Clork N. i'aullno Jordan arrived tod*!/ In thn ofllce of Secretary nf'hlbltif Kiipplmnnnlal unomiiloyitienl, fitalii Krnnk tile last ol A. Lcnnlnj/, m. It was | bellel'lln along with f((!l nlulit bftiut- 1'lln, Anotlmr Iticrcmiiwi unemploy- Many of tlm 'AW, bills i-mieldlj,! liiUi law during the (H-day ,-ientilon borw "eiimrgcMey" clnusivj and l)i!C,'iini; iiffi.'(.'l.lvi! with Governor llnndlcy's slKnidnrii. Many specified July I as tlm cflectlvo diilu, Mill oilmrit Jan, J, Mttii. . Tlm "rlght-to-work" law, llm Imllimt IflBiin of llm h'Klfilnllvo aennlon, was now ripe for wlmt- itver reaction II, inlglil brliix III labor - mwii«ni,'mi:i)l rolatlomt, Hundley allowed llm bill Im become law without bin nlgnnture )wii';flt./i from'mnxlmiirau of '(;;io in $;i;i itlgiialuro ahio Hit! jieony hi now UK- Indlnnii provides criminal pnnalUi-n for violation, anil fMierinan nlmi will pay BO cunts ii)o."« for their II- MOIIllliy, Derby They are: sjionMorcd Wailer Chiw.son A)i|)llani:i'« of Dulpbl. Hobby lirlgg.'i, Hrlngs I)-X. sponsorod by nidi Hums, '(ponsored by Web- slur (Iroccry of Lake CleolL Jim Slnhcr, spinviori'il by ,Sevi:n Sections Lake Association. .John Sli'i'ii, .'(pon.'iorci! by Sti'cu'.'i HIKlop Mnrki't. Iloli. l/cnlck, sponmiri'il by Len- Ick's Ice Cream and Dairy J'rod- fii'lan Smltli, uponiiored hy by VlncMil Loner, .ipmwoi'iiil lidin-i 1 '/! Liiiiilnir coiii/iiiiiy. The men In lielng singed by llm I'hiirn:(-Trlii:ine and I'rcits In con- Junction with WSK Chevriilnl and neighboring Chevrolet, dealers In thn iirai. Local Resident Buys Land Adjoining New Municipal Airport Tlm jmlo «f flH.ilii iicriid of bind along sliiln roiul Ml In Wii«hiiiglon townnhlji by MIVI, l-'iiye Canlley In Mr;i, Kalliryn W, Illicit of Ihb city was riicnnlcd Wttdimiiilay In the (ifllcit (if (,'oiinly ftcconlcr Slewart. (ii)i'ilon, Tlm dimd shows thai llm imlc wit;) Hindu on Junn i;i, Jim siimi! day Mrs. (Jnntliiy tiohl VH.IIS acres MrhiwlNi Advocates of federal nehool aid oxpresned d!',.'ippnlnt- mcnt at I'i'eslilent l-H.-ienhower'-i luluiwarm ap|>rovnl of a ™m. IH'ombii! hill to inect. llm cntlenl schoolroom short .'igi-. Will Resume Hearing On Rate Protest Alloriiiiys for City mul Public Service, ('ompniiy (o Aflor .(an, I, Hrtil, conplmi wlll.'of I'im.l to tli« hoard of avlntlun flowci', ami thai lin rci|ulri!il In wall llircii dayn for older with Income of $4,2,10 or Innrj can gel a jiroperty lax exemption, HoglnnbiK imxl Monday, inn- [iloyui's miiMl nlarl wllliJioldliia lunon I for Hie wage fl!l years in inarrliigo llcen/ie. And Uio II- will DO e|- n sUirmy )irol.i!;il march orillj, , .. • SlnlKliouiKi by moru than 11,000!' A|( ,,, '^^ iinrnei 1 , pi;r cent hlghm 1 , loo, Tim n-ciMil inci'iiiiKi; In Iho alnle gruiolliH' tux becamn <*ffi;Rllvci union /ni!/rihcr«, The law forblde union nhop con- IrtuHK wlnji'oby a workei' Is re- 'liilroil to Join a union to keep h)« job. Indiana became UK flnit major lmlu«U'ial (ilate to enact It. Other labor legislation became ofl'ocllvu ourlltr. On« law pw- liullann'n new program of compulsory drlvnr losts every four yi;tir« will begin rolling. Tliii nnmli imw Inw allown young/ilcni [<i K«t driver «du(.'ntloii' p_i'.l'irtit« al nun IS, "Noxi Hunilny Is llm hint Sunday aiilfl dealers can jitay opun In Indl- uria, A now luw «f'fucUv« Monday c.itnitu muni Im bought. In Iho counly whei'i! nllJuir Hie bride, or groom llvttn, Comnion law mai'Hiigitii eiilnred Inlo bol'oi'u noxl, January will Im bigiil, Not «» artiii 1 Hint dull!, Tlm limy will Im cnmmhlHloimrii o!' thn City of Lri- gniiHpnrl for a inunlclpnl nlriior!, The purl of llm Caink-y farm mild to Mrs, Illicit adjoins llm airport bind on llm soulhwivil., l(«v- iMlim stamps atliiclii-d lo llm rlci-il $501) pur ! Ihnl llm ciinnldiTiillon WIIN Din sn,'ii<i Dial . pnlil by Hi" board of avlntlon com- and void" tlm firm of llmjml.'i.'iloimi'n for llm nit-purl land. "null yonr, ' Biirtldi-ti Inxwi anil "rlghl.-lo- wirk," Ihi! tlilfd lilg liifiiii; In Uio DOHi Aidfcmbly wn« llitm. A law mnkliiH "fiml" limit leaal flvit innnlh* nnd "iilow" llmo- msvisn monllM look offucl April 211, nnd lllrt IflK.'il hattlcK iirii itllll raging, AnolliDt- law Ixscoines effecllvu lodity dimpllo- Llm wcatlior. It (lit- I'loii Mlchljjnn riiHldimlii llm I'Mil lo fl«h llirouiili lliu leu in Indiana,, Tlii< airport, bind adjoins highway V.ll lor n distance of 1,71111.11 fort, and (he JJuck propnrfy ml- JoliiN Hie hlghwiiy for » dliiliinci,- of j,2115.111 fi-iil.,' WIKIS DIKH MIWIMWAICA, Intl. (l)ri._Mc«. Irijim Jordan, 4(1, wlfn of .I'ohn clear wi-apont: as n first step l<>- wiird d.';.;:i-m,'imrn(. lie also said that ;ii-lenli.s|s w.inl lo continue llm '.I'.'.t.s iiece.-isai-y lo -'gel Ihe mo:,t oul of nuclear cnnrj'.y for jienccfiil purposes. —-Said (.hut (iiin section In dm report, of n special eouimhis-Nin on 'yt- seciirily i! him lo raise hl.s i-yvbmw. 1 ;. i-ei-iiiiimi-niliilloii called for Iriinsfi-r of llm VIMI rcsponAlbllidi'S from llm Slate lleparlnieiil lo Iho Ju.'.tice llepiulmcnl. he said. — Del'eiHled Ih,- Supreme Cnurl :is n great. sliilillrAlui', Influi-m-a iiinl mi (-.-iM-nilnl p/ii-i nf iln- U.S. •iy.-ilein of governmenl. lie i'iiii- ei-iled, howevi-r, thai IJiei-i- wen> miiiie parl.il of ri-vi'iil i|ei'l.-,loiiN on <'on.',i!tullom>I rlghl.s of Imlivlilual.'i which, Im ,';;)id, each of u« Juts very K'' 1 '"! trouble hi nni|er:,lnnd. lug. ••Hepenled his eonvlcllim Hint (here would bu mi vlcliir In a globid war, lie said Iw thinli'i lui iiiueh nlionl II. Hint hi- llnd.'i hlm- M-ll repealing It nlinoM In M* sleep, lie made this .-.l.'ilemeiil In answer In n i|ue.'.l!on nbout whelh- er lie bi'llei'/'H Ihe IMls.-ilailH rmilil develo|i n I'lenn ll-liumb nnd winilil Ar){illiicllls Wed-| nun It | n ,.,„,„ ,,f „.„ lie Tim third round of I'"' ''lly nl l,ogan,'iporl';i priiiivil iiiiiilni.i a H7 pctccnl, bicrcii/ic III rtihlli 1 ficrvlcc Knmpaiiy rnleii lur nlamlby I'lcc- Irlc pnwiM 1 In :<rhcduh'd n> ','. p m. Wedni'silay, July :t bclini' llm In illan .iitnli' I'ubllc si-rvlri- coiiiini.'i- Hohert Price, .•iiipcrliilenilenl of ho|ie:i no, but milled his firm conviction that there mu.-.l not be nn- "!])cc wiir b(-cftii,ic, it:t he pill If, it. Is Ine.-ienpiihlit that mlHInry mij.^it imri become eapnhli! ol com- jili'lii denlriiellnn of liuiiiaully nnd clvlll/.nlliin n:! it. h:ui dcvi-lojieil mi (lie Niirlh American conlhu'iit, l'nlr« Civil Ithihin Iteimiinabli; •• Said (bun- win lainn- Imlli-n- Ilini lr<im l.iinilon Uml Ihe Kuuihins utilities, mild elly nllleliih; will nl-lnr ( , eomlng s-lii!.i-i- lo Ihe IIS.'view lend Ihe sivulon IJjfed for or;i' ni-KimiitnlH by iillorneyK lor the |,..,|,, , m ,| p,-,,,!,,,.!!,,,, ,,f W e»|iimii mnliM'ialn, coujili-it wilh certain hinds of nky liU'lieellon. • Hepenled bin i-onvHIon Hint bin civil rlglil.v iM-iiftnmi Is eiiilm-nl- |y reanomible an I iiioih-nile de- .'.plli- olijeellon.i nl Aiiilllieni governor:! nnd cougi'i'Hi.men, lln mild |lu- At. thin i-ebullal hearing, John ^ujireme Courl'ii imanlmi/iiu de- on scliwil Inliigniilon guvo Kxei'iillve heparlment ol llm liany. Two eiirllcr mei'jlng. 1 ) fealured pre.iejilallon of evldniii'i- by bulb linrlle.'i mul ri-bnttnl Ic'illmony, KlL-illhlK, nllllly rule nnaly,-.! nnilji foi'ini!!' ehnlrtiian of the Mlehlj-n-.n tlllhlic Mervlcr lion In Iri-KHiilarlllivi In lixlng o[ Ihe new rain by llm J'nblh- Si-rvlci- ltd also polnli'd onl rrror.i In evidence offered In support Kr, 117 percent Ilii-renim III ehiirgea.lo the Hly, KollowblK complellun of llm arguments, (Im hearing comml'i".iom-r Ira llnymnker v/lll lake the. cnie lo tile full cnmmlMlon lor din- (Ni.'iiilon and it dccl/ibui. Mayor llalpli Klmrlji nnil Clly Jordan, (fnrvomlly of N'ntro Diiuit)'Alloriiry Tom Ilinichnui-r urn ox- 1ia«knl.biill coach, died Tui'iidi.iy of iippurunl huarl iillock. hearing. lo accoinjiiiny i'rlcit lo llm i-lil - Kalh-d lo giv" n njiecllU: nn- .•iwer lo it i|iiiuilon flhoiH hit ojilnlon on llu< Seeiirlly Commln- alon'ti recimimendnllon almul dln- I'lntiliiH Heerel govi-nimi-nt. Infunnn- lion. Hut ho naid he reg/mled dellbcrale (ll.--.f'lof-,uj'c (;f secret lu- Innnnlioii. If It nlfecli-d II llnn';i seeurlty anil win no! mlmlii- hvli-itllvii In tinliini, as imv.l nerloiiti. Hi- nalij Dial n iiowmiinii, or anyoni* cine, who lamwingly rn- llon wan doing mmiclhlng for whic Im ought to Im nshiimi'd, evi!i) tliciXi wwvn'l u lnv/ aualnel It.

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