The Winona Daily News from Winona, Minnesota on July 5, 1974 · Page 9
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The Winona Daily News from Winona, Minnesota · Page 9

Winona, Minnesota
Issue Date:
Friday, July 5, 1974
Page 9
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Winonn Dally N«w» p. Winona, Minnesota '8 FRIDAY, JULY S, 1974 Fly-in event BROTHERS OF THE BUSH . . . Winners of the July 4 beard contest at the charter centennial celebration at Houston, Minn., were, from left: Wayne Olson, most unique; Arley Irke, best 1874 era; Franklin Hahn, most comical, one- half-beard; Douglas England, thickest; Duane Everson, best groomed, and David Gaustad, best mustache. (Daily News photo) 5,000 attend Houston festival HOUSTON, Minn. (Special) -1 La Crescent, and Jim and Joyce An estimated crowd of 5,000 '·· Carpenter, Caledonia. participated in the various 4th j Powder puff: Debra' Frauenk- ,,,,, _,. ...,._ ,,,,.,,. of July activities here Thursday | ron and Becky Botcher, Hous-1 west of Houston. After being on the first of a four-day char-1 ton Rt. 2; Shelly Sand and transported there in horsedrawn ygljkjgj an( j an tjq Ue cars j ne y had guided tours to the old 180 participated in the Brothers in Caledonia CALEDONIA, Minn. (Special) -- A fly-in breakfast at the Caledonia Airport heralding the | July 4th celebration here was enjoyed by more than 800 persons, including the passengers in about 60 planes from Minnesota, Wisconsin and Iowa. ! Local pilots Duane Deters, Larry Thies and Charles Lampert piloted 94 rides for persons wishing to have a bird's pye view of the area. The breakfast and rides were sponsored by the Houston County Flyers. THE CHAMPIONSHIP game in the 12-league Softball tournament between Bauers and Spring Grove teams was taken by Bauers in an 8 to 5 score. Events sponsored by Caledonia Area Jaycees included a Stone Church, located on High- of the Brush contest in the vil- scan box derbv and sawdust l i m i t 1 C a V i n l l f O 1 £ . « v i i l n n n n i i t l * ' I n n - A n U.. U « l l · . ". J u u t l v t M way 16 about 2H miles south-' lage city hall. ter centennial celebration. Activities will continue today, Saturday and Sunday. THIS EVENING a talent show in the elementary gymnasium Cheryl Van Gundy, Houston, and Debbie Lowther and Heather Morgan, Houston, VISITORS race: James Mc- Winners of the beard contest i treasure. 1 hunt featuring $100 in coin TUG-OF-WAR . . . Pulling their weight the townspeople who were defeated in both in the tug-of-war contest at the Good Old the light and heavyweight divisions by th« Days celebration at Lanesboro, Minn., ar« men from the country. Concludes Saturday Lanesboro fete under way By MILLIE ADAMS Daily News Correspondent were: LANESBORO Minn -- A Brad Simon, son of Mr. and , a th ",·, M "" " s. Leo - * " we have lost the reason for cele-1 Preston, Jill Johnson, Lanes- brating and it has just been one ! boro. more fun day. j Three-legged race for 10 to 12 Norwegian. sooken in Most uni " ue beard: Wa ^ e I Mr *' t*° S ' m °"' t0 ° k ' he cham - "he unTry and loTrol ing a " d spoken in I n]snn _ ith hnnnr , h ,. m(ln ti' i oionsh b troohv in the soar, bnx " c TMuniry anfl 10 8. roumg in i, 00 , I n , Olson with honorable mentions going to Wilbur Loke and Leon,,,,,! TV.W, v« « «u j u TM. i * and Tom Ko-. a coach drawr, by mute An- trophy in the soap box derby and first place trophy in the competition for 8 and 9 year olds. His brother, " the Sylvan Park pond were two . kee P il - Let the P e °P' e beeome - - indifferent or greedy and that "Freedom is a hard won prize j year olds : Pam Flattum and id we have to work hard to Lisa Benson, both of Lanes- Saturday's events include a parade at 11 a.m.; amateur horseshow, 2 p.m. Twirlers square dance, ot * Tnhn John of the highlights of the Good Old Days celebration here Thursday. The celebration runs i through Saturday. for 10 (o 14 year! Today's events include soft- Crosse, i Marlis igen; thickest--Doug Eng! ln me race Ior I* o " yearj iuuuys events mciuoe sou- and honorable mentions li)Ids Robert Rice, son of Mr. j ball games at 6:30 and 8 p.m. es Chapel and Arless Marand Mrs. Richard Rice, took ! and an old tune dance and bas- p.m.; Barbershoppers, 8 p.m. and dance at the Legion Club, 9:30 p.m. On Sunday there will be a toftball s i n g l e elimination game, starting at 9:30 a.m.; flea market, antique car show and serving of barbecued chicken, starting at noon; horse- pull, 1 p.m. and visits to the Houston area museum, 2 p.m. A Salute to the Day Thursday at 8 a.m. began the day's agenda, with Postmaster Anton Foss raising the American flag in front of the post office. The salute was fired by Adrian Traff and Tom Kulas. THOUSANDS watched crafts participate in -,, i Gary Wilson and Michael Lowth- Comstock, Houston. h i ' u v , ' ' au er and Victor Goetbehiat. I THERE WERE 250 men wear- i , a ? ' ,,. t, 0 ir u j 'son nf Mr jmrf Mrs Mito T.»o one -, h . al£ beard ' ° ir ana victor Goetbeniat. I THERE WERE 250 men wear-1 '". ^"''i^. ---""·* , ."'I mnm l B tiTM Throughout the day visitors'ing beards registered, of which · and ^ f t "f^'^" 'Old-fashion' Fourth hosted at Buffalo City BUFFALO CITY, Wis. (Spe- tau, son of Mr. and Mrs. Eucial) -- An "Old-Fashion Fourth gene Ristau, Burnsville, Minn., | of July" greeted visitors to Buf-1 and Mary Jo Bagniewski, daugh- 23 falo City Thursday, thanks to ter of Mr. and Mrs. Eugene ^_ canoe tne efforts of the Cochrane- Bagniewski, Fountain City, races" on^ the ~RooT River, from ; Buffalo City Lions Club. Wis., tied for second, and Paul Cushion Peak to the Highway Festivities began at 11 a.m. Voigt, son of Mr. and Mrs. Les- O J _ n j 1 - - 1 - J ...,J.;i H n wi in tVln H A t f M r t t flnnU«n«n ...nn lli.Vfl Hanson; ket social, beginning at 9 p.m. Saturday's activities include a fishing contest in the park, ! from 9 a.m. to noon; old fashion- THE TROPHY for most orig- ed picnic ,,, thc parki noon; ba] , boro. Wheelbarrow race for five t« people is in danger of losing i nine year olds: Bob Hoff, Minneapolis, and Jim Kaiser, Lanes- freedom. Trophy winners of races for the children, first and second places, respectively, were: bcro, second. Wheelbarrow race, 10 to 12 year olds: Scott Kaiser and Three legged race for five to j Larry Hanson, both of Lanes- nine year olds: Eleanore Hecht, i boro. inal cart went to Brian and Don ,, . , ,, _ . . . , , eanl p- i to , q n n m - mtr Best 1874 era beard -- Arey R US scrt son-; of Mr nnri Mrs S , /' V , P ' Ihrke and honorable mentions, DavMRussert Mrs - j chandise trap shoot and flea Herald Missel, Beryl Lee, Bar- v " "* ; ' market ' l P ' m ' ; Street dcdica " fonf tad, and honorable mentions, field sponsored by the Chamber crs ' 9 p ' m ' There wil1 te horse Dubbs, of Commerce, Veterans of For- ,,,,:!,,,,;' Solberg. eign Wars and American Legion ! " uer TM" n Posts. 76 bridge. Winners, first second and Buffalo City Park. and lasted until 11 p.m. in the lie Voigt, Cochrane, was third. Jenny Leany, daughter of Mr. Byron Forsyth, Tom Doug Merritt and John JUDGES WERE: Edna Carlson, Minnesota Historical Society; Norma and Bill Panks, Milwaukeean charged joTM sltorLa e c U ro y sse ail wis!i l ' n stabbing of wife and Pete Schrier and Carl King, i lum'WAirvnr nnm A n Radio Station WIZM, La Cross?!' ,, "^ JSf s df L wa An estimated 8,000 persons : £TM w Th first deSee mur watched the fractorpull contest de ' Wednesday in the stabbing in the Dyer Addition with 47 f h j 41 * M jf K manVimac onrproH n n H Dannie: _. _ :? __. shoe pitching throughout the machines entered and Dennis third place, respectively, were: Amateur, Gary and Michael uuaio uiy rare. i jeuuy i^eany, uaugmer or mr. -v THERE WERE 18 partiei- 1 and Mrs. Pat Leahy, danced j Schumacher as Edmund Fischer admitted to tamunu riscner aummea l o ; t i . mht , j detectives that ne slahbed his many thoughts THE COUNTRY team defeated the men from town in both the heavy and lightweight classes of the tug-of-war contest. The day's events opened with a concert by the Lanesboro High School Band and a talk by Dr. Daniel Hoyt, Winona State College. When discussing "The Good i Old Days, 1 ' Dr Hoyt said that JLiAJDIVu »»JVii-ia 10 uai ni.i- - -- ^ i i __^. , , . f 4.1 ' -pants in the three age groups her way to first place in the I First place winners of the j w j f e last Thursday. FrauenKron.fiouscon.-joeMicn- for the talent contest and an 9- to 12-year-old bracket. Susie j various classes were: Class A, The Fischers'daughler, Mary, el and Jim Matteson, Mankato, j assortment of games and con- Petting daughter of Mr and Arlyn Brevig; Class B, ^Denrns ] 7 _ lold de tectives she saw her and Ron and Harriet Burley I tests for all ages. Mrs. Dale Felting Cochrans, Elk River. Steve Flury, Alma, Wis., son. wa ? second, and Dorothy Mixed couples: Michael and of Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Flury,! Voigt, daughter of Mr and Richard Hellerud, Spring Val-'won the 5- to 9-year old class j Mrs. ^Leslie Voigt, Cochrane, ley; Marvin and Carey Franke, iwith a piano solo; Tommy Ris- La Crescent draws big crowd for 4th LA CRESCENT, Minn. -- Mike Lange, first, and Julie "The biggest turnout in its his-' schomers, second, 5-year olds: " ~ "" La mike Fischer, Kim Duerwachter was tmrfl. Laurie Sutler's piano solo won of the various ways for a fun day. __ But if we celebrate without Knutson; Class C, Charles father in the bedroom of their j some understanding and in con- Smith, Rushford; Class E, Dav-lhomc with a hunting knife i n ' sideration of what we are cele- id Holzworth, Caledonia. j j,j s nand _ | brating, he said, then somehow In the modified class Larry ROLLING A LOG . . . Men participating in the log rolling contest at the Gond Old Days July 4th celebration at Lanesboro, Minn., spent most, of their time in the water. Balancing on the log in the lagoon in Sylvan Park is Henry Lawston. In the water, holding onto each end a! the log, are Gary Eid«, left, and Skip Painter, right. (Millie Adams photos) i Sass, Rushford, won with his tractor known as Aunt Alice. her the 13-16 age trophy. She's ABOUT 3m a i tplldefl the Inthe daughter of Mr. and Mrs. denendenc e Day program in the Merlin Sutler, Fountain City. Houston City Park, with Sigrud l " e celebration here. third respectively, 6- and 7-year · The festivities, sponsored by olds; Mark Fitzgerald, ,,{ the La Crescent Volunteer Fire Johnson and Debbie Lange, first f n 3 similar contest ' Department, featured a water- through third respectively, 8- In an a li. A lma finale to the Hn, and 83-year-old Walter Hut- fight, rolling pin toss and a va- and 9 . ye ar olds. isoftball tournament, Mike's of fv . Ireeburg, did vaiious BRADLEY LIETHA, son of. Vathing as master of ceremo- Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Lietha,! n j eSi Cochrane, was second. | p rsons participating in the Mr and Mrs. W.lham Eber- jd , , ^' Inc i5 d ed Mr. and sold, Cochrane, came away w i h T d Knu(son (£he ]ayed thiTM" -Vt J° r.u .'the Piano and he, the fiddle); the weight of a calf, j,,,/^ Mabeli vin]in; Or - M° U Mel ' all(io Bnnson ' s P ri "8 Grove' with a group of other musicians; Ernie Hanke, Brownsville, and Swenson, Houston, the vio- Get Back to Country with riety of games for youngsters. THE TEAM of teen-agers wielded the hose like veterans and inundated the adults in the afternoon water fight. In the rolling pin competition, Bonnie Gillette, with a toss of 96-feet, 7-inches, took first place; Marge Pedcttc, with 92- s o a o u r n a m e , e s . 'Alma bested the Alma Red dances, including the buck ana ' ** ld · the championship, and Gene's, Cochrane, ,,.,, u ,, · , ,-. n/ ,' ho ,, no took consolation honors in the Thursday's activities were Gillette, 6-year; Jeff Dobeune, eignt . tcam meet concluded with a display of fire- 1 Tammy and Eric Schultz, works originating from the ' whose parents are Mr. and Houston sign on the bluff. ! Mrs. Paul Schullz, Alma, won : * VKKe -, mm KC r^^, »,,.,, «- Mikc piscl * r}l and . P . a " ytFa t the kiddie parade competition feet 8-inches took second; and f che ! m were the fwlnnln 8 team with their pirate and treasure Pamela Lehmann, hurled the m ,P late re ' an " s ,, for "'"JT^ chest float. Shawn and Kersten rolling pin 89 feet to take third " lds ; Ja " GllleU f. and , R ° T ? erl Brommer, children of Mr. and Place i Hams - lfl -y ear olds ' and Dan - Mrs. Orlin Brommer, Cochrane, A pile of juicy watermelon nv Lan S e and chlckv Gllles "' were second, and Kim and Tam- "°" " my Mercer, children of Mr. and JMrs. Arnold Mercer, Nelson, Wis., were third. ENTERTAINMENT throughout the day was provided by disappeared as youngsters vied vear olds to see who could eat the most. · By age categories, Terry Jus- To prepare berries for tin led the 7-yrar olds; Debbie freezing, swish them gently in Lange, 8-year olds; Mark Fitz- lots of ice cold water, lift them geiald, 9-year olds and Denise out, pat dry and freeze in a the Maassenn-Dinger inslrumen Invine, 10-year olds. single layer on shallow trays, tal and vocal group, the Art grande parade ai HiXTON Wis (Special) -- , In the Gopher Sweepstakes When _ they are ^solid^transfer King Band and the Country Poor . Some 2 ,000 people lined the pa" ' ~~ ·-- '·~ Ll "' "--- ' peanut race, winners were: i them to an airtight container. /Boys. OLD TROOI'ERS . . . These soldien from Winona. The learn will Icnve its helicopter Ft. Rilcy aren't oW, hat (hey are members 10,000 feet above (he BVOUII! and Ihe (cam's of the Old Trooper parachute demonstration progress will be visible liy watching the red, team participating in Ihis year's Steamboat white and blue parachutes and thc trails of Days festivities. The team will perform a 20- red smoke the jumpers leave in the sky. (U.S. minute display Sunday at 2 p.m. over Lak« Army photo) rade route Thursday as more than 40 units marched by in the grand parade, a parl of the 9th annual Fourth of July celebration sponsored by the Hixton Fire Department. Winning float in the commercial division was a large map of the U. S. with the motto "God's Country is Our Country," entered by the Hixton Tcx- acn Service Station. Second place in the division was the float with Miss Jackson County, Sheila Larson, entered by the Black River Falls Chamber of Commerce, and third place went to Curt Stev. ens Interstate. In non-cnmmercia! entries, :he Black River Falls Senior Citizens, drcssnri in the garb of the 1890s, took first place; second went to the Hixlon Husters 4-H club, and third to the surroy and team of I he Taylor Old Fashioned Days. In the morning kldrlin parade, Steve Skaar took first place, Mike LaBar, second, and Alina Osvold, third. Afternoon entertainment in- ·luderl an exhibition of sky div- ng and girls' and boys' snft- all tournaments. The event culminated In a display of fireworks in the evening. LP SPECIALS Jim Reeves-I'd Fight the World Danny Davis-Best of Dolly Parton-Jolene Charlie Rich-There Won't be Anymore Waylon Jennings--This Tims Hank Snow-Hello Lovo Charlie Pride-Country Feelin' i. Ther* Won't £)· Anymnri roo Many Teardrops · Tna Big Dulld Up It's All Over Now · No Room lo Danct 2-RECORD SET! Reg. $5.67 MIRACLE MALL-WINONA OPEN 9 TO 9 MON. THRU FRI. 9 TO 6 SAT. --NOON TO i SUNDAY

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