Logansport Pharos-Tribune from ,  on June 25, 1957 · Page 10
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from , · Page 10

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Tuesday, June 25, 1957
Page 10
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Ten Logansport, Indiana, Pharos-Tribune Ann Landers Capital May Be Partner's Contribution to Business Dear Ann: My husband went into business six years ago with a friend of his. The friend had the money and my husband had the brains and experience. I do their! bookkeeping and go to the office i • Dear Ann: I haven't seen my old two days a week. It burns' me up! girl friend in six months. We were word gets out that you girls are pounding the pavement every evening no decent boys will call you for dates. to see what goes on. My husband is a good-natured shnook and works like a horse. His partner takes life easy, comes in whenever he feels like it and plays gin-rummy every afternoon. He has several vacations a year, loves Las Vegas, wouldn't miss a World Series and couldn't live without the All-Star game. My husband doesn't say a word. In fact, he likes the guy and they've never had a single argument. I get so aggravated that it's all very, much in love but had a fight and broke up. I got a letter from her yesterday saying she's expecting a baby in December. She's been going with my brother but says she loves me more than anyone in the world. J've been seeing a great deal of a woman who is 33. She has two wonderful kids who look up to me like I was their father. I'm Jond oi the woman, but the kids are the big attraction. She keeps talking about getting married, Ann, I can do to contain myself. Does | but I don't know if I should accept this sound like a fair arrangement | a ll this responsibility. I am 21 to you? Please tell me how I can' help my husband.—EVE If you keep your nose out of your husband's business this will help him more than any.hing. Since it's irritating to. see what goes on at the office, stay home and let them hire someone to do the bookkeeping. Perhaps the partner is contributing some unseen benefits to the business—like money. Even though your husband is supplying the labor, don't lose sight of the fact that without capital he's a dead' duck. * * » Dear Ann: We are three girls 14 years of age and we each have two problems—a mother and a father. They are very old lashioned and don't realize we aren't living in the olden days any longer. We have permission to go to school affairs but we practically have to submit an F. B. I. report on the fellows. We've never been in any trouble and don't see why we must be watched as if we were juvenile delinquents. Now that school is out there's not much to do. We like to walk uptown after supper, look in the store windows and meet interesting people. Is there anything wrong with this'.' We certainly can't meet anybody if we sit around home and play casino with the family. What is your opinion? Don't, you agree our folks are too strict with us?—T.L. AMD C. No 1 do not. Your parents aren't old-fashioned, they're sensible. Who do you think you're going to meet "walking around town" after supper? If you don't know I'll tell you. You'll meet other girls and boys who are also "walking around." If you have permission to date (F. B. I. report notwithstanding) stay at home after supper so when the fellows call who have had clearance, you'll be there. If the Added Attraction! of age. Now that I've heard from the old flame again I am really mixed up. Sometimes J think I'm still in love with her. I suppose I would be doing my brother a'big favor if I married her and got him out of this jam. Please tell me which of these two women should J choose?—BOB K. Who said you should choose either of them? The first girl is in such a spot it's impossible to tell iif it's L.O.V.E. or S.O.S. The'sec- ond woman is, in my opinion, too old for you. Don't obligate yourself for life as a favor either to your brother or to someone else's children. CONFIDENTIALLY: "SOCK- Eight Enlisted Men Held for Mistreating Air Station Prisoners JACKSONVILLE, Fla. (UP) — Capt. William Harris, commanding officer of the Jacksonville Naval Air Station, today recommended courts - martial for eight enlisted men formerly assigned to the station brig on charges they mistreated prisoners. Harris recommended that four Navy men and four Marines face :he charges which included mistreatment of prisoners, negligence and dereliction of duty. Harris said along investigation •evealed that no prisoner suffered permanent injury but there were claims of excessive calisthenics, striking and pushing of inmates. Maj. Louis Sartor, commanding officer of the Marine detachment at the air station, said he would oilow Harris' recommendations. Two Navy enlisted men, Benjamin W. McDaniel, Petaluma, Calif, and Lonnie M. Carver, Jacksonville, were ordered to appear be- ore the captain to answer charges they were derelict in failing to report mistreatment. They, face lighter sentences, if found guilty, than the men who go before a court-martial. The eighth man was not named; pending the filing of the formal charges against him. Josephine Lowmon You're Wise Not to Turn Vacation Trip Into Grind Why not give yourself a little more time on your long motor trip —for safety and for fun? It seems such a shame to turn a vacation into a grind! As an example, a young man once told me that his family had made three trips -to California when he was in his teens. Each time they passtd within a few miles of the Carlsbad Caverns but everyone was in such a hurry to get to their destination that they never stopped to see this natural wonder. To this day he regrets the haste which deprived him of such an interesting experience. This reminds me of two women who were traveling. One said, "Is this Venice?" The o.ther replied, looking at their schedule, "Let's see. What day is this?" Where You've Been This happens all the time. Even if quick stops are made and nods given to most of the beautiful scenery and the famous spots you pass, when it is all over, often you hardly know where you -have been or what you have seen. A long motor trip can be fascinating and relaxing, even with young children, if you put, a few sugges- Harris said a separate investiga- lions into practice. Today I would I ER": The next time she cheats in tion was made into charges that:like to bripg you some which may sure you've go', her number. Don't go on suspicion only. a card game call her on it. But Marine Sgt. Lawrence D. Jennings, Garwin, Iowa, clapped his hands against the side cl a young sailor's head, puncturing his ear drums. Jennings has been under observation to determine his mental competence, Harris said. The commanding officer recom- (Ann Landers will be happy to help you with your problems. Send them to her in care of this newspaper and enclose a stamped self- addressed envelope.) Copyright 1957, Field Enterprises, Inc. ba helpful. 1. Don't make "getting there in a hurry" your goal. Take more time with a shorter trip. It you get on the'highway by nine in the morning and stop a five or soon after in the afternoon, you will feel rested at the end of your vacation. 2. Take an extra day or two so TALCUMED TABLETS BUFFALO, N. Y. — New-born medical tablets, as well as babies, have their complexions and bodies protected .with purest talcum powder. At the Arner Co. here along thousands of pounds of this mineral are used annually to dust medicaments while they are be- mend courts - martial for four;that you will have Marines—Cpl. Jones E. MacAnec'historical markers, Jr., Bedford, Ohio; Cpl. Ronald E. Clark, Liberty, and Pfc. Emil R. Curay, Drexel Hill, Pa., on charges they mistreated prisoners, and Pfc. Claude E. Morgan, Memphis, Tenn., on charges he was derelict in failing to report the mistreatment. Richard De Young, an 18, who regional museum, ° g Jenner Says Court Decisions Impede Red investigations INDIANAPOLIS. (UP) — Sen. William E. Jenner said today recent U.S. Supreme Court decisions affecting Communist investigations "gravely harrass and hobble" the internal security subcommittee of which he is a member. The Indiana Republican cited several decisions which He said "make our committee's work more 'difficult." Among them, he told a meeting of Sigma Delta Chi professional journalism fraternity, was the Yates case in which the court arrived at ' a "remarkable 'conclusion" affecting the Smith Act. Jenner attacked ihe position of the court and said Congress did "not intend for the Smith Act to prohibit the advocacy of forcible overthrow (of the government) as an abstract principle." "The net result of the Yates case is to cripple the Smith Act," he said. Tuesday Evening, June 25, 1957. 300,000 More "Lost" Children In United States Need Homes NEW, YORK (UP) —Each year approximately 93,000 children are adopted in this country. But another 300,000 need homes. Carl and Helen Doss, parents of a dozen adopted children, call these 300,000 the "lost" — because they are passed from one unwilling relative to another or placed in private schools, boarded out and forgotten. "We cannot be smug and say that, our present-day haphazard methods and laws of child care are adequate so long as they allow such tragedies to beso'. the lives of our future citizens," said the couple. is mama Jones," said the worker, "Not mama Jones," said the boy, as he put his arms around .her neck, but mama for always." Germfree Animals jWill Be Confined ;ln Plastic House ! SOUTH BEND (UP) - Noire 'Dame's Lobund Institute will build a plastic room to hou.se gcrmfrce animals, James A. Rey- niers, founder and director of the research center, said today. The unit will be 15 by 8 feel. Small plastic isolators for Notre Court Upholds Law Banning Mailing of Obscene Literature WASHINGTON (UP)-TJie Supreme Court Monday upheld the constitutionality of the federal law that bars sending obscene material through the mail. Justice William J. Brennan Jr., speaking for the court majority, said "obscenity is not expressly protected by the First Amendment" guaranteeing freedom of the press. en in minister, and his wife took into their home 12 children considered "unadoptable" at the time, primarily because of mixed race. The average now are six to 16 years of age and according to their par- I ents have "brought. . .the greatest o£ all gifts—love." Book Tells Of Family They told of their own family in an earlier book. The Dosses, who live with their brood in Rcdlands, Calif., call their new work the only complete adoption guide yet to appear. Certainly the two cover the field— from the history of adoption in this country (Massachusetts was the first stale to permit legal adoption with a law passed in 1851) to advice on where to turn if you want to adopt ("The agency nearest your home"). They hc'.ieve an adopted child should know his heritage "and he should be [flld as soon as he is old enough to understand." Close friends and relatives also should know. "But otherwise," said the couple, "There is no more reason to of its size. The project has been granted $49,890 by the National Institute of Health. Germfree animals are used in such projects as cancor and common cold research. They are "free of any contaminating agent detectible by science." Arrange Festival Of Entertainment DELPHI—CarrolI county "Entertainment Festival" will be held Monday and Tuesday evenings, July 29 and 30 at the Flora 4-H fair. The Flora Community" club will give cash awards of $15 for first prize each night and $5 to all other participants. Entertainment committee include Mrs. James Viney, Mrs. Miles Martin, Mrs. Fannie Blue, Ora Shiran, Bob Hcffner. John Peterson, Kenneth Pyle or Ted Brown. Entertainers must make entry through the county extension office by July 1. Acis may er route has more interesting scenery or a natural wonder as an attraction. 3. The habit of turning a motor trip into a grind actually endangers your life as well as your enjoyment. You are apt 'to break speed laws which are set up to protect was confined to U:e naval air, you and your family and other station brig, charged last March drivers and their families. ing coated. Dusting prevents tab-• Jennings punctured his ear drums. You are more likely to drive lets from sticking together. $468 This dotted swiss or organdy pinafore will add a party-going or 'Sunday Best' touch to the little miss's colorful cotton frock. Make one in a soft pastel with dainty crocheted edninK and another in white, stitched with colored thread. Pattern No. .Vifi? contains tissue for sizes 2, .'I, 4 ind; sewing directions; crocheted edging instructions. Send 25c In COINS, your name, address and the PATTERN NUMBER to A.N'NE CABOT, Pharos- Tribune, 372 W. Quincy Street, Chicago C, Illinois. It's ready; The 1957 Needlework ALBUM — fifty-six colorful pages showing many pretty designs; plus directions for making 3 crochet items and a fjuilt. Only 25c a copy! Sew a Bell-Skirted Frock 8495 10.20 \s3&$fm£.. For special dates ail summer— a youthful square necked frock that features the popular bell skirt. Square collar is optional. No. 8495 with PATT-0-RAMA included is in sizes 10, 12, 14, Hi, 18, 20. Size 12, 32 bust, 4% yards of 35-inch. For this pattern, send 35c in COINS, your name, address, size desired, and the PATTERN NUMBER to Sue Burnett, Pharos-Tribune, 372 W. Quincy Street, Chicago (i, 111. Include 25 cents more with your pattern order for the Spring & Summer '57 issue of our pattern book Basic FASHION. It contains dozens of smart new styles lor all ages; gift pattern printed inside the book. Read the Classified Ads by clapping his hands against his head. De Young, ot Ingleside, 111., claimed Jennings hit him in the stomach and in the eye first, then struck him on the side of the head after finding a penny in his pocket in violation of an order forbidding prisoners to have money in their possession. Bethlehem 4-H to Host Farm Bureau The Bethlehem lo'.vnship Farm Bureau will meet at 8 o'clock Wednesday evening in the Metea school. Bethlehem township 4-H members will take charge of the program, and boy's division 4-H 'president Harold Erdman will preside. The highlight of the evening will be a dress review, staged by the girl's division of the 4-H club. boy and girl members in fog, to go too fast on wet, 'slick roads, to be careless about such smaU but important items as cleaning the windshield from bugs. You may drive at night when the chance of having an accident is almost triple of that in daytime. So—guard that you aren't grinding—just going. If you experience that mid-after- noon, sleepy slump and do not want to stop for a cup of colfee, or if you are driving late in the night, you can take one or two of the caffeine tables now available. It is a good idea to keep some of these in the glove compartment. If you would Jiltc iny Icaflci makes it a crime to write, advertise or distribute indecent literature. In a separate set of opinions, the court also upheld, 5-<l, a Wew York law which allows a court to bar distribution of obscene printed matter. . The court division on the obscenity law was 6-3 in the federal case. Ticks in Camping" send a|It was 7-2 in the California case. stamped, self-addressed envelope' with your request for leaflet No. 69 to Josephine Lowman in care of this newspaper. Tomorrow: "Here's How to Make Motor Trips Fun," with the Children (Released by The Register and Tribune Syndicate, 1957) More Russian Warships Sail for Mediterranean of the 4-H organization are expected to be present at the meeting, and will, sell ice cream, pie and cake to the group. Parents of 4-H members who arc not Farm Bureau members are urged to attend the function. Chorus Will Sing At Grange Meeting ' The Home Demonstration chorus directed .by Mrs. Emma Amthauer will provide special music, and the Rev. J. J. Saalwaechter of the West Side Presbyterian church will give an illustrated lecture on "Religious Education" at the meeting of the Deacon Grange at 8 p.m. Wednesday. The mystery gift for the ladies will be purchased by Jane Lybrook and for the men by Owen Cripe. The refreshment committee in composed of Mr, and Mr.s. Lee Prather, Mr. and Mrs. Dean Dick, Mr. artd Mrs. Harry Couk, and Laura Marshall. ISTANBUL, Turkey (UP)—Three more Soviet war vessels passed through the Bosphorus today en route from the Black Sea to the Mediterranean where the U.S. 6lh Fleet in Middle East waters. Western observers were keenly watching the movements of the Soviet ships. There was speculation they may pay a "good will" Fleet joins .NATO forces in a j visit to the Egyptian port of major defense exercise next week, j Alexandria or some Syrian port. The three Soviet vessels today were motor torpedo boa'.s. They were expected to move into the Mediterranean to join a big Soviet cruiser and two escort ships which- made the passage Thursday. There was no hint of any connection between • passage of the At Alexandria Ihcy would tie up alongside three Soviet - built submarines which arrived there earlier this week, presumably, to be turned over to the Egyptian Navy. The Russian worships also could call at the Albanian port of Sasuno on the Adriatic across from sou'.h- ern Italy where the Soviets are Rotary Installation Set Tuesday Night Tom Medland will be installed as president of the Logansport Rotary club Tuesday evening succeeding Hollis Johnston. The installation ceremony will follow a dinner at 7 p.m. with Paul Havens as the master of ceremonies. A social hour will precede the dinner. Ted Morris will be installed as vice-president. The committee in charge includes Paul Bailey, chairman; Bill Steinhilber, and Bill Wilson. SWEET GAS NUNICA, Mich.—Four motorists and a school bus driver who could- ti't gel their vehicles started discovered someone had "sweetened" their gasoline by pouring sugar into the tanks, ' The Mdxinkuckee Playhouse DICK KRESS 16 Piece Replica Recording Orchestra June 29 and July 6 ROCK 'N ROLL Jack Murdock & His Five Stems Beginning July 3 Nightly Except Sunday Bob Moak, 'popular comedy actor at Lhe Maxinkuckec Playhouse, Culver, Ind; has one of the top iles in "The Philadelphia Story" '\v playing through Sunday. Curin time is 8:30 and tickets can reserved by calling Viking 2- The NATO maneuvers, including air, sea and ground forces from six nations,'begin the three-day exercise, nicknamed "Rosie- Rosie," June 25. They are designed to lest NATO defenses in. the Mediterranean against a surprise atomic air attack. Movement' of Lhe Soviet ships into the Mediterranean was believed the beginning of a Soviet "mascle flexing" show of their naval strength in the Mediterranean. The Russians are known to be irked by the "diplomatic maneuvers" of the huge U.S. 8th fleet cruiser which passed inlo Lhe Aegean Sea Thursday was reported steaming slowly to Ihc west waiting to rendezvous with today's new arrivals. Main units of the U.S. 6th Fleet were stationed off the Mediterranean coast of Spain, but informed .sources said some American and British Mediterranean units could be presumed to be in the Eastern Mediterranean. RELATIVELY SPEAKING DEEP RIVER, N. Y.-Nancy Jo Moody must have as many ancestors as anyone in the state; probably more. Nancy Jo, born May 5, has four grandparents, four great grandparents, one great- great-grandfather and one greal- grcat-great grandmother—92-year- old Mrs. Etta Scott of Watcrtown N.Y. ' DflYV Now—2 Features KUAT 35cTi)6 Open T p.m. Fvn At Night •e is for, 10 sundry that you are married, j' a Democrat and member of the ![ Masonic Lodge. ' Cnll For Improvement They called for improvement and uniformity of adoption regulations in the United States and Caiuvia "Else," they said, "black markets will continue to flourish. With the lack of national laws, there arc no ways to stop interstate racketeering of rabies and no penalties for engaging in it " An adopted child's longing and need for love is greater than that of another child, said the Dosses "becau.se he has been separated from his natural mother, sometimes again from his boarding mother' or mothers." They told of one 7-year-old boy who had been shifted from boarding home to boarding home wailing for permanent parents. The social worker told him about a Mr. and Mrs. Jones who wanted to adopt him...and explained to him what the term meant. Tile next day the worker took the small boy to the Jones home to be intoduccd. The child gravely shook hands wilh his new father and then turned to the women who to be his new mother. "This Show Starts At Duitf Gatei Opfln Half Hour Earlier WEDNESDAY "THE LONE RANGER" (color) Clayton Mooro . Jay Silveriaeli. •THURSDAY". FRIDAY 'THE RIVER'S EDGE" (flolor—firit run) Ray Milland - Anthony Quinn there's real savings for you in VACATION SPECIALS Groups of Summer Cottons . . . Here's your chance to save on dresses you'll want'and wear for the full season ahead. Pastels and 'dork tones included In this budget-saving group. REDUCED BENSON BROS, WILD' ANIMAL !4 to ALL SALES FINAL ' NO REFUNDS /• NO EXCHANGES VIOLA'S DRESS SHOP 326 East Broadway TODAY AND WED. 2 First Run Features No picture ever hit so close to home. drow<_ ANDY GRIFFITH PATRICIA NEAL AND AMERICA'S, FINEST | WILD ANIMAL CIRCUS RARE SPANGLELAND-S AND (^ NEWEST STRANGE ~ GREATEST ANIMALS SENSATION DARING AERIAL STARS 30 ARENK DISPLAYS TRAINED 1 MAN-HATING BEAST CLOWNS GALORE TRULY AMERICA'S GREAT FAMILY CIRCUS CLEAN ENTERTAINMENT FOR ALL CHILDREN FROM ONE'TO EIGHTY YEARS OF AGE. -DON'T roitcer THC DATE. 2P* n«m»i at 2 At fJ*. BEAT THE HEAT IN A STATE SEAT Open ] p.m. — SOc Til 6 Added Fun HELD OVER THRU WEDNESDAY JOHN STEINBEC& THE AVWARD *»*,* . Plui — Bowory Boyi !ti "Spook Chanj Instant Taste" is gone! Instant Fblgers Coffee Wed. Morning JIIFY-ON SUN DRESSES • Sizfes 12-20, 14'/j-24'/2 • Cool . . . bare necklines • Flared skirls • Figure flatterers • Just right for morning or afternoon "fresh-up" time. Reg. 2.9.5 Value $•177 1 No Iron Plisse Baby Doll Pajamas Sizes S-M-L For cool and comfortable summer sleeping Small dainty prints ' 88 Reg. 1.00 Value SUMMER COTTON SKIRTS Sizes 10-18 Assorted colors Circulars and unpressed pleat's. $100 1 Reg. 1.95 Value •AIM OH. SHINE MMH.AH FNICEB National Guard Armory LOGANSPORT WED., JUNE 26 Under Auspices of National Guard SLEEVELESS COTTON BLOUSES • Sizes 32-38 • Scoop neck or collar! $ 77 Reg. 1.00 Value

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